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Love is in the air!Personal shopper Annie Valentine has a dream job in the heart of fabulous Manhattan.Daughter Lana is lost in the heat of first love, but has she fallen for a heart-breaker?In London husband Ed faces a scandal at work and knows, in his heart, he needs Annie back.What's a girl to do when her true love is in London but her new love is New York?Does it haveLove is in the air!Personal shopper Annie Valentine has a dream job in the heart of fabulous Manhattan.Daughter Lana is lost in the heat of first love, but has she fallen for a heart-breaker?In London husband Ed faces a scandal at work and knows, in his heart, he needs Annie back.What's a girl to do when her true love is in London but her new love is New York?Does it have to be fashion or family, or can Annie Valentine have it all?...

Title : New York Valentine
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ISBN : 9780552163170
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 416 Pages
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New York Valentine Reviews

  • Danielle
    2019-01-19 22:27

    This is the fifth book in the series about Annie Valentine. Starting with the personal shopper, where we got to know funny, warm, enterpreneurial Annie Valentine, mom of two and personal shopper. Each book since this first one has been great. It's like catching up with a dear and old friend. I wasa wondering if I would like this one as well. Could Carmen Reid still bring Annie Valentine to life the way she did in the first books? Well, she did it. I couldn't stop reading, even though maybe the plot was a bit less then the previous books. If you concider buying this book, make sure you have read the other sequals first. You can easily read this one solo, but it's so much better when you read all the books in the right order.

  • Elīza
    2019-02-09 17:34

    Šo Karmenas Rīdas grāmatu izvēlējos pavisam nejauši,tikai izlasot uz vāka sniegto aprakstu. Mani piesaistīja tēma par iepirkšanos un modi, tāpēc nolēmu grāmatu izlasīt. Esmu izlasījusi grāmatas pirmās 40 lappuses, taču stāsts par trīsdesmit gadus veco personīgo stilisti Anniju mani jau paspējis aizraut. Annija ir veiksmīga, radoša sieviete ar vīru un četriem bērniem, viņai ir veiksmīga karjera un pašai savs televīzijas šovs, kurā stiliste sniedz pārvērtību padomus, palīdzot cilvēkiem uzsākt jaunu dzīvi. Taču vienā brīdī viss sagriežas kājām gaisā - Annijas labākās draudzenes meita, kura Ņujorkā vada modes uzņēmumu, iekļuvusi nepatikšanās un lūdz palīdzību. Sākumā Annija atsaka, jo nevar doties uz Ņujorku, pametot bērnus, vīru un darbu. Taču notiek negaidīts pavērsiens, un viņas vadītais šovs tiek pārtraukts. Sieviete ir izmisumā, taču pamazām sāk vēlreiz apsvērt domu par Ņujorku. Jau dažas dienas vēlāk viņa ar vecāko meitu sēžas lidmašīnā, lai divas nedēļas pavadītu lielo iespēju pilsētā, mēģinot palīdzēt draudzenes meitai.

  • Heather Headon
    2019-01-20 23:29

    I received this book as a Christmas present, and it was just what I needed at the time. I was in the midst of essay writing and uni work, and this was a lovely, light and fluffy read. The novel put you right into the action of the story, and the writing was engaging and light. It was another easy read with a similar tone and pace that you get with most chick-lit novels.Despite finding out that it is actually part of a series, you absolutely don't need to read any of the other books for things to make sense. It works perfectly well as a stand alone novel.Whilst I enjoyed it, I don't feel the need to read any more in the Annie Valentine series. It didn't grip me enough to find out more about the character and her other escapades.

