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In this adventure-filled, middle-grademystery, eleven-year-old Aiden and herfriends aren't the only ones hot on thetrail of gold stashed in the mysteriousIngle Building....

Title : Twenty Gold Falcons
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ISBN : 9780823422524
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 216 Pages
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Twenty Gold Falcons Reviews

  • Heather
    2019-03-03 09:16

    Twenty Gold Falconsties into previous books that Amy Gordon has written, the setting is the same and some characters overlap, but they are not in a series and don't have to be read in order. Though reading the previous books might make things clearer, like why the baseball team wear's gorilla suits but that isn't really necessary to know for the plot line of this book. I didn't start enjoying this book until I was about half way through. The action does heat up and it has a pretty satisfactory ending. The seemingly unending introduction of quirky characters seemed contrived and a bit unbelievable but it might feel less so if you have read the previous books.AFter Aiden's father dies, she and her mother move back to her mom's home town when they can no longer manage the farm that Aiden has grown up on. When Aiden is told about a game of clues from 25 years ago that was supposed to lead to 20 gold Falcon coins.

  • Jordan Funke
    2019-03-04 09:11

    This book is not as cheesy as it looks. I mean it is, in that way that middle grade mysteries aren't really that mysterious, but this is for someone who likes the Mysterious Bennedict Society or Blue Balliet's books. I liked the characters and there were a few cute twists thrown in involving identical twins who are very different from each other and long lost relations. Who wouldn't want to go on a treasure hunt to find antique gold coins in a huge old glamorous skyscraper?! Overall, a cute adventure.

  • Angie
    2019-02-24 08:23

    Aiden Farmer has just moved to Gloria. Her father has died and she has had to leave the farm she loves. She and her mother have moved into an apartment with her uncle Tony, an opera singer, and she attends a school she hates with people she can't stand. The only thing she does like is the Ingle Building and its connection to her family. She is a a Balboni and they have always been connected to the Ingle's. Then Aiden hears about a mysteries lost treasure in the Ingle Building. Years ago Mr. Ingle hid 20 gold falcons for the children and they were never found. Aiden and her friends Adam and Lisle decide to try and find the falcons. They are aided by a strange cast of characters from in and around the Ingle Building and from various clues left by Mr. Ingle. Along the way we learn more about the Ingle family and its history. This is a fun mystery for middle grades. It has a lot of adventure and action. The kids are smart and they have to use their heads a lot to solve the clues to this mystery. I think the thing I liked the most about this was that they weren't super special kids; they were just regular kids who have an extraordinary adventure. I think the unique cast of characters adds something to the story and I found I was sometimes more interested in learning about them then following the mystery. The ending was pretty satisfying if just a little too put together/happy ending. but this is a middle grade book so you expect the happy ever after bit. Overall, it was good and I would recommend it.2012-13 Missouri Mark Twain Award Nominee.

  • Ronald Roseborough
    2019-02-22 08:25

    Do you like a good mystery? Would you like to search for gold coins? Aiden Farmer, is a young girl who's life is turned upside down after the unexpected death of her father. Aiden and her mother must give up their life on the farm and return to the city,to find work and to live with her mother's brother, who is an opera singer. Aiden feels totally out of place and thinks only of finding a way to return to her friends and life on the farm. When she hears of the lost twenty gold falcons hidden in the Ingle Building, where her uncle performs, she determines to find them and return to the farm. Along the trail of the missing coins, she finds new friends, new hopes and new family. As well as a better understanding of what things are truly important in life. A well told tale, that all ages will enjoy.

  • Terry
    2019-03-17 11:34

    The ending is a bit predictable, but the story on the whole is a page-turner with plenty of surprises. Aiden, Adam, and her cousin are fun, sympathetic characters. For the most part, the relationships with adults are normal and do not fit the oft-seen parent-is-stupid model. I also loved that Aiden's cousins lived in a treehouse.To read our full review, go to The Reading Tub®.

  • Erin
    2019-02-23 05:30

    I didn't enjoy this book until I was about half way through it. The beginning just did not flow smoothly. Once the clues to solve the mystery began to unfold the story definitely took a turn for the better.It also bothered me that there were so many references to some of the author's other books. You don't have to have read them to understand this story but it felt like I was a bit out of the loop. Overall, it was a solid mystery for burgeoning readers.

