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Overseer Nicolas Wells had been coming to Mount Desert Island for ten summers to help build cottages for the rich and powerful. Despite his secrets, he had grown comfortable in the peaceful little island town, getting to know its inhabitants and even to consider some of them friends. The eleventh year, however, he arrived to startling news: the island's peace had been shatOverseer Nicolas Wells had been coming to Mount Desert Island for ten summers to help build cottages for the rich and powerful. Despite his secrets, he had grown comfortable in the peaceful little island town, getting to know its inhabitants and even to consider some of them friends. The eleventh year, however, he arrived to startling news: the island's peace had been shattered by a murder. At the request of the sheriff, Shawn Parnell, Nicolas agreed to hire Philip Hall, the local blacksmith and the probable next victim, in the hope that the secure construction site would be safer than his house in the village. He never expected the decision to lead to danger. Or to love....

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A Summer Place Reviews

  • JenMcJ
    2019-04-13 06:49

    I would say 3.5 if half stars were an option. This was a nice love story but it was a very slow story to me. I love Ariel's books but this one just never really picked up the pace. It had a small town - m o s e y - feel to it that I couldn't shake. The sex scenes were nice, not overly graphic but I could feel the passion between the two. There was a lot of interesting dynamics going on with the power exchange between the two strong men.The mystery was pretty easy to figure out. There were a few huh? moments regarding the killer but that wasn't the most important part anyway. The romance was front and center, it just took foreveh to get them together and comfortable. The small town flavor of the townfolk all rallying around the gay men and eventually the couple on their little island in the late 19th century was a bit far fetched too. So many just accepted it that it made it more like utopia and that in turn made it hard to suspend disbelief.

  • Ami
    2019-04-22 05:55

    Seriously, I am SO HAPPY that I read Tachna's later books and that this isn't my first book of hers. Because I didn't like the writing in this. I don't like multiple POVs in my romance, and this even involved POVs from a widow? Because she turned out to be the love interest for the sheriff? Yeah, what is that?!I also disliked the overuse of epithets in here, like "the overseer", "the young man", "the sheriff", or "the blacksmith". Really, reading epithets that describe one's occupation while having sex was WEIRD, example below...Philip had admitted it had been a long time since he had taken a lover the way he had accepted Nicolas, yet the overseer knew he and Reed had been lovers, which meant the blacksmith had to have been the dominant one in the relationship.So nope, this didn't work at all. I am struggling to find what I liked from it. I skimmed a lot! In heavy heart I had to settle with 2* for this.Read as entry for my Indonesian-MM reader group challenge

  • Lily
    2019-04-24 02:48

    3.5 starsThis book is a Historical set in the late 19th century and has a sweet romantic feel to it.As the story starts we're introduced to Nicolas Wells who is traveling from Boston to the small town of Bar Harbor where he will be overseeing the construction of a grand "cottage" for a rich client. When the ship finally arrives in Bar Harbor he's greeted by Shawn Parnell, the town's Sheriff, with an unusual request. There's been a murder in town and Shawn is worried that his friend may be the next victim.Philip Hall is the town blacksmith and is a quiet gentle man who up to a few days ago kept his homosexuality a secret. After a public fight with his cheating lover that's no longer a secret and worse still his lover's been murdered.Neither Nicolas nor Philip is particularly happy with Philip having to be looked after at the building site, Nicolas especially as he is still very much hiding his own homosexuality but for Philip's safety until the murderer is caught there's no choice.Philip fits in well with Nicolas' crew bosses and before long friendships are being formed including Philip's best friends from town who come on poker night. However, the danger continues to grow as more murder victims are found.Another complication is the attraction between Nicolas and Philip. Nicolas doesn't want his secret to come out and Philip is unsure if the overseer is even attracted to him but as time passes neither man can deny their feelings for the other. When they finally acknowledge them and things turn physical the scenes are well written, hot yet also quite sweet.The murder mystery aspect of the story while interesting was a bit too easy to solve as the identity of the killer was quite easy to guess. However I still enjoyed it and it allowed for some good scenes between Nicolas, Philip and Shawn.As with the other stories I've read by this author the book is very well written and although at times it seemed a bit too slow paced is quite an enjoyable story. I liked Nicolas and Philip and even when Nicolas sometimes annoyed me with his determination to keep his secret above all else, at least til the bitter end, I found both men interesting and believable characters. I also enjoyed the secondary characters and felt they added to the story and weren't just page fillers. I did find the fact that most of the town was accepting of Philip's homosexuality a bit far fetched for a small New England town in 1884 but overall the good in the story outweighed the couple of reservations I had.If you enjoy reading stories that feature solid writing, well developed and interesting characters and a good dose of romance along with the smexing this is the book for you.

