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Between the pages of this book lies the secret to the best-tasting chocolate in all the world. I promise, your taste buds will tingle. Your palette will sing! Oh no, have I accidentally tempted you to read this book? I will warn you, however, the most delicious things are never good for you...and this story is particularly scrumptious!In this tooth-rotting adventure, Cass'Between the pages of this book lies the secret to the best-tasting chocolate in all the world. I promise, your taste buds will tingle. Your palette will sing! Oh no, have I accidentally tempted you to read this book? I will warn you, however, the most delicious things are never good for you...and this story is particularly scrumptious!In this tooth-rotting adventure, Cass's mom has been kidnapped by the evil dessert chef and chocolatier, Señor Hugo! The ransom...the legendary tuning fork. Can Cass and Max-Ernest find the magical instrument before it's too late? Will they discover the evil secret ingredient to Señor Hugo's chocolate success?If you're tempted, take a taste, but just remember...this book is not good for you....

Title : This Book Is Not Good For You
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This Book Is Not Good For You Reviews

  • Carly
    2019-03-13 12:36

    I'm not really sure how a person could possibly not love this book. For one, it's about secret spy kids. For another, it's awesome and hilarious. And finally (as if that weren't enough), it's about chocolate. Need I say more? I also would like to add that I am pretty sure Pseudonymous Bosch and I are soul mates. It seems from reading this book that his love of dark chocolate is nearly as passionate as mine (from Q&A in the book's appendix: "Q: What is dark chocolate?" "A: Heaven on Earth."), and I think he is missing out on some serious culinary possibilities by not being involved with me either romantically or as BFFs. I think I may have finally found the ideal candidate to eat my pastry creations in trade for editorial comments on my writing. Oh, Pseudonymous--where have you been all my life? Where do you continue to be? Will I ever find out your real name and finally be able to live in bliss with you eternally?

  • Siddharth Chakravarthy
    2019-03-13 10:27

    This series is just getting better and better. This book is an absolute no nonsense book. Funny,Witty,Mysterious,Thrilling ...damn what more could a reader ask for. Dear Pseudonymous, you just earned a fan here !

  • Drew Ransom
    2019-03-14 05:09

    In the story This Book Is Not Good For You by Pseudonymous Bosch, Cass and Max-Ernest, two friends fond of adventure and full of curiosity, set off on their third adventure. In this book, Cass, Max-Ernest, and a new friend they made in their last adventure, Yo Yoji, search for the Tuning Fork, a magical tool used to make the most plain substance, like water, into something delicious, like chocolate. These three are sent on their adventure not knowing any information, but knowing that their enemy, the Midnight Sun, was after it. Meanwhile, Cass and her mom sign up for a cooking class with a famous blind chef, Senor Hugo, who is secretly apart of the Midnight Sun. Hugo recognizes Cass and thinks that she knows where the Tuning Fork is, so he invites Cass and her mom to one of his restaurants and kidnaps Cass's mom. He leaves a ransom note for Cass that states that if she wants her mom back, she will need to give him the Tuning Fork. She decides not o tell her friends, wanting to do it all by herself. But they eventually find out and they set off on the adventure to find the Tuning Fork and save Cass's mom. This book is great for all ages because it is a creatively strange book that will create imagery in your head on every page. The chapters are various in length. The dialogue is well written and can tell you the mood of the character at the time. There is an enormous amount of sensory details of the aromas and tastes of the foods being described. There are multiple settings such as Cass's house, her grandfathers' antique shop, the Magic Museum, and many more. Some chapters would be the author just talking to you about the previous chapter or apologizing for not finishing a chapter. The author made me laugh because of how well he joked around and then gave the evidence in the next chapter about his mistake. For example, one chapter he said he was eating chocolate at a diner and then fell asleep. Then he said he quickly wrote it on a napkin he used. The next chapter, there were smudges on the text acting as chocolate smudges. The author made me enjoy the book and I appreciate that creativity. A theme for this book would be care and love from a parent is important in a childhood. Cass realizes when her mom is kidnapped that she needed her more than anything. Cass had been mean towards her mom and neglecting her ever since she learned that she was adopted. She felt terrible about her actions. This happened in my life, too. One time, I was mean towards my sister Maia and she didn't deserve it because she was just trying to be nice by helping me with a chore and I was in a bad mood because I don't like doing chores. I felt bad about my actions and gave her a hug and apologized. It is important to me to be nice to people that care and love me. This book enlightened my mood on a bad day. It was humorous and action-packed. I hope you look into reading This Book Is Not Good For You by Pseudonymous Bosch.

