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An Irish warrior with a thirst for revenge...Trahern MacEgan -- his body is honed for fighting, his soul is black and tortured. Women want to tame him, but he has loved once, and now is lost.A woman who has suffered in silence...Morren O Reilly -- she has known pain and shame, but holds her head high, even though she shrinks from a man's touch.Their passionate redemptionCaAn Irish warrior with a thirst for revenge...Trahern MacEgan -- his body is honed for fighting, his soul is black and tortured. Women want to tame him, but he has loved once, and now is lost.A woman who has suffered in silence...Morren O Reilly -- she has known pain and shame, but holds her head high, even though she shrinks from a man's touch.Their passionate redemptionCan Morren be the light to Trahern's darkness, and can she be made whole again by her surrender?...

Title : Surrender to an Irish Warrior
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ISBN : 9780373296101
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 288 Pages
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Surrender to an Irish Warrior Reviews

  • UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish
    2018-11-18 15:27

    Surrender to an Irish Warrioris the story of Trahern MacEgan and Morren Ó Reilly who, during a completely unexpected and viciously brutal Viking raid, each lost something very dear to them. For Trahern, it was his beloved betrothed, and for Morren it was her innocence, when she was callously used for the raider’s pleasure that night. This is an emotional story, one that had my heart aching for the pain these two people endured, and at the same time, had me feeling such hope for them. They were amazing together in the way they supported one another, allowing each other to grieve in order to heal, and in the process discovered a love growing between them, something neither of them had ever expected to find.I appreciated the compassion with which Ms. Willingham handled the heartbreaking subject of rape and its aftermath. It’s not an easy thing to write about it, but she pulled it off with such sensitivity and honesty, that I couldn’t help but shed a few tears for Morren. And I wanted to cry for Trahern’s loss as well, and cheer when they finally got their happily ever after.I’ve been so invested in this family, and it seems like it’s been an eternity that I waited for this story, and wow…such an powerful conclusion to the MacEgan Brothers series.

  • Kathleen
    2018-12-16 13:10

    Read this one last summer. Loved it!! Totally loved it and re-read it again several times.Everything worked for me. Strong character development, to-die-for hero, vulnerable but strong heroine, strong supporting cast, suspense that kept me wondering until the end, and plenty of steam! Yummy Trahern.I really sympathized with both Trahern and Morren and wanted them to be happy. The heroine, especially, went through the worst kind of abuse. The author portrayed Morren's broken-ness admirably, but not to excess. It was gratifying to see her regain her lost faith in people.I was absorbed in the romance and also in the surrounding story. Who is the traitor? Who sold the clan for coin?Such a pleasure to read a book where all the elements converge to create a coherent tale, and there is consistency between the character's current actions and past experiences, actions, and beliefs.As a bonus, some interesting peeks into the Norse language, as well as Gaelic / Old Irish. Even though I skimmed some of the bard's storytelling, I liked that element. Nice to have a hero who is a warrior yet steeped in stories and legends.

  • SheLove2Read
    2018-12-11 15:37

    Although this is the 5th book in the MacEgan brothers series, this is the first book I've read. I had no trouble following along and I didn't see any part of the story that was dependent upon reading the others.The story starts with Trahern MacEgan, youngest brother, traveling in the cold bitter wind of Northern Ireland (late fall?) in search of the ones who killed his betrothed and her clan in a clandestine nighttime raid. Along the way he encounters a young girl on foot who leads him to a small shell of a dwelling where he finds her older sister in the throes of a miscarriage. She's been raped repeatedly by the raiders and become pregnant. After a long night, Trahern manages to save her life and discover she is (what he believes is) the only survivor of his fiance's clan. Morren O'Reilly has known the pain and shame from her rape and subsequent pregnancy. Although she holds her head high and would have loved the child, she still feels absolute fear of men and cannot stand to be touched. She knows Trahern and also knew his betrothed and feels great sorrow for him, for its obvious he is a man with nothing left to lose, so caught up in his grief that he has become both reckless and dangerous. This was a very emotional story and hard to read at times. Morren's rape is still with her every day. She's lost weight and sleeps little due to her nightmares. Trahern is enraged with vengeance and he feels protective of Morren, almost to the point of obsession. At times its obvious he has transferred his feelings for his beloved to Morren, although not in a sexual way. At other times he pushes her away, almost blaming her for his own need to protect. They are both tortured souls.The HEA is tender and makes you teary eyed. There were a few TSTL moments towards the end but nothing that a dedicated read can't overlook for the sake of story and character growth.A-

