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A heart attack leaves Miles wrangling with a slow recovery and a quiet retreat, just one cabin down from wounded warrior Drew. Although he's unhappy to have his solitude invaded, Drew finds himself fascinated with Miles, but he can't bring himself to push aside his skittish nerves. Both men fear rejection for different reasons, and it will take a real change of heart to seA heart attack leaves Miles wrangling with a slow recovery and a quiet retreat, just one cabin down from wounded warrior Drew. Although he's unhappy to have his solitude invaded, Drew finds himself fascinated with Miles, but he can't bring himself to push aside his skittish nerves. Both men fear rejection for different reasons, and it will take a real change of heart to seek the acceptance they crave.eggReprint: This short story was originally published in the Dreamspinner Press anthology Size Still Matters....

Title : Start from the Beginning
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ISBN : 9781615814015
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Start from the Beginning Reviews

  • Lily
    2018-08-22 19:08

    Miles and Drew have both been forced to make changes in their lives and the care with which the author presents these changes and how the men handled them was really well done. This is not a 'meet and quickly fall into bed' story rather it's a well written story of two men slowly developing feelings and finally, when they are both ready, acting on those feelings. I really liked this story and recommend it to anyone looking for a well written romance.My complete review is posted at Rainbow Reviews.

  • Jenre
    2018-08-28 18:16

    The story follows two older man, Miles and Drew. Miles is recovering from a heart attack brought on from his stressful job as a stock broker. His friend and cardiologist, Kurt, has pretty much forced Miles to take an extended break in his isolated cabin in Michigan. The cabin next door is occupied by Drew, another friend of Kurt's, who is has cut himself off from the world after he was captured and tortured whilst serving as a doctor overseas. Drew now barely functions in society, ashamed of the fact that he can't talk very well and of his physical scars. Miles is fascinated by Drew, and spends a lot of his time watching him from afar. It takes a storm to bring them together, but even then Miles finds that he has to be very patient when it comes to his feelings for Drew. What I liked most about this story is the way that the relationship between Miles and Drew develops slowly. Drew suffers many mental and physical scars from his experiences at the hands of his captors, and I was pleased that these issues were not resolved quickly, and perhaps are still not wholly resolved by the end of the story. As the story progresses, inroads are gradually made as the men become comfortable with each other before their attraction is consummated. It was all rather delightful and beautifully done, especially in some of the tender moments between the men and in the way that their feelings develop for one another.

  • Mandy*reads obsessively*
    2018-08-23 02:23

    3.5*This is a good story if you are looking for slightly older MC's that both have some baggage.Miles is recovering from a stress induced heart attack and Drew was kidnapped and tortured while working as a Doctor for an aid agency.It's a slow development with about the first half of the story the MC's don't have any direct contact yet still very much aware of the other. My major niggle was the ending, it was fine and sweet but it just felt really sudden.

  • Janna
    2018-09-20 00:07

    Beautiful written story about two older men who have their scars and disabilities to learn to live with. It's not a passionate-let's-hop-in-the-bed story but more about a very careful sensing and learning to know each other kind of relationship. I think, it took more than half of the book before the two men even exchanged a word with each other. Even so, the attraction between them is tangible and believable. There's a lot of sexual tension and their feelings are told from both men's point of view. My only niggle is that the story ended too abruptly, which left us with just a HFN (Happy For Now) ending rather than a HEA, and with far less smexy scenes than could've been.3.75 stars

  • Kyra
    2018-08-25 22:17

    I didn't read this when it was first published in an anthology and I almost missed it again because of the somewhat silly cover but I'm so glad I decided to check it out. I truly felt for Drew, the way he cut himself off almost entirely from the rest of the world and didn't expect that anything good could still happen to him was heartbreaking. But Miles didn't treat him as someone who was broken. I loved that he didn't see the scars, only the honey colored skin. I also loved the connection between them, like when Drew felt that something was wrong and he went to check on Miles only to find that he was having a nightmare.This was one of the most beautiful stories I've ever read and didn't want it to end.

  • Jani
    2018-08-20 21:13

    I read this in the original anthology. I really enjoyed it and admit it probably deserves 1 more star but I hated the ending. It was a decent enough end but I was reading, turned the page and?? that was it! I felt like it was an okay ending but there should have been something else there.. I am no writer so I couldn't say what should be there I was just shocked to see no more words! lolall in all a good read if you aren't looking to be blown away by the greatest ending ever!

