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View our feature on Shannon Butcher’s Living Nightmare.For nine years, the Sentinel Nika has had one goal-to save her younger sister from the Synestryn who hold her captive. Now, the psychic bond Nika forged with her sibling on that terrible night is fading, and time is running out. But the one man who can unlock the power inside her may be the greatest danger to her....

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Living Nightmare Reviews

  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    2019-04-04 06:31

    Best book of the series thus far. And better yet, it has built expectation for future books. I loved Nika even more than Madoc, which is saying something. Nika might seem frail and in need of protection, but she is a tough little woman. Just the woman for Madoc. I loved the symbiosis of their relationship. Their relationship wasn't about one taking too much from the other, but an equal exchange between them both. I liked how things worked out with Madoc's lifemark and his dire situation as far as his soul. I loved the fact that Nika wasn't willing to give up on him. And her determination paid off beautifully for them both. Nika managed to be a determined, stubborn heroine without ever being annoying about it. She just didn't give up on what was important to her, and that was a good thing. I was glad she powered through all those obstacles that stood between her and Madoc and finding her lost sister, Tori. Now you need to know I loved me some Madoc. He's adorably fierce and grumpy, but so marshmallow for Nika. Just the way I like my heroes! It should be interesting to see how Madoc progresses as a character since he will now be happily bonded. Looking forward to it.Can I say that the Sanguinars have me the most intrigued? I love me some Tynan. He is a brilliant mix of cunning, beauty, intelligence, and manipulative nature. He reminds me of an Anne Stuart hero. That's a great complement. I like Logan too. The part near the end with the kids had me all warm and fuzzy! I like the whole Sanginar angle, and it makes me so eager to keep reading to see what they have up their sleeves.The secondary storylines as usual, were compelling. Some made me sad, and some very hopeful. But all curious about what happens next. There is a lot of intensity, anguish, and suffering in these books. I don't feel any sense of disconnection when I read, which is a very good thing. I love how Ms. Butcher builds excitement for the following books without making it into annoying cliffhangers. Those drive me crazy. It's more of an, "Oh, can't wait for the next book" rather than shaking one's fist and spewing bad language out of frustration.It's official. I've found another addictive, highly explosive paranormal series to follow. Works for me!

  • Keri
    2019-04-15 02:37

    What an awesome read! WoW it is almost hard to know where to start because there was so much info packed into this book. If you haven't read any of the other books in the series you might be lost. At the heart of the story is the romance of Nika and Madoc. SB also set us up with several couples over the next several books, but I feel like she may be moving away slightly from the Sentinels to bring some variety to the line. (just my guess based on what I read) Madoc is angry and getting angrier by the moment. His last leaf (once the last leaf is gone, Sentinels lose their soul) is almost gone and the pain in unrelenting. So why won't this crazy white haired chic Nika leave him the hell alone and let him do what he does best, make his whores happy and kill the Synestryn. However, Nika is determined to get through to Madoc for she is whole in mind and in spirit and it is time to take the big Sentinel down with her warmth and love. Ok well that is how it would go down in her head, but I am afraid it became a lot more complicated then that. We have been teased with Nika and Madoc's connection from like the second book and we still had to work for it. Not only is she trying to get Modac's hard headed butt into bed, she is also trying to figure out away to save her sister, Tori from the Synestryn. We also have brief glimpses of past couples. We also have plots being hatched by the Sanguinar, called Project Lullabye. Are they creating a source of food supply using human women as their incubators? Or something more sinister than that? There are probably some scenes that will touch on some hot button issues or at least one potentially forced sex scene that might make some wince. There is also violence and nasties that creep around in the night.Curiously enough, sex was a small part of this book then usual because the story line itself really carried the book. You were forced to pay attention in order to keep the threads of who was doing what to whom. I really enjoyed the book, I guess I must have since I managed to read it in 4 hours. I read the excerpt from the next book and I want to read it NOW!

  • Melindeeloo
    2019-04-03 04:24

    Madoc is a warrior on the brink of losing his soul. Drawn inexplicably to a fragile woman who is not his mate, he fights his attraction to Nika by keeping his distance and works only to save her from the demons who have haunted her mind and have left her first comatose and then for awhile nearly insane. But Nika is much better now and she's fighting to leave that fragile woman behind. And it is Nika's strength and determination that will allow her to stand up for what she believes against Madoc and the rest of the Sentinels, and to fight for not only Madoc's salvation but also to save the sister everyone else has given up for dead. I have been anticipating Madoc's redemption/salvation and was happy to seeing how things played out between him and Nika. There is just something about a tough bad boy warrior who has a soft spot for the one woman who makes him want to be more than he is and makes him want to have more than he feels he deserves. On the whole I enjoyed Nika and Madoc's relationship, but there is one scene which comes pretty close to crossing a line and it is only Nika's opinion of the event - which we see after and not during - that keeps it from being something else entirely. I liked Living Nightmare but it is definitely not a story for those new to the series. With multiple threads and four or five stories going on in addition to the main romance, Living Nightmare was really an ensemble piece and most all of the characters and the set ups for their vignettes were done in previous books. One thread with Grace - whose hopeless relationship with the crippled warrior Torr has been has been an intriguing subplot for several books - offers some poignant moments here. But for readers who have been following the series, all of those threads mean that we finally get answers to some of the mysteries in the Sentinel world, including just what the Sanguinar (vampire/healers) are up to, and why the seer twins are stuck in childhood. Despite the challenge for new readers, the good thing about having all those irons in the fire is that it is clear that Butcher is going to be able to keep the series going for quite a while and she has again left me anticipating the next installment, Blood Hunt, which is (Sanguinar) Logan's book. I am really happy to get his story, but hopefully there will also be at least a small glimpse what happens next to Grace and Torr - It's going to be hard to wait until summer of 2011

  • SheLove2Read
    2019-03-22 06:24

    I'm dnf'ing this about halfway through. It's been a while since I read book 3 and I think that hurt my perception of the series. (Although to be honest - the others were good but they weren't GREAT.) Madoc and Nika just don't seem to fit together, and I don't feel the chemistry that should be there. Sadly, I think I'm going to give up this series.Uber talented author, just not for me. (I would recommend her Delta Force series though.)

