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Ramona Simms is in a rut, her life at a standstill. She is single and over the hill according to her overbearing mother. Her job is beyond tedious and the boss is a tyrant. Instead of a husband, Ramona comes home to a dog with gas. The closest candidate for Prince Charming is Neil, the guy from around the corner and someone she's known her whole life. When Ramona discoversRamona Simms is in a rut, her life at a standstill. She is single and over the hill according to her overbearing mother. Her job is beyond tedious and the boss is a tyrant. Instead of a husband, Ramona comes home to a dog with gas. The closest candidate for Prince Charming is Neil, the guy from around the corner and someone she's known her whole life. When Ramona discovers her childhood rock heartthrob Jesse Alexander is coming out of retirement for a summer tour, she decides to change her life to reach for the dream of love and music. Can Ramona turn her nightmare into the stuff of dreams, and make those dreams a reality?...

Title : Dream In Color
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ISBN : 9781601545626
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Dream In Color Reviews

  • Mary Gramlich
    2018-09-12 00:09

    What an amazing read that lifts your mind and spiritEverybody is telling Ramona Simms to live the reality of life not seek the dreams she has always held. Ramona is well educated, mid-30s, unmarried and working in a boring job which all pleases her mother except the unmarried part. Ramona still has faith that her life can be more and when she gives up her job and sedentary life to chase the dream of following her rock star idol on his summer tour everyone but Ramona thinks she is chasing nonsense. Ramona has loved Jesse Alexander since she was a young adult and always thought of him as Prince Charming and has kept him in her mind and dreamed of conversations with him opening doors to worlds she never would consider. This opportunity to see him on a reunion tour after years of being out of the spotlight is telling her to answer the nagging voices in her head and hit the road to see what is out there calling to her. Life is for living and not being slowed down by speed bumps and Ramona is energized and takes off on the summer tour following Jesse Alexander rock superstar. Really quickly Ramona discovers that life on the road is not all it is cracked up to be and maybe this is not such a great idea. Then something magical and dream fulfilling happens when she wins a back stage pass to meet Jesse. Every dream she had about him turns out to be a nightmare as he is not fun and exciting just older and more worn down by life. Yet Ramona seems to energize him and she agrees to run away with him if only for a few days and drive to his next concert. During the days and nights that follow they both learn what it is to have aspirations unfulfilled, love gone wrong and dreams die too young. Jesse also taps into the magic that is Ramona’s musical gift and ability and she finds herself after so many years writing songs and lyrics in a way Jesse has only ever seen in himself and together their talent is inspiring.But once the reality of catching back up to the tour happens Ramona feels she is not the answer to Jesse’s prayers but a one night stand and she needs to get out now. She runs back home and into the arms a man she does not love but can provide everything Ramona thought she did not want – stability.Is this the last tour date for Ramona, is Jesse just another rock star with too many women and bad morals or is there room in her heart to dream bigger dreams and shoot for her own stars? Ramona may feel stifled but she is writing more music than ever and everything about the songs sound more hopeful than she could imagine. This book should remind all of us that dreams are real, they should be sought and will be fulfilled if we put a little extra push into them. Pursing the dream is as important as obtaining it because along the way you find you have other goals and aspirations that are just as amazing. Sarah Bradley has written a wonderful story showing how we are all mired down by life and lifted up by a belief in ourselves. Never forget that it is worth living for everyday!

  • Jennifer
    2018-08-31 00:20

    Initially I found Ramona to be annoying - a 35 year-old woman with an adolescent obsession with a retired teen heartthrob. Ramona reminded me of my best friend growing up who went through a phase where she was determined to marry Scott Baio and to get the rest of us to believe her. She outgrew it but Ramona never did. As the story progressed, albeit slowly, I appreciated the author's ability to convey the ideas of dullness, blandness, and a life filled with color. I don't compose but I sang and played an instrument for many years and I really enjoyed experiencing Ramona's total immersion in her music along with her. I think the author described it perfectly.The story did not end the way I expected. I would prefer to see cover art that more accurately depicts the characters; Jesse has hair long enough to toss over his shoulder and flop in his eyes in the story and the guy's on the cover is cut short. I also think the last chapter could have been longer and/or developed into an epilogue. Virgil ended up being a much more appealing character than the book description lets on and he deserves some epilogue time.While there is physical intimacy between characters it is largely left to the imagination, without any graphic description. The reader who is looking for "spice" or "steam" should look elsewhere.As of this writing the Goodreads blurb needs to be updated, as it appears that the Virgil was named Neil in earlier editions.

