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Note: This edition is out of print. The version now available is published under the title "Beyond the Darkness."Zack Banning hasn't had an easy time of it recently. After spending more than fifteen years in the Marines, he's discharged due to a head injury received in combat. With no missions to run or people to save, it's all he can do to get out of bed in the mornings.Note: This edition is out of print. The version now available is published under the title "Beyond the Darkness."Zack Banning hasn't had an easy time of it recently. After spending more than fifteen years in the Marines, he's discharged due to a head injury received in combat. With no missions to run or people to save, it's all he can do to get out of bed in the mornings. The pills the doctors have him on to keep his injury-induced delusions at bay don't help the situation. When he discovers a young man being accosted outside of a bar one night he sees it as a chance to feel the satisfaction of saving someone once again. He just doesn't realize until it's over that the young man came to the bar to warn him that someone is out to kill him. What Eljin tells him is a story so outlandish, Zack begins to wonder if he's having one of his delusions. Because if Eljin's story is true, the entire foundation of everything Zack believes just flew out the window. Fleeing through the countryside with Eljin, Zack tries to understand everything without telling the man he's nuttier than a fruitcake. But the more time Zack spend with Eljin, the more he wants him until he can't think of ever being separated from the little elf. The only way to save Eljin is to take him back home-through the veil between the two worlds. Arrival on the elf's side of the veil isn't perfect, however. They encounter a war between the elf worlds, the threat of human invasion, and a bias against humans. Zack and Eljin have to keep their wits about them as they try to save their home, their family, and themselves. Special Content Alert: M/M ...

Title : Dark Side of the Veil
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Dark Side of the Veil Reviews

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-03-17 10:39

    Again, I should warn readers to approach this novel with the right expectation: this is a nice M/M romance, the classical example to prove the difference between M/M and gay romance; an M/M romance is basically aimed to a female target, while a gay romance is for both, male and female target; where it’s likely that a gay romance is liked by both, I think it difficult for a M/M romance to find fans among the male readers, but it’s not impossible. Dark Side of the Veil, the first in the Dark Court series, has two elements that usually drive off most of the purist of gay romance: a very feminine male character and male pregnancy. Plus it’s also a Gay for You romance, with all the “I’m not gay but I can’t avoid to have sex with you” that is usually the main reaction from a straight man “turned” gay. And the author doesn’t do anything to lighten these elements; on the contrary she pushes with all her strength on them. So, if you are interested in a story with male pregnancy (and morning illness and unstable mood) and in a very pretty little man with big blue eyes and long blond hair who can turn a big strong Marine around his little finger, this story is for sure cute enough to melt even the most cold heart. But remember, approach it with a light heart and with the expectation to read a funny intake in the “big strong man comes to rescue his little partner” theme. The starting point of this romance remember me a very old romance by Johanna Lindsey, Prisoner of My Desire: a man is held captive to perform as “sperm donor”; he is totally against the idea to perform, but when he is in bed with the “recipient” of his sperm, he can’t avoid to do it. When he has done what he was supposed to do, he is set free, but then they try to kill him, and the now pregnant partner comes to his rescue, only to, indeed, end to be the one in nee of protection. If this was a man/woman story, nothing of strange, there is no need of fantasy element; but here we have a man on man story, and Eljin, the one who ends up pregnant, his from the Fae people, not only that, he is of royal blood, and in his world, the royal lineage his all male, and a man gets pregnant and gives birth. Zack, the big strong Marine, suffered from an head injury during a mission, and when he awakes he was told he has delusional episodes due to it; he is dismissed and he is under drugs to help him get through his hallucinations. What he doesn’t know is that his “dreams” are not the results of his head injury, but instead the fragment memories of what he did; the man he sees in his dreams making love to him is Eljin, and now Eljin is pregnant. At first Zack refuses to believe it possible, even if Eljin has indeed a very nice bump on his abdomen, but when Zack former superior in the Marine, Gunny, tells him that indeed the Fae people are real, and that even him was in love with one of them, Zack suddenly is mostly all right with it… talking about accepting your superior decision without question it. Yes, indeed, Zack is a good man, with a good training, but I have the feeling that he is more the type to follow orders rather than to give them. In this perspective, he is more than happy to ask and accept the help of Gunny, and to, more or less, follow and protect Eljin, even when he didn’t still believe to the man’s words. Zack and Eljin’s story is almost complete with this book, but this is clear only the introduction story of the whole series: there are still a lot of unfinished threads, and the story titillate you enough to be willing to read more in the series.

