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Even vampires can be afraid of ghosts... After the death of her husband-and her dreams of motherhood-Elizabeth Bretton returned to the family estate in Broken Heart, Oklahoma. Little did she know she would also give up her life as the Silverstone heiress. But escaping the past isn't that easy-especially with a vengeful ghost trying to kill her, a 150-year-old mystery to sEven vampires can be afraid of ghosts... After the death of her husband-and her dreams of motherhood-Elizabeth Bretton returned to the family estate in Broken Heart, Oklahoma. Little did she know she would also give up her life as the Silverstone heiress. But escaping the past isn't that easy-especially with a vengeful ghost trying to kill her, a 150-year-old mystery to solve, and an outrageously hot were-jaguar named "Tez" trying to get into her boudoir......

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Cross Your Heart Reviews

  • Samara
    2019-03-27 07:00

    So...I'll admit it. I saw this book at Borders and thought it looked GREAT! What I didn't realize, however, was that it was actually the 7th book in a series. Now, normally I would freak if I started that far into a series, but then I thought "Eh, why not?" SO glad I did. This was a great book for me to start in the series. Since I read this one, I've picked up the rest. I sincerely hope they are as good as this one. I am completely in love with Michele Bardsley's writing and can't wait to read more.So, this book was witty, intuitive, and self-awakening. I love that this character is older and a bit reserved but is still spunky as hell. I love how developed her character is and how deep we get to see into not only the current story but reasonably far into and well presented with the past.Aside from our main character, we also get to see a rough and roguish man who makes our main character want to open up, it brings out that spunk that I loved so much. However, he isn't as well developed as our main character and while I understand that it's from her point of view and not his, I wish I knew more about him. Maybe in another book we'll get to learn a little more about him....and hopefully get to see more characters than just 1 or 2 page snippets at a time, I really wanted to see more characters.Overall, however, this book was INCREDIBLE. It reminds me a lot of the Sookie Stackhouse series, which I quite honestly crave constantly and devour when I get another taste. I'm looking forward to more wit, romance and mystery from the Broken Heart Vampires series.

  • Bookaholics
    2019-04-22 10:08

    Cross Your Heart: A Broken Heart Novel by Michele BardsleyParanormal Romance – Sept 7th, 20104 StarsCross Your Heart is a romantic paranormal mystery with comical elements. It is well written and the situations the heroine (Elizabeth) gets into, although terrifying, have laughter relief. You cannot put this book down because you’re having too much fun reading it.Elizabeth is: cursed, childless, widowed and undead. But being miserable doesn’t keep an independent woman depressed for long and she finds a home and acceptance in Broken Heart, Oklahoma; a parakind community. She leads a normal life even if it was during the night hours. Elizabeth is surrounded by vampires, shape shifters and the random witch, but when a ghost, shadow or demon threatens her, there seems to be nobody she can call. Determined to help herself she discovers in the woods the old bones of a murdered woman that she believes are from her dreams. But at the burial site, she is attacked and then saved by a stranger named Tez.Tez Jones has been a lone wolf, or were-jaguar, into his adulthood. He’s hidden his true nature until he is invited to set up roots in Broken Heart. Following a beguiling scent he arrives just in the nick of time to save Elizabeth. He knows the truth. She is his soul mate. Meeting up with her later at the Old Sass Café, he introduces her to two female were-cats. His welcoming party. Their current alpha is dying, and they want Tez to take over the pack. Tawny is not about to relinquish her position as first alpha and sets her sight on making Tex her mate. Elizabeth, as a vampire, is no competition, or she’ll see to it that she’s the only contender. Turns out he’s not just a sexy, delicious face and hunky body. He’s a homicide detective for the Tampa Police Department. Just what they need to solve a hundred year old homicide.He moves into Elizabeth’s home. He is determined to make her his mate even though there are strict rules against their species mixing. The vampires’ biggest rule is when one takes a mate; they are bound by one-hundred years of faithful undying love. Elizabeth, as a human, has been there, done that; didn’t work out. But oh, how she wishes she was wrong! I enjoyed how the author puts the storyline into a small town with lots of side characters. She does a good job in keeping their relationship and purpose straight, and explaining the dynamics of the citizens, and the defense of the community without stretching too much believability or pushing the facts at us. I also liked Elizabeth. She is a more mature character with a spunky and naïve attitude. There is sex. There is a romance, but not pages after pages, nor one after the other. There is a story line and plot without the romance being all that the novel is about. Her character is still learning things about the relationship with the other characters. I imagine if I was pushed to such extremes…actually I wouldn’t be as nice. Reviewed by Jackie from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club

