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In Don't Sweat The Small Stuff with Your Family, we see how not to let small annoyances in our home lives get us down. From defusing kids who are whining or fighting, to working out issues with a spouse, to reducing the hassles over household chores, Richard Carlson shows us ways to make our relationships at home - the place where it counts most - more peaceful and loving....

Title : Don't Sweat the Small Stuff with Your Family: Simple Ways to Keep Daily Responsibilities and Household Chaos from Taking Over Your Life
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ISBN : 9780786883370
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 272 Pages
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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff with Your Family: Simple Ways to Keep Daily Responsibilities and Household Chaos from Taking Over Your Life Reviews

  • Lara Mckee
    2019-06-11 06:26

    This book was okay- nothing earth-shattering. I tried to read one tip each night before bed and then try to incorporate the tip during my day the next day. There were a few ideas I liked: Develop Your Own Reset Button; Stop Exchanging Horror Stories; Think Of Something You Did Right Today; Surrender To The Fact That There's Always Something To Do; and Become Less Easily Bothered. The author was asked to describe the average person in a few words and he chose "easily bothered". I thought that was clever and have now written on my bedroom mirror in dry-erase marker "Become Less Easily Bothered".

  • Jonathan-David Jackson
    2019-05-25 02:01

    Simple advice for life in a family. Out of the 100 things there probably weren't more than 10 that I don't already know of and try to do, but it's good to be reminded. Also, since I already know of/do most of them, it was also good to feel pleased with myself.A few of the things seemed like filler to me, since the author wanted a book of 100 things. Probably would have been better to go with 90 and leave out a few that are similar to others.For anybody who frequently feels stressed about family life (which is probably most of us), I think you would find this book to be helpful.

  • Cindy
    2019-05-23 06:21

    A couple of my favorites:#14 Encourage boredom in your children#47 When someone asks you how you are, don't emphasize how busy you areDon't Sweat the Small Stuff with Your Family is a good book, but it should probably be read slowly. I read it in one sitting and finished it a little overwhelmed. Basically, love your kids, take care of yourself and keep your life simple.

  • Kassie Miller
    2019-06-03 02:20

    I wish everyone (including myself!) could read, remember, and internalize everything in this book, every single day. SO many great things to think about. Simple ways to improve our lives and our relationships. Definitely one I want to re-read often, and try to constantly implement in my life!

  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    2019-06-03 05:12

    Can anything be more important than our families?

  • Kefaya Al Mubarak
    2019-06-11 03:16

    ١٠٠ نصيحة رائعةٌ .. هي فحوى كتاب #لا_تهتم_بصغائر_الأمور_مع أسرتك لمؤلفه #ريتشارد_كارلسون..أسلوب مميز.. وراقٍ.. وعملي.. هو خلاصة تجربة المؤلف مع عائلته المكونة من زوجة مساندة ومتفهمة وابنتين مشاكستين.. تجربة حياة واقعية مليئة بالمغامرة والمتعة والتعلم من الأخطاء..وجدته كتابًا جديرًا بالقراءة لكل الآباء والأمهات.. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️تحياتي كفاية ١٩ اغسطس ٢٠١٧اهم الاقتباسات:*عندما كان يمر بي وقت صعبٌ مع طفلتي كان المخرج دائمًا أن يعبر كل منا للآخر عن حبه، وهكذا تستمر الحياة**إن المشاعر لا يمكن تأجيلها، حيث إن لها ميعادًا مناسبًا ومكانًا محددًا، وحينما تتواجد هذه المشاعر، فإما نهتم بها في ساعتها أو أن تفقد هذه الفرصة وتترك جرحًا في النفوس، وإذا راعيتها بحب واحترام، فإنك تضيف إلى الحب والمودة اللذان يغلفان علاقتك*رغبة طفلك في ان يروي لك قصة ورغبة شريكة حياتك ان تشاركها يومها تعتبر لحظات ثمينة وفرصا للمشاركة والتواصل وخلق الذكريات، قد تحتاج الحديقة إلى تشذيب ولكنها يمكن ان تنتظر

  • Lindy
    2019-05-22 05:18

    This is one of those books that most of the content seems obvious, yet none of us do what Carlson suggests. There are 100 chapters, with each chapter briefly explaining a principle to keep life stress-free at home. It's a great book, however, I think I would be able to apply it more if I read one chapter a week and worked on that principle.

