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Suze is in deep. She loves gorgeous, ghostly Jesse but fellow mediator, Paul Slater, is determined to win her heart. And evil Paul knows how to blast Jesse to the Great Beyond. For good. Paul promises he won't do anything to Jesse, as long as Suze will go out with him. Suze doesn't want to lose Jesse forever, so she agrees. But now she's having grave doubts: can a girl reaSuze is in deep. She loves gorgeous, ghostly Jesse but fellow mediator, Paul Slater, is determined to win her heart. And evil Paul knows how to blast Jesse to the Great Beyond. For good. Paul promises he won't do anything to Jesse, as long as Suze will go out with him. Suze doesn't want to lose Jesse forever, so she agrees. But now she's having grave doubts: can a girl really have a future with a guy who's already dead?...

Title : Grave Doubts
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ISBN : 9780330418331
Format Type : Paperback
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Grave Doubts Reviews

  • Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤
    2019-03-23 07:21

    Hehe. Now I remember why this was my favorite so long ago....that jelly boy fight, though XDRTC.For more of my reviews, please visit:

  • Chelsea (chelseadolling reads)
    2019-03-23 03:31


  • April (Aprilius Maximus)
    2019-03-19 09:41

    Not as much happened in this one, but I can't wait to see what happens in book 6!

  • Sara
    2019-03-22 03:29

    What can I say? I'm obsessed with rereading this series. I had to physically read this one because only an abridged version of the audiobook exists (seriously, who does that?). I was a little sad that Suze dropped the nicknames for her stepbrothers. I really liked hearing them referred to as Dopey, Sleepy, and Doc. This is the shortest book in the series, but I still feel like important things happened in it. I'm getting a little tired of the "Suze meets boy who is being haunted by a malevolent spirit" plotline - don't girls ever get haunted? I also wish Suze's friend CeeCee played a bigger role in the series; I feel like she could be a cool sidekick. I vaguely remember thinking Paul was kind of dangerous-hot in high school but now I'm like, ew, fuck off you abusive twat.