  • Nairabell
    2019-04-12 15:18

    After the death of her husband, Elizabeth Bretton returned to the family estate in Broken Heart, Oklahoma to sort through the old Silverstone mansion. But on her first night there she was attacked, killed and brought back as a vampire. Now Elizabeth is an undead heiress and learning to use her newfound vampire powers, including the ability to manipulate metals. That is until she begins to be haunted by a vengeful homicidal ghost and followed around by a hot were-jaguar detective called Tez. Elizabeth's unlife is in danger unless she and Tez can solve a 150-year-old mystery, and fast. I've read and loved all of the Broken Heart novels, so I was really looking forward to reading this. This has a mystery storyline along with the usual romance and humour, and Michele Bardsley has found the perfect balance between the three. The mystery revolves around the rumoured curse of Broken Heart, which has been mentioned several times in the previous books, so it was great to see it be explored more. I wouldn't say it was necessary to read the other Broken Heart books first as mini recaps are included where necessary, but I'd still recommend reading them in order so the more subtle nods at previous books can be understood. Michele Bardsley has succeeded in writing a series where each book is unique and not formulaic. I loved the storyline of the book as it had the usual romance, but the addition of the mystery was awesome as I'm a big mystery fan as well. It was well plotted and full of little twists. I wasn't expecting to like Elizabeth much, but I thought she was great. I loved how reserved and controlled she was compared to Tez who is her complete opposite, especially as it lead to some hilarious scenes. The characters from the previous books popped up in this one quite frequently, as the curse starts to affect everyone connected to Broken Heart, and other characters are introduced - most obviously the were-cat pride who have been mentioned as a group but not individually. All in all I really enjoyed this and can't wait until Must Love Lycans is released in September 2011. Plot: 10/10 Characters: 10/10 Ending: 10/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 Cover: 9/10 Overall: 49/50

  • Jody
    2019-04-09 08:16

    I absolutely love the Broken Heart Series from Michele Bardsley. I have often run out to get them on release date. The newest book, Cross your heart, follows Elizabeth Bretton who is a Silverstone and part of the 5 founding families of Broken Heart,OK. There really hasn't been much about Elizabeth in any of the previous books except to refer to her as the richest person in town. However, I found Elizabeth to be vulnerable and couragous. She was a strong women and gets intangled in the town's mystery of the name "Broken Heart". In this book fans of this series will find out what really happened to Mary McCree and all of the families. There is something evil unleashed in broken heart and Elizabeth's family papers may hold the key. Elizabeth is actually a widow and never had any children but finds her passion for love reignited with Tez. Tez happens to be a homicide detective who came to check out the were-cat colony in Broken Heart. Tez is were-jaquar which was a believed to be extinct species. Tez is drawn to Elizabeth dispite her being quite dead and not at all his species. There are all sorts of things going on as typical in Broken Heart. The Were-cats would like to get their "claws" into Tez and for him to be come the next Alpha. Elizabeth is a huge unexpected obstacle. I liked learning the history of the town and enjoyed the chemistry between Tez and Elizabeth. My favorite book is still the first one. These books are funny and chick lit at it's best but I love them.I can't wait for the next book which will be about Damian one of the lycan protectors of Broken Heart. Those lycans have been lonely too long.:)

  • Denise Main
    2019-04-06 07:14

    A friend gave me a load of books and 'Cross Your Heart' was in the pile. Seventh of a series (Broken Heart)of related, but stand-alone stories about a group of 'supernatural friends' or is that fiends, it was an odd book to begin with, but easy to follow. I loved it!It was funny with a nice storyline which including snippets of the heroine's friends and their antics. One of whom is a were-jaguar, also a detective, who helps heroine vampire, Elizabeth, to rid herself of a malevolent ghost. Despite having been married, heiress Elizabeth gives off a Southern belle innocence - even in bed!

  • Christina Cole
    2019-04-05 13:22

    This was an amazing story the humor in it was great i found my self many times bursting out laughing then going back to read it again . It also had mystery to it which was great . A very good read

  • Llaph | No Frill | No Shill
    2019-04-14 09:59

    I really liked Ted, didn't really relate much to Elizabeth, abhored the cat clan, and found the mystery behind the name of Broken Heart/deaths a much more interesting story than the romance between the two.

