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England, 1810: When Lady Gabriella Banning receives word that her half-brother, the Earl of Wickham, has died on his tea plantation in Ceylon, she faces the reality that she and her younger sisters, Claire and Elizabeth, are suddenly penniless. The family's riches will pass to the next male heir -- a distant cousin -- and the Banning sisters are doomed unless Gabby thinksEngland, 1810: When Lady Gabriella Banning receives word that her half-brother, the Earl of Wickham, has died on his tea plantation in Ceylon, she faces the reality that she and her younger sisters, Claire and Elizabeth, are suddenly penniless. The family's riches will pass to the next male heir -- a distant cousin -- and the Banning sisters are doomed unless Gabby thinks fast. Which she does. Pretending that Marcus is still alive, Gabby arranges beautiful Claire's London season. She'll keep up the pretense just long enough for Claire to marry a fabulously wealthy nobleman. But when a handsome gentleman arrives at the door and claims to be Marcus, Gabby's plan backfires. For if she exposes this mysterious stranger's deceit, she exposes her own. Bound by secrets and lies, Gabby and the roguish adventurer strike sparks off each other -- and soon London society is abuzz over the scandalous pair of "siblings" who appear to be falling in love.... With this beautifully rendered romance, bestselling author Karen Robards begins a sweeping series about three unforgettable sisters poised to take the ton by storm....

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Scandalous Reviews

  • Shelly
    2018-11-06 03:36

    For my first book ever by Karen Robards, I think I started off with a good one! It's defintely different from any other regency romance in style and the premise, but once it got to the part where Gabriella makes her personal bargain with the devil, to pretend Marcus, her absent brother, is not really dead, and decides to take things as far as she can, I was hooked, and instantly adored Gabriella! It's exactly what I would have done! This story is a great example of making best lemonade out of lemons, and devil be damned. Everyone thinks of Gabriella in a slight way, she's a woman, she's disadvantaged because of her lack of fortune, disabled because of her leg, pitied because of the awful way her father treated her, but she doesn't really view herself as less than. She's got guts and spunk, but not too much that makes her obnoxious.The premise of the story, Marcus is murdered, and his friend, later to be revealed as Nick, takes over as Marcus to try and 'smoke' the killer out, only to realize that Marcus' sisters come to London at the same time, pretending the same rouse so that Gabriella can help get her sister Katherine married off hopefully before anyone finds out the real Marcus is dead, and they are homeless. Meanwhile, Nick-pretending-to-be-Marcus and Gabriella are falling in love, only everyone thinks they are brother and sister!! Scandalous to be sure! I really like Nick throughout, although it was hard for me to love him, until the very end. It's a difficult character-type to pull off, and I think it was done fairly well. To have a hero assume the identity of a dead man and parade around London, while trying to show a romance between the hero and heroine, without giving away too many details as to why he's parading around as the dead man until the end to make it a cliffhanger and mini mystery, I don't think much could be improved upon in this case. It's to be commended for taking such a tangle-ridden hero and making him seem a sane person without confusing the readers or making him look like a fool.Things I didn't like:- Jim, the stable groom, or whatever he was. The only other person who knew about the secret besides Gabriella, Nick and his valet. Yes, he seemed a fatherly sort to her, but he still was her servant, not her equal. He was too opininated, and kept beating a dead horse, we got it, he didn't like Nick. And the fact that Gabby had to ask him several times to do things, when if he truly was her servant, should not have happened. If they were closer, that relationship wasn't really show to hold up the way he talked to her.- The sisters. I can't really say I'm excited to read about Claire or Beth at all, particularly Beth. Yes, Claire is this outstanding beauty but she's as timid as they come, and for a girl of 19, to be at odds so often with Beth, seems very immature. And Beth seems especially inconsiderate to me. There's a scene where Gabby walks in and sees Beth laying casually across Marcus/Nick's bed, and tells her, even if he is her brother, her posture and decorum should be more refined, and Beth basically ignores her, blows her off. Later on in that same scene, she practically calls Gabby lame (as in disabled) and Claire points out how hurtful that is to Gabby, her response is to basically say, well, it's true. I will read/listen to the books, but I may not love the sisters. Hopefully they will get better.Things I loved:- Gabriella! She's a girl after my own heart!- The gruff Aunt Augusta, I hope she's in the rest of the series! It would be neat to see her find a companion too!- The unusual premise (at least unusual to me) I love different plot lines, which is hard to do in Regency.- That Nick got Gabriella to dance!!! Who doesn't love to be danced and romanced by a sexy man, even if he is supposed to be your brother?I would definitely read this again (I actually listened to the audio), and the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because of the sisters, and it was a little on the light side, would have loved a little more depth, but still highly enjoyable and highly recommended.

