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He's always been a player.Dashing Lord Harry Traemore is perfectly content to live out his days in the pursuit of pleasure. But when he's named by the Prince Regent as one of society's "Impossible Bachelors," Harry is drafted into a ribald romantic wager. The rules of engagement are scandalously simple: The bachelor whose mistress wins the title of "Most Delectable CompaniHe's always been a player.Dashing Lord Harry Traemore is perfectly content to live out his days in the pursuit of pleasure. But when he's named by the Prince Regent as one of society's "Impossible Bachelors," Harry is drafted into a ribald romantic wager. The rules of engagement are scandalously simple: The bachelor whose mistress wins the title of "Most Delectable Companion" gets to remain unmarried. Harry is utterly unconcerned about his status...until his latest lightskirt abandons him. Who will win this game of love?Enter Lady Molly Fairbanks. Harry's childhood friend—actually, "foe" is more like it—is the most unlikely companion of all. She's attractive but hot-headed, and in no mood for games. Besides, what could the self-indulgent Harry possibly know about what makes a woman delectable? It's time for Molly to teach him a lesson once and for all...but will it lead to "happily ever after"?...

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When Harry Met Molly Reviews

  • Rane
    2018-11-12 20:35

    Funny. Cute. Fast-Paced. I could on …but I wont. This is how When Harry Met Molly turned out to be. Not one to buy a book without first checking it out, I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this fun romp of a book. Lord Harry Traemore is a happy bachelor, content to play the bachelor in pursuit of pleasure. That is until him and his friends are named by the Prince Regent as Impossible Bachelors and forced into a crazy wager. The bachelor with the best mistress whom wins Most Delectable Companion gets a free year of unmarried bliss, and Harry isn’t worried on bit, he’s got this wager in the bag..that is until his mistress takes off with another leaving him without a mistress, stuck with his foe and if he doesn’t get one soon, forfeits the wager and must marry ASAP!Harry’s “foe” Lady Molly Fairbanks is hot-headed, a total romantic and is running away from home to get married to her father’s assistant. She’s tried of being a caged bird, after a Christmas poem when she was a child, proclaiming her love for Harry’s older brother, her seeing her sister and Harry kiss..well gets Harry and Molly in some hot water. But that was years ago and she wants to taste freedom, that is until Harry and his mistress shows up, and her “beloved” runs off with Harry’s mistress leaving her stuck with Harry and his wager. So when Harry strikes up his own wager with Molly that if she plays his fake mistress and wins the wager, he’ll help her find her the very best husband. It sounds like a great plan that is until both start fighting off a sudden attraction between the two, fighting off a villainous Sir Richard, and making friends with other mistress. This wager leads Harry and Molly to something they didn’t think would happen, them falling in love with each other! This book was a total farce, and that being said readers “Suspend Your Disbelief at the Door”cause some of the antics that happen in this book will having you laughing like with Molly taking up a dare by the other mistress to go streaking in front of the house, to a few eye rolling moments. This book is not one to take seriously it’s just a good old funny comedy HR. The characters are likeable with both craving the freedom their family denied them after a dumb but small incident. Harry isn’t what he appears to be, and through the week starts to open his eyes about things in his life he’s done. Molly is a romantic, and wants to be free to live her life and not be treated like she’s still a child by her father. These two do some growing up through the week finding who they truly are but, if you’re looking for more depth, you’re not going to find it. It’s not that the characters are shallow, their pretty normal and loveable, book is very much driven by the antics that both Molly and Harry get themselves into, and not by them so they doesn’t leave a lot of character growth or development. The romance between the two is funny and sexy and the story is fast-paced once you get into the book. The secondary characters that shine the most are the other mistresses, while the rest of Impossible Bachelors are pretty much shadowed in the background, with more about them later on in the books? The author did a great job of making it non-gross with the Bachelors and Mistresses, it felt more like a party with friends then some big sex orgy party.This may not be for all readers, but if your looking for a good laugh by a debut author, and fun romantic comedy- look no further then When Harry Met Molly

  • Tammy Walton Grant
    2018-11-22 17:24

    Oh, I am so done with this book. I could, I suppose, force myself to read it then write a long snarky rant about how much I hate books like this, but that's hardly fair. It's like shooting fish in a barrel and kinda mean-spirited. Or like pulling on a hangnail then complaining about it hurting.I think Kieran Kramer is probably a good writer. (I won't even get started on the titles; that's a rant for another day.) The little bit I did read seemed to be well-written. It started off quite well: you meet the heroine just as she has caused her sister's fiance and his brother to come to blows over a poem she has written; she is shipped off to boarding school and the brother off to the Navy. Years later they still hate each other. But then this happens: Harry and three of his bachelor buddies are flaked out in the games room of their gentlemen's club bemoaning the soon-to-be-married state of one of them. Then, voila, the fireplace shoves aside to reveal a secret passage and out comes a fat guy in an expensive outfit with a chippy on his arm. He starts to speak and they realize it is the Prince Regent himself! Drunk, of course. He does this speech about bachelorhood and makes a royal decree declaring the annual Impossible Bachelors wager, and the winner shall be granted an entire year of freedom from the trials and tribulations of marriage. One of the "Impossible Bachelors" is an Admiral in his Navy so he reassigns him (oh, FFS!!) to make sure he is present for the wager, and makes a further decree that those who cross the Prince Regent in his wish to see at least one of his bachelor subjects free from shameless pursuit shall forever be given the cut direct by His Royal Highness and his loyal subjects. That was enough for me. I can suspend my disbelief as much as the next girl, but I just couldn't do it with this one.Normally I love historical romances. I love the clothing, the way they speak, the beautiful homes, the pretty manners. I love it when a book I am reading immerses me in the history (without clubbing me over the head with it) so that I feel like I am right there. I like to learn about history while I am reading - whether it is about details of what it was like to live in 1814 or about the state of politicial relations with France. I like many different types of historical romances: I like the sweeping, grand sagas, the compelling, darker stories, the whimsical fairy-tale like stories, and the occasional frothy romp. I'll read about almost any historical period, although I seem to be partial to Georgian. I sometimes like books that make me laugh out loud while reading them, other times just the pleasure gained from just loving the way a story is being told is enough. What I DON'T like is this: when you take an existing historical figure and insert them into the story for no reason other than to advance a premise THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. Or at least I don't believe it could have happened. And I didn't. Not in the slightest. My reaction, IIRC, was a quite unladylike snort. I don't know tons about the Regency period other than it seems to have been similar to the 80s (excess and ridiculousness by the upper class) and that "Prinny" was quite the piece of work. But I found it impossible to believe that scene, and it sets up the entire series.So having said all of that I'm returning it to library. And making myself promise that I will not, however much I am tempted by the giggling, glowing reviews on GR, pick up one of these books again.**This book ranks a 4/5 on the Teeth Grind-o-Meter.

