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In his position as tracker for the SnowDancer pack, it's up to Drew Kincaid to rein in rogue changelings who have lost control of their animal halves- even if it means killing those who have gone too far. But nothing in his life has prepared him for the battle he must now wage to win the heart of a woman who makes his body ignite... and who threatens to enslave his wolf.LiIn his position as tracker for the SnowDancer pack, it's up to Drew Kincaid to rein in rogue changelings who have lost control of their animal halves- even if it means killing those who have gone too far. But nothing in his life has prepared him for the battle he must now wage to win the heart of a woman who makes his body ignite... and who threatens to enslave his wolf.Lieutenant Indigo Riviere doesn't easily allow skin privileges, especially of the sensual kind- and the last person she expects to find herself craving is the most wickedly playful male in the den. Everything she knows tells her to pull back before the flames burn them both to ash... but she hasn't counted on Drew's will. Now, two of SnowDancer's most stubborn wolves find themselves playing a hot, sexy game even as lethal danger stalks the very place they call home....

Title : Play of Passion
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Play of Passion Reviews

  • Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession
    2019-03-31 13:32

    Play of Passion would have been a four star read for me if Indigo hadn't did something so hurtful and hateful that I wanted to punch her in her tits. See I loved Drew and though at time Indigo came off bitchy I still liked her. They were both flirting or courting if you will, Drew was trying to make her take them more serious and in a play to hurt him and push him away she went on a date with an ex lover. After that I wanted Drew to find someone else. I don't mind push/pull in a book, but she crossed a line that can't be forgiven with a sorry. Still the book was a 3 star read as I loved Drew and the ongoing plot the book.

  • Alex is The Romance Fox
    2019-03-31 07:36

    Play of Passion (Psy-Changeling #9) by Nalini Singh and the first book that the hero & heroine are both Changelings from the same species.Indigo Riverie and Andrew Kincaid, both members of the SnowDancer wolf pack. I loved Drew. Sexy, dominant, caring, sweet, strong, fabulous in bed and funny too. So what if he’s younger than Indigo? So what if he’s a dominant like her???? Girl, get a grip!! This was one woman that drove me totally nuts!She had feelings for Drew and refused to give in to them because of that! I hated the way she treated fact I wanted to tell him…find someone else who’s worthy of you!!!But you see, Drew never gives up on Indigo. He has been in love with her for years and years….and he’s not about to give up on her! Slowly she begins to thaw….….but then no woman in her right mind could resist Drew!!!What I did like was the fact that the sex scenes, of which there were a lot of, were not a repetition after repeat ion….each scene, had a new or different element to it. Oh yes, they were hot and sizzling….could it be anything else if it involved Drew?? I know, I’m drooling over the guy!!!Most of this story revolves around Drew and Indigo’s relationship. There’s very little plot and very little about the Psy/Changeling world.One of my fav quotes in this book: And yes………….I am beyond excited about Hawke & Sienna……yippee, their book is next!!

  • Maya
    2019-03-23 13:16

    2,5 STARSWell...the only reason I'm even finishing this story and giving it 2,5 stars is because of Drew and I really didn't want to miss out on how the council affairs are going. We all know there is a war basically already going on just in the background where most humans and psy don't see it. I think the most action was in the last 85% and it was to me at least the only part worth reading. I cannot tell you how much I loathe Indy, I mean I've never, honestly never, read about a character that was so bitchy and selfish and just a horrible person. Poor Drew, he really didn't have it easy with her and even when he did get close to her, she then for some reason AGAIN for the million time started to pull away from him. This was a bad romance and not what I exspected from this author. I am really disappointed how the plot and story turned out. This was more of a filler book with push-pull romance and with lots of exes or want to be lovers, for which I didn't care for one bit! Just a big let down. :(I am going to continue reading this series and I can only hope the next story will be better. *fingers crossed*

  • Blacky *Romance Addict*
    2019-04-01 09:34

    Another great book from the Psy-Changeling series This series will definitely be one of the best I've ever read :) I became addicted to this world from page 1, and I guess I'll stay that way untill the final bookIn Play of Passion, we get to see the wolf pack again (I just love reading about the changelings). Indigo is a lietenant and a dominant female in the pack. Drew has been in love with her for a long time, but being lower in rank, he doesn't have a chance This was similar to Riley and Mercy's story (loved that one) even though in this one, the romance doesn't star right away. Indy really doesn't want to have anything with Drew besides friendship, even though the sexual tension between them is massive, and Drew, the poor guy, tries everything to get her attention, to get her to change her mind. I sometimes just wanted to do this to herGaah she really drove me crazy! But oh well, once they hit it off, they were so, so great The ending was beautiful, left me a bit misty-eyedAll in all, another great book in a great series

  • Kristen
    2019-04-06 11:21

    4 Stars. Drew–and because I love this series so much–is the ONLY reason I'm giving this book 4 stars!This book sported one of the most charming, swoon-worthy, and delectable heroes in this series. I fell head-over-heels in love with all that is Drew. However, and I know I'm in the minority here, I felt it also sported the most wishy-washy, fickle, and egotistical heroine I've read to date. I did NOT like Indigo for most of this book. That said, she finally won me over, and, frankly Drew wanted her, and I wanted him to be happy. On to Hawke's book! Jumps up and down and SQUEALS! That's right, I squealed! I've been waiting for his book since the beginning of this series. Squeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • MelissaB
    2019-03-28 08:42

    I love Nalini Singh's writing, I think she is one of the most talented authors out there. I love the Psy/Changling series, I think the world and characters are wonderful. My favorite books so far have been ones that include Changlings because I love their wild hearts and sensual, playful natures. So it should be no surprise that I thorougly enjoyed reading Play of Passion which features two wolf Changlings. This was such a wonderful love story and romance!Indigo is the most dominant female in her Snow Dancer wolf pack. She fears she will never find a male dominant enough for her that her wolf will accept. Andrew, aka Drew, has loved Indigo from afar for years but has finally decided it's time to try to win Indigo's heart. He sets out with all of the skill and charm he has at his disposal to convince Indigo that he is the man for her. Indy (as Drew alone calls her) resists Drew because she is afraid he is not dominant enough, which she fears will make them both miserable after seeing her strong Aunt suffer from that fate. Drew goes after Indigo with a lot of will and charm, which even Indigo has trouble resisting. She learns that under Drew's happy exterior lays a strong dominant male who is the pack's tracker for rogue wolves. She struggles with allowing herself to open up enough to let Drew close, but the super charming sexy male wolf works his way into her heart with his teasing ways, his super hot loving and his unflinching support and love of her strength.What a wonderful romance! Almost all of this story focuses on Drew and Indigo as they make their way through the mating dance. I loved reading about the oh-so-charming and sexy wolf Drew as he captures the heart of his mate! They both make some mistakes as they learn how to be together but they work their way through them because of the wonderful connection they share. Drew sure knows how to make a woman forgive any mistakes - lots of flowers, Teddy bears, chocolate and dinner! He was such a wonderful hero, he was comfortable in his own strength and place in the pack enough to love and encourage Indigo as the strong dominant wolf that she is. He doesn't try to boss her around but he does like to push her boundaries and take control during their hot love scenes. I love how Nalini Singh can write a strong dominant woman who still comes off as feminine and not a b*tch like so many authors do. I liked Indigo because she was comfortable with who she was and she was so caring toward her pack and family. Drew confused the hell out of her because she had thought he was too young and less dominant, only to find that he was more than a match for her. Plus who could resist the sexy Drew when he went full out to charm her into falling for him?This book was another wonderful addition to one of my all time favorite series. I loved every second of reading this great love story and enjoying such an amazing hero. For those waiting on Hawke and Sienna's story, we are treated to a few scenes of them together. I can't wait for Kiss of Snow!I can't recommend this series enough if you love great writing, amazing romance-focused love stories and hot sexy heroes!