  • Silkeeeeee
    2019-03-03 04:15

    You put a secret faction of the government attempting to breed a male fairy-type person with a big military man, and you have a wild adventure. Male pregnancy, soul mates and and love wrap this fun romance up in hearts. Yes, it's more of a female-type story. I get that. I also enjoy those. The thing I liked most about this book was although paranormal, that wasn't a lot of world building. I really dislike books that get to detailed and have words that are so foreign they make you stagger in your reading. The things I didn't like about this were a few times the author reiterated something, as if we could not remember in this short amount of time. The second was the book is too short for my liking. Hence the four stars instead of five. I look forward to this series. 

  • Betryal
    2019-02-28 06:27

    I'll admit when I first started this book after reading the short summary I was skeptical as to whether or not I'd like it. I have to admit after having finished it that it was very interesting and has great potential to becoming a series that I know I would like to read more of. The circumstances, plot line and events are out of the box, but that's what makes this story as pleasing as I thought and it in my opinion deserved the rating I gave it. :laughs: I came back to add a further note to this one with regards to a man being pregnant in this book and I have to wonder is the birth hasn't happened yet in this one because Stormy is stumped on how it's going to be written and I must say I'm curious on the 'how' of it all and still figuring out how to write it or she just wants to keep us readers suspense to read about it in the next book? I'm quite sure there's going to be one. Not a hunch since it's more like how the story ended that draws me to this conclusion.

  • Shelby P
    2019-03-09 07:15

    I'd never read a book before where males could get pregnant. So I was curious as to how this author would tackle that issue. Well I was disappointed in the story. First off Zack meets Eljin and within 2 days they are declaring their love for each other. Zack is a straight man who's never fathom being with another man and yet in two days he's found his soul mate who is pregnant with his child.So much more could have been done with the story. It would have been nice if Zach and Eljin had more time to get to know each other. I mean, who has the time to jack each other off when you are being chased by bad guys? The final slap in the face was the author doesn't even let us get to witness a male birth. So now I'm left to wonder if Eljin will give birth through his mouth or his ass!!

  • Kelly H. (Maybedog)
    2019-02-21 09:25

    This was different than Glenn's usual shifter fare. No new ground was broken except for the mpreg thing. These are typical fae and typical military guys. But there were far fewer continuity errors than usual and I didn't spot any typos. It's sad when I have to use that as an important measure of a book's value.I just finished three books by Sandrine Gasq-Dion and this book cemented what I'd been thinking while reading them: Stormy Glenn is a far superior writer, she just writes them so fast there's little that differs from one to the next, and she's bad about proofreading.Anyway, despite my dislike of mpreg (the technical definition of a woman is the ability to birth children) and my hatred of menage, I do think I'll read further in the series.

  • Riayl
    2019-02-27 10:34

    *sigh* Would it being asking too much for a revised edition to have less errors than the original?It's been so long since I first read this that I can't really tell if there are differences, I didn't notice any, but that doesn't mean anything. Entertaining enough, I'm just kind of iffy on stories involving the Fae. Especially here, were the Seelie are good and the Unseelie bad. I don't think the word good was every really mean to apply to either side. Fluffy lightness in my Fae is sort of...creepy. *shrug*

  • Leaundra
    2019-03-18 08:13

    Wow...I loved this book. I kept stopping because I didn't want to finish it too fast, lol. I cannot wait for the next book in the series!!

