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A delightful new romantic comedy from an author who "never disappoints."* (New York Times bestselling author MaryJanice Davidson) She was the perfect party-planning, haute-to-the max trophy wife. Now Maxine Cambridge is broke, unemployable and living with her mother and teenage son in a retirement village, with her self-esteem kicked to the curb. Until her geeky former c A delightful new romantic comedy from an author who "never disappoints."* (New York Times bestselling author MaryJanice Davidson) She was the perfect party-planning, haute-to-the max trophy wife. Now Maxine Cambridge is broke, unemployable and living with her mother and teenage son in a retirement village, with her self-esteem kicked to the curb. Until her geeky former classmate Campbell Barker returns, all grown-up- and off-the-scale smokin' hot. Campbell refuses to believe Max isn't that smart, funny girl he's crushed on since high school. The more Max tries to show him he's wrong, the more she rediscovers her long-retired mojo. Now, she's ready to throw down some payback on her ex-life and fight for what she deserves......

Title : You Dropped a Blonde on Me
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You Dropped a Blonde on Me Reviews

  • Jane Stewart
    2018-09-03 10:07

    2 ½ stars. Not as entertaining as I had hoped. The heroine was hard to like and caused her own problems and humiliation.STORY BRIEF:Maxine (Max) was a prom queen and cheerleader in high school. Instead of going to college she married Fin who was wealthy through his car dealership. Max is now 40. Fin has been having affairs. His latest affair Lacey put a notice in the newspaper saying they were engaged. (This was before Max even knew about the affair.) Max and her teenage son left Fin to live with Max’s mother in a retirement village. Somehow Max didn’t think to take her wardrobe, and she has no money. Fin has a crew of powerful attorneys. Max has the cheapest attorney money can buy, who isn’t helping. Max applied for every job she could think of, including fast food places. No one would hire her. She put up signs offering to walk dogs for the retired people in the village, and it worked. Finally she is making a little money.Campbell was nerdy in high school and had a crush on Max. At age 40 he’s turned into a major hunk. He recently came to the retirement village to help his father who is recovering from a heart attack. He is still attracted to Max even though she has no makeup and wears her mother’s frumpy clothes. Their paths cross frequently in the small village. Max is attracted to Campbell, but she won’t let herself have him because she doesn’t trust her judgment.REVIEWER’S OPINION:I like the plot. I like stories where a character is at rock bottom and slowly pulls herself out which happens here. I liked the events that helped her change and find some strength. But somehow it dragged, I’m not sure why. The dialogue was ok. Max has a humorous voice, but I didn’t laugh out loud. At times I was impatient for it to be over.I loved Campbell’s strength and adoration of Max. He was competent with everything he did. She was messed up and mistreated him. She was flighty, bitchy, sniveling, wimpy, whiny, insecure, and self-destructive. She repeatedly jumped to inaccurate conclusions and lashed out. Sure she had an excuse, but it was hard to feel sympathy. I compare this to Susan Elizabeth Phillips who wrote several books about heroines at rock bottom pulling themselves out. Circumstances and others mistreated those heroines and caused humiliation. In this book the heroine causes her own misfortune and humiliation. That made it less fun – her less likeable. And then her friend Lenore met a neat guy, but she too was bitchy and mean to him. So both heroines were low in likeability. I can handle unlikeable heroines if the author somehow makes them endearing. That’s what was missing for me.I wanted more details at the end about what Fin had to pay, his penalties, the actual divorce settlement, etc. A little justice, revenge, and seeing his pain would have added more feel good to the story. Romantically, the story does have happy endings. The sex scenes were ok. Max is insecure about her aging, sagging body. Campbell is the same age, but I wondered why he had no sagging body parts. His body was muscled perfection. This adds to female insecurities about aging.DATA:Story length: 357 pages. Swearing language: strong, including religious swear words. Sexual language: moderate. Number of sex scenes: 4. Number of sex scene pages: 10. Setting: current day small town in New Jersey. Copyright: 2010. Genre: contemporary romance, women’s relationship fiction.

  • Wicked Lil Pixie (Natasha)
    2018-09-07 16:11

    Max Cambridge was totally in love when she signed a prenup, now Max is totally broke thanks to that very same ironclad prenup. It’s one hell of a messy divorce, so much so Max is forced to move in with her mother…in a retirement village…with her son. Because every good rich man knows to leave his ex with nadda. Max is in for it, especially since she’s never set foot in a Walmart before never mind having to apply to a job at a fast food restaurant.Whats worse? Applying to said job at fast food resturant, making a scene & running into someone you know from high school. Even worse, he’s hot hot hot. With Campbell’s help, can Max return to her old self? Can she get her mojo back?You Dropped A Blonde On Me is the first book in Dakota Cassidy’s Ex Trophy Wives Series and her first contemporary romance.I was a bit leery reading a contemp, especially by Dakota Cassidy. I started reading again with “chick lit” and when I jumped into paranormals, Mrs. Cassidy was one of my firsts. I was slightly afraid it wouldn’t live up to Mrs. Cassidy’s paranormals, in terms of the snark & the quick wit. When I was reading “chick lit” I felt like many of the female characters were pretty stupid and blind. Thank all that is unholy, not only did Mrs. Cassidy stay true to the snark & the quick wit, she surpassed my expectations.Max is made of awesome, but here’s a secret for you all. Max is loosely based on Mrs. Cassidy & her divorce. No wonder I liked Max, she might be down & out for a bit, but she picks herself up & keeps on going. Did I mention she snarks? Oh does she snark! Did I also mention there is a character named Seamus? *snort*The only difference I found between Mrs. Cassidy’s paranormals is there isn’t as much pop culture references in her contemp, as there is in the paranormals. It doesn’t make a difference at all, just the only difference I noticed. Her tone doesn’t change at all, thank the gods and goddesses or snark.Snark, thy name is Dakota Cassidy. No matter which genre she’s writing, Dakota Cassidy tells good story. I may even have sniffeled a little iddy bit. But don’t tell anyone!By the way, you can read the first chapter of YDABOM on Mrs. Cassidy’s website!

