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This is a collection of humorous stories about U.S. Presidents throughout history. Originally published in 1981, this edition is updated to include anecdotes on George Bush and Bill Clinton....

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Presidential Anecdotes Reviews

  • Joy H.
    2019-01-31 21:14

    Added 3/14/17. (first published 1981) It was fun to read how politicians have been insulting one another since the country began. So today's politics is nothing new! LOL

  • Mike
    2019-02-06 00:19

    This is a series of capsule biographies of the presidents, their campaigns, and some of the events that shaped their administrations, followed by short vignettes and stories about them. At first, I was a bit put off by the fact that Boller didn't make too strenuous an effort to distinguish those anecdotes that were apocryphal from those that were likely true, but as I read further I realized that the absolute truth or falsehood of these stories wasn't what was important to him. And he showed me that perhaps it shouldn't be important to me, either. What Boller creates with the anecdotes is kind of a little tone poem about each man, not only what they said, but what people said about them and what other people said they said. Certain qualities of their characters - and their public personae - begin to emerge. We see presidents that see all three sides of every argument and never seem to settle on their own, presidents who are rumpled old generals, blowhards, teetotalers, partiers, fools, paranoids, heroes, and geniuses. Men of silence and men who are quick with a bon mot. I really quite enjoyed this book, even tramping through the (mostly) non-entities who helmed the executive through the 18th century. It amused and also informed, and I think I have a better understanding of some important historical personalities having read it.

  • Laura
    2019-02-15 21:19

    This is a fun overview of the Presidents with several good anecdotes for most of them. Some are funny, or touching, while others made me re-read them and say 'so?' I think Boller did a good job keeping whatever his political opinions are to himself, which must be hard when writing about the later presidents. I think I might have gotten a feel for his leanings, but he does a good job of being sympathetic to every one of them and presenting them as interesting people even if he or the reader doesn't agree with their policies.

  • Dineen
    2019-02-16 20:07

    My uncle gave me this book when I was 9 or 10 and it was one of my most favorite President books. I must have read this book at least 7 or 8 times...

  • Tanja Walker
    2019-01-29 18:06

    Disjointed and doesn't give much substantive history, but a fun and light read. I think there are later editions that go up to Clinton (this one only goes to Reagan).

  • Philip Cosand
    2019-02-02 18:28

    I'm not much for politics. I find my approach to historical figures is akin to that of reading The Bible; if you want me to care, tell me a story, don't preach to me.And so, for people like me who love history but need the humor, comes this book of anecdotes, tales, and lore involving the first 39 (or 41, depending on your edition) Presidents.I learned more about Presidents from this one book than I did from school. I couldn't have told you before who came first, Wilson or Grant, but now I have a new hero-President (Quincy Adams!) and a few extra tales of mirth courtesy of FDR & Eleanor.I hadn't even finished reading when I bought my own copy of the revised edition and I'm a little too excited to read the two new chapters. History became fun, and now I want more. Say... like this? Congressional Anecdotes

  • Kestrawn
    2019-02-01 22:19

    I absolutely love this book! I teach history for a community college, and oftentimes the presidents can begin to run together for students. Presidential Anecdotes provides human insight into the presidents, allowing the presidents to be more than a figurehead. Students can connect with the president and the country's mindset through the anecdotes, rather than simply memorizing the dates of the terms and the political parties involved. The book is meant for the casual reader, and doesn't get bogged down with scholarly information about each man. I recommend for anyone who wants to brush up on their knowledge of American presidents, as well as those who hope to see these men in a different light.

  • Jerry Landry
    2019-01-26 18:10

    I previously read Boller’s book on presidential campaigns, so I knew what the basic structure of the book was going to be as I picked it up. I have to say, we have had some hilarious presidents over time. The Lincoln and LBJ sections alone were gold. I think that Boller did an admirable job of capturing the personalities of some of the presidents through their own words and deeds, though I would recommend fact-checking if you wanted to cite anything from this book as I saw a couple of things that were nearly right but had some minor details that were inaccurate. Overall, though, I do recommend this as a quick, approachable read to find out more about our presidents.

  • D.R. Oestreicher
    2019-02-03 19:17

    Someplace in elementary school each student pulls the name of a US president out of a metaphorical hat and is assigned to write a REPORT.If your student does not draw one of the greats like Lincoln, or Washington, or a Roosevelt, but is stuck with maybe Polk, or Taylor, or Pierce ("Who?" I hear you say), this is the book for you ... more concise, organized, and too the point for elementary school students than Wikipedia.Get it!

  • Charles M.
    2019-01-30 18:00

    Entertaining book of anecdotal tales of all presidents from Washington to Clinton. Some of these stories are well known (i.e., Coolidge's lack of words when questioned about something), as well as very funny (i.e., Lincoln's telling somebody that he was not 2 faced as if he was, then he certainly would not have kept the face he had, which he considered ugly).

  • T.E.
    2019-02-05 18:00

    Delightful, cozy reading for whenever I'm in need of something to smile at. Just enough so that I may feel comfortable with each president, but not to that fatal point some biographies reach of "why should I even care". Introduced me to Cal Coolidge, the best President in the history of ever.Paul Boller, I thank thee. Thou hast done well.

  • Millicent Swinson
    2019-02-15 17:15

    In eighth grade, I had to write a brief report on any historical event of the 1860s. This book had made such an impact on me that I chose to relate a wisecrack that Abraham Lincoln made about cows. I think I got a b-minus in that class.

  • Shirley Brown
    2019-01-22 21:14

    This was such light reading and a delight to get a feel for the President's sense of Humor. It made them seem a little more life-life, and was just a fun read. Now I would like to read Presidential Anecdotes of their wives.

  • Don Stanton
    2019-01-24 22:25

    A really fun read. I suppose that is was meant to be a sort of reference book but I read it straight through from Washington to W. Bush.Great insights to some of the greatest men in our American/ world history.

  • Rhode
    2019-01-27 00:13

    Love this stuff. Knew much of it already, but it's all good fun.

  • Kathy
    2019-01-18 21:25

    Enjoyed enough to buy more books by author

  • Alex
    2019-02-17 23:12

    Anecdotes always make for fun reading.

  • Inggita
    2019-02-15 21:23

    only up to Reagan! we're missing most of the fun...

  • Douglas Wilson
    2019-02-03 00:28


  • Steve Lane
    2019-02-12 23:20

    A fun and enlightening read.

  • Christina
    2019-01-29 17:16

    I enjoyed this book a lot. Some of the anecdotes were hilarious, and others were touching.