  • Nerissa
    2019-03-19 04:09

    I agree! This book isn't good for you. It's REALLY GOOD for you! ;)

  • Sydney Wilson
    2019-03-13 04:14

    This is a great book series for young adults (10-18) who like intriguing books without having adult themes (sex, drug use, mature language.) My daughter (11) is already reading at a high school/college level, and it's hard to find appropriate books for her. This author is hilarious.

  • Jailyn709
    2019-03-06 12:28

    This is such a great book!!! You never know what is going to happen next so it makes you want to just keep reading! But the ending sucks! They don't tell you the answer to the big problem, they leave you hanging but that was the last book in that series!!!

  • Mangrii
    2019-03-19 05:30

    Por fin he podido degustar (y nunca mejor dicho en esta ocasión) la tercera pieza de La colección secreta de Pseudonymous Bosch, una serie de cinco libros en los que cada uno versa sobre un sentido y en los que se esconde un Secreto muy grande. Ya hemos visitado el olfato y el odio en los dos primeros volúmenes, y en esta ocasión llego el turno del gusto. En esta nueva aventura nuestro querido narrador nos contará como la madre de Cas ha sido secuestrada por el siniestro chocolatero el Señor Hugo; como Cas, Max-Ernest y Yo-yoji en embarcarán en nueva investigación para intentar rescatarla y como siempre, lucharán contra los malvados integrantes de El sol de medianoche que estarán metidos en medio de todo el asunto.Ha sido el mejor volumen de los tres leídos hasta ahora, ya que es el volumen más equilibrado de todos. Aventuras, misterio y desarrollo de nuestros protagonistas están en bueno armonía para hacer que no te despegues de sus hojas ni un momento. Ayuda también nuestro querido y misterioso narrador, el cual como siempre sigue interaccionando con nosotros y desata todo su amor por el chocolate en este libro, y de paso te da bastante hambre. Capítulos cortos con finales totalmente cliffhanger hacen que no sueltes el libro de fácil manera. En este libro ademas tocaremos temáticas como los problemas a los que se enfrenta una madre cuando su hija se entera de que es adoptada, como vive un hijo la recuperación en la relación de sus padres divorciados o exploraremos un poco en la identidad de cada uno de ellos. Y bueno hablara de chocolate, cantidades ingentes de chocolate y algunas cosillas interesantes sobre el tema. Como en los anteriores entregas Pseudonymous nos agregará notas al pie de página con detalles explicativos que nunca vienen mal, yo siempre descubro un par de cosas gracias a él. Una nueva y misteriosa aventura que nos sigue dejando con ganas de más, sobre todo por que seguimos sin saber que es el dichoso Secreto. Espero que tengamos pronto la cuarta parte.

  • haley
    2019-03-10 07:32

    Summary: In this delicious third installment of the amazing Secret Series, Cassandra and Max-Ernest have to beat an evil chef, rescue enslaved kids from a chocolate plantation, and find a mythical tool known as the Tuning Fork. My thoughts: This book is the third book in one of my all-time favorite series!! And it has chocolate!! With awesome characters, an interesting adventure and chocolate, this is an excellent combination!

  • Tiffany
    2019-03-15 11:09

    I really enjoy this author (whoever they really are!) Just make sure you have some chocolate to eat while you read it because it talks all about chocolate!