  • Sammy Goode
    2019-03-15 06:30

    Rating is 3.5 stars!I have to begin this review with a warning: I used to read a lot of these kinds of books when I first began reading m/m a year ago. They were a bit like candy for me, quick, satisfying a tiny craving but never very filling. They had their place in my library when I wanted a quick fix but they were not books that I would reread or even really recommend. Having said that, Stormy Glenn is perhaps one of the best authors if this "fairytale" type of action romance and Dark Side of the Veil is no exception.Set in the background of an evil paramilitary experiment gone awry, Zack, a former marine, who sustained a head injury during an explosion, now lives on daily meds and tries to keep what he thinks are his "delusions" at bay. After having a few drinks at a local bar, he steps outside to go home and interrupts what he thinks is a mugging of sorts, only to find out that the attackee is the very man who has been haunting his dreams. After rescuing the man, he decides to take him home until Elgin tells him that: a) Zach is being drugged not to help his injured brain but to forget that he was used as a sperm donor in the paramilitary compound, b) the sperm he donated resulted in a pregnancy and the men who Zach had beaten off Elgin were actually coming after Zack in order to kill him and c) the person who got pregnant was...Elgin...who by the way is from a alternate universe where only the males in the royal line of succession can get pregnant---bummer!What next ensues is a "run for your life" escapade that includes the formerly "I only screw women, anally, of course" Zach falling head over heels in love with Elgin and all of Zack's big tough-ass marine friends also turning out to either gay or gay for you as well!Wow--this is a gay man's utopia!!!At this point you either throw the book away thinking this is just too bizarre and too unreal for me, or you plunge ahead and read what is honestly a decent story that begs and, of course, receives a sequel or two!This little novel was a good piece of candy--it was an action packed story, a sweet romance and just plain fun, at forewarned, in order to read this you really need to check reality at the door...and maybe go to the dentist afterwards.

  • Lasha
    2019-03-12 11:18

    Stormy Glenn’s books are a must-buy for me. She’s one of my secret reading pleasures. When I saw that she was writing for Ellora’s Cave in this new series, I was very excited. So, a little warning upfront. There are two camps in the M/M reading world: people who love mpreg (male pregnancy) and people who despise it. There are no in-betweens I’ve found, so if you fall into the latter camp, I’d skip this book. But, for all of us readers who love mpreg, step right up because Beyond the Darkness is for you!Zack is having a rough month, he’s been injured and has no memory of what ended his military career. But he is having sexy dreams about a man, which Zack finds strange because he’s always believed he was straight. When he rescues the man in his dreams, Zack is thrust into a bizarre world of fairies, secret military experiments, and the possibility he may be a father with another guy. Poor Zack!In her new series, Dark Court, Ms. Glenn takes us into the otherworld of fairies. Now normally, I’m not a fae-reading romance person, but the world building in this book was so good, I overlooked my usual aversion to fairies and fell in love with the concept of Eljin’s universe. Add to the mix that Zack and Eljin’s chemistry was off the charts and the secondary characters were just as interesting as the main ones, and this was a terrific read for me. Recommended and highly looking forward to book two.Dark Divas Reviews

  • Mountie
    2019-03-19 12:30

    I liked the idea of the books, their storyline. I am a fan of Sci/Fi & Fantasy. I am not squicked by MPreg. There was nothing wrong with any of the ideas that were put into Dark Side of the Veil and the second book in the series; Monte's Marines.It's just that the execution left a lot to be desired. To many things needed to happen and did happen in such a short time frame that all of them were not executed to the best of their ability. It had to be "Insta-Love, Insta Gay for You" so there was room to try to shove all the other things that needed to be put into the story to fulfill the requirements of the plot. And that was just sad. The books needed to be three times as long so the author could do the plot justice. I was rushed, the characters were rushed, the story was rushed. The relationships didn't develop in a way I could believe or suspend belief. Info dumping had to happen and I, as a reader was told far more than shown.The series Dark Court, is like eating a gargantuan meal in 30 seconds. All I can suggest is take a smaller meal, smaller bites, chew thoroughly and swallow often. Then my stomach won't hurt as bad.