  • Mirely
    2019-04-14 06:25

    I rarely give out 5 stars...SECOND HALF OF THIS BOOK EARNED THE FIVE FREAKIN' STARS!!!!I was left at WOW!!!Living Nightmare's featured couple: Madoc and Nika. Madoc and Nika came into the picture a while back in book 2 and have been making appearances since then. Nika was attacked as a child by Synestryns who consumed her blood and by doing so they carried a piece of her mind in each of them. Needless to say Nika's mind was shattered, she was traumatized and everyone thinks she's crazy. I mentioned in one of my earlier reviews that I felt Nika was a very interesting character and that she was probably the sanest of them all... I still feel that way. Madoc, who's lifemark has gone bare, is having a difficult time dealing with his almost dead soul. He is UBER cranky. All the time. He is drawn to Nika but his Luceria doesn't react to her. He does want to protect her and vows to kill off as many Synestryns as possible to piece together Nika's mind. He does such a good job that in this book we find a much healthier Nika who's tired of being called crazy and is beginning to stand her ground on certain topics. Needless to say the first half of the book encompasses Nika convincing Madoc that they are supposed to be life partners, Madoc saying no, no, no, Nika saying yes, yes, yes and finally gets the Luceria to go around her neck. YAY! NIKA! You'll have to read to find out how that all went down.THE SECOND HALF OF THE BOOK!!!! WOWZA! So much went down in the second half of the book that I don't think I can mention it without giving away spoilers but I will definitely try.We find out more of Gilda's secrets. We find out why Sybil and Maura hate their mother so much and why they are stuck in 8 year old bodies. We meet Tori, Nika and Andra's youngest sister. Tori is even more jacked up than any of the other women they have found. An epic battle ensues between the Sentinels and the Synestryns inside one of their central lairs where they've been impregnating human women with Synestryn seed. We meet Zillah's son and he has a big secret too. Nika kicks major butt and as I have predicted all along, will probably be the most powerful weapon the Sentinels will have. Something major happens to two couples we know. OH and Jackie is found. Yeah I say that as an after thought because she almost seemed like one. UGH! I digress. OH OH OH and there is this other storyline going on in the book with a human couple. These were the highlights. I can go into details but I really think you should find out on your own. This was a pretty awesome book. This author can write some pretty steamy scenes but this book didn't really have that. Honestly, I didn't really miss it only because there were some really interesting things going on in addition to that. The author chose many story lines to go into and at one point was jumping from one to another every other page or so. Sometimes this can be annoying but it worked in this book. There are some major cliffhangers in this book like Jackie, Helen and Lexie's sister, is found and it turns out she is compatible with three of the Theronai males. Of course she's intrigued by the one that seems to be the least into her but we'll see how that goes in the books to come. Go read this book!

  • Katya
    2019-04-20 07:16

    5 Stars!This is one of my favorite books of all time. I love this series but I think that after the first three books the author really ramped it up in this one.But to be honest, I became interested in Madoc and Nika right from book two....I wanted to skip over everything to get to them. There was some special kind of magic between them. They both were sort of outsiders, who came up on the short end of the stick most of the know tortured and yet I couldn't help rooting for them. There is such a pull between them. I remember in former books Nika begging for Madoc (who was not trusted to be hear her) and he laying his cheek on the wall in the room next to her's just to get as close to her as possible. He, the only man who could touch her and got her to eat....and she, the only one not intimidated by his mean bully tactics. She tells him to sit down and shut up when he get's out of hand. And when he is trying to scare her she is like "Pffft...yeah, what ever!"Quote:“You're getting dangerously close to pissing me off." He warned. Her chin rose an inch, "You don't scare me." (Madoc responds) "No? guess that just proves how soft in the head you really are.”― Shannon K. Butcher, Living Nightmare I originally read this in April of 2011 and loved it then...but with my re-read of the series I feel as though I am getting so much more out of this story this time.Madoc is one of the Theronai, or immortal warriors from a race of people who are protecting humans from the Synestryn or demons who wish to conquer humankind and make them their food source. He is also one of the oldest who is close to losing his soul. He is grumpy, a bully and cantankerous. Nika is the sister of another Theronai mate (Andra)who shares her mind with a high functioning level of synestryn and has been dying from this connection over the last two books. She spent 9 years in mental hospitals as humans tried to diagnose her problems.Although, they have spent months drawn to each other....Nika chasing Madoc and he running from her....they come together in this book and it is like fireworks when that happens.There are more plot twists regarding the Sanguiniers and their Project Lullaby. They continue to scare the heck out of me....they are so quietly plotting and yet they are likeable and interesting. Logan get's called back and we know he is the subject of the next book. Oh and we find out that Nika was (view spoiler)[right in her belief that Tori, the third sister is alive and being captive in the caves with a Synestryn Lord-Zillah He has in fact impregnated make some babies which are able to hide among humans as they look so much like them and can be trained as a minion of the Synestryn...if all else fails they are food. Iain is out killing these monstrosities who look like human babies...imagine doing that? He is the meanest and nastiest and perfect for the job....oh and Notice how similar Project Lullaby is? (hide spoiler)]The plot and story line are fantastic, the action and energy level is non stop and the draw and emotion between Nika and Madoc are the best in this series so far. Love it!!!Love it!!!Love it!!!

