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The sequel to Allegro Vivace...Older man, younger man. Teacher and student. Love. Passion. Family drama. Jealousy. And music!It’s not quite happily ever after when Aaron Parrish accompanies his young lover, violinist Matt Dugan, on his first European concert tour. Matt’s beauty and talent attract other men’s attention, sparking Aaron’s jealousy, while Matt’s stage fright aThe sequel to Allegro Vivace...Older man, younger man. Teacher and student. Love. Passion. Family drama. Jealousy. And music!It’s not quite happily ever after when Aaron Parrish accompanies his young lover, violinist Matt Dugan, on his first European concert tour. Matt’s beauty and talent attract other men’s attention, sparking Aaron’s jealousy, while Matt’s stage fright and family problems only ramp up the tension.Now, no longer teacher and student, Aaron and Matt struggle to redefine their relationship—before outside temptations tear them apart for good...Genres: Gay / Contemporary / The Arts / Teacher & Student...

Title : Sonata Appassionata
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Sonata Appassionata Reviews

  • Erotic Horizon
    2019-05-11 12:50

    There are some books that makes me feel like pinching myself when I have read them, because they always end up being so good that I to wonder, why did I delay, why did I not read this book as soon as it was available.SONATA APPASSIONATA is that book for me now and it is the sequel to ALLEGRO VIVACE a book I fell in love with a few weeks ago. Author Cat Grant did what only a few authors do and came back within a few weeks after the first book with a follow up book and I was chuffed…The book picks up a few months after I had left the main protags Aaron and Matt. Matt is now on his first performing tour of Europe, arranged by his once estranged father and Aaron is faithful mentor and lover is taking a break with him.Things are good on one hand but only getting worst if you go by the arguing that seems to be happening between the two. Aaron an old hand at alot of what Matt is experiencing for the first time has a little too accepting attitude about what can/could/will happen behind the scenes in the industry and Matt is fresh face and soaking it all up and only needs his Aaron to get through the day.Things naturally comes to a head when the star that is Matt burns bright and he is noticed and not by people with necessarily the best of intentions. With this notice comes new decisions and bright options, but both men have a hell of a lot to work through but new players and old faces makes it hard to be objective. Matt and Aaron has some serious issues to work out and none of it anything to do with the age difference which is probably the first thing that anyone would have thought would be the thing to break them.I said about ALLEGRO VIVACE in my original reviewWhile the May/December romance is not a plotline that normally works with me – I must say Aaron and Matt were perfect for each other. I got to know Aaron and right from the outset I liked his personality and his down to earth attitude. Matt was a very mature lad, brought up in a lifestyle not known by many - coupled that with a natural gift plus he has a tendency to run away with himself, yet was still a young man prone to mood swings and little bouts of pouting – I ended up liking him alot.And in this sequel this still rings true for me. However when Ms Grant came back with this sequel I didn't expect her to rip my rose coloured glasses off, but that is exactly what she did when she brought some realities home to both men.While the back drop to the story is very much fictitious I thought the problems and the dual attitude of both men rang true. Aaron who I admired for his laid manner and his steady influence in Matt's life was so blasé about certain norms in the music industry that I was a bit surprise at his easy acceptance, but as the story progressed and one thing leads to another it is easy to see where Aaron is coming from.Matt is still at that place where he is experienced in some areas of life but quite naive about the heart and morals of men. A credit to him however for being true to himself but still had his pouty moments which very much humanised him in my eyes.This sequel is definately more than sex, it is really about the men fitting together, seeing how far they can push each other and mainly about Matt finding his feet in the industry.There were some areas of this book that I could relate to which probably made it more of an experience for me. Ms Grant moved the men around Europe and I thought she did a wonderful job in describing the local and the attitudes of the people they encountered in all the places that they stopped off at.There was no shying away from some of the sharper/finer details as well, Aaron revisits dead and old relationships and those scenes while not overly emotional they really lend weight to how far both men have come since they met.All in all this was a good follow up book, I still would have love to get some more info on Matt's father and their relationship, but I like the place where I left them.If you have read the first book ALLEGRO VIVACE, SONATA APPASSIONATA is definately a must read.