  • Alp
    2019-03-27 14:17

    3.5/5Another interesting addition to Psy-Changeling series!As a fan of this series, I can tell that the author once again enchanted and enthralled me with this fantastic storytelling. In this book, we meet Indigo Riviere, Snow Dancer lieutenant, and Andrew Kincaid, Snow Dancer tracker. Yes! Finally it was Drew’s time!I was a little bit disappointed with Indigo. Her stubbornness almost ruined the thrill of reading. Fortunately, she came to her senses before I got really pissed at her. Drew, on the other hand, is such a sweetheart. Despite his dominance, he could patiently wait for Indigo to accept him as he is. *Swoon*The thing I liked the most about this book was Judd. I know this was Drew and Indigo’s story, but I couldn’t help it. Judd is really amazing and he’s hotter than he ever was in his own book! Drew, I’m so sorry, but Judd is my man! Please understand me.My only complaint about this one was an on-again/off-again relationship. It never works for me.Even though this one wasn’t my favorite book in the series, it was good and entertaining enough to hold my attention throughout the whole story. My actual rating was 3.5 stars but I rounded up to 4 because of Drew’s sweetness and of course, my Judd too!He didn’t say anything—because his brain seemed to have deserted him. Still wearing those spiked heels, and unashamedly naked otherwise, she was a fantasy come to life, strong and sexy and so pettable that he couldn’t keep his hands from roaming. When she shivered and leaned back into him, his wolf growled with pride. Mine, he thought, she’s mine.Yes, MINE!

  • valee
    2019-04-05 13:31

    I feel like meeting an old friend, one who I haven't seen in a long long time. This series is so fabulous that I can't do anything else than to recommend it! I loved to put my hands over a book in this series once again. And yes, it really is THAT good! All the books in the series are. I tend to forget how much I LOVE this series until I read one of the books in it and remember it all!!! This is one of the best series there is out there, all genres included. I just could keep reading books in it until I dye!In this installment we have Indigo, our brave kick-ass heroine who thinks not a single man is strong enough for her. She is an amazing heroine, who knows exactly what she want and will not let anybody mess with her. Then we have this extremely to-dye-for sexy hero... boy was he hot! and such a sweetheart at the very same time. I loved Drew! In Play of Passion we get to see 2 very strong and dominant changelings trying to find a way to make their relationship work without getting hurt in the process. "Trying" being a key word,lol. But don't worry, you'll love every page about them. The romance was terrific IMHO, I was missing this kind of relationships tremendously! If there is anyone who knows how to make us sigh, that is Nalini Singh, what an amazing writer, I still have to find a book written by her which I did not adored! But the best thing about this series is the world building and the incredible plot. There is so much more than the romance with this series, and that's what I treasure the most about it. I always feel like watching a movie while reading it, an amazing breath-taking action movie where you just don't know what will happen next, but at the very same time we have this fantastic romantic scenes that will make you wanna stop everything going on around you just to keep reading without being interrupted. Seriously, I almost punched my brother today for talking to me while I was reading the book, I just didn't want to stop. I love this series so much!!! How can we not? It is one of the best series there is out there, not loving it is not an option.Still this was not a fav for me, while I adored both heroine and hero, I still needed more, or maybe it was that I was more concentrated trying to find information about Hawke and Sienna than in actually reading the story! I can't freaking wait anymore to read Hawke's book! I need it so badly! He's my fav character in the series and I am DYING to read his book. And IMHO there in no way Sienna will not be his mate. They are so into each other, it is just meant to be!

  • Catherine
    2019-03-29 13:26

    Review originally posted at Fiction Vixen.4.5 Stars!I’ll be honest, I enjoyed the main characters in this book a lot, but even if they were mediocre I might have given this book at least a 4 anyway. The excitement of getting back into the Changeling world and the ultra-excitement of getting to see way more of Hawke would have probably won me over even if Indigo and Drew were lame. Luckily they weren’t, but I’m just saying… :)I liked Indigo--although I did have a few issues with her that I’ll get into-- but what I felt for her comes nowhere near my love of Drew. Wow, Nalini Singh has hit the jackpot here! I’ve liked a lot of the other guys in the series, but none of them have ever hit the level of sheer lovability that Drew did. He was so sweet and determined! But he still managed to be utterly masculine and hot at the same time. That may sound like an easy thing to portray, but for me it’s not. It infrequently comes off as a good balance, but here it did.Drew knows (has known for a while) who he wants and he’s determined to win her. He tried to play it smart and approach her the best way possible, but sometimes he just couldn’t. I loved that we got to see him mess up his approach again and again. It really gave me a great opportunity to watch him grow and be bigger than his pride or anger. He would admit when he was wrong and he would put himself on the line again and again to repent. It was so romantic to watch.That’s actually where my irritation with Indy comes into play. As the story unfolds I, the reader, get to learn about Indy’s hang-ups right alongside Drew. It did make her more sympathetic for me, but it was really hard to watch her shut Drew down again and again. A comparison was made in the book of Indy’s attitude resembling a Psy. That was so apt! I just had a hard time sinking into that mindset with a Changeling. She was just not what I was expecting, so it was hard to like her at times.I’ll be honest, she could be pretty cold. I still liked her, but Drew was so much more approachable that it was hard not to align my sympathies with him. I could see why he was so upset and struggled to define himself. Her attitude and her refusal to accept him when her narrow mind couldn’t see his position really irked me. It’s what ultimately dropped the grade a 1/2 point. I found myself really frustrated at times.There are just a few more things that I have to give a nod of acknowledgment to. The first is the conversation that Judd and Drew have. I just have to point out how hysterical I think it is that Judd was giving Drew relationship advice! Even Drew is taken aback. On page 40 he said:Judd sighed. "That's not your strength.""You're giving me dating advice?" Andrew was dumbfounded. "I'm mated," Judd pointed out with a cool arrogance that almost hid the laughter in his voice. "You can't even get the woman you want into bed. I'd listen if I were you."LOL! The other thing involved the Platypus. I read about it and I COMPLETELY melted. Awwwww! I dare you to read about it and not feel a little gooey. ;)I cannot end this review without mentioning more about the Psy and the developments with Hawke. Not much happened regarding the Psy. Don’t misunderstand, there was information about the council and new developments, but that was definitely not the focus of the book. I feel that this is one of the more character driven stories in the series. There’s much, much less politics and maneuvering than in a lot of the others.Now, the Hawke developments… I can’t tell you what they are!!! But rest assured that there are many, many excellent details and developments with him. How could there not be? We’re in the Snow Dancer den constantly. :) I bounced on my toes quite a few times after reading something particularly interesting and looked around in vain for someone to talk to about it. Alas, there was no one. Except my husband, of course. ;P Poor guy got stuck listening to me gush.I’ll leave you with one final quote from page 240 that made me giggle."Did you really steal her phone and record your voice howling her name as the ringtone?""Maybe."