  • Münevver
    2018-12-07 19:16

    Evet ya, böyle tatlış mı tatlış, tek atımlık, çikolata gibi bir seri de okumuştum... ❤️

  • Mati
    2018-11-26 19:29

    michelle'in macegan serisinin son kitabı, ailenin macegan olmayan üyesidiğer kitaplarına göre daha duygusal geldi bana. Her iki kahramanının da duygusal olarak yaralı tipler olması, acılarının birbirlerine ilaç olması çok güzeldi... Ama trahern'in macegan olmadığını anladığımda çok şaşırdım, yazar daha önceki kitaplarda hiç ipucu vermemişti. Sonunda verilen mesaj (bence) güzeldi, aile demek sadece kan demek değildir, acı mutlak değildir, unutulmasa bile taşımak giderek kolay olur

  • Kathleen
    2018-12-18 16:32

    I love this book. There is so much emotion. Two people who have had some very bad experiences find one another. Trahern MacEgan feels the need to protect Morren O’Reilly and Morren badly needs to learn to trust again after some horrible experiences. As we are first introduced to these lovely individuals they are hanging by a thread to their shattered lives. The two come together and live through an extremely frightening experience. As the days progress both Trahern and Morren are trying hard to find that small thread of hope to keep them going. Neither one wants to loose their future to the atrocious things that have been dealt them. I love that Michelle Wellingham brings a level of maturity to her characters. Maturity that is learned through some of life’s very hard circumstances and does not fall into the same silly cat and mouse act that most authors think they need to tell a love story. Both characters are true to themselves and honest with their feelings as true mature adults. I love that I can’t always predict what will be said or done next. Ms. Wellingham your stories are ALWAYS a pleasure.

  • May
    2018-12-08 14:35

    Trahern MacEgan is a medieval Irish bard whose fiance is brutally murdered during a Viking raid. Swearing revenge, Trahern is in the midst of tracking down the raiders when he rescues Morren Ó Reilly, a woman who has been brutalized by the raiders and desperately needs Trahern's help to save her sister and herself. Will he be able to fight past his anger and blood lust to help Morren?While the story was entirely too predictable at times, both Trahern and Morren are simply endearing and you can't help but not get caught up in their budding romance. If you like a story where the man is all protective but not overbearing and the woman is fragile yet strong-willed and fearless, then this book is for you.

  • Jessica
    2018-11-28 19:14

    This is probably the most emotionally intelligent MB romance novel I've read, let alone historical fiction one. The developing romance between Trahern and Morren inspite of the emotional damage they've both suffered was beautifully developed and woven throughout the story like a fine tapestry. The story-lines of both the main characters stood out and had me hooked from the start. I can't imagine the author had an easy time of tackling the difficult subjects she choose to deal with. Still she managed to infuse a poignant love story into an era when raiding, pillaging and rape were rife in Northern Europe. Well-handled and enjoyable read.

  • Yumru
    2018-12-07 19:12

    Uzun uzadıya romanlardan sıkıldığınızda bence bu seriyi okuyabilirsiniz.Çok muhteşem değil belki ama ben keyifle okudum,yazarın kalemi iyi bence sıkmıyor sizi.