  • Erastes
    2019-04-26 04:45

    There’s a sense of tension in the first chapter, with fog and a dangerous journey along the coast avoiding rocks, and I had great hopes. I particularly liked the cover, too – absolutely no reason in the world why a m/m historical should have anything on it to indicate what it is. I would, as a bit of advice to the publisher and author however, have made the m/m element a little clearer (or indeed clear!) in the blurb, it’s so veiled as to be almost invisible. On a personal level too, I would have liked a map – this story, set on an unfamiliar (to me) island in the Atlantic – seems to call out for a map. (I like maps…)Anyway – onward. Overseer Wells arrives on Island, and takes on the task of protecting known sodomite Philip from a man who has murdered his lover and seems likely to be targetting Philip (and maybe others) as punishment for his and their homosexuality. (As an aside, “homosexuality” as a word, didn’t exist in 1880…) And it was here that we ran into the the almost inevitable OKHomo, I’m afraid, most notably because it is actually the town’s sherrif who asks Wells to take Philip into his work-gang because: “he’s done nothing to warrant being locked up”I’m not an expert in American law, but I’m fairly sure that sodomy would have been illegal in Maine 1880? But the sherrif ignores the law, and the inhabitants of the island (mostly) seem fine and dandy with it, even the rough and tough tradesmen on the building site are with one small exception. Hell, I don’t think Maine is that accepting even today!That aside, it’s obviously well researched and well written, but I found the opening third quite dull. What bored me was the constant ogling the characters did for chapters on end. I would have actually been just as interested in reading about the building work, as well as the growing attraction between them but instead the main characters stare and ogle and lust after each other in a very angsty way “he’s beautiful, I mustn’t, he might not… I want…” for quite a long time, and it gets very repetitive. There are also repetitive sections in the dialogue too, which should have been edited out – Philip asks Wells if he’s married and how long he’s been the boss of the crewmen and he says no, and ten years – a couple of pages later, Philip asks the same questions to someone else.However, it does perk up, and what Tachna cleverly does is to set up a kind of Agatha Christie style murder mystery – insular and remote location with a limited cast list – but in order for this to work more effectively she needs suspects and there doesn’t appear to be anyone who isn’t OK with the homo, apart from one very obvious suspect (I’m not spoiling anyone here, it’s pointed out very clearly by the sherrif)There are inconsistencies in the facts of the cases too, – I won’t go into details but they are little niggles which stand out, especially if one is enjoying the crime elements and trying to solve it.But I’m being picky, and I’m being picky because this is a nicely written book, one of the better Romances I’ve read that has been written contemporarily and the author clearly has a lot of talent, and I enjoyed reading it despite its flaws. The sex scenes aren’t overdone, and are genuinely erotic rather than porny, although the story as a whole outstayed its welcome after the mystery was solved and could have been wrapped up earlier, dealing with the conflict that happens in the last 3 chapters more within the main body of the story, rather than after the denouement.If you liked Ruth Sims’ “The Phoenix” you’ll like this too, and I highly recommend it. I certainly will look forward to what Ms Tachna and Dreamspinner continue to create.

  • Reese
    2019-04-12 23:33

    Besides the fact that the pacing of this book was glacially slow, the main characters had no personality, the behavior of most of the secondary characters in such a historical setting was wildly and hilariously unbelievable, and the resolution to the murder plot was predictable and abrupt, I counted the following epithets multiple times:- the overseer- the blacksmith- the older man- the younger man- the blond- the dark-haired man- his loverOH MY GOD KILL THEM ALL WITH FIRE. Abuse of epithets is the worst. It's okay to keep using the characters' names. I PROMISE. I've read fanfiction written by teenagers that were more competently written than this book.