  • Denisa
    2019-03-25 10:12

    3.5/4 stars.I loved loved loved Drew!He was absolutely wonderful! And I really thought I'd love Indigo too. And I did... when she was not complaining.I mean, the age difference between them was 4 of years. And they live for more than 100 years, soo.... yeah, a 4-year difference is a really big one! Not...And this age thing wouldn't have been so annoying if they hadn't talked about it every 5 pages! I get it, you don't like that the guy is younger than you, but stop complaining about that every 2 seconds and think about the problem at hand! There are other important plot stuff happening here, so she shouldn't have talked about this so much. Still, it was a damn enjoyable book! And I still absolutely loved Drew!

  • Shawna
    2019-03-26 14:21

    5 stars – Paranormal RomanceHot! Hot! Hot! Play of Passion is such a perfect, fitting title for this!Whew boy! Singh really turned up the heat in this latest installment with the Changeling/Changeling pairing (Yay...finally!) of SnowDancer wolf shifters Indigo and Drew. Lieutenant Indigo Riviere and tracker Drew Kincaid struggle with alpha dominance, pack ranking, jealousy, and age issues while indulging in an explosive attraction and investigating a possible Psy Council threat on the SnowDancer den. Drew's wooing of Indy was absolutely swoon-worthy, sensual, playful, and smokin' hot! I loved it! I can't wait for Hawke's book! 5 stars!

  • Jilly
    2019-04-07 15:12

    guy: "Let me put on some clothes. Unless you want me naked?"girl: Feminine snort. "Seen it, felt it, don't want to buy the T-shirt.."Now, this is my kind of girl!Except, then she gets a bit whiny...I knew it was too good to be true.So, in this one we have Drew, a wolf hottie oozing charm, and Indigo, another wolf who happens to be 4 years older than Drew and has him firmly in the friend-zone. But, Drew has it bad for Indie, so one night he kisses her.Freak out time!Drew wasn't only too young, he wasn't dominant enough to be able to handle her wolf..This is Indigo's mantra considering how often she says and thinks this. And, it's lame!!!As a wife who is 3 years older than my husband, let me tell you - I could handle an even younger man. Did you hear that Chris Hemsworth?.....he never fucking listens!Four years is nothing. Unless your 18 and he's 14. Then, yeah, wait a few years. Nobody wants to do jail time. But, any ages after 20 and it's go time!So, in this book, I loved Drew, the guy. (Because I'm a cougar). And, I liked how Indigo was a strong woman, but she drove me crazy with her wishy-washy stuff. Get over it, girl!The secondary story, with the psy race getting close to war, was pretty slow in this book. A lot of nothing happening. I am really looking forward to this war. I wish they would hurry up and get on with it.

  • Dina
    2019-04-16 11:42

    I have nothing to say, except that Drew has just become my favorite hero in the series. I want to eat him with a spoon and feast on his yumminess!Note: I know that Hawke will take Drew's place as soon as his book is out, but Drew will get to enjoy his spot in my dreams until then, LOL.

  • ◊♦ Naomi
    2019-04-18 11:16

    2.5 starsIt's a sad day everybody. Sad day here in France and all over the world. A rating so low for a Psy-Changeling book. Let's take a minute to mourn the loss of so many beautiful stars.Anyway.I have a serious problem with heroines like Indigo. I can't say I didn't like this book because I did, it was no hardship to read it but I did not feel anything while reading it.I felt like the plot was inexistent, sure the packs are having some problems with the Psy Council but that's all. Nothing big happened apart from Drew almost dying at the end. But I just couldn't get into it. Unfortunately.Drew and Indigo were a nice couple, I can't stay I didn't like them together. They were cute and I'm happy for them but, once again, I did not connect with them. Drew was a good character, I liked him. He's strong, persistent, sweet, understanding and funny but Indigo is a bitch. I hate heroines so fucking blind and stubborn. She didn't want a mate weaker than her, blah fucking blah, I get it but she knew Drew wasn't weaker. Okay, she was scared but enough is enough. She was a bitch to him for half the book. She became really nice toward the end but too little too late, girlie. (Yes, this is from a JoJo song.)One thing that motivated me, big time, was my precious Hawke! Holy shitoly! Knowing that after reading Play of Passion I would be able to finally read his and Sienna's book was a much needed motivation. I cannot freaking wait!!!I did love the secondary characters, seeing more of the old ones was good as well. I don't want this series to end!

  • Jo
    2019-04-05 07:13

    Buddy read with the fantastic Choko and Angela over at BB&B. Because he’d made his decision—to stop circling and fight for what he wanted.And he wanted Indigo.Smart, dangerous, fascinating Indigo. Andrew Kincaid has many skills. He’s the tracker for the SnowDancer wolfpack, best at finding rogue shifters, and his charming personality allows him to befriend all, gaining their trust and their secrets. But he will need all the skills he has to win the heart of the very dominant lieutenant, Indigo Riviere, the woman who ignites his wolf and his soul.Indigo is used to being in the one in control, and she likes it that way. She knows the dangers of falling for the wrong wolf, and Drew is nothing like the man she thought she wanted. But with every wicked and sensual kiss and touch, her body craves him more and more. Can she trust that Drew knows how to handle a strong woman?Soon Indigo is being wooed by the most wickedly playful wolf in the den, while danger is stalking their home, intent on destroying.Because he and Indy, it wasn’t only about sex. They’d been locked together by the bonds of friendship long before he’d dared reach for her heart. And maybe, just maybe, she was running scared because somewhere deep within, she understood that he’d never be a lover who’d allow her to keep a safe emotional distance. I have loved the utterly charming and sexy Drew since we met him. I love how playful and sweet he is, and it was fantastic to see him work, to see his dominant side. And I also loved how he showed Indigo that there was a lot more to him than just being Riley’s baby brother, and how determined he was in winning her.Indigo is a fantastic strong heroine, one who doesn’t take nonsense from anyone. She’s kick-ass and lethal, and way too serious.“You broke my heart when you said I didn’t know about foreplay.”Her lips twitched. “Yes, you’re terrible at sex. Terrible.” That was why she was lying here with melted bones and an inner wolf who was so dozy, she was sprawled out in complete abandon. I adore the romance in this book. It was so much fun seeing the younger Drew charm and flirt with Indigo, using every wicked skill he has to seduce her. And damn, does this sexy wolf have skills!!! It’s so amazing that he appreciates her strength and how possessive he was over her. And the fact that he didn’t hesitate to apologise if he messed up, and his methods of apologising were fantastic. The sexy times were so deliciously hot, and I loved how Drew was always touching Indigo, claiming her as his.Some say it is inevitable that Silence will fall.And some will kill to hold it. Councillors Henry and Shoshanna Scott are now fully supportive of the PurePsy goals, and it seems intent on destroying everyone they see as a threat to their endgame. These two are scarily insane, and has no care of what their actions could cause. And the future the F-Psy are prediction is truly frightening. But it does seem as though Nikita and Anthony are taking steps in the right direction, and I’m hopeful that it will mean the end of the Psy Council. I love that we spent the majority of this book in the SnowDancer den, seeing so many of my favorite characters, like little Ben, the cutest little boy. And Judd!!!! I love his icy Psy, who is definitely not so icy anymore, seeing him laugh is so beautiful and special.Hawke’s wolf was scraping at the insides of his skin now, his vision starting to blur. “And stay out of my way while you’re here.” The order came out harsh as the edge of a rusted blade.Sienna’s face went white even as fury tightened the corners of her mouth. “Don’t worry. I didn’t come back to see you.” Hawke and Sienna continues to drive me insane with their intense chemistry and Hawke’s refusal to give into it. The sparks between them has been there from the very start, and seeing how much Sienna suffers because of the loss of her control around Hawke is painful. But I love how crazy Sienna makes Hawke.These two are either going to destroy or save each other. And I cannot wait for their book.Nalini Singh has created my favorite world with this series. It’s my happy place, one that I love returning to. No one writes better romance, world-building and characters than this author. Highly recommended.