  • Juliana Philippa
    2018-11-24 01:39

    Light and fun debut romance, but had a mixed reaction (3.5 stars)I've been looking forward to this book, as it's been a somewhat uneven year (for me) for romance new releasees and it's always exciting to have a new writer on the scene. Unfortunately, I have to say my feelings are somewhat mixed on this one. I will definitely be picking up her next book - and depending on the summary, may again buy it on the release day - however I really wish a few changes had been made to WHEN HARRY MET MOLLY. THE PREMISEFirst, I must start-off by saying that the premise is absolutely ridiculous. I really don't care about that when it comes to historical romances: pirates, frequent cases of amnesia, long lost daughters and sons, heretofore unknown titles and fortunes - doesn't matter to me. If I want reality, I'll pick up my non-fiction books or the newspaper. However, I know that some readers will be put off by this and so I wanted to say that upfront. (Personally, I could have done without the Prinny component - don't really like when authors bring in real-life historical people). THE GOODMost of the book (aside from the beginning and ending - see below) was very enjoyable. I liked Harry (29) and Molly (21) and I think the evolution of their relationship was fun to watch. You can tell from the beginning that they dislike one another and while they started to change their opinions and became aware of one another's physical attractions a little too early for me, it still felt authentic and believable. The chemistry between them was good (very sizzling tent scene), though I thought most of the romance scenes seemed a little rushed and glazed-over. Harry and Molly were sweet together, funny, and seemed to really "get" one another. I loved the idea of them being the "misfits" in their families - and thus fitting together perfectly - and actually thought more could have been done with this. They did have some serious talks about their families, their roles, etc., but I think this could have been further developed, thereby adding even more depth to their relationship. The families themselves remain an unknown even at the end really, as we're just barely introduced to them. I thought this was odd, since so much about these characters, their lives, and the plot, is defined by their family members. I *very much* appreciated the fact that Molly remained Molly. So many times in romances, the used-to-be-different heroine is thrown into a situation in which she, surprise surprise, all of a sudden becomes a sensual goddess and oh how can the hero resist?! That did not happen here and I found myself rooting for Molly and cheering her on every time she told someone what she actually thought or won someone over by just being herself. I also liked that the other mistresses were actual three-dimensional characters (for the most part ... Hildur?!). At the beginning, I thought they were going to be flat, boring, and the typical catty witches that we see all too often in these books. Surprisingly enough, they all had distinct personalities and ended up really adding to the story. THE BADThe men, in comparison to their mistresses, were somewhat lackluster - surprising, since this is a series of four books, so one can assume the three friends will be the heroes in the other stories. The "bad guy" was kind of all over the place and somewhat confusing - he's mean, yet maybe he's not, yet he really is ...? I didn't understand the point of his back story and thought it just made his role in the plot - other than providing menace and bringing everything to a head - unclear to me. The book started off on a mediocre note. I liked the characters, have a fondness for enemies-turned-lovers books, and prefer stories where the hero and heroine have known each other for awhile, as it makes the romance more believable for me. However, certain passages and exchanges felt very forced. It was like the book was trying to be of the historical romance genre, instead of actually just being one ... don't know if that makes sense, but best way I know how to explain it. As previously said, the story improved and the majority of it was actually entertaining, enjoyable, fun, and light. ... Then the ending ruined everything. Seriously! It wasn't the last chapter, but right before that when you have the climax and everything is resolved. Honestly, every plot line and their grandmother were brought out, paraded around, and dealt with. At a huge ball, no less. In front of everyone. All speaking in very loud voices. Across a huuuuuge ballroom. (Why would it NOT occur to some of those characters that whatever was going to be said should be said in private??) It honestly was ridiculous and really brought the book down for me. It just made the whole thing seem like a farce, stretched the resolutions out way too long, made me feel like I was at a tennis match, and was very unnecessary. TO CONCLUDEIs it worth a read? Yes. How you get it - through the library or bookstore - is your call. Kramer has talent and I'm looking forward to her next book - I just can't get the ending out of my head!!! (P.S. That Harry would make Molly go into the "kissing closet" with one of the other men for three minutes on that first night, knowing that she's never really been kissed, *bugged* me a lot! Note: She uses her wits to get out of the kissing, but still!)IMPOSSIBLE BACHELORSBook 1 - WHEN HARRY MET MOLLY Book 2 - Dukes to the Left of Me, Princes to the RightBook 3 - Cloudy With A Chance Of Marriage Book 4 - ? RECOMMENDATIONSIf you like the enemies-to-friends historical romances, check out the following books ... (1) Tempting Fate (Providence Series, Book 2) by Alissa Johnson - 4.5 stars (2) A Woman of Virtue (Lorimer Family, Book 1) by Liz Carlyle - 5 stars (3) The Rake (Lessons in Love, Book 1) by Suzanne Enoch - 4 stars (4) The Matchmaker (Maker Series, Book 1) by Rexanne Becnel - 5 stars (5) His Wicked Ways by Samantha James - 5 stars (6) A Notorious Love (Swanlea Spinsters, Book 2) by Sabrina Jeffries - 4 stars Contemporaries ... (1) Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James - 4.5 stars (2) Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie - 5 stars