  • Lisa Jo
    2018-10-19 05:25

    Gabriella Banning has been faced with the most unappealing dilemma. She just received word that her half-brother Marcus, the Earl of Wickham has been killed. The Earldom will pass to their cousin Thomas who will surely push Gabby and her two sisters out onto the streets and of course, Gabby’s sister Claire will not have her debut season. Taking a huge risk, Gabby rushes her sisters off to London pretending her half-brother is still alive and well. She figures all she has to do is achieve an advantageous marriage for her sister and when the truth about the Earl is finally revealed, it will no longer matter if her sister is spoken for.What she doesn’t expect is for her half-brother to welcome her when they arrive in London. Even though she only saw her half-brother once many years ago, Gabby is suspicious immediately and knows this man pretending to be her half-brother certainly cannot be him! But this impostor has his own agenda. He plans to play the role of the Earl while he determines which person really killed his friend Marcus and why. Gabby and “Marcus” confront each other about their individual schemes and agree to remain silent about their treachery. Now that they know the truth about one another, they can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. Worried about the uproar they would cause if the truth is revealed, the real scandal is how close these two ‘siblings’ have become...Okay...I try to be fairly mature and dignified about my reviews, but I have to get it out... “SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Ok, my squee of delight is over...but I had to do it. Simply because I LOVED this novel! What a true and utter delight Scandalous is! It is the perfect historical romance with a tender and touching story about two individuals that are so perfect for one another yet can’t seem to realize it.Gabby was splendid! She was innocent and scared at the beginning of this novel, but her love for her sister forces her to face issues and make decisions that display true courage. The deceit this charade requires is a difficult pill to swallow for a naive young lady like Gabby, but when worst comes to worst, she sticks out her chin and overcomes the worst dilemmas. It was adorable and amusing to read. Still, her insecurities were always prominent in her mind and the inner struggles she faced believing she was unlovable were delicate moments that any woman can relate to. She was a martyr for her sisters, but not in a flamboyant or outrageous way. Her actions were often unnoticed and no matter what the consequences, she always kept the smile on her face. She was everything a heroine ought to be.And of course there is “Marcus.” He came onto the pages as a cad, a ruthless libertine, but Gabby is an easy distraction. There were parts is this novel that made me constantly change my opinion about him. Some parts were charming, other parts revealed slight rakish behavior, but I feel that is what made the ending all that more amazing. He is certainly conflicted by the feelings he has for Gabby, but also wants to find Marcus’ killer. His journey is not an easy one. While the book was nearly perfect on all accounts, I would have loved to hear the story from his perspective just a little bit more. Maybe Robards didn’t do that because his identity was kept a secret for most of the book, but there were plenty of times I wished to know what he was thinking!I have read a few novel by Robards, but never one that I have enjoyed as much as this. The description in the first few chapters was overwhelming and it really worried me, but the novel easily picked up after the first forty pages or so. There was hardly a time that I wanted to put the novel down, it was just that fascinating! What appealed to me the most were the characters. While Robards can hook you into whatever world she creates, it was her characters in this case that wouldn’t let go. You will care about them, appreciate their struggles and remember then long after the book has concluded. I don’t believe I’ve ever wanted a couple to have a happily ever after more than I did with these two characters. It was beautifully written, it was compelling, it was nearly perfect. A definite keeper for this reader!Overall Rating: 5/5Heat Level: 4/5Lisa @ Once Upon A Chapter

  • Ana Maria
    2018-10-17 00:27

    A mí me gustó, en general.La parte romántica me pareció excelente: el acercamiento que tienen los protas que son muy atípicos, son primero enemigos, luego cómplices y después viene la tensión sexual y después lo demás.Pero la trama me pareció como apenas esbozada, no muy desarrollada. Él es un impostor, se hace pasar por el Conde hermano de las chicas que fue asesinado en Ceylán. Pero las razones por la que lo hace se aclaran recién al final, en un pif paf: él se va tres días por un asunto y vuelve con todo resuelto y lo explica en una escena y listo. Me parece que podría haber tenido un desarrollo mejor, qué es lo que va investigando por ej...Pero, lo importante, el romance está rebueno