  • Océano de libros
    2018-11-20 14:15

    Como me dejó intrigada el personaje castigado de Trahern MacEgan era obvio que terminaría leyendo su historia, y es que Trahern uno de los hermanos MacEgan esconde una gran historia.Trahern ha perdido a su prometida en el ataque a la aldea del clan Ó Reilly y solo busca venganza, en su camino se encuentra con Morren Ó Reilly precisamente una de las jóvenes que estuvo esa noche en el asalto y que también oculta un secreto.De nuevo su autora nos envuelve en ese ambiente medieval con sus costumbres, creencias…y nos presenta a dos personajes que no pueden estar mejor caracterizados y que representan dos consecuencias de un acto único. Los dos cargan con un peso a la espalda y cada uno busca la mejor salida. Por un lado, tenemos a Trahern que no solo es un bardo, un guerrero excepcional que busca venganza también tiene su lado dulce y comprensivo, en este caso una cosa no va en detrimento de otra, sino que se compensa muy bien y nos trae un personaje que es muy difícil de no llegar a querer. Por otro lado tenemos a Morren, tiene sus debilidades pero también sus fortalezas, y su pasado no ha sido un camino de rosas y es agradable ver como se forja su relación con Trahern y lo que mutuamente se van sanando de heridas del pasado. Creo que la novela vuelve a ser bastante completa: historia de amor, buena ambientación, buenos personajes y unas cuantas incógnitas que junto a una agradable narración te transportan por completo y pasas unas horas bastante entretenida.“Rendida al guerrero” quizás en momentos (pero muy pocos) se me hizo lenta, no es tampoco uno de los mejores libros de esta autora que llevo leídos, pero es muy bueno. Tiene una buena y bonita historia que también es dura, y no solo os encontraréis ese romance instantáneo este se forja poco a poco, con mucho cariño ;) Merece la pena leerla.

  • Ceren Ünlü
    2018-12-07 15:11

    Michelle Willingham'ın yazdığı MacEgan Olmak kitabı okundu bitti.... Ya niye bittin sen hemen? :'(Mükemmeldi... Mükemmel, Mükemmel, Mükemmel.Bu yazara bayılıyorum. Bu seriye bayılıyorum. Soluksuz, heyecanla, pür dikkat okuyorum. Ağlıyorum, gülüyorum. Asıl oğlana sinir olup, kıza saf gör artık diyorum. Bu yazara bayılıyorum ya bunun ötesi var mı ? :)):))Aslında bu kitabı Temmuz'da Ayça Yılmaz'ım almış bana. Ama seri bitecek diye okumaya kıyamamıştım. Kitapta bir gün de okundu, bitti. Şimdi öyle kapağına bakıyorum. Hüzünlü hüzünlü.Yazarın dili, herşeyi dörtdörtlük. Sahaflarda falan hani bulabilirseniz okuyun derim. Seriyi sırası ile okumasanız bile olur. Ama bu yazarı bi tadın. Asla pişman olmayacaksınız. Konusuna gelince arka kapağı okuyun diyorum sadece. Ben bir şey yazmayacağım. Çünkü arka kapakta işte kadın utancı falan yaşamış diyor. Kitabı okumaya başlayınca ben şok olmuştum... Siz de öyle olun istiyorum... Bu kitabı, yazarı beğenmeyecek olan yok ! Herkese şiddetle okumasını tavsiye ederim !

  • Ambyr
    2018-11-20 20:28

    I love love love this book. Such detail, thought, and emotion. I only wish the story went on longer. Then again, I did forcefully plow through it in an about 24 hour time frame. I loved how the characters were presented as wounded and strong, damaged but drawn to one another to heal and be healed. I've read another of Willingham's books, not even realizing they were in a series. That's one of the many beauties... you can pick a book, any book, and enjoy it without having to have read the others to be able to understand. This book was sad, sweet, beautiful, funny, romantic, touching, wonderful. <3'd it. Can't wait to devour more!

  • Crystal
    2018-11-30 13:26

    Before you read this book be prepared for the very adult content dealing with miscarriage and rape. It's fairly graphic and if you have trouble with those topics you probably won't be comfortable with this book in the series. That said, I applaude Willingham's effort to take on such difficult subjects. She did it with grace and confidence while not belittling the aftereffects of such traumas showed how the FMC was able to rise above them.

