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WINNER OF THREE EISNER AWARDSKIMONO DRAGONS brings the hunt for Ampersand—the monkey who could unlock the mystery of the male-killing plague— to its explosive climax, as the last man on Earth and his companions finally reach Japan and discover the truth behind Ampersand's abduction. Collects issues #43-48 of Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's award-winning Vertigo series....

Title : Y: The Last Man, Vol. 8: Kimono Dragons
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ISBN : 9781401210106
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 144 Pages
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Y: The Last Man, Vol. 8: Kimono Dragons Reviews

  • Brandon
    2018-11-12 22:09

    I was beginning to worry after finishing the last book that the story was starting to decline. Believe me, I was very nervous!Vaughan appears to indicate that some time has passed since the last collection. It's easy to tell in the fact that at the very least, everyone has slightly longer hair. Yep, Yorick is rocking some lengthy locks.It's worth noting that some serious stuff goes down in this issue. Which is a breath of fresh air considering the non-events in book 7. We also see the return of Alter as we're treated to her unfortunate back story. Did someone say back story? Well, we also get a very intriguing one involving Dr. Mann.The series seems to have righted itself for the time being. I'm dying to finish this up. I hope the conclusion has been worth the journey at this point.

  • Shannon Appelcline
    2018-11-29 23:11

    Slightly better than the weak vol. 7, but the comic really needs to kick into gear to have a great finale.Kimono Dragons (#43-46). In Japan we get action, adventure, and tension, characters with their lives in danger, some hints about what caused the plague, and interesting dynamics between Yorick and 355. It's all around a good story that moves along nicely [7/10].The Tin Man (#47). Dr. Mann's backstory is more interesting than most because because it's got emotional resonance. There's also more hints at the story of the plague and a pretty horrid modern situation [7/10].Gehenna (#48). Alter claims she's not a monster, but she is. I don't really care about the sob story that made her that way [4/10].

  • Darth
    2018-11-14 21:58

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.Goddammit. And so begins the slow decent into idiocy, ignorance, cliched writing, and really atrociously racist artwork. So, a white lady is in charge of the Yakuza y'all. Because poor backwards Japanese people!I saw this won three Eisner awards and I mean, like, thanks comics industry. Thanks for continuously awarding anything that at all upholds the stereotypes of patriarchy. (BTW I actually looked up Eisner award winners (for writing) and counted NO FUCKING FEMALE WRITERS (then again that makes sense because most men would *never* read a comic written by a female)). I mean consider this: this is a story about a "gendercide". All men, poof, dead. This is a world FULL of women. Full of them. And yet, they can't fly the planes, or keep the power grids running, or do, you know, any of that manly man stuff. This is a world where feminist means a crazy (literally crazy) woman who cuts off her left breast and goes around destroying sperm banks and any trace of men. This is a world where the single most important, main goddamn character, is a twenty something year old white male. And the other most important character, is a skeevy fifty something year old Japanese male. Oh wait, I forgot the third most important character, the monkey who--you guessed it--is a dude as well. This isn't a story about equality of sexes. This is a story trying to prove women *need* men and men make the world go round. Thanks, men. Really. Thanks.

  • Brenda
    2018-11-24 00:56

    Maybe it's because I just finished some amazing epic fantasy (A Dance With Dragons), or maybe I'm just not in the mood, but this volume just felt silly to me. Like I couldn't figure out why I'm still reading this series, even though I've enjoyed it for the most part. It has gotten a bit stale, but there was some interesting backstory from a couple different characters here. The thing is, I've realized that I don't really care about any of the characters. Yorick could die, and I'd probably be surprised since he's the last man and all, but I wouldn't be sad. I'm going to continue on with the series, but maybe it's best in the future if I don't read any graphic novels after finishing awesome doorstopper fantasies. The transition isn't good.

  • Adriana
    2018-12-06 01:04

    The story is gearing up towards what might just be a very explosive ending. Ampersand is finally found, the truth about Yorick is out, Dr. Mann’s back-story is explored, and if that weren’t enough, we also get a look at what makes Alter tick. Vaughan’s writing has gone back to the organized chaos that I liked so much in the first volumes. Events happen pell-mell, one after another, but they feel like part of a whole instead of glimpses of it.Let’s hope it’s a sign that things will continue to improve.