  • Bill Donhiser
    2019-06-19 08:57

    Rather simplistic but some very important points. A good book to read when day to dat stuff is keeping you from the big picture. The big word to take away is responsibility.

  • Lorna
    2019-06-15 04:14

    I decided to reread this book as I'm going to be moving closer to my family. It's chuck full of wise advice.

  • Lauren
    2019-06-18 10:05

    Don't Sweat the Small Stuff has 100 key points of advice for living a better life with your family. Each of these points is explained in detail throughout the book. There is a lot of great advice in this book that I have been able to apply to my life. Some of the techniques have made me a more understanding person and a better wife. Though I find the book useful, some of the explanations can be repetitive and boring. It took me time to finish the book, because there is so much information and so many explanations.Even though it takes time, the information is worth reading. If you actually take the information in, it can have a positive impact on your life. I would recommend this book to all families.

  • Zach Koenig
    2019-05-19 02:07

    I received this book as a white-elephant Christmas gift despite not being married or having any children. Thus, despite picking up a few nuggets of wisdom, much of author Carlson's material here just wasn't for me.For those in large families, however, I can easily see how some of Carlson's suggestions could be very helpful and worthwhile to ponder in order to decrease the stress level of the everyday household.That being said, most of the advice given from this book is so simple that it borders on common sense. Only those who are truly overwhelmed by life (although perhaps that constitutes a larger percentage of the population than I think) will really be "revolutionized" by this book.

  • Daniel Stone
    2019-05-22 03:18

    “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff With Your Family” is a wonderful resource for learning simple, practical strategies for developing fit families. Whether you live by yourself, a roommate, your parents, and/or have children or not, this book can help you improve your relationships with anyone and everyone and will help you live a more peaceful, joyous life.

  • Batool AK
    2019-05-31 02:26

    Good advice, but nothing groundbreaking. Mostly just reminds us of what's important

  • Dava
    2019-06-01 04:04

    Simple but helpful.

  • Kimberly
    2019-05-28 02:20

    Learn from kids as they live in the moment. Your most effective, powerful and positive energy is the energy of right now.Protect your privacy. Protecting and respecting your own privacy is a statement to yourself and others that you value yourself aand your own peace of mind.Live from your heart. Make decisions that resonate within your heart and your own values.Keep promises.Voluntary simplicity. Don't fall into habit of ever-increasing wants, desires, and 'keeping up with the Joneses.Keep good company. The people around you, particularly those you choose to spend time with have a great deal of influence on your attitude and state of well-being. Take an honest look at how you feel when you are around someone, or shortly thereafter - does this person help you grow? do you share values? If not, are you really friends? Choosing good company will make your life easier and far less stressful.Agree to disagree.Don't put yourself down. Putting yourself down reinforces, rather than corrects your imperfections by putting unnecessary attention and energy on everything that's wrong, rather than what's right with you. Don't let money get you down.Put a ceiling on your desires. Without this to guide your life, happiness can be an elusive experience that is going to happen "someday" rather than something you experience along the way.Actions speak louder than words. ~"What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say."-Ralph Waldo Emerson Sit still. Take time to relax and do absolutely nothing, breaks negative momenturm. Stay healthy and exercise.Speak softly. Sending a message with impatience and agitation may lesson feelings of love, calmness, and respect.Stay playful.Embrace change.Remember, this too shall pass.~"Circumstances don't make a person, they reveal him or her."Treat your family members as if this were the last time your were going to see them.

  • SHR
    2019-06-04 03:07

    The examples in this book are from home life and interpersonal relationships. I found this an interesting book, not as repetitive as “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” but for me, also not as helpful – although they share some of the same advice. Still having said that, there were some bits of advice and common sense that I liked and it is nice to be reminded (as it is easy to get caught up and forget what we already know). Three of my favourites were (1) Don’t be a martyr. There is a fine line between working hard out of actual necessity and overdoing it out of perceived necessity, (2) Explore voluntary simplicity & (3) The less you struggle with your problems and challenges, the more energy you have at your disposal to solve them.

  • Jessamyn Wilson
    2019-06-01 09:17

    This book is written in a casual conversational way, as if sitting in a room talking to a friend. The advice he gives is simple and easy to use, but things that most of us often overlook on a daily basis. I found this book the be interesting with all of his personal stories and examples. However, I don't feel that he truly had 100 tips, because some of them were just spin-offs of each other. This made some chapters a little boring because, well, I had read the same thing worded differently in previous chapters. Still, I greatly enjoyed reading this book and found it to hold helpful advice that I plan to use in my own day-to-day life.

