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In Rise to Rebellion, bestselling author Jeff Shaara captured the origins of the American Revolution as brilliantly as he depicted the Civil War in Gods and Generals and The Last Full Measure. Now he continues the amazing saga of how thirteen colonies became a nation, taking the conflict from kingdom and courtroom to the bold and bloody battlefields of war.It was never a wIn Rise to Rebellion, bestselling author Jeff Shaara captured the origins of the American Revolution as brilliantly as he depicted the Civil War in Gods and Generals and The Last Full Measure. Now he continues the amazing saga of how thirteen colonies became a nation, taking the conflict from kingdom and courtroom to the bold and bloody battlefields of war.It was never a war in which the outcome was obvious. Despite their spirit and stamina, the colonists were outmanned and outfought by the brazen British army. General George Washington found his troops trounced in the battles of Brooklyn and Manhattan and retreated toward Pennsylvania. With the future of the colonies at its lowest ebb, Washington made his most fateful decision: to cross the Delaware River and attack the enemy. The stunning victory at Trenton began a saga of victory and defeat that concluded with the British surrender at Yorktown, a moment that changed the history of the world.The despair and triumph of America’s first great army is conveyed in scenes as powerful as any Shaara has written, a story told from the points of view of some of the most memorable characters in American history. There is George Washington, the charismatic leader who held his army together to achieve an unlikely victory; Charles Cornwallis, the no-nonsense British general, more than a match for his colonial counterpart; Nathaniel Greene, who rose from obscurity to become the finest battlefield commander in Washington’s army; The Marquis de Lafayette, the young Frenchman who brought a soldier’s passion to America; and Benjamin Franklin, a brilliant man of science and philosophy who became the finest statesman of his day. From Nathan Hale to Benedict Arnold, William Howe to “Light Horse” Harry Lee, from Trenton and Valley Forge, Brandywine and Yorktown, the American Revolution’s most immortal characters and poignant moments are brought to life in remarkable Shaara style. Yet, The Glorious Cause is more than just a story of the legendary six-year struggle. It is a tribute to an amazing people who turned ideas into action and fought to declare themselves free. Above all, it is a riveting novel that both expands and surpasses its beloved author’s best work.From the Hardcover edition....

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The Glorious Cause Reviews

  • Mr. Matt
    2019-04-20 00:13

    Another book that I should've reviewed days ago. Too much work .... too much going on ....The Glorious Cause continues the story of Franklin, Adams, Washington, Cornwallis, and more through the climax of the American Revolution. This is Shara's Schtick. He picks a few key players in great historical events and follows them through those events. As a reader you gain insight into the thinking, the strategy, the plots of these great people. The insight is fantastic.The approach is also a great weakness of the book. It does follow those great men, but it does leave untouched what I find more intriguing about historical fiction. What about the individual farmer - the small landholder or craftsman? History is not necessarily about the great and powerful. In many ways I like to read about the small person who is caught up in great events and somehow manages to shape those events through their pluck and luck. Wouldn't it have been cool to place a man or woman at the heart of the Revolution? Stealing British secrets on the sly to influence the course of the conflict? Or what about a Hessian mercenary who decides to desert over a shot at his own land? Or an English soldier who is conflicted about what his comrades are doing to drive the colonies away? I'm not saying abandon covering Franklin or Cornwallis, but just add more. (On the note of the great men, I did appreciate the focus on Cornwallis. He comes across very sympathetically.)Besides enjoying the stories, I also enjoy historical fiction because I learn about new periods and events that I was more or less ignorant of. In the case of The Glorious Cause, I had a first hand seat following the British army's Southern Strategy. Basically, with the war in New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts at a stand still, the British sought to end the Revolution in the Southern Colonies and then work their way North. I had the chance to be at the Battle of Cowpens (yes, a real battle) and at the final surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown. Pretty cool stuff.Three and a half stars out of five. Rounding it down to three based on the fact that I wanted more average Joe, less great man.

  • Joe
    2019-04-13 07:14

    In The Glorious Cause, Shaara picks up where he left off in Rise to Rebellion and relates the events of the lion share of the Revolutionary War (the fall of 1776 to the final negotiations in 1783.) Gone are many of the characters so crucial to the Declaration of Independence and greater space is given to the key players of the war: Washington, Greene, and Cornwallis and those crucial diplomats: Franklin and Adams.Shaara does a great job in capturing the desperate nature of the war: Washington seems finished in almost every chapter but manages to persevere through seemingly endless and insurmountable challenges. His account of the winter in Valley Forge is especially astonishing. Also great care is taken in the presentation of America's great odd couple - Franklin and Adams in their diplomatic struggles in France. (It is really funny how appalled Adams is at Franklin's perceived moral excesses in France.)This is also a great book, but somehow less engaging than Rise to Rebellion. However, Shaara offers a profound epilogue in which he eulogizes each of the key characters which is truly amazing. Shaara makes a great case for George Washington being the most indispensable man of the revolution and one of the most pivotal men in all history.