  • Book Review Diva
    2019-04-04 13:11

    “Cross Your Heart” by Michele Bardsley Elizabeth Breton was once a human, but not anymore. Elizabeth had a pretty good life going for herself. She had no money worries, and high hopes of one day having her own children with a great guy. Those days of being a mommy are long gone for Elizabeth though, she is now a vampire and has to drink blood to survive. There is one good thing about being a vampire though, and that is that Elizabeth will never age, she will always look good. She’ll never have to worry about having plastic surgery. Now that Elizabeth has come to terms with being a vampire, things are actually starting to look up for Elizabeth. Too bad her new situation will be so short lived. Things are going to change again when Queen Patsy decides that she wants to a little renovation on her house. Starting in attic, Patsy opens up a secret door that has a 150 year old crazy spirit in it. This spirit has just been released to wreck havoc on the town of Broken Heart. This spirit has it’s eyes set on his first victim, that victim is poor Elizabeth. The people of Broken Heart do not realize that this spirit is an ancestor of Elizabeth’s, and has it out for five of the original families of Broken Heart. This spirit wants to finish what he started 150 year ago, and that is to kill the five families and all of their lovers as well. Looks like Elizabeth and the residents of Broken Heart are dealing with a jaded ghost who has had his heart broken, and now wants to see to it that no one is happy, or in love. Elizabeth is now wondering how the heck she is going to stop this spirit from killing herself and her friends.Elizabeth encounters a sexy Were-Jaguar shifter in Broken Heart, who just happens to save her life on more that one encounter with the jaded ghost who is set on killing Elizabeth at all costs. Elizabeth can not stop thinking about Mr. Meow Were-Jaguar who is so very yummy looking, and who is determined to get himself a piece of Mrs. Elizabeth Bretton, even if that means seducing her into it. Elizabeth does not want any part of this and does not want to open her heart up to anyone, especially a ymmylious Were-Jaguar, who keeps whispering sweet nothings into her ear. What Elizabeth does not realize, is that she going to need Mr. Meow also named Taz more now that she knows who he is. Elizabeth is going to have to learn to trust him and accept his help without thinking she needs to give something back in return.Will Elizabeth be able to open her heart and learn to trust Taz? Will Elizabeth accept that there is someone out there who is willing to protect her and not want to hurt her heart like her last husband did? Will Elizabeth, and the residents of Broken Heart, be able to put this ghost back where he came from, the pits of hell, and be able to save everyone from being killed?Michele Bardsley writes a fantastic book about true love and how you should always listen to your heart. This is a great book full of lots of great banter and flirting. I especially got a real kick out of the Jenna Jameson GPS part of the book, very funny! LOL4 Bats out of 5Reviewed by: VampireBooks.caClick Here to Visit

  • (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick
    2019-03-28 13:53

    3.5 starsFavorite Quote: "Jesus. That vocabulary of yours makes me hot...but that snooty tone of yours is what really gets me hard."While Elizabeth Bretton didn't expect to live forever; she did expect to live for awhile. After her husband’s death, she comes home to the family estate in Broken Heart, Oklahoma only to be attacked by a vampire and turned. But life or non-life isn't all it's cracked up to be.When she is attacked in the woods by her home she is saved by the very hot and the very smexy Tezozomec Abraham Elvis Jones- Tez for short. Tez, a were-jaguar, makes no bones about the fact he'd like to do more with her body then just "save" it from harm, but Elizabeth isn't riding that train. Vampires have a crazy marriage clause. Penetration=a hundred year non negotiable marriage. Plus, Elizabeth seems to have an angry ghost hanging around that wants her dead. As the town couples suddenly start trying to kill each other and the local shape shifters take an un natural interest in Tez; Elizabeth must dig up her past in order to have a future.I adore Michele Bardsley's Broken Heart series. Filled with sarcastic humor, steamy romance, and paranormal suspense, we are taken on a fast light hearted journey that leaves you laughing out loud while giving you a couple mysteries to solve. Bedlam reigns supreme as usual through the story but this one isn't as deep the the past two have been. We catch glimpses all the characters we've come to love in here and meet some new ones I hope to see in future books. We also learn some interesting clues to the towns past and founders.There are actually three story lines here. Tez and Elizabeth's romance, the shape shifters interest in Tez, and a ghost who is trying to kill Elizabeth claiming she "betrayed him".Tez is so outrageous. From his sexually explicit GPS to his rearranging of Elizabeth's underwear drawer; he will had me rolling with laughter. As he tempts her with sexual innuendos & passionate kisses; Elizabeth doesn't stand a chance against his lethal charm. And though she runs, she wisely allows herself to be caught. Watching the two of them come together was hilarious. The smexy scenes between them are VERY hot and made me wish I had a Tez of my own.As Elizabeth and Tez dig further into her "ghost" problem she learns some not so pleasant secrets about her family and their ties to the town's other residents.The side story lines blend well into the main arc and have a perfect balance of suspense and humor to make for a delightful outcome in the romance department. The main conflict(s) however are solved without much drama; which was disappointing considering the build up they are given.Even though this is the 7th in the series, this can stand alone. Though I do think you lose something in the main arc by not starting at the beginning. However, Ms. Bardsley does provide a Glossary, A Brief History of the Consortium, and several other references pertaining to Broken Heart that can help both newcomers and long-time fans of the series.Rating: 3.5/5Read the rest of my review at Smexy Books.

