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June 1613Japan is threatened with war and samurai are taking sides. As the blood begins to flow, Jack Fletcher's warrior training is put to the ultimate test...His survival - and that of his friends - depends upon him mastering the Two Heavens, the secret sword technique of the legendary samurai Masamoto. But first Jack must recover his father's prize possession from the dJune 1613Japan is threatened with war and samurai are taking sides. As the blood begins to flow, Jack Fletcher's warrior training is put to the ultimate test...His survival - and that of his friends - depends upon him mastering the Two Heavens, the secret sword technique of the legendary samurai Masamoto. But first Jack must recover his father's prize possession from the deadly ninja Dragon Eye.Can Jack defeat his ruthless enemy?Or will the ninja complete his mission to kill the young samurai...?'A fantastic adventure that floors the reader on page one and keeps them there until the end' - Eoin Colfer...

Title : The Way of the Dragon
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The Way of the Dragon Reviews

  • Kyle
    2019-04-02 03:24

    I have to admit right from the start that the main character, Jack Fletcher, is one of my favorite characters of all time. As someone that’s into martial arts I can so relate to Jack. I actually find myself getting jealous of him because I’d so love to be able to learn martial arts like he is. But then the reality of it all hits home and I’m like, “okay, never mind.” When deciding how to rate this the third book in the Young Samurai series, I almost regretted giving the first two books five stars. If those first two books deserved five stars, then The Way of the Dragon deserves six. Yes I loved it! I will offer a word of caution for parents. This might not be suitable for really young readers. The description of the war that takes place, along with all the death, may be a bit much sensitive young readers. To see my review of other the books in this series, please use the links below:Book One - The Way of the WarriorBook Two - The Way of the SwordBook Four - The Ring of EarthBook Five - The Ring of WaterBook Six - The Ring of FireBook Seven - The Ring of WindBook Eight - The Ring of Sky

  • Paul Limsuwannarot
    2019-03-31 08:22

    The Way of the Dragon, by Chris Bradford, is the third book of the trilogy called Young Samurai. It is about an English boy stuck in the formidable country of Japan, who is currently training to be a samurai in the well known school of Niten Ichi Ryu. He is trying to go back to England, but is cut short by the hatred and the killings of gaijin, the term for foreigners in Japanese. Since this is the third book of the series, The Way of the Dragon, is about how Jack Fletcher is learning the legendary Two Heavens, the technique of using two swords, the katana and the wakizashi, to fight with. But war was on the horizon, and the school was on the edge of collapse due to traitors within and the prospect of war. Later on Jack is stuck in the midst of war between two powerful armies. Will Jack survive against bloodthirsty samurais, or will he not escape the war with his life? One of my favorite scenes in the book was when Jack confronted the infamous ninja, and his archenemy, Dokugan Ryu, also known as Dragon Eye on the rooftop of the Osaka Castle. The scene was very well described, nearly to the point of excellence. It gave the scene an orchestrated feel of tension to it. This is one of the paragraphs in the scene that I would like to show to give a feel on the scene: “Staring into the eyes of the assassin, Jack so no fear, no guilt, no remorse in the man’s soul. This was the very ninja responsible for murdering his father, garroting him before Jack’s own eyes; for killing the innocent maid, Chiro, and assassinating Yamato’s brother, Tenno. Dragon Eye had not destroyed only his life, but those of his friends, too. All the pain, suffering, and loss he’d experienced since being in Japan welled up inside him, threatening to explode in a burst of murderous fury.” Another of the scenes that I enjoyed in the book is when Jack tells the school’s owner, Masamato, about the sudden attack of ninjas in the Keep. I like how the author, Chris Bradford, describes the scene clearly. This paragraph may give you a faint display on how the author describes the scene: “ But the ninja kept sliding, his broken wrist preventing him from getting a grip on anything. He tumbled down the slope and disappeared. There was silence, then a distant thud as his body hit the ground.” I recommend this book to anyone, but mostly young adults due to the fact that there is some well described battle scenes in the book, and the harder use of language.

  • Lydia
    2019-04-03 00:33

    Ah-hahaha! Finally got around to reading/finishing this book! Which continued to have the problems mentioned in my review of the second book with an added frustration, (view spoiler)[Jack can't win anything! It's ridiculous! It's like the author decided to throw some realism into the books after Jack pretty much coming out ahead in every battle (granted, except Dragon Eye fights) and winning every competition for the first two books, now he can barely even compete in friendly fights with his fellow students! (And the un-friendly fights? Well, we'll just say he nearly dies a lot in this book.) (hide spoiler)] Okay, ranting over. Be aware though, that you will be saying goodbye to a LOT of familiar faces in this book (think battle of Hogwarts from HP 7 and you'll get the idea). So did I like it? Yes and no. Will I ever read it again? Probably not. Take that for what you will.