  • Jennifer Estep
    2018-08-28 14:17

    You Dropped a Blonde on Me by Dakota Cassidy is the first book in her new Ex Trophy Wives series. How could you not pick up a book with a title like that?Maxine Cambridge is being traded in for a younger model by her soon-to-be ex-husband. As if her messy divorce wasn't bad enough, Maxine has zero money and is forced to beg for work at a fast food restaurant (which she doesn't get), while she and her son live with Maxine's mother in a senior citizens' retirement village. But things start looking up when Maxine runs into her old high school classmate Campbell Barker, who's helping out his dad who lives in the same retirement village. Slowly, Maxine puts the pieces of her life back together and gets involved with Campbell. But despite her attraction to him, Maxine wonders if she can ever really trust a man again ...This book is part contemporary romance and part women's fiction. There's a definite empowerment message as Maxine remembers what made her, well, Maxine, and not just somebody's trophy wife. A big part of the story focuses on Maxine reclaiming her life, her sassy attitude, and her self-worth. I liked that part of the book a lot, and it was nice to read about a nice, normal hero like Campbell. He's a genuinely good guy with the patience of a saint when it comes to Maxine.But there were some things that pulled me out of the story, the main one being this: Maxine has never been to Walmart until after her husband dumps her. Seriously. Never been to a Walmart, and never shopped at a Walmart. Despite how rich Maxine's husband was, I thought that was a little unrealistic that she would never, ever, not once in her life, have been to a Walmart -- not even just to grab a quick soda, get gas, or something like that.Also, some of the humor just didn't work for me. Now, humor is a very, very subjective thing, and it's hard to write. Really, it's one of those things where you're either going to love an author's humor or you're not. I enjoyed some of the humor, especially when it came to Maxine's voice and her doubts about dating Campbell, but I did think some of it was a little over the top, especially some stuff that takes place during a bingo game at the retirement center. (Ironic, I know, since my own Bigtime books are so campy and over the top.)Although this book didn't work for me quite as well as I wanted it to, if you're looking for a light, breezy read and are in the mood to laugh, you might want to give this one a shot.

  • Diane
    2018-09-05 13:01

    Oh I really liked this book and am so glad I finally read it. Maxine (Max) is going through a long drawn out divorce from her slimey rich husband who has cheated on her with a younger blonder model of her former self. She and her teen son are forced to live with her mother in her retirement village as the slimey soonto be ex-husband has left her her with nothing and no support for Their son. She is over 40 and trying to get a job for the first time to support them....not having luck at all...she meets up with someone she went to high school with who is also staying at the retirement village with his dad nursing him back to health. Campbell is a sweetheart and super hot. He has been crazy about Max since high school. Oh I LOVED Campbell! I loved reading a HEA!!

  • Darcy
    2018-08-30 08:54

    This book was so utterly predictable from page one, but for some reason I just couldn't stop reading it. The story of a trophy wife passed over for a newer model, the husband screws her over, and in the aftermath she finds her old self along with a hot new guy. Don't know that I would seek this book out, but if you see it lying around and have a couple of hours free it is an ok read to keep you occupied.

  • TheGeekyBlogger
    2018-09-10 15:11

    What I LOVED: Campbell Barker! If I could snatch him right out of this book and have him all to myself I would in a heartbeat. He was emotionally stable, understanding, and truly had more patience than anyone I have ever read. It doesn't mean there wasn't a time where I wasn't screaming at Max (Maxine) to get it already and screaming at Campbell to not put up with it any longer but it was who he was especially with her. Sometimes it is the other person that brings out the best in us. In fact, I love Campbell for his attitude and spirit but never really pictured what he looked like. Didn't realize that until now!I also loved Len and Mona! They were exactly the type of BFF and mother someone like Maxine needed during her journey. The rest of the retirement village was pretty awesome too.What I LIKED: Maxine! I know as the lead character I should have loved her but she was downright annoying at times. Though it was because I could recognize so many things that she was thinking (even when wrong) that made her story believable. She was an emotional wreck and simply didn't have the sense to realize she was taking prisoners. The fact that her journey was so up and down made it entertaining and infuriating to read. It also made it one of the best books like this I have read since Bridget Jones.Complaints: Really sad we didn't get more of the courtship between Len and Adam :) Quote from the book that really did hit home with me: Love the second time around doesn't come without its share of compromises, nor, when it happens, is it always in the ideal location. None of that matters when you're chasing down the love of your life. Do not be shy when it comes to going after what your heart truly wants.Why I gave it a 4: Did I mention best book like this I have read since Bridget Jones (which is the over-30s single girl anthem book?) If not I also gave it a 4 because this was the 2nd Dakota Cassidy book to make me cry in an inappropriate place. DANG HER!Who I would recommend it too: Romance readers that believe in new beginnings and fantastic guys!