  • Caroline Brand
    2019-03-02 09:32

    3.5 StarsThis is not a book I would have usually picked up as fantasy isn’t really my thing but I read it for a challenge and actually enjoyed it. Zack has received a head injury as a marine but instead of being sent to hospital to recover he is sent to a secret facility where he is made to a have sex with a Eljin, a captured Elf, in the hope of a pregnancy that will produce a super soldier.When the government release Zack once the task is complete they keep him on a drugs regimen that doesn’t allow him to remember anything about it, he is made to believe the drugs are necessary for his head injury.Eljin, now pregnant, escapes the facility to warn Zack the government plan to eliminate him. What follows is a cross country trek where we meet more members of Zacks marine team and then a foray into another world and to the safety of Eljins family. A good fun read.

  • Serena Yates
    2019-03-17 12:32

    Another winner by Stormy Glenn, as far as I am concerned. Be warned though: if you don't like the idea of male pregnancy, this is not the book for you. I admit that the idea is a little weird, but I love the way she describes the whole situation and people's reactions (she did the same in Katzman's Mate), it made me laugh several times.Other than that the book is filled with tension, deep emotions and gives me hope for a sequel. Eljin and Zack are delightful (if somewhat "unrealistic") characters, but I look at this story as more of a fairytale than as "serious" fiction, so that didn't bother me. This is a book I will definitely read again.

  • Christy
    2019-03-15 04:22

    It's near impossible for me to resist a Stormy Glenn story, but a new series? Oh, hell no! I was hooked right from the description and couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen. This author has a definite way of reeling me in and I get lost in the worlds she creates.Eljin hit every heartstring I have and just yanked. As soon as he hears an elimination order is out on Zack, he escapes the research facility he's been held at, and goes to warn Zack. Of course, Zack doesn't believe Eljin's story and Eljin is crushed that this man who he began to bond with in the facility - granted, they only spent a few hours together - thinks he's crazy.Zack can't dispute that someone is after Eljin and he tries to help while not wanting to hear his outlandish story. Zack takes them to a friend, someone he trusts more than anyone else, and Zack is stunned when he discovers that Gunny knows a whole lot (not in a bad, I'm going to betray you, way) about what the government is up to, and what Eljin is. It's a good thing Zack has Gunny, who also calls in Doc and Rocky, or he and Eljin might not have made it back through the veil. Along with three large Marines. *grins*There's so much I can't share regarding the plot of this novella because it would be huge spoilers. Believe me when I say, 'Beyond the Darkness' is fantabulous and I greatly enjoyed every moment. I'm looking forward to the next story as I'm pretty sure I know whose tale it will be.NOTE: This book was provided by the author for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

  • Joyfully Jay
    2019-03-04 05:31

    A Joyfully Jay review.3 starsOkay. Here’s the thing. I like this author. She’s a go to when I need a light and easy, fun and imaginative read. But I’m not so sure about this story. I like it okay. But it was kind of repetitive and inconsistent. So while this story is light and easy, fun and imaginative, it does have its faults.Sometimes I need to read a story about a big, strong man who slays the dragons of the smaller, weaker, but still sassy man. This is one such story. Eljin is probably one of my favorite parts of this story. He’s strong-willed and stubborn, yet soft-hearted and patient. And he remains so throughout the story. Zac I have issue with. I like that he is a protector and determined to do the right thing, but his character doesn’t remain consistent throughout the entire book. He fights so hard against Eljin’s story in the beginning, and he fights even harder against his attraction to Eljin. Then suddenly without fight, he hears a story from his most trusted friend, and his mind changes. Without question he accepts his attraction to Eljin and the story he tells. It’s too easy and in such a fantastical world, it’s probably the most unbelievable thing that occurs.Read Crissy's review in its entirety here.