  • Carissa
    2019-04-04 06:20

    I DEVOURED THIS BOOK IN JUST THREE DAYS! This book was interesting, informative, action packed,mind bottling,fantastic, and even a little sad towards the end. I read this book first in the series not knowing that is was actually part of a series! (Silly me, lol.) Chris Bradford does such a fantastic job at adding so much detail that honestly I just kept reading, thinking that the book was just starting that way. HAHA. Anyways, I went back to the library and discovered the first two books. I grabbed them and instantly understood everything! I am a very busy person with school, volleyball, and tons of hw. However, for this book I put all of that aside, and read it in a short amount of time compared to the time it takes me to read a book. I just couldn't stop reading it! :)SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!! Don't read this part if you have not read the book. Thank you :p.************************************************************After reading the ending, I thought that it was over, since Yamato dies, and Masamoto is banished and in the Iga Mountains. (I think that's where he is, lol.) Plus, Dragon Eye dies! (At least that's what he wants us to think... I think.... haha.) But after reading the first 4 chapters of The Ring of Earth on Amazon I knew it wasn't over! I now need to get a hold of that book immediately! I can't wait!I LOVE LOVE this series and recommend anyone and everyone to read it! IT IS AMAZING.(:This is my first review ever, so if I made a mistake/bragged too much, I apologize. I didn't want to give a summary because, well, it's up there and a lot of people have.So, goodbye. (:

  • Atharva Shah
    2019-04-05 07:12

    Young Samurai Book 3*Way of the Dragon*I'm totally shocked after reading this book! It has the most unbelievable plot that you could encounter in a YA (Young Adult) book series. Its is the biggest novel in the series with a page length of 450+ Chris Bradford has done it yet again and taken this Japanese samurai series to an astounding height which has gained my respect and it surely will be a memorable book series which will be on my 'favorites' shelf for a very long time. In the 3rd Young Samurai Novel, the Niten Ichi Ryu students are trained with great skill and efforts in martial arts, sword handling, archery, horshemanship in order to survive a potential political warfare on a large scale that will completely change the balance of power and Jack, Akiko and Yamato must confront their destinies once and for all to attain peace, but are they capable enough to fight the Dragon Eye itself and win against the powerful daimyo Kamakura? Find out my reading in the book. But, to express my opinions about the book in a single word - Unbelievable! Chris delivers the story exceptionally well, with great narrative, thrilling action scenes, a steady pace of story, amazing character interactions, philosophical and practically inspiring dialogues and a realistic and dramatical storyline with ups and downs. The book marks the end of Vol. 1 of the Young Samurai series. There's a hoard of new characters in the book like the 'admired by all' Takuan who is truly a splendid ninja with his great haiku (Japanese limerick/poem) and courteous behaviour but unfortunately is killed by rogue ninjas. Also, his mother serves as a Haiku sensei for the Niten Ichi Ryu but she's not as remarkable. Other Sensei also endeavour to train their students and unleash their optimum capabilities, here Yori is given a lot of importance as he learn a new skill which saves a lot of lives during the Great War and is taught by Sensei Yamada, my all time favorite. The way the story began witht eh trio of Yamato, Akiko and Jack trying to learn about the secret hideout of Dragon Eye and their encounter with deadly ninjas in the forest informs the readers that this book is going to be a lot different and way more interesting than its predecessors. Takuan's entry and his relationship with Akiko really tics of Jack and causes multiple dramatic situations which are very similar to every persons life and adds a 'slice of life' thing to the novel. The combining competition of horsemanship and archery together was also an issue of importance, where Akiko, as always gains the trophy. Emi, the daughter of Takatomi has gained a lot of importance and a lot of people die to protect her by the end of the book. (I'm getting to that!). The 'Benevolent Sword' and the 'malevolent' sword situation is another great addition in the book with the essence of bushido. If there's any character that ticks me off, it's Kazuki, he's still the way he was in the first book with no character development and always persisting bullying behaviour, sometimes, people really don't attempt to improve. He turns out to be a traitor and burns off the Hall of Hawks and marks the beginning of the Great War as the rebellion of Lord Kamakura. A lot of secrets and mysteries that Mr. Bradford left us readers wondering about are revealed in the book at a very particular timing that influences the situation there, like Akiko being a ninja (trainee), Dragon Eye being the same person who Masamoto beheaded, etc,etc. Now, the main aim of the book is to look at the rebellion and war that is arranged by lord Kamakura in order to control the whole of Japan and becoming the Shogun, which he wins in the end, very sad but the whole war and the battles involved in it are delivered perfectly, bar the death of my favorite characters. The rutter has been given paramount importance and deserves the most attention. Also, the Two Heavens sword handling technique is given paramount importance as it becomes the survival instrument for Jack and Akiko. All those ninjas and Samurais and the race of Red devils fighting with each other along with castle sieges and fortifications and strategies just blows your mind off. The way battles are described just takes the level of bloodshed and gore to the next level with a lot of inappropriate violence which may be unsuitable for children younger than 12 years old. This book also introduces the original person who hired Dragon Eye to kill Jack who is the Priest Bobadill, he's also killed, by the way. Jack, somehwo seems to be an amateur and a beginner as he is just kicked off by everybody and sucks at everything but suddenly gets transformed at the second half of the book as he saves everybody from the battlefield, Yori and Jack surely have got some bond between them, though not as strong as Akiko's and Jacks. It's sad news by Tano, Jack and a whole lot of other young samurai are sacrificed in the war, yes Yamato too! But he deserves a round of applause as he takes down Dragon Eye with him. (I personally don't think he's dead. I mean he's invincible). The way Chris has delivered this book with dialogues at appropriate intervals, apt and perfect description of the action scenes and natural environment takes you to a whole new level of enjoyment and thrill and I was always on the edge of the seat to see what happens next. The Haiku's are also entertaining with a hint of philosophy and the magic of words, like bliss and heaven. Just to inform you Kazuki and Jack face off at the end and Jack gains an upper hand. I wonder what will happen next as Japan's under the reign of Lord Kamakura and Masamoto is banished. Life will be hard for Jack Fletcher as he turns to leave for Nagasaki port. A very enchanting, unbelievably twisting and turning book that will amaze you. Nice Reading.