  • P
    2019-02-25 10:45

    ชอบความสัมพันธ์ของตัวละครเรื่องนี้ที่เข้มข้นซับซ้อนขึ้นเรื่อยๆจากเล่มที่แล้ว แม้ว่าเราจะไม่ค่อยชอบในช่วงแรกๆของหนังสือเท่าไร เพราะตัวของซูซเองนี่แหละที่ทำให้เราอยากจะเดินเข้าไปตบหัวแล้วจับตัวเขย่าๆ ถามว่านี่เธอเป็นอะไรมากมั้ย ? แต่พอผ่านครึ่งเล่มไปแล้ว เนื้อเรื่องก็ถูกดึงให้กลับมาพีคอีกครั้ง ความรู้สึกของเจสซี่ที่มีต่อซูซานน่าห์ก็เริ่มชัดเจนขึ้นมา ไหนจะเรื่องของพอลอีกหละ ที่ตอนแรกเราคิดว่าเขานี่แหละที่เป็นตัวปัญหามากสุด แต่เล่มนี้เขาก็กลับมีบทบาทสำคัญขึ้นมา และทำให้ปมความสัมพันธ์ของตัวละครมันชัดมากยิ่งขึ้น ((view spoiler)[ตอนเจสซี่หึงซูซนี่แบบ...พีคเว่อร์ (hide spoiler)])ชอบนะ...ชอบ Continuity ช่วงท้ายๆของหนังสือที่ทำออกมาได้ดีพอๆกับเล่มที่แล้วเลย ด้วยทางด้านความรู้สึกของตัวละครที่มันชัดมากๆ ทำให้เราชอบตรงส่วนนี้มากกว่าเล่มที่แล้วแบบเฉือนชนะไปหน่อยนึง แต่ก็ขอหักคะแนนตอนต้นๆเรื่องที่ทำให้เราหวั่นใจกลัวว่าจะกลับไปเหมือนเล่ม 2-3 ซะแล้ว สรุปเลยให้คะแนนเท่าเล่มก่อนหน้าไปละกัน...(view spoiler)[พอล สเลเตอร์กลับมาหาซูซานน่าห์อีกครั้ง คราวนี้เขามาเรียนที่โรงเรียนเดียวกับเธอ เขาเผยความรู้สึกอย่างชัดเจนว่าเขาชอบเธอ และชักจูงให้เธอยอมเชื่อเขาว่าเธอเป็นมากกว่าเดอะเมดิเตอร์ พอลพาซูซไปที่บ้านเขาและจูบกับเธอ ซูซานน่าห์รู้ตัวแล้วว่าเธอไม่น่าจะทำเรื่องแบบนั้นลงไปเลย แต่จะโทษเธอก็ไม่ได้...เพราะช่วงหลังๆ เจสซี่ก็ห่วงเหินและไม่สนใจเธออย่างที่ควรจะเป็น ทั้งๆที่เขาได้จูบเธอไปแล้ว แต่เจสซี่ก็ทำเหมือนเรื่องนั้นไม่เคยเกิดขึ้นเลยเจสซี่กำลังจะย้ายออกจากบ้านของเธอและไปอยู๋กับคุณพ่อดอม ซูซเสียใจมากและคิดว่าที่ทำแบบนั้นเพราะเจสซี่ต้องการปฏิเสธเธอ เมื่อเจสซี่พยายามจะสารภาพความจริงให้ซูซานน่าห์ฟัง พอลก็บุกมาถึงห้องนอนของเธอ เขาและเจสซี่ต่อสู้กันท่ามกลางสายตาเด็กวัยรุ่นหลายคนที่มาร่วมปาร์ตี้ของแบรด ซูซานน่าห์จึงตัดสินใจใช้พลังของเธอเดินทางไปยังโลกของวิญญาณกับพอล และจัดการส่งวิญญาที่ตามรังควาญเธอมาก่อนหน้านี้ ซูซตัดสินใจทำข้อตกลงกับพอลในการให้เขาได้สอนเธอและค้นพบพลังของผู้เคลื่อนย้ายที่ซ่อนเอาไว้ในตัวของเธอ ในตอนท้ายหลังจากนั้น...เจสซี่ก็มาหาเธอและสารภาพกับซูซว่าเขาก็มีใจตรงกันกับเธอเช่นเดียวกัน (hide spoiler)]

  • rachel • typed truths
    2019-03-18 05:35

    I thought that Young Blood was a pretty meh sequel, but Grave Doubts was just boring. There was barely any plot in this story. It was quite short and seemed to consist of nothing more than Paul harassing Suze & Jesse. I finished this book last night (so less then ten hours ago) and I can barely remember a single significant event in the story. It was a 100% filler sequel, and I'm now pretty scared of where this series is headed. I don't want a a paranormal romance, I want ghost-busting and the sassy, savvy Suze from the first book. I love Jesse as much as the next reader, but I need more a balance. And Suze seems to be getting worse and worse. She's petty, hypocritical and rude. It's getting hard to read from her perspective. I hope the next book can bring the series back on the right track.

  • Jacki
    2019-03-19 05:21

    Mediator 5, Grave Doubts starts with Suze's dream about Paul Slater in purgatory. In chapter one we find out that Paul has joined Suze's school. She tries to persuade Father Dominic that Paul should be kicked out, but he isn't convinced. Meanwhile Dopey (Suze’s stepbrother Brad) is planning a hot tub party and Sleepy (Suze’sotherstepbrother Jake) brings home a haunted guest called Neil. Suze's life is going mad as she tries to stop Neil's dead brother killing him, keep Paul away from her and get Jesse, the gorgeous ghost that lives in her bedroom, to go out with her.My favourite part is the hot tub party near the end. Paul arrives uninvited and provokes Jesse. Paul tumbles down the stairs pushed by Jesse. Jesse holds Paul’s head in the hot tub. All the partygoers think Paul has gone either gone mad, got really drunk or he is high. Because Suze and Paul are mediators only they can see the invisble force holding Paul underwater.At the end, Jesse finally admits that he loves Suze and they are officially dating, if you can call it dating since Jesse is already dead. But at the end of the book, Suze is the happiest girl in Carmel.