  • Choko
    2019-04-11 15:24

    *** 4 ***Buddy read with the fantastic Jo and Angela over at BB&B. We love our passionate changelings!!! The setting for this tale was the SnowDancer pack land, whose alpha is Hawk. He is having some issues staying away from Sienna, finding her too young and feeling he has to push her away. Apparently, his need, but lack of sex, affects the rest of the pack and makes them nervous. Well, I wonder if this had to do with two good friends, buddies and protectors of the pack, finally getting to see each-other as male and female. Thus, this was the story of Indigo and Drew, two wolf changelings with very strong and important positions in the pack. It just so happens that Drew is younger and not quite as dominant as Indigo at this time as far as the pack hierarchy is concerned. No real problem, except that when it comes to relationships, Indigo has never even considered a less dominant or younger male. So she looks upon Drew kind of as the younger brother of Riley, a wolf who is a lieutenant like her - definitely below her and not interesting as anything but a pack-mate. Poor Drew. He has had a crush on Indigo for EVER!!! It used to be just a crush on an older, strong, beautiful woman, but lately, it has become a need to be around her, touch and adore her. It would be nice if she did not think of him just as a young male out for just fun and proving himself to the world. But he was determined to make her notice him... And boy, does he make himself seen! Obviously, there is a lot magnificence to see when it comes to the playful, likable and stubborn Andrew Liam Kincaid, the hunter of the pack! He manages to throw a wrench in her up to now unshakable self-control and Indigo finds herself in an unknown territory of feelings and vulnerability, foreign and unwelcome to her dominant wolf side..." ..."It was hard, so fucking hard, to pretend this was only a game, to play with her, when all he wanted to do was bury his face in her neck and just . . . be. ..." Nalini gave us the ninth addition to this series and I am still just as hooked as I was after the third. And yes, the characters are cool and wonderfully whimsical, and the relationship sizzle, but what her true strength lies in is the World Building!!!! This world has become so real to me, its problems so relevant and pressing, that I devour every book with the hunger to find out what led to this situation, what are the three predominant races going to do about it, what is driving all of them to keep going, be filled with hope, or despair, or even intend to wipe out whole cities, even states, all with not a thought for the innocents living there... Speaking of crazy or evil or both, I think it is about time Henry and Shoshanna Scott get their comeuppances!!! I hate those two with a passion and Min scares me with his capacity for cruelty. The others fascinate me with their strict Silence protocols, while those who are braking Silence give me hope, but scare me with their inability to stay sane while discovering what it is to have feelings once again... This Psi-Changeling world is intricate and so imaginative, that I cannot get enough of it! Now we come to the book for which we have had 6 books of foreplay - Hawk and Sienna!!!! I am sooo psyched!!! The tension has reached a critical level and something is gonna give! It should be epic! "..."“If he decided to pursue Sienna...Sucking in a breath Indigo promised herself she'd warn the girl if and when the time came-because no woman should have to face that campaign unprepared.”..."I wish you all Happy Reading and may you always find joy in your read!!!

  • Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-04-05 15:12

    Andrew Liam Kincaid, you sure know how to charm a girl! I loveDrew! There’s something about these Kincaid men that makes me melt. With these insanely hot brothers and Hawke, I am officially a SnowDancer whore.With the last two books being Psy-oriented, it was great to be back in SnowDancer territory and catch up with Brenna, Judd, Riley and Sienna. Some readers thought that there wasn’t enough romance in the previous two books, but I think Singh listened and gave what the fans wanted inPlay of Passion. The romance was the real focal point in this book and I thought the chemistry between Drew and Indy was great! Singh doesn’t make her romance cheesy or fluffy but with Drew’s charm, it’s hard not to fall for his creative ways to woo Indy.Hawke was one of my favourite things about this book! I love love LOVE him and I can’t wait to see how things work between Sienna and him. There’s a small cameo ofRia and Emmett from theWhisper of Sin novella from the Burning Up anthology, which I thought was really cute! Singh is meticulous with details and everything she writes has a purpose, so with that being said,DOES ANYONE ELSE THINK THAT THERE’S A POSSIBLE MATING BETWEEN LARA AND WALKER?. It’s about time we get another Psy hero!Bottom line? Singh’s Psy-Changeling is epic!! If you haven’t read this series yet, get on it quick! The series starts with Slave to Sensation.

  • Ren
    2019-04-21 13:21

    A gift from my Goodreads friend and sisters in crime, Olivia. Thanks a bunch, Non!! XDMORE THAN 5 STARS!! and one of MY TOP TEN READ FOR 2011One of the best book in Psy Changeling series so far,and big kudos to Ms Nalini Singh for her beautiful and talented writing style! She will be,no doubt, my Author of The Year for 2011! (my own award of course)Before I write why I love this book, this is my pic of Drew :Ohh, c'mon! Lower that pants and show your sexy butt, Drew! =P(still search sexy scene at restaurant to pics when Drew and Indigo making up at the same place :d)BTW, since my friends said that pic make Drew like Wolverine (hey, what's the problem? I love Hugh Jackman!), this is the new ones :Suit him, eh? Those naughty smile ;) (and naughty stare too *shudder*)First, I want Andrew Liam Kincaid for my own!! He make his brother,Riley Kincaid, looks tame. While Riley is so strict and tortured because the event with his sister, Brenna's abduction by Psy(even he's wicked too!), Drew mesmerized me with his charming way but oh so alpha and adorable *sigh*. I can understand how Indigo's feeling toward Drew. Her problem to become more dominant woman and older than Drew. How her wolf and herself always afraid Drew is less dominant men, and become younger than her. Indigo afraid their relationship will become poisonous like her aunt, Adria, because she mate with less dominant man. But, we talk about Drew here!! He's a sneaky lucky bastard. With big heart and of course he's dominant predatory male! I love the way he courting Indigo, so relentless and never give up! When his heart break after Indigo choose Riaz, her ex lover, in front of him, I just want to smack her! Even after that Indigo realize her fault, and they start their relationship the problem still there. Now, its Drew's turn to messed up their newly and fresh relationship. By challenge Indy's authority in front of their soldier.You will know how hurt Indigo was, but then, the way Drew apologize are soooo sweet!! I'm still smiling when Drew pampered Indigo with so many roses, a thousand of chocolate kisses, make his voice to be Indigo's phone ringtone, and a cute wolf toy. Oh to be Indigo! And don't forget the scene when they making up in the restaurant. One of my favorite scene!! *giggle*But, of course there are but again, Indigo still stubborn! She doesn't want to accept the mating bond easily. After one event that threatened Drew's life, which involved war with Psy, then Indigo know how important Drew for her. Now, all its depend of their mating bond. Or Indigo will face a life without Drew, forever.This book make me smile and happy when I'm so depressed after my job application had rejected. Twice!! But I can pass it and to find my spirit again, to never give up for any challenge like what Drew do when he want to courting Indigo =)(okay, different of course, but still =P) Am I forget to mention this book is so hot?? Hotter than any Psy Changeling books, even Guild Hunter!! Drew and Indigo sure do make readers feel hot and bothered, their love scenes are sizzling hot! But, what I love from them are how they manage their relationship, because their dominant nature. How Indigo must deal with Drew who is 4 years younger than her. I think its hard for us, women, to deal with younger men, right? Sometimes we feel more dominant than him, and that's make us afraid he doesn't want accept us because he feel uncomfortable. Drew make a mistake once, when he challenged Indigo, but he learn from his fault. I think that's the best from him. Drew is alpha, but not chauvinistic pig, who sometimes alpha heroes usually do. He's ALPHA, but understand how to act as alpha and know how to push and retreat when he meet another alpha beside him, and to other people too.Play of Passions is another great installment from Psy-Changeling series. This book is full of "playful" action, especially between Indigo and Drew. Not so much Psy term or action, which I'm grateful. Because to be honest, I'm a little bit confused with all that Psy things. Just a little DarkRiver -leopard pack, SnowDancer alliance- characters appearance such like Lucas, Dorian, Mercy and Sascha. But Ms Singh introduced us to Snow Dancer peoples, from their alpha, Hawke, their lieutenants (Riaz!!),my most favorite Psy, the Ice Man Judd Lauren(purr!!) and more. Now to read Kiss of Snow, which book I don't have yet (boo! =( ).So curious about Hawke and Sienna. Poor Hawke, he looks so suffer when standing near Sienna :| (and don't forget to remember than Sienna still a young adult too). The big question is who is Ghost? This rebel Psy seems have his own agenda that Judd couldn't predicted. Many readers guess Ghost can be Kaleb Krychek, a powerful psy who one of Council member. Is it true? Well just God,the author and Ghost himself who know his real identity :P Small note about cover: I know Psy Changeling series don't have any luck in cover department, not like another Ms Nalini's series, Guild Hunter, which its cover beyond beautiful. Psy-Changeling cover sometimes look horrible, or full of mess. Even the UK version look too simple. But I love "Play of Passion" cover. More than "Branded by Fire", Riley-Mercy's book, who featured couple at the cover too. This cover picture how Indigo-Drew's appearance, but most likely, its expressed how their feeling to each other =)