  • Olga
    2018-12-13 23:26

    Libro divertido desde el principio, la historia original y los personajes divertidos y opuestos lo que da mucho juego al lector... Estare encantada de leerme mas libro de esta autora;)))

  • Penny Watson
    2018-11-18 21:37

    When Harry Met Molly by Kieran KramerFor some reason, I had the mistaken impression that this book was a screwball comedy-style historical. Funny, snappy banter between the hero and heroine, etc. Some folks loved it, some found the characters irritating. Anyhoo, this was not what I was expecting. I started to read, and was waiting for it to get funny....waiting...still waiting. Finally I realized it was definitely NOT a screwball comedy. It was actually a sweet and very charming wallpaper historical romance.(I don't actually think folks used the word "amazing" quite so frequently in 19th century England. But I could be wrong).I like wallpaper historicals. I'm not one of those readers who requires copious amounts of back-breaking research for my historical romances. I'm also pretty laid back about plot problems. I do, however, expect a lot from the characters. Here's my take on this book....1. The premise for the story was utterly ridiculous. There is no way in holy hell a gently reared lady would agree to pose as a courtesan for a week-long house party. No. Freakin. Way. Also, unless the hero was a real cad, he would not knowingly put her into a potentially disastrous situation like this. (I was especially uncomfortable with the "kissing closet"....Harry assured Molly the extent of her acting responsibilities would be kissing him in front of the others, and within several hours of arriving at the party she was forced into a dark closet with a stranger for three minutes. Harry wasn't really looking like hero material at this point in the game). Even though I am pretty damned easy about letting dumb stuff go in my romance novels, I had a bit of problem with this. But, I let it go. (Cause I'm easy).2. In spite of #1, the beginning of the book was still very engaging. I couldn't stop reading it. There is a real charm to the story, and the heroine in particular is wonderful.3. I LOVED LOVED LOVED how Molly won over the other mistresses. In fact, I found this part of the story more engaging than the romance. Kramer did a superb job with this storyline. The transformation of the haughty, isolated mistresses into a band of friends was simply wonderful.4. So, here's my big problem. This book wasn't a comedy. It was plodding along nicely, with some sexy scenes and excellent female bonding, and then we hit the big kahuna-ballroom climax. If this book had been a comedy, then the farcical climatic scene at the ballroom probably would have worked. I personally love farce. Emily Bryan has a great farcical scene in A Christmas Ball, and Julia Quinn is also a master at this. However, this book wasn't a comedy and this scene was simply preposterous. (But not in a good way). The villain turns up. His long-lost sister turns up. Molly's father is there. Harry's father is there, who has been supporting the villain's sister who didn't really have an affair with Harry but actually was almost attacked by French soldiers, but her husband didn't believe her and divorced her and she was penniless and taken in by Harry's father, who actually realized he was a hero but never told him he knew, etc etc etc etc, and then the mistress who eloped with Molly's would-be husband showed up, and the would-be husband showed up, and then Harry proposed to some other chick, who turned out to be in love with some other dude, and then the villain says that Harry's brother has to fight a duel with Harry, and then.....oh, never mind. I'm exhausted. I'm gonna stop now. You get the picture. Everybody but the butler turns up in this scene, and it's nutso. Molly and Harry's relationship grew in a slow and steady way. I would have liked a sweet moment between them as a resolution to the conflict instead of the farce-that-didn't-work.5. Then, finally, we get the epilogue. After waiting patiently through the entire book for the hero and heroine to "hit a homer" "go all the way" "get down to business" "play hide the salami" etc etc etc, they finally do it. In the kitchen. During their wedding. O-kay. Miss Easy-Peasy Penelope who pretty much lets everything go finally hit the wall. My willing-suspension-of-disbelief had been tapped out already.6. Concluding Remarks: Kramer is an excellent writer. This book was at times charming and lovely. The characters were, for the most part, very well done. I will definitely be reading more by this author. But even a wallpaper historical can jump the shark.Grade: B/B-Penelope