  • Olivia-Savannah Roach
    2019-03-16 06:09

    This is the third in a series and a really quick read, mostly aimed for kids about 9-12. But I still enjoyed reading it myself because it’s something light, playful and a pretty good mystery/detective story as well.This one continues to follow the story of Cassandra, Yo-Yoji and Max-Ernest. I won’t tell you much, seeing as the content of this book is highly secret (^^) but I will say it has something to do with a cursed Aztec artifact, an evil and deranged chef, a secret lair of cocoa-crazed monkeys and the most dangerous chocolate ever created.What I love about this book is how it’s fun, but you’re still learning from it. With the help of footnotes you can learn a lot of new, general knowledge as well as get more from the story. I'm personally a fan of most books which use footnotes. Also, we get the author talking to us as people in the book occasionally, as well as ‘invisible’ chapters and other creative bits like this. Which always makes a book more enjoyable. Besides, this book is about chocolate! How can that ever go wrong?I don’t really have much more to say about this. Max-Ernest has some strange things going on between his divorced parents that involves an argument over gluten-free spaghetti, Cassandra is busy trying to find her biological parents and trying to identify who she is and arguing with her adoptive mother, and Yo-Yoji is just hoping to get back to being close friends with Max-Ernest and Cassandra after his secret was revealed.As you can see, a lot of different themes are also crossed here. This review and more can be found on Olivia's Catastrophe:

  • Kara
    2019-03-08 11:31

    Once again the Secret Series did not fail to deliver. This book was a great read. Pseudonymous Bosch has a funny way of placing chapters out of order. The first chapter is actually chapter fifteen (I think.) This is interesting because it is like watching one of those movies where they start out with the climax and you get really intrigued, but then it goes back to the beginning and explains how they got to that climactic moment. Anyhow, in this book Cassandra's mother is kidnapped and Cass, Max-Earnest, and Yo-Yoji have to try to save her. They start by looking for The Midnight Sun because they know they have Cass' Mom. At first they think that The Midnight Sun is in Africa based off of an article they read in a magazine. Eventually they figure out that the Midnight Sun is actually living in the safari of a zoo. Together they must travel to the zoo and find away to rescue Cassandra's Mom without getting caught themselves. Unfortunatley, they do get caught. Will they be able to make it out alive this time???? Read on to find out.

  • Lilli
    2019-02-19 07:35

    This Book Is Not Good for You is about 3 people, Cass, Max-Ernest, and Yo-Yoji, who are brought into this dangerous adventure of getting Cass's mother back from the evil chocolatier Hugo. She is kept at a hidden chocolate plantation at the Wild World zoo in Africa where the Midnight Sun has held Cass's mother as a hostage. Soon they will find themselves caught in a trap, putting their own friendships at stake.I gave This Book Is Not Good for You 5 stars because it's a great mystery book and is the best so far out of the series. I loved how the story was written, there was lots of emotion and adventure in it. This book did not put me in my stretch zone, but made me think deeper about the plot and characters. I would recommend this book to anyone who is up for a good mystery book that will keep you on your toes, but read the 2 book before this one.

  • Alyssa
    2019-02-23 04:36

    I loved this book more than the last one! Not only was a big problem solved but an even bigger problem was started! When I get home I am going to start reading the 4th book.

