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Hailey Kendrick always does exactly what's expected of her. She has the right friends, dates the perfect boy, gets good grades, and follows all the rules. But one night, Hailey risks everything by breaking a very big rule in a very public way...and with a very unexpected partner in crime. Hailey gets caught, but her accomplice does not, and Hailey takes the fall for both oHailey Kendrick always does exactly what's expected of her. She has the right friends, dates the perfect boy, gets good grades, and follows all the rules. But one night, Hailey risks everything by breaking a very big rule in a very public way...and with a very unexpected partner in crime. Hailey gets caught, but her accomplice does not, and Hailey takes the fall for both of them. Suddenly, Hailey's perfect life--and her reputation--are blowing up in her face. Her friends are all avoiding her. Her teachers don't trust her. Her boyfriend won't even speak to her for long enough to tell her that she's been dumped. They say honesty is the best policy--but some secrets are worth keeping, no matter the cost. Or are they?...

Title : The Education of Hailey Kendrick
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The Education of Hailey Kendrick Reviews

  • Ariana
    2019-03-25 02:50

    "Tell me the truth. When you were a kid, did you always color inside the lines?” "Coloring in the lines is the whole point. That’s why they have lines,” I said. “That’s where you’re wrong. The lines are there just to hold you in. Like a prison. Think what you might have created if there hadn’t been any lines." ★★★★★ Funny, funny, funny, love it, love it, love it...So, I must confess that the story itself is not memorable (but it is as sweet as honey.. I mean not that sweet, I don't like honey.. maybe as sweet as ice cream or chocolate. Oh, I love M&M's, so I would say as sweet as those but it is so much fun to read), and it is true that some characters are quite 'not nice' (and also I have to tell you that I hate her best friend and I don't care that the author wanted us to believe that she wasn't mean .. I still don't like her.. (view spoiler)[What did I tell you about your girlfriend's boyfriend, huh? (hide spoiler)])...But...If you ignore these 2 minor things you will find out that:- the book is wonderfully written and - there are tons of beautiful quotes I've marked on my book that now it looks like a rainbow, ..So instead of only 4 stars I give it 5.And one more thing... I love Drew (yeah, present tense). And I loved the moments with Hailey and Drew, they were perfect for each other, and I can't put into words how funny these two were together - I just couldn't stop laughing.I'll definitely read some more from this author :DThis review can be found at ReadingAfterMidnight.com____________________________________________Blog (EN) | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Bloglovin' | Blog (RO)____________________________________________["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Morgan F
    2019-03-29 23:46

    Hailey Kendrick has a seemingly perfect life. She gets good grades, is Vice President of her class at a prestigious boarding school, and her boyfriend is one of the most popular guys at school. She is the type that always colors in between the lines. But after an argument with a father leaves her angry and upset, she commits a random act of vandalism with an unlikely conspirator. She is caught, but her co-conspirator is not, and she finds herself taking the fall. As a punishment, she is forced to do janitorial service with a snarky townie, and the whole entire school is put on probation. Hailey has no choice but to watch her life change, as her boyfriend and her grow farther apart, her friends ignore her, and she loses the trusts of her teachers. Hailey is forced to begin coloring outside the lines if she wants to stay true to who she is. God help me, I really liked this book. I do not like books like these. I hate cutesy books with their morals and their predictability and their cheesiness. I should have hated this one too. But the thing is.....I didn't....Am I turning into a sap or what?!I blame it on the novel's charm. Yes, it was predictable and slightly cheesy, but it kept my glued to the pages. Honestly, I don't what adhesive got me stuck there, but it sure did work. Hailey was likable and at times, quite hilarious. She was awkward in all the right ways. I actually cringed for her, like the time she fell down the stairs. That would sooo happen to me. Right when she was trying to make a silent exit too *shakes head in laughter* Hailey was a relatable character, I think I mean to say. Also, her relationship with Drew was so cute! But not cheek-pinching cute. *glares at Arlene*At the end of the book, I was actually grinning. GRINNING. My God! The cuteness, the humor, the sweetness had me looking like the Cheshire Cat! [image error]I'm going soft! Quick, someone tell a dead baby joke!Overall, I did like this book. Quite a bit, actually. I read one Cook previously (Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood), and I enjoyed as well, although not as much. In these two books, I can sense a formula. She takes a well known novel (In this case, The Scarlet Letter), gives it a modern day makeover, and infuses it with DIsney charm. And for some reason, it all works. If anyone calls me soft after this, I shall stab them with a fork.

  • Melissa
    2019-04-13 05:34

    The Education of Hailey Kendrick :Love love love. This is a fast read. I was absolutely in love with this book. Everything about it just pulls you in and is a real problem. Hailey is tired of being perfect, she wants to shake things up. She does something one night out of anger and hurt and it turns everything she has known upside down. She damages school property and is found in a compromising position with someone other than her boyfriend. Hailey is now shunned, she has hurt the person she never wanted to hurt. She has messed up big, but then she wanted change. She starts to isolate herself more, and is startled to find out something HUGE that hurts.Hailey is put on janitorial duty with Drew, which at first she doesn't like but there is more to Drew than meets the eye. Drew is smart, handsome,caring,and knows how to loosen up. He is showing Hailey things she has forgotten, like having fun and not caring what people think. People will talk either way, so why not have fun doing what you love. When she starts to fall for Drew she starts to freak out, and starts to push him away.Then all things go down hill from there, things get a little crazy but a smile never leaves your place, all you think is really hasn't enough happened?!? In the end she finds out who her friends are and she is going to take what she wants after all.