  • Katie(babs)
    2018-11-17 21:45

    Kieran Kramer is now officially my favorite new historical romance author. I had so much fun reading When Harry Met Molly, even though half the things that occur in the book are not at all believable. With that being said, I didn’t care. Kieran has a great historical romance voice with enough laughs and quirky cuteness that one other historical author comes to mind, which is Julia Quinn. Keiran could possibly be the new Julia Quinn, and if her next two books are anything like this one, she’ll have me as a fan for life.The epilogue is beyond funny. Thirteen year old Molly Fairbanks is the daughter of the widowed Earl of Sutton. She is crazy in love with the Duke of Mallan’s older son Roderick, who is likely to marry her older sister Penelope. But Molly catches Penelope kissing Harry, Roderick’s younger brother. In this case, what should Molly do? Why, write a poem, changing everyone’s name just to be safe about what she witnessed and recite it in front of all the guests at the Duke’s Christmas ball. Molly thinks she’ll be a big hit and Roderick will fall in love with her. But things don’t go the way Molly has planned and Roderick and Harry come to blows, Molly will be sent away to the Providence School for Wayward Girls, and Harry will be forced into the army. Harry blames Molly, and Molly blames Harry for being banished. Eight years later, Harry and his bachelor compatriots in arms are saddened by one of their friends who has become a victim of the marriage noose. The Prince Regent pops out from a secret passage in the wall at the club they are at, and decides on a game for the single men there. Harry, as well as his bachelor friends, will hold a contest where their mistresses will try to win the Most Delectable Companion Contest. The bachelor whose mistress wins the title will give the bachelor another year of marriage freedom. The loser will have to propose marriage within two months to a woman of the other bachelors’ choosing. Harry isn’t happy because he enjoys being a bachelor. And if he loses, he’ll end up marrying a very dull and unexcitable woman. There’s nothing he can do to get out of this, and will do whatever he can to make sure he wins.Molly is going to elope with Cedric Alliston, her father’s ho-hum assistant. They have stopped at an inn for a bite to eat before they go to Gretna Green. Mollly has never had her season in London and has remained in Kent with her father. At twenty-one, Molly despises her life and wishes she has what her sister Penelope has with a loving husband and four children, with another one of the way. Cedric isn’t a catch by any means, but he’ll have to do because she will then be free to have adventures and enjoy everything that was taken away from her at thirteen because of Harry Traemore. But then her past comes back to haunt her when Harry arrives at the same inn she’s at with his mistress. And Molly becomes stranded when Cedric runs off with Harry’s mistress. Now Harry doesn’t have a mistress for the Most Delectable Companion Contest, unless he uses Molly. He makes a bargain with Molly that if she pretends to be his mistress and does her best to win the contest, he’ll help her find a husband in London. Molly agrees, and off they go for a week together. Harry expects Molly to be biddable and play the tart so she can compete with the other tart like mistresses. Molly is not necessarily the biddable type, and the women she is introduced to treat her with disdain and more like an enemy than a friendly adversary. She’s really a fish out of water and even when Harry gives her kissing lessons, she still can’t compete with the likes of these very scandalous ladies. Why Molly can’t even wear a fischu to cover her bosom and must wear shocking gowns. And when she expected to be in the kissing closet with another man other than Harry, (think seven minutes in heaven) she’s like to succumb to the vapors. But she wants to prove Harry wrong and win for she can be the best pretend mistress ever. Molly has some interesting plans up her hem, so to speak, and soon she not only has made friends with all the mistresses, but she may have a good chance in winning the contest and Harry’s heart.When Harry Met Molly is cute, adorable and everything in between. Molly has this endearing sweetness that isn’t too grating. She’s a plucky and a very intelligent woman who not only has the brains but the book smarts. Molly’s reactions to things will definitely make you laugh, especially when she’s forced to wear Harry’s ex-mistress’s clothes. And when Harry has a sudden revelation about her, it’s really not all that surprising.The utter loopiness of the tests the mistresses go through are ridiculous. A potato sack race by these women, and who the ultimate winner is, will have you in a snit as much as Molly was, although I found it silly in a good way. Also the alone time Harry and Molly have together as they get to know each other, as well as being intimate, really works well. And one scene, where Harry and Molly recreated a harem type setting is steamy. What Molly is more than willing to do with Harry sex wise is very unbelievable and seems out of place since Molly is a true innocent in the bedroom, but then again look at what she has agreed to do during the week.The ending is way too pat, but so what? I had such a blast reading When Harry Met Molly. The majority of the time I was snickering or going, “awww”. Harry is this great combination beta/alpha, and Molly is really his perfect mate in every sense. When Harry Met Molly is much like a big warm blanket you want to wrap yourself in that gives you the nice fuzzies in your stomach when all is said and done.

  • Niyura
    2018-12-04 22:23

    Un libro de romance histórico muy divertido, si no te lo tomas en serio es fantástico, a mí me ha encantado. Le pongo las cinco estrellas pero no será de mis favoritos por el final, se me ha hecho demasiado fácil, preferiría otro desenlace.