  • Nicole
    2019-03-07 07:34

    In diesem zahnschmelzzerstörenden Abenteuer wird die Mutter unserer Heldin Kassandra entführt: von einem unheimlichen Gourmet- Koch und Chokolatier, dem blinden Senor Hugo. Nur gegen die legendäre magische Stimmgabel will er sein Opfer wieder freigeben. Werden Kass und Max-Ernest das sagenumwobene Instrument finden, bevor es zu spät ist? Und werden sie das schreckliche Geheimnis lüften, das den Erfolg der berühmten Schokolade von Senor Hugo begründet?Selbst bei dieser lustigen Kinderbuch-Reihe hatte ich einen zu lange Abstand zum Vorgängerband. Glücklicherweise hat der Autor immer wieder die Erinnerung aufgefrischt. Selbst ohne genaue Erinnerung an die Vorgeschichte hat mich dieses Buch mit seinen komischen Fußnoten, unsichtbaren Kapiteln und ungewöhnlichen Ideen wirklich zum Lachen gebracht.  Immer noch ist diese witzige Reihe eine totale Empfehlung für junge und junggebliebene Leser und vor allem für Liebhaber von Schokolade. Der nächste und letzte Band wird nicht mehr so lange auf sich warten lassen.  

  • Rachel Choi
    2019-03-21 04:33

    Chocolate...(I would highly recommend everyone to read the first book, second book, or both books (#1 and #2) of the Secret Series if you haven't done so. Reading about Cass and Max-Ernest's adventure beforehand will probably give you a better understanding of this adventure.) "This Book is not Good For You," by Pseudonymous Bosch is the third book of the Secret Series, and as well as all the other books, it is filled with adventure and mystery. As usual (these days), Cass, Max- Ernest, and Yo- Yoji are working in the Terces Society. However in this book, the whole mission changes. While being in the Terces Society, Cass has to find the secret- her secret.Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Cass's mother gets kidnapped by Senor Hugo, the Midnight Sun's spy and worker. In the midst of the Terces Society, Midnight Sun, and the kidnapping of her mom, Cass finds out that her mom, Melanie, is not really her mom. She was delivered in a box and never knew her real parents. Although this was a very big turning point in Cass's life, she didn't care. In order for Cass to find her (fake) mom, she had to find an important object, the Tuning Fork, and return it to Senor Hugo. The reason why this Tuning Fork was so important was because any flavor, food, or drink could be made from this object that dated back in time. When the Tuning Fork is returned, Senor Hugo does not release Cass's mom. You have to read the rest of this book to find out how Cass's friends help her through the adventure, and what the Midnight Sun does in return.At the end of the book, Cass eats the magical chocolate to learn her Secret. (You'll have to read this book to find out what this "magical chocolate" is.) Read the next book, "This Isn't What it LOOKS Like," to find out Cass's adventure and what she learns from the past.

  • Adair
    2019-02-24 04:37

    This Book is Not Good for You, Pseudonymous BoschThis Book is Not Good for You is the third puzzle-filled book in The Secret Series, in which Cass and Max-Ernest, two brave 11-year olds, set out to fulfill some very perplexing—and dangerous—missions.What’s the ‘secret’ this time? I’m not allowed to tell, but it has to do with the most delicious chocolate in the entire world. And it gets better from there. Once her suspicions are aroused, Cass discovers the dastardly Ms. Mauvais is masquerading as a nun—running an orphanage no less. The other members of the villainous gang, the Midnight Sun, are hiding out on a plantation in Africa. And the evil dessert chef, Señor Hugo, has kidnapped Cass’s mother. He’s asking for an unusual ransom, something highly sought after but rarely ever seen.Added to the adventures is a gaggle of chocolate-making monkeys, some ferocious lions, and even a magical bird. The key to everything, however, is a cursed Aztec tuning fork, an object with the power to recreate any flavour the user has ever tasted. With no time to waste, Cass and Max-Ernest are off; and, of course, they learn a few things along the way.Young readers familiar with the series will recognise the zany narrator, who regularly breaks away from the story to comment on the action (as well as many other things). This intrusive voice, far from being distracting, serves to heighten both the story’s drama and its sheer fun.Pseudonymous Bosch has created another rollicking mystery—fast-paced, quirky and, best of all, light-hearted. It’s the kind of story children won’t want to end. And Bosch is prepared for this: he’s added a bonus list his favourite chocolate recipes. Delicious.