  • Martina the Book Fairy
    2019-04-05 13:06

    4.5 STARSThis is a PNR series featuring mostly vampires, but with additions from werewolves, demons, dragons, werecats, ghosts and numerous other supernatural creatures. The first book sets up the scenario - in the teeny town of Broken Heart, Oklahoma - a town with an extraordinarily high rate of divorced single-parents - Lorcan, a master vampire striken by a disease known as "the taint" attacks & kills 12 single parents before he is captured. The conglomeration of vampires tracking Lorcan find the 12 parents and turn them into vampires before it's too late and they're gone forever. Each of the books is then a story about one of the twelve "turn-bloods" - their history, how they - and their family - are adapting to vampiric life, and of course, their romantic interest.This particular book features Elizabeth Bretton. Though heiress to the Silverstone mansion, Elizabeth had never lived in Broken Heart. She was visiting town to handle some administrative issues with the estate when she was attacked. After being turned, she decided to stay and eventually sold the mansion to the queen of the vampires. During a renovation of the mansion, the queen & her family discover a hidden room containing some old personal belongings. One of these, a jewelry box has Elizabeth's name on it and is assumed to be hers. However, as soon as Elizabeth receives the jewelry box, very strange things begin to happen: a shadow figure tries to murder Elizabeth and some of the other normally happy couples in town start acting very strange. It's up to Elizabeth and the handsome ex-homicide detective were-cat, "Tez" Jones, to unravel the mystery.I've liked the witty repartee in this series from the very beginning, but have to admit that the last few have been a little less interesting than the first couple. However, this most recent one was fantastic! I really enjoyed learning more about the history of the town and the mystery around the naming. The whole instant attraction between Elizabeth & Tez wasn't explained very well, IMO, but since the rest of the story was so interesting, I suppose I can forgive it this time. I am a little disappointed that this is the last story of the "turn-bloods," but not the last of the series. It looks like the next book, Must Love Lycans, features Damian, a werewolf and head of security in town - a character you meet early in the series who makes appearances in all the books. Still, I LIKE the character, and the preview that was in the back of this book looked interesting so I'll definitely be picking it up when it releases on September 6, 2011.A ninth book, tentatively titled Only Lycans Need Apply, is also in progress and due out Sept 2012.

  • Michelle
    2019-04-15 15:02

    Cross Your Heart is the seventh book in the Broken Heart series by Michele Bardsley and a Paranormal Romance from Signet Eclipse.Book Blurb:Even Vampires Are Afraid Of GhostsAfter the death of my husband - and my dreams of motherhood - I returned to the family estate in Broken Heart, Oklahoma. Little did I know I would literally give up my life as Elizabeth Bretton, the Silverstone heiress. The whole undead situation calls for a drink - blood martini, straight up, please.Escaping the past isn’t that easy - especially when someone else’s past is out to get me. Now I have a vengeful ghost trying to kill me, a 150 year-old mystery to solve and an outrageous were-jaguar named Tezozomoc “Tez” Abraham Elvis Jones trying to get into my boudoir. Tez is a homicide detective who is vulgar, egotistical, presumptuous, and ridiculously hot. Meow, indeed.My thoughts:Elizabeth Bretton is a direct descendent of one of the five families who founded Broken Heart. She comes from a wealthy family and to call her snooty is an understatement. She is also one of the people who was attacked by the then Tainted Lorcan O’Halloran resulting in her being Turned Vampire. Elizabeth is of the Vampire Family Zela which means her ‘talent’ is in the manipulation of metals.Resigned to being a single vampire - Elizabeth surrounds herself with her romance novels - immerses herself in work and enjoys the life of a well-to-do bloodsucker.Enter Tez.Tez is a were-jaguar, maybe the last of his kind. He has come to Broken Heart by invitation of the current were Alpha - just to have a look around and see how Broken Heart suits him.One thing is for sure - Elizabeth suits him just fine - and if he has his way, she will definitely be his. But first they have to figure out who the ghost is that is trying to kill Elizabeth - and what her ancestor has to do with it.I love the Broken Heart series. Each installment is better than the last. The characters are fun and quirky, oftentimes sassy and raunchy - but always a blast to read. :)I give Cross Your Heart 4 out of 5 stars and can’t wait for the next installment - Must Love Lycans.M