  • Nisha
    2018-11-05 01:28

    Scandalous is indeed scandalous as the name suggests. When Gabby decides to pretend that her half-brother had not died in Ceylon, leaving her and her 2 unmarried sisters destitute, she does not imagine a darkly attractive man to stand in as his impostor. Less did she expect that she would be loosening her morals for a taste of his pleasure. Posing as Wickham, Nick is searching for the man behind the murder of the real Wickham, but after teaming up to perpetuate the charade and spending time in Gabby's presence, it becomes real hard to ignore the charms of his "sister". Now, is there any more scandalous than the whole ton witness the pair of supposed siblings fall in love?The H/H start off as enemies and then partners in crime, until they finally start caring. It was an intriguing plot. but very unlikely both because you can't cover up a death so easily and because no decent woman goes to the lengths Gabby takes to ensure her sister's futures.Nick was a nameless blackguard for most of the book and we never really get to figure out what he's thinking - a drawback in this case, because it took me until the end to endear to the hero. Character histories are slow to surface, making them seem like they appeared as an afterthought. The heroine has a lame leg, a physical flaw not often mentioned of a heroine. The heroine's father is such a DB. I wish he was alive to beat up. I really enjoyed reading this and I would recommend this to anyone who reads HR. Its a light read, with a very minor mystery plot. There is a few bits of angst on the heroine's part (about her physique and age), which I think I actually enjoyed.

  • Sombra
    2018-10-17 01:41

    En realidad es 3,5 pero la trama ha empezado con una idea muy original y me ha gustado la forma en que la autora la ha llevado a cabo. La primera parte del libro es más emocionante que la primera para mi gusto, más que nada porque cuando los protagonistas ya empiezan a estar juntos es todo un poco más tópico y sabes lo que va a pasar. Aún así, es una historia muy bonita y se lee rápido.El único "pero" sería el final, ya que todo se soluciona demasiado rápido para ellos, pero por una sorpresa añadida de la autora, tampoco es un "pero" muy duro.

  • Georgina Parkin
    2018-10-26 01:37

    2.5 stars.So I'm one of those people who doesn't like historicals that are written like historicals. The phrases always stop me enjoying what's going on, which seems like such a silly thing, but being confused or unsure of something usually ruins a reading experience for me, especially if it's constant. This was full of things like 'jaundiced eye' and 'five and twenty' - although Gabby says thirty-three when explaining Marcus/Nick so whatever - so it became a bit confusing with old mixed with new and I really didn't like it.I didn't like either protagonist. He bribed her to kiss him to save her sister from his rakish ways, and even though he had no intention he clearly knew she thought he did, so instead of putting her at ease he preys on her innocence. I don't usually mind that in books, but seeing him explain himself gave me the creeps at times, and I felt the end conflict of the book was just thrown in like wow here's your bad guy and all is fixed. It was just silly,

  • Ruth
    2018-10-30 02:27

    A great read in lots of ways: believable hero and heroine, thrilling story and well-written. The heroine is not the usual, perfect beauty, but has a cracking character, which really appeals to me. The story, although it sounds slightly daft, actually works really well, and the prose is very well-written, and fills out the details of the story without being tedious at all. A keeper.

  • Desi
    2018-11-12 04:30

    Leído en Octubre de 2009Una historia bonita, que se lee rápido... nada del otro mundo pero es entretenida!!