  • Chloe
    2019-01-20 18:18

    Annie Valentine is back, and this time things are feeling a bit different for our favourite fictional fashionista! Annie thought her TV show “How Not To Shop” was going well, but when it’s suddenly dumped by the channel without warning, Annie feels like she is up the creek without a paddle. When her business partner Svetlana comes calling with a problem with the “Perfect Dress” business, Annie knows she has to do what she can to help out. However, she also knows this means that she has to leave her lovely husband Ed and twin babies at home while she jets across the world to New York City with teenage daughter Lana in tow. Can Annie bring herself to leave her young family, and be miles away from them, all the while enjoying the shopping capital of the world?Amazingly, this is the fifth book in the “Annie Valentine” series by author Carmen Reid, and I still look forward to the release of a new Annie adventure each year. I wasn’t overly keen on the first in the series, The Personal Shopper, but I feel the books have got better as the series has progressed and now they are certainly ones to look out for on my releases calendar. The fifth outing sees Annie Valentine, a superb chick-lit character who a lot of women will be able to relate to, jet across to the other side of the world New York. I’ve been lucky enough to visit there twice, and so it was great to read about one of my favourite cities in the world again!Annie Valentine seems happily settled at home, she’s married to her husband Ed, with her four beautiful children and her own shopping TV show as well. I love Annie’s eternal optimism – she knows how lucky she is to have her lifestyle, but she also knows she has to lose a few pounds so she doesn’t get spotted in the same old comfy dress again and again! Annie is a character that a lot of women will be able to relate to – she works hard, she runs a family life and of course, she loves her shopping as well. I really warm to Annie every time I read a story about her, but at the same time, when I pick up an Annie Valentine book, it’s like I’ve not stopped reading them, it’s like picking up a book about an old friend!I really like the fact we see a lot more of Annie’s teenage daughter Lana this time around. She is present in all of the previous 4 books, but we’ve never really got to have her as a main part in the story, she’s more in background, but she is definitely a character that I liked a lot. Lana is a typical teenager – a bit embarrassed by her mum but we can how she has grown up through the book. Lana in the book this time around is fun, she loves fashion and most of all she loves New York, and it’s nice to have a younger character in a main role of the book. Ed appears a little bit as well, and is just a good as ever, and I loved that we saw more of the ever mad Svetlana too.The book mainly takes place in New York City (as you may have guessed from the book title!) and for those of us who are lucky enough to have been there, it’ll certainly being back lots of memories! Carmen Reid has clearly done her research – she takes a lot of big landmarks and makes Annie and Lana tourists visiting them so we get to see them through their eyes and this is fun. It was nice to read about New York, but at the same time, Reid introduces us to the not-so-nice side of NYC we don’t always see, the back alleys and dumpsters than Annie ends up in through various things that happen, and it certainly creates some good comedy moments. The setting of New York works really well as it’s one of the big fashion capitals of the world, and it only seems right Annie Valentine makes a trip over there too!Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It’s another great outing for Annie Valentine, and I like that Reid is keeping the series fresh by taking Annie to other places, and bringing other characters like Lana more to the front line, which also adds a fresh perspective to the reader as well. Annie is a great character who leads the book so well – she’s a character the reader will love and warm to, and therefore we care that Annie makes a success of her life and her business. The storyline about the failing business and Annie’s keen-ness to revive it keeps the book moving along at a good pace, and gives it an aim at the end, but it’s the journey along the way I really enjoyed. Definitely recommended if you are a fan of the Annie V books so far, but also recommended if you’re not – it’ll make you want to read them all!

  • Catherinehaine Haines
    2019-02-13 16:11

    A lovely read. I liked all the characters and even though I have not read any of the connected books it stood on its own. A book that will make you smile.

  • Annabel Krantz
    2019-02-03 16:37

    Annie Valentine, over the course of four books, carved out a place for herself in the fashion world. She moves from personal shopper, to television fashion personality, all the while balancing her two teenage children, a new hubby, and the unexpected arrival of twins. In her fifth adventure, Annie's TV Show is unexpectedly cancelled, and she takes the opportunity to visit New York and help a friend with her fashion line, as it faces bankruptcy. Against the backdrop of New York, Annie struggles to pull the business out of the dumps, enjoying the challenge and location, but missing her family. Pleasingly, her daughter, Lana, plays a greater role in this novel, and even is caught wearing colour for once!Surprisingly, the fifth Annie Valentine book regains some of the vigor of the first book in the series. The middle few books tended to over-focus on Annie's obsession with material possessions, at the expense of her family. At times, this was so frustrating that it overshadowed the book's good qualities, and became unpleasantly repetitive. This latest installment in the series returned to the roots of Annie V. It was about fashion, and dramas related to fashion, first and foremost. Now, I'm not saying that a shallow, fashion-only novel is all I can read. But the fashion is the crux of these books. Annie's family and personal relationships were still a big part of the story, but in a supporting role that added to the overall plot line, rather than detract from it. Thankfully, sticking to the basics means that this book was a cheerful, easy read that kept the reader's attention. Not to mention that half of the story is set in New York, and everybody loves New York! The fashion capital of the world was the right choice.I'd definitely recommend this book to any chick-lit lovers out there. Even if you haven't read the first four books in the series, you'll easily be able to pick up this book and enjoy stepping into the world of fashion for a few hours.