  • Grady M
    2019-03-18 09:34

    This Book Is Not Good For YouThis book is like a race against time. Because something happened to Cass’s mom. I think this book is really good because like I stated earlier this book is like a race against time. Cass, Max Ernest and Yo-Yoji has to save Cass’s mom before time runs out. I think this book is suspenseful be this book is all about suspense and mystery. This book is a part of a series called the secret series. I would recommend this book to my friend from my old school because he loves to read mysterious types of books. The strength of this book is that it makes you want to read more as you go. This type of writing is effective and powerful.

  • Alyssa
    2019-03-05 10:18

    This book was SO GOOD. All the books in this series so far have just sucked me in 100%. These books are so unique, each one has a different twist and a different feel. I think this one gave some great character development for Cass and Max-Earnest. Yo-Yoji still has room to grow, but I'm sure that will come in the next two books! Every thing about this book was wonderful and I personally think it was better than the previous book. Can't wait until the next book!

  • Faith (-;
    2019-03-12 06:35

    It was mysterious and I always want to read it to find out what's next. I like how the author always chimes into the book, and talks about how he doesn't know about something, or if he wants to put his opinion. I recommend this to all of u guys its a really good series. But dont start with this one other ys it doesnt make sense.

  • Cristi-Lael
    2019-02-24 10:13

    Cute addition to this series. As usual with the middle book in a series, it was not quite as good as the books before it, but I have hope for the rest of the series. And, really, it wasn't bad in any way. It just wasn't quite as good as the last book.

  • Eli Bruess
    2019-03-08 12:11

    The book, This Book Is Not Good for You is about three kids Max-Ernest Cassandra and Yo-Yoji that go on an adventure to try and find the Tecres Society. This book is good and I think everyone should read it.

  • Alkyoni Kotsis
    2019-02-20 08:22

    Fantastic series.....

  • Niamh
    2019-03-04 12:16

    This is yet another amazing book in the secret series I have thoroughly enjoyed it and will say that there are plenty of cliffhangers and at some stages it was so amazing that I just couldn't put it down.

  • Mollie Doyle
    2019-03-06 07:14

    This book is great I love the homonculous

  • Dave
    2019-03-12 07:26

    If you enjoyed the series of unfortunate events books by Lemony Snicket, you will probably enjoy this book.

  • Rick Stuckwisch
    2019-03-08 12:22

    Such a strong, consistent series. Such a fun story, and written in such a fun way. Loving it all the way.

  • Rachael
    2019-03-20 10:15

    You can find my review on my blog here (& below): REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE FIRST TWO BOOKS IN THIS SERIES'This Book is Not Good for You' is the third book in the young adult 'Secrets Series' by Pseudonymous Bosch.The previous book ended with Cass, Max-Ernest and their new friend Yo-Yogi, once again thwarting the plans of the Midnight Sun and keeping the Secret safe. This book picks up a little while later. Cass is working in her grandfather's old-firehouse-turned-junk-shop with the sole purpose of trying to find the box in which she was left on their doorstep as a baby, to try and find out more about where she came from. Instead they find a magazine inside a box of recent donations, and are shocked to see the teen pop star twins Romi and Montana Skelton, members of the evil Midnight Sun, on the front cover. The article inside says that they are visiting the 'Loving Heart Orphanage' (and chocolate plantation) in Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa. The friends are even more shocked to see that the 'nun' running the orphanage is none other than Ms Mauvais, leader of the Midnight Sun.Cass and Max-Ernest are eager to tell Pietro, head of the Terces Society, about their find, and Pietro immediately dispatches a team out to Côte d'Ivoire to track them down. The Terces Society believe that the Midnight Sun are after the legendary 'Turning Fork', a piece of cutlery that “has the power to stir into being any taste in the world – as long as the eater has tasted it before.” (Chapter 4, Pg 61).Seemingly unrelated, Cass and her mother are taking part in a cookery course taught by the famous blind chef, Senor Hugo. Cass accidentally lets slip that she knows about the Turning Fork and suddenly finds herself, he mother, Max-Ernest and Yo-Yogi invited to Senor Hugo's restaurant. The restaurant is unusual, however, as it is completely in the dark so the diners can use their other senses more when tasting the food. But during the meal Cass's mother is kidnapped, and Cass is given 48 hours to find the Turning Fork and bring it to Senor Hugo.This leads to an epic search, and an adventure that will take them right into the heart of the Midnight Sun's chocolate plantation. But what does chocolate have to do with the Secret? And can Cass save her mother and defeat the Midnight Sun again?This series just keeps getting better! There was so much more character development for Cass in this book and I’m as excited as she is to find out more about her mysterious past, and her ancestors. Like the previous two, this book was very fast-paced and difficult to put down.This is such a great series of both kids and adults who love adventure stories. I have the final two books on order from my local library and I'm looking forward to reading them!