  • Angela
    2019-04-03 03:45

    While Hailey was likable enough, I had a hard time sympathizing with her. Almost all of her problems are either of her own making...or not that big of a deal. Everything starts spiraling out of control when her dad cancels their summer plans? Yes, that sucks, and is clearly a symptom of an underlying issue in their relationship, but Hailey keeps escalating the situation with her harebrained schemes that failed to make me feel much sympathy for this ultra-privileged girl.Cook does do an excellent job of making Hailey sympathetic. Sometimes my gut reaction was to feel bad for her, but I'm not much of a fan of stories where everything could have been solved/avoided with one conversation early on in the story.

  • Celeste
    2019-04-06 02:29

    This book was a bit of a surprise, to be honest. I really didn't expect it to turn out the way it did. The main character Hailey, had a lot of issues involving finding herself, and though she didn't really find herself at the end, she started to. Any relationships she had changed for the better, and she evolved as a character from a somewhat depressing and almost whiny person to a more likeable person. One of the more interesting relationships was between her and her father, and the impact that her father's choices had on her. I think it was a really different approach to see how parents truly affect their children and have such a major influence on their decisions.Hailey herself was kind of a boring person at the start, but as she made more and more 'bad' choices she got more likeable. Maybe it was just Drew's influence on her. His 'taking chances' approach to life was kind of refreshing. His description wasn't my favourite, but I'm just not into the whole surfer long hair in ponytail thing for guys. His personality was perfect though and totally fit with Hailey's good-girl image. Kelsie was a really odd match as Hailey's best friend, but they really balanced each other out. Tristan was my favourite character by far, even with his smaller role, because the depth in which he values trust really struck a chord with me. Sure, there wasn't that much depth in some of the relationships like Tristan and Kelsie's, but the relationship that grew from Hailey and Drew's made up for it.One of my favourite quotes would have to be from Drew's introduction:“You must be Joel,” the guy said. He turned tome with a half smile. “And you must be the guiltyparty coming to scrub your soul and the toiletsclean.” (Cook, 2011)It was the greatest introduction for this character and really gave a first impression of Drew that set the tone for the rest of novel.Overall, I would give it a 3.8 out of 5.

  • The Bookologist
    2019-04-07 04:51

    Engaging and fun, The Education of Hailey Kendrick is a cute deliver onto a girls’ life trying to be ‘right’ all the time, but being ‘right’ doesn’t mean it’ll make you ‘perfect’. There were many amusing and laugh-out-loud moments, making it a pleasing chick-lit novel.Cook built the plot line as if it were a ladder – if you get up the top, you’re in most trouble. It was a whirlwind for Hailey… a lot of mischief happens to her. She cheats on her boyfriend, broke a school’s statue, and looses the trust of her best friend.Hailey made me smile all the time… she was smart, a good girl trying to make her dad happy all the time. Cook made her very realistic and relatable and I was always cheering for her. I also felt like wanting to be her best friends at times. She followed her heart and was very loyal and brave… but not all the time when it came to making decisions and the right choices. Her flaws added into her own personality, making her learn from it and ending up to become a stronger person.The Education of Hailey Kendrick is a windy and light-hearted take on discovering life, school, and reality in general with its consequences. Can’t wait to read more from Cook!

  • Kaitlynne
    2019-04-02 04:43

    I started this book as soon as I finished reading Prom and Prejudice and I had it done in about an hour, so there wasn't enough time to put it up as "Currently Reading". I really loved this book, despite its cringe-worthy moments. I love how Hailey finally stands up to her dad, and how her friends still stick up for her when it really matters. And Drew. How awesome is he? EXTREMELY awesome. :)

