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It Was Supposed to Be a Charade...With his big shoulders and bold ideas, Quinn Westin is hellbound to be the first governor of the newly-created state of Colorado. One obstacle stands in his way... the threat of scandal after his wife mysteriously runs off. But Westin has an audacious solution -- find a woman who is the spitting image of his vanished Miriam.They Weren't SuIt Was Supposed to Be a Charade...With his big shoulders and bold ideas, Quinn Westin is hellbound to be the first governor of the newly-created state of Colorado. One obstacle stands in his way... the threat of scandal after his wife mysteriously runs off. But Westin has an audacious solution -- find a woman who is the spitting image of his vanished Miriam.They Weren't Supposed to Fall in Love.After 5 years in prison, Lily Dale finally wins her freedom...for a price. Under Westin's smoldering gaze, Lily slowly transforms from a rough frontier woman to the polished beauty fit for the arm -- but never the bed -- of a future governor. Never, that is, until Westin's searing touch overcomes her growing suspicions about her predecessor's true fate... and until hot, whispered words dangerously defy his carefully-written script.Setting: Colorado Territory, late 1800s Sensuality: 7 Lily Dale is no lady. In fact, she's spent the past five years in Yuma Women's Prison for aiding and abetting a holdup. Men have been her downfall her whole life, and when she's unexpectedly paroled from prison her only goal is to return to Missouri and to her 6-year-old daughter. But someone has pulled the strings to get Lily released from jail, and that someone wants a favor in return, namely her cooperation in impersonating another woman for the next seven months. The woman a politician named Kazinsky wants her to impersonate is none other than Marian Westin, the missing wife of Colorado candidate-for-Governor, Quinn Westin. Stunned, Lily refuses but quickly learns that Quinn won't take no for an answer. Compelled to cooperate by both the threat of returning to jail and the promise of a new life for her and her daughter in Europe, Lily reluctantly agrees and begins intensive lessons acting out the role of the mysterious Mrs. Westin. Lily is quickly drawn to Quinn with an overwhelming attraction that is returned by the influential man. Despite the knowledge that Lily must disappear in seven months while Quinn goes on to govern Colorado, the two find themselves giving in to their growing love. Lily Dale is a woman of courage and conviction, an out-of-the-ordinary heroine--a Maggie Osborne trademark. Quinn Westin is a hero powerful enough to balance Lily's strength and clever enough to value her wisdom. Combine Lily and Quinn with an entertaining plot, a dash of mystery, and plenty of steamy romance, and the result is a novel not to be missed.--Lois Faye Dyer...

Title : A Stranger's Wife
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A Stranger's Wife Reviews

  • Lynsey A
    2019-04-07 03:52

    Oh, this book had so much potential. It was a great idea for a story but I couldn't stand some of the characters and at one time wanted to punch the hero in the face for being an idiot. Then for the Jane Eyre-esque like truth about the wife - hidden upstairs, gone mad over the death of her baby - and the lack of trust between the hero and the heroine, I just wanted to throw this dang book against the wall! I've never felt so frustrated before.Lily Dale was actually a character I liked in the novel. she made foolish decisions in life but paid for them by going to prison and losing out on 5 years of her daughter's life. She made the best of what she was being asked to do, portraying another woman. I wasn't even upset with her for doubting Quinn, the man she loved because I doubted him too! At times he was a great hero, so loving and romantic to Lily. At other times I thought he was a murderer and a cruel bast**d. I absolutely hated the best friend, Paul. Yet, in the end Lily is writing to him as "Dearest Paul". His character just wasn't written in a way where I could like him. He seemed sneaky and deceitful and unethical as well. I truly thought he had "disposed" of Miriam (the wife) or gotten "rid" of her. Now, "disposed of" and "get rid of" are phrases that don't have the best connentation. What else was Lily, and the reader, supposed to think. Those two phrases were used a lot to describe Miriam and Lily. That just made me highly dislike Paul. I think we were supposed to like him but for me the character was way too poorly written for me to like him.The fact that Quinn gave up his spot in the election for governor helped a bit but he still bothered me with his attitude towards Lily, especially after he knew he loved her. I was glad that he dropped out of the race and I loved he had Lily's daughter, Rose, brought to her but I still am not very fond of him.I also thought it was ridiculous that little Rose decided she was going to marry "uncle Paul" when she grew up. Maybe if I actually liked Paul I would have found that cute but I didn't.I did like the epilogue where Lily writes to Paul and we learn about their other children and Quinn's life as a lawyer to the people in Italy. This story was an interesting one and it kept me turning the page but it could've been so much better if the characters of Paul and Quinn were better presented. They took this book down from a 3 star to a 2 especially with their attitude to Lily at the end (which was kind of anti-climactic especially as I knew what the actual truth was about Miriam).I have a couple of other Maggie Osborne books to read. I hope they are more enjoyable than this one. It wasn't the first of hers I've read but it was probably the one I enjoyed the least all in thanks to the two male leads.