  • Laura the Highland Hussy
    2019-04-02 08:27

    I don't want to go into too much detail on this review for a couple reasons. Mostly because I received it as an ARC, and since it's a new release, I'll try not to put spoilers in my review.Soo...that being said, I really had a hard time putting this book down.It was jam packed with a ton of action. It began with Nika trying to dig up the bones of her sister Tori. Tori was taken by the s'gath demons the night Nika was infected by the demons. Nika has a tenuous telepathic connection with her younger sister, but since she's still weak, and since her mind is shared by the s'gath demons who ingested her blood, her mind talents are potentially strong, but not quite strong enough to help her sister or to stay out of the s'gath minds. They can call her and use her intelligence to help them hunt. Madoc grabs her and saves her from freezing her butt off, and she in turn helps him out-I won't tell how! (he he ::evil laugh!::)Madoc has been avoiding Nika, but he's been trying to do 2 things: 1. destroy as many of the demons as he can to give Nika slivers of her mind back. And 2. his last leaf has fallen from his tree and his soul will die soon, so he's trying to hide that. He's had a few leaves tattooed back on his bare tree, and he has a magical ring that will slow the descent of his last leaf.Well, I won't spoil what else that ring is doing to Madoc, but it's great when Nika takes it off him.I'm really super intrigued as to what will happen with a bunch of the characters we've been introduced to, and I was so surprised at what Gilda did (she did a lot of things that even in theory weren't good ideas! Wow, for being a leader, she's got some dark secrets). The lifting of the vow so her daughters will grow up was well done and sad at the same time. I wonder what will happen with Maura and Sibyl?I got irritated a lot with the shifting points of view-it got annoying to get every single character's pov. Andra and Paul's little bit was unnecessary. it could have been done differently, but it was nice to "see" previous characters. I got incredibly intrigued at what the Sanguinar (vampires) are doing by playing matchmaker with people who are compatible enough to have a baby of the Sentinel's kind. From what I can gather the Sanguinar are slowly starving to death. I'm not sure why they don't take human blood, but they are hungry, constantly weak and when they do get Theronai blood, they are more powerful.Moving on, Nika and Madoc are a great pair, and I loved watching Nika pursue him. I just wanted to smack Madoc in the back of the head for ignoring the obvious. But, I hated how they were for the second half of the book. They weren't as close as I'd hoped and Nika became fixated on saving Tori. I get that she had been already, and that it needed to be done, but she wasn't strong enough nor was she thinking with her head. It drove me nuts. I hate seeing characters ignore common sense.I liked the ending, even though it was slightly open-ended, and I am super excited for the next book. It's about Logan, a Sanguinar. see review on

  • ~Megan~
    2019-04-01 01:33

    My favorite in the series so far! I can't believe it took me so long to read this one because I love Madoc so much, and have since the first time we met him. He didn't let me down in this one. His love for Nika was so powerful, and I figured out what was stopping them from connecting almost the second it was mentioned. I enjoyed Nika taking charge of her life, and refusing to stop trying to help her sister. There were a few deaths in this one, and I'm not particularly sad about them. I am tore up about Grace and Torr, though! I can't believe the author would make us fall in love with them and then torture us this way. I wonder if they will get their own book, or continue to be in the background of everyone else. In my opinion, they're the strongest part of the series to this point. I love Logan and am looking forward to his book will be nice to see a whole book from a Sanguinar point of view. Maura and Sybil continue to intrigue me. Jackie, it seems, is compatible with a variety of different men, which should be fun, and I can't wait to see who Tori ends up with.

  • Magda
    2019-04-15 05:40

    After the disappointment of the previous installment, this book was fantastic!Nika, although not physically strong, is strong in character. Madoc, although physically strong, is dying. Together, they are each others salvation. I much preferred Nika in this book to previous heroines because she wasn't thrust into a world she didn't understand or want. Her outlook towards her situation was much more believable than the girls who came before her. The story flowed nicely, although I still have many unanswered questions.I dinged one star for writing style. I hate that the author switches to a different scene once you reach a climatic point. Makes me skim the scene until we return to the other characters. Great installment, can't wait to read the next book.

  • Catherine
    2019-04-04 01:28

    I have salivated for Nika's story and this one delivered in a big way. So many twists in the over all plot. I wish I'd bought this in paperback however and not on my nook... only because I like to go back and read some of the side stories over before the next book begins, and this one has a lot of them. So fair warning. But my local store didn't have the paperback and I HAD to read this ASAP! This one was right up there with Burning Alive (my favorite in the series)! I really can't say much without giving things away, but I will say that anyone who loves paranormal romance that isn't reading this series is seriously missing out!

  • ♥ℳelody
    2019-04-04 08:23

    3.75ETA: I'm giving in and giving this an extra star. Nika and Madoc deserve more. *sigh*Little bit frustrated that I can't give this a higher rating. First half? Loved it. The slow burn and sexual tension between Madoc and Nika was exciting and so electric. But everything after the much anticipated coming together just started to lose my interest and fall flat. Once again the author got bogged down in focusing more on the rescue mission of saving someone over the actual romance arc of the story. Just WHY? Same problem in Paul/Andra's book with all the relentless 'Nika Nika Nika!' tunnel vision, here it was 'Save Tori! Tori! Tori!' in the second half. Their little sister has been through hell but this isn't her story. I wanted to read more about Madoc and Nika not the Adventures of How to Save Tori. The last 30 pages just dragged on painfully slow. I have never seen a rescue scene/mission dragged out that unnecessarily slow. Good g-d the fighting scene was in serious need of some editing. How many pages do we need to sit through of Madoc and the other guys cutting through nasty monsters to get everyone out of the cave? I also found the last chapter very underwhelming since it focused on POVs that were not the hero or heroine's which annoyed me to no end. I see Butcher doesn't do epilogues and I feel it's a shame and total missed opportunity since the endings of these books seem so abrupt. And we also didn't get the verbal ILY declaration which would have been nice. I still enjoyed the story and love the main couple but overall I was hoping for more. I mean Madoc is one seriously supreme intense alpha male, he had all this pent up lust for dainty Nika I wanted to see that play out more dammit. The author wasted a good 20-30 pages on a never-ending rescue mission that bordered on tedious rather than suspenseful. Fail for me on that end. I was hoping for more poignant playful sexy pexy moments between Nika and Madoc especially after they were bonded together. The sexual tension and slow gradual build up was all there in the first half with a very persistent heroine which is always fun and very refreshing, but all of the sexy fun completely evaporated in the second half of the book. Instead we got a bunch of random filler stories and new characters that had nothing to do with the main arc. (Was the random human story of John Hawthorne and Meghan really necessary?) And why for the love of g-d do all the women have to be written so unbelievably hardheaded to the point of idiocy? No matter how many times the obvious is repeated to them they refuse to believe or accept the truth no matter how many times it's reiterated over and over again. Butcher has a thing for TSTL female characters, it's exhausting. First Andra, then Lexi, Maura and Carmen. Joseph the Theronai leader has taken Carmen a human under his wing training her how to fight and defend herself. What I cannot wrap my head around is why she gets angry with Joseph for offering to be her father figure after reading Thomas’s final death wish letter he left him. Carmen acts offended and insulted that Joseph wants to be her father thinking he’s using her as his ‘charity case’. Um...what fuck? Made no sense to me. This is the kind of illogical idiocy I’m talking about. Girl stop it and get a damn grip. I really was intrigued by her in the first book but now those TSTL traits are flaring up in her too. Nika is the first heroine I've enjoyed so far, and she's considered the 'crazy' unwell one. Go figure. lol She has a big heart, but has spunk and courage and goes after what she wants. Nika and Grace are the only tolerable relatable female characters in this entire cast. They are the only driving factor that has me continuing to read this series.And you kill off a couple to save a villain child who has no remorse or empathy over losing her parents....seriously? Major fail and so unnecessary IMO. I could careless about Maura or Sibyl and unless the author is planning on giving them HEA (I doubt it) I do not see the point of the sacrifice that was made in here. And this is coming from someone who didn't care much for this doomed couple but seemed such a waste.I'm still not won over by the overall concept of this series, Butcher seems to make up rules as she goes along and it's ok in some cases in others? Not so much. The gaping holes are starting to show. I mean a vampire being able to plant a child inside a woman's womb by just the touch of his hand? REALLY? Meeeeh. I badly want to read Torr and Grace's book but I fear for them already. I was planning on reading Ian's book but I can already tell Jackie is gonna annoy the shit out of me. Ugh. Hoping Logan doesn't get stuck with an annoyingly irrational heroine....