  • Elizabeth
    2018-09-02 14:53

    I tried. I really tried to get through this book, but I could not even get half way. Even though it's the summer of romance novels for me, life's too short to finish something I am struggling to read. I feel sheepish because the book is well received by others. The author is described as a great comedic talent by some. Yet I just could not get into it. In a romance or a chick lit book, I think one needs to relate to the heroine at some level and in this book, I just could not. She's too dumb, I fear. Maxine marries a wealthy older man straight out of high school - not something I'd do, but that does not make me dislike her. She signs an apparently air tight pre-nup that means even after twenty years of a marriage where she doesn't work he can still kick her out on her ass without a penny, and allow his son to live in that same poverty as he sticks with her. This is where I start getting irritated - family law is not my specialty, but from what I've seen is that most lawyes would fight harder to at least get maintenance support paid while she takes care of the son. And there's a pretty good case to be made to undo at least part of the prenup. But she doesn't even put up a fight. She takes the word of some shopping mall lawyer who charges her on the credit card and does not get a second opinion. She doesn't say to the judge, hey this doesn't seem fair. Of course if she had there would be no book, but it would be less irritating. Apart from that maddening set-up, I'm not crazy about the writing style. I believe the author is trying to be humorous, but I find the writing style to cluttered and cliched. Finally, at the beginning of each chapter there's a little note of advice to ex-trophy wives giving them advice on how to survive. It's a little technique that I've seen other authors use in one form or another, particularly Meg Cabot. It can be effective or annoying. Here, it's just annoying. Partly because, I just can't relate to trophy wives, and partly the author seems to use it as a device to foreshadow the plot for the entire chapter. Why not just let things unfold?

  • Catherine
    2018-09-24 09:17

    I'm a Dakota fan, let that be known first! A break from her paranormal, You Dropped a Blonde on Me, AKA, Suck it up, Princess... for those of us who followed Dakota's video-blogs when she wrote this book, delivers in true Dakota style. Max is a walking suitcase with the amount of baggage she carries around in this book, but how she overcomes the many twists and turns that life gives her during a divorce will make the reader love her. If you're over 40, have gone through a messy divorce, and want to see how someone else handles it in a romance novel, pick this one up and give yourself a day to read it!

  • Nora-adrienne
    2018-09-04 15:19

    You Dropped A Blond on Me is Dakota Cassidy's entry book into the world of ex-trophy wives. We meet Maxine, who spent 20 years busting a gut trying to be the woman and wife her older husband wanted. She sublimated her self into his wishes and demands. Ms. Cassidy treats us to pain, hurt, embarrassment and laughter. Sometimes even within the same chapter as her character strains to build a life for herself and her son Connor. I believe that Ms Cassidy has reached new heights in her writing and I am looking forward to the trips she plans to take us on as this series unfolds. Dakota, you've really sucked it up big time Princess and I think you have a winner.

  • Donna
    2018-09-19 09:12

    It has been a long time since I couldn't put a book down till I finished it. I laughed. I commiserated. I totally got it. I would recommend this to anyone who has ever come out on the short end of a long relationship.

  • ❀ ℓu-ℓu-ℓuna ❀
    2018-09-05 14:19

    R-T-R! Reading Romances and WLLK Reading Challenge...

  • Robin
    2018-09-22 10:01

    Cute but not as good as I’d hoped. Enjoyed the story of a woman starting over and how her insecurities rear their heads to her detriment. Quick read with likable characters.