  • Nisha
    2018-12-12 22:40

    Due to recent disappointments, I've been more cautious to pick up HR books by new authors. But this book surpassed all expectations and matched the quality of my beloved writers like Jo Beverley, Lisa Kleypas and my new favorite, Sarah MacLean.Molly and Harry have known each other since childhood, but they have never gotten along well. When Molly was 13, during Christmas, she announces her love for Harry's brother and her sister, Penelope's fiance, Roderick while revealing the kiss that Harry and Penelope share. Instantly, the lives of Molly and Harry change for the worse. Molly is sent to Yorkshire to a strict boarding school, while Harry is forced to join the Navy. 8 years later, their lives hasn't changed much for the better and they still hate each other. Harry and his friends get involved in Prinny's Impossible Bachelor competition (I didn't like that Prinny was involved, but oh well) that requires him to procure the perfect mistress. Molly is on her way to Gretna Green to marry her disinterested suitor. They meet at an inn, where both get ditched by their counterparts. Having no choice but to depend on each other, Harry enlists Molly to be his fake Mistress. This is when the real story begins. They begin the charade, neither taking in account of the sizzling chemistry between them. The Most Delectable Companion competition begins with a few scandalous yet juvenile games. Considering the company, one would expect an orgy, but it was quite...clean. Molly mingles with the other mistresses, Athena, the actress, Joan, the jaded courtesan, Hildur, the foreign beauty, and Bunny, the perfect mistress. This is the part I enjoyed the best. In no other HR does the heroine befriend other mistresses and form a sort of comradeship. The women, initially wary, learn to trust each other and actually find a way to get an upper hand on the men. When the week of playing mistress is over, Molly and Harry part, loving each other. During the end, they return to the real world with their family, concluding with a crazy public confession leading to a HEA.I absolutely adored Molly. She is one of the best HR heroines EVER. Harry, while not nearly as shiny as his heroine, is a great hero. Their history as growing up as second children living under the shadow of their perfect older siblings, may have left them a little imperfect, but together, they complete each other.The strongest part of the book was the other mistresses. I loved that they became friends and helped each other become better people. The friendship is more real, to modern standards, than the ones we typically see in HR.The weakest part is the villain, who was quite disagreeable, but not fearsome. Most of the time, his actions made little sense. It was because of him that everyone learns the truth about Molly's week as a mistress, which is generally avoided in HR.Overall, I loved this book and recommend this to EVERYONE.

  • Sønia
    2018-11-13 19:27

    Eso me pasa por hacer inventos. La relectura de este libro ha sido un experimento. Quería comprobar la evolución de los gustos con el tiempo y escogí este libro como podía haber elegido cualquier otro. La intención era volver a leer algo de regencia, un género que tengo muy olvidado y que a la vez fuera un libro de una serie que no había acabado para así continuar con el resto de libros si me apetecía. Tenía un muy buen recuerdo de esta historia y quería comprobar si con el tiempo mi apreciación había cambiado.El resultado ha sido nefasto. Mi percepción sobre lo que años atrás me pareció un buen libro, agradable y divertido, ha cambiado totalmente. He verificado mi sospecha de que libros que antes me gustaban, ahora no solo no me gustan tanto sino que me parecen horribles (¡Gema tenías razon!) Aunque ya sé que no hay que generalizar, estoy convencida que esto me pasaría con muchos otros libros.Resumiendo, a día de hoy, este libro me ha parecido RIDÍCULO y ABSURDO. Intentaré hacer reseña con más detalles del experimento en el blog.

  • Limau Nipis
    2018-11-15 23:44

    First read by this author, Kieran Kramer.The story is so-so, but quite unusual. Because there are lots of ongoing talks on mistresses, and the ridiculous bet or competition by the mistresses' sponsors.Which I find quite annoying, on the competition.But the rapport between the mistresses was interesting. Their friendship is something that they look forward. And even though they are just lowly mistresses, with Molly, the heroine being the fake one, they have their own feelings and needs.I just thought the guys are stupid.

  • Songül
    2018-11-15 00:42

    Etkileyici, eğlenceli ve şaşırtıcı ..hikayenin başladığı andan itibaren sizi içine çeken havasını sevdim , onüç yaşındaki Molly nin kendinden yaşça büyük olan Roderick için okuduğu şiir beni bitirdi :))) keyifli ,akıcı ve esprili diyalogların yer aldığı bu kitabı mutlaka tavsiye ederim :))Molly ve Harry arasındaki çekişme,inatlaşma ve sonrasında yaşananları merak ediyorsanız tabii :)))

  • Elizabeth
    2018-12-11 22:41

    Many books claim to be laugh out loud funny, but WHEN HARRY MET MOLLY genuinely is. This is a warm, witty romance that I read with great pleasure.