  • Amelie
    2019-04-06 05:25

    Hailey Kendrick ist ein junges Mädchen, das auf einem Internat lebt und eigentlich immer alles richtig gemacht hat. Sie folgt immer den Regeln, geht eine gerade, zielstrebige Linie und kommt so nie vom Weg ab. Bis zu dem Tag, an dem ihr Vater ihr eröffnet, dass er den Sommer nicht mit ihr verbringen wird und bei Hailey ein wenig die Sicherungen durchbrennen. Sie küsst nicht nur den besten Freund ihres Freundes, sondern beschmutzt auch das Denkmal der Schule. Als das ans Licht kommt muss sie helfen die Schule zu putzen, wobei sie auf Drew trifft, der diesen Job eigentlich ausführt.Was ich an diesem Buch so mochte, das war alles, was mit Hailey und Drew zu tun hatte. Das war so eine süße Liebesgeschichte mit nur einem kleinen Hauch von Hassliebe und einem kleinen Hauch von Badboyflair. Die Dialoge waren einfach toll und man wurde mit so einem kribbeligen Glücksgefühl zurückgelassen, gerade weil die Geschichte auch eine ordentliche Portion Humor abbekommen hat und ich es mochte, dass man Hailey so gut verstehen und ihre Fehler so gut verzeihen konnte.Was mich so ein wenig gestört hat, das war der Teil mit Haileys Vater. Vielleicht liegt das daran, dass ich nie einen arschigen Scheidungsvater hatte, aber mich hat der Handlunsstrang einfach gestört. Genau wie die Tatsache, dass Hailey ausgerechnet den besten Freund ihres Freundes küsst. Ich verstehe, warum, aber ich hätte es besser gefunden, wenn es jemand anderes gewesen wäre, weil der Betrug schon extrem ist. Bis auf diese Dinge hat mir das Buch allerdings gefallen!

  • Mery St. Clair
    2019-03-25 04:40

    Nuevamente, Eileen Cook no me decepcionó. Sus libros siempre son frescos, cómicos, con el romance exacto y juveniles. Hailey Kendrick siempre hacia lo correcto, deseaba ser perfecta para su padre, con un dolor profundo desde que su madre murió en un accidente. Ella es popular, buena amiga, excelente novia. El verano antes de irse a la universidad lo ha esperado con ansias, pues se iría de vacaciones con su padre, pero cuando el cancela el viaje ella saca su lado "malo".En un parpadeó ella le es infiel a su novio con su "cómplice", destroza una estatua de la escuela y pierde a su mejor amiga. Ella no revela el nombre de quien estuvó esa noche con ella, y guadar ese secreto fue de las cosas más interesantes del libro.Las cosas no serán lo mismo para esta chica rica y privilegiada.De castigo deberá estar con Drew, un chico humilde, ENCANTADOR, que le enseñara su mundo mientras todo lo que ella se había esforzado a lograr se les escapa de las manos. Los maestros desconfían de Hailey, su novio no le dirige la palabra, hablan de ella en susurros, le han perdido el respeto...La protagonista se equivoca costantemente, mete la pata como cualquier adolescente, deseé estrangularla varias veces, mi mente le gritaba, "¿Cómo que no significo nada ese chico? ¿Cómo que ya olvideste ese beso? ¿Eh, él escucho?" Mis reacciones se subieron a una montaña rusa y no podía darles un descanso. Deseé hacerle daño por herir a Joel, no importaba que Tristan fuera su novio, y todo esolAl final, las cosas pueden ser mejor de esa manera.

  • Lychiis
    2019-04-01 02:46

    This book is amazing, not only does the main character becomes stronger in the end, all the problems that she had were resolved. This character Hailey Kendrick is a realistic character. Not like other books where the characters are in love and a dilemma happens and in the end it is resolved/ This is different.In the beginning she is popular and smart because she dates the hottest and most popular guy in the school. Everyone loved her!However, Hailey Kendrick is not the type of girl you think you know it all, she is just an average girl like the majority of us (girls) are. In addition, Hailey Kendrick goes to a rich boarding school where the school is her family place, where it is absolutely necessary to listen and follow the rules on campus. Because of a dilemma with her dad, Hailey Kendrick's life becomes upside down. Throughout the story, she becomes a decision-maker and chooses to break the rules to go wide with a guy named Drew. She not only solves the issue with her father in the end but also listens to her heart.... Of course, she is mad that her best friend is dating her ex-boyfriend. But it is a small issue of jealousy. In the end, Hailey becomes popular for who she is! A CRAZY, WIDE girl! (the other students would mumble)

  • Emily Benoit
    2019-04-18 05:32

    Concept/Ideas: 3.5/5 First book by Eileen Cook. I'm impressed. I like that her books always have humour, and they are definitely light reads. I love the covers of all of her books! The idea for this book was intriguing, but nothing really new. Still, I enjoyed it. Storyline/Plot: 3.5/5 Better in the first half then the second. It kind of dragged a bit in some parts, but overall a fast paced read.Characters: 3.8/5 I really enjoyed the characters, and they were likable, especially Hailey. Despite the fact that they are all rich, wealthy kids, Eileen Cook is able to pull you in and feel for them. She doesnt make them out to be typical "snobs", like most authors will do when creating characters on the richer side (i.e: the clique, gossip girl, private,etc...)Writing Style: 4/5 A witty way of writing, and I definitely enjoyed the book overall. I liked that the writing was easy, light on the eyes and brain, and overall fresh. Overall Rating: 3.5/5 stars

  • Amy's Book Reviews
    2019-04-14 00:44

    GRADE: B-THE EDUCATION OF HAILEY KENDRICK is a charming, albeit predictable story of a seemingly perfect girl falling off her pedestal and into the arms of a guy from the wrong side of the tracks, a janitor at her elite boarding school.Being the perfect daughter, girlfriend and student just wasn't paying off for Hailey and after a few epically bad decisions, she hardly knows herself. Eileen Cook, a gifted writer gave Hailey an intelligent, sarcastic, witty voice. She was a multidimensional, likable, very imperfect character. Her voice and narration made this otherwise clichéd story a fun read. THEMES: boarding school, friends, family, parents, light romance.THE EDUCATION OF HAILEY KENDRICK is an enjoyable spin on the familiar rich girl/poor boy story and the poor little rich girl.

