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決勝リーグ進出をかけ、緑間を擁する秀徳に挑んだ誠凛。火神のおかげで勢いにのるが、勝負の行方は!? そして、戦いを終えた誠凛バスケ部の前に、黒子の中学時代の仲間が現れた。黒子の知られざる過去とは!?...

Title : 黒子のバスケ 5 [Kuroko no Basuke 5]
Author :
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ISBN : 9784088747897
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 200 Pages
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黒子のバスケ 5 [Kuroko no Basuke 5] Reviews

  • Abeer Albossany
    2018-09-15 21:47

    To take all these chapters to tell one much and still hasn't finished is a bit frustrating.

  • Anna
    2018-09-19 20:54

    I think the only thing that might put me off this series is its uncanny ability of always ending with a major cliffhanger. For example, the last volume had the match between Seirin and Shuutoku, and you want to guess where it ended? That's right, only three seconds left from the end of the game! If that's not the worst sort of cliffhanger you can think of than I don't know what is!Anyway, I loved the story between Kuroko and Aomine, it's actually kind of sweet and sad at the same time. And I so love seeing Kagami jealous, makes his red eyes pop (what is it with the hair color - eye color coordination anyway?).

  • Mikaela
    2018-09-14 01:58

    Woooooh! Oh shiiiittt! That was awesome. O_O wow! Nice one! Kurokoooooo ♡ The 3rd member of the "Generation of Miracles" has appeared. Aomine-kun.Lol that pencil! XD i wonder if i have one of those, i'll be able to get good scores in exams. Haha oh my! Momoi-chan dropped by Seirin's pool practice and Kagami and Aomine met just before their game. Hmm..Omg! What a cute bear food art on Sakurai's lunchbox ♡ haha so the game will start without Aomine-kun. Touou is still a strong oppenent even without their star player.

  • Sandra
    2018-09-12 23:54

    My feelings are a complete mess right now. I love how Kuroko and Kagami's relationship went from -'What the hell are you doing at my table?!'-'I was sitting here first.'to 'We'll defeat him if we work together.' and fist-bumping. Also this made my heart cry out and laugh at the very same time:

  • Bookaholic Mhaanster
    2018-09-10 02:00

    Title: Kuroko no BasukeAuthor: Tadatoshi FujimakiVolume(s): 30Chapter(s): 275Genre: Status: Language: EnglishRead in: manga app All I can say is this one is much better than slamdunk even I'm also a fan of the latter and rukawa :3 droolssss I just love the Generation of Miracles, Takao, Kuroko and Tatsuya :3

  • Katia
    2018-08-20 18:00

    Shin-chan y Takao son de los mejores personajes que tiene Kuroko no Basuke.KAGAMIDIOTA.El lápiz de Shin-chan, que loco me encanto.Momoi-san, la novia de Tetsu-kun *morí*Aomine y Kuroko me rompen el corazón.

  • Brielle
    2018-09-04 19:02

    This is super trashy, but!!!Aomine Daiki is really good-looking. Like that skin. Please.

  • Doroty Ellis
    2018-08-22 23:10

  • Elena
    2018-09-11 01:51

    I just love KnB!!! It's amazing how these guys never give up (even when things seem hopeless) it remembers me to always fight for the things I love.

  • Debb Nitram
    2018-09-10 22:10

    Midorin is so cute <3

  • Ashley Chen
    2018-08-20 19:56

    Seirin just amazes me. :3 I can't wait to meet more players <3 OTPs are flying in~

  • Sophie
    2018-09-12 01:08

    Enter Imayoshi, one of the few characters I don't ship with anyone except myself *coughs*. I am a sucker for Kansaiben.

  • Apple12350
    2018-08-24 23:09

    Don't worry Kuroko you'll grow taller sooner or later!

  • ArkadiuszFrankowski
    2018-09-12 02:11

    I really enjoy reading this basketball manga. Great match storylines. A lot of strong opponents with good background.

  • Almendra Ortega Allca
    2018-08-31 21:10

    Quien hubiera pensado que Kuroko iba a ser amigo de aomine . Denme más de su pasado TT_TT

  • Hana Bilqisthi
    2018-09-16 01:13

    komik ini adalah kado dari keponakanku, QQ:D makasih QQ :Dbuku ini kocak banget XD cowok itu makhluk yang simple ya?