  • Gilda Felt
    2019-03-27 02:28

    Just like its prequel, this book brings to life the men who fought for, and against, the American cause. Highly readable, and so well researched that you find yourself forgetting that it’s a novel.Each chapter is written from a different person’s view, so that you see the conflict from both sides. Each person is shown in all their complexities, their good qualities as well as their flaws.Another plus, is that the battles are written in such a way to make them palatable to those readers who aren’t war or battle buffs. They’re easy to follow, while still keeping the sense of urgency and dread that the participants must have felt.What I knew of the Revolution was pretty much what I learned in high school. I knew the basics, but this particular time in history had never been an interest of mine. Washington, Arnold, Greene, Lafayette, Cornwallis. These were just names, place holders for the roles of hero or villain. But after reading these two novels, I’m looking forward to reading biographies of these real and fascinating men.

  • Domenico
    2019-04-16 06:15

    If you want an overview of the American Revolution, this book and its predecessor, "Rise to Rebellion", are an excellent source because it takes you beyond what you learned in high school history class, while making it all supremely accessible by turning the tale into a novel rather than a textbook. That isn't to say this is fictionalized or that Shaara took license with it. He relied on first-person accounts and letters and other historical documentation to make the dialogue and recounting of events as accurate as possible. If you're a Hamilton fan looking for more, this is a great place to start delving into American Revolutionary history. (But start with Rise to Rebellion, the first book of this duology.)

  • Sandy
    2019-03-21 04:31

    Jeff Shaara is amazing. I previously loved his Civil war books, Gods and Generals plus The Last Full Measure. If anything this was even better. He can bring it to life with all the despair, doubt and struggle that was involved over the long fight to shake off the yoke of British rule. Although I would have said that I knew a lot about the Revolution, the fact is that I learned so much here. My biggest takeaways were:- There was really no way we should have survived much less won. To quote the excellent musical, Alexander Hamilton: " We are outgunned, outmanned, outnumbered and outplanned"- We had no soldiers. England sent 32,000 professional soldiers to NY. Our new militia simply ran away so many times when we tried to fight. - The Country and the Continental Congress delivered so little support and generally a fraction of what was needed.- Generally our meager army had no coats, inadequate food and often no shoes even in winter! Soldiers signed up for two month enlistments and left as soon as it was up.- Then we had no officers and had to survive a number of bungles by poor commanders.- We also had no real central government and a strong belief that central government was bad as it could become the new tyrant. Therefore militia from Virginia for example would not want to fight outside their state. All militia felt that way unless their specific state was being attacked. So no way to build a big fighting force.- Fortunately English arrogance and a lack of following up the numerous English victories gave us a tiny opening. I still can't believe we prevailed. - The timeframe was longer than I realized taking over six years during which our new country was basically a mess hanging on by a thread the entire time.Great historical writing!

  • David Roark
    2019-03-28 06:16

    I cannot say enough good things about this book. For someone like myself who has always been interested in the American Revolution, it is kind of like a dream come true. Equally informative and dramatic, as well as captivating and well-written, this book, as well as the prequel, Rise to Rebellion, are definitely necessities for Americans to read, to fully appreciate what Washington, Greene, Lafayette, Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, Tilghman, Morgan, Wayne, Knox and many many more went through to see America gain her independence. I also appreciated the in-depth look at Charles Cornwallis, who in all honesty, had he possessed more superiority in the British army, may have been the one commander who could have beaten the rebels. If it weren't for the inept behaviors and actions of men like Howe and Clinton, in their positions of seniority, things may have been very different for America. I really enjoyed the focus on Nathanael Greene, in his role as quartermaster and close subordinate to Washington, and it makes me very proud to have discovered before reading this book that he is a distant relation of mine. Being able to follow the details and drama of the battles as they played out, and the overall strategies and struggles of the war really made this book interesting and hard to put down. One doesn't fully realize the agonizing struggles Washington faced, the doubts of his ability to command, and pressures upon him to try and see his vision for independence through. Thankfully, with many likewise brave and determined, he did.