  • Elizabeth Nygren
    2019-03-23 04:29

    This book was really good. It wasn't quite what I expected but I kinda liked that. It was cute and quirky and you just fell in love with the characters. It wasn't the best book but it was nice to read a nice happy ending in a book that didn't make you cry. It kinda flip flopped around but I really like how even though Hailey seemed like a pompous character, she wasn't that bad. It was pretty good. Can't wait to read more of Eileen Cook!

  • Ngaio
    2019-04-14 02:41

    4.5 I Really liked this book! It was interesting to read about the world of rich boarding schools but through the eyes of someone who wasn't famous or stuck up like some of the others at the school. I enjoyed watching her learn about life especially the through Drew and their shenanigans! lol

  • Maegan
    2019-04-08 06:23

    4.8!!! I'm going to be honest and say I totally didn't expect this book to be as good as it was. If your reading this review, go get this book and read it. You will not be let down. Oh and also, I love Drew. And Joel. Not so much for Tristan. He's okay I guess.

  • Raima Rahman
    2019-04-09 23:23

    I had major book cravings. ;-; I don't think I've gone this long without reading in like, forever. It's all Rusafa's fault. She tested my temptations. And I gave in...This was a complete light read. It was nice. My mood has been up-scaled by miles.

  • Deirdre
    2019-03-30 05:27

    My mom got this book for me because I'm sick. It was decent; I feel like the author is good but the plot was not.

  • Helen
    2019-04-10 00:38

    Kickasstastic. Eileen is amazing. I have yet to read a book by her that I didn't love.

  • Katy
    2019-04-21 01:32

    à vrai dire quand j'ai commencé à lire je me disais que c'est l'hitoire d'une favorisée qui à tt servi sur un plateau et que ça n'allait surement pas me plaire que ce n'était qu'un petit passe-temps ... comme d'hab j'avais tort. c'est une histoire fantastique ! j'ai adoré chaque moment, j'adore me sentir au coeur de l'histoire et ce livre me donnait l'impression de l'etre! petit résumé: attention au spoil !! hailey agée de 17 ans avait décidé d'etre la fille parfaite après la mort de sa mère, elle a intégré un pensionnat pour riche jute après de la tragédie ou elle a brillé par son talent, sa beauté' et sa gentillesse . un soir elle avait rat-le-bol de son père qui avait annuler leurs vacances ensembles apres une absence de 4 ans et que l'une des filles du pensionnat ait taché le chandail de sa mère, elle décide de sortir et s'acharne sur la statut de l'école, un ami à elle intervient mais pas dans le bon sens! ils se font rattrapé en flagrant délit entrain de s'embrassé sous la statut cassée! ils s’enfuirent mais le matin toute la vie de hailyey change, perd son petite amie, sa popularité et se retrouve à faire des travaux ménagères car elle avait choisi de prendre la responsabilité toute seule sinon son ami boursier aurait été renvoyé ... certains événements changent complètement notre viec'est sur mais il n'y a pas qu'un aspect négatif et souvent c'est nous qui créons les problèmes et les obstacles sans nous rendre compte, c'est ce quenou allons apprendre avec hailey.suivre les aventures de haily était un plaisir! j'ai eu plein de sensations en parcourant les pages, j'ai adoré les personnages! hailey c'est un peu la fille qui suis trop les règles et à force est devenue coincée. kelsey sa meilleure amie qui prend tout à la légère. joé pésident des élèves et le meilleur ami de son copain tristant qui est secrètement amoureux d'elle, il est brillant mais trop prudent et ne prend pas de risque jamais meme en amour. Drew le concierge qui à notre grande surprise est admis à Yalle, un esprit libre qui aime la vie et aime vivre et préfère dompter la vie que de se laisser faire.

  • Arlie
    2019-03-23 05:41

    YA fun fluff with some YA substance. It had me smile and was a nice stress reliever.