  • Kate's Corner
    2019-04-07 10:39

    There’s not really a lot I can add to some of the many gushing reviews here, as most of you have read them all before. But I’m gonna put in my two pennies worth anyway.Spring 2081. Too many powerful Psy have defected, too many are breaking conditioning, and too many fractures riddle the net. Some say it is inevitable that Silence will fall. And some will kill to hold it.This is the ultimate friends to lovers, to mates and I usually don’t like that kind of trope at all.Be still my beating heart. You Andrew Liam Kincaid are lush and I want to pet you from head to toe.Someone sure did a number on your kennel, Indigo. I was sick to death of her dominant female shite and that the hierarchy must be followed without fail. Bla, bla, effing bla. Come one you nitpicker what about the age difference? Four years isn’t a lot sweetheart. Next excuse.Indigo is reluctant but Dorian helps her out. “You can run,” Dorian said in a neutral tone that did nothing to lessen the intensity of his expression, “but sooner or later, you run out of places to run to.”She drove me bat shit crazy at times. I learn to like her though. She is loyal to a fault, and once she trusts you she opens her heart of gold to you. She is one of the higher ranking Lieutenants in the Pack. But Drew is the best, he is a best book boyfriend/mate. He is the tracker of the pack and because of his easy going nature, his playfulness and being able to get under anyone’s skin he is sneaky with a lot of charm. He milks everything and anything he cans when it comes to Indy. “She dumped me for the quarterback after she'd played my body like a banjo. So Sad.""I bet""I'm serious. I was heartbroken.""For how long?""A whole week." An eternity in the life of a teenage boy.”But once Indy opens her heart I love them together.“When was the last time you lost an argument?"He pretended to think about it. Then, leaning down, he whispered in her ear, "A few hours ago when you refused to stop the car and crawl into the backseat with me.”Not once in all the books that I’ve read do you get bored with the storyline/plot. Ms. Singh gives you the chess pieces of the game but in no way can you tell where it is going to go. The Scotts on the council are pro Pure Psy they plan to take out the Alpha of the SnowDancer Pack but they fail. The Scotts are targeting San FranciscoThe enemy of my enemy is my friend. Bring it friends.

  • Aileene
    2019-04-21 15:19

    I SO GOT THE HOTS FOR THESE KINCAID BROTHERS! First Riley, Mr Bada bing Bada BOOM!, now (An)Drew...HUBBA HUBBA!!! I want to *bleep-edited*Seriously what is it with these Kincaid men that I go.....*bleeeep -edited*...ok I better stop as I'm trying to maintain a PG rated review here...but really...!Drew is young, funny, easy to get along with, playful (very!) wolf but also a hard working and very efficient tracker of Snow Dancer pack but has never had to work for female companionship. Women flock to him, ladies in packs and others, starlets, name it. But when he decided to act on /pursue Indigo the girl he wants to be mated with, Oh boy is the only PG rated i can say. Indigo who is the second in command/lieutenant of the pack was all but playful. But when she tasted Drew's lips on his one of subtle but sneaky way to charm her, she's tempted. Oh, so so SO tempted..To cut the suspense out, Drew and Indigo embark on a relationship, and what a hot, sexy and full of complications ride it is! Ms Singh fills the story with plenty of details. There's oodles of juicy hot sex, of course, and there's plenty of wining and dining. Girls who have read and rated this book were dumbfounded by Drew's charm. He will literally melt you and you can do nothing but fall in love with him. Seriously!!! Coz I was drowned in the Avalanche of sensations myself!The development about the Psy story is something not to missed too. Lotsa tension is building that adds to equation as to why I can't drop the book when I was reading it or kept seeking for some hard to come by free time to escape to this fascinating world of Psy and changelings."I'm in awe (and envious)of Ms Singh's brilliant mind who consistently deliver excellent, well developed, exciting, interesting and very rich and vivid books and characters.If only today's men are all like these or even just a fraction similar to these oh-so-unforgivingly men, there would be no Lesbos in this society! Guaranteed! I so wanted to.....*BLEEEEEP-edited*Rating it 5++++++++++ out of 5Highly recommended if you wanna *BLEEEEEEP-reviewer has been unfashionably dismissed*

  • Fani *loves angst*
    2019-03-31 14:31

    3.5*A nice book and very hot hero, but far from a keeper. One of the things that bugged me, was that I finished the book and still have no idea what Indigo was searching for in a man. She wanted someone who was more dominant than her, but not too dominant that he orders her around, but when she starts dating Drew she finds out he's much more dominant than she thought, even more than her, but her wolf won't accept him because he's not dominant enough??? A convoluted way of thinking if you ask me, just to keep them apart and the tension going for a little more.Other than that, it was a nice book. It was good to see so much of Hawke and Judd in this one, but sadly there was no Kaleb:( Well, you can't have it all I guess... I'll just have to wait until the next book and hope that Kaleb has enough scenes there to make up for this one:)