  • Abi Holligan
    2019-02-18 17:13

    New York Valentine follows Annie on her journey juggling family, a career in fashion/tv and a love life. When Annie discovers her TV show How Not To Shop has been cancelled! She panics with what to do next, enter Svetlana and Elena who are having trouble with their new business Perfect Dress over in Manhattan, so Annie jets off with Lana in tow to help her realise what career she wants, leaving Ed, Owen and her new twin babies behind. At first Annie is home sick missing everyone so much, but once she gets down to business she really sees herself staying in Manhattan, for maybe longer than she thought..I thought New York Valentine was ok, I enjoyed the storyline's. The good thing about this series is that even though there has been previous books it always seems in every chapter something is going on and something is happening to want to make you read more, which must be a challenge after three or four other books. I enjoyed seeing a bit more of Lana's character (Annie's daughter) now that she's older she seemed to be more grown up and discovering what she wants to do in life. I obviously enjoyed Annie, I think she is a fantastic character and so relatable and of course Svetlana who wasn't in this book as much and her daughter Elena. I thought it was hilarious when Annie jumped into the skip for materials, I could definately picture that, in her designer gear and high heel shoes!From the end of the book it sounds like there is a gateaway to yet another Annie Valentine book, whether that happens, we'll have to see

  • Shannon
    2019-02-07 20:08

    Seeking some Big Apple inspiration, I stumbled across this slap-me-in-the-face-if-this-isn't-about-New-York novel from Carmen Reid and was quick to dive head first envisaging the fashion of 5th Avenue, the hustle and bustle of New York streets, and the energy that can only be explained as magical, through the footsteps of the main character. And while it did revisit my fondness for the city that never sleeps, I found the story not nearly as engaging and often sidelined by my thoughts of New York. To be fair, I didn't actually realise this was a series and have jumped straight bang into the middle of it without having read the predecessors, and I think this is quite critical; as it is a story in a series then the characters are probably very well developed and rich with backstory - something I found lacking a bit in this segment. I liked Reid's writing style and the sentiment of the book was there, it just didn't have me desperate to pick it up and finish it. Though perhaps I need to start at the beginning to appreciate it a bit more!

  • Hidayah Ramlan
    2019-02-09 20:14

    This is really heart-warming story! I love Annie's relationship withe her family; Ed (his new husband), Lana (her eldest child and daughter from her first husband), Owen (her younger child and son from her first husband), and her youngest twins Micky & Minie from Ed's.Selepas tv show beliau terpaksa diberhentikan dan kini dia menganggur tanpa kerja, tambahan kawan baiknya Svetlana meminta bantuannya untuk menyelesaikan masalah Elena yang bangkrut dan ditipu oleh rakan kerja dalam bisnes fesyen di New York. Jadi, Annie bersama Lana jelajah ke New York.Bermacam2 haluan dan rintangan yang dialami oleh Annie. Elena punya masalah dengan kekasihnya Sye; seorang fotografer. Lana mulai kenal dengan satu jejaka bernama Taylor yang membuat dunia Lana penuh indah, tetapi Taylor telah menghancurkan hati Lana dengan menggunakannya.Ed di-suspend dari sekolahnya kerana dalam laptopnya ada video lucah. Owen pula ditarik keluar polis dari rumah.

  • Zhana
    2019-02-18 16:38

    ***Български***В сравнение с книгата "Много гот" на същата авторка, която ми е сред любимите книги в този жанр, тази беше меко казано плоска. Героите не изпъкваха с нищо, бяха безинтересни и не симпатични. Не проумявам как един умен човек (за какъвто се смята главната героиня) може да натрупа задължения от порядъка на хиляди долари...за дрехи...Замисълът на книгата не беше достатъчно добър, за да го спаси стила на писане на авторката. Не препоръчвам.***English***Compared to the book "Did the Earth Move?" from the same author which is among my favorite books in this genre, this one fell completely flat. The charachters didn't stand out with anything, they were uninteresting and not likeable. I can't understand how a smart person can accumulate debts in thousands of dollars ... so much money given for clothes ... The idea of the book was not good enough and the writing style of the author could not save it. I do not recommend.

