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By necessity Amane Kamori lives a life of secrecy. The only ones who know the truth about her powers and Hyoue's true form are her best friend Takako and her cousin Hayato. But when Amane's desire to help others exposes her powers to a stranger, the high school shamaness finds herself at the mercy of a manipulative and egotistical classmate....

Title : Her Majesty's Dog, Volume 3
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ISBN : 9781933617015
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 95 Pages
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Her Majesty's Dog, Volume 3 Reviews

  • Amanda [Novel Addiction]
    2019-02-19 11:16

    This series is working for me. Original, and interesting.

  • EruditeBirdy
    2019-02-26 11:22

    Her Majesty’s Dog Vol 3 _ Chs 11 => 15 _ Title = Dogfight.Ch 11 How horrible!It turns out Hyoue Inugami has a gambling problem.Can Aname help ?Perhaps I should of said, will she help ?Looks like Hyoue is in over his head...Ch 12New trouble ahead.Souta Mitsumine, real name is Aoi Mitsumine has set his sights on Aname.He is a very popular actor.She’s only interested in the vengeful woman possessing him.Will she agree to date him ?If yes, what will Hyoue do ?..Ch 13How do they get rid of the vengeful woman possessing Aoi ?Can it be done ?..Ch 14Aname’s being harassed at school.Her desk has been destroyed.Who did it and why ?Is there a new threat, or an old threat that has begun to move ?..Ch 15Amane meets another girl from her village putting curses on people.She decides to stop her, but how ?Hyoue says he won't help her.Will Aname get in trouble ?Can she stop her ?What is Hyoue going to be doing all this time ?

  • Shazza Maddog
    2019-03-16 09:18

    Reread from off my shelf. Hyoue is acting strange in the first chapter and Amane and Takako decide to find out why. When they discover he's trying to help a couple of old men, at first they're impressed - until they find out Hyoue's been running bets for the men and has run up a debt of his own. Oops.Most of the rest of the book is taken up by a new character, a teen idol who attends the kids' school, Souto Mitsumine, and his troubles. A final chapters involve someone attacking Amane at the school by destroying her desk on a daily basis. The trio, with help from some of their friends, set up a trap only to find out another girl from Amane's village has arrived and is makin gher way by setting up curses. Still an adorable story.

  • Hannah
    2019-03-11 10:23

    Ugh, Amane gets less and less likeable. As I mentioned in my review of volume 2, Amane's cold and distant to Hyoue, but she gets warm and naive around people that she shouldn't trust. It's irritating, and I feel like grabbing her by the shoulders and giving her a good shake. Perhaps it'll put some sense in her head.For someone who's supposed to be the most powerful demon protector and heiress of an ancient tradition, Amane's incredibly stupid, and we have yet to see her powers at work.

  • Romana1
    2019-03-12 10:10

    2 and a half stars-this was an okay volume. I'm still interested in the story, but there was just a little too much teenage/high school hijinks (angst?) in it for my taste. (Not surprising, considering I'm not the target audience).Not a very exciting volume, but this wasn't enough to keep me from continuing with the series.

  • Hannah
    2019-03-14 08:33

    Series Review: He Majesty's Dog is a unique and entertaining manga that is well worth the read. It is funny and lighthearted while keeping a series plot. The characters are amazing as they each have very different personalities that work wonderful together. I definitely recommend giving this manga a try!

  • Robin Conley
    2019-03-21 11:20

    This volume was good but I think I liked the second more. The third volume tried to have tension but I don't think it was accomplished completely. The story still is interesting though and i definitely finished and wished I had the fourth.

  • Oyceter
    2019-02-27 11:30

  • Susan
    2019-03-04 04:36

    Takeuchi san mentions that this is the first time one of her series has gotten to three volumes. She's a very accomplished artist for someone without much experience.

  • Victoria
    2019-02-22 12:36

    Is a great book to read

  • Zen Cho
    2019-02-21 10:30

    Hot ninja girl is hot. Lame pop idol boy is lame. I love Amane.

  • Devania Annesya
    2019-03-01 09:07

    bagian yg paling menarik adalah tentang hubungan ibu dan anak souta mitsumine.