  • Rachel
    2019-03-20 09:19

    I got caught up in this story right away, and although some of the plot was predictable, it was pretty well done. A young girl dealing with the loss of her father moves to a town her mother grew up in and learns of a secret of 20 gold falcon coins worth a small fortune hidden in a closeby building.

  • Tiffany
    2019-03-12 12:11

    This was a fun treasure hunt book. I really enjoyed it. It had so many unique characters. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had read "The Gorillas of Gil Park" and "Return to Gil Park" first so I would have already been familiar with some of the characters. I may just have to reread this one after I read those two!

  • Malia C.
    2019-02-26 09:32

    WOW! This book kept me in suspense the whole time. It was a gripping story although some parts didn't make a lot of sense. I wanted to read more the whole time. I think that there was a lot of unnecessary "bad guys". The book was kind of ruined by all the plot turns. Gordon did a nice job but there is still work to be done on this book.

  • Heather Cato
    2019-02-25 05:33

    Everyone wants to believe that something extrordinary could happen to them. Gordon uses a seemingly ordinary story to tell of a delightful mystery that is a modern day treasure hunt. What I particularly loved about Gordon's writing is that she used her craft to carefully wove the clues through the book in order to create an interesting surprise ending.

  • Jess Buyers
    2019-02-20 04:13

    This book was really good for a twelve year old. I would recommend this book to any middle schooler either boy or girl. This book was pretty boring and predictable for me but I could see how I'd be extremely exciting for a kid in late elementary school or middle school. I guess the only warning that I would put on this book would be that it can be slow and boring for older ages.

  • Jeff Raymond
    2019-03-11 05:18

    Children’s mysteries are hit and miss for me. For me, the gold standard is the Blue Balliett series (Chasing Vermeer, The Calder Game, etc), and i never grew up liking mysteries, nor do I read them today. I got an advance of this one and it was…okay. Felt fairly pedestrian, the central mystery was kind of off, but it might be the kind of thing kids might like, who knows.

  • Morty4
    2019-03-03 05:31

    Fun, little mystery, especially for a younger age group (10-12). I liked the mystery and the interesting little twist. It made me laugh too. Plus there is a mouse that likes opera. What's more fun than that?Warnings: None.

  • Nicole
    2019-03-12 11:13

    I thought this book was good, I just felt it had a big build up but not a huge climax. I guess there was not enough conflict? Not sure but I felt like it needed something more. Nice writing style though.

  • Rachel Boling
    2019-03-20 04:24

    This was a great kids book. I really enjoyed it. The author wove together a number of different threads, which all come together at the end. The main character is great, and I appreciated her early teen angst.

  • Dustin
    2019-03-02 07:23

    It was a good book overall and had simple words that told the story well enough. It had good characters, but it was a little slow at times.

  • A.C.E. Bauer
    2019-03-17 09:06

    A great middle grade read. This is perfect for kids who like mysteries.

  • Lora Bear
    2019-02-18 10:17

    My 10 year old boy loved this book. We read it together. Perfect also for a girl about that age. Well written with a little mystery and a treasure hunt. Definitely recommend.

  • Kim
    2019-03-03 10:25

    Their are a bunch of 11-year-old after gold thieves who stash the gold the abandon building.

  • Angela
    2019-03-10 04:23

    Disjointed writing, no characters I clicked with, just never connected. Great premise, but didn't really work for me.

  • Heather
    2019-03-04 04:25

    Sure, some parts are a bit too predictable, but the mystery and the adventure are quite fun. And there are still a few surprises of the unpredictable sort, too!

  • Paula Soper
    2019-03-18 12:13

    I think a ten year old would love this book. It's a fun, little mystery.

  • Ashley Meador
    2019-03-10 09:12

    Cute book, the reading level was pretty young but the story was good and I liked that she used a fake city.

  • Kendall
    2019-03-18 04:26

    3 1/2 stars

  • Nunya
    2019-03-07 05:10

    It is absolutely thrilling. Aidan is a very well developed character on the search of a life time! I recommend this book!