  • Ozair~Kronos~
    2019-04-09 05:10

    Things i Liked:1.This books made me appreciate Haiku.Before this the only Haiku I'd come across was Apollo's and(Trials of Apollo) and yes it was funny but this book had the real soul of Haiku.2.Jacks friendship with Yamato and Akiko.3.The cliche sacrifices of the people you grow to love in a series(Not to say if hurts any less)Namely Yamato,Taro and Sensei Hosokawa and That Haiku kid who's name i forgot.Things I didn't Like:1.Despite Jack being a great Samurai,and Kazuki as well no one ever wins their fights despite Kazuki almost always having superior numbers and other advantages.2.By the way this book is you can feel its gonna get a little mushy later on.3.Father Bobadilla.Like why you gotta be such a bigot.I mean you're a pries for God sake.And i don't remember much else.

  • Denis Hysenaj
    2019-04-20 06:10

    I decided to read Young Samurai: The Way of the Dragon by Chris Bradford because I had read the previous two books of this epic series and just had to know what happened after that. This continues of the story of an English boy(Jack) whos father was killed leaving him on his own in 1600s Japan where he was adopted by a well respected Samurai. This Series is about Jack training to be a Samurai and his journey along the way.A character I found interesting was Jack Fletcher. After being in Japan for a few years now he has adjusted to life in the far east. He is training to be a Samurai and is excelling. I find him interesting because he can always adjust and adapt to the situation that he is in. He is also very noble and fought against the usurping warlords who were trying to take Japan for themselves.My favourite quote was when Jacks adoptive brother said "Sayonara my brother" just as he was about to fall to his honourable samurai death. This is my favourite because Yamato never really accepted Jack until just before his death. It shows how love is stronger than hate and how everyone is equal in the end.I learned that you need to fight for whats right even if you are outnumbered because in this book 100000 noble Samurai battled to the death against 300000 less honourable combatants who in the end succeeded in taking Japan for themselves. Although most of them died they fought with honour and died with honour.

  • Hao Kai Huang
    2019-04-19 07:08

    I found this book in my local public library.In this book, I think that "loyalty" is most important and is expressed throughout the book. Jack Fletcher, is a 12 year old English boy who ends up in Japan because of a shipwreck. Loyalty is like the big idea that is expressed throughout the book because in the book, Kazuki and his family betrayed his school and country so that they could join Daimyo Kamakura in forcing non-natives from Japan to leave. Loyalty is also important throughout the book because it's loyalty that saved Jack. If sacrificed himself when Dragon Eye was climbing on him to get up and kill Jack, Jack could of died. "As Dragon Eye was driven off the balcony, he made a final lunge for Yamato...but you'll die...I'll die with honor...", this reveals that Yamato is willing to give up his life to save his friend Jack and Akiko. This book had revealed to me that loyalty is very important to friendship.I recommend this book to readers that like Japanese culture and books that teaches a lesson.

  • Khurram
    2019-04-15 04:36

    Excellent book. My 9 year old who has a taste for reading loves this series. This is the most brutal book so far. There is a war coming. Loyalties will be tested, betrayals revealed people will die. How will the young Samuri handle fighting experienced, merciless and blood thirsty warriors. Some will make the ultimate sacrifice, however even the survivors will be forever changed.Jack also learns the origin of one of his arch enemies, and a man who hired him to get the Rutter in the first place. However with this knowledge it just makes his enemies want to kill him all the more. This book has huge changes not just for Jack, or the Young Samuri, but the whole of Japan as well. I think Chris Bradford, managed to perfectly capture the brutality of war but the essence of the Samuri as well. An all round great book.