  • Lindsey
    2018-09-14 21:23

    Amazon freebie 4/22/13

  • sandy Miller
    2018-09-04 00:17

    Great BookRomana is the kind of person everyone would like to be. Just a normal girl with big dreams. Quitting her job to travel all summer to follow Jesse and to fall in love!

  • Linda
    2018-09-09 01:06

    Ramona is every woman. Every woman who ever had a crush on a rock star. But, Ramona decides not to settle for being just any woman, and decides to live her dream, quit her desk job and follow rocker Jesse across country as he tours. But Ramona's dreams take an uphill turn when she actually meets Jesse, and begins to know the man behind the facade. What Ramona finds is not the idolized star, but a real man, with real problems and real dreams of his own. As Ramona begins to love the man, Jesse finds in Ramona what a long line of one nights stands never could, someone who can love the imperfect man behind the rock star glow."Dream in Color" is a sweet story of a woman who throws caution to the wind and follows a dream, and a man who lives the dream only to find he needs more. Author Sarah Bradley has created two unforgettable characters who are real and likeable, and creates their story with tenderness, humor and passion. This book is for anyone who ever had a crush, (and really, who hasn't?) and took the chance to follow their heart. Brava, Ms. Bradley!

  • Jenifer
    2018-08-25 22:26

    This was an easy read. Initially, I didn't think I would enjoy it because of the h's daydreaming conversations with her teenage rock star crush. (there is medication for that) However, I discovered she needed those daydreamed instances to make it through the day. The h lost her self in her early 20s when she tried to abandon the expectations of her parents and it went horribly wrong. She ends up forfeiting her dreams and conforming. Ten years later, she finally re-awakens and begins to rebuild herself. This is a romance, but it seemed more about self discovery. Every character in the book seems to deal with the conflict of conforming to expectations or being true to themselves. This is a completely light and airy read that is very entertaining.

  • Sarah J. Bradley
    2018-09-11 02:17

    If you've ever had a crush on a celebrity, this is the book for you! The surface story, about a middle aged woman facing a sort of dead end life, is one I believe many of us can relate to. I hope readers are able to dig deeper and see the story for what it was intended: Encouragement to reach higher for those "out of reach" dreams. Some things may seem impossible. But even the most impossible things can happen as long as you keep reaching...and keep your sense of humor.This book won't change the world or bring peace to our planet. It's not meant to. Then again, if just one reacher is inspired to chase that impossible dream...who knows what good could come from that?

  • Steph
    2018-09-07 22:11

    This is the story of Ramona and Jesse. Stuck in a lifeless existence, Ramona takes off and follows here childhood rock star hero on tour. I was expecting her to have a moment of clarity and realize her best friend, Virgil, was her soulmate and return home to him. That was not this story. This was the fairy tale. I enjoyed the growth that both Ramona and Jesse experienced and I enjoyed their fairy tale.

  • Janey
    2018-09-05 00:12

    Would you take off and follow your teen idol when he comes out of retirement?, well that's exactly what Ramona does, follows, Jesse Armstrong around on his tour hoping to meet him...., now I kinda thought I knew where this was going to go, but I got it wrong!, so not too predictable, definitely worth a go if you like a sweet, at times funny (mainly due to Ramona's mum)!, romance. enjoy.

  • T.H.
    2018-09-11 19:23

    Amazon freebie 4/22

  • Sarah J. Bradley
    2018-08-22 00:30