  • namericanwordcat
    2018-11-22 13:33

    For those of you who think that there is a lack of great historical romances being written look no farther than this utterly wonderful series.This book is devastating good. It doesn't sugarcoat what war means. It deals with rape in a realistic and powerful way. Both of these characters have great grief. They are also simply wonderful with each other and gain great love.I highly recommend this romance.

  • Dancer
    2018-11-24 13:22

    The development was uneven in this Willingham novel. She allowed her reader to not feel the tension building consistently in the piece. The ending was a bit rushed, which will happen when a publisher sets a word count for the novel. Despite this not being my favorite Willingham novel, I would continue to purchase her works.

  • Summer Parks
    2018-11-20 20:27

    I absolutely loved this book. Surrender to an Irish warrior is the first book I have read by Michelle Wellingham an definitely will not be the last. At the time I did not realize it was part of a series, therefore I will be going back and reading about the four other brothers. Yay! I love it when I find a good one.

  • Melania Ramona
    2018-11-22 14:15

    Not an easy book to read, but I liked it.

  • Deanna
    2018-12-18 18:22

    I loved the way the hero and heroine helped to heal each other from their pain.

  • Tara (box5angel)
    2018-12-02 15:28

    What a great book! It was sweet, it was sad, it was funny. I cried, I laughed, I got mad. In the end, it was a great romance. :)

  • Natália Eduardo
    2018-12-19 17:34

    Bela história de amor e superação pessoal. Amei os dois protagonistas : são perfeitos juntos . Recomendo!

  • Lorelle
    2018-11-20 13:18

    Sweet story.

  • Nicole
    2018-11-22 14:26

    Not my favorite time in history, but still good.

  • Mia
    2018-12-19 17:32

    I had been looking forward to this one, but meh. What bothers me the most is the author's appalling laziness, as she seems to have skipped the most basic research. The Viking chieftain is named Dagmar, but Dagmar is a woman's name. And a German woman's name that became popular in Scandinavia only in the 13th century at that. Something anyone with basic google skills would know.

  • Cris
    2018-11-30 20:13

    Historicão com espadão!Uma das coisas que eu gosto na escrita da Michelle Willingham é a sua atenção para a época. Se ela escreve romances medievais, ela realmente situa os personagens nesse período, com todas as suas dificuldades e perigos. Não fica inventando um reino encantado cheio de bondade e sabedoria onde todos vivem felizes e com todas as comodidades modernas. Trahern é um bardo, e um dos irmãos MacEgan que aparecia nos outros livros, sempre com o cabelo ruivo e barba compridas, contando histórias e esbanjando bom-humor. Mas agora as coisas mudaram. Sua noiva Ciara foi assassinada em um ataque no qual a sua vila foi destruída. O ataque o mudou por dentro e por fora. Ele não é mais aquela pessoa alegre, ele é um homem destruído, que só carrega uma emoção dentro do peito: a vingança. Ele parte para a antiga vila de sua noiva para tentar descobrir pistas dos assassinos e encontra Morren, uma mulher muito doente que está sofrendo um aborto espontâneo. Ele tenta ajudá-la, mas não consegue fazer nada pelo bebê. Morren também sofreu com o ataque a sua vila e foi estuprada pelos invasores. Os dois estão com a alma em pedaços, se encontram e se apóiam um no outro. A jornada dos dois é linda e de cortar o coração. Trahern recomeça a reencontrar a sua humanidade, ele ainda quer vingança, mas agora sua prioridade é garantir o bem-estar de Morren, e ela, com a ajuda dele, começa a superar o trauma e abusos que sofreu. Mas o livro não é só desgraça. O casal vai sofrer até conseguir superar os problemas e ficarem juntos, mas conforme você vai lendo, percebe que a esperança vai ressurgindo. Os dois são fortes e demonstram isso na luta para reerguer a vila e na busca de justiça. Algumas partes são brutais, mas não são gratuitas, a vida na época era assim, o reino encantado, como eu disse, não faz parte da história. Quem está acostumada com livrinhos mais levinhos com certeza não vai gostar, mas quem curte um histórico de verdade e de qualidade vai se deliciar!Ainda tem mais um livro de um personagem que aparece nessa história, o Gunnar, um viking abusado que aparece no começo do livro e se torna amigo do ruivo careca e esquentado, a história dele foi publicado em ebook, na série Undone, que são historias curtinhas com menos de 50 páginas, e a Harlequin bem que podia publicar como conto extra junto com outro livro. Eu ia amar!!!