  • Maria
    2019-04-15 04:08

    Final de trilogía espectacular. Trepidante, emocionante, inquietante. En torno a la mitad del libro no puedes parar de leer.En este libro la amenaza de guerra se convierte en realidad. Los jóvenes samuráis tendrán que demostrar las lecciones aprendidas en combate a vida o muerte. Me ha parecido un buen final, no lo esperaba y me ha gustado que no fuera algo previsible. Me mantuvo en vilo.Totalmente recomendable. Me repito: la parte de cultura japonesa, valores de los samuráis y artes marciales sigue siendo espectacular. La trama mejora mucho. No todo es tan simple como parece en un primer momento, todo es más crudo y realista. Muy bueno, muy satisfecha.

  • Valerie
    2019-03-23 04:11

    I really love this series. Not only is it about a European boy learning to be a samurai in Japan in the 1600s(which is really an incredible feat), but it is also very well-written. While I was reading this book I'm sure my friends were quite amused. Every now and then I would let out a laugh or some other reaction during class. At home I was even worse, every now and then shouting out a "No!" or simply making strange noises and odd movements as I was held captivated by the story. My siblings were bemused by my behavior. However, I couldn't simply not react to this book. It was very good and I'm almost surprised these books aren't more widely recognized.

  • Shahanna
    2019-04-02 04:31

    This ruined my life in so many levels but the beautifully composed sentences, phrases, and thoughts were hard not to be appreciated. I learned a lot from this, physically, mentally, emotionally, and most of all, spiritually. This is a fine work of art. But just know that it is a brutally painful one.

  • 15GrahamA
    2019-04-19 05:29

    Another amazing read by Chris but this is quite sad compared to the others due to Yamato dying.

  • Denae Christine
    2019-04-19 07:15

    Reader thoughts: Too many people died. I like happier books and happier endings. Plus, I'm sad because the next books aren't in audiobook format.Jack and his friends still learn a lot of neat things at their Samurai school. They learn how to ride and shoot at the same time. They learn the art of haiku and origami. They learn to get along with each other and to act honorably even when the enemy isn't.I liked the other books because there were quick attacks in the dark, one or six ninjas sneaking through the palace shooting darts or sinking ships and moving on. In this book, there were full-scale battles with a siege on a castle and everything. Hundreds of bad guys and good guys killing each other in a bloody battlefield (and on rooftops). It was more horrific and less exciting. I don't find it thrilling to read that some of the MC's friends died while they fought off the waves of bad guys.Akiko is awesome in book 3 again. She's almost the only girl we hear much about, but she makes up for it by being awesome (best archer, great swordswoman, secret ninja skills) without being violent. Too many "strong" heroines are portrayed as angry and violent, as if kick-butt 24/7 is the only way to build a strong heroine. No, I'm pretty sure females can be strong in more than one way. It's cool when they can defend themselves, but don't make them lash out with a fist all the time. Punching guys to show off female muscle isn't cool; it's just rude. Anyway, Akiko knows how to fight but also knows how to use her brains so that she knows WHEN to fight.Yuri gets more page time in this book. Jack sees more of his insecurities and more of his clever little ideas. Yuri is the best at haiku, riddles, and kiai.Writer thoughts: Why kill so many? CB may have been trying to raise the stakes in the novel at this series midpoint. Maybe it was to slim down the character roster. Maybe it was to give Jack new motivation. There are many reasons for authors to kill off several characters. I just don't like any of them.(In my books I only kill off one or two characters at a time. Even Mockingjay didn't kill off more than 3 or 4 characters per fight. I think this book killed about 7 of Jack's friends/teachers in one, drawn-out battle.)

  • Takanori Nonomura
    2019-04-13 01:09

    This book is about a boy named Jack training to master his duel dragon arts. He trains his arts in a camp where fighting is harsh and strict. There he mastered his art and traveled to go to war and help his king. This book is a really great book, it has great character views, a lot of detail and more. It does have a lot of action so people who loves action might be perfect to read this book. It is a 500 page book but it is worth it. I have read it and I thought it was great with some detailed action and fighting chapters. Go ahead and read this book , I think you will like it.

  • Jona
    2019-04-16 07:13

    Het verhaal kwam nogal traag op gang. De hele situatie waarin Jack terechtkwam, waardoor hij achter de identiteit van Dokugan Ryu kwam, was nogal lang uitgewijd met teveel aanvallen erbij waardoor het even moeilijk te volgen was. De gebeurtenissen van daarna waren allesbehalve cliché, mooi beschreven en gewaagd als auteur om dit pad op te gaan. Benieuwd waar het in de volgende boeken verder gaat.