  • Cid Tyer
    2019-04-09 12:16

    B&N made a wondrous error and handed over my copy of Cross Your Heart the Thursday before its release. Wanna guess what I stayed up Thursday night doing? Take a WILD guess. Yeah, I was up until around 3am reading it straight through. I will go back in the near future and read through it slowly, but I can tell you now that Michele delivered – again – with her Broken Heart series.The Setting – is still Broken Heart, Oklahoma. A few years have come and gone since everyone became undead and things are sort of settling into a normal routine of sudden-life-or-death and peace-and-quiet. This time around, you get more of a sense of where the town came from; those deep down roots behind why the town is cursed. You know what curse I’m talking about.The Characters – oh Lord have mercy! It took me a little bit to get into the “hoity-toity” voice of cultured Elizabeth Bretton. I was so used to the sarcastic, down and dirty kind of women like Phoebe and Jessica that Elizabeth kinda threw me at the beginning. I had a scare two chapters in that, *gasp*, I might not like Elizabeth! Never fear. She wins you over though it’s totally Tez you’re rooting for. Come on, sexy smexy were-jag? And he goes all cave man to her social etiquette. It’s a riot on the page. Other staples of the Broken Heart community appear, as well as some distant relations no one ever expected to visit.The Plot – seven books into a series, a very connected series where each book builds off of another, you really have to wonder what else you can do? But Michele pulls it out of a hat in Cross Your Heart. I was a little skeptical when I read that it was a ghost story, kinda a mystery thing. Mysteries are okay, but I don’t usually like them as much as adventure stories. However, there is so much of the history of Broken Heart twined around the mystery that it helps give the whole series a more grounded feel.

  • Jenifer
    2019-03-24 12:13

    Meet Elizabeth Bretton, Silverstone Heiress, undead, single. Currently being haunted by a 150-year old ghost with thoughts of vengeance. The only way to get rid of him is to solve the 150-year old mystery and learn the true story about Broken Heart. That isn't Elizabeth's only issue right now. Enter Tez Jones, were-jaguar. He's crude, egotistical and not to mention extremely hot. Not only is Elizabeth having to solve this mystery, but fighting her feelings for Tez at the same time, not to mention the entire community of were-cats looking to make Tez their new leader. What's an undead heiress to do?This book was what I would expect from this series. It was funny but still had several serious moments. I really enjoyed it.Elizabeth and Tez seem like complete opposites at first...actually the entire time. Elizabeth is more proper and polite with a high vocabulary and particular way of speaking as a result of her upbringing. Tez is more vulgar and strongly opinionated. He also is honest to a fault and I just love that about him. Tez just took me in and made me love the book. I couldn't stop reading because I wanted to know what he was going to say next. When Elizabeth first meets him, he straight up tells her that he way of talking turns him on. It makes the scenes following much more amusing. I really couldn't find fault with this book overall. I enjoyed all of it right to the very end. If I had to find fault with it, I would say that some of the characters we meet from past stories have gone through some major personality and attitude changes. Jessica seems much more badass than she was when we first met her in the first book. Eva seems stronger too. In a way both of these characters grew, which is what we want to see, but I couldn't really see much of the original character from when I first met them. Overall though, I found it to be a quick and delightful little read.

  • Kylie
    2019-04-06 09:23

    Review Posted @ reviews.blueteacup.comAfter having been so disappointed in the previous book in this series, I was revealed to find myself back in a happy place when it came to Broken Heart.I found the characters of Elizabeth and Tez to be unique to the series, which kept me hooked and interested. Elizabeth is different to the other women of Broken Heart. She keeps to herself, she is older and she finds herself being totally alone. She was brought up as a proper lady and thus acts just like one, by habit. Or at least she did, before she met Tez.Tez is a were-jaguar who has only ever really known a life of solitude. He is the only one left of his kind, and thus he feels rather isolated from the paranormal world and even the human world. He decides to look into Broken Heart, as the very idea of being around others from the paranormal world peaks his interests. It isn’t until he meets Elizabeth that he realise his town has a lot more to offer then he originally thought.I really enjoyed the chemistry between Tez and Elizabeth. They seemed to encourage one another to recognise parts of themselves that didn’t even know they had. Tez brought on Elizabeth’s passionate desires where as Elizabeth made Tez realise just how much he really wanted a family of his own.It was great to see that Bardsley hasn’t lost it after all, especially after having read book 6 not that long ago and having been left disappointed. This series is quirky, fun and packed full of characters. A great light read that will always get you smiling.

