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Brain Haycock was a cabdriver--who happened to be a Buddhist. During the course of his career as a cabdriver, he learned that each fare provided an opportunity to learn the life lessons of the Buddha. So, hop in and buckle up; we'll be making several stops on this trip. We're off on our journey to self-discovery, passing through the precepts, the four noble truths, takingBrain Haycock was a cabdriver--who happened to be a Buddhist. During the course of his career as a cabdriver, he learned that each fare provided an opportunity to learn the life lessons of the Buddha. So, hop in and buckle up; we'll be making several stops on this trip. We're off on our journey to self-discovery, passing through the precepts, the four noble truths, taking a hard left to stop and get coffee--where we'll learn a few breathing techniques to bolster our patience--all the while watching for ambulances and bikers, focusing our attention and awareness so that we can arrive at our destination in good time and in one piece. Here are stories from everyday life that demonstrate how we can all benefit from a little Buddhist philosophy or practice. With each chapter focusing on a specific topic, readers will learn to coast their way to building a life routine, focusing the mind, calming themselves with breathing exercises, and much much more....

Title : Dharma Road: A Short Cab Ride to Self-Discovery
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ISBN : 9781571746351
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 256 Pages
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Dharma Road: A Short Cab Ride to Self-Discovery Reviews

  • Wit
    2019-02-18 07:40

    This is a great book for real, practical lessons in Zen philosophy and teachings. Whether you're a daily Zen practitioner, a novice or just a dabbler Brian Haycock, a Zen taxi cab driver, delivers you at a place well on your way to understanding Zen Buddhism. I particularly like how he couches each chapters lesson on a particular practice of Zen in very relatable stories. Although they are told from his perspective as a Austin, Texas cab driver they could easily relate to any one of us in whatever job or lifestyle we have. Whether you're heavily into Buddhism or Dharma (the teachings of Buddhism) or you're just looking for a little something different Dharma Road is well worth hailing this cab and taking the ride. Life is an amazing detour and you'll be surprised what you can discover along the way if you use a little Zen now and then.

  • Alex Ehrler
    2019-03-01 07:56

    Got halfway through and just felt, oh, I don't know, I just didn't feel like reading this kind of book right now. Winter's coming and I'm feeling like I need a good sci-fi/fantasy/adventure read to pull me through 'til Christmas, if that makes any sense at all. But, worry not! There is no book that will be left unfinished! I'll get back to Mr. Haycock's treatise on Zen in the real world, another day!

  • Sean
    2019-03-14 05:35

    I picked up this book sometime earlier this year after borrowing it from the library and only getting through the first few chapters. The length of time it took me to read Dharma Road is not a fault of the books, but rather my own inability to stick to a book that isn't written by a sci-fi or fantasy author for more than 3 days at a time. But I'm actually really glad I dragged this book out for so long.In many ways this book reminds me of The Tao of Pooh. The book is extremely readable and the author strikes an easy-going, conversational tone throughout - impressive because of the breadth of content he covers in such a relatively short amount of time. The short chapters are focused, interesting, but above all engaging. I feel like Haycock succeeds thoroughly in illuminating Zen principles through the unlikely lens of a cabdriver, and I very much enjoyed being taken along on the ride.I initially was drawn to this book after reading Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs and wanting to know more about what Zen was. I walk away from this book completely satiated in that goal and find myself wanting to still explore more.

  • Eric
    2019-02-21 02:39

    I love these kind of books. More day to day life rather than theoretical. More stories than facts. It is a good easy read but it does peter out a bit in the end. Still well worth the time.

  • Tom
    2019-03-14 05:52

    This is a fun light read that affirms life and the daily effort to be your own path. In this case Brain Haycock is a cabbie observing life and doing his best as a human being.

  • Julie
    2019-03-12 03:56

    I liked this book. I did, then I didn't then I did. It wasn't what I expected but I adjusted my expectations and I enjoyed it. And quite frankly, I may have learned something, but more so, to me, I went with for the ride so to speak. I'm just a girl, trying to find my way through this world, trying to stay on the upside of emotions, trying to leave the past behind and appreciating today. I feel like Brian took me on this ride with him, showing me the sights of where peace can be found, but ultimately it's up to me to take what I've learned and apply it. If Brian became a cab driver again and decided to do a Dharma Road (Part Two), I'd read it. I'd be interested in what he's learned and applied and if our Spiritual Awakening is aligned. Namaste

  • J G
    2019-03-11 06:55

    I found this book at the downtown library in Austin. I was just looking for a basic book about zen with out a monk on the cover. I took it home and quickly found out that it's about a cab driver in Austin. It really hit home for me. I know all the streets and landmarks the author refers to. It's an easy read and over all just a great book about zen and the art of driving a cab. If your from Austin and interested in zen this would be an excellent book .