  • Jianne
    2019-04-04 00:13

    TWO THUMBS-UP FOR CHRIS BRADFORD'S AWESOME JOB IN THE 3RD INSTALLMENT IN THE YOUNG SAMURAI SERIES.This is by far, my favourite book in the series.SO, let's begin."I promise you will hold your breath until the end....this a super novel." - First News^ That statement I have to agree, 100%. There were lots of breath-taking moments.My thoughts,- There was more action. So much more! So much more intense, so much more tough. So much more violent. Yeah, I know in the past two books the actions keep getting more intense each time. And I expected that already as each charcter's are growing. So as they're abilties. And I just keep loving the actions more and more! Super breath-taking. It leaves you gasping for air, at least that's how it is to me. xD- Super charcter devlopment! Jack's character has grown so much. From that Gaijin English sailor to a true super cool samurai warrior! And it definitley reflected well in this book. And it really showed how much he improved from the first book to this book. The trainings he went through, really paid off. And that kind of surprised me, as I did not expect such a great change. Especially not on the third book. I expected the "big" change to come in like the fifth book or something. I adored him more and more! HAHAHAHA!- Well, not only Jack's character impressed me. But also Yamato, Akiko and Yori. From being a arrogant guy, Yamato impressed me here so much. His loyalty, his humbleness. That, I did not expect. Especially since he despite Jack in book one. Because of his impressive role in this book, he has now officialy became one of my favourite. Realy really admirable guy here. Shows the other side of him, really great. Akiko on the other hand, I did not expect her fighting skills to be so good. I mean, she's a girl. And let's face it, the boy lead usually outshines the girl lead in YA. But Akiko, naah. She can kick-ass. Same goes for Yori, hahahah! He's funny. And cool. So, these characters are already great reasons for you to read the book. So, if you wanna see how they evolve, just read the series!- My classmates kept spolling me while I was reading. And yes, because of that spoil I kinda predicted most of the things that are going to happen. But STILL, there were some "unexpected" twists that caught me off guard. And yes, made me shed a tear.- Love the last few chapters so much. I was trying to control myself to stop reading, but I couldn't. The happenings in the last few chapters were difficult to digest. And hard to believe. Because, I totally did not expect that. I mean, from the "happy" state in the first two books, then book three goes "depressing" yes, it was, in a good way. SO, there was really a sudden change. Too much things happen here, the events that made each individual in this book more admirable. Indeed, honourable.- I seriously expected more AKIKO-JACK. <3 that's one of the things I look forword to in YA. But I guess, everything in the book is done the Japanese way. But I liked the way they're relationship developed too. Although, I was expecting Jack to admit his feelings and Akiko to do the same. But we'll never know, maybe in the next books.- I know a lot of people are saying that the story's not good. Cause Jack will end up unkillable. Well, duh. He's the main, he's gotta live. I've never read any YA book that the protagonist doesn't see another day. Cause seriously, that's bull. ^^ LOL. What I like more in this book (in the series actually) is that Jack doesn't relay on luck. Or help. He's got the skills to manage himself. And that's good. Some protagonists in YA books, just ended up being alive at the end because of luck, or help. But Jack, if he's in the face of danger. He' gonna accept it man. So yeah, he's got all the guts to protect himself. Great dude huh? From book 1 to this book, he really can depend on himself. Yes, sometimes he's friends help him (dude, he can't die) but even without them, he can manage.- This is something I haven't mentioned in my past review of this series. But to me, this series is unique. James Bond tradional style. I mean, all the YA nowadays, the setting is usually the modern times. This is not, and that's cool. It can still be kick-ass even if is set in the past. And instead of guns or special powers. You have samurai and other stuff. Great. Very unique and impressuve to me. Yes, it does have some similarities with other books. But that can't be helped. Still, it's brillant for me.- Love all the characters actually. Every single one has it's own personality. And it's fascinating.- Loving the Japanese culture again. Well, I admit I admired Ninjas more than Samurai. But because of reading this book, it shed light to the Samurai. And to me, they're awesome now. Haha! Once again, the writing was awesome.- What else can I say? Unexpected twists. Great characters, kick-ass fighting scenes. Although, there was a tiny problem I had. The title of the book is "The way of the Dragon" but I still don't get what that is. It doesn't explain much on the book, unlike the first two books. >< But overall, it was really great!- And finally, I am looking forward to the next book.

  • Caleb
    2019-04-10 00:17

    i liked it

  • Nathalie
    2019-04-03 02:30

    Loved it!! Couldn't stop reading!

  • Margaret Ann
    2019-03-23 08:27

    Shogun for kids, with a large dose of martial arts content.