  • (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick
    2018-09-05 12:03

    Originally posted at Quote: "How nice that two lonely people in the world had clearly made a connection. Now there’d be two less lonely people in the world. How very Air Supply."Maxine (Max) Lou Anne Henderson Cambridge didn’t know how low she had sunk until she physically threatened a teenager for getting hired over her at the Cluck Cluck Palace. But when your cheating scum sucking husband trades you in on a new and much younger model, leaving you with no money, no home, and no dignity, you pretty much use the humiliating moments as high points in your life.Living with her mother and son at the Leisure Village retirement community, Max struggles to make ends meet without depending or over burdening anyone with her problems. When an old high school friend, Campbell Barker, shows up looking good enough to lick and showing much to much interest in Max, she tries to show him that the Max of old isn’t around anymore. But the more Campbell pushes, the more Max realizes that she may well be getting some of that old mojo back. As Max slowly gets her groove back, Campbell decides that she’s the one for him. But will Max stop long enough to admit he’s the one for her?Dakota Cassidy’s newest release, You Dropped a Blonde On Me, gives us an intimate ring side seat into the life of Maxine Cambridge as she tries to deal with a particularly nasty divorce and an even nastier soon to be ex husband using a lot of humor, snark, and unsolicited advice. Filled with more one liners then a Vegas comedy show-I laughed from page one and didn’t stop till the very end. I have always been a HUGE fan of Dakota Cassidy’s ability to combine urban slang and humor into enjoyable stories that draw you in and keep you hooked.Her characters are all delightfully flawed and has you thinking, “OMGoodness, I know someone like that.” Her story lines are fast paced with an enjoyable conversational writing style but with an under current of realism as her characters react and engage as you or I might.Max is hilarious with her slightly bi polar reactions and her raging inner monologue. A pretty 40 something woman, she has been dealt a hard blow and at times my heart hurt for her as we watch her pick herself up again and again as she tries to gain back some of her lost dignity. Campbell comes on the scene in time to witness her at her lowest point, but he all sees is the beautiful beauty queen he crushed on in high school. He shows remarkable patience and perseverance as he tries to help Max through her feelings of grief, anger, and helplessness. The relationship develops slowly but the chemistry between them blazes white hot from their first scene together. They fit together perfectly and it showed. There is a secondary romance involved that is almost as enjoyable to watch as Max and Campbell’s. It blends well into the main arc with a surprising twist towards the end.The secondary characters are all well fleshed out as they add delish snarkiness and humor to the story. Max’s mother Mona is wonderful as she tries to help her daughter adjust all the while doling out tough love advice. Conner, Max’s son, stands by his mom through it all and never wavers in his love or respect for her. Max’s BFF Len lends an always available shoulder to cry on and sometimes a metaphorical smack in the head. Fin is the perfect villain you will love to hate.At times I found I did find Max’s over reaction to things to be a bit overwhelming as she kept doing it over and over but at the same time I understood where she was at in her state of mind. Having been through an ugly divorce myself, the craziness she emitted wasn’t all that unusual. I give Ms. Cassidy kudos for going there and not glossing over Max’s emotional distress. She honestly shows all of Max’s facets-the good and the bad.The ending is predictable but excellent in how it plays out. You Dropped A Bomb On Me is a hilarious and engaging romantic contemporary that will have you howling with laughter and fist pumping with joy as you watch Max navigate her way through divorce, friendship, love and Walmart. I look forward to the second of this series, Burning Down the Spouse, release date to be announced.Rating: B

  • Valérie
    2018-09-06 14:17

    Cette très sympathique romance contemporaine est un vrai plaisir à lire, l'auteure Dakota Cassidy réussit avec un thème peut être pas très original une comédie romantique très fraîche, avec des passages drôles, des personnages attachants, le tout sur un ton impertinent et proche de nous.L'héroïne Maxine Cambridge est le style de bimbo blonde qui aurait tendance à nous énerver: la joli fille à forte poitrine et QI d'huitre, la pom pom girl la plus populaire du lycée qui par son physique avantageux a attiré dans ses filets un homme riche et plus âgé d'au moins deux décennies .Cependant ici notre héroïne est légèrement différente, certes elle est l'archétype de la blonde sexy évanescente mais c'est par amour qu'elle a épousé l'égocentrique et combien odieux mais richissime Finley Cambridge. Elle lui a servi de faire valoir et porte manteau de luxe durant vingt ans, renonçant à ses études pour le servir dans tous les sens du terme avec pour résultat d'être jeté comme un kleenex sale pour une forte poitrine plus jeune et accessoirement saeur de sa meilleure amie.La chute est rude pour Maxine qui n'avait rien vu venir et la descente du haut du panier à la misère la plus noire est terrible. Du jour au lendemain sans un sou en poche ,elle se retrouve avec son fils Connor âgé de seize ans obligée de vivre chez sa mère retraitée dans un village de retraités tous plus farfelus les uns que les autres. La recherche d'un emploi par Maxine est hilarante et dramatique à la fois, les gens ayant une telle fausse image de ce qu'elle est vraiment, s'arrêtant à son apparence physique et la scène mélodramatique du fast-food est désopilante. Cependant derrière la scène comique qui se renouvellera de nombreuses fois vu le caractère emporté de Maxine, une réalité crue ce dégage sous la plume acérée de l'auteure, la difficulté énorme que rencontre les femmes de quarante ans pour retrouver un travail après avoir été femme au foyer durant de longues années et ceci quel que soit le niveau social.La vulnérabilité et le manque de confiance de Maxine qui a perdu tous ses repères en font un personnage attachant et lorsqu'elle tombe par hasard sur un ancien camarade d'école Campbell Barker on se doute que c'est grâce à lui qu'elle va remonter la pente et on en est toute contente pour elle. Ah! Campbell c'est le mâle viril, sur de lui sur qui on peut compter; charmeur, sure de lui, attentif aux autres ,il résiste vaillamment aux accès de colère foudroyants de la désarmante Maxine à la langue bien pendue sauf lorsqu'elle se retrouve en face de son ex-mari ou là nous apercevons vraiment sa fragilité. Campbell c'est l'homme avec un grand H, pas le mâle alpha mais l'homme tendre et attentionné qui vous fait sentir aimé et toute chose, il est fou d'amour pour la belle quadra et d'une patience à toute épreuve et on se demande jusqu'à quand il va résister devant le mur érigé par Maxine.Le charme de ce récit réside aussi pour une bonne part dans les personnages secondaires: les retraités complètement fous mais si sympathiques pour qui travaille Maxine, Mona la mère de celle-ci lucide aux remarques impertinente et bien dans ses baskets, Connor le fils génial qui préfère renoncer à tout confort matériel que voir sa mère humiliée par son père, et une mention spéciale pour moi à la meilleure amie Lenore qui n'hésite à envoyer paitre sa famille et surtout sa petite saeur (par qui le malheur est arrivé) pour défendre bec et ongle Maxine, Leonore qui vit d'ailleurs une histoire d'amour en parallèle avec un mystérieux inconnu Adam qui se révélera sous un jour surprenant dans l'épilogue et allié inattendu.J'ai beaucoup apprécié ce livre, bien écrit dans un style moderne et rafraîchissant, parsemé de quelques scènes épicées. Un livre écrit sur un ton cynique parfois et tendre à d'autres moments, c'est gai et touchant avec des sentiments réels. Dakota Cassidy est une auteure perspicace et pleine d'humour et si la suite de ce livre est faite je la lirais sans aucun doute pour la bonne humeur et le plaisir que m'a donné cette lecture.