  • Giselle (Book Nerd Canada)
    2019-03-16 04:29

    This is the book when Paul Slater just managed to push himself onto Suze (even if its's unrequited) and inserts himself between her and Jesse. Talk about a psychopath. Not a whole lot happened, plot-wise. Just Suze moaning about her love life really and finding out things about her spiritual powers.

  • Maggie
    2019-03-23 05:44

    The best book in the series as far as relasionships go, and I am torn between Paul and Jesse. I mean, Jesse rocks, but Paul has this part of him that I just want to kiss him myself, you feel so sorry for him. Overall, very good book, though I hate how Jesse moves out for Suzes' "own good".

  • Annika
    2019-03-12 05:27

    I wanted to like this book more than the prequels, because I liked the series less and less with each book. Sadly the process continued with Haunted. Paul turns out to be even crazier than I thought and we get more of the whole Jesse-drama-llama. Haunted was thinly disguised as a paranormal story when all it was is a love story between Susannah and Jesse. Suze is more dense and stupid than I ever thought possible. I laughed out loud when she said she isn't stupid. Didn't all that happened before prove to her that she is very, very stupid?I've become so frustrated with her, I don't even know what to say anymore. She's become even lamer in this book than she already was. All she's concerned about is Jesse, Jesse, Jesse. Oh and fashion, wheee! All her rambling about clothes annoyed me. I simply didn't care about it. It seemed like bought advertisement for Jimmy Choo shoes. The only one who was able to coax something else out of Suze and make her think of something else was Paul. But OF COURSE Paul had to turn out even crazier than he was portrayed as before. And am I the only one who thought Jesse completely overreacted when he went at Paul with the goal of killing him? That turned me off Jesse so fast you wouldn't believe it. Beating someone up/trying to kill that person, just because they're being an a-hole? How about no.I laughed out loud maybe four times during it and only two times was because of something that was supposed to be funny. The other two times was more of sad laugh or a laugh of how ridiculous it turned out to be.I just can't with this series anymore. I'm glad when I'm finally done with it.

  • Brandi ;)
    2019-03-05 10:21

    I have really enjoyed this series and I have every intention of finishing the last book, however, this book just didn't do it for me. I know a lot was revealed about 'what' Suze is and what all she can do that she was unaware of, that part was great. I just got sick of hearing about Jesse. Good gracious me, that was ALL she thought, talked, whined, moped and pondered over. Jesse, Jesse, Jesse, ect. Why doesn't he like me? What did I do? How could I kiss someone else and like it when I love Jesse? And on and on and on ....... SHUT UP!!!! I did scream this at the book and then went into a tirade of WHY he shouldn't like her, annoying was at the top of the list. I calmed down, did some Yoga breathing and finished the book. It may not sound like it, but I actually do like Suze. She just annoyed the holy hell out of me in this book with her nonstop obsession over a flipping ghost and she is only 17! And they have nothing in common! Ugh. What saved the book for me, at least a little, were the new things that we learned about Suze thanks to Mr. Hot & Slightly Psychotic, Paul. This intrigues me to hurry on to the next book and finish up the series because it sounds like he will be in the next one and possibly showing her more stuff she is capable off. If he can get her off of Jesse, that is.