  • Lauren
    2019-04-10 01:49

    I very much enjoyed Ms. Cook’s Unraveling Isobel, mostly because Ms. Cook twisted the typical YA formula while still coloring within the lines. The Education of Hailey Kendrick has that same foundation of playing by the rules on Ms. Cook’s terms, but the book doesn’t click the way Unraveling Isobel does.I love the premise of this book. Hailey Kendrick, Student Council Vice President, Girlfriend of the Most Popular Boy in School, and Straight-A Good Girl, attends a prestigious boarding school where most of her classmates are the children of famous and/or rich people. By comparison, she’s average: averagely wealthy and from a (by comparison) normal family. She’s aware she leads a charmed life, but it isn’t until she ends up in trouble and unwilling to name her co-conspirator (and angering the entire student body in the process) that she realizes just how charmed it is.I love the themes of this book: learning that being good doesn’t equate to blindly following the rules, that growing up involves leaving some things behind (even things that are good and special). But the plot doesn’t deliver. It features some weird inconsistencies, for example, Hailey taking the high road and refusing to rat out her co-conspirator. On the flip side, she flagrantly break restrictions placed on the entire student body because of her actions, which came across as less ‘learning to expand one’s world view’ and more ‘wow, spoiled rich girl misses the point and blindly embraces a double standard.’Plus, she’s weirdly sheltered. She’s completely unfamiliar with Denny’s, which, come on. You’re telling me she goes to a boarding school in rural Vermont and there’s a Denny’s down the street, and the rich kids aren’t ironically slumming? I went to a so-called ‘spoiled rich kid’ public high school. If I learned anything from attending that school, it’s that the richer the kid, the more likely they are to ironically embrace folksy stuff. They like proving they’re “normal.” If you don’t believe me, go to the hipster enclaves filled with trust fund babies and find out what’s popular. I know the Denny’s point sounds minor, but it was one of several times in the book where events that could have been really engaging were undermined by weird rationales. All of the big signposts were laid for a really phenomenal book, but it was a rough road getting to each of them.But here’s the point that most bugs me (and there’s a quasi-minor spoiler here): Hailey’s education, by the end of the book, is that she shouldn’t just follow what other people tell her to do and sometimes she needs to listen to her own Jiminy Cricket, because what’s in the rules isn’t necessarily right.I love this theme. Along with a few other parts of the book, this made me rejoice that someone writing YA is encouraging girls to be something other than girlfriends with hobbies. It’s why I read YA even though I’m an adult: because there’s something about high school and that time in a person’s life that makes for a pretty good creative basis for interesting human dynamics and drama. The Education of Hailey Kendrick is a prime example of that.But Hailey’s way of learning this lesson is to blindly follow someone else’s idea of what the ‘right’ thing is.Um, what?No! No. No. No. That’s not learning anything, that’s substituting one set of rules and dictates for another. Come on, Hailey, you’re too smart to not notice this discrepancy.I plan to continue reading Eileen Cook’s books. Even with its quirks, I’d still rate Hailey Kendrick better than a lot of YA on the shelves. But I do hope this one’s her weakest book. Recommended for people who have read Ms. Cook’s other books and enjoyed them. Not recommended for people looking to read their first Eileen Cook book.

  • GabbiCalabrese
    2019-04-05 06:50

    http://bookbreather4lyfe.blogspot.comThis may sound strange, but I knew the moment I saw one of Eileen Cook's books that I would love her. Still, I was shocked by how much I adored this book. The Education of Hailey Kendrick is a contemporary that perfectly balances funny and serious, life lessons and good times, pain and laughter. I was addicted from the very first sentence: "There was a matter of life and death to deal with, and instead we were wasting our time discussing Mandy Gallaway's crotch."This is the classic "Uptight bitty learns to let loose" story, but it doesn't feel exhausting. It's fresh and sweet. And it has hot guys, which is like....HOT GUYS! What I liked a lot is that there's not really a love triangle. It's more like there are 3 guys that like her and she has to figure out what she really wants. She doesn't lead any of the guys on, but she does have strange feelings about all three of them at one time or another, which has been known to happen to teenage girls. But Hailey's relationship problems are not the prominent focus in the book, because honestly, she has more important things to worry about. She's got mad Daddy issues, she went from hero to zero because of one silly mistake, and now she has to be a part-time janitor. But through all of that, she remains strong and doesn't snitch on her friend. Even though she changes a lot, she doesn't cave under pressure and she doesn't really lose sight of who she is. I really like Hailey and I like how much she grows throughout the novel. And the aforementioned guys...I love all 3 of them. They were all really sweet in their own ways. There was no bad boy. I was split in 3 throughout this entire book, because I wanted her to end up with each one of them. Joel is smart and sort of nerdy. Tristan is the popular celebrity's son. And Drew was just full of surprises! I'm pretty happy how things ended up on this front, though it seemed that things were tied up with Tristan too quickly and too easily. There was a lot of fun in this book. Hailey learns that she has to let go of her safety precautions (she has an obsession with safety. As in, she'll calculate all the ways a person can die in every single activity she does). She sneaks out of the school. She goes to Walmart and puts on a crazy outfit. She even does karaoke! It's amazing to witness all these simple firsts, and so much fun because they all remind me of stuff me and my friends do. I loved the ending. Besides the one thing I said about Tristan, things were wrapped up quite nicely. With her dad and her "prison" sentence. With her best friend. And with the kids at school. I loved that even though Hailey made a mistake that pretty much screwed the entire school, it's obvious that they still have her back and that they are very willing to forgive her. I'd recommend this to anybody, but especially those who want to feel young again! This book is full of goofy antics and important lessons. I can't wait to read more from Eileen Cook.