  • Lindsay
    2019-05-20 03:05

    While this book had some good wisdom and pleasant reminders, I honestly was hoping for a little more oomph to the content. There were a handful of entries that sparked some thought, but most were pretty basic and general advice (ie don't go to bed mad, this too shall pass, you can't take it with you). This might be best suited for a very young family starting out that is under experienced in life and overwhelmed by the chaos of daily living.

  • Shelli
    2019-06-07 05:03

    100 great ideas or inspirations to remind us of what most of us already know, but often forget when feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Lately I have been struggling with many "small" things in my own household and this was a wonderful reminder about putting things in perspective and stopping to think more than just react. Hopefully some, or even 1, of the 100 things mentioned will come to mind the next time small stuff, or the not so small stuff, happens.

  • Punita Rice
    2019-06-03 08:27

    So many good reminders/happiness hacks in this book. Assuming you like, and/or love your family, and have any interest at all in further enhancing your interactions with them, there are at least a handful of ideas/tips in this book that will be worth implementing, and will immediately make you happier with and better at communicating with them.

  • Kevin E
    2019-06-14 07:13

    Great practical advice. Much of it reminds you of a simpler mindset when you truly valued each day "as if it were your last," and said goodbye to everyone as if you would never see them again. I've read a good share of "self-help" books-including the first in this series, "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff (and it's ALL small stuff)," and this is a worthy addition to one's mental volumes.

  • Gena Lott
    2019-06-14 05:14

    The snippets of wisdom in this book may at times seem like so much "so what" and "oh really?" But occasionally a real gem hit me right between the eyes. It is worth a quick read. And that is what it will be because of the short quote-like presentation.

  • Maryam
    2019-05-31 08:16

    کتای خوبی بود، اینگار تو یه سالی پرفروش ترین کتاب سال هم شد! گاهی وقتا یه چیزایی که میدونی یا تجربه کردی باید به شکل نوشتاری بخونیشون تاثیر خوبی واست بذارن،شایدم عادتمون شده! کتاب روون و کاربردی ای بود،یه قسمتایی از کتاب هم حتما باز میخونم.

  • Brynn
    2019-06-01 08:11

    a little turned off by the shear number of "small stuff" books Carlson has written, (there must be a lot of overlap and he must be making a lot of $$) but this book was very applicable to my little family and if reminded of it often, i'm sure my home will be happier because of it's bits of wisdom.

  • Sherri
    2019-05-28 10:07

    some helpful, some unrealistic and some just down right guilt-inducing. Overall-it is a fresh perspective--I read after recently getting married for the first time at age 40 and struggling to find the balance between "super-wife" and just maintaining a sense of "me".

  • Afnan Alfadel
    2019-06-15 07:05

    كتاب رائع وأفادني كثيراً أعارتني إياه احد زيميلات المرحلة الجامعية وافادني كثيرا خاصه بعد الزواج والانتقال للعيش مع أسره الزوج. مهم لمن يعيشون مع أشخاص كثر او في مجتمعات ذات العلاقات الاجتماعية المكثفه. لا اكاد اتذكر اسمها لكن مازال الكتاب لدي .

  • Brittany
    2019-05-31 05:06

    This was my first "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff" book and I didn't really expect to get as many good ideas from it as I did. There are 100 bite-sized pieces of advice and inspiration for ways to make your family life better.

  • Robin
    2019-05-31 05:25

    Good book to keep on the bedstand in case it's too late to get into your current read and you just need a little something to relax. A feel-good-I should do this- book. The book just keeps things in perspective and a good reminder. I enjoy his books.

  • Emma
    2019-05-20 03:18

    A book with lots of advice about how to slow down and step back so you can appreciate your family instead of noticing all the negatives in your day-to-day life. Some things we already do but also plenty of good ideas for me to try implement.

  • سارة
    2019-05-31 10:25

    قررت إني أحفظ الكتاب عن ظهر قلبلازم يتقرا أكتر من مرةولازم يبقى منهج حياةبس خالفته في نقطة واحدة بس وهي تخلص من الأشياء غير المفيدة في بيتكمقدرش بيتكلم ازاي يعني!!أنا لو ورقة مشخبطة فيها استحالة أرميهاإنها أشيائي