  • Kaitlin Wallace
    2019-03-24 10:26

    I finally finished this godawful book. It is probably the most amount of time I've spent agonizing over so few pages. First off, I did like 10 status updates throughout reading it because I wanted to remember how horrid it was. The author, as well as some of the other reviewers on here, seemed to think that there was a love triangle consisting of Paul, Suze, and Jesse. Never before have I been so disgusted by a book. The author tries to present Paul as a dangerous but suave dude, which he is not. Poor Suze, who already has so much internalized misogyny drilled into her, also has a large dose of rape culture as we see in this book. She has no interest in Paul, romantically because only has eyes for Jesse, but he continues making aggressive advances toward her despite her constant and clear "no". After Suze and him kissed in his bedroom and she told him to stop, he didn't until she jammed her thumb into his eye. He physically tried to restrain her and even summoned a ghost to keep her in the house. And then the part I hated. Instead of blaming Paul, Suze blames herself for letting it go too far, when it is obviously Paul's fault for not respecting her multiple no's that she said every time he tried to make a move in addition to her no when she realized she was kissing a psychopath. I managed to wrestle my lips away from Paul's long enough to say in a sort of strangled voice since he was crushing my lungs, "Get off me.""Come on, Suze... Don't tell me you haven't been thinking about this all afternoon.""Actually, I really haven't. Now get off me."But Paul just went on kissing me.I'm not going to continue the series I hate to say, because this book has thoroughly disgusted me and I'm very disappointed at how the author uses Suze to perpetuate harmful ideas about sexual assault. Like instead of using Suze's experience to teach young girls that no means no and if a person is physically trapping you so you cannot get away even when you've said no, you are not consenting and it is assault. As well as when it tried to glorify Paul as a confused sexy guy when he might indeed be the devil himself. I've glanced over the reviews and there are actually people swooning over Paul and I just can't stand it and I hate it and this book series has gone downhill from a heroine that I admired to a puppet of the author that doesn't act like herself and perpetuates harmful ideas. I posted more quotes in my status updates with my thoughts...

  • Morgan
    2019-03-24 04:20

    This is another solid installment in the Mediator Series! This time there wasn't much of ghosts trying to kill Suze, as much as the love-triangle really flourishing. But I had no problem with this because I spent the whole book trying to figure why I loved Paul Slater so much? I came to the conclusion that it's the same reason I love Malfoy, Peter, and Sebastian. They are rotten and not particularly charming (Paul on the other hand tends to be pretty darn charming). But I think I have this hope that they will redeem themselves along the way, and I'm rooting for them. What can I say? I have a thing for the under dogs!THANK GOODNESS someone (not going to spoil with who) finally got clued in on the whole mediator deal. Suze needs someone other than Father Dom and Jesse to confide in about this major part of her life. If you couldn't tell, I was more than excited about this improvement. There is also a lot of progress in the story telling going on. I can't wait to read Twilight and see the different dimensions to Size's Mediating skills. As much as I love the first few books, I forgot how much I enjoyed these later books because it's not just a stubborn ghost that refuses to move on. There is so many more storylines intertwined. This is the point where I wish Goodreads had half (or even quarter stars) to give. Because this book is definitely much closer to a five than the other books but not quite there. We'll see if Twilight makes that jump for me. I remember the big stuff but not the little things in between!

  • Capu
    2019-03-24 09:31

    I loved this one!! I was heartbroken when Jesse went to the rectory, but oh did my heart flutter at the end - woooo!!! Nice twist too with "Grandpa Slater".I agree, the fight chapter was hillarious!!! I love that CeeCee realized finally who Jesse is. And I love how she is willing to let Suze explain it all in time. What a great friend!!

  • Mina
    2019-03-06 04:38

    I'm a BIG fan of The Mediator series, no that there's this fifth book to the collection, I really needed to read this.The realtionship between Suze and Jesse is one of a kind, mainly because he's a ghost. But, she thinks he doesn't feel the same way. He rarely speaks to her, nobody can see him except her and paul.Paul's a mediator too (someone who can see and communicate with ghosts). He's one of the bad guys and yeah he likes Suze too! When he kisses her, she actually kisses him back! I was thinking... What about Jesse?!There's a whole lotta events and madness and this really keeps the story going. Especially the party-like scene where Jesse and Paul are at each other's necks in Suze's bedroom, fighting away. Totally histerical and entertaining. I was literally shouting 'Go Jesse,Go!'(as you can see I quite dislike Paul. Too cocky, urghh.)So, it really consumes you making you carry on reading one page after another until you come yo the end...... which is a very good end I must say.Jesse and Suze. Suze and Jesse :D

  • Caroline
    2019-03-05 08:20

    Since when did Sleepy, Dopey and Doc become permanently Jake, Brad and David? I liked how each book solved a different mystery/dealt with a different ghost, so I was disappointed when this book was basically all just about Paul being a creep/evil and Suze crying about Jesse. Paul is aggressive and annoying and there is no development whatsoever, so this was probably my least favourite book of the series so far.