  • Rebecca Kent
    2019-02-13 16:23

    I found Annie to be a rather flat character who hits all the cliche middle aged chic lit points - second marriage, check - struggling to find balance between career and adored children, check - I little bit of extra tummy flab post child birth which must be removed because simply no-one could be happy as a size 16, check. Oh, and to make it a chic lit she must totally be obsessed with clothes and shopping (aren't all women?) but we don't want her to seem too dumb or shallow so we will have her save a failing business by making phone calls! Thank goodness for her vomit inducing can-do attitude!!I have not read the prior books in this series so missed a large portion of Annie's 'journey' but I'm ok with that.

  • Karen
    2019-02-04 18:31

    This is the second of the Carmen Reid/Annie Valentine books i have read and purposely sought this book out after loving "How Not To Shop". This book definately lives up to my hopes. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Easy visuals and a topic i love - New York :)The dialogue is believable and the storyline interesting without being too fictional. Would definately recommend it to women of all ages. Whether you love fashion or not this book makes you involved from the get-go. I quite fancy a career change now.Will be hunting out more of this author's books, a great read by a great Reid, thank-you!

  • Che Syafika
    2019-01-25 23:25

    Annie!!! I want to be Annie! But i want to be Lana too! Who doesn't want an Annie in their life. She is an excellent mother. She has money. She also has a lovely Ed. And don't forget Owen also loves her. But the most exciting thing about her is that she is fabulous!!! Oh how my life would be if I am Annie... but I don't have her confidence. Got to train with Gawain first to get into shape and gain my confidence. It's ok. I got my own Olwage. Ps: Olwage is my zumba trainer and he is not my PERSONAL trainer. Lol just saying ;)

  • Barbara Hoban
    2019-02-01 00:13

    Good for a holiday read... Although I do like chick-lit, this book just didn't seem to be one of those that you can read without a few breaks. I was easily able to put the book down, and step away from it... However, it was written well, and was easy to go back to. I think I was just determined to read a book from cover to cover - I haven't read a book in full for over 5 years now, and I am using this one as a start to my reading collection again. This book is now in the hands of someone in Majorca, as I left it in the hotel for another book-lover.

  • Fiona
    2019-02-01 20:22

    loved this book just as much as the others in this series. I already have the next one lined up. I once again fell in love with the characters and became invested in the lives of the character's and wanted everything to go right for them. must read for anyone. it's a very easy read but enjoyable at the same time.

  • Joolz
    2019-02-17 19:26

    Simple, smooth, easy read summer reading. Very sweet even though its predictable stuff, but its exactly what you want it to be. It wont get me rushing to read more by the same author, but sometimes you want effortless reading, its like the Maccy D of the literature world :)

  • Kezza22
    2019-02-06 22:30

    Big fan if this author and this series but I have to say after the last book I was getting tired of the way she puts her career before her home, kids and husband... I felt the same this time just got really annoyed with the book and don't think ill get another one if she writes another!

  • Nina Draganova
    2019-02-06 22:37

    Оказа се , че има още книги на авторката преведени на български.Изрових сайтовете , докато не я намерих тази книга, но за съжаление съм разочарована. Имам чувството даже , че не е писана от Кармен Рийд. Толкова много харесвам Did the Earth Move? , а тази е ужасно посредствена. Жалко.

  • Laura
    2019-01-29 16:28

    Really enjoyed this book! Will look for more in this series

  • Shalehaton
    2019-01-24 23:23

    quite boring. ..

  • Amanda
    2019-01-22 16:11

    It was an ok read

  • Suzi
    2019-01-24 22:16

    Really enjoyed it!

  • Aileen
    2019-02-09 20:24

    I have read all Carmen Reid books, I love them, I couldn't put this book down.

  • Charlotte
    2019-01-20 18:32

    Makes a change for a chick lit not to be about someone falling in love but instead about family which is very important I have not read any before by this author but would be tempted in the future

  • Christine
    2019-02-16 20:28

    really enjoyable book really girlie with love shopping and determination loved it

  • Merryll
    2019-02-06 18:11

    Good fun - predictable

  • Keri Dryburgh
    2019-01-30 16:31

    Uncomplicated holiday reading. Interesting description of the New York landmarks which made me want to visit.

  • Caroline
    2019-02-06 00:21

    In another life, I would be a clothes designer. This is a fun book to read and very uplifting with all the shopping adventures. I love it.

  • Hannah Howard
    2019-01-26 00:19

    a fab book completely addictive :)xxxx

  • Kayward
    2019-02-10 22:18