  • Ally
    2019-04-11 05:37

    They are Sentinels. Three races descended from ancient guardians of mankind, each possessing unique abilities in battle to protect humanity against their eternal foes: the Synestryn.For nine years, Nika has had one goal, to save her younger sister from the Synestryn who hold her captive. Now, the psychic bond Nika forged with her sibling on that terrible night is fading, and time is running out. But the one man who can unlock the power inside her may be the greatest danger to her. I had ridiculously high expectations for Living Nightmare, sadly these expectations were not met and I only have myself to blame. Overall, Living Nightmare stayed in the same style as the previous three books. I happily enjoyed it more than the others but I was still hoping for something more. It was great for Nika to finally get with Madoc and to finally figure out why his ring hadn't been changing colours when Nika was near him as Nika was so sure that they were meant to be together. I did get a bit sick of everyone thinking Nika was a crazy lady and clearly mentally unstable, especially from Madoc even after they had bonded it was just a bit over the top and too much for me. But the rest of the storyline was really great! I loved the start of the book where Nika is off digging up a gave for some bones and Madoc has to come rescue her. Favourite Quote: "If that's really such a big problem for you, then I'll go find one of the teenage boys downstairs, take care of the problem, and be back in ten minutes. I understand from gossip they don't take long to finish."They were some great twists and turns in Living Nightmare that I didn't really expect and was quite shocked while reading, thinking NOOOOO! That can't be...Just a few small mentions:Gilda, finally sort of redeemed herself but yeah in keeping in theme with the other books I still didn't like her but thought what she at the end made her more likable and admirable.Torr and Grace! OMG! It was so frustrating! Seriously are these two ever going to get there HEA or what? I hope they at least get a mention in the next book as it's about two new different people.The situation with Tori, (Nika and Andrea's baby sister) was weird and awful and I hope she'll eventually get her own book or some sort of HEA.It was great to see Helen and Drake still making a great team and being happy! Their book is my other favourite too.Andrea and Paul, meh. Andrea still annoyed me in this book too and I can't pinpoint why but she just did.Sadly Lexi and Zach were off in Africa. There's other pieces but I don't want to mention them as they're spoilerish!Overall, a good book that continues an interesting and different series. However if you haven't read the previous books I wouldn't recommend starting here or at any of the others, start at the first book as it'll make so much more sense for you and make it more enjoyable all round. I'm actually looking forward to the next book in this series BloodHunt out August 2011.

  • PepperP0t
    2019-04-16 08:19

    4.5stars reallyFans of the series will get huge emotional payoffs in this very busy installment as Nika & Madoc get to bottom of Nika's issues since the sgath took her blood and her sister years ago driving her almost insane. Also there are huge advances in the Madoc and Nike relationship as it moves to the level Nika has desired since their first meeting. Gloria's confessions ravage her familial relationships putting her and Angus on even shakier ground and cementing the animosity between Gloria Sybil and Maura when the depth of all she has done is revealed. Torr's changes upset the balance in his relationship with Grace. Now seems to be the appropriate time for the Band of Barren to come out of the shadows a bit and the Sanguinars have been very quietly busy with Project Lullaby which gets a subtle unveiling. While I sympathized with Nika's dilemma and liked her growth arc and really liked Madoc's tortured character, I had begun to cringe at her screeches and his growls each time their names appeared so I was glad for the resolution of their mating. The explanation for Zillah's plan is elegant in its nefariousness and simplicity. Possible dissention in the villains ranks should prove to be interesting going forward as will the new character, Jackie. I was also eager for the movement in the other threads with the known characters some of which I didn't realize I was invested in. Though I enjoyed the pacing for the majority of the book the ending felt a little full and a little rushed. This is a series that needs to be read in order as the mating dance for the lead couples seem to be complex and tend to play out over several books. Since the lead characters are already known and the activity is split between a few locations many threads can advance per installment. This world ebbs and flows very well and doesn't feel overfull with the huge cast and the well executed twists in each book help pump the anticipation up for the next installment.

  • Darcy
    2019-04-12 01:33

    I have to say that I have been waiting for this book ever since we were introduced to Madoc and Nika. He is such the big, mean, alpha male you just knew that he was going to fall hard and Nika is just the woman to cause the fall. When we first met Nika she was so broken and damaged that you didn't know if she could fight her way back, but boy does she. Nika definitely comes into her own, she gives Madoc a smack down like no other, and even manages to give a mental bitch slap to Joseph and Gilda. Those that see her in action are now slightly afraid of her and her new powers.There was so much going on with all the others. Grace and Torr, who I really want to have something happy happen to them, end up in a situation that will break your heart, one you don't know how they will get out of. Gilda finally faces up to her lies and actions from so long ago, she tries to redeem herself in the end, but I am not sure if she does. I wonder if something will happen with Joseph and Carmen, there is something there, I just don't know what it is, maybe just my wishful thinking.Tynan is still keeping secrets and manipulating people left and right. His actions at the end almost make me like him a little bit, but also make me wonder just how he is going to use it. There are also some big developments in the larger story arc and what is going on in the war. There just isn't enough info to decide what is going on, I really want to know how this will play out.And lastly, we finally know that Nika isn't crazy, Tori is really alive. I don't know that I have seen a more damaged character in a long time. After 9 years in captivity the horrors she lived through are so bad that it will take a miracle to help her heal. With all that happened in this book, I wish the next one was out so that I can find out the consequences of this book.