  •  Marla
    2019-04-13 00:19

    Sad and violent book about loyalty, courage and sacrifice. Glad that many of the dangling questions in the series were finally answered in this book, but I was left unsatisfied by the ending.Unlike Shogun, this is a much truer idea of a gaigin's life in Japan, but it is not a happy view being constantly subjected to prejudice.Likes:* Many heroic deeds* Jack in full war armor on the cover* Learning new Japanese terms* Great fight scenes, but at times very graphic for middle school* Where there are friends, there is hope* Zanshin - awareness of your surroundings and enemy(view spoiler)[* Emi, Cho and Kai being angry at Jack for endangering Daimyo Takatomi is justified and I thought that showed that Jack made a serious error in judgement in the last book that shouldn't be easily forgiven or forgotten* Jack's haiku for Akiko:In my own gardenEnglish rose, sakura flowergrowing together* Forever bound to one another* Jack having some success in the Two Heavens sword technique* Two Heavens philosophy - obtain victory by any means and with any weapon* Takuan was popular with the girls and helped Jack with his riding, but I kept waiting for him to betray Jack or be a jerk* Glad that Yori mastered kiaijitsu, fighting with your ki to damage your opponent's ki using your voiced kiai* Loved that Yori wasn't disappointed with losing the Kukai, the haiku contest, because he did his best and surpassed his goal for himself and gave Jack such good counsel throughout the book* Sensei Kyuzo catching the arrow was very cool* Haiku, but almost too much poetry in the story* Yoshioka Ryu overcoming personal grudges to aid Niten Itchi Ryu because they served the same daimyo* Glad to meet a devout and good gaigin in the dirty, scared Franciscan Spanish monk from Edo* Crazy lady in the temple who told them the story of Hattori Tatsuo who became Dragon Eye and blinded his own mother (hide spoiler)]Dislikes:* Many goodbyes in this book* Kazuki, Jack's enemy defeating Jack all the time(view spoiler)[* Jack being stuck for so long on the wooden horse in Kisha, mounted archery class* Masamoto doesn't ever praise Yamato, culturally correct, but it was so sad* Sensei Kyuzo's Last Samurai Standing exercise was irritating, but probably a valuable lesson* Evil, self-serving, religious and political zealot, Father Bobadillo is yet another bad gaigin that gives missionaries and caucasions a bad name* Evil ninja tanto was silly though it did convey the superstitious nature of the culture, but I think it discredited Jack* If Jack leaves another injured enemy without disabling them, tying them up or killing them, I will SCREAM! (hide spoiler)]Cultural Notes:Haiku poetry reading and theory. Concept of unified Japan under Shogun as opposed to Emperor. Many of the names in the book sound Chinese to me and not Japanese, like Cho and Kai.Seppuku explained, ritualized suicide to allow a warrior to die with honor.Takuan is a pickled turnip and every time I read his name, the meaning made me think less of him. I wish he had been given a better, more honorable name.With reservations:unpunished and unrepentant bullying, religious and racial prejudice, betrayal, violence, danger, graphic deaths, dying and other gruesome images of war*** CAUTION: Survivor's List ***Bushido - The Way of the Warrior is found in Death...(view spoiler)[Saburo is injured saving Jack in Yagyu Ryu attack & Kiku stays behind to tend injured. Takuan dies by poisoned ninja dart. Jack saves Emi's life when she is injured in battle. Taro killed by Red Devil with Golden Horns to protect Yori's retreat to castle. Yamato dies by sacrificing himself to kill Dragon Eye, his brother's murderer.Satoishi & retainers commit seppuku in face of defeat. Sensei Kyuzo is missing in action, last seen dressed like a Red Devil battling ninja. Saves Jack because of his loyalty to Masamoto. Sensei Hosokawa defends injured Sensei Yosa and allows Masamoto to get Jack and Akiko to the well. Jack spares Kazuki.Yori survives by hiding in the moat. Sensei Yamada (Zen) & Sensei Kano (bo) survived, Sensei Yosa (archery) spared & Masamoto exiled to Buddhist temple on Mount Iawo. Daimyo Takatomi & Emi are captured and Takatomi decides to serve Japan as best as he can under the self-promoted Shogun Kamakura, supreme military ruler of Japan. Jack leaves Akiko to protect her family and find a way home. I hope he died his hair black. Unanswered Questions:Who signed Jack up for dual in Book 2? What happens to Jack & Akiko? What happened to Jess, Jack's sister? Did Fr. Bodadillo really uncode the rutter? Did Jack's father steal the rutter from the Portuguese? Where is Akiko's kidnapped baby brother, Kiyoshi? (hide spoiler)]When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.There's always hope, even in the worst of times.