  • alexis
    2018-11-14 17:42

    *sasha voice* i'm shaking. Spoilers Ahead, obviously: I'm not sure how to begin this review other than to say it was Wild™. Everything about the plot was ridiculous. Kramer really pulled out all the tropes stops for this one. From the very first scene, I wanted to die. Harry and Molly made me want to die. The "villain" made me want to die. The impossible bachelors made me want to die...... In fair Britain where we lay our scene, young Molly Fairbanks writes a love poem about Roderick, Harry's older brother. She, like many other 13 year olds, is a master of disguise. She changes Roderick's name to 'Robert'. Molly adds in some parts about her sister Penelope kissing Harry in attempt to get Roderick to leave her for Molly. She changes Penelope's name to 'Persephone' and Harry to 'Barry'. It was a foolproof move on her part. Of course, reading a love poem aloud to him and his family before everyone withdrew to the ballroom is a great idea. Molly then reads her poem. Roderick, enraged that his fiancé and brother were kissing, punches his brother. Penelope still loved Roderick, and they worked things out. Harry was punished by being sent off to the army while Molly is sent of to Yorkshire. Harry and Molly hate each other for ruining each others lives.Years pass. They meet again by chance at an inn. Molly was attempting to elope with Cedric who she doesn't even like. Harry was there after his mistress left him to go off with Cedric They fight, and since Molly has nowhere to go, she accepts Harry's offer to play mistress if he'll set her up with an eligible bachelor to marry. The "I'm pretending to be your mistress so you can win a bet so you don't have to get married even though I'm a lady and I hate you" trope was coupled with the pleasant bonus of the prince regent being the one that made the bet. The prince regent thing made me want to scream. Here he is making it official while he stumbles through a back alley with the girl he is gonna sleep with (triple bonus for royal discreetness):“By order of the Prince Regent,” he said, “let it be known that the annual Impossible Bachelors wager shall commence the first week of August in the year 1816 and every August thereafter. The participants shall be conscripted by the Prince Regent and his advisors, who shall have sole control over the circumstances of the bet.”.....“The winner of the wager,” Prinny continued, “shall be granted an entire year of freedom from the trials, tribulations, and, ahem, joys of marriage. As well as from the dreary events leading up to the eventual acquisition of a wife.”.....“The first year’s wager shall be in your honor, my dear. I shall call it the Most Delectable Companion contest. The ladies shall be rigorously tested according to my exacting if unscrupulous standards—and the lucky bachelor who brings the finest mistress shall win a cherished year of freedom.” He looked up. “Are you ready, gentlemen?”Why is the prince regent getting involved in petty matters trope used so many times in historical romance? Don't prince regents have anything better to do with their fictional lives? Well, apparently not. After that shit show, there are several hundred pages of Molly pretending to be a mistress, somehow charming everyone, and being hit on by obvious creep and other impossible bachelor, Richard. and I will give Karmer credit for having Molly truly befriend the other mistresses and not shaming them. Good on her. Molly ends up being picked as the most delectable mistress (don't you just LOVE the use the word delectable), and Harry can go freely on and not have to get married. Of course by this point they both love each other, but nothing happens until the ball. Harry plans on proposing at the ball. Unfortunately for him, the villain comes to wreck havoc. Richard, still creepy and now confirmed villain, exposes Molly as acting as a mistress and therefore making her winning of the title of most delectable mistress invalid because she's not a mistress. This means that 1) she gets publicly ruined in front of her entire family. 2) Harry has to marry a girl (Anne) selected by the group. Then the duke forces Harry to propose while Molly's father forces Cedric (who everyone has long forgotten about) to propose to her so she can maintain some amount of dignity. Now comes the REAL HERO of this story, Anne Riordan haha. She rejects Harry's marriage proposal because she's in love with Gregory who is the vicar's visiting cousin. Since the contract made by our dear friend the prince regent, doesn't force marriage after rejection, Harry is finally free. He and Molly have a deep moment looking into each others eyes and he gets down on one knee. Harry doesn't end up proposing. Like any other person, he decides to punch Richard instead. He is interrupted by a woman screaming "Wait". Now who could this be? All the walking plot device characters have appeared... IT'S RICHARD'S LONG LOST SISTER PEGGY. Richard's entire vendetta was misplaced because he thought that Harry had ruined his sister's life when it really was the opposite. The not quite a villain but still a creep, Richard is redeemed. Truly Amazing. When Harry met Molly wasn't necessarily bad. It was more ridiculous than anything, which made it an enjoyable read. Almost the entire time I laughed... Let's raise our glasses to a ridiculously enjoyable wallpaper historical romance.

  • Diana~ (Kiss Me Books)
    2018-11-26 22:19

    When Harry Met Molly, they both hated each other. They soon become friends, and from friends, into lovers. It was truly a sweet and wonderful read, seeing as to how the two experience emotions for one another. Which is why Kieran Kramer has officially established a spot on my Top Debut Authors of the Year, riiight next Sarah Maclean! I absolutely adore Harry because I love seeing rakes like him, reform themselves. As for Molly, she was just an awesome heroine. I love how she is so witty, brave, funny, and kind-- perfectly compatible with Harry. This is definitely one book that I'll treasure on my shelf forever.I saved this book to read last, after the three that I bought for Christmas, and I'm really glad that I did! It was the best one out of the three because it had a combination of comedy, romance, steam, and even heartbreaking moments. If you love Julia Quinn, then I say you should seriously consider this book! There's not much I could say that would express my feelings about this book because I'm just overwhelmed with feelings. The story starts off with a prologue that introduces the moment when everything just went wrong for Harry and Molly. Because of what she did, it eventually caused Harry to join the army and she, to go to a boarding school in Yorkshire instead of London. After that, Harry and Molly have been enemies for years; pulling silly pranks and bantering with one another at every chance they meet. How cute is that! The story truly begins when The Prince Regent decides to hold a competition for the Impossible Bachelors, which includes Harry, Lord Maxwell, Captain Arrow, Lumley, and Sir Richard. The bachelor with the 'Most Delectable Companion' will win a year free of hassles from debutantes and the likes.Well, I'll just say that the romance was the most enjoyable aspect of the whole book! Molly reluctantly becomes Harry's mistress for a week after being abandoned by her... supposed fiance. It was a very amusing moment but enjoyable nonetheless. After that week, nothing will ever be the same between then again. I'm always a shoe-in for romances that has childhood enemies into lovers! But yeah, during that one week of being false lovers, Molly soon realizes that Harry is her one true love forever. Heartbreaking moments everywhere after that confession to herself, and mind you, the romance was very well played out. I think Kramer definitely has a talent for writing because of that. Plus, it was very sexy and sweet! Juuust like chocolate and cake... You'll know what I mean in the end. *wink*To conclude, When Harry Met Molly is a book that will make you laugh at one moment, and cry the next. Truly, this was a delectable debut that will have romance readers eat it right up! I'll be looking forward to the other Impossible Bachelors' books, especially Lumley! He is so cute and adorable. A solid 5 stars for this amazing debut by Kieran Kramer!!