  • The Eleventh Hour
    2018-11-18 17:33

    The story is pretty average Harlequin Historical stuff. It’s, more or less, modern people running around a fantasy version of historical Ireland, circa some random Hollywood Medieval year. So, the plot: Morren’s village was attacked by a Viking clan. She was raped and left for dead. She’s now having a miscarriage in an abandoned cottage where Trahern, the hero, is trying to save her life. The only reason that Trahern is in this part of Ireland is because he has come to avenge his fiancée, who died in the raid on Morren’s village. Together, they must discover who raided the village, which proves to be a difficult and dangerous plan of action.Okay, so the set-up is a bit complicated. Overly complicated, I actually thought. There was a lot of potential for the characters to go on an emotional journey together, given their past baggage, but they just…don’t. No one’s problems are explored with any depth, sensitivity or empathy. So why such a complicated beginning plot? If you’re never going to deliver any emotional catharsis for the characters, or explore the themes of rape, loss and grief, why even include them in the story? I didn’t understand it. The characters simply move past their grief with limited thought, which I thought was very shallow characterization.Speaking of characterization, the characters were paper-dolls with strange viewpoints designed not to anger readers. For example, Morren is pregnant by her rapist(s). But, she loves her baby, without reservation. …I mean, I found it unrealistic that Morren had no mixed feelings about her pregnancy. I just wish the author would have let Morren be more conflicted about the baby. Like, let the girl have her anger, let’s explore it, because she has a right to be angry and sad about this. There’s no discussion of the complexity of Morren’s situation, only tired moral platitudes that we’ve all heard before. Trahern, by contrast, was…all right. He also had a pseudo-sad backstory that was complete window-dressing, and that’s about it. To sum up, I was pretty unmoved by the superficial romance, lack of historical detail and very spare, plain writing style. Not a good story me, personally.

  • İnci Puyan
    2018-12-17 15:31 Kardeşler serisinin altıncı kitabı MacEgan Olmak...Seriyi geç de olsa bitirdim ve son bir kitabı kaldı o da henüz çevrilmedi ne yazık ki... Ama genel olarak MacEgan erkeklerinin kitapları bitti. Ve hepsine ayrı ayrı bayıldım.Trahern'in hikayesini birazıcık Bevan'ın hikayesine benzettim. Aslında konu olarak benzerlik yoktu ama Bevan'da karısını kaybetmiş onun yasını tutarken başka bir kadına aşık oluyordu Trahern'de sevdiği evlenmek istediği kadını kaybediyor ve onun yasını tutarken ve intikam isterken başka kadına aşık oluyor. Özellikle Trahern'in geçmişini öğrendikten sonra bu benzerlik beni gülümseterek "evet adamım sen bir MacEgan'sın" dedim.Morren'in yaralı ruhunu ve bedeninin ilacı Trahern'in olması çok romantikti. Aslında ikisi de yaralı ruhlarını birbirleri ile iyileştirdiler ve bunu okumak çok zevkliydi.Gunnar ile aralarında gelişen istemsiz yakınlığın ardındaki gerçekler cidden çok güzeldi ama en güzeli de MacEgan kardeşlerinin aralarındaki bağ... Kitapta diğer kardeşleri okumak, onları çoluk çocuk görmek, mutluluklarına tanık olmak çok güzeldi. Özellikle bir önceki kitaplarda onların en zorluklardan geçtiğini okuyup da bunda onları evli mutlu çocuklu okumak inanılmaz bir zevk ve tatmin duymama neden oldu.Morren'in kardeşi için yaptığı fedakarlık insanın içine işleyen bir fedakarlıktı ve kitapta en çok mutluluğu hak eden kişinin onun olması gerektiğine inandım... Onu gülerken, mutlu olurken okumayı istedim ve yazar kitabın sonunda bunu bana verdi.Seriyi en başından beri okumak ve her bir kardeşin mutluluklarına tanık olmak çok güzeldi. Bazen bazı kitaplar ya da seriler bittiğine üzülürsünüz ve bende bu seri bitti diye üzülüyorum. Umarım yakın zamanda yazarın yeni serilerini okuyabiliriz.Serinin altı kitabını da tavsiye ederim... Her biri ayrı bir tat ve heyecan veriyor. Okumaktan keyif alacaksınız.

