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The planet Yith is the home of the Great Race, a place inspiring H.P. Lovecraft and other authors to pen classic tales of travel through Time and Space. In “The Shadow Out of Time" (here with new, purified text) there is implicit a very different view of Homo Sapiens origins, derived directly from the modern mythology of the Theosophical Society. HPL often mentioned TheosoThe planet Yith is the home of the Great Race, a place inspiring H.P. Lovecraft and other authors to pen classic tales of travel through Time and Space. In “The Shadow Out of Time" (here with new, purified text) there is implicit a very different view of Homo Sapiens origins, derived directly from the modern mythology of the Theosophical Society. HPL often mentioned Theosophy as a kind of foil and precedent for his own Mythos in his stories. This collection includes tales of Yith both famous and obscure, replete with time travel, mind-exchange, and thrilling vistas of primordial history set in context that enables new readers and long-time Lovecraftian fans alike to enjoy them.Includes short stories by H.P. Lovecraft, August W. Derleth, Richard L. Tierney and many others.This book is part of an expanding collection of Cthulhu Mythos horror fiction and related topics. Call of Cthulhu fiction focuses on single entities, concepts, or authors significant to readers and fans of H.P. Lovecraft.CONTENTS:The Purple Sapphire (John Taine)Dreams of Yith (Duane W. Rimel) The Jewels of Charlotte (Duane W. Rimel) The Sealed Casket (Richard F. Searight) The Warder of Knowledge (Richard F. Searight) The Shadow Out of Time (H. P. Lovecraft) The Challenge From Beyond (H. P. Lovecraft) The Shadow Out of Space (August W. Derleth) The Dark Brotherhood (August W. Derleth)The Horror From Yith (Alan D. Gullette, Walter C. De Bill, Jr., Ted C. Pons) The Changeling (Walter C. De Bill, Jr.) The Sands of Time (P. Schuyler Miller) Countdown for Kalara (Richard L. Tierney) The Winds of Yith (W.H. Pugmire)...

Title : The Yith Cycle: Tales of the Great Race
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The Yith Cycle: Tales of the Great Race Reviews

  • Wilum Pugmire
    2018-08-27 07:52

    This is a fun wee Mythos anthology -- but it has a serious flaw -- someone really messed up and missed the shoggoth. On the back cover it says that the book contains the "purified" text of "The Shadow out of Time." In editor Bob Price's Introduction to that story he writes, "We are mighty pleased to be able to bring you the best version of Lovecraft's text ever published. In 1995 Nelson Shreve discovered Lovecraft's original holograph manuscript of the tale among his late sister-in-law's papers. Robert Barlow, her friend and onetime instructor, had given her the manuscript some forty-five years earlier. The corrected text restores HPL's paragraphing as well as over two dozen word changes, and six lines of omitted text." BUT--the text that then follows is the old text, not the newly discovered corrected text. To read that purified text, one may find it in the Penguin Classics edition, THE DREAMS IN THE WITCH HOUSE AND OTHER WEIRD STORIES, or as a single annotated chapbook published by Hippocampus Press.THE YITH CYCLE also publishes the unfortunate Derleth tale, "The Shadow out of Space," one of the fake "posthumous collaborations" where Lovecraft's name is added to the byline even though he was dead when the tale was written by Derleth. The story is one of pure plagiarism, a complete ripoff of HPL's "The Shadow out of Time," and despite Bob's trying to tell us how much "fun" it is to read -- it ain't. Happily, Bob has removed Lovecraft's name and published the story as the work of August Derleth alone. Another of the posthumous collaborations that IS a good story, and fun to read, is also included: "The Dark Brotherhood."These Cycle books edited by Bob Price are delightful, collecting rare Mythos fiction from a variety of sources.

  • Mike
    2018-08-26 15:50

    This is a nice collection of classic tales of scientific horror. A lot of these stories all relate in some way to the great race of Yith. H. P. Lovecraft's time traveling aliens who have mastered the future and cast the minds of their race into the bodies of other creatures throughout time. In this way they study all the eras of time, both historical and future. Lovecraft's original story, as well as, August Derleth's sequel to it.The first story is a bit of a stretch. It deals with a "Great Race" but not Lovecraft's time-travelling aliens. It's mostly included because of the similar names and because of its age and rarity. While it may be a rare example of early science fiction, it's not that great. It's fully of early twentieth century ideas that would be considered both sexism and racism today. It is also interminably long. It takes a long time to start and the two heroes are so incredibly pompous.Aside from this first story each of the other stories are fine examples of Lovecraftian fiction involving the Yithians. These stories are full of an air of scientific terror. Lovecraft had a fascination with the old-fashioned, the antiquarian, to borrow a phrase. He also had a fear of the glittering, sparking trappings of science, that fascinated him at the same time. Lovecraft built a worldview about the wider universe that was unfolding around him, that hid wonders beyond imagining, but also hid horrors careless of mankind's imagined place of mastery over nature. This is the story of the Great Race of Yith, with all of their scientific knowledge they flee from era to era trying to out run an ancient enemy, a doom that overshadowed their society, that threatened to wipe their kind from the face of the universe. It's this combination of superiority and futility that typify the stories of Yith. It's a humbling and instructive study in light of the modern day belief in science. Even with the advances that we see day by day, some answers are still far out of reach.

  • Finn
    2018-09-15 07:47

    A good compendium of material, although much deviates enough from the concept of the Yithians as per "Shadow Out Of Time". The opening story, "The Purple Sapphire" predates Lovecraft's work, but is an excellent piece of period high adventure, involving an Indiana Jones-esque journey through India, into Tibetand Mongolia, through massive underground thoroughfares to a lost city, all to rescue a young girl (and collect some treasure on the way). Probably the best piece in the book. Lovecraft's "The Shadow Out of Time" is reprinted, as would be expected, as was his component of "Challenge from Beyond" - a shame the rest wasn't included for the sake of completion. The rest of the tales are either formulaic retellings of Shadow (I'm looking at you, Derleth), or other concepts of the Yithians at different periods of their existence, or stories that deal with the concept of "bodily displacement".

  • Ah
    2018-09-06 14:48

    Bloody Yith coming over here from beyond the vast gulfs of space, stealing our bodies and sending our consciousnesses off to be trapped in alien forms facing terrible,nameless inescapable dooms.Still, good luck to em eh.

  • Marcos
    2018-09-04 08:38

    Very good Mythos stories with a modern storytelling approach.