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Over 250 medications that can be used to treat CFS/ME, fibromyalgia and related conditions....

Title : Reviving the Broken Marionette: Treatments for Cfs/Me and Fibromyalgia
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ISBN : 9781409203353
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 348 Pages
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Reviving the Broken Marionette: Treatments for Cfs/Me and Fibromyalgia Reviews

  • Lena
    2018-08-23 20:28

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia are poorly understood diseases whose cause remains unknown. Because of this, many patients who turn to doctors for help come away empty-handed. Maija Haavisto was one such patient; it took her years to just get a diagnosis, and once she had it, her doctors had nothing to offer. In studying her disease, however, Haavisto learned that quite a bit of preliminary research has been done on treatments for CFS/ME and FM over the last three decades. While none of this research has resulted in sure-fire cures, many studies have pointed to treatments using existing pharmaceutical drugs that offered enormous help to patients, sometimes improving their conditions but at a minimum helping manage their symptoms. Haavisto's book is an extremely comprehensive listing of over 250 of these drugs that have been either examined in preliminary testing or used by CFS specialists in the treatment of their patients. It is primarily a reference book; each section considers a class of drugs, beginning with an overview of the class and continuing with a discussion of each individual drug within it, its documented use in CFS/ME or FM and which sub-sets of patients it might help, what side-effects might be an issue, the drug's availability and price. Some of these drugs are very effective at treating common symptoms such as insomnia, inflammation, infections, endocrine deficiencies or orthostatic intolerance, while others are being used in an off-label way to address things like immune deficiencies or brain fog. Because the majority of the research consists of small, preliminary studies, however, not all results are consistent, but Haavisto does an excellent job of pointing out conflicts where they exist and citing study references so readers can examine the quality of the research for themselves.Because this book was released pre-XMRV in 2008, there is no discussion of the preliminary anti-retorviral work currently being explored in the CFS treatment community. In addition, though the book contains a medical glossary in the back, a number of key terms were not included, leaving me frequently turning to the Internet for definitions. Those issues aside, this book is an extremely valuable reference for anyone dealing with CFS/ME or FM. It provides many options for patients and highlights the fact that different drugs within the same class can have widely different effects on patients, so the fact that a patient did poorly on one drug does not mean that another in the class won't help. Haavisto is "convinced there is plenty we can to do help our doctors help us better," and she has made a very compelling case for that with this book.

  • Johan
    2018-09-06 21:33

    The amount of information on the internet is overwhelming for any given topic. Where to start? How to make sense of it all? Well, for treatments for ME/CFS and FM you could read start by reading this book.Will write a more in depth review in the following days.