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A displaced American and his British boyfriend, on a hiking trip into the mountains, find that the explorations of both wilderness and relationships have much in common with the works of Kipling. A short story from our Diversity line....

Title : Kipling and Camping
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ISBN : 9180798
Format Type : Kindle Edition
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Kipling and Camping Reviews

  • Kassa
    2019-03-24 18:12

    Kipling and Camping is a really delightful short story. It’s only 7 pages and just enough to whet your interest, but the writing is clever and entertaining with good characters. I definitely was left wanting more from both the author and this couple. The set up is easy and offers quick insight into the opposite but complimentary personalities. This is another impressive short story from Untreed Reads and definitely worth the few dollars.Evan is an American living in England and is on a hike with his British outdoorsy boyfriend John. Evan is definitely not excited about camping for three days in the wild but John has a way of charming Evan out of any complaints. These two are an established couple and have a warm, endearing charm. John handles Evan’s dislike of camping well with quips, reassurance, and affection. He’s only seen through Evan’s eyes since Evan is the story’s narrator but the peek into his personality is entertaining.Evan is particularly delightful as a computer programmer that definitely is not at home camping. His comments and thoughts are likely to resonate with anyone who’s gone camping to please a significant other when camping to them is a hotel without room service. Evan is likable and yet his whining is never too much as he always remembers why he loves John from small disgruntled thoughts to their easy affection and connection.The writing is really engaging. I had some trouble at the beginning figuring out exactly who the narrator was. The voice seemed to incorporate both men’s viewpoints initially but once Evan’s thoughts became clear that confusion disappears. Also it’s nice that the characters appear genuine. They’re not outrageously gorgeous and the scene where Evan appreciates John’s affection is an especially nice touch.John wrapped his arms around Evan, rolling over to lie atop him, and he let the kiss deepen. He was tired and aching, but not that much, and especially not with the man who was in his arms. John adored him, and adored his body, and took great joy in kissing his rounded stomach, the soft love handles. He said they made Evan real, whatever that meant, and that anyway, looks were secondary to love. Which, God knew, John had so much of.There are several areas of the story I could quote but I’ll leave something for you to enjoy. I easily recommend this. It’s only 7 pages so a very quick, thoroughly enjoyable tale.

  • Edina Rose
    2019-03-03 16:51

    very cute story