  • Lauren
    2019-04-02 08:39

    Living Nightmare5 StarsSynopsis:Nika Madison has been trapped in a nightmare for nine years but now she is slowly coming out of it and has one goal – to save her younger sister from the monstrous Synestryn holding her captive. Unfortunately, Nika’s psychic connection to her sister is fading and only one person has power to help Nika re-forge that bond: Madoc, a Sentinel Warrior with a bare lifemark who wants nothing to do with Nika.Review:Amazing read that keeps you turning the pages!As in the previous books, the overall story arc continues to develop and there are some surprising twists and turns. There is a large cast of characters to keep track of, but each has a compelling personality and story that grabs you and won’t let go.Nika and Madoc are both tortured and damaged but find themselves irrevocably drawn to each other. Their chemistry is simply mesmerizing and they share some of the most romantic moments in the series. Madoc is hanging on to his humanity and honor by a thread, and is terrified of the danger that he poses to others, especially Nika. He tries to keep himself at a distance but finds it difficult to fight against the temptation that she poses. Nika is stubborn and determined with a strength of will and capacity for love that makes her impossible to resist. Overall, an exciting and action packed story but be forewarned that there are several dark and disturbing scenes that may make some readers uncomfortable. The next book is Logan’s and I am looking forward to seeing things from a Sanguinar's perspective.

  • P.A. Lupton
    2019-03-29 07:37

    So far, this was my favorite Sentinel War’s book. I loved it. I loved the concept in the previous books, but didn’t connect as well with all the characters as I did in this book. I especially liked Nika. Nika was a great character. She was so weak in the previous book that I enjoyed seeing her strength shine through in this novel. She was tough and persistent. Right from the beginning she refused to quit looking for her sister Tori. Everyone thought she was crazy and she refused to let it go. She kept trudging forward to save her sister, despite the odds. Not only that, she was sure her and Madoc were meant to be together and even though he didn’t believe her, she fought for them too and saved Madoc as well.The Sentinel War’s has one of the most interesting concepts I’ve ever read in a paranormal book. The world the author developed is interesting to read and keeps me coming back for more anxious to see where the story will go next.

  • Paranormal Kiss
    2019-04-12 04:41

    Living Nightmare by Shannon K. Butcher is the 4th exciting installment of her Sentinel Wars series. This story focuses mainly on Nika and Madoc but there are several other stories woven in. They are skillfully woven together in such a way that they add rather then detract from the overall story. It is rare to find an author that can combine so many storylines into one in such a way that it keeps you interested and entertained. For the full effect and understanding of plot points and past history of characters it’s best to read this series in order from book one. Living Nightmare is an excellent addition to the series. It is fast paced and filled with wonderful characters that will hold your attention and keep you coming back for more. There is action, romance and some heart tugging moments. It will leave you anxious for the next book, Bloodhunt, which is due out in August of 2011. The Sentinel Wars series is recommended for fans of Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy.

  • Smokinhotbooks K.C.
    2019-04-13 03:30

    Read Full Review HereI can't believe I almost forgot(zies) this one was released in Nov. Shame on me! I was a wee (sorry I’ve been Google(ing) Irish baby names all day) disappointed in the last book, Running Scared because I thought the main character’s chemistry was not full throttle like I had read in previous books but I knew this one was going to be better. What really makes Living Nightmare a good read is the richness of the side characters. Not only do you get the story of the main characters, Mac and Nika, but there are many side characters and plots that will eventually become full length novels. So, kind of like a value packed romance (pumps fist).This series is a solid B for me and I’d recommend to anyone looking for a new(ish) paranormal series.

  • Amy
    2019-04-13 06:32

    Ok!! If you have not read the "The Sentinel Wars" series by Shannon K Butcher then you have been missing out big time!! This has just about everything that you can wish for. Each of these books you get so lost in the story. Shannon K Butcher art for detail is just amazing!! You get a good balance of the nonstop action, fantasy , suspense and then lovemaking is off the charts! We are talking major Hot men and who doesn't like that.... I just finished "Living Nightmare" which is fourth book in this series and it was AWESOME!!! Madoc and Nika story was amazing! I don't want to say to much about it if you haven't read the series yet.....So all and all if you haven't check out the "The Seninel Wars" yet go and do so now "You won't be sorry!!"

  • Jenniffer
    2019-04-05 07:29

    Excelente libro, sabía que me gustaría muchísimo más que los tres primeros. Nika es mi tipo de heroína, no como las otras tres pesadas y Madoc, aunque huyendo, no sé hizo tan de rogar durante todo el libro. Lo que no me gusta de esta autora es que no le da un cierre apropiado a las parejas, siempre termina con temas de otros y no con el tema de la pareja. Las deja como en el aire y eso no es correcto, si, yo sé que seguirán saliendo pero a la historia se le debe dar un cierre como es debido y lo que hizo con este fue terrible pero por todo lo demás estuvo estupendo. Me dio penita lo de Gilda y Angus a pesar de que ella no me caía bien. Y temo que Grace no termine siendo la pareja Torr, cosa que lo tengo casí por seguro y lo odio.

  • Crazy4more
    2019-04-03 06:33

    5 solid stars!I love this book. It's my favorite bc it's so exciting, amazing plot, super hot and so sweet couplings. The intricate storyline evolved into a jaw-dropping, suspenseful, endearing, sexy series. Something big has to happen soon to save the vampires, the warriors, the Theronai females because the numbers just don't add up. Besides the hotness from Madoc & Nika's story, I love all other side stories: sweetness from John & Meghan; sacrifice from Angus & Gilda; heartwrenching from Grace & Torr. Love it!

  • Shana
    2019-03-21 03:35

    I really loved this installment of the series cause the main characters have been high on my intrigue list. Honestly, I did'nt entirely enjoy the third installment. I read it just to find out about some of my favorite characters in the books. I do love the sanguinars they are my favortites too.