  • Melliane
    2018-09-06 11:12

    Mon avis en FrançaisMy English reviewEt voilà mon premier Milady Romance! Je suis une grande fan de chick-lit et ce livre semblait parfaitement correspondre à ce que j’apprécie, j’étais alors très contente de pouvoir en découvrir plus sur ce roman de Dakota Cassidy. J’avais déjà lu plusieurs de ses livres paranormaux avec la série Accidentaly Friends mais pas encore quelque chose de ce genre. Le livre est assez épais mais il se lit vraiment tout seul une fois qu’on a commencé. En effet, on se laisse très vite emporter par l’histoire que l’on nous présente.On découvre donc Maxine Cambridge, une jeune femme en plein divorce et qui se retrouve du jour au lendemain à la rue avec son fils Connor. Mais malgré ses 40 ans, elle est bien décidée à remonter la pente, et même si elle vit chez sa mère dans son village de retraités, elle est déterminée à s’en sortir et à trouver un travail ! Problème ? C’est juste beaucoup plus compliqué que prévu de se faire embaucher pour quoi que ce soit quand on n’a pas de diplômes et que la concurrence a 18 ans. Et quand elle rencontre Campbell Barker, un homme qu’elle n’a pas revu depuis le Lycée, elle comprend que certains ont bien changé depuis l’adolescence. Alors qu’elle se retrouve au trente-sixième dessous, Campbell est devenu l’un des hommes les plus sexys qu’elle ait rencontré depuis bien longtemps. Il faut dire qu’il a tout pour plaire, gentil, aimable, charmant et prêt à tout pour charmer notre jeune héroïne. C’est cependant plus dur pour Max qui depuis la tromperie de son mari a du mal à faire confiance à qui que ce soit, et ce, à commencer par elle-même. Elle est donc bien décidée à ne pas s’engager dans une quelconque relation ce qui est loin d’être l’avis de Campbell. De plus, le monde dans lequel elle a évolué jusqu’alors, lui a donné une piètre image d’elle-même et il lui faudra du temps et beaucoup de reconsidérations avant de comprendre qu’il n’en est rien.J’ai beaucoup apprécié Maxine, c’est une jeune femme déterminée mais qui a beaucoup de mal à gérer son ex-mari et son divorce. C’est drôle de voir ses changements d’humeurs, elle reste très focalisée quand il s’agit de travail ou de son fils mais pour le reste c’est très différent. Heureusement, Campbell sera là pour essayer de lui rendre sa confiance et la remettre sur pied. C’est cependant quelque chose de plus compliqué que prévu, surtout quand Max fait tout pour ruiner leur histoire dès qu’elle avance ne serait-ce qu’un tout petit peu. J’ai été vraiment impressionnée par l’assurance et le self-control de Campbell. Il faut dire que Max le met à rude épreuve et je ne sais pas si j’aurais pu tenir autant que lui. Parce que même s’il comprend que notre héroïne passe par une période assez terrible, elle abuse parfois par ses actions et paroles sans réfléchir aux conséquences. Notre petit couple est cependant très mignon à suivre et on ne leur souhaite que du bonheur et que leur vie s’arrange tout au long de l’histoire. Il y a bien sûr beaucoup plus dans l’histoire, comme la nouvelle amie de Max, ou encore Mona sa mère qui est vraiment géniale et présente pour elle quoi qu’elle fasse. Mais je vous laisse les découvrir.Je dirais donc que j’ai été agréablement surprise par ce roman et j’ai été complètement emportée par l’histoire et les péripéties de Maxine qui nous surprennent tout au long du roman. C’est une jolie romance agrémentée d’un humour indéniable.

  • TJ Fox
    2018-09-22 09:56

    If I had paid a bit closer attention to the series name and the blurb on this one, I probably could have avoided what ended up being a pretty annoying read.The main character Max comes across as this incredibly insecure, whiny, spineless woman that can’t handle the fact that her husband, who she married at 20 and is 20 years older than her cheated with someone half her age and left her and her son penniless after 20 years of marriage. Oh, yeah, he also did that for their whole marriage. Yet she is shocked that he turned out to be a slime ball.It is insanely difficult to feel any sympathy for a person that puts themselves into a position like that and continues to allow it to happen, so connecting with this character is more than hard. The couple of female friends mentioned were all also married to much older men. Seriously? Sure, there were all in it for the love. Absolutely.Campbell isn’t a whole lot better. He is all about understanding her and where she is at, yet pushes her when she says she isn’t ready then insists she get over herself and heal at the pace he deems is the correct one. Sorry, bud! She just got away from an ass that demanded she be only what he wanted and needed, when he wanted and needed it only to find another one just like that and that is just as hot and cold as you claim she is. So not prince charming.I get I’m a little back and forth on not liking Max and wanting to stand up for her, but that is because I can’t stand characters like her that won’t stand up for themselves. I didn’t find her all that cute or funny. In fact I really kind of felt like when she wasn’t being whiny and weak, she just had kind of an ugly personality. No matter the emotional damage left from her marriage, I didn’t like the personality shifts that character portrayed.The other thing that just got me irritated and on the not buying it bandwagon with this was Max’s history before her marriage. This book makes it sound as though she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth rather than having only come into the rich girl life when she married. She had never been inside a Walmart but her own mother has no problem going there? What? Her own mother never once took her shopping while she was growing up? That just doesn’t fly. The selfish, snobby underlying attitude she has colors everything she does. No matter what, she is either way better than others or has it so much worse, the world should pity her.Obviously, I’m not a fan of spoiled little rich girl stories, even if the rich girl falls flat on her face. The series name and blurb hint at this, but I didn’t think it was going to be quite so out there with regards to being totally unable to like the main character. Missed by a huge long shot with this one.