  • Robin
    2018-12-07 21:38

    I don't think there are any real spoilers. This book and its sequel were Christmas gifts. I actually received a total of I think at least 6 books for Christmas this year, one can never have to many books. Anyway, Kieran Kramer is a new author and this is her first book. I keep wanting to call it "When Harry Met Sally". When Molly (Heroine) was 13 she fancied herself in love with her sister's fiance' who is the older brother of Harry (Hero) so she wrote a poem which she read aloud at a joint family dinner. She did however disguise the names quite cleverly she thought but is was pretty easy to figure out who was who. She had romantic notions that Roderick would return her feelings and dump Penelope for her and Harry would then be with Penelope instead this notion of course based on something she saw but we learn later that it wasn't what she thought. Lets just say mayhem insues and both Molly and Harry are sent away for several years, her to a strict girls school and then the country, him to the military. They meet again quite by accident still angry at each other because they see their fate as the other one's fault. Both of them are currently with a member of the opposite sex who leave them for each other which means that the only choice is for them to help each other out. Due to a challenge placed upon Harry and his friends by Prinny aka the Prince Regent Molly poses as Harry's Mistress which is quite a challenge since she's a virgin and he plans to keep her that way. As Harry gets to know Molly the adult personality wise he finds himself attracted to her in multiple ways. After some events that could I think only happen to Molly they realize they feel the same way about each other and walla HEA

  • Carolyn
    2018-11-28 01:35

    Rarely do I write reviews but this time I have to. I enjoyed this book. What I had problems with was the editing. Who the heck edited this had to have been some kind of ***** (you can fill in the blank as you see fit).The story was entertaining. That's why it got 3 stars. My problem? Someone explain to me how a heroine's eyes can go from "Wedgewood blue" (page 25) to "puckish brown" (page 57) to "impish blue gaze" (page 246) to "curious brown eyes of hers" (page 374) with in the span of the book. And those were just the ones I caught initially.My other issue was the contest itself. No, not the contest but how it was put in terms. IF Molly won "the most delectable companion" then Harry would win another year of freedom AND Harry would help Molly find a suitable husband. If Molly lost, Harry would/could lose his freedom AND he wouldn't be obligated to help her find a husband.However, on page 313 the contest was in these terms:"If she won tonight, his inevitable fate---marrying Anne Riordan---would be delayed. But only for another year. Anne was bound to catch up with him sometime.And if Molly lost, he would help her find another man to marry."HUH? If she lost she was on her own. Maybe what the author meant (which is what she should have written) was that in winning, she would lose Harry to another man he would be obligated to find for her, she she would, in fact lose.So, I'm wondering...who exactly edited her book?

  • Virginia
    2018-11-15 21:44

    *sigh* Clearly, I just dislike Kramer's writing style and plotting. She starts off so well - and then it just starts to veer into complete unbelievability somewhere in the middle. Of course, by then, I have to know what happens and I plod on through. I see why people like her books, but I find her unbearable. I will not be reading anymore of her stories. It's just too disappointing. In particular, this ending was just too ludicrous. I just can't abide!! Blargh.

  • FlibBityFLooB
    2018-11-20 01:44

    4.5/5 stars. I found this to be a fun and enjoyable historical romance, albeit very unbelievable :)

  • Dina
    2018-11-17 22:33

    2.5 stars (rounded down to 2 stars because I did not like Harry and I couldn't suspend my disbelief enough to enjoy the silly plot)

  • Shawna
    2018-11-17 23:31

    4 stars – Historical/Regency Romance

  • Natasha
    2018-12-09 01:32

    When Harry Met Molly is the first installment in the Impossible Bachelors series by Kieran Kramer. This is also the first novel I've read by her. I can honestly say, I really enjoyed her writing style. The characters were well written and fun to read along with. The humor was witty and charming. The banter between Harry and Molly is refreshing. The only thing I can say that stopped me from giving this four stars was the way the woman were treated. Yes, I know it was supposed to be that way, but that doesn't mean I had to like it. I particularly didn't like the sac race scene. I don't hold it against the writer, it was bold and different, I just get annoyed with men in those periods sometimes. *laughs*That being said, it was still worth the read. After reading this I immediately went on to the next in the series. It was a fun, light read, with mystery and lots of romance. I recommend it to anyone wanting a humorous historical romance.

  • Donna
    2018-12-12 20:32

    The other reviewers frequently stated that parts of this book were hard to believe, but it was so much fun they didn't care. I guess I couldn't quite get past the hard to believe part. I found that most of this book stretched the limits of credibility and I actually found both Harry and Molly too silly to be really likeable. But it was really the ending that put the final nail in the coffin for me. There was so much stuff thrown in that I felt like I was watching a tennis match. Too many of the players suddenly began acting in ways completely at odds with their established characters. And I just couldn't believe that the woman who had kept her "terrible secret" for five years even though it caused her divorce and damaged Harry's reputation, just came out at a ball and and announced it in front of a huge crowd.

  • Nihann~
    2018-11-17 17:26

    4,5. Ya çevirmen ya yazar, bi türlü karar veremedi kızın gözleri mavi mi kahverengi mi diye. Ha birde çok çabuk bitti. Sayfayı bir çevirdim bitmiş. Kaldım öyle. Nerde bunun devamı isyanlarındayım, hatta Yalçın Çakır'ın programına çıkıp yayınevine devamını hemen çıkarmaları için serzenişte bulunmayı bile düşünüyorum. Sondan bi önceki sahneyi de sanırsıng Christpher Nolan filmi, hani o da son 10 dk da bütün gerçekleri sıralar hepsi yüzüne tokat gibi patlar ya öyle işte:D:D

  • ChloeLeeNH
    2018-12-13 22:36

    I totally enjoyed this book. Love the house party theme and the love/hate theme. The H/H had to like each other to get through a week but it was also about getting others to like them too. I think the steamy scenes could be a lot longer... you sort of blinked and they were over but that didn't take away from the creative way she wrote this whole story. I am looking forward to the next in this series!