  • SaturNalia
    2018-11-20 19:26

    Morren is pregnant and on the run from raiders, who have destroyed her clan. Trahern is hunting down the same raiders because they killed his beloved. Trahern stumbles upon Morren in an abandoned cottage and helps her through her miscarriage. Morren was raped by the raiders and is leery of Trahern. The first half of the book was Morren and Trahern getting to safety and figuring out who the raiders were. Second half, I liked better, it was Morren and Trahern growing closer together and working toward a HEA. Very light on the romance in the first half, so grew board reading about clan politics and rebuilding. I did like the characters. Trahern was moarning his fiancé but was attracted to Morren and wanted to help her heal. Morren only felt safe with Trahern but was afraid of his touch. They were complex enough to keep me reading on ward so I could see their happy ending.

  • Maggie Hesseling
    2018-11-19 13:11

    Reading Willingham's novels is always a treat as I'm never quite sure what I'm going to get. This is definitely not one of my favourites but it has a lot of aspects that I really liked. The most interesting part of the novel was the relationship between the two sisters. I really wish the novel had been more character driven by them. The internal politics was also an interesting aspect. I didn't really expect the last section of the novel. I was pleasantly surprised, but at the same time really disappointed with the fact that the repercussions weren't shown. The most disappointing was the hero. For someone who loved his fiancée as much as he states he does, he seemed to have left mourning her quite quickly. I didn't really feel as if he wrestled with the issue all that much, which left me wondering if he had really loved her?

  • Nesli
    2018-12-04 13:30

    Son MacEgan kardes, Trahern'in hikayesini anlatıyor kitabımız. Şair ve ozan, sesiyle hikayeleriyle, esprileriyle herkesi kendine hayran bırakan bir Trahern tanımıstık serinin diger kitaplarında. Ancak burda Trahern'in yaşamak bile umrunda degil, tek istedigi intikam. Sevdigi kadını öldüren Vikingleri bulup intikamını almadan rahatlayamıyor. Evinden sırf bu yuzden ayrılıyor. Ancak kader peşini bırakmıyor. Aynı viking baskınında duygusal ve fiziksel olarak yaralanmış bir kadın, Trahern'in derdinin dermanı, kalbinin sahibi oluyor. Ama ikisi de ruhen yaralı bu adam ve kadın, birbirlerine yaklaşmakta çok zorluk çekiyorlar. Ben begendim, favori kardes Ewan benim için ancak bu kitap da guzeldi. Tavsiye ederim.

  • Nessa
    2018-12-06 17:14

    I have never paid much attention to Traherne in the previous books but his phenotype makes me imagine of a sexy Vin Diesel, but perhaps less bulkier. I like Traherne's character. Unfortunately the plot didn't seem as captivating and the heroine didn't appear fetching to me, seems like she's too stubborn most of the time it becomes annoying. I really wished I could like this book even a little but sadly no it didn't work for me. Seemingly, Ms Willingham's book is a hit or miss for me. I realise I rather like my heroines as virgins.