  • Elizabeth Ziko
    2019-04-15 01:39

    I like these books, they keep getting better and better :)

  • Maida»-(¯`v´¯)-»
    2019-04-20 04:29

    Must Read!

  • Mello ❣ Illium ✮Harry✮ ☀Myrnin☀ Torin Ichimaru
    2019-03-25 05:34

    Synopsis:For nine years, Nika has had one goal: to save her younger sister from the Synestryn who hold her captive. Now the psychic bond Nika forged with her sibling is fading, and time is running out. But the one man who can unlock the power inside her left and never returned, leaving Nika alone to rescue a sister everyone else believes is dead.Madoc swore to himself he would never enter Dabyr again. For his soul is nearly dead, and he fears what he might do to those he's sworn to protect -- especially Nika. If he accompanies her into the Synestryn realm, his forbidden desire for her may unleash the savage monster within him. But Nika's need to rescue her sister soon becomes intertwined with her passion for Madoc, while the a key to victory in the war may be within her reach...My Thoughts:Very enjoyable read. I read it straight through. We get a lot of revelations in this one. From the last book, we'd actually learned a bit about what Gilda had done and how she was keeping it from Angus over all of these centuries, but here, we finally know the full extent of what she's done and we learn exactly why Sybil and Maura can't stand her, either. It made me dislike her even more. More about this later.The main event, of course, is Nika and Madoc finally bonding after all this time. Nika is determined to be with Madoc and he is still like, "oh hell no!" but she finally gets her man! Not only that, she proves she isn't the whacked out chick everyone kept being adamant that she was. I knew Nika wasn't making things up. I knew Tori had to have gone through some serious shit, though. And she did. Boy did she ever. I think she'll pull through, though. I wonder who will end up being compatible with her? It will probably be a while before we find out. The Theronai need all of the women found and bound to one of their men as soon as possible, but they can't expect that girl to want to be touched to see if she'll be compatible with any of them. Not any time soon, anyway.I've digressed again. Nika and Madoc are one of my favorite pairings in this series. I'd say they would tie for first with Grace and Torr. I love how Nika has become so much stronger since book 2. I love that it's because of Madoc that she's been able to. She even stands up to him. She isn't afraid to get in his face and she doesn't allow him to boss her around too much. I like that Nika initiates things in their relationship. No matter how many times he pushed her away, she didn't give up. She knew she could save him. That they were meant to be together. Madoc couldn't see it, but Nika knew and she pursued him with gusto. When the moment comes to see if she's right about the two of them, she does what she has to with no regrets. I was just glad that it worked. I was afraid of what he could do to her in that state. He was actually better with her during that time than I had expected him to be. He was even better once she was wearing her luceria. I loved that for these two, there was no stupid trial period for her wearing his luceria. She put it on and that was that. They still fought and disagreed about how her safety should be handled, but they did work together pretty well once they did end up in battle.There are times when I really start to feel for the Sanguinar and then one of them does something that ruins that feeling. I'm so back and forth with those characters. I loved the scene with Logan and the children at the end. I loved how Tynan went into that rescue mission with them, but then they're so damn sneaky! I understand they need to save their race and I can only guess they keep Project Lullaby so secretive because their methods seriously screw with the free will of the blooded humans. The Theronai already don't trust the Sanguinar, so I can't imagine they would be more willing to do so if they realized just how much they manipulate people and their feelings. They know they are capable of it and some of them have even had it done to them, but on such a wide scale? They'd be pissed. I wonder how Nicholas would feel once he learned the truth about that. I liked that he offered blood freely that way. If only these groups would actually make an attempt at trusting one another...Gilda: (view spoiler)[Huge sacrifice that she made or not, I still don't like her. She got so much better than she deserved with Angus. I understand why he forgave her. Still don't like it. But I hold grudges forever, so maybe I'm not the best judge on that. I really don't like that Gilda died in some semblance of peace when none of the others know wtf she did to them or what she got Grace to do. I cannot forgive that woman. Also, I'm wondering if she and Angus truly did die and the vow that she made Sybil and Maura speak about never growing up broke when Gilda died, does that mean the vow that she made about never conceiving and thus rendering all of the Theronai men sterile has broken now that she's dead as well? And if so, will Tynan think it's because of the work he was doing? After all, he doesn't know anything about Gilda's vow... (hide spoiler)]Grace & Torr: (view spoiler)[Their situation sucks so much. Terribly heartbreaking. All they did was trade placed. How in the hell is this going to get fixed? Theirs is the book I really want to read next. (hide spoiler)]Iain & Jackie: (view spoiler)[Oh I'm going to enjoy seeing how that situation plays out. She's already compatible with multiple men and yet she has no clue about any of this shit. Seems she likes Iain as much as she's afraid of him. I really like Iain, though. As much as I like Nicholas, I want to see how Jackie deals with Iain once she gets more details about the kind of life she'll be expected to live now. I think I'm going to like her, though. (hide spoiler)]I'm really wondering how much longer Joseph can handle being leader. He seems like he doesn't have the slightest bit of rope left. I don't know what he's hanging on to, but if he doesn't do something to help himself soon, he's going to crack under pressure.The only reason I can't give this five stars is that the POVs with Meghan and John kept throwing me out of the story. After that first one, I just stopped reading them. I know that they were supposed to give us insight into the whole Project Lullaby thing and how exactly it works and just what the Sanguinar are doing to these blooded humans, but it just didn't interest me. It kept messing up the overall flow of the book for me. Besides that, I very much enjoyed this installment in the series. I know Logan's book is next, but I'm looking forward to Iain and Jackie's more so than that one. And then whenever there's finally a Grace and Torr book.My Rating: ★★★★