  • Samantha
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  • Lyrical
    2019-04-03 07:19

    The first trio of Young Samurai books reaches its climax in The Way Of The Dragon and this is actually a pretty harrowing climax. Gone is the safety of the training dojo, gone are the wooden training swords and gone is Jack’s most prized possession. The samurai face a war on a massive scale and Jack must do everything in his power to find his father’s rutter if he has any chance of saving his little sister. This time, it’s serious.As a gaijin, a foreigner, Jack is actually part of the cause of the coming war; the western presence that showed up at the beginning of The Way Of The Warrior is back and takes a central role in this third book. The Portuguese Jesuits may believe they come from a far more advanced civilisation and their mission is to enlighten this backward race but they could not be more wrong. Each page that lingers on the character of Father Bobadillo feels like it is heavy with poison, the Jesuit’s presence is toxic to the beautiful and balanced way of life that already exists in Japan. It’s just so frustrating that many samurai cannot see the good foreigners through all the bad ones, Jack has left the western world behind and adopted Japan but still he is discriminated against. I guess that’s just old school racism for you but Chris Bradford plays this fraught situation out with great tension and moments of inspired hope.I’m so glad Bradford spends so long on the build up to the great battle because he ekes out in great detail the kind of internal turmoil and terror that grips an inexperienced warrior as he stands and waits to join the fight. It’s the mixture of fast paced action and gradually applied dread that makes the Young Samurai books so exquisite and this moment before the battle is the most terrifying experience I have ever had in a book. I could actually feel my nerves tingling and my adrenaline rushing and my body prepared my cowardly self to run where those young kids had to fight. It’s just an incredible piece of writing that builds the tension and lifts the spirits with an unbending hope and suddenly your faith in humanity is catapulted into the stratosphere. I’m not going to give anything away but the ending is a real testament to friendship and I think that’s what this book really examines. It’s about the sacrifices that people make for their friends and the enduring strength of the virtue of loyalty that is at the basis of bushido. A true warrior is not a lonely one. I honestly felt emotionally drained by the end of this book and just distraught at the way things played out but that is not a bad thing. Actually it shows just what a superb writer Chris Bradford is, the range of his ability is astonishing and I wouldn’t change anything because I wouldn’t not want to go through what I did as I read The Way Of The Dragon. In my opinion, it’s a masterpiece and I’m just so glad I picked these books up because there would genuinely be a Jack shaped hole in my life if I hadn’t. I am over the moon that there is a new series of Young Samurai and if I could I would lock Chris Bradford up in my cupboard (in a non-creepy way) and command him to write for all eternity because I do not want these books to end.Lyrical Reviews

  • Nathaniel
    2019-03-24 00:17

    i liked it.

  • Vani K
    2019-03-22 05:32

    Japan is hit with war, but not as big as what young Jack Fletcher is facing. He is wanted dead. Samurai are tacking sides, as his blood flows Jacks training is put the test. War. Will he be able to survive or will he be defeated by the mighty dragon?jack has many personalities but only many compare to dragon eye. Jack is more impatient. He is unwilling to space out training so that he has enough time to learn and practice. Instead he has to know how to do every thing at that moment.Jack is also an outsider. Since Jack is not from japan many people want for him to be dead, they think he will continue in Japan as a murderer.Because Jack is Impatient he is not fully trained. AS a result Dragon eye is much more of a difficult target. Unlike Jack Dragon Eye is fully Trained. He is a lot older then jack and has more Samurai experience. Dragon is also from japan. Being from Japan he gained more respect and trust.He is also evil. Jack is his target only because he is stuck on the other side of war.Dragon Eye and Jack do have some similarity, but these may be the only few. They are both Samurai, Warriors of early Japan. They are also both in between war. Even though they are on different sides.The biggest similarity they share is they both hate each other. Neither Jack or Dragon Eye have the slightest possible likeness for each other because of war. Between the two characters i liked Jack more. Jack is a more likable character because he is always there for people who he loves. Jack will never leave his friends no matter what. He would be willing to sacrifice his life for his friends. I would consider him the best person in the book world.I recommend this book to people who like books who take place in other conteries , to people who like war and to people who like ninja stories.These people would like this book because it is about samurai who are in the middle of war and are fighting for the same purpose to kill.