  • Blodeuedd Finland
    2018-08-29 08:56

    Plot:Maxine had it all, but then her husband trader her for a younger model and she, thanks to an iron-clad prenup, had nothing. Forced to live with her mother in an retirement village, together with her son. No job, no future, and one big volcano of anger brewing inside of her. Then she meets Campbell Barker, and old classmate, and perhaps there is hope for an ex trophy wife after all.My thoughts:I always wanted to read a Cassidy novel, they all look so adorable and this one was sure looked so too.Maxine is one big mess. She has tried to get every job there is, but not so easy when she has no experience, either than being married to a cheating scum bag. She continues to be a mess too, but with less and less meltdowns. Her ex sure did a number on her, and I kept waiting for him to get what he had coming to him. Cos Max was smart, and sexy, but she could no longer see it herself. She mostly thought her life was over at 40. But there is always a knight in shining armour and that is Campbell in this book, he is hot, and he wants her, and have wanted her since high school. And if anyone needs a hot man lusting after her it's Maxine.I liked Maxine, sure she freaked over some things, but she was scared. Campbell is one great hero in my eyes, he just kept coming back, and would not give up. Then there are the side characters, like her hilarious mum Mona, and all the rest of the elderly in the village. They spiced up the book for sure. There is also a side story about her friend Len, who has mourned her husband for years and a man she meets. A mysterious man who is after something.This book had romance, and it had humour. Like when she visits WallMart and gets really excited over tampons because they are so cheap. She was never a silly spoiled wife, but still she did have everything catered to her so she forgot how to take care of herself, and she learns that in this book.One thing though, it took me a while to read it for some reason. Strange, I do not know why. I guess some books just are meant to be read slower.Final thoughts and recommendation:To all you romance and humour fans. A fun book about self discovery, and then throw in some passion, an idiot of an ex, a bunch of old people who is not afraid to say what the think, and you got this book. A 3,5 cos I would recommend it, and you know you want to know if that cheating ex gets what he deserves.Reason for reading:Her paranormal books look so cute, so of course I wanted to try this one and see how she writes.Cover:Cute

  • Smut Junkie
    2018-09-05 11:56

    I can't remember the last time I read a book that made me laugh so much! I truly loved reading this book. Max is a great character, and anybody who knows me, knows that I love a good snarky character....and it's not that Mex is snarky per say, but that she has a GREAT voice. Both her inner and outer dialogue is just brilliantly written. Maybe it's because she's 40. Maybe it's because she's pretty darn broken at the moment. Maybe it's because although she is broken and beat down you can see the brilliance of her simmering just below the surface waiting for all the crap to pass so that she can return to her brilliant self. I felt like I could relate to Max's plight. The whole story you are just cheering for her - and praying that she gets her head out of her ass before it's too late.There is only one word for Campbell - perfect! What a guy? I knew that he suffered some hurt/loss, and although it was pretty predictable, my heart still hurt for him. He's such a great guy that you can't help but fall in love with him. He is so patient and caring and he puts up with so much shit from crazy Max that you wonder how much more he can take before he gives up....He is a true gem and if he truly existed I'd probably jump him! LOL!I also loved all the other characters in this story. Max's son Connor is one amazing teenager - a mom could only hope for one as awesome as Connor - who clearly loves his mom and grandma a whole heck of a lot and is WAY MORE observant than his mom thinks. Mona, Max's mom, and all the Leisure Village folks are just great - funny and exactly how I imagine all my mom's friend in The Villages - full of spunk and fun! Then there was the little side story of Len and Adam....they were a couple that ignited fireworks from the get go and I kind of wish we got more of their story, but I know how hard that is when they are only secondary characters.I think what I loved most about this story was the great voice - just brilliant. Fun, spunky, funny, and still emotional. It's definitely one of my favorites for 2012 and I might just have to buy a copy for my own bookshelf!