  • Moonlight Gleam
    2019-03-30 07:31

    After the death of her mother, Hailey has done her best to be a great daughter for her father. Hailey is an outstanding student with good grades and always followed the rules. She also gained popularity while dating her boyfriend, Tristan, who is the son of Oscar winning celebrities. Although she is an excellent student with a bright future ahead of her, Hailey does her best to please everyone else except herself.Hailey wants nothing more than to spend the last summer of high school with her father before she leaves for college; however, her father cancels plans with her through e-mail one night. This leaves Hailey feeling as though all she had done to make her father proud was meaningless and that she would never come first. Hailey’s anger gets the best of her and she takes it out on school property with the help of a boy named Joel, Tristan’s best friend. In the heat of the moment, Joel kisses Hailey and reveals his true feelings for her. The school security guard catches them in the act, however, only recognizes Hailey.For the very first time that Hailey does something rebellious, she gets caught. Dean Winston demands Hailey to reveal who her accomplice was in front of the entire school, however, she refuses to name Joel. Dean Winston decides to punish the entire school by making them unable to leave campus until Hailey reveals who her accomplice was. Hailey loses her boyfriend, the trust of her best friend and is shunned by peers who always looked up to her and befriended her, yet she still refuses to reveal who was with her that night.The Education of Hailey Kendrick is a fun and entertaining novel which will have you smiling, laughing and rooting for Hailey right until the very end. Hailey is character who you will instantly fall in love with. Although Hailey seems to have the perfect life at the start, she does have some flaws and needs help to discover what she truly desires most for herself. Throughout the novel I found myself wishing I could be there to help her through it all. From the very beginning, I enjoyed the flow of the story. Eileen Cook incorporated humor and created a genuine main character, complete with many relatable emotions.I admire that Eileen Cook created a story-line based on real issues such as friendship, family, responsibility and loyalty. I believe there are many lessons to be learned in this novel. One lesson can be described through the journey Hailey took to discover who she really is, and doing so all on her own. This takes a lot of courage and perseverance. Although Hailey comes from wealth and she is popular, Hailey never took anything she had for granted and remained loyal to those around her for the most part.I believe Eileen Cook is a fantastic writer whose work I look forward to reading more of. I recommend The Education of Hailey Kendrick to anyone who enjoys Young Adult fiction.4/5 – An Enjoyable Read, Well Written, Recommended

  • Judy (Geeky Reading)
    2019-04-10 00:52

    ~4/5I’ve read two other books by Cook, and enjoyed them but they were still rather average reads. I ended up getting this one because I found it really cheap a while ago. I’m not even sure why I kept picking up her other books, seeing as how the first one I read was good but averagely forgettable; I think I was just attracted to her books for some reason, maybe partly hoping one would be amazing. I don’t know. Either way, I found this one to be rather enjoyable, and now hope to pick up her other books at some point.This story is about a good girl who does something bad, resulting in her life going steadily downhill afterward. I’m usually lenient toward those types of books, but this one was particularly good. Hailey Kendrick, the good girl, goes to a boarding school, has a lot of friends, and is dating a very popular boy, whom she’s been going out with for quite a while. They seem to have the perfect relationship. Also, Hailey’s father has avoided her at just about every opportunity since her mother died (thus the boarding school), but he made plans with her to do something for the summer, as well as for her to have a big party. But then he cancels on her, she has a freak attack and gets pissed off, and sneaks out of the dorm. Where she runs into a friend of her boyfriend (and her, but less so), where they vandalize a piece of school property, and kiss. Thus ruins her good girl reputation and several of her relationships.I liked Hailey. I felt she had a good, clear voice, and her reasonings were understandable. Overall I liked her. And I completely understood her feelings toward her father and the other adults around her. She grew a very good amount by the end of the book, and that was nice.I liked how her relationship downfall happened. The one with her boyfriend happened very well and understandably, and I liked where they were by the end of the book. The one with her best friend also happened well, and I liked where that went.The romance progression was very nice. It wasn’t perfectly clear-cut, either, which I really liked. And the person she ended up with I liked, and I think they fit together rather well.The ending might have been a bit too good, have ended a little too well, might have been a bit cheesy on one part, but that doesn’t really bother me. I liked it. The assembly was a bit much, but her realization on certain things worked well, I think. Overall, I really liked this book, to a surprising extent. I want to read more like it, and I hope to pick up others by Cook as some point.This review is also available on my blog, with extras.