  • Gabrielle(busy lil' fox)
    2019-03-23 03:33

    Gah. I'd forgotten how stupid Jesse was in this.Also, fuck Paul.Originally read in 2006

  • Caroline D. (CarolineReads)
    2019-03-12 05:33

    Well...this is gonna be on my list for one of the worst books of 2017. I'll probably do a series review after the next book (which is the last book of the series) which will explain everything.

  • Kim
    2019-03-18 07:23


  • Brittany (Nice Girls Read Books)
    2019-02-27 09:40

    Grave Doubts is still highly enjoyable, but I couldn’t help feeling as if it was a bit of a ‘filler’ book – one that explains some need-to-know things between Young Blood and Heaven Sent, particularly about the role that Paul Slater plays as antagonist.After Suze’s emotional outpouring in Young Blood, it’s great to see her back in action and back to her old tricks. Of course, things may have ended EXTREMELY well in the last book, but that doesn’t mean they’re staying that way. Suze has to figure out why despite kissing her – finally!- Jesse seems distant. Suze, overreacting as usual, jumps to the wrong conclusions and some stuff goes down in true Mediator fashion.Add to this the re-appearance of villain, Paul, and you have quite the mix for a page turner. Grave Doubts was a quick and breezy read just like the rest of the series, but I noticed something was quite absent from this book – the focus of a ghostly haunting. Sure, there’s Craig who’s haunting his brother out of resentment, but it didn’t take as much of a part in this book as previous ghost hauntings have in the series. Grave Doubts hinged entirely on the relationship between Suze, Paul and Jesse – and the dynamic between the three.There was plenty of action this time around, as well as some really cute scenes between Suze and Jesse. I’ve always remembered Grave Doubts as the book where ‘Suze has to walk home with blistered feet’. Seriously, it’s a HUGE PLOT POINT, and enjoyably so. I can’t tell you how much I could relate to Suze in this scenario. Her dramatic exit from Paul Slater’s home was great, and the visual of her walking along the scenic route in the boiling sun all the while clutching her prized Jimmy Choos in an act of defiance is so, so memorable. I just adore Suze as a character and it’s moments like these that remind me why.Suze and Jesse’s relationship is all MAKE OR BREAK this book. Should they pursue something that’s a lost cause? Is Jesse really interested in Suze as more than a friend? Should she give up on the whole thing entirely? I feel that this book really solidified them as a couple, and I can’t wait to see how it plays out from here. Re-reading this series has been like experiencing it for the first time all over again.Now that we’re almost at the end of the series (for now), it’s great to see that some new twists and turns are being thrown into the pot. We find out that Suze isn’t just a plain old mediator, and that Paul is keeping secrets – no surprises there. What his motive is, for being so interested in Suze, is unclear, but it makes for great reading. I can’t wait to revisit what happens in the final instalment, Heaven Sent.