  • PaigeBookdragon
    2018-12-12 20:24

    There's a word we Filipinos have.I don't know if there's an equivalent word for that in English but here it goes.You know the butterflies in your stomach? The warm sensation that you fell whenever he said something romantic? The feeling of being elevated when he smiles? The electricity you feel when your hands touch? Combine all of them and what you feel is what we Filipinos call "KILIG".That's what this book gave me. KILIG.

  • Manda Collins
    2018-12-10 00:33

    Funny and charming regency historical in the vein of Julia Quinn or Marian Chesney. Completely unbelievable set-up, but I didn't really care because Harry and Molly were such fun characters I was willing to go along with them.

  • Laura
    2018-11-23 19:17

    dnf - I just couldn't get into the premise of the hero using the heroine as a courtasen

  • Inshirah Kamal
    2018-11-29 17:39

    this book is epichad me laughing like a maniac :)A LOVE RECTANGLE OF TRAGIC PROPORTIONSRobert, Robert, wherefore are thou, Robert?While Persephone’s in the arbor,Bestowing kisses on young Barry,You clutch the golden ringShe’s to wear when you marry.Persephone, Persephone, why does thou woundRobert so?Barry is but the moonWhile Robert is the sun.Can’t you see Robert is allAnd Barry is, um, none?Barry, oh, Barry, why not find your own true love?My sister isn’t yoursShe belongs to another,But if you steal her away,Perhaps I’ll marry your brother!

  • Serena Miles
    2018-11-13 19:37

    Al principio me recordaba mucho al de ENEMIGOS PERFECTOS de Johanna Lindsey, aunque despues ya no tanto. La verdad es que hasta que termina la apuesta ha estado genial, pero las ultimas cien paginas me han sobrado... el final me ha parecido caotico, apareciendo gente y problemas por todos lados...6.5/10

  • Mandi Schreiner
    2018-12-03 21:18

    Favorite Quote: Show me the best three minutes you can imagine in a kissing closet.Harry and Molly had a bad start together. 13 year old Molly was infatuated with her sister’s fiancé and unintentionally announced her sister’s indiscretions with her fiancé's brother, Harry at a large gathering in a poem. This poem resulted in Molly being shipped off to Yorkshire, and Harry shipped off to the army. To say Harry was not pleased with Molly is an understatement.Eight years later, Harry is finally out of the service, and wants nothing to do with marriage. With his brother having gone through with the marriage to Molly’s sister, and already having four daughters, he hopes a son comes along soon, which would put even less pressure on him finding a bride. Being the second son and never good enough for his father, he is scared of being rejected in life. At his club one night relaxing with his other bachelor friends, the Prince Regent, Prinny makes an appearance – and has a grand idea for entertainment. At least, entertainment for him. Prinny comes up with a wager – Each bachelor must bring his mistress to the country for a week of competition. At the end of the week, the mistress with the most votes will be named the Most Delectable Companion and that bachelor will have a year free of any marriage commitments. The losers each have to draw a straw, and the short straw must marry within a few months. The bachelors don’t want to do this, but they can’t go against Prinny – and the idea of one year free of wooing women is very appealing.At an inn in the middle of nowhere on the way to his country house with his mistress for the week of the competition, Harry runs into Molly, who is about run off to Gretna Green to elope with her father’s assistant, Cedric. By the end of the night, the mistress and Cedric have run off together, leaving Harry and Molly alone. Although they hate each other, and barbs and insults fly out of their mouths, Harry can’t leave Molly alone, unchaperoned. He also can’t show up to his country house without a mistress, he would forfeit and he would be the one marrying in a few months. So, he asks Molly to be his fake mistress for the week. Molly, who thinks she has superior acting skills, and has no desire to go back to being her aunt’s chaperone, agrees…and off they go. Let the games begin…and the romance.When Harry Met Molly is a very cute, funny, lighthearted historical romance from debut author Kieran Kramer. The first half of the book had me laughing out loud – and laughing very hard. The insults and wicked banter between Harry and Molly is some of the best I have read in a long time. They both blame the other for the miserable time spent after Molly unintentionally outs Harry kissing his brother’s fiancé. And they both refuse to let the past go.Lady Molly Fairbanks. What was she doing at a seedy inn in the middle of nowhere?“You,” she breathed.“You,” he said back.“It can’t be.” She took a step backward.“It is,” he said, and backed away, as well.“Why here?” she asked.“Why not?” he said.He noticed neither of them could go far in the maze of chairs and tables. They were trapped, forced into a position of proximity.“I still hate you,” she said. “Just so you know.”“The feeling is mutual.” he said curtly.Once we get to the country house, hijinks ensue. Molly is awful at pretending to be a mistress. She is really quite naïve – having never even been to London. Harry helps her as much as he can, but it is funny to watch her fail miserably. I won’t say the outcome of the week, that you will have to discover on your own. During the week though, since Molly is pretending to be a mistress, of course she has to act the part somewhat. And a romance develops between this couple. Harry is quite a rake, and I like how he all of a sudden feels this desire to be with Molly and the past is quite forgiven.There is kissing in a closet and kissing in a tent. Very cute and sweet scenes that will have you smiling. As I mentioned, Molly is quite naïve, so in this one, the romance isn’t super steamy. It was actually hard for me to feel the sexy part of the romance because Molly comes across as very young. Maybe too young. She never felt like a woman. But, the overall feel of the book is more lighthearted, so maybe a heavier romantic feel would have been too much.The ending is a bit dramatic, but again, it fits the feel of the book. I really like Kieran Kramer’s wit and the way she writes her characters I can’t wait for more in this series!