  • Shannon
    2019-04-12 03:42

    Gahh, I loved this book so much! After reading several books that I had to force myself to get through, it was nice to start something that kept me interested. I read a few chapters, not really all that intruigued, but the next thing I knew, I was really getting into the story. I actually sat down and read this straight through. It's nothing mind-blowing really. However, it's the type of book that you read if you want to lose yourself in a light cute story. It was actually a lot deeper than I thought it would be and I was happy at how much of the focus was on Hailey's issues with her relationships with others. It managed to tackle family strains without being a downer. The book was hilarious and I found myself laughing at Hailey's thoughts and the situations in general.I wasn't that into this book at first. It's not that I didn't like Hailey, but I just wasn't clicking with her character at all. She was a bit boring. After she gets in trouble and shit hits the fan, I had a totally different opinion of her. Maybe it was because I felt sorry for all the crap she was getting or maybe she was just growing on me. Either way, I felt like her character came alive. Hailey ceased being boring to me and I found myself loving her story. Drew is another part of what made this book for me. I just loved everything about him. He was perfect for Hailey and they had the type of interactions that screamed that they were made for each other. Hailey was going on about Tristan (understandably of course), but I wanted to say, 'Forget Tristan/Joel/whoever and snag Drew'. Drew brought out the best in Hailey. Hailey was so worried about looking stupid and Drew was able to get her to loosen up. Their escapades to Denny's and the karaoke bar were hilarious. He showed her not to take life so seriously and live in the moment and with each page of the book, I found myself liking Drew more and more. They were just really cute together. There were no declarations of love like so many YA books these days and I appreciated that there wasn't anything like that. It made their relationship seem realistic and they seemed like a couple that could work in real life.Overall, LOVED THIS SO MUCH! It was super funny while still having some depth. The only downsides were Kelsie the best friend and Joel. Kelsie was actually love hate for me. I liked her when she stood up for Hailey, but there were a handful of times where I felt like she was bitchy and not a good friend at all. As for Joel, I understood why he acted the way he did, but I still hated him for (view spoiler)[letting Hailey take all the blame for what they both did (hide spoiler)]. The way he reacted in the aftermath of the event made me dislike him even more.

  • Emma
    2019-04-12 04:34

    Hailey Kendrick is the girl who has it all. She’s popular and pretty, has good grades, comes from a good family, goes to an elite school and has the perfect boyfriend. However, things are never as perfect as they seem. Ever since her mother’s death in a freak accident, Hailey has been trying to live as safely as possible. Although she does her best to be the perfect daughter, nothing she does seems to get the attention of her father, who sent her to boarding school after her mother’s death. When Hailey finally does something to get his attention, it is not in the way she always wanted. When Hailey is caught breaking school rules one night, she finds herself losing her boyfriend and most of her friends. She quickly goes from being one of the most popular girls in school to the most hated when the school’s dean punishes everyone in school until Hailey turns in the person who was with that night. After one night changes everything in her life, will Hailey be able to make things right?A quick light read, The Education of Hailey Kendrick is full of teenage drama that will keep you reading. Overall, I thought it was okay. I was never bored and it succeeded at keeping me interested, but I found myself frustrated with most of the characters throughout the novel. I didn’t feel that sorry for Hailey, since all of her problems were of her own making. Plus, she kept making things worst for herself. However, she was a fairly realistic character, since I knew a lot of people like Hailey in high school. Girls who try too hard to be perfect and are paranoid about any potential danger. I was happy to see her grow throughout the novel. At times Hailey annoyed me, but other times she was very witty and funny. A lot of the characters felt like clichés to me, the most obvious being the spoiled, attention-seeking heiress. Even Drew was very familiar from other YA novels: the outsider who is nothing like the boys the main character usually dates, and is full of wisdom about life. Things were wrapped up too neatly in the end for my taste, but that can be good if you like happy endings. Cook’s writing style was good enough that I would give another one of her books a try, even though I didn’t like this one.If you like a light and fun novel with lots of drama but a happy ending than this might be for you. However, it just wasn’t for me.2.5/5

  • Chicklitgirl
    2019-04-10 05:48

    Rating: 3.2/5 starsSeries: NopeSwoon Scale: Makes Me Laugh, Perfect Boy Material, Cute Heated Moments: NahSex: No Swear Words: None that I can recall.Action: NopeRomance swoon scale: 2/5 stars Genres: Young Adult, Chick lit, Romance, Boarding School Stories, ContemporaryThe Education of Hailey K started of a bit slow but the pace picked up pretty fast. This was a great feel good book that left me with a smile on my face!The writing was nice, straightforward, and easy to read. I loved the concept of a school for rich people and the whole idea of the story: girl finds herself- ends up more confident- goes through a bunch of problems which have you cringing and rooting for her all the way.I laughed out a loud so many times- I LOVE Drew. You know how boys are described as funny and witty in certain books (The False Princess)? But you never actually see them act that way? Well Drew was funny and the things he said to Hailey to tease her always made me smile and sometimes even laugh.I love books that make me laugh!Total love. It also helped that for some reason I pictured Drew as: dude YALE? MAJORING IN ENGLISH? Oh yeah. My kinda guy.I also sometimes could totally identify with Hailey and I loved that.She was flawed, but had a good heart, and I'd love to be friends with someone like her. Kelsie, Hailey's best friend was one person I did not like though. She was like the worst best friend ever! I did not like the fact that Hailey made up so many excuses for her. Kelsie seemed totally one dimensional with the set goal of getting the boy.I really didn't like her. She seemed... stupid, ditzy and selfish.Overall though, a wonderful, fun, contemp read!This was my first Eileen Cook novel, and I'm happy to say, I really liked it. Will most def be picking up Unraveling Isobel in the future.Read it if: You're in the mood for something light, fun and cute.Teaser quote:"Tell me the truth. When you were a kid, did you always color inside the lines?” "Coloring in the lines is the whole point. That’s why they have lines,” I said.“That’s where you’re wrong. The lines are there just to hold you in. Like a prison. Think what you might have created if there hadn’t been any lines." xxChicklitgirl