  • Eyre
    2019-04-14 00:38

    I enjoyed this story and liked the characters. I would have given it 4 stars, but there were times when I felt that people acted a bit out of character for people living during the time period in which it is set.

  • F.
    2019-03-30 03:58

    I enjoyed this read. Liked how both men were strong but managed to sort things out without too much angst. The mystery wasn't too hard to sort.4 stars

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-04-25 04:31

    Can I confess you something? When I was young I saw and re-saw the television fiction inspired by the journal of Laura Ingalls Wilder, about a family leaving in a farm near a little town. The period was the end of the nineteen century and every day I saw a tale of good feeling and love. All right, reading A Summer Place by Ariel Tachna I have had the feeling to see another episode in the fiction. She has a way to decipte the little community that reminds me the characters I have loved. The town sheriff, the widow, the bank's clerk, the owner of the store department... Only the town doctor is not of the crew to complete the cast! Philip is the 27 years old blacksmith of the town. He is homosexual. Not that he has claimed it loudly, but his last lover has dumped him in front of all the city to being murder some day after in a way only a homosexual could be. And now the town sheriff, and old friend of Philip, thinks he could be the next victim and ask Nicolas, an outlander who comes every summer to the island to overseeing the building of huge cottage for rich people, to hire Philip and takes him far away from the town. Nicolas agrees, even if he has some doubts: also him is homosexual, and has always hidden his sexual preferences during his summer work in the island. But being this near to the handsome blacksmith could be a problem, moreover when other victims are found and the two, Nicolas and Philip, are forced to live in the same house. I don't know about the strictly correctness of the setting, I only know that the feeling that has left me this novel is of a "thought" novel: it's not only a way to let us read of two men making sex. Really it could be a contemporary novel as a historical one, but I have liked the little glimpse Ariel Tachna has given us to this little community. Both Nicolas and Philip are strong characters, maybe Nicolas a little to dominant than Philip, but I think it's a right characteritation: a blackmith and a builder cannot be two magnolies...

  • Arthur
    2019-04-23 06:51

    A nice reading, but --unlike Ms. Tachna's other romance-- I didn't feel any strong chemistry between the MCs. Partly because they were boss & employee in a 24/7 work setting with other people around most of the time. (view spoiler)[It also has one plot device that I don't like: one MC saying hurtful things to other in order to 'save' the other person. Naturally, this leads to unnecessary break up. As it turned out, the strategy didn't work here. The choice of religious bigot as the villain also seems to take an easy path, as is having the whole town suddenly accepted gay lifestyle. Both fall to m/m cliche. The first one falls to religious people v. Gay people stereotype, the second one falls to unrealistic simplification -- given the time frame of the setting. (hide spoiler)]

  • Ana
    2019-03-28 01:57

    This book is a mixture of romance and suspense. The homicide investigation and the killer's way of escaping leaving no traces in his victims just added more excitement to everything. Besides the obvious difficulties of same sex relationships in the year of 1884, this couple has to deal with a murderer with a penchant for gay victims, being boss and employee, age difference and knowing that after the summer one of them is leaving. They do end up happy and together though. I think they both showed incredible strength and confidence. They managed to overcome all threats and difficulties and it was very nice see everything fall into place in their lives.

  • Misty
    2019-04-05 06:40

    ** 3.75 Stars **

  • Sheila
    2019-04-09 00:35

    Wonderful, professional writing. Sex scene not overdone or too vulgar. Fitting for the time frame.

  • Nightcolors
    2019-04-24 04:51

    3.5 stars.

  • Gaa-chan
    2019-04-26 06:41

    4.5 stars

  • E.T. Malinowski
    2019-04-14 07:56


  • Debbiedowner
    2019-04-18 00:45

    Competent, effective writing. Love how the author shows us the world of 1880s New England through the eyes of the characters and not historians.