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Leading writers and scholars examine what went wrong in California and how it can be fixed. All new original material solicited for this book about the continuing crisis in governing...

Title : Remaking California: Reclaiming the Public Good
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ISBN : 9781597141345
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 273 Pages
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Remaking California: Reclaiming the Public Good Reviews

  • Jon
    2018-12-28 16:22

    Great sourcebook for understanding a range of issues affecting California's government, including historical origins of each and possibilities for moving forward. Not all the analyses were top quality but the sum is greater than the whole of the parts.

  • Benjamin
    2018-12-29 14:32

    Remaking California gave a good overview of some of the biggest institutional problems in California government and politics. It discussed how these institutional problems cause gridlock in the process of legislating and forming public policy, and even in furthering, if not causing, voter apathy. Many reform proposals were introduced and given various levels of analysis. Though the range of reforms raised kept the analysis rather superficial. All in all, this book is a good primer on some of the fundamental problems in California governance and some possible reforms.

  • Ryan
    2018-12-24 09:25

    A great book filled with a variety of articles covering the gamut of the major problems California faces, and has faced for decades. If you live in California it can be a bit disheartening, because the book paints a bleak picture of a state that can't afford to go on, and has such a marginal chance of changing because voters have increasingly nuetered the governments ability to make the kind of sweeping changes that brought it to it's current predicament in the first place.

  • Victor
    2019-01-18 11:28

    Well written and well researched but as far as I'm concerned it only tells part of the california governance story. It is a book written by men who are from similar class and social backgrounds who framed the book from their specific perspective. There are many other Californias that they do not see much less understand. Those perspectives are missing from this critical discussion.

  • Jeff Schauer
    2019-01-17 14:39

    A good review of California's political structure, the problems therein, and some concrete solutions. A longer review:http://californiamwananchi.blogspot.c...

  • Mark Paul
    2019-01-12 10:36