  • Angela
    2019-03-29 12:15

    2016 Re-read: I adore Drew's playfulness. It's exactly what I needed right now. Plus, that meeting at the end? Wow. Things are really getting intense in the world right now.2013 Re-read Note: Review is from original read. I still love this book. Drew's charm still makes me grin.Original Review:Drew Kincaid is well used to long, difficult hunts as the pack tracker – responsible for reining in wolves that go rogue, giving in to their animal halves. Doing everything he can to save them and bring them back, before making that impossible choice to kill them – for the good of the Pack. But nothing has prepared him for the challenge he faces to win the heart of the one woman that he’s wanted for so long. Lieutenant Indigo Riviere is comfortable in her own skin as a dominate female, and has very specific ideas about the kind of male she should mate with. With a dreary example of what happens when a female mates with a less dominant wolf, she’s surprised – and worried – when her attraction is to the most playful wolf in the pack. Her mind tells her to stop this, before it burns them both up and destroys the Pack by creating havoc in the hierarchy, but her heart starts to tell her different. And she never counted on Drew’s perseverance, or his charm.With the world ready to explode around them, Drew and Indigo find themselves playing a wickedly, hot game with each other. As the stakes grow, and their home is stalked, can they find a way to overcome everything threatening to keep them apart and save the pack too?Passions collide in the intensely satisfying Play of Passion. If you’ve read any of my other reviews of Nalini Singh it’s probably easy to tell that I’m a huge fan. And if you haven’t, here’s my disclaimer: I am a definite fan-girl for Ms. Singh. Play of Passion did nothing to change that status. In fact, as I went into the book not knowing what to expect with the first wolf/wolf pairing, she blew me away!Drew is wickedly sensual, playful, and charming. Yet at the same time, he’s most definitely a dominant, smart, observant, loyal and beyond stubborn. All of these things come together to make one deliciously perfect male. Quite simply, Drew charmed me. Every step he took towards Indigo just made my heart sigh for him. It was awesome to see another dominant female, and the differences, after Mercy’s book Branded by Fire. Indigo is definitely her own woman, and with insecurities that she doesn’t even really realize she allows to affect her, she definitely touched my heart. Strong and more than capable, she’s also full of love to give, and affectionate with those she trusts and cares about. Which always included Drew. But when he suddenly ratchets it up to the next level, Indigo is put off balance and struggles to regain it.Drew isn’t about to let her find it though, until she finds herself in his arms. Beyond their romance, which is definitely the heart of the book, there are so many things that I loved about Play of Passion. Even while Drew and Indigo are dancing around, and with, each other, they both have the best interests of the Snow Dancer pack at heart. And when threats come, from both outside the den and in, they fight for what’s theirs. The danger coming from inside the pack isn’t the same as it was in Caressed by Ice. But it is just as important. Some of the juveniles are coming close to losing control of their wolves, and I loved seeing how Hawke, Drew and Indigo decided to handle this. How the realities of keeping the pack healthy was shown so clearly.While they take steps to make sure they’re helping those that need it within, they’ve also got the threat of the Psy trespassing into their lands. And it’s obvious that the Psy have something awful planned. As everyone struggles to put together the puzzle pieces, allowing us to see more of Dorian, Brenna, and Judd, the risks get higher. I especially loved seeing more of Judd as he’s one of my favorites. Seeing him continue his work with the Ghost, and continue in his duties as a Lieutenant for Snow Dancer was a welcome glimpse into his and Brenna’s continuing life. If you’ve been reading since the beginning of the series, you surely know that the tensions between the Psy and the Changelings and Humans have been skyrocketing, especially lately. There’s no let up on that front in the explosively charged Play of Passion. There’s a bit of a cliff-hanger at the end about this, and it’s left me on edge for the next book in the series, which just happens to be Hawke’s – who I’ve been waiting for ever since Slave to Sensation, book one.I can’t end this review without mentioning Hawke. He plays an integral part in this book as the leader of Snow Dancer and I was ecstatic to see more of him. I’ve long speculated, as have many others, that his mate is going to be Sienna Laurens. The scenes between them, so restrained and short in Play of Passion and yet they fairly ignited the pages with their chemistry. I. Can. Not. Wait. for their book.Immediately upon finishing Play of Passion, which made me laugh out loud and tear up, I said: “The only thing wrong with this book is that I have to wait seven months for Hawke’s.” A few days after finishing it, I can safely say that sentiment is still true. Ms. Singh continues to get better and better and I can’t wait to see where she goes next!

  • Leah
    2019-03-26 09:25

    I have to say that I loved this book but I really struggled with what to rate it. It's definitely a 5 star read for me, but I was waffling between that and 4.5 stars. Sam and I thought long and hard about the book's star-age and we decided on 5. Why, you ask? Because, while my extreme dislike of Indigo for the first 2/3 of the book, the very fact that there was nothing from Sascha's point of view and that she was only in it for a few pages was enough to make me jump for joy inside, deciding that it was worth 5 stars for that alone. (Sam agreed with me.)Now, as I said above, I really did not like Indigo for a good portion of the book. I found her extremely annoying and I hated the fact that she was a "dominant female changeling" a pretty pathetic excuse for letting her get away with pretty much everything while Drew, a "dominant male changeling," got blamed for everything that went wrong, even when some of it was her fault. Another thing that pissed me off was that everyone--and I do mean everyone--only ever took Indigo's feelings into account whenever something happened. What about Drew's feelings? Did no one care about him and his feelings? It certainly seemed that way for a long time. However, I do have a tentative liking for Indigo now. She's not a complete and total bitch but she's certainly not my favorite, and besides, I have to like her a little bit simply for the fact that she saved Drew's life.Drew Kincaid is extremely sexy. Seriously. I want his wolf babies. And what's with those Kincaid parents? Why'd they have to pop out three sexy kids? (Yes, I think Brenna is sexy. Deal.) They are torturing me with all this sexiness! And Drew is so utterly sweet and adorable that it makes him all the more irresistible. He's so...perfectly Drew. I wants him!I am chomping at the bit for Kiss of Snow. I cannot handle all this sexual and emotional tension between Hawke and Sienna anymore. I want their story so bad! I can tell from the glimpses of them that they are going to be quite the amazing couple to read about. They have a lot of shit to wade through before they can totally be together. Poor things.I do not think I can express how extraordinarily happy I am that there was nothing from Sascha's point of view in this book. I seriously hate that woman. Really. So, I am thanking my lucky stars that I didn't have to suffer through her asinine point of view yet again.Quite different from my feelings above, I am very upset that there was none of Kaleb's point of view in this one! I misses him! He's my favorite Councilor! I need him back, damn it! GRRRRR.And speaking of Councilors, how about Nikita and Anthony, huh? Some major steps happening there. I'm very intrigued to see what's going to happen with Nikita. We already know that Anthony is one of the rebels, but how far will Nikita go against Silence? And let's also address the other Councilors, Henry and Shoshanna. They need to die. ASAP. Kaleb, the Ghost, Nikita, Ming, the changelings, Judd, someone needs to fucking take them out!Overall, this was a great book and I definitely loved it. The only things I didn't like were the situation with Indigo and the lack of my Kaleb's presence. I cannot wait for Kiss of Snow and I have no idea what the hell I am going to do with myself during the wait!Favorite Quotes:"You're so beautiful, you make my heart stop."(Page 208)"I have to be able to kick his ass if necessary--therefore, I must see him as the filthy bastard who dared hurt my daughter by getting himself shot."(Page 305)