  • Melody
    2018-12-13 21:55

    NOOooo I am almost done with this series. I don't want it to be over but at the same time I WANT TO KNOW!!! So good. I am taking my time with this series. Cherishing it as much as I can.

  • Arnis
    2018-12-04 21:58

  • Ashish Iyer
    2018-11-27 18:04

    Review in Volume 10.

  • Bhanuj
    2018-12-07 18:42

    The past. The Present and The Laugh. Just when I thought humor is slipping away, Yorrick strikes again.

  • ✿ cassandra ✿
    2018-12-03 18:06


  • Liz (Quirky Cat)
    2018-11-21 23:45

    I can’t believe how close we’re getting to the end of Y: The Last Man. I’ve just completed the eighth volume (I know, I’m insanely behind), and I’m still not sure how they’re going to end this series. I’m a bit worried it’ll be a ‘rocks fall and everyone dies’ sort of ending, but I have hope that it won’t end like that. I’ll confess after reading the last volume (which was mostly full of short stories and not all that impressive, all things considered), but it seems like my fears have been for naught (thank goodness!). While we’re looking at the bright side of things, I’d like to point out that the writers and artists have stayed the same, which is a huge relief for me (I always worry about style changes halfway through a long-ish series).(view spoiler)[ This volume lives up to the title (Kimono Dragons) and is really fasted paced on the whole; especially when compared to the last volume. It’s clear that there’s been a bit of a time jump in the main story (further proof that the last volume was mostly short stories being told out of order), as Yorick’s hair has gotten mighty long (it actually looks pretty nice, especially with the mascara he’s wearing…but I don’t think he’d appreciate me telling him that). If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been a nervous wreck the last few volumes waiting to see if Ampersand is okay, and if so, where the heck he is. This volume finally (finally!) gives us some answers on that front. We also get more background on Dr. Mann, which I sort of knew was incoming (there’s no way she isn’t involved in the bigger picture here, even if Yorick is too blind to see that). There aren’t any new Beth sightings, so I’m still feeling conflicted about what’s going to happen to her (I have concerns she’ll not make it to the end of the series, or if she does she won’t be the Beth that Yorick fell in love with). There are a lot of heavy moments in this volume, some of which the series absolutely needed to continue moving forward. Others are also necessary, but depending on your fondness for flashbacks they may be more annoying than revealing. Most notably Allison Mann and Alter; I wasn’t crazy about either, but they weren’t bad either (I think I was just anxious to get back to the main plot at the time those stories were introduced). While we don’t see their backstories, we also learn a bit about Dr. Mann’s mother (she’s alive, believe it or not) and Rose. Needless to say this volume is a bit Allison heavy, but considering how involved she may or may not have been in the creation of this whole disaster, I feel like it was about time for that. I am so relieved that Ampersand is alive and safe, and finally back with Yorick. I also find it exceptionally fitting that he’s terrified of the females of his species (okay, I can’t actually say that he’s afraid of all females, but he sure is afraid of the one). It was a moment of humor that was very much needed after everything we witnessed. I’m getting really anxious to see how this series ends. I’d typically put off reading the last two volumes for a month or two (because I’m a coward), but I’m going to push forward and try to finish the last two next week. We’ll see how much they make me cry! (hide spoiler)]For more reviews, check out Quirky Cat's Fat Stacks

  • Tiffany Lynn Kramer
    2018-12-07 19:56

    At this point I've accepted that at least once in every volume I'm going to experience the urge to hurt Yorick in some fashion.That aside I really enjoyed this volume. A fair amount goes down that has me pumped to see how things play out. It was also a joy getting to see some back story for both Allison and Alter.

  • Nashid
    2018-11-24 20:52

    Things starting to come together with more updates on key characters, some brilliant origin stories, a new setting, the same dumb, insufferable asshole.......