  • Lynda Tatad
    2019-04-08 08:19

    Who knew that a vampire could be afraid of ghosts! Widowed Elizabeth Bretton had returned to the Silverstone estate in Broken Heart Oklahoma (though her Great Uncle's will states that no Livingstone can live in the home), and became a victim of a vampire attack the same night as many other Broken Heart residents. The vampire Consortium came in and "saved" all the victims by turning them into vampires.43 year old Elizabeth had some adjusting to do, as all the others did, but definitely liked the perks of not having to worry about the sags and bags that come with aging! Queen Patsy and her husband Gabriel are living in the estate and renovating it, and a keepsake brought to her attention seemed to include a vengeful ghost that is trying to kill her! An encounter on the grounds with an attacker brings visiting were-jaguar (and homicide detective) Tez Jones to her rescue, and he decides to stick around and stay with her. Visions in her dreams lead her to want to solve a 150 year old mystery involving the five founding families of Broken Heart, and she doesn't know what to do about this strong attraction for Tez, who seems to think she's the one for him even though they just met! Add in the were-cat community that lives just outside of Broken Heart, and things get veeery interesting around Elizabeth's life... which definitely makes for a great story!With a sneak peek at the next novel "Must Love Lycans" featuring the head of Broken Heart Security Damien (one of the triplet werewolf brothers) and amnesia... I can't wait!

  • Steph
    2019-04-16 09:15

    Cross Your Heart is the 7th book in the Broken Heart, OK series. In this one we get a closer look at Elizabeth Bretton, the prim and proper Silverstone heiress. Her life, though lonely as others in the BH community start pairing up, is moving along as usual until she starts hearing her name called. She is being haunted by a ghost. While trying to figure out what the voices are telling her, she runs into Tez, a hot, flirtatious, were-jaguar. He instantly knows Lizzie is his mate, but she's not so sure. He's nothing like the man she envisions herself with and he's constantly joking with her about the way she speaks. But, she cannot resist his hotness or the caring way he treats her. Tez is in Broken Heart on a type of "visitor's pass". While there, others aren't sure he's being completely honest b/c they all believed were-jaguars were extinct. While courting Elizabeth and helping solve the mystery of her haunting, he is dealing with the pack's attention. Attention he's not really interested in, now that he has found his one.Trouble ensues and the others in the community come to help. Lizzie and Tez eventually get their HEA. As with all other books in this series, it was a light, quick read with lots of funny parts. I have enjoyed every book in this series. However, this one wasn't my favorite. I just wasn't drawn to Elizabeth, although Tez was a sweet treat.I'll most definitely continue with the series.

  • Monica
    2019-04-04 07:01

    With this series its been up and down for me. Some books I liked and some I didnt. Almost all of them I found issues with. I'm happy to say I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I found no inconsistencies which happened a lot in other books in the series. The characters Tez and Elizabeth were extremely likable! I liked them both. This was certainly a mystery. Kept me on edge for a while. This went into a different direction than the others. The story changed and it wasn't more of the same like the others. Which is totally a good thing! Tez was just a brazen flirt but I loved that about him. Elizabeth because of how she grew up was all proper and snooty but not in a bad way at all. Tez loved that about her. Her life kinda sucked and she pretty much did what was expected of her. Arranged marriage to a man she didnt love and vice versa. He had affairs which she really didnt mind as long as it was discreet. Bummer right? What kind of life was that. Then she found out she couldnt have children. Sad. :( After being turned she's really lonely and kinda lives out from everyone else. She's totally standoffish of Tez at first but he certainly grows on her and she soo likes him. Tez's life is a bit of a mystery. He's a cop but on sabbatical which we find out later he quit his job to come to Broken Heart to visit the cat clan. Now THAT is one weird clan! A little messed up if you ask me. Great story and I enjoyed it. I know Damian's story is next so at some point I'll read his.

  • Seduced By Books
    2019-03-29 09:55

    If you haven't read the Broken Heart series, I highly recommend checking it out. Michelle Bardsley creates a paranormal world full of humor, great characters, and interesting plots.I was so excited for Cross Your Heart, and it definitely lived up to my expectations. This is book seven in the series, and like all the others, it absolutely didn't disappoint! Each book in this series has managed to pull me into the story from page one. In this book we meet Elizabeth Bretton, a very prim and proper vampire who ends up with a ghost after her. Then we meet Tez, a hunky, flirty were-jaguar - pretty much the complete opposite of Elizabeth. The banter between the two of them is hot, as well as funny! Then again, Bardsley always gives her readers great, steamy scenes as well as plenty of some good laughs!Together Elizabeth and Tez, along with the other residents of Broken Heart that we've met in previous books, try to solve the problem of the ghost and the mystery that goes with it. Something is causing strange behavior and fighting within many of the loving couples in Broken Heart. Is it the ghost, or something more sinister?In case you couldn't tell, I love this series, and loved this book. I'm already looking forward to the next one! :) Definitely a fun read. I give it 4 slices!