  • Jen
    2018-08-28 08:58

    I can't remember the last time I read a book that made me laugh so much! I truly loved reading this book. Max is a great character, and anybody who knows me, knows that I love a good snarky character....and it's not that Mex is snarky per say, but that she has a GREAT voice. Both her inner and outer dialogue is just brilliantly written. Maybe it's because she's 40. Maybe it's because she's pretty darn broken at the moment. Maybe it's because although she is broken and beat down you can see the brilliance of her simmering just below the surface waiting for all the crap to pass so that she can return to her brilliant self. I felt like I could relate to Max's plight. The whole story you are just cheering for her - and praying that she gets her head out of her ass before it's too late.There is only one word for Campbell - perfect! What a guy? I knew that he suffered some hurt/loss, and although it was pretty predictable, my heart still hurt for him. He's such a great guy that you can't help but fall in love with him. He is so patient and caring and he puts up with so much shit from crazy Max that you wonder how much more he can take before he gives up....He is a true gem and if he truly existed I'd probably jump him! LOL!I also loved all the other characters in this story. Max's son Connor is one amazing teenager - a mom could only hope for one as awesome as Connor - who clearly loves his mom and grandma a whole heck of a lot and is WAY MORE observant than his mom thinks. Mona, Max's mom, and all the Leisure Village folks are just great - funny and exactly how I imagine all my mom's friend in The Villages - full of spunk and fun! Then there was the little side story of Len and Adam....they were a couple that ignited fireworks from the get go and I kind of wish we got more of their story, but I know how hard that is when they are only secondary characters.I think what I loved most about this story was the great voice - just brilliant. Fun, spunky, funny, and still emotional. It's definitely one of my favorites for 2012 and I might just have to buy a copy for my own bookshelf!

  • Christi Snow
    2018-09-17 13:12

    Fabulous book. I am a 40 yo sahm (although not a trophy wife) so a lot of this book and the heroine resonated with me. I loved about an awesome hero!! Adam too...Full review reposted from my Smitten with Reading blog:My Review:This book really resonated with me. I am the same age as Maxine and have spent the last 17 years of my marriage as a SAHM so I could definitely relate to the floundering of Max when her marriage suddenly went down the tubes.I really liked the forward by Dakota Cassidy talking about her meltdown during the stress of her divorce. It gave the entire novel a whole level of credibility that I am not sure would have been there otherwise, because let's face it, Max has moments where she could easily be considered certifiable. But if you haven't been in that position, there is no way to know how all that stress will affect you.I liked that Max realized that she was on the edge of psychosis and tried to convince Campbell to stay away from her because of it. I loved Campbell's character and how (for the most part) he realized that Max was on the edge and deserving of kid-gloves and understanding. The best scene in the book: when he walks into the pool fully clothed to get his goodnight kiss. BUT everyone has their limits to how much they can take mentally so, although I really hated it when he finally did lose his patience with Max (because he kept saying that he understood and could handle her angst,) I could understand it.The fact that the whole novel takes place in a retirement village was a hoot. Let's face it, most elderly have reached a point in their life when they don't hold anything back and it made for some really funny scenes in this book.At the beginning of each chapter tree is a "Note from Maxine Henderson to all ex-trophy wives:" These are so funny and entertaining. They also give a hint into what is coming up in the chapter and how Max is going to screw things up again. It's a really fun little detail about the book.I am looking forward to the 2nd installment of the Trophy Wives series.

  • R.G.
    2018-09-03 13:15

    At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy this book… I picked up a romantic comedy and got a constant reminder of my own sucky divorce… but the more I read the more I realized I was able to laugh at those memories… it was nice to know that I wasn’t the only one who acted insane during that time of their life… even though Max’s story is a bit more extreme than my own and sadly I can never say I was married to a millionaire… the emotions were the same… the fear of making the same mistake… the overreaction to every slight of men around you, both imagined and real… especially any showing interest… and that’s what ultimately made this book so awesome… it was real and something I think could help someone going through a bad time in their life… you don’t have to be a trophy wife to feel what she was feeling… and Max was a wonderful character that showed a woman striving to stand on her own 2 feet and do the best she could for her son… and yes it was funny and sweet… and Campbell was pretty great too… all the characters really were… my one problem was the Adam/Len part of the story… though Len is Max’s best friend and Adam becomes a key part of the story… having their romantic story and Len’s own problems shoved in felt a little forced… as in to stretch the tale out a bit… honestly I would’ve rather had their story as a separate book… and if anyone could explain the title to me I’d appreciate that too… altogether though this is worth the read…

  • Sarah
    2018-09-10 16:10

    So, this read was even more enjoyable than expected. The premise - a trophy wife in the middle of a divorce, left with no financial resources at all, and living with her mother and son in her mother's retirement village apartment - seemed to lend itself to comic hijinks without even trying. Anyone that has gone through a painful divorce and has been forced to start over (perhaps with just as little as Maxine) can definitely relate to Max's over-reacting. Sometimes, you just do what you need to in order to survive the day.Through all of her misfortune - discovering her husband was engaged to her best friend's younger sister - Max kept her kind heart. Her outlook may have sucked and her best advice was to "suck it up, Princess." Max spent so much time focusing on what happened and what she missed out on that she was neglecting to focus on her future and what that could be. She sabotaged nearly every interaction with Campbell and was too free with her newly discovered personal opinion (yes, everyone can have their own). Learning to sit down and shut up was a hard lesson, but the journey of success after life in mom's retirement village was enjoyable.What a great reminder that we are not alone unless that is the situation we create for ourselves. There can be beauty in self-discovery and starting over - also, there are plenty of opportunities to laugh at ourselves. Sometimes, it's either laugh or cry and I, for one, would rather laugh.