  • Tereza
    2019-03-01 10:28

    I wanted a nice easy mpreg story that didn’t contain shifters.And really, that’s what I’ve got.The writing was fine, nothing too complicated.However there were too many grammatical errors in the book - like the author overlooked a letter here, two letters there. Or had some writing disorder. So,no betareading/editing.3.5 Starsrounded up because I did like the book.

  • Shannon
    2019-03-13 06:26

    Such a cool world created here without being overly described or extreme fantasy. Zach got injured on duty and while in the hospital he was experimented on and made to have sex with Eljin, an elf-like being. He doesn't remember it but then helps Eljin escape attack and Eljin tries to explain. They're being chased and end up going to the other side of the veil into Eljin's world with soldier friends of Zach's. This story left a lot unsaid and now I really have to read the next in the series. Dammit!

  • adrienne
    2019-03-15 07:20

    typical stormy glenn romance. nothing fantastic, nothing so bad it can't be finished. what is typical stormy glenn? imagine a shorter harlequin romance but with no t&a (see, i was going to write no surprise pregnancies, but... yeah.). laziness dictates i will use this as my template for all books by the following authors unless a book is remarkably good/bad :stormy glennlynn hagenscarlet hyacinthjoyee flynncarol lynnegabrielle evans

  • Janean
    2019-02-21 12:18

    Read as part of my QGB Q2 Challenge picked by Ozlem. I think its fair to say that everyone knows I am a fan of fantasy. That being said, I loved this introductory story to the series. Although Zack redeemed himself and his poor attitude rather quickly I was totally smitten with Eljin. I look forward to the next book in the series. I want to see how the birth turns out 8)

  • Crazylady_withcats
    2019-03-14 04:36

    I have read the original version of this book (which I quite enjoyed) but according Stormy Glenn's website she has revised it and re-released it as 'Beyond The Darkness'.I was wondering if anyone has read this version and can tell me if the difference is noticeable enough for me to purchase the new version? Thanks!

  • Jo * Smut-Dickted *
    2019-03-14 07:37

    Love books where the guy is military. This one was quite fluffy - maybe a bit too fluffy. I wanted what felt like more grit as the action seemed superficial. It was there - it just felt sort of glossed over. Enjoyed the coupling here and the secondary characters but needed to know much more about the world.

  • Lucy
    2019-03-01 04:17

    Since I really am not a fan of fantasy stories, I was a little leery about this. To my great surprise, I enjoyed it so much. Eljin was adorable, I LOVE the whole Mpreg idea here and now I want to find out what happens and how he has the baby!

  • Ozlem
    2019-03-05 11:14

    4.5 stars. If you like fairy tales, cop stories and mm books, you will definitely love this one.

  • V
    2019-02-24 09:25

    Why did I wait this long to read this series? it's lovely.

  • Rachel Emily
    2019-02-20 12:14

    I don't think I ever read this when it was originally released, but I thought this was a fun typical Stormy Glenn book. I enjoyed the pace and all the characters.

  • Louan
    2019-03-20 11:29

    3.5 ⭐️This turned out pretty good, I didn’t have the highest expectations Stormy Glenn for me is kind of hit and miss. Sex scenes were pretty hot.

  • Julie scott
    2019-03-05 08:36

    Beyond the Darkness [Dark Court 1]This was absolutely amazing I Loved it can't wait to read the next one...And I will be reading it and like I said I really can't wait...