  • Trisha
    2019-04-22 09:15

    This book captured my interest from the beginning I couldn't wait to read more. I liked Elizabeth Bretton from the start and Tez was the perfect alpha male. Elizabeth, Tez, and the ghost made for the perfect trio of intrigue. Every time I thought I had it figured out where the book was going the story would take a turn I never saw coming. Tez new what he wanted and went after it with single minded determination. What did he want you ask well.......Elizabeth Bretton on course! There was also the question of why the were-cats wanted Tez. The heat between Tez and Elizabeth is scorching. I loved his attitude and well really everything about him. I loved this book and never wanted it to end. I could have read this book for couple more hundred pages. My only complaint is that this series is just from the females point of view. I would have loved to read what Tez was thinking and his point of view. I love this series and even with me reading these books out of order they still make sense and I'm not left confused or feeling behind. I would highly recommend this series if you like vampires, were-creatures, and things that go bump in the night.

  • Ana
    2019-04-14 12:56

    Much, much better than the previous book in the series.Elizabeth doesn't believe in love. She married a man that was her social equal and he cheated on her all the time. On top of it they never had children. (Just something that confused me: wasn't the assumption that so many people survived the turning because they were single parents or something. I could be wrong, though.) And now there's a murderous ghost in her house and an extremely hot man who is trying to seduce her.Tez, a jaguar shapeshifter, came to Broken Heart to "connect" with the local shapeshifters. He sure as hell didn't expect to find his mate here, and not to mention that she's a vampire.I love Tez and the way he flirts and teases Elizabeth. Their entire relationship is great. Elizabeth, the cynic who still reads romance novels, can't resist Tez and his love.We also find out more about the town itself, its history and the reason for the name. I like the way it was handled. There wasn't some big bad villain who wanted to destroy the world, just a ghost from the past with a serious grudge. And a storyline that was easy to follow.Rating:4.5 stars.

  • Darcy
    2019-04-09 07:17

    I just love this series, the town of Broken Heart is such a fun concept it makes me wish that there was really a town like this and that I lived there. I think what I love about it so much is that all of these supernatural types of people seem to live in harmony and they are all so glad to have a place where they don't have to hide what they are. In this book we really delve into the history of Broken Heart and we find that it is not what they all were brought up believing. Elizabeth seems to be the one that finds out her past is not what she had always thought. It was a good think that Tez mysteriously popped up to help her deal with things. Right from their first meeting the chemistry was there and with Elizabeth being such a button up personality Tez is just what she needed to throw her off balance. I also enjoyed the interaction from all the other townspeople and how they banded together to take back their town. I look forward to the next book so I can spend more time in Broken Heart.

  • Sandra
    2019-03-23 09:16

    Cross Your Heart by Michele Bardsley, book seven in the broken heart seriesThis book is about Elizabeth Bretton, who has returned to her family estate at Broken heart in Oklahoma. She doesn't know it at the time but she will give up her life as the Silverstone heiress.With a vengeful ghost trying to kill her, it proves hard to leave the past behind her. Elizabeth has to solve a mystery that is around 150 years old. and her "love" interest?....... come on you have the gist of the books by now her special someone is Tez. Tez is of course a rather hot, gorgeous,fit....(need I go on?) were-jaguar. This book continues the pairing off of the residents of Broken Heart. We also hear of the escapades of all the other characters we have come to know and love too. Still enjoying the book though i have got to admit they are getting somewhat predictable on the who is going to be paired with who front. The action (no not the love action!) the back story is as intriguing as ever so still enjoyed reading the book.*Once again be aware of content unsuitable for younger teens*

  • Diana Rising
    2019-04-11 11:55

    This was a great story in the great Broken Heart series. The heroine is one of the vampires turned at the beginning of the first book. She can work metal, and it is important in this book. Her hero is a jaguar shifter and the cat shifters are an important part of the story. The culture of cat shifters needed some fixing and he was just the man to do it. He immediately recognized our heroine as his mate and most of the story included the steps the heroine was taking to accept her love for him and take a chance. She is not a fearful woman, but having a gorgeous jaguar-shifter decide to be your love and mate takes a few days for her, since no one had ever given her that kind of love before. Her past was pretty sad.The ghost/demon/curse aspect of the plot was very complex and well put together, giving us quite a mystery to solve and then a huge problem to fix. That is besides the need to fix the cat-shifter culture in Broken Heart.It is a lovely story and I enjoyed it a lot!

