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There was no Virginia belle more irresistible than ebon-haired Miranda Lawrence. Though the willful beauty had her pick of handsome beaux, she felt a wild need deep within her for the kind of man she'd never meet in polite society. Heeding the call of her destiny, Miranda stole away from her plantation home, back to the land of her mother's people. But when she found the pThere was no Virginia belle more irresistible than ebon-haired Miranda Lawrence. Though the willful beauty had her pick of handsome beaux, she felt a wild need deep within her for the kind of man she'd never meet in polite society. Heeding the call of her destiny, Miranda stole away from her plantation home, back to the land of her mother's people. But when she found the passion she sought in the arms of handsome Indian, Miranda had to make a final choice--between the life she'd left behind and the future that would giver her his love!...

Title : Savage Conquest
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Savage Conquest Reviews

  • Sharon
    2019-03-03 04:45

    Unfortunately, I didn't know this was a series when I picked up the book.1873 - Post Civil WarAlexandra, VirginiaThis book was written in 2 segments incorporating the lives of 18 year old wealthy fraternal twin southern belles, Amanda and Miranda Lawrence. Not only do their looks differ, according to the the story they could pass as identical twins inspite of the those differences. Amanda is blonde, fair, with bright blue eyes; while Miranda is chestnut, olive skinned, with tawny eyes. Personality-wise, the differences are very evident.I like that Taylor combined the girl's storys in one good sized book. She could have made 2 stories out of it, but then this was published in 1985 when books were worth spending $4.99 on. :-)So, the story opens with the girls coming to grips with the loss of their parents and are at last willing to face the task of taking care of family business.Enters the intro to other characters: Lucas Reardon, their beloved cousin and the only family they have left (but we find that isn't so later on in the 2nd segment of the story). I'll bet the next book in the series will be his. I haven't peeked to confirm my bet, but sorry ladies, I'm not laying any money on the table on this wager.Next is Weber Richardson, old school southern aristocrat, who at 34 has his sights on wedding Amanda and combining his shipping business with that of the twins. Within his devious heart he hides other benefits and pleasures he anticipates that the twins have to offer him...down the road.And then there is Reis Harrison, a mysterious stranger, who shows up one rainy night at the girl's southern estate.The 1st segment centers on all these characters, mainly focusing on Amanda's journey to her HEA, but with who? That journey is a tangled mess of secrets, lies, treachery, deception, and then some.The 2nd segment concentrates on Miranda's journey to her HEA. In her quest, she heads out to the wild, wild west of the Dakota's with her cousin Lucas, who is journeying on a writing assignment he has been commissioned to write. There she finds her grandfather, neither twin has ever met, and the warrior who steals her heart.Good writing, so now my hunt begins for the others in this series.1873Virginia to South DakotaOld SouthOld WestPost Civil WarInvestigations into War CrimesAmerican IndianLies, Secrets, Intrigue

  • Blue Falcon
    2019-03-06 02:06

    This review is of “Savage Conquest”, the 9th and final book-although the 6th published-in the “Ecstasy/Gray Eagle” series by Janelle Taylor.The Story: “Savage Conquest” begins in 1873, approximately 17 years after the previous book, “Forever Ecstasy”, ended. It is not a happy time for Miranda Lawrence, the “heroine” of the book-only the second half-and her fraternal twin Amanda, the heroine of the first half, both 18. Their parents, Joe and Marie “Morning Star” Lawrence, are presumed dead in a boating accident. (Their bodies have not been recovered.) Amanda, who is seeing fellow shipping company owner Weber Richardson, decides to take over the family business. She also later meets Reis Harrison, a man whom she is attracted to and starts to fall in love with. There are, however, issues standing in their way: Reis is not entirely truthful about why he came to Virginia, and he has a long-standing beef with Weber, who feels similarly predisposed towards Reis. Amanda and Reis become lovers and later marry surreptitiously, and Reis sets into motion a plan in which he hopes to trap Weber and expose him for what he really is. Meanwhile, Miranda and the girls’ cousin, Lucas Reardon, a newspaper writer, travel to the Dakotas: Lucas for business and Miranda to try to meet her mother’s estranged family. Miranda is saved from snakes-the two legged and reptilian kind-by a Oglala Lakota brave, Blazing Star, the hero of her part of the book. Miranda and Blazing Star become lovers, although he is reluctant to commit to her due to concerns about the future of the Oglala people.A series of challenges are faced by Amanda, Reis, Miranda and Blazing Star, but they are conquered for the most part, and the two couples get a pleasant surprise and have their Happily Ever After. Upside: Mrs. Taylor is an evocative writer, and as she usually does, she put me as a reader in her characters lives, allowing me to view them not as words on a page, but as real people. “Savage Conquest”, like all the books in the “Ecstasy/Gray Eagle series, is well-researched.Downside: I felt that Mrs. Taylor could have done a better job displaying her male characters emotions; most of the emotional depth in the book comes from Miranda and Amanda. This book was not originally intended to be part of the “Ecstasy/Gray Eagle” series and it shows, as some of the storylines to me feel a little forced to fit the story arc of the series as opposed to the originally planned standalone.Sex: Mrs. Taylor’s love scenes are known for their “purple prose”, and there’s plenty of it here. As always, Mrs. Taylor’s sex scenes are more about the emotions of the act than a description of the mechanics. Violence: Assault, attempted rape-both Miranda and Amanda-as well as human and animal murder. (Blazing Star kills a bear.)Bottom Line: “Savage Conquest” isn’t Mrs. Taylor’s best book, but it’s still pretty good.

  • Elena Mooney Graham
    2019-03-15 04:02

    Thats right, bitch, it's the new me. This book is AWESOME. its the story of twin sisters, identical in everyway except one is blonde and one brunette. One hates a guy then LOVES him and then the other hates a guy and then LOVES him. One of them gets it on with an indian guy... well kinda indian he has all these white ancestors, and it turns out SHES half indian too. Talk about a mind-fuck!! You can enjoy it because they are only partially dirty red-skin. We can be comfortable- indian enough to make it FUNKY but white enough that they wont scalp you and nail your tresses to a tree.Its the feeling you get with Obama.Best book ever, my caucazuns

  • April Brookshire
    2019-03-13 08:09

    Book 9 and the last book in the Gray Eagle series. Book 3 is my favorite book in the series and this one is now my second favorite. The book features the great granddaughters of Gray Eagle, who are the granddaughters of Sun Cloud and the half-breed daughters of Joe Lawrence and Morning Star in book 8. This book has two relationships/romances. Amanda, the blonde twin, meets and falls in love with Reis, a secret agent for President Grant. Miranda, the dark twin, meets and falls in love with Blazing Star, an Oglala Indian warrior from her mother's tribe. What I like about both romances is the love at first sight factor. Multiple villains in the book, both in Virginia and in the Dakota Territory later on, add frequent doses of drama and mild excitement. My only real complaint with the story is the lack of definite ending/future for the two couples. A epilogue would have been nice, with a five or whatever years later type of deal.

  • Owusua Adwoa Ayeh
    2019-03-09 03:01

    Love can never be endless more.

  • Lisa
    2019-03-04 01:51

    I have read the whole series... and I love the twin girls in here .... this novel just flows I couldnt put it down...: )