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Décembre 1944 La bataille des Ardennes fait rage depuis plusieurs jours. Dans une forêt figée par la neige et le gel, d’ultimes détonations parviennent encore aux oreilles d’un GI Airborne abattu dans la neige. Face à lui, deux enfants impuissants tentent de l’empêcher de mourir. Mais dans son dos, une tache de sang s’agrandit inexorablement…...

Title : Airborne 44: Là où tombent les hommes
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ISBN : 9782203013728
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 48 Pages
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Airborne 44: Là où tombent les hommes Reviews

  • Marquise
    2019-05-01 13:09

    The Battle of the Ardennes, the last desperate counter-offensive by a Germany on the verge of defeat is raging on during the very cold winter of '44, and a small detachment of American paratroopers from one of the much-beaten US airborne divisions that have lost touch with their main unit are making their way as best they can through the forests, hungry, tired, and with one of theirs wounded.Their leader, Luther Yepsen, of German ancestry himself, fortuitously comes across an enemy soldier in the woods, and to his surprise the German doesn't kill him but stares at him silently, laughs and leaves without a shot. This odd meeting will be of much significance ahead, when it's revealed who that man was, but right afterwards all that Yepsen can think of is to find shelter and food, for themselves and for two children they rescue from the cold; Jewish children that'd been hiding in the countryside until the adults caring for them died and hunger made them leave their empty farm. Together, this ragtag bunch arrives to an isolated farm inhabited by a lone woman who accepts to shelter them, feed them and cure their scratches. Resting there, feelings develop between the woman and Yepsen as well as the children becoming very attached to her, deprived of a mother as they are.But the war arrives to the farm soon again, when the mysterious Wehrmacht soldier that had refused to kill the American reappears, and in his wake an unit of SS men led by a SS-Untersturmführer also arrives, intent on recovering something that Yepsen had hitherto ignored existed, and they have to continue the fight once more.The art was very nicely done, with excellent colouring and appropriate atmosphere. The artist is especially good at drawing snow and snowy landscapes. And the accuracy in equipment, ranks, timeline and overall background historical details is correct as well, for which the author should thank the historical consultant who wrote the preface. Where it was weak, in my opinion, was in the emotional aspect and the flow of the storytelling. It lacked the ability to grab the readers (all right, this reader, yours truly) by the neck and submerge them into the time and place, to make them "feel" and experience the story empathetically. And right at the end, the immersion is completely lost when they opt for the "old veteran visiting a graveyard" trope like in Saving Private Ryan. As there was no previous indication that this story was anyone's memories and there's no identifiable narrator, that was a bit bothersome to me.Aside that, it's a moderately enjoyable read.

    2019-05-10 15:06

    Ist noch Luft nach Oben...