  • Licha
    2018-11-16 23:04

    3.5 stars. It's somewhat difficult to rate sections of one whole story. Sometimes it's really good, at times I've become annoyed with the story or characters, but my interest in the outcome of the group and their story has not wavered for me. Yorick seems to get a bad rap from several readers but I actually like him. I like that he is not a superbreed of a man but a man who's somewhat clueless and has evolved in maturity as the story progresses, someone who did not ask to be the last man on Earth. He's like a deer in headlights most of the time but that's as it should be. How would we feel if we were the last of our kind on earth? I'd imagine I'd feel just like Yorick. I love 355's loyalty to the group and I love Dr. Mann. Ampersand rounds off the group and is just as much a part of this little family that's been thrown together for better or worse.More than do the emotional review per volume I've decided to evaluate each one individually for how it's made me feel at the moment. Answers may be provided down the line that may make me view story arcs differently. For now, I've decided to just briefly summarize important story arcs so I can remember what each volume was about. I've tried not to add any spoilers but for someone currently reading I would suggest not reading this review further in case plot elements are given away. There's a lot going on in this volume. It starts off with the group newly arrived in Japan. There is a new addition to the group, Rose, who is the love interest of Dr. Mann.--Ampersand ends up in a brothel where a male android is all the rage amongst the Japanese women. The owner of the brothel has sold off Ampersand to a Canadian pop Singer, who's become the new mafia boss in the city. --Hero, Beth#2, and Beth#3 arrive in Kansas.--Dr. Mann and Rose find Dr. Mann's mom's lab where they startle her and mom ends up stabbing Rose in fright. Mom operates on Rose and saves her but during Rose's delirious stage she reveals that she's been spying on the group.--Toyota reappears and kidnaps Dr. Mann's mom.--Ampersand and Yorick reunite.--We see a glimpse of Dr. Mann's childhood and young adulthood and her tumultuous relationship with her father. Their competitiveness puts them in a race to be the first to clone a human being, which will bring consequences as a result of their pride to be the first to do so.--A glimpse into Alter Tse'Elon's childhood and young adulthood shows how she ended up being a fighter in the Israeli army. We also see how she ended up being connected to Yorick's mother.

  • Tiffany Fox
    2018-11-15 18:00

    WOW were do I begin with my top 5 on this volume. 5. Yorik. From looking like a character out of Clockwork Orange to spilling everything to 355 to being bitten by Ampersand to being on his way to France seems that the next 3 volumes are going to start getting really interesting.4. Alter. Seems that she is back in the game of going after Yorik again. This time she starts off where she last ended at the installation with the twins and baby boy. Now she is trying to say she is going to be Yorik's saving angel....3. Hero and Yorik's mother is dead. So with above, Alter is apparently saving in one way she is Yorik's saving angel, but yet she took her revenge and killed his mother. 2. Dr. Mann. Things just keep getting more and more interesting. Through flashbacks we finally understand what her motives were for trying to clone herself. Also, she was a cute little kid, but an even hotter coming out of the closet woman. And now she is bleeding... Hopefully she'll be okay or be found in time since she seems to have been losing a lot of blood here lately.1.The story. I know it may seem like a cop out for some big reveal of a #1 but I really do LOVE this story. Brian K Vaughan does an amazing job with starting to bring things together for the remaining few issues. You can really start to see the beginning to the end of this series.

  • Maria Kramer
    2018-11-14 20:45

    In Japan, revelations await for all out main characters - but especially Dr. Mann. I like how the two female leads in the series are more than just accessories to Yorick. They are huge parts of the story with their own character arcs and pasts.

  • Niina
    2018-11-19 17:56

    Hyvin mielenkiintoinen tämä Y: The Last Man -sarjan kahdeksas albumi. Japani, Yorick kajalilla sekä pitkillä hiuksilla(!) ja tohtori Mannin nuoruus-flashbackit. Tykkään, kun jokaisen albumin viimeinen luku on keskittynyt yhden tai useamman keskeisen hahmon henkilöhistoriaan. Ymmärtää paremmin, miksi hahmo on sellainen kuin on. Syvyyttä! Yorick, agentti 355 ja tohtori Mann löytävät viimein Ampersand-apinan, mutta Yorickin ja lemmikin jälleennäkeminen ei ole aivan ruusuinen. Viimeiset kaksi albumia ovat varmasti todella kiinnostavia sen perusteella, mitä nyt on pohjustettu.