  • Trix
    2019-03-13 07:41

    I hate it when a book has no angst, no tension.It's a good and bad thing this is such a short story. It's meant as the first installment in a series, a series I won't be pursuing. A good thing as I could finish it without it taking too much of my time (well, actually, it did take me a week to finish). A bad thing as it had nothing in the way of developing the characters or the complexity of the relations.Ensue spoilers. (view spoiler)[Zack has vague memories (or recollections of dreams) of beautiful blue eyes. One day he meets Eljin, a delicate man with blond hair and blue eyes. Follows a brief period where Zack keeps on repeating (for his sake I imagine, since the readers know where this is going) that he is not gay, that Eljin's story is impossible, men cannot sleep with other men or have babies. Luckily, there is his Gunny (from his old army days) that tells him men can have sex and there are non-humans males that can carry a baby. At which point Zack says "Sure, now I believe all this." And proceeds to sleep with Eljin. Another pair of ex-colleagues of Zack show up to reinforce the idea that men (even military men) can be gay (after all, Gunny is gay too). All of them are forced to run but still take the time to discuss fashion sense.Bitch, please, there is always time for fashion! The mpreg is just added for novelty value as it carries no significance (in the words of one of the characters "men being pregnant can’t be that different from a woman. The basics are about the same.")All of them make it to the Seelie Court, where they are received with open arms, Gunny is reunited with his 20 years lost love and Zack discovers he likes the place enough to set roots with his family to be. But the story is left open ended as Eljin's cousin (Gunny's son) (yeah, do the math on your own on this) is missing and so a party will be sent to find him. (hide spoiler)]Like I said, nothing to spice things up, make me hold my breath and want to read faster. Flat and smooth as a lake in summer. And so minimalist. They come across a problem, the solution is within easy reach and everyone lives happily ever after. Ugh. 2 stars.

  • Nimue
    2019-02-23 07:22

    After I read Eresse's Sacred Fate I got interested in reading fiction with the maybe a bit unusual theme of male pregnancy. I did some research on goodreads and found a few more mpreg books. One of them is Dark Side of the Veil. I'm a huge fan of Stormy Glenn. I have read most of her shapeshifter fiction and love her writing style. So I was really exited to start with the Dark Court Series.The first story centers on the discharged marine Zack, who struggles with a head injury and seems to have illusions. He has one reoccurring dream where he sees the most amazing blue eyes but can't remember ever seeing someone with features like this. When he saves Eljin from a fight he directly stumbles into bigger troubles than he anticipated. The story evolves around their way to stay alive and how Zack gets to know the elve Eljin and his own history.I liked both of the main characters especially Eljin, who seems to be very caring and sweet. Zack is the usual tough marine with an edge of vulnerability due to his memory loss and growing attraction for a man. The whole idea of a parallel world populated by elves which are connected to "our" world by gates isn't exactly new but Stormy Glenn manages to make original enough to be believable. If you can say this about a fantasy world where men get pregnant. Overall a quite enjoyable read.

  • MiaJ
    2019-03-13 08:37

    Ex-Marine Zack, who has been discharged from the military due to head trauma, rescues twink Eljiin from some bad guys behind a bar. Pursuit follows and we find out that the baddies have been sent not only to hurt the pregnant(!) elf Eljiin but to kill Zack, the unknowing father, as well. As they try to make their way back to Ejiins world, on the other side of the veil, Zack battles with this newfound knowledge. I have several issues with this book. Zack does a 180 from "I'm not gay, you can't be pregnant and elves doesn't exist" to full acceptance within a few pages. I wish the author could have included a little more angst to make the story more interesting. Eljiin the elf was portrayed in such a way that he could easily have been replaced by a woman. Small, slender, pregnant and hormonal. Only the sex scenes, which Zack seemed to accept with remarkable ease, made this book into a m/m read albeit of a somewhat Harlequin quality.The book is the first in a series, "Dark Court". This story ends with several unresolved issues and unanswered questions I'm sure will be dealt with in the rest of the series. If you are willing to read on...2*

  • Erin
    2019-02-26 10:14

    This was good! I almost feel guilty for liking Stormy Glenn books so much because so many of her male characters are basically girls with penises, especially with the mpreg plot in this one. Typical description - slender, beautiful, long hair, giggles, crying and needs protecting/saving. It's like candy. I KNOW there is no nutritional value and it is bad for me, and yet I can't stop. I'll read the rest of the series too. Bad, Erin! Having said that, I try to assuage my guilt by remembering that there are all kinds of people in this world and while I enjoy these books I fully comprehend that gay men are NOT women with penises and that not all women are slender gigglers who need saving. ;)