  • Grayson Coleman
    2019-04-05 00:20

    Grayson ColemanMs. Minniear1st period10/11/10The Glorious Cause is a historical fiction book written by Jeff Shaara. It is set in the new country of America during the Revolutionary War. It is told so that all the commanding generals of both sides tell the story. For example one chapter might be titled “Washington“, and the next “Cornwallis.” There is really no main character but here are some of the characters, George Washington, Nathanael Greene, Charles Cornwallis, and William Howe. The story is about the second half of the American Revolution. The Rebels suffer several defeats in the beginning, but the tide turns soon after the Prussian General von Steuben comes to the aid of the Americans offering the Continental Army formal military training. They learned how to stand up to the enemy and fire massed volleys instead of randomly shooting. Aid also comes in the form of the Marquis de Lafayette. He defied his king’s orders and came to America to volunteer. Lafayette will lead the French army in the final battle, now that the French king agreed to join the Americans in their fight for independence. You probably know the outcome of the war but I will leave the details for you to read yourself.The historical aspect of the book is what gives it excitement and a nostalgic feeling. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes history and has a lot of time to read because of the length of the book.

  • Suzanne
    2019-03-21 06:13

    The Glorious Cause is the second book in Jeff Shaara’s narration of the American Revolution. Having read and loved the first, I already knew what I was in for when I picked up this novel. Wow! Shaara is such a master at presenting history in a way that is thrilling and even, at times, nailbiting. It doesn’t matter that we already know how the story turns out, this book is fantastic!Again, Shaara changes perspective with each chapter, featuring such important players as George Washington, Charles Cornwallis, Benjamin Franklin, Nathaniel Greene and the Marquis de Lafayette. Complete with maps, Shaara presents this stage of the war in a very readable progression of military victories and defeats, as well diplomatic battles. From cheering on Daniel Morgan to feeling giddy about the announcement of the French warships arrival in Chesapeake Bay, this book was a rip-roaring ride through the battles that determined the fate of all Americans. Truly, everyone should read this!

  • Carl Alves
    2019-03-28 01:24

    The Glorious Cause is a very well written and often times epic in scope novel about the Revolutionary War. It mostly uses the point of view of the major people involved in the war, primarily through the eyes of George Washington, who is more or less the central character of the novel. Shaara really goes through great pains to show the struggles that the Colonialists had to go through before things finally turned around. They had to show amazing resiliency overcoming horrible situations. It’s one thing to know the history of what happened from a class or a textbook, but this novel makes it come alive. Of all the characters in the novel, George Washington is the one that really stands out with his inner strength and refusal to fail. The prose is strong and the voice that the author uses fits the narrative and the times. Although a bit long-winded this is a strong novel that I would recommend.Carl Alves – author of Blood Street

  • Charles Cummings
    2019-03-27 01:17

    The Glorious Cause is book 2 on of Jeff Shaara’s two book set on the American Revolutionary War. This book really shined through as an excellent piece from Shaara. It goes from the invasion of New York to the siege of Yorktown. The primary focus of the book is the battles and the armies. Shaara writes from the point of view of different people (Washington, Lord Cornwallis, Greene, etc). The history is true; the conversations are Shaara’s idea of what was said. If you are interested in the American Revolutionary War, I would recommend you first read a non-fiction piece such as George Washington’s War, and then read this set, or just the second set if you are purely interested in the war itself and not the run up to the event.

  • Jaret
    2019-03-26 03:28

    This was a thoroughly researched novel of the American Revolution. This volume focused on the battles of the American Revolution. There was a lot of historical detail added to the story and I found the plotlines dragged at times. The best parts of the story revolved around George Washington trying to get money and supplies for his troops. The "battles" back and forth with the Continental Congress were intriguing and I learned a lot about his struggles behind the scenes. I also liked the Afterword where Shaara told the after story of all the major players in the Revolution on both sides of the war.

  • Tom Lowe
    2019-04-19 02:20

    Jeff Shaara's take on the American Revolution is more detailed and insightful than most. His characters seem to come alive, and so do the events. As much as I thought I knew about the Revolution, through years of reading and research, along comes Shaara to tell me a few things I didn't know. This book was definitely a good investment of my time and effort, considering its informative narrative and insights. Excellent book, hard to put down.

  • Laura
    2019-04-12 03:07

    Just arrived from USA through BM.This is the second and final volume of the American Revolutionary War series showing why George Washington reached the status of the Father of the United States of America.His military actions as well as his very well planned tactics assured important victories against the Britons together with the French alliance in the figure of General Lafayette.Another magnificent book by Jeff Shaara. Now I must finish the Civil War series.