  • Susan
    2019-03-08 05:41

    I totally have a literary crush on Brian Haycock! Dharma Road is bascially a short book on the basics of Buddhism through the eyes of a cab driver. I really enjoyed Mr. Haycock's sense of humor & how broke the teachings of Buddha down in a consise, clear form. I hope to read more books written by him. And if he ever goes back to cab driving, I hope to catch a ride with him.

  • Rich
    2019-02-23 03:33

    So good. Only wish I'd discovered this nearer the beginning of my practice. Straight-talking, simple, refreshingly honest, witty, very human, open-minded, never pompous or succumbing to self-indulgent mystification like too many zen books out there. If you're new to this buddhism thing or some way along and feeling a little nostalgic for your beginner-mind this is the one for you.

  • Jessica
    2019-02-20 23:34

    I loved this book! I was searching for an "everyday" Buddhism/Zen sort of book. No meditating monks or big Sanskrit words. This book most definitely delivered and kept it extremely simple. Yay for Mr. Haycock for making us all think we could achieve enlightenment :)

  • Jeremy Hermann
    2019-03-10 02:53

    This book was introduced to me by my brother. Haycock does an excellent job at giving a beginners guide to zen. Haycock emphasizes the attainment of enlightenment and personal expression within a modern society.

  • Aaron Simon
    2019-02-18 05:43

    An easy start to reading about Buddhism. Nothing too deep and nothing too mind blowing, but a few good passages make the book a solid read. It is what it professes to be, a "short ride to self discovery." Recommended to me by a coworker, and glad I read it.

  • Lindsay
    2019-02-25 06:33

    Wonderfully down to earth overview of Buddhism as it manifests in real life situations. I'm glad I read this book.

  • Penny
    2019-03-02 00:54

    A basic book on Buddhism written by the author who is also a cab driver. Her draws parallels between the two subjects. entertaining.

  • Cristina Garcia
    2019-03-17 01:49

    I absolutely loved this book. It was easy to read, very insightful and overall helpful to beginners like myself. Charming and worthwhile I recommend it to all who are interested.

  • Will
    2019-02-24 04:41

    A good place to start.

  • Pam Allen
    2019-03-07 04:28

    I stopped reading it...

  • Ric Underhile
    2019-02-18 07:38

    Great and practical book either for well-read Buddhists or those merely seeking an introduction to Eastern philosophy.

  • David
    2019-02-22 00:55

    Better than I anticipated. Simple and straight-forward.

  • Gregory
    2019-03-09 05:38

    Easily digested, introductory book on Buddhism told in the friendly style of a former Austin cab driver. If you are interested in spirituality I'd recommend it.

  • Madhusree
    2019-03-10 00:54

    Loved the book-if a cabbie can practice lovingkindness meditation,then surely,I can.

  • Serenity
    2019-02-18 07:44

    The cab driver in this book guides you on a spiritual path. If you want to learn about Buddhism or Zen in laymen term, then I recommend you to read this book.

  • J W
    2019-02-27 02:46

    Good for the novice zen want to be in all of us. Learn the basics in a very practical dialog. Very easy read.

  • A
    2019-03-03 06:31

    I literally read this in 10 hours last weekend and thought it a wonderful rendering of the basics. I enjoyed every minute--no suffering here.

  • Jason Songhurst
    2019-03-16 01:44

    good book, nice insights in to cab driving. made me miss my cab driving days. )))

  • Jeff Loquist
    2019-02-27 23:34

    An excellent ride through the difficulties of zen practice in the real world.

  • Jonathan
    2019-03-01 01:51

    A very accessible introduction to Buddhism through the wanderings of an Austin Texas taxi driver. Easy read and appealing.

  • Sylvia Saunders
    2019-03-05 04:33

    I just loved this book, so much so I am about to start reading it again

  • Joe
    2019-03-02 07:50

    Excellent introduction to Zen, a little sparse on actual Buddhist history but it makes up for this by being by far the easiest introduction I've ever come across. Dope ish.

  • Mindy Ellis
    2019-03-10 04:28

    A great practical introduction to Zen. Easy read with easy to understand anecdotes.