  • Jenre
    2019-05-19 04:29

    Matt and Aaron met in the previous novel Allegro Vivace, which follows their relationship as it moves from being between a student and teacher into lovers. Matt’s talent has caught the eye of various important people and he’s now on his way to a small tour of Europe, playing with some impressive orchestras and conductors, and wowing audiences with his skill and passion on the violin. Aaron has taken some time out from his job as professor of music and is accompanying his lover. However, neither man anticipated how much the stresses and strains of touring would affect their relationship, nor how Aaron’s jealousy would cause so much tension.One of the best parts of this book was seeing Matt increase in confidence as the book progresses. As the book is divided between the first person narratives of Aaron and Matt I was able to have a greater feel for Matt’s character. At the beginning, Matt still relies heavily on the guidance and physical support of Aaron. This led to a discussion between the heroes where Aaron tries to get Matt to stand on his own feet. Throughout the book Matt takes small steps into his future by making his own decisions, reconciling with his father, and generally becoming a mature young man by the end of the book. He’s come a long way from the brash, overly confident young man we see at the beginning of the 1st book, and that character growth was just wonderful to read. In contrast, I found myself starting to dislike Aaron’s increasingly baffling jealousy and immature behaviour. One minute he’s trying to build up Matt’s confidence and trying to help with Matt’s almost crippling stage-fright, and the next he’s storming off, misreading situations and generally behaving like a 20 year old, instead of the mature 40 year old he is supposed to be. I know that Aaron is a musician and therefore prone to an artistic temperament, but I still found it irritating.This meant that for much of the book all Matt and Aaron do is argue and bicker and fall out. This is then resolved through sex rather than talking through their problems, something Aaron realises himself, but seems unable to do anything about. The tiny arguments build up until they lead to a separation between the men, again something which could have been resolved easily but was allowed to spiral out of control. I’m not the greatest fan of plots which rely heavily on a series of misunderstandings, so rather than being caught up in the drama, I was annoyed at the behaviour of the heroes and wished I could just bang their heads together to make them see sense.So whilst I liked seeing the character development in Matt, and was happy with the way he took control of his life, the romance aspect failed to work for me. I just couldn’t see what Matt loved about the grumpy, paranoid, jealous older man that Aaron is in this book, other than the sex and the general ego-stroking that Aaron provides. I also couldn’t understand why he would want to tie himself down at such a young age, when his career is taking off and fame and fortune beckon. The way that they constantly argued in this book didn’t bode well for a secure future, and the too-quick way the book ended added to my uneasiness.This book is a sequel and should be read after Allegro Vivace. Those readers who loved the first book, will probably like this one too. Whilst I thought this book was well written, with rounded characters (including the secondary characters), and sizzling sex scenes; the theme of constant misunderstanding didn’t work for me, making this book only an average read. Having said that, if you’re the sort of reader who like ‘misunderstanding’ plots, then this book should work much better for you.

  • Saritza
    2019-05-19 09:23

    Great follow-up to Allegro Vivace! Would love to one day have both books in one tome. It would make for a great Christmas gift!

  • Amanda
    2019-05-17 09:42

    A lovely follow-up with the characters from Allegro Vivace.

  • ElaineY
    2019-05-11 12:53

    Was a 3-star for much of the way but earned a 4th in the end. I was excited when I bought this but as I flipped to the first page, it dawned on me there's really nothing to get me excited in a sequel to this type of story. The first book, Allegro Vivace, was a 'straight' romance - no mystery, no murders, ka-booms...the stuff I like. I loved AV for exactly all it was, a heart-warming May-December romance with an HFN I was satisfied with.So, as I belatedly realized, all SA would offer me would be 'RL' breaking into the MC's lives and testing their romance. This is why I do not read romances where the ex returns as the protag. In my romance universe, if you can't survive RL after the glow has subsided, stay dead. And SA is everything I feared it would be - the insecurities rear their heads, one protag will be highly reactive, lots of quarrels, apologies then returning to their corner to get ready for the next round. But they survived and so did I.In spite of all that, I ended up enjoying SA and hope Cat Grant has another M/M romance coming out soon.

  • Elizabetta
    2019-05-08 10:30

    I love stories about musicians -- rock stars and classical artists; struggling and made-it. Sonata Appassionata and Allegro Vivace (previous book) give us a fun romantic read: cocky and gifted young prodigy violinist pursues older, established teacher mentor, both of them working through some personal issues along the way -- all ingredients for yumminess. They struggle with the obvious obstacles with lots of histrionics and drama thrown into the mix. I don't mind the age difference at all -- this happens often in the artistic world anyway. The issues involved in maintaining an intimate relationship and a hot career are handled nicely. How wonderful to also have actual music references to round out Matt and Aaron's world. Liked both books a lot, just re-read them, and will probably read them again.

  • Natalija
    2019-05-09 11:48

    Sonata Appassionata is a wonderful follow up to the first book in the series. Unlike Allegro Vivace, it's written in alternating point of views of Aaron and Matt. Although at times it wasn't immediately clear whose POV I was reading from, it was incredibly beneficial to the book to see Matt's side of the story. In addition, Ms. Grant did a wonderful job depicting how fragile and insecure a new relationship can be, especially between two people with 25 year age gap. With that said, I highly recommend both books in this series to anyone looking for a well-written romance with depth and realistic character portrayal.

  • bazinga ~Lisa
    2019-04-28 12:48

    I had a problem with the ever changing POV. The story was told alternatingly by Aaron and Matt. It was not always easy to know who was speaking so I would start a paragraph thinking it was still Matt but by the end of the first sentence or so I would realize the POV had changed to Aaron as the speaker. I would have to stop adjust my thinking and re-read as the correct person. Despite this I did enjoy the story.

  • Laura
    2019-04-26 10:24

    It's always a pleasure to read books involving music. I probably heard some of them but i had no clue of song's names. when a story is this good then, I really want to look after them to listen to!! What a great story. The characters are captivating. Never thought that classical music would result in such a good story!

  • Jess Candela
    2019-05-13 06:27

    I started to get annoyed with Aaron's unrelenting and slightly irrational jealousy. I could understand it, but only up to a point. I really, really wanted to see him grow up and come to terms with it. The fact that he didn't really makes me hope there's another book in which he will, because I'd like to be able to believe in HEA for these guys.

  • Rida
    2019-05-13 08:42

    3.5 stars. I was somewhat disapointed with this book. It feels rather mundane and lacking in real passion. Also the sex scenes are rather flat.Cat Grant writes well. As a sequel to Allegro Vivace it is a continuation of Aaron and Matt's story, no more, no less. She must have put 'feelings' on hold when she was writing this book.