  • Jess
    2019-04-13 08:00

    This was another great book in the Broken Heart Vamps series, and this one focused not only on the history of the town Broken Heart. But it also exposed the reader to a new supernatural being, the werecats. The book opens with a flashback to an event that happened in Broken Heart's history and talk about a curse that used to be on the town so you know something bad's going to happen in the book. Than we meet Elizabeth. She's having some weird stuff going on in her house, with some sort of ghost attacking her. She's trying to figure out what's going on when she is rescued by Tez. But it's a little weird that he shows up right after she is attacked in the woods, so she's a little suspicious but doesn't have any other choice but to rely on him. They must work together to figure out what is happening to the residents of Broken Heart and to keep Elizabeth safe.I loved Tez and I really liked seeing this new side to Broken Heart. Can't wait for the next one!

  • Bronwyn Rykiert
    2019-04-10 11:21

    Another great story in this series of Broken Heart Paranormals.Elizabeth Bretton was given a jewellry box and when she opened it she felt like she was being strangled and at the same time she dreamt of a women who had been strangled, her name was also Elizabeth. Elizabeth felt compelled to go into the woods behind her home when she found a skull, while there she was attacked again but was rescued by a panther who turned into a hunky naked man name Tez Jones.Tez had been asked to Broken Heart by a pride of were-cats, as their alpha was dying and he was hoping that Tez would take over his pride. Tez had other ideas because he falls in love with Elizabeth.It turns out there was quite a mystery to solve here leading back to the reason there is a curse on Broken Heart.I really enjoyed this book and loved the characters once again.

  • Laura
    2019-04-19 12:07

    I have to say that using Dean Winchester, even if it's just his quotes it's a big high five so it started really well! We already had hybrid relationships before like Phoebe and Connor, but since I'm a cat person, I guess I'm biased in here. I loved this one. Mystery, haunted objects, ghosts, felines, Dean Winchester quotations, it's the perfect story! This stories are getting better, my only problem will be when they come to an end eventually, but for the moment, let's just enjoy!However, I'm curious because Tez said that one day he'd tell Ellie why he quit... Maybe in another book?Dean dixit.

  • EowynRN
    2019-04-19 12:15

    I've personally really enjoyed the whole Broken Hearts series, but was really disappointed in this book. This is supposedly filed under romance, because there is supposed to be some sort of romance in the book. However, almost the entirety of the book was spent solving the mystery that was the base story for the book, and there was just not enough character development at all. The romance between the two main characters had no real buildup. There were some good scenes involving the characters, but it was not very believable. It felt almost as if certain plot points that would tie the quickly budding romance together were completely taken out, and replaced with pages of boring monotony of searching through skulls and pages. Definitely not the best in the series for me.

  • Anita
    2019-03-28 14:06

    This is book 7 in a sassy, chick-lit/cozy paranormal romance series. It's not high art by any stretch of the imagination, but the series is fun and entertaining. I thought this installment was a bit weak, but I did still finish it. This one is about an old-money 40-something vampire and a leopard-shifter falling in love while the town is haunted by the original hundred-year-old Broken Heart curse. There was one death in this book of a shifter that I wish the author had left out, and I wish the murderer had been punished much more severely. I don't understand why the author made those choices - they seemed odd to me.

  • Nikki
    2019-04-02 11:55

    After the death of her husband-and her dreams of motherhood-Elizabeth Bretton returned to the family estate in Broken Heart, Oklahoma. Little did she know she would also give up her life as the Silverstone heiress. But escaping the past isn't that easy-especially with a vengeful ghost trying to kill her, a 150-year-old mystery to solve, and an outrageously hot were-jaguar named "Tez" trying to get into her boudoirDamn here we go again Another amazing book I could not put down and stretch it out I was sucked into the storyline. feel deeply in love with the characters. AMAZING!

  • Diana
    2019-04-15 12:21

    Elizabeth Bretton finds herself haunted by a malevolent ghost while being seduced by a were-jaguar.It had been a while since I read the last book, so I was a little confused at first, but I quickly got back into it. This series never fails to disappoint, and the author has unconventional, unique heroines. Tex was a fun hero, although I'm not sure the reason he left Tampa was ever resolved. The ghost situation was very clever, and had some unexpected twists. It looks like now we have run out of turn-bloods, the next entry in the series will involve the lycans, so that is exciting.