  • Bookaholics
    2018-09-01 08:12

    You Dropped a Blonde on Me by Dakota CassidyContemporary Romance- Dec 7th, 20104 StarsThis contemporary romance is a first for Cassidy, who usually writes paranormals. But after reading this book, I hope it will be 1 of many to come. In this book, the main character, Maxine looses it all when her husband leaves her for a younger woman and she is left with nothing. In fact, she has to go live in a retirement center with her mother. Did I mention that she brings her little boy with them in an elderly village? Maxine’s struggles make her endearing to read. She tries to get every job possible (even applying at a fast food chicken restaurant) and there were many humorous scenes. Maxine’s self discovery and self-improvements makes this book inspiring as well.Things start turning around where she reconnects with a high school classmate that is no longer so nerdy. An attractive man named Campbell Barker. Campbell’s pursuit of her is sweet and his encouragement of her is enjoyable. The budding love and her effort to better herself and discover herself makes this book one to keep.Reviewed by Sophia from the Bookaholics Romance Club

  • Christine
    2018-09-13 13:00

    For this year's reading challenge, I was to read 5 romance books for the month of February. This was the fifth and final book (thank goodness!) You can tell how much I love this genre as it took me 3 months to finish this part of the challenge!! This really isn't my favorite genre -- it has to be a really great story in order for me to buy into it. I chose only one other contemporary romance for the challenge, so this one was enjoyable in that way, and I did like Maxine's psychoanalysis of every little thing -- because I can be pretty psychoanalytical myself! ;) But I just felt like I was being spoon-fed the story and knew what was going to happen before I even began reading. So if I wasn't sure before, the genre definitely does not do much for me. And the book -- taking my personal feelings for the genre away--was really just okay. Pretty slow in some places, and there was a sub-plot going along through it that I really didn't see as necessary. In fact, it was pretty distracting.

  • Vicki
    2018-09-04 08:55

    No rating as I didn't finish this one. I got about half way through before I just couldn't read any more. Honestly, I'm not sure what I didn't enjoy about it. Yes, the characters are fairly flat (and that's a big thing for me) but the writing was fairly snappy and fun. I think my issue was that near every sentence was a complex one with a pop culture reference or some slang. Too much of something that would normally be fine and good. I also found that the chemistry between the couples just didn't seem there at all; possibly because I didn't feel like they were fleshed out enough. I'm sad because I've heard good things about Cassidy, but that just means I'll have to try another series of hers.

  • Jo (My House of Books)
    2018-09-08 12:06

    3.5 starsI love Ms. Cassidy's voice. Her first three Accidentals [The Accidental Werewolf, Accidentally Dead, and The Accidental Human] brought a lot of humor to the paranormal genre, something I'd not seen or read previously. So when I heard she would be writing a contemporary romance, a semi-autobiographical one, no less, I had to have a copy. And she didn't disappoint.It's the little things Maxine "Max" Cambridge cherishes: finding employment, making money, spending said hard-earned money at Wal-mart. To watch her pick up the pieces of her divorced life and push forward while living in a retirement community with her mother, well, there's something to be said about that kind of gumption. I cannot wait to see what advice Max plans to bestow on other ex-trophy wives.

  • Missy Jane
    2018-08-27 10:07

    Though becoming emotional while reading a book is nothing new for me because I'm just a damn waterfall...Oh. My. God. This book totally rocked my socks off. Maxine is a fabulous, multidimensional character and one of the best heroines I've ever read. Throw in Campbell, a true knight in shining armor and you have a world-class love story. This book was SO damn good, however there were a couple of scenes where everyone was giving Max shit that kinda pissed me off. But, the grueling, tissue-filled journey was well worth it once I read the last line. Throw in the secondary characters that had their own stories actually finish to a satisfying end, and you have a very happy reader.

  • Anara Bella
    2018-08-27 10:53

    This was my first foray into one of Dakota Cassidy's books. I met her at the Lori Foster Get Together back in June and really liked her so I wanted to check out one of her books. And boy am I glad I did. I really enjoyed YOU DROPPED A BLONDE ON ME. It was a fun read with lots of humor but despite the lighter tone, the story still managed to have depth to it.In fact, I liked it so much that I already ordered the next book in the Ex Trophy Wives series and the first book in the Accidental series. LOL Now if the postal service would just hurry up and deliver them. I can't wait to dig into them! =)Anara

  • CupcakeBlonde
    2018-08-26 08:02

    I picked this book up on a whim when Borders closed months ago. The cover was cute and the back flap sounded mildly appealing. I had also read some of Dakota Cassidy's other books. Little did I know how much I would end up loving this book. It is sharp, sassy and hilarious. Also incredibly heartwarming, empowering and gosh-darn it, hot as hell. I immediately fell in love witht he characters and flew through the story, not wanting to wait to see what happened to them. I especially love LOVE the character of Campbell. What a dreamboat and how every man should be. I look forward to more in this series.

  • Mary
    2018-09-19 08:02

    This book was suggested by a friend because she thought the writing was funny. I agree, the writing was somewhat humerous. A tried and true tale of a rich trophy wife who is left by her husband for a younger woman (the receptionist at work, gasp)and is penniless thanks to a prenup she unknowingly signed. Maxine and her teenage son move in with her mom at a retirement village. Who doesn't like cantankerous old people?! The parts I struggled with was all the sex and when the author tried to turn the story serious periodically. I think it would've been better if Ms. Cassidy would've kept it light throughout.