  • Fehu
    2018-09-02 00:25

    Sweet story about two men with health issues finding their way to each other. Drew was a doctor, a cardiologist, but he was tortured on a peace mission and had to give up his job after the damage the rebels had done to him and his hands. Now he lives isolated and the only friend he is still in contact with is Kurt, a fellow cardiologist.Miles just had a heart attack and Kurt, his cardiologist and friend recommend him to change his life, no more stress, whic means no more working as a stock broker. Futhermore now he is forced to take it slow in Kurts vacation home, just next to Drews cabin.Drew and Miles both were forced to leave their lives behind and start a new. They slowly find their way to each other and there is a lot of good sexual tension between them. The story is beautifully written and I love the wounded character theme. Both men are struggling to find their way, which was well portrayed in this story. My only complain is that it's quite short. I would have love to read more about Miles and Drew!

  • Tame
    2018-09-15 19:59

    I actually started this book at 5:30 am this morning, because I had been up for 30 minutes and couldn't sleep. I have to say, I absolutely loved this novel, not only because it was sexy AND sweet, but it also involved *matters of the heart* both figuratively & literally. I actually love reading m/m erotic stories that involve physicians, mainly because I don't see that very often, but the ones I do see are well-researched, and seem to be well-written, and pretty close to the day-to-day life of a physician. Since I'm an internist, I look for that authenticity, and it was there in this book. I also loved the fact that the book didn't get *hot & heavy* within the first 5 pages, and the scenes didn't always revolve around both men together, and actually had a lot more introspection and self-awareness, which I find refreshing :) This is actually one book that feel that the story between these 2 men isn't *quite* over yet, and I'd love to see their story continue in a sequel! What a great & positive way to start my morning :)

  • Jennifer
    2018-08-21 21:20

    I really did like this book and would recommend it to anyone looking for a lovely, simple story of recovery, acceptance and love.However-- there are times when the opening of a book gives me an idea about the plot of the story that later turns out to be untrue and that one misguided perception ruins the entire novel for me. I honestly believed that this story would turn out to be a threesome between Miles, Drew and Kurt. He was a major influence in both their lives, was physically involved with both, still has feelings for both of them (love and physical attraction) and both Drew and Miles mention him frequently throughout the story.So when only the two of them ended up together, I was disappointed. Foolish, yes, but that is my honest opinion.

  • V
    2018-09-02 22:22

    Well, I'm so sorry to say, I didn't like it very much.After reading other reviews, I was wondering if I read the same book as the other readers.Miles was recovering from a heart attack and Drew was kidnapped and tortured while working as a Doctor for an aid agency.Until 46 % of the story (kindle) this 2 MC didn't even exchange one word.When they finally met they hardly talk, as Drew has huge issues physically and mentally, even when they were living together.Nearly at the end they finally got together, and then the book finished. ???? I would have love if this story keep going for much longer, I have read many lovely stories about scarred heroes, this is not one of them.

  • blub
    2018-09-04 00:01

    A good story but I kind of wish there was more development between Miles and Drew in the first 8 or so chapters. Even with the lack of interaction between Miles and Drew, readers could still feel there was something building between the two and it kind of outlined Miles personality.

  • Lee
    2018-09-20 21:05

    Start from the Beginning is a very sweet, very touching love story that slowly sucks-you-in. It's all about the long-slow-burn. Expectations, longing, desire, the building blocks of love. Very well written. I give Start from the Beginning three stars.

  • Chris
    2018-09-17 01:26

    Very good m/m romance about a guy who recently had a stress-induced heart attack and is now staying at a friend's cabin to learn how to slow his life down. Without much to do, he becomes fascinated by the reclusive artist who lives in a nearby cabin.

  • Amanda
    2018-09-06 20:24

    3.5 stars

  • thelastaerie
    2018-09-07 21:04

    Nice short story about starting over and getting over a horrid past. There's good world building and the writing is crisp. I wish the story is more flesh-out though.

  • Meggie
    2018-09-15 02:07

    The story was really sweet and damn to short, short, short!! I really enjoyed this couple, the end was simple warm and full of promises for the future. I loved it! Great work! Recommended warm story!

  • Clare
    2018-09-20 18:13

    Thoughtful, poignant, beautifully written. Re-edited from its original version, feels fresher.

  • Melissa
    2018-08-31 23:03

    Sorry, but this book did not work for me. I didn't connect with the characters, and did not feel the love connection between them. But it was a very short book.

  • Olga
    2018-08-31 00:27

    I blame the cover that I left this book so long unread.