  • Kathy Davie
    2019-04-01 01:37

    Fourth in the Sentinel Wars paranormal romance action series revolving around an endangered group of enhanced warriors based in Dabyr who are protecting the world from demons. The couple focus is on Nika and Madoc---and it's about time!My TakeThere's a good lesson in this—LISTEN. Listen to the people around you. Pay attention. Hear what they're saying. If anyone had listened to Nika, Madoc and Tori would have suffered less. That said, Nika goes off half-cocked once they do start listening. Of course, time is of the essence.Eeeeyew...Helen's reasoning as to why the demons are experimenting with humans makes awful sense. Really awful.The whole rescue was botched. It didn't have to take place then and they knew it was a trap. But, oh no, they just had to follow stupid Nika. Stupid, stupid woman. Yes, they rescued many, but they took too great a chance and lost too much. If they had waited a few days for more reinforcements and done some reconnoitering, it would have been a better outcome. That said, it makes me wonder w...actually, no, it doesn't make me wonder. Obviously Butcher needed to kill off those particular characters. I just keep getting so involved!I don't know if Butcher is getting better at the writing or if I'm simply getting used to it. I do like her characters and she keeps interjecting enough of a twist that I want to know what happens next. That and that Project Lullaby she's been teasing us with! At last we do learn more about the Sanguinar and what Project Lullaby is. Whew… And Gilda comes clean to Angus only to have tragedy strike.The StoryNo one ever listens to Nika. They won't believe, so she takes action on her own. Its results snowball into anger, recriminations, and rescues.Time is running out for Tori about to give birth to the monster inside her, unlikely to survive its arrival. It's also running out for Madoc---his last leaf is barely hanging on.The CharactersNika Madison is one of three sisters attacked by the Synestryn nine years ago. While her body escaped them, her mind did not. Scattered into too many fragments, the human doctors think she's insane and she's been locked up all these years. Tori is the little sister who did not escape, but Nika has managed to maintain a psychic bond, providing Tori with at least a sense of warmth. For the demon lord, Zillah, has been torturing her, changing her, preparing her for the destiny he has in mind for his future children. Andra is the oldest sister. She managed to escape the attack and fought to rescue Nika just as Nika now fights to rescue Tori and Madoc.Madoc is a Sentinel barely hanging onto the last leaf on the lifemark tattooed to his chest. Unless he can find his soulmate before that last leaf falls, he will go mad and kill all around him. He wants so desperately for that one to be Nika but his luceria does not respond to her. Instead, he performs the only service he can, killing Synestryn, helping Nika regain the fragments of her mind.The SentinelsThe Sentinels are a broad group which encompasses the Theronai, the Sanguinar, and the Slayers, amongst others. The Sentinels about whom we've been reading are Theronai. Joseph Rayd leads the Theronai Sentinels, but he is oh, so tired of his own struggle. Carmen is a human, a Gerai, whom Joseph is training. Paul is Andra's mate. Together they are rescuing children targeted by the Synestryn. Gilda is the Gray Lady, the betrayer, old and weakening in power the longer she refuses her husband, Angus. Ricky is a very unhappy seventeen-year-old, easily brainwashed. Additional Sentinels include Nicholas, their tech guy; Helen and Drake; Briant; Liam; and, Morgan. Grace is a Gerai in love with the crippled and dying Torr. She would do anything, give anything to help him recover.Iain is the leader of the secret group, the Band of the Barren. All are Sentinels living on borrowed time, hoping to find their soulmates. But Iain lost his mate. Now only his promise to Serena keeps him going.Ripped apart in the womb by their mother, Maura and Sibyl both see the future although Maura can kill with a touch. Yes, they are Gilda and Angus' children. Cursed when they made a promise to their distraught mother that they would never grow up.The SanguinarsThe Sanguinar are like vampires and work in an uneasy partnership with the Sentinels as healers. They need blood to survive, but there isn't enough. Most of them are in a type of suspended animation. The Solarc, Tynan's grandfather, "banished, cursed, and cut them off from the source of their power" a millennia ago. Now they starve unless they can speed up Project Lullaby. Connal has become addicted and is now bonded to Zillah, a traitor. Alexander. Logan. Tynan. All of them are willing to do whatever is necessary. Andreas Phelan now leads the Slayers, those who slay the Sentinels whose souls have died.Jackie Patton was one of the women rescued and one of the women for whom the Theronai have been searching. It seems she is compatible with several men. Hmmm, I don't know if this will result in a multiple partnership or fighting...Meghan Clark is fulfilling her promise---part of Project Lullaby??—to the man who saved her father from dying of cancer. John Hawthorne, a building contractor, rescues her when her car goes off the road.Canaranth is Zillah's second-in-command, but has fallen in love with one of their human captives, Ella.The CoverThere is a very dreamy quality with all the cloudy white surrounding and fogging Madoc's body. Only his very muscular torso with the bare branches of his lifemark shows as his body twists toward us, his sword raised across his chest ready to protect.The title is the the twenty-four-seven dreams that haunt Madoc who is barely hanging onto his soul and the minds of the Synestryn who scrabble at Nika's mind---their individual Living Nightmare.