  • Bethany Miller
    2019-04-20 06:51

    Hailey Kendrick seems to have it all: a cute boyfriend with famous parents, A-list friends, and a bright future attending an Ivy League school. The only thing missing from her life is her parents. Her mother was killed in a traffic accident when Hailey was in middle school, and her father decided to send her to boarding school soon after. From that point on Hailey has spent her summers with her grandparents, rarely seeing her father, so she is excited that she will be spending her last summer before college with him. When she gets an email from her father saying that his plans have changed and they won’t be spending the summer together, she is beyond disappointed. She is so upset that she does three things that are totally out of character for a girl who always follows the rules. First, sneaks out of her dorm room after hours. Second, she commits a very public act of vandalism. Third, she kisses a boy who is not her boyfriend and that’s when security shows up. Hailey and her accomplice run away, but the next day during the morning assembly with the whole school present, the security guard not only identifies Hailey as a vandal but also outs her as a cheater. When Hailey refuses to reveal her accomplice, the dean puts the whole school on restriction – no one can leave school grounds for any reason. Hailey’s reputation is already in ruins because she cheated on the most popular boy in school, but the school-wide punishment makes her a complete social outcast. Is there any way for Hailey to get her boyfriend back and restore her social status without revealing her secret?This novel is light, easy reading with a good mixture of humor, drama and romance. Hailey is a likable character though her development throughout the book is not entirely realistic. Minor characters are pretty two dimensional, and Cook’s writing style is very heavy on dialogue. The plot is fairly predictable, and most readers will see the ending coming a mile away. This book will appeal to fans of chick-lit who don’t require a lot of depth, it is recommended as an additional selection in libraries where this genre is popular.

  • Nicole (Reading Books With Coffee)
    2019-04-11 06:26

    I am so intrigued with stories where the main character seems perfect and has to deal with the fact that they aren't. I didn't like it as much as I thought, but it was still an interesting read. I can definitely relate to Hailey wanting to be perfect, and to the moment where she does something she wouldn't normally do. I really liked the relationship she formed with Drew because of that one moment, and how she started to show and figure out who she really was instead of projecting a particular image of herself because that's what people expected of her. I get why she did it, and I can understand why she'd take the fall for a friend. But that was one of my least favorite parts of the book. She takes the fall, (understandably) doesn't want him to say anything because he'll probably lose his scholarship, and is ostracized by the entire school because the punishment extends to them. He never says anything, and is assigned to keep an eye on her or whatever. Which is all kinds of weird because he's partly the reason why she's in this situation in the first place. Not only that, but the entire school not being able to leave campus because it will make her reveal who her partner in crime was. I can sort of understand it, but at the same time, she's determined to not say who it was, so it also seems a little pointless. There are also some really weird things about the book. Like, the entire school has restrictions, but she ditches school. While also being someone who was previously set up as someone who doesn't break rules. She's weirdly sheltered, and has never heard of Denny's, even though one is down the street. I wish there was a little more to it- it does seem like a pretty shallow look at a girl who's learning to not blindly follow the rules and to make her own way in life. And that's not necessarily a bad thing, a light, fun look at something like this. I think I just expected something a little more.My Rating: 3 stars. I liked it, and I could relate to Hailey a lot, but at the same time, I wish it had a little more to it.

  • Kelly Hager
    2019-04-15 06:44

    Ever since her mom was killed by a drunk driver, Hailey has been the perfect child. Part of it is so that her dad will never have to worry about her and part of it is because she now knows just how dangerous life is. Even so, it hasn't meant that their relationship is better. He's sent her to boarding school. Still, though, her life is pretty fantastic. She's got a great best friend and a wonderful boyfriend (the son of movie stars!).And then it falls apart. Her dad says that the two of them spending the summer together isn't going to happen. Hailey flips out and sneaks out of the dorm. She runs into Joel (one of her best friends and her boyfriend's actual best friend) and they deface school property, then make out. And get caught. Fortunately, the security guard only really saw Hailey. He knows she wasn't alone but he didn't see who the guy was. The school is put on lockdown until Hailey gives up the identity of the guy. (Her story: it was a boy from town; no, I won't say his name.) All of a sudden, everyone hates her. Oh, this book. This adorable, hysterical book. :) I completely loved Hailey, and her transformation from the perfect girl to someone who's actually real. I especially enjoyed watching her become self-reliant (and there's nothing that spurs that on faster than the realization that you pretty much literally have no one) and especially watching her relationship with Drew form.(As backstory, part of her punishment is that she has to clean the school on weekends to make up for what she did. Her "janitorial buddy" is Drew, who's working there because he is earning money to pay for college. Drew is awesome.)My favorite part, though? The fact that it begins as an homage to The Scarlet Letter (think about it: girl ostracized, told punishment will be lifted if girl confesses name of guy, girl refuses. Society hates girl) and then completely transcends that story to become its own thing.Highly recommended.