  • Charlyn
    2019-02-23 06:07

    Well, I’ve done what I recommend students not do: begin a series with a book other than #1. I have not read the first two books, but I picked up this one because it was the most recent…and—ok-- I really didn’t realize it was a series. So, starting off with that deficiency, I still had no difficulty getting into the book. The Midnight Sun, the enemy, is trying to figure out a Secret that the Terces Society is trying to prevent them from getting. Cassandra is at the center of the Secret, but she has a secret of her own she needs to figure out: who are her real parents? She enlists the aid of her friends and fellow Terces Society members, Max-Ernest and Yo-Yoji, the search for clues in her grandfathers’ rummage since she knows she had been left in a box on their doorstep. The two men found a mother for her as a baby and became her “grandfathers” as part of that deed. Cass believes if she can find that box, she can find the clues she needs to learn her identity. In this book, Cassandra begins to realize that the Secret and her secret may be entwined. Then Cassandra’s mother disappears and Cass receives a ransom note requiring her to find a “tuning fork” to get her back. Once again, even though she is told not to divulge the ransom information, Cass must depend upon her two friends to rescue her mother. Throw in lots of information about chocolate and that’s a start on where this plot will lead. Bosch’s books are quite popular with my students—one reason I haven’t read them until now. The author addresses the readers personally in much the same style as Lemony Snicket and employs footnotes for explanations of terms used in the narrative. There is also some sly humor in the narrative and some printing devices used, such as some pages with only a few letters per page because disappearing ink spilled on the pages. I suspect that Bosch’s books are for a slightly more sophisticated reader than Snicket’s. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and will most likely start with book one in the series.

  • Samantha Diaz
    2019-03-07 12:18

    The book that I just finished is called "This book is not good for you." My opinion about this chocolate book is that it is an delicious and and adventurous book. Why you say? Well to start of Cass lost her mother in a dark restaurant by Senor Hugo. So Cass made a promise with him and her friends couldn’t know about this. This book has some kind of twists that goes with this. It had times like when these kids took a risk there lives to save her mother inside a jungle. This book makes you jump and makes you feel like you are in the story. It has discoveries to be made, and a huge dark secret that only one person know.My critique is about this book is 100% positive. This series is the best one yet. It has many adventurous, scary, and creepy because of The Midnight Sun. They been around for many centuries which you may have known if you read book one and two. In my opinion, if you are reading this dark secrets will not say and new villains will appear. This book has made me feel alive because I feel like I am one of the character inside the story, especially if I was the villains inside the story. In conclusion, this series is the best series that I have read about this author.

  • Kaylee Mejia
    2019-03-06 09:35

    In the third book "This Book Is Not Good For You", Cassandra and Max-Ernest face another difficult, yet exciting new adventure. As far as I am in this wonderful series, this book, by far has the most action. The book includes a kidnapping, chocolate, and more characters with unique abilities. This book has three parts to it, but don't worry they're not three other books, Pseudonymous Bosch just has a unique way of writing his books. Of course, you will also see more of the Midnight Sun and their strange and plastic like ways. I woiuld recommend this book to anyone of the age of 11 and up. In my opinion, this book is impossible to not fall in love with.