  • Baal Of
    2018-11-26 18:59

    I keep hanging on at this point because I just hate leaving a series unfinished. This volume contains a bunch of backstory that seemed almost desperate, like the author was trying to prove that the stupid shit characters did earlier in the series, made sense in the light of these new revelations. But it came off to me as just empty. The Epiphany character was obnoxious to the point of being a caricature. The worst moment though, was when whatshername's mother (I can't even remember character names, that's how little I have invested in this series) says "I'm a homeopathic surgeon" - so what does she do, pretend to touch a scalpel and call it done? Fucking stupid.

  • Tays
    2018-12-06 22:51

    Is it just me or this volume has way too much science and redemption stories in it? It wasn't really necessary. The whole science tidbits and whatnot. Really, it's all over the place and it kinda confuses me. Like a lot. As for doing redemption back stories for the supporting characters, I feel like those characters didn't really need one. Explaining how they got to where they are now doesn't really make much sense, for one, it just kind of drags out the whole main plot. Vaughan is an excellent writer but this volume isn't one of his best ones. Though I really hate giving up on titles, so I owe it to Yorick and Ampersand to see this through to the end.

  • Josh
    2018-11-30 22:51

    I hadn't read any "Y" in about 2 years before getting to read this volume last month, and I was amazed at how much of it came back to me. the characters are extraordinarily well-crafted, all with strong, and unique personalities. this volume begins to unlock the Great Mystery of this entire series, and is pretty awesome.

  • Samantha
    2018-11-15 17:41

    swords, guns, blah blah blah. getting close to the end, at last it's not just journey across america (it's actually more journey around the world), but we're actually getting some answers to what killed all the dudes in the first place. it's looking suspiciously like one guy's personal issues.

  • Jessica
    2018-11-17 01:46

    There should always be one character you can root for in a book. I've come to realize there is nobody in this series, least of all Yorick, that I like. This volume dealt with a lot of the pasts and childhoods of the characters - I still didn't care

  • Rural Soul
    2018-11-29 00:05

    Quickest read in the series.

  • Kelli
    2018-12-10 00:03

    The science bugs me.

  • Erin
    2018-12-06 20:43

    This series is interesting, because while I may not love the individual books, I love the overall story SO MUCH.

  • Jess
    2018-12-06 21:49

  • Ticklish Owl
    2018-11-22 17:42

    Review of entire series: Meh, not a win. The women spend their time hooking up (even the straight ones) and going into uber militant feminism mode. It's off-putting. The answers to the mystery behind the pandemic are not convincing. I'm not a fan of the artist's style, either. Some of it is unintentionally creepy; like Ampersand's facial expressions. And, why is Ampersand's head always so much smaller than his body, it's just odd looking. Later (view spoiler)[the faces of babies and children are all weird too.Yeah, a solid meh. So sad, since I greatly enjoy Vaughan's & Staple's Saga series. (hide spoiler)]

  • Jessica
    2018-12-10 23:00

    In this installation of Y the Last Man, Yorkick and 355 are on the trail of Yorick's kidnapped monkey, Ampersand. But they'll have to outsmart the Japanese mafia in order to get him back safely. Meanwhile, Dr. Mann and her suspicious new girlfriend, Rose, look for clues at Dr. Mann's mother's lab. We also learn some background on Israeli agent Alter and how her past shaped the soldier she would become. This series continues to be fun and well written, although I'm starting to get tired of all these side trips that distract from finding out what caused this plague.

  • Mateen Mahboubi
    2018-11-12 19:56

    What a slog. Begrudgingly reading as I can't drop it at this point but really nothing interesting going on here. The hunt for Ampersand was pretty uninteresting and led to some really problematic stuff with the Yakuza now being led by a Canadian pop star (why????). The only decent thread was the Dr. Mann backstory but even that got into some weird Chinese/Japanese secret family levels that seemed totally unnecessary. Looking forward to finishing but my expectations are really low right now.

  • Suzette
    2018-12-02 21:10

    Decided to re-read the entire Y: The Last Man series. Awwwww, yeahhh. There's a reason Brian K. Vaughan is one of my favorites.I read them all so quickly I don't have any specific review for each volume. Alas...