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Elizabeth Custer chronicles the journey with her legendary husband, General George A. Custer, from the time of his leaving the Army of the Potomac in 1865 to travel through Texas, New Orleans, and to the western frontier....

Title : Tenting on the Plains: With General Custer from the Potomac to the Western Frontier
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ISBN : 9781589762299
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 346 Pages
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Tenting on the Plains: With General Custer from the Potomac to the Western Frontier Reviews

  • Lee Thackston
    2019-03-20 13:05

    An unimpressive work that contributes little to history. I suppose since it was written by Custer's wife about her experiences traveling with her husband I should have known it was going to be about the camp life that she was exposed to and not the actual campaigns of Custer. So, do not read this if you are looking for a military history or reference but do read if you are interested in the life on the American Frontier. I was surprised by how entitled she sounded in her stories despite the fact she was always claiming to only need simple things. She also came across as a bit racist (more than I would expect from a Northerner writing a couple of decades after the War). She seemed to exhibit a presumption of superiority throughout. Though obviously this book wouldn't say so, I would bet that most soldiers resented her for tagging along providing another burden to an already taxing life. I don't think I would have liked her.

  • R
    2019-03-04 06:56

    Orginally published in 1887, this edition was reprinted in order to bring to the masses a book that became neglected by time. Written by Elizabeth Custer, the wife of the notorious Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer, it is a recounting of the times that Custer spent in Kansas and Texas as told by a devoted wife who ignores and downplays controversial issues about her famous husband. She wrote several books that helped influence opinions about Custer until her death in 1933. She outlived almost all her husband's contemporaries, but after her death, the pendulum swung back in the other direction leaving Custer's reputation sundered. This book covers a period in history about Custer that few know today, and serves as a balancing account of a man who engendered both respect and hatred from those who served with and under him.

  • Cojaysea
    2019-03-14 11:53

    what a surprise this book was . what an interesting read. before i started it i thought it would be a poorly written work by a woman trying to live off of her husbands fame . WRONG . elizabeth custer was a good writer and she went through adventures that you and i could only dream of. a very insightful book of what it was like at the end of the civil war to travel through a hostile country filled with disease ,floods and hurricanes ,to say nothing of the differences between the people towards each other .surprisingly good.

  • Chuck Parrish
    2019-03-20 12:59

    It was a pretty good book. I resented (resembled) her charatarizations of the poor folks she observed during her trip through the piney woods of Louisiana and East Texas. I put down the book just as soon as the narrative left Texas. It seemed tedious and a lot of womanly detail about trivialities after they left Texas. :)

  • Maryclaire Zampogna
    2019-03-12 12:03

    Elizabeth Custer takes you with her on her travels as a military wife.