  • Shannon C.
    2019-04-01 08:33

    4.5 Stars: great shapeshifter romanceThe ninth book in the popular Psy-Changelings series, 'Play of Passion' is focused on two wolf changelings--Drew Kincaid and Indigo Riviere. We met both characters in earlier books. Brother to Riley and Brenna, Drew is a tracker/rogue hunter who reports directly to Hawke. The highest ranking female in the SnowDancer pack, Indigo discounts Drew as a potential romantic interest since he is four years younger and not part of the hierarchy. He is perseverent and he works hard to win her heart, but an old boyfriend is back on the scene--does Drew have a chance? Meanwhile, there is a major Psy conflict building. Those on the side of 'purity' and those against it--with high level Council members on opposing sides. The changelings are targeted and may be pulled into the war.I loved the characters in this book. Drew on the surface comes across as outgoing and full of laughs. But as you get to know him better and understand the key role he plays in the pack, you see his intelligence, strength, loyalty and commitment. Indigo is a great strong lead female--she exhibits strength without coming across as b*tchy. It was also great seeing many favorite characters from earlier books in the series--Hawke, Sienna, Mercy, Riley, Brenna, Judd, etc. I especially enjoyed the interactions between Hawke & Sienna and can't wait for their book Kiss of Snow! There were several side characters introduced that I wonder if Singh is setting them up for future stories. The highly original world building is well done. This book gives us the greatest in-depth look we've had into the SnowDancer pack to date. It was interesting learning more about wolf organization, society, structure, etc. Only niggle for me, is it feels a little too similar to Branded by Fire (probably b/c the H/h are both changelings and the heroines are both dominants.)I love how Singh is developing such great story arcs that cross books in the series. The side storyline about the Psy was interesting--the conflicts within the Council. And I continue to wonder who the 'Ghost' is? That is driving me crazy. Such an intriguing character. Also Nikita and Anthony are interesting characters and I'd like to read more about them. I liked the way the ending setup the next book. Singh did a good job tying up the romantic relationship but keeps us wondering what is coming in the big picture. All in all, 'Play of Passion' is a great mix of action, mystery, suspense and romance. Unlike several other well-known paranormal romance series that started strong but then later went downhill, Singh continues to deliver an 'A' game. This book ranked up there with some of my favorites in the series. Great job, Nalini Singh! You are a definite 'auto buy' for me. Only improvement: can you write faster?

  • ᴥ Irena ᴥ
    2019-03-28 10:26

    The sooner you accept that you should treat this book as a sort of a big prequel for Kiss of Snow, the sooner you'd be able to appreciate it. Because that's what it is - a preparation for thing that happen in the next book spiced up with Drew and Indigo's story. Since I've already read them, I don't have any issues with it.

  • Elena R a.k.a. Lunies R
    2019-04-19 15:34

    5+Andrew Kincaid has captivated my heart! I have many favorites in this series,but I'm so happy I finally got to this book! I loved Indigo in the previous books,but in this story she made me turn off my like switch on her till almost the very ending. Indigo did her thang,but talk about one cruel Byotch! Seriously? Drew is a such a sweetheart,a 4year age difference shouldn't have spoiled their relationship and, what the heck? Who gives a flying rooster,if Drew is more dominate then her!!! In my opinion,Indigo had a lot of growing up to do,I was very stunned she came through towards the end of this novel. When she did give in and show all her undying love towards Drew,I had wished I was her Mate! LOL! These two "cooing lovers" Made this series,I so can't wait for the next novel!My Top Favorite Part in this book,is when everyone is standing around,hoping with all their might that Drew will come back to them after his terrible incident,that had me crying like a baby:"Hawke asked Lara for an update, and the healer began to speak, but Indigo was focused only onDrew . . . and her wolf caught it the instant his breathing changed.Then she heard the sweetest sound of all.“Where‟s Indy?” It was a groggy question.A whirl of sounds and scents crashed against Andrew's senses. He felt Lara's warm hands on his face, his chest, heard his sister's cry of welcome, saw Hawke's distinctive hair glint in the light, but—There she was.“Hey.” Memories tumbled into him, pain and anguish . . . and the incredible power of someone holding him to life.His mate.She didn't say a word, just pushed past Lara to crawl into bed beside him, her face buried in hisneck. His heart almost stopped. She'd done it in front of everyone, his strong, private, incrediblyproud mate. And then he didn't care, because he could feel damp heat against his skin. “Out,” he snapped.Everyone left.“Indy, please don't cry.” He couldn't stand it. Indigo was tough to her bones; he'd never seen her cry. “Please, baby, please.”Her hand clenched on his shoulder, her tears heartbreakingly silent.He stroked one hand into her hair, a little lost, but determined to give his mate what she needed.“I promise not to get shot again. Twice in one lifetime should be enough to fulfill anyone'squota.” He kissed the parts of her face he could see, her ear, the corner of her eye. “Baby, you have to stop.”His wolf was going insane inside him, scratching and clawing in distress. Giving in to theanimal—and ignoring the sharp aches and twinges of his body—he shifted to take her mouth in a kiss that was a passionate mix of apology, possession, and sheer tenderness. When he finally allowed her to breathe, her eyes glittered up at him, a bright, brilliant indigo.Unable to bear the sight of the tear trails that marked her cheeks, he kissed them off. “I'm sorry,” he said against her lips.“You should be.” A husky reprimand, his Indigo coming back to sparking life. “If you make me go through that again”—her fingers clenching in his hair, holding him close—“so help me, God,I'm going to kick your ass three ways to Sunday.”He bent his head and let her tell him off, hiding the wolf‟s smile against her neck. Because herhands were stroking over his body even as she spoke, her legs locked around him. Sighing because he was home, he closed his eyes and gave in to the demands of his bruised and battered body."AMAZING,AMAZING,AMAZING! I loved it!View at http://shamelessromancereviews.blogsp...**Please be advised my reviews/ thoughts are for your enjoyment.So Please, be respectful and do not copy, paste and post anything I've written on any review or website with out my knowledge. Thankyou :D**

  • SheLove2Read
    2019-04-05 07:36

    The ONLY reason this book gets a 3 star rating is because of Drew, and the delicious insights into uber yummy Hawke. I have never seen a heroine so infuriatingly dumb as Indigo. She ruined the book for what it could have been with her refusal to accept a younger, "less dominant" (hint: he SO isn't less dominant) male partner in Drew. I spent 3/4ths of the book wanting to bitch slap her. For me her reasons were selfish and somewhat childish and when she finally did wise up, for me it was too little too late. That's not to say that Drew was perfect, but he's a man, so I can forgive him his mistakes a bit easier. The other problem I had with the book was Singh's near constant reiteration that Drew is a "dominant predatory changeling male". Yes ma'am, I got it the first 3 times you inserted it into the story. The remaining 700 times were completely unnecessary. But I will will say I am absolutely giddy at the thought of Hawke's book!!!! There are a few scenes with Hawke and Sienna, most endearing to me was the "walk in the woods", that left me breathless. If Singh can write an entire book with the intensity that was displayed in just these few snippets, I am a goner. ;-)

  • Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-04-06 14:30

    Wow! This was just an amazing book. I knew it would be because both characters are amazing and they are both dominating changelings! Their chemistry is explosive. And I think I'm in love with Drew, he is the sweetest guy. I will admit that I was getting a bit annoyed at Indigo at times, and wished that she chased after him a bit too, but it all worked out great in the end. And of course, I kept waiting for the glimpses of Hawke and Sienna, I think the next book has been set up perfectly! There's no doubt in my mind now that Sienna will the Hawke's mate (which makes me so happy, it couldn't be any other way) but also there's a great plot to develop.