  • Amy
    2019-03-19 09:36

    In Grave Doubt the fifth book of the Mediator series Suzie is drawn to Paul, a fellow mediator who is a new student at her school. In the previous book Paul spent his time trying to win Suzie over but he has made it clear he has no interest in helping the recently deceased despite her protests. Suzie is weary of him but she can't help admire his good looks. Not only that but Paul has information Suzie needs and with his knowledge she might find out she isn't just your average mediator. Throw in Jake bringing home a haunted friend for dinner, a massive party and a jealous Jesse and you have a whole load of chaos waiting for you!I loved this book, it was full of angst. That's the only way of describing it! This was definitely a addictive read, not educational or intellectual in the slightest but great nevertheless. Suzie didn't annoy me at all in this book which is a rarity. I actually related to her and felt sorry for her. I mean she's in love with someone who is dead, that must mess you up a little!I understood why Suzie let her guard down with Paul, her loneliness really shone through. I thought it was so funny that she had such bad blisters from walking home from Paul's in her new shoes and it was cute when Jesse bandaged her up!I loved the Party setting towards the end of the book and I could visualize everybody watching the fight between Jesse and Paul, it was pretty amusing to be honest. I'm glad Jesse finally stood up for what was rightfully his and I hope he doesn't back away from Suzie in the next book. I loved that Ceecee made that little comment about Jesse and I'm glad she figured out Suzie's boyfriend is a ghost. Hopefully Suzie will confine in her because I think she's a pretty good friend for putting up with her madness. Overall, loved this book and this series gets better with every instalment!

  • Jessica (Goldenfurpro)
    2019-03-24 05:19

    This and other reviews can be found on The Psychotic NerdMY THOUGHTSThe last book ended with a kiss between Suze and Jesse (YES!), but now Suze doesn't know where they stand. Are they dating? How can they even date? And after that kiss, Jesses has been keeping himself distant, so much so that Suze is questioning is he sees the kiss as a mistake. To make matters worse, Paul enrolled in Suze's school and he's intent on dating Suze and wants to teach her what it truly means to be a meditator. Though, Suze just can't trust him.This book mainly focuses on Paul, a character who was introduced in the last book. Paul is a really untrustworthy guy. I mean, he almost killed Suze and tried to get rid of Jesse in the last book, so it's understandable that Suze doesn't trust him. But the fact that he's in her school now makes it hard for Suze to avoid him. The thing about Paul is that I can't decide whether I hate him or kind of like him. He's a very interesting character and his addition to the series really brings a lot and shows that the series is going somewhere interesting. There are times when I begin to like him, but he also has a very warped mind so..I was a bit disappointed about the romance, though, because I ship Suze and Jesse so much. A majority of this book is spent with them still not in a relationship and they're even further distanced than the beginning of the series, so I was a bit unhappy by this.IN CONCLUSIONThis was a great addition to the series, but a lot of this book was leading into the next book. I am very curious about the addition of Paul and where this series is going!

  • Steph Su
    2019-03-06 10:45

    I swear, this series just get better and better. In this installment of Suze’s life in Carmel, California, the delectably dangerous Paul Slater reenters her life just when she thinks she will never see him again. Paul is the Devil in a hot bod—or so Suze believes as she recalls the past summer when Paul tried to kill her and make her ghostly sweetheart, Jesse, disappear forever.Paul claims to know what, exactly, they are, why they communicate with ghosts and what else they can do. But Suze doesn’t know why he’s so intent on teaching her about their similar powers. Unless he’s lonely…? Is that why he so creepily continues to talk to her even after her many rejections of him? Is that why he kisses her the day he invites her over to his place under the pretense of learning more about mediators?Meanwhile, Suze’s relationship with the hot ghost who haunts her room, Jesse, has been awkward and littered with silences. It seems to have been this way ever since they kissed several weeks ago. Despite the strain in their friendship as a result, Suze can’t help but fall more in love with Jesse every day, even though she knows that loving a guy who’s been already dead for 150 years won’t bode well for her future. To make matters worse, once Jesse finds out that Paul has recently transferred to Suze’s school, there could be the blowout of a lifetime, as two hot, headstrong forces collide with one another in a battle for, much to her surprise, Suze’s heart.HAUNTED is full of fun and romance with a paranormal twist. I am a hearty proponent of the impossible romance between Suze and Jesse, but Paul definitely makes this series all the more interesting. Gotta love Meg Cabot and her wonderful characters.