  • Hafsah Faizal
    2019-04-10 02:14

    See Review on Blog Japan is threatened with the war, and Jack Fletcher may have to face his greatest battle yet. Samurai are taking sides, and soon, Jacks warrior training is put to the ultimate test. His survival and that of his friends depends on his mastering the Two Heavens, the secret sword technique of the legendary samurai Masamoto Takeshi. But first Jack must recover his fathers prize possession from the deadly ninja Dragon Eye. Can Jack defeat his ruthless enemy? Or will the ninja complete his mission to kill the young samurai? The 3rd book in the Young Samurai series is all about loyalty and sacrifice(which there's a lot of). It was a story that will stick in the minds of it's readers forever. The book was by all means terrific but had the saddest ending. By the end of the book I was so mad at Chris Bradford for killing all the characters you slowly come to love in the first two books.The thing that was really surprising and that really got to me was the fact that only one of Jack's enemies died the rest lived and went on to actually the war! But as usual we forget all about that stuff as Chris Bradford writes yet another amazing story. That is filled with action, suspense, and of course numerous deaths.I'm still not too sure if this is the last book but I sure do hope he writes a 4th book. Just like with the first two books, I recommend this to to boys and girls but, but I think this one would be more suitable for ages 12 and up.This review was written by my 12 year old brother (Calidude)

  • Putri
    2019-03-30 02:12

    dimana ada teman, disitu ada harapanKisah persahabatan antara jack dan teman-temannya di niten ichi ryu sangat mengharukan. Mereka harus bekerja sama dan berkorban satu sama lain demi melindungi sahabat-sahabat mereka.Cukup sedih di akhir cerita karena Jack harus kehilangan orang-orang dan sahabat yang dia cintai ;(i gave this book 5 stars because..* Setelah Harry Potter, aku ga pernah merasakan asiknya meng-imaji sebuah buku dalam setengah hari ditinggal solat dan tidur sebentar... ga nyangka aja bisa baca buku ini kuat dalam waktu singkat, biasanya kalo udah berbab-bab ada rasa bosen terus lanjut besok (eh sempet sih ketunda ampe halaman 7 gara2 ada urusan yang harus dikerjakan) tapi kan setelahnya baca langsung bablas. Terakhir bisa baca ampe kaya gitu ya pas baca Harry Potter. #curhat* Aku suka banget sama bahasa yang dipake disini, terjemahannya baik jadi enjoy banget baca bukunya.* Cerita di buku ini menegangkan, dimana pecah perang saudara di Jepang jadi ada unsur-unsur pertarungan yang sebenarnya.* Kisahnya mengharukan, apalagi saat teman-teman Jack mati :'(* Nasehat-nasehat dari para sensei yang bagus-bagus membuat gue sangat suka baca buku ini.recommended!! *tapi harus baca buku 1&2 nya yaa*kalo belum baca**

  • Saskia
    2019-03-24 02:29

    Juni 2013 mijn eerste kennis making met Jack Fletcher om binnen 3 weken totaal betoverd te worden door De weg van de krijger,De weg van het zwaard en De weg van de draak. Helaas schreef ik toen de tijd nog geen recensies.De boeken van Chris Bradford zijn een echte aanrader voor jong en oud die houden van Geschiedenis of Japan of sport of gevecht kunst of Samoerai of Ninja na het lezen van deel één was ik fan van allemaal.Nu bijna 3 jaar later eindigt deze reis. Meer hier over vertel ik bij de recensie van De ring van de hemelThe Ring of Sky. Dit is niet helemaal spoiler vrij als je de eerste delen niet gelezen hebt.

  • Taylor Walters
    2019-03-25 01:24

    This book is great. It's a historical fiction about feudal Japan. The whole series is amazing and this is the best in the series. The book is about a British boy who is stranded in medieval Japan. He must train to be a samurai to survive ninja attacks, bullies and a civil war. One bad thing about the book is that there are some sad parts. I can't tell you what they are because that would spoil the book. I loved all of the characters because they are all tough and honorable. I find them believable and I really feel like I can relate to them. Takuan was really cool but so were Yamato, Jack and Akiko, the three main samurai of the book. I would recommend this book to boys who like action and historical fiction. Also this series is very violent and includes some disturbing deaths so don't read this book unless you can handle that. I'm currently reading the next book in the series and I love it so far. This whole series is a read you don't want to miss out on.

  • Zaldi
    2019-04-02 03:10

    ngga tau kenapa waktu baca seri yang ketiga ini kok rasanya uda kehilangan gregetnya..mungkin gara2 jeda yang terlalu lama antara buku dua dan tiga. (aka.malesbaca), belum lagi coverdepannya yang beda gambar, ngga sinkron dengan buku pertama dan kedua. Disini Jack tidak lagi digambarkan sebagai man of the show, melainkan mendapat porsi berimbang dari teman temannya yang lebih jago dalam masing masing bidang (kyujutsu, kiaijutsu, kenjutsu, taijutsu) bahkan dalam tehnik Dua surga ia berkali kali dikalahkan oleh rivalnya sendiri, Kazuki. Dan puncaknya adalah ketika ia, kehilangan teman temannya satu persatu dalam perang.menamatkan novel inisekali lagi, kita diingatkan oleh prinsip Bushido, jalan kesatria. Banyak pesan moral yang bertaburan, namun ending yang masi nanggung rasanya..bikin bertanya tanya..apakah Jack bakal pulang ke Inggris? apakah Yamato selamat? apakah masi ada lanjutannya?