  • Mandi Schreiner
    2019-03-30 15:19

    Favorite Quote: She’d just taken off her turtleneck and dumped it on the rest of the pile when Drew’s head snapped up out of the water. Their eyes met and it felt as if the universe itself was holding its breath.Andrew Kincaid is a tracker for the SnowDancer pack. He is a very dominant wolf shifter, but doesn’t necessarily have a place in the pack hierarchy. Although he is the pack’s best tracker, he portrays more of a fun, flirty, easy going attitude – which allows people to approach him and he gathers much intel through these means. He is not a lieutenant, yet he reports directly to their alpha. So his status is a little ambiguous.Indigo Rivers on the other hand knows her place in the Snowdancer Pack. She is a lieutenant, two behind their alpha Hawke. She is a very dominate female, and when Andrew starts making advances, she doesn’t know what to do with herself. She always expected to be mated to a more dominant male than herself. Andrew is younger, his exuberance and questionable dominance confuses her wolf. Although the shifters share skin privileges, something shifters need and thrive on, Andrew takes it a step too far. Hurt and stubborn, Indigo tells him to back off. But Andrew knows all sorts of games to play, and he decides to bring out his charm – and no one has ever been able to resist it. When the shifter Riaz comes back to town, with eyes for Indigo, she becomes even more confused, and Andrew becomes even more determined to win her over.Meanwhile, the war with the Psy is taking a new turn. The council that has been so strong in the past is rife with internal conflict. Husband and wife team Shoshanna and Henry Scott have gone off on their own and have plans to start deliberately taking out the key players in both the SnowDancer and DarkRiver packs. When wind of this gets to Hawke, Lucas and their pack members, they start to prepare for war.Play of Passion takes us back to the shifters – and oh does Nalini Singh know how to write such hot shifters. We get two wolves as the hero/heroine for the first time, and it is fun to dive into SnowDancer. This time we get two very dominant, very stubborn wolves, which means the sexual tension in this book is off the charts. Indigo comes from a family with a submissive mother and dominant father – who deeply love each other. She wants that love for herself – but her sister is more dominant than her mate, and she sees the struggle they have gone through – and the hurt her sister goes through when her mate doesn’t appreciate her dominance. So Indigo is terrified of mating with a less dominant wolf. But Andrew is smart – and she knows it. It is a very attractive trait. The battle that erupts between them is good stuff. It is very much a back and forth stubborn game that eventually pays off.The majority of this book is all about their relationship. We get romance scenes galore and Nalini Singh delivers with passion, romance, angst and all out very steamy scenes. I love the dynamics each character has with his or her wolf also. She blends the human and wolf together so well, and plays upon their emotions where even if they are in human form, their wolf is always peeking out – always right under the surface.With Hawke and Sienna’s book out next summer, she gives us just a peek at their “relationship” or lack thereof in this book. They both know where they are headed, but they both are terrified to even think about that part. We see a little more glimpse into Hawke – although Sienna remains much of a mystery. Their book is one of my most anticipated reads for 2011.Like I said, this book is very character driven. This new war Shoshanna and Henry are creating is planned out, but not much comes of it. I keep expecting something awful to happen – something big and explosive. But I am still waiting. For as evil as the Psy are suppose to be, at least for their feelings against the shifters, I want more. I want some action – some angst. There are lots of plans, but it is time they are carried out.Overall, I really enjoyed the relationship in this one. You can’t ask for more sexual tension, and as the title states, passion. Andrew and Indigo butt heads, and are stubborn wolves, but once they start to play, the smexy times begin.Play of Passion is another solid addition to one of my favorite series. I leave you with two bonus quotes, because it was impossible to just pick one favorite.Instead, that wolf had looked out of her eyes with pure challenge a moment ago. Catch me, it had said, catch me and maybe I’ll be yours.“Drew,” she whispered, nipping at his ear, “I’m not fragile.”Wolf-copper eyes met hers, nothing of humanity in them. “No, you’re mine.”

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    2019-03-23 09:25

    เป็นธรรมเนียมของนิยายนลินีที่พลอตหลักมักจะโดดเด้งเจิดจรัสจนกลบความเป็นโรมานซ์ในเนื้อเรื่องจนหมด...เล่มนี้ก็เช่นกัน... พลอตล้ำหน้าไปเยอะมากๆ (แม้ว่าเราจะจำเนื้อเรื่องจากเล่มก่อนหน้าได้ไม่มากเท่าไร) แต่ก็พอรู้ว่าสองผัวเมียสกอตต์นี่มันร้ายได้โล่ห์ คือแบบให้อารมณ์เหมือนดูหนังฝรั่งที่มีหลายภาค เนื้อเรื่องเกี่ยวกับสงครามการเมืองระหว่างเผ่าพันธุ์ นี่ขนาดเราเฉยๆกับพลอตไซ-เชนจิงค์นะ เรายังรู้สึกว่านลินีครีเอทโลกที่มันสุดแสนจะพิศดารขนาดนี้ขึ้นมาได้ เธอต้องไม่ธรรมดาจริงๆแหละอีกอย่างคือหลังจากที่อ่านนิยายนลินีมาเป็นสิบๆเล่ม เราก็สัมผัสได้ว่าเลิฟซีนนี่แทบจะนั่งพับเพียบอ่านได้เลยแหละมั้ง เพราะมันเรียบร้อยมากๆ บทบรรยายก็ไม่ได้น้อยเลยนะ หลังๆนี่แทบจะมีทุกบท แต่ทำไมเราไม่รู้สึกถึงประกายไฟความวาบหวามที่เกิดขึ้นทุกครั้งเวลาอ่านโรมานซ์แนวๆนี้เลยนะ เป็นมาตั้งแต่เล่มแรกละ (สงสัยเป็นที่ตัวเราเองนี่แหละ) แต่ก็ชื่นชมความสัมพันธ์ของดรูว์กับอินดิโก้นะที่แลดูมีอะไรๆดี ดรูว์เป็นผู้ชายที่ต้องวิ่งไล่ตามอินดิโก้เพราะเขาคิดว่าอินดิโก้นั้นอยู่ในฐานะที่สูงกว่าเขา ทั้งๆที่อินดิโก้ก็ไม่ได้มีอะไรวิเศษไปกว่าดรูว์เลย นอกจากเกราะป้องกันหัวใจตัวเองที่เธอสร้างขึ้นมาหลายชั้นนี่แหละ ที่ทำให้ดรูว์ต้องสู้เยอะซะขนาดนี้น่ารักๆ ตอนฉากที่ดรูว์ตามง้ออินดิโก้ทำให้เรานึกถึงเรื่อง Tangled ขึ้นมาเลย แต่ถ้าเปรียบเทียบเล่มนี้กับ Branded by Fire ซึ่งเป็นพลอตของเชนจิงค์ทั้งคู่เหมือนกัน เราว่าเล่มนี้ยังตามหลังเล่มนั้นอยู่หน่อยนึง คือจริงๆแล้วก็สนุกพอๆกันนะ แต่ก็แล้วแต่คนชอบด้วยแหละ เล่มนี้เรารู้สึกรำคาญนางเอกนิดๆ คิดว่านางเยอะไปหน่อย โดยรวมก็อ่านได้เรื่อยๆ มีจุดให้ลุ้นอยู่เหมือนกัน(view spoiler)[เมื่อทีเคไซพากองทัพไซบุกมาถึงแดนของสโนว์แดนเซอร์ ก็เกิดการปะทะอย่างหนักขึ้นระหว่างสองฝ่าย ดรูว์ใช้ตัวของเขารับกระสุนแทนฮอว์ค นั่นทำให้เขาบาดเจ็บสาหัส อินดิโก้จึงยอมรับเมทบอนด์ของพวกเขา และดูแลจนดรูว์หายดี (hide spoiler)]