  • Aylee
    2019-02-28 05:30

    You can also read this review on my blog.This review applies to the entire Mediator Series.The Mediator Series was my first series read of the year and let me tell you, it was a fantastically FUN way to start off my reading year. The series follows Suze Simon who has the ability to see, to talk to, and to beat up - whatever the occasion warrants - ghosts in order to send them on their way to the afterworld. The series was completed after six books in 2005, with an added novella and seventh novel set a decade later in 2016.Suze Simon is definitely the best part of the series for me. I would want to be BFFs with her if not for the fact that I am convinced that she is WAY too cool for me. This girl has more personality in her pinkie finger than most protagonists have developed over the course of an entire book. Suze's singular sass, nerve, and fashion sense put her right up there with The Greats Buffy Summers and Veronica Mars, in my mind. In fact, the Mediator Series reads a lot like those teen serialized TV shows set in small town California that follow a new story each episode, in addition to being easy entertainment to take in.This is my first Meg Cabot read - can you believe it? And if all of her protagonists are as fun as Suze Simon, then I am looking forward to reading more from her. I'm curious, which are the Meg Cabot books that I absolutely must read next? I would love recommendations!

  • Mika
    2019-03-26 11:25

    2.5, but barelyNow that I've had time to settle my thoughts, I will still say I have mixed feelings about this book. It isn't as tightly plotted as the past books, but that might not be a bad thing. There were enjoyable parts to this book.However, in the end, what really made it less enjoyable for me was that the book has the bad communication plot line to keep a romantic pairing apart. I despise plot lines that can easily be resolved with honest, open communication because so often, they are done poorly. I really do not believe that this bad communication sprung organically. It felt forced, and it was obvious that they needed to have bad communication only to further the plot/add DRAMA to the plot. It was so silly, I just wanted the farce to be done. The ending to the last book was so misleading.It wasn't all bad. There were interesting bits and I was correct in thinking that the sixth book would be the best. This book, unfortunately, must exist as a bridge to the final book. I just wish it had better execution.So, yeah. My least favorite book in the series, I'm sad to say.

  • haley
    2019-03-14 11:37

    Well this series took a turn for the worst. I love The Mediator series. I adore Suze and her tough, kickass nature. And I've grown fond of the other characters: Suze's stepbrothers, Jesse, CeeCee, to name a few. I do like this series. But Haunted was probably the worst book in this series so far.Paul is a pushy, invasive, patronizing piece of shit who does not understand the meaning of the word "no", and I hate him with the fire of a thousand suns. Someone kill him. There's literally nothing happening in this one. There's just some love triangle-esque, romantic angsty bullshit. Can Suze and Jesse just admit they have feelings for each other so Suze can get back to ghost busting and kicking ass? Ugh. I have two simple requests for the next book: Suze needs to resume her badassery, and Paul needs to fuck off. That's literally it.Tl;dr version- So fucking disappointed with this one. Paul is the bane of my existence. He literally ruined the entire book.

  • Victoria
    2019-03-05 11:16

    I'm really quite obsessed with this series now considering I've read three of these books today and two others yesterday lol. I enjoyed this addition to the series. I like how unpredictable it was and the twists and turns that were exposed throughout the novel. This book was bit slower when it came to the action sequences compared to the other books, but I still liked it and had to dive right into the next book!

  • Kaethe
    2019-03-21 08:20

    2 Apr 2016March 2009Suze, like film Buffy, must once again fight evil with her kick-ass fighting skills and her fashion sense. That is entertainment.A reread to prep me for the new Mediator stories to come with Suze as an adult. Is there a girl raised on Nancy Drew who wouldn't love to see her after college, still coming up with clever ways to defeat villainy? No, there isn't.Personal copy

  • Joanna Rabęda
    2019-03-21 10:27

    It's been the worst instalment of the series so far. Too much "kissing drama" for my taste.

  • Kamila
    2019-03-21 07:21

    Definitely the worst book of the series. It's just filled with unnecessary love drama that could be resolved with one conversation (and not enough ghost drama, which this series should be about, after all).But I still love Suze so much.