  • Valeria
    2019-04-19 06:56

    Queridas amigas/os lectores las dos estrellas que estrellan esta lectura fueron proporcionadas a razón de que había comenzado tan bien y termino descarrilando y matando cualquier tipo de calidad y buena fe en la novela.Maggie Osborne suele ser una escritora que crea novelas románticas con humor, pasión y trama envolvente. Esta fue la lamentable excepción, híbrido bastardo de Rebecca por Daphne du Maurier y Marnie dirigida por Hitchcock. Sumamente predecible y de a momentos los personajes necesitan ser proporcionados unos soplamocos. Lo mas triste de todo es que podría haber leído otro libro en su lugar.

  • Jacqueline
    2019-04-19 05:36

    I wasn't as pleased with this book as I was with the others I've read by this author. The story was interesting enough I guess. It mostly dealt with the Pygmalian type make over of a rough ex con woman in the old west into a society matron. The love story part was underwhelming. I didn't really feel any emotion from the two of them. The characterization was not real deep for any of them. Oh well could have been better but it also could have been worse.

  • Mary23nm
    2019-04-26 10:38

    This is not a book with universal appeal and I didn't think I was going to like it. The "romance" isn't really the main part of the story, but it was so well written and interesting. I gave it 4 stars.

  • Tina
    2019-04-24 04:52

    I didn't love, love this book the way I have with the other Maggie Osborne books I've read. In fact, I found myself skimming a little bit in the last few chapter.The premise is very interesting. Lily Dale has been in prison for five years for being an accomplice to a bank robbery where her gun discharged and killed a man. A women's prison in Yuma,AZ in the 1800s with a male warden and guards had to be a hellish place. The author clearly lays out some of the hardships that Lily had to endure but alluded to worse.An early pardon for Lily is engineered by a powerful man. That man is Quinn Westin. Quinn's wife has disappeared and her disappearance is having a deleterious effect on Quinn's campaign. But Lily is a dead ringer for Quinn's missing wife, Miriam. So Quinn and his campaign manager Paul has a proposition for Lily. Impersonate Miriam and after the election retire to a life of ease in Europe, or get thrown back in prison for another several years.Although the charade will delay Lily getting back to her daughter whom she hasn't seen since she was a baby, Lily takes the Faustian bargain. But Quinn gets more than he bargained for. While Lily may look a lot like the genteel, shy Miriam, she is completely different. Lily is no shrinking wallflower. And the mysterious disappearance of Miriam Westin has Lily asking a lot of questions.There were two main things I really liked about this book. The first was the writing. This author is one that writes a tight, emotional story. Her characters have incredible depth and her plots are very well executed. Quinn and Lily fall in love convincingly and yet the author doesn't give short shrift to their complications. The characterizations and the plot were well layered over and around each other.The second is Lily. Lily was a dynamic character that kind of reminded me a little bit of Jenny Jones from The Promise of Jenny Jones only not as hardened as Jenny. Even as Lily gets polish, she continuously struggles not to lose herself in the skin of another woman. A woman whose clothes she wears, whose house she lives in, whose mannerisms she mimics, and whose husband she is falling in love with. Lily fights to keep herself as Lily all the while she slips deeper into this woman's life. Quinn and Paul don't tell her the whole truth, only giving her the information about Miriam that they think she'll need to impersonate the woman. Only that is not enough for Lily who constantly questions and them about Miriam, instinctively knowing she wasn't getting the whole story. Lily is the opposite of TSTL. She remains skeptical and makes smart assumptions.But for all that, there was a sluggishness to the book. I didn't fly through the pages, and at one point I just wanted the get the whole mystery of Miriam out in the open already.Also, I did not in any way like the manipulation of Lily and the blackmail by the two main male characters. And finally, I thought there was an unconvincing 11th hour redemption of a character. Their personality and character arc seems to have one trajectory throughout the book and then, boom, in the last chapter it seemed to take an abrupt turn.

  • Nidofito
    2019-04-04 05:40

    Once the H/h fell in love with each other the story became a little too sappy for me. The justification for Quinn and Paul's actions and their peculiar way of stating certain things was just not enough for me and it was disappointing that the story couldn't maintain its momentum till the end. I disliked the final piece regarding Miriam's disappearance. I know it's a romance and love is supposed to be all that one needs but I wish things had ended up a little differently. I can't help but dislike Quinn a little bit for coming out of it all fine while one woman wasted her life away in despair and the other molded herself into someone he would approve of.