  • Mike (the Paladin)
    2019-03-29 05:13

    Unabridged audio.I love accounts of the American Revolution. My only regret here is that I have been involved in a move and can't give this book the attention it deserves, I'll probably reread it later. The drama built through use of historical events alongside fictitious and imagined conversation makes a compelling book.

  • Debbie Colson
    2019-03-31 05:16

    Great book! Just visited American battle sites, and the trip sparked my interest in a broader view of history. The book lays out the historical figures, causes and effects, and timeline in an easy to understand read.

  • Barbara
    2019-03-30 03:07

    Thoroughly enjoyed this book! Very well researched and I really like his writing style. As much as I've read about the Revolutionary War, I did learn some new things in this book. I would highly recommend this book.

  • Abe
    2019-04-04 08:21

    A great book. The author brings history alive with factual data. It was interesting to note the significant role played by France in our independence.

  • Rebecca The Files of Mrs. E,
    2019-04-14 00:10

    Just like the book before, Rise to Rebellion, The Glorious Cause draws you right in. You know the history of the Revolutionary War, although you might have forgotten the details over time, but these books bring our fight for independence alive. You can picture all of it. I also love that while Shaara depicts heroes, they are not perfect. They suffer moments of indecision and difficulty. Finally I like that Shaara includes all the memorable characters, quotes, and events that we remember from that time.

  • Norb Wormald
    2019-03-22 01:33

    I heard Jeff Shaara give a talk at my local library a few years ago. How he came to write his first book. Since I enjoy history I got the book "GODS AND GENERALS". been hooked ever I have been hooked ever since to read his works. I really like the idea that he presents both sides of the conflicts from the top generals to the lowly soldier. This book shows how close we came to loosing the American Revaluation, all the interplay between the our army and the different founding fathers try to hold things together.

  • Jim
    2019-03-23 04:24

    The second installment of the Revolutionary War by Jeff Shaara. This one told from the perspectives of Franklin, Washington, Nate Green (likely the best general in the American forces) and Opposition General Cornwallis, the pompous ass. This book covers the war years of the Revolution. It's a delight getting into the heads of the greats of the time, wondering if what Shaara put on paper really were the real thoughts and feelings of the main characters. A great read.

  • Cletus Lee
    2019-04-04 04:07

    I've read a lot written by Jeff Shaara. I enjoy his humanizing of the people in our history. Unfortunately, to make a person from history come alive, you need to create dialog. For the most part, records of this dialog do not exist and authors like Jeff Shaara need to fabricate dialog to move the story line. Sometime with in the reading of this book, the dialog seem awkwardly contrived. This is for me my only complaint of this book.

  • Sadie Armstrong
    2019-04-15 08:24

    A glimpse into the sacrifice of our founding fathers.America did not just happen. It was fought for, and sacrificed for. I have gained a greater appreciation for the sacrifices these great men have endured. I found this book to be readable, without too many stuffy facts to encumber me. This book has introduced many historical jems that I did not know existed. I will be reading more of Mr Sharras works.

  • George Sink
    2019-04-08 04:30

    This was an incredibly in-depth look at the Revolutionary War through the men who led it, from both sides. Shaara does an outstanding job of putting you into the mindsets of Washington, Greene, Cornwallis, Franklin, and others as he walks through the campaigns on American soil and in France. I re-learned quite a bit about this period of history through this novel and the one before it. I would highly recommend it.

  • Kristen
    2019-04-03 00:22

    This is the second in Jeff Shaara’s Revolutionary War books. As I grew up outside Philadelphia the historical figures and battles were all very familiar to me. I enjoyed getting the big picture and overall timeline. At points the novel dragged. This seemed to be as mush due to Shaara’s attention to detail.

  • M Patterson
    2019-04-03 07:11

    The first of the two books is more about the men and the excitement leading up to the Revolution. This one has a lot of battle details and you get a little list in the names/places. Still a very good read and a great historical fiction of the Revolutionary War. I admire these men (and women) so much for trying to create a new country.

  • Richard Brylczyk
    2019-04-03 03:17

    Interesting points of viewGood exposition of points of view of most historical figures of the American revolution. A thoroughly enjoyable read. Learned many aspects of the war and North American and British strategies.

  • neil j brazitis
    2019-03-27 03:11

    Enjoyed the interplay among the historical characters which made them more human. I always am careful to remember that this is a novel and while mostly historically accurate certain liberties may have been taken.

  • Rachelle Miller
    2019-04-09 07:32

    I learned so much from this book. I loved it and will be reading it again!

  • Nathaniel
    2019-04-04 02:29

    i liked it

  • Jeffrey
    2019-03-22 06:30

    The only weakness of this novel is that this war is boring when compared to the American Civil War.