  • Belinda Boring
    2019-04-13 02:35

    I remember when I first found out about this series I was so excited because it contained one of my favorite things when it comes to romance - the alpha male. The author does such a wonderful job in creating stories about these strong and powerful warriors and pairing them with women who are by far their equals. When I saw Living Nightmare was due to be released, it was a no-brainer that I would buy it the second it hit the shelves and devour it. I'm glad I did because not only was this edition to the series exciting and filled with action but it was the best by far when it came to the Alpha male and his leading lady - Maddox and Nika.There are so many variations out there where the male struggles with the battle within himself and needs to find the one female in the entire world that can quiet that torment and restore peace to his soul. I love the author's version where she gives her warriors life marks in the form of trees on their chests that over time begin to lose its leaves. With the falling of that final leaf, the warrior is lost and his life is forfeit. The only way to save him, the only way to restore his life mark is finding the woman who helps make him whole. As a hopeless romantic who thrives on those kinds of sentiments, this book had me in total heaven and there were many points throughout the story where the only sounds you could hear were of me sighing heavily (in a happy way). I loved the two main characters of the story, Maddox and Nika, and it was incredibly easy to feel a connection with them and the struggles they were going through. Maddox simply blew my mind with just how far gone he was and straight away, I wanted to reach out and find a way to help restore his gentler side. He was a tortured soul who had come to the point where he just didn't care and knew sooner or later, he would cross a line and hurt those around him. The author wrote him in such a way that my first thought was there wasn't enough good qualities about him to redeem him, but occasionally I would see a small glimpse of decency and the more exposure he had with Nika, the more she was able to influence him. The more time they spent together, the easier it was to see that Maddox was in fact an incredibly passionate man who still had a lot to offer the world. When it came to Nika, he never thought he was good enough for her and worried that if he made any room in his life for her, he would ultimately destroy her. As Maddox developed throughout the story, I loved seeing him rein in all his aggression and instead use it to protect and love Nika. For me, Maddox is my favorite kind of hero because despite the odds, he was able to rise above everything that would destroy him and became an amazing character. He was still a little rough around the edges but that's who he was and I couldn't stop smiling.It's so important when creating characters that play love interests, to make sure that regardless of how different they are, they balance and complement each other. Nothing makes me sadder than reading a book where there is a very obvious inequality to the couple and I'm left wondering why the author thought they should ever be together. Maddox was an extremely strong character and so it was important that Nika would have her own way to match that and she did it perfectly. Nika had gone through so much in her life and overcame the torture of being mentally connected with the monsters of the story. Through the help of Maddox and loved ones, she had slowly regained her mind and transformed from a weak, frail woman to one who was able to speak her mind and go after what she wanted. I loved that she set her mind and heart on Maddox and regardless of how gruff he could be, she showed courage and great patience in letting him know that she loved him and that she would do everything she could to protect and save him. For all the stubbornness of Maddox, Nika brought her own to the relationship and all throughout the book I cheered for her. Where past experiences would have broken anyone else, they only made her stronger and more capable to defend herself. I loved that she didn't allow herself to be weak and that she fought for everything that was important to her.One thing I found interesting as I read this book, and also from the other books in the series, is the author doesn't solely stick to the main characters' story but weaves in other subplots. You're able to gain insight into the other characters within the Sentinel world and there were quite a few side stories in Living Nightmare that I wish more time was given to explore them because they had me incredibly curious to see what would happen next. A few times, I felt there was a little too much going on and I would definitely suggest readers start at the beginning of the series and read the books in order because without prior knowledge of the characters, it would get a little confusing. But even after saying that, the author writes her characters in a way where a connection is easy to make and you're pulled into the story. Reading this book was a great experience and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. I had no trouble being able to imagine what was happening and my emotions were almost immediately involved. For those who love their romance with a tortured bad boy, this is definitely the book and series to read. I can't wait for the next installment. Happy reading!

  • Jenny
    2019-03-30 06:24

    Registered on Bookcrossing: exciting book in the Sentinels paranormal romance. Nika and Madoc are the main couple, but several other couples are in the story and will most likely have their own book someday.

  • Elly
    2019-04-08 00:30

    Good book. would have been easier to follow if I had read all of the proceeding ones.

  • (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick
    2019-03-30 06:29

    Originally posted at smexybooks- Quote:”Do you want me to kiss you? ‘Cause it’s what I want. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. Especially when I go to bed. I keep wishing you were with me. Touching me. Sometimes I touch myself and pretend it’s you.”For nine years Nika has only had one goal; to save her baby sister from the Synestryn who hold her captive. But everyone believes she is dead and that Nika is crazy. The one man with whom she can bond and unlock her powers wants nothing to do with her. Now Nika’s psychic bond with her sister is fading fast and unless Nika can convince Madoc they belong together, she will lose her sister forever.Madoc is slowly heading towards madness and fears what he is becoming. He swears to stay away from Nika for her own safety but cannot. As Nika convinces Madoc of her sanity he must strive to save his because if not, he will destroy them both.Living Nightmare, #4 in the Sentinel War series, is in my opinion, her best yet. I have waited a long time for Nika and Madoc’s story and Ms. Butcher delivers it in a dark, gritty, action packed story that held me spellbound. Smooth story line and ever progressing arc engages the reader and sets a fast pace for reading. The premise of this one may still revolve around 2 main characters but Ms. Butcher doesn’t bog down the story with never ending emotional angst for our couple as her previous books. This book is an absolute whirlwind to read as Ms. Butcher goes in depth into multiple character story lines and POV’s which I loved. We don’t see a lot of our previous heroes and heroines, for which I am glad. Andrea and Lexi annoy me. But we do get more indepth scenes with Angus and Gilda, Joesph, Logan and many more. Ms. Butcher sets up future story lines here and does it in a mindblowing staggering way.Nika is truly the strong one in this story. Unlike our previous heroines, she knows what is happening and of the war that is waging around them. She doesn’t whine or waffle in her decisions. Since she has lived in the abyss-it’s doesn’t scare her. Even though most of the Sentinels and her own sister thinks she is insane, she knows the truth in her visions and will prevail. Her gift is the ability to enter the minds of others and absorb them. She has spent so much time in the Synestryns’ minds that she was lost in the pain. But with Madoc’s touch, she feels no pain and can level herself out.Madoc is still as crazy as ever. Huge, arrogant, tough, silent, and slightly insane; he is the perfect foil for quiet stubborn Nika. He is convinced Nika is not the one for him because his luceria doesn’t light up when she is around and he fears what will happen if he gives into his feelings for her. It’s entertaining the way this small slip of a girl has this man on the run. But he can’t run far because in spite of everything, he wants her in all ways possible. I like how Madoc isn’t as alpha with his love interest as the rest of them. He listens and hears her. He doesn’t treat her as less then him in intelligence. Though his constant references to her bring crazy got old.As Nika strives to overcome obstacles set in her path to Madoc, she shows the Sentinels that she may be their best weapon yet.This story is rich in action and suspense. The romance blends well; so well in fact that you almost miss it. The love scenes are few in this one. We see more emotion and conversation then physical love. More focus placed on the arc and it’s players and less on the primary couple’s journey. I enjoy this change. Ms Butcher’s books are fab but this particular “storyline” is one in a million with this genre. She has changed up and is traveling down a different avenue with this story. What I do ove about Ms. Butcher’s books and hopes she never changes is her concept of good and evil. She blurs the lines. The Sentinels & the Sanguinar use nefarious means to achieve their goals as much as the Synestryns. We see lines being crossed, misconceptions being revealed, and actions being questioned.Her characters are rich in depth, development, and personality. Ms. Butcher gives great character dialogue. You are able to connect to them rather them just reading about them. Each one is viable enough for their own book. Ms. Butcher’s style of writing adds new and old character story lines in a way that doesn’t leave you over whelmed by the sheer amount of knowledge she imparts.The ending is a mixture of explosive action, finger clenching tension, and a mind blowing cliff hanger. Ms Butcher managed to leave me literally speechless. Living Nightmare was everything I could want in a Paranormal Romance and I look forward to the next in her series, Bloodhunt, set to release August 2011.Rating: A