  • Meg Mims
    2019-03-27 06:45

    I didn't care for the premise of this book as well as her other books, but it was an entertaining read.

  • Marilyn
    2019-03-29 11:58

    This book is different from Osborne's usual fare in that it's a suspense/mystery.

  • Natalija
    2019-04-26 03:52

    DNF at 46%

  • Jane Stewart
    2019-04-17 06:29

    It had romantic ingredients, but could have used something more with characters, dialogue, and plot.STORY BRIEF:Quinn is hellbound to be the first governor of the newly created state of Colorado. His wife Miriam mysteriously runs off/disappears. His campaign manager Paul searches for a woman who looks identical to his wife to take her place. Without his wife, Quinn cannot win voters who expect a family man.Lily is a rough frontier woman who cusses and drinks whiskey. She’s been in prison for five years because her boyfriend talked her into helping him commit a crime. She has a five-year-old daughter who is being raised by her aunt. After Paul sees Lily, he arranges for her to be pardoned. In return he wants her to impersonate Miriam for six months until after the election. He will then give her enough money to raise her child comfortably in Europe. If Lily does not agree, Paul will return her to jail, so she agrees. She learns how to be a lady, changing her speech, manners, and actions.REVIEWER’S OPINION:The premise is a little hard to believe – that one would actually search the prisons in different states looking for a look-a-like clone back in the 1800s. Maybe today with the help of plastic surgery one might hope to pull it off. But this is fiction, so I’m willing to go along with it if the rest is entertaining. But the rest was ordinary, with some weaknesses. I liked the transformation of Lily into a lady. I liked the falling in love by Quinn and Lily. There was one nicely done passionate sex scene. I did NOT feel “I wish it would be over,” which would have taken it to 2 stars.The weaknesses were not major, but they existed. Lily jumped to conclusions too quickly, getting mad about some things. There was too much repetitive pondering by Lily, wondering what happened to Miriam, and worrying about what was going on. Quinn’s secretiveness did not make sense after a while. The plot didn’t win me over. It might have been ok if it was developed differently.DATA:Story length: 362 pages. Swearing language: mild, including religious swear words. Sexual language: mild. Number of sex scenes: 3 (one passionate kissing scene, one sex scene, and one sex scene referred to not shown). Total number of sex scene pages: 7. Setting: 1876 to 1881 New Mexico Territory, Colorado Territory, Italy. Copyright: 1999. Genre: western historical romance.

  • Charlie
    2019-04-12 06:52

    This book, like other Osborne books, had a very strong female protagonist, Lily Dale. What I liked most about her character was that she was down-to-earth and unlike some other heroines in the genre she wasn't headstrong to the point of annoyance, instead she learned and grew as a character.My favourite character was Quin. He seemed a sound leader even if the issues he was fighting for as a candidate for governor were written in a way so as to please the reader. I honestly believe he could have made a change which is why the ending of the book is so dissatisfying.It doesn't seem to me that life works like that. Even in a different place they would have been judged and assessed and someone would have linked something to their past. But I didn't want to throw the book against the wall at any point or throttle the characters, so I guess that's good.

  • Tressa
    2019-03-31 08:48

    I liked A Stranger's Wife primarily because of Lily. She's a very strong character navigating through what life has thrown her way. I also liked the setting. I did think that the ending was abrupt. The story was definitely inspired by a classic, which I won't name as it would give away the mystery.

  • Hafiza
    2019-04-15 11:41

    Wow!Romantic suspense Historical romanceWesternGothicPygmalionSmoking hot sexual tension The last 15% of the book went down hill with a quick wrap up but the first part was suspenseful and unputtdownable

  • Michele
    2019-04-22 03:36

    Maggie Osborne does not disappoint in this novel. Her characters are exceed lay complex and real. The story progresses evenly building tension slowly. The denouement is worth the wait. What a lovely rich story.

  • Beatriz Valle
    2019-04-02 11:56

    3,5 stars, not bad but not as brilliant as always; quite boring her thoughts... and the end? wtf? where is his proposal?

  • MBR
    2019-03-28 08:58

    A romance that contains a subject matter that some may not like. But Maggie Osborne makes it work with her undeniable charm.My review:

  • Kira
    2019-04-22 06:57

    It's interesting to read something about the heroine looks like the hero's wife/gf and pretending to be married BUT...I can't say I like this book or not. It's just ok.