  • Nyra
    2018-11-09 03:38

    Hola mis queridos lectores! Espero que estén pasándolo bien en estas fiestas y San Nicolás o el Niño Jesús les hayan dejado muchos regalos debajo del árbol, ya estamos a solo horas de que el año finalice, este año ha sido muy gratificante. En mi caso he pasado el tiempo en alegría con mis sobrinos, extrañando a los seres queridos que ya no están y compartiendo con los que afortunadamente aun están con nosotros. Desde este lugar les hago llegar mis mejores deseos para este nuevo año 2012. Esta es mi última reseña por este año y me da algo de nostalgia y expectativa a la vez por el que ya comienza, la meta es seguir haciendo las cosas cada vez mejor para todos ustedes. En cuanto a la reseña actual la puedo catalogar como un libro muy bueno, me gustó más de lo que pensaba y pase un rato agradable puesto que está ambientado en la Inglaterra de 1810, que aún permanecía bajo el reinado de Guillermo VII. Como ya les he comentado anteriormente, me encanta la historia y justo ahora comencé a estudiarla, probablemente en el futuro los personajes que tengo en mi cabeza desde hace años, los ambiente en esa época tan lejana pero fascinante. La sinopsis esta bastante acertada en el resumen de lo que trata la historia por eso no les diré como se desarrolla todo, es ideal en este caso puntualizar los rasgos más interesantes del libro La trama no es nada complicada, es una caja de misterios, con una historia de amor bastante novedosa (él no es bueno ni trata de serlo, ella es coja y no se hace la sufrida insistentemente ni mucho menos una dama lastimera) en su trasfondo posee ciertos aspectos que le dan una buena puntuación en mi opinión, por ejemplo el primer encuentro de los protagonistas, en donde él (falso Wickham) no pretendió quedar impactado, pasmado, ni nada similar; no se parece a los protagonistas de las historias románticas que alguna vez he leído por ahí, al contrario, la consideró bastante corriente y de manera poco convencional le hace vida cotidiana de cuadritos, le crispa los nervios, le roba la paciente tranquilidad de siempre y literalmente la saca de sus casillas . Tal vez se preguntarán, porque considero este poco halagador aspecto algo importante en la historia. Sencillo, porque es capa por capa que la verdadera belleza de nuestra protagonista se da a conocer, eso me resultó encantador y un punto a favor, que ubica esta novela fuera del molde.Gabby por su parte, noble y dama de cuna, no se preocupa tanto de su futuro como el de sus hermanas. Es una luchadora y superviviente, su dolencia física no es más que un evento desafortunado que le ocasionó el desprecio paterno, asumió las responsabilidad para con sus hermanas de manera firme, hasta que su hermano muere y se ve en la necesidad de defenderse de un desconocido hombre que la tienta como nunca lo hizo nadie, haciéndola más consciente de eso que sabe que le falta pero que cree de alguna manera no poder tener; esta por otro lado el asunto de que el falso Wickham pueda ser un criminal, tramposo y peligroso, un hombre del que no se puede fiar. Esto pone a Gabby una vez más, en una situación que la obliga a guardar las apariencias y cubrir las falsedades a su alrededor por el bien de sus queridas hermanas. Puede decirse que es un romance definitivamente distinto, dos personalidades distintas, fuertes y apasionadas que luchan por salir con el corazón ileso y fracasando en ese cometido, de manera estrepitosa. Robards tiene una manera de escribir impecable, no solo en describir acertadamente a sus personajes sino también en el desarrollo y composición de la obra, sin caer en cursilerias, ni frases trucadas nos recrea una trama digna de ser leída. Puedo decir, que el libro vale la pena leerlo, es fascinantemente contradictorio al amor convencional y eso es fabuloso para los que amamos los buenos giros en un libro. Espero leerme toda la serie, pues todas las hermanas Banning tienen su rasgo particula, me encantara leer a fondo sus personajesFRAGMENTO:—¿Quien eres? Supongo que tendrás una identidad propia. Exijo que me lo digas. Y lo que te propones al hacerte pasar por mi hermano. Aparte de vivir como un marajá. Durante unos momentos se miraron en silencio. Cuando él respondió, lo hizo con tono casi indiferente.— No veo ningún motivo que me obligue a revelarte nada sobre mi persona.Sus lánguidas palabras enfurecieron a Gabby.—Eres un canalla. —No tengo inconveniente en reconocerlo — respondió él con un tono que hizo que Gabby se pusiera a temblar de indignación. —Te exijo que dejes en paz a Claire.Él emitió una carcajada y meneó la cabeza como si se sintiera muy asombrado. —¡Que ferocidad la tuya, Gabriella!. No puedes atemorizarme para que me aleje de tu hermana, como bien sabes, pero es posible que puedas sobornarme para conseguirlo.

  • Sumando Libros
    2018-10-28 00:24

    Hola a Todos!!!PRIMERA vez que leo una novela histórica-romántica... de Karen Robards jejejej no es la primera que leo una, de hecho me gustan, son mi placer culpable pero tampoco leo cualquier libro con portada victoriana, intento ser selectiva ya que hay un millón de autores de este estilo y se corre el peligro de caer en un bodrio total.De Robards he leído otros libros por la misma razón elegí este libro dentro de las novedades de Ediciones B, y lo pasé bien leyéndolos, trataban de suspenso-conspiración con romance así que eran amenos, entretenidos y lo mismo me pasó con este libro, aunque debo agregar y destaco que me pasa con TODOS los libros que tratan de condes, duques, marqueses y lo que se les ocurra de este estilo... me da una terrrible verguenzaaaaaaa leerlos en la calle xD, de hecho lo sacó del bolso/cartera/mochila, casi casi escondida con mucho cuidado para que nadie note lo que tengo en la mano, e incluso intento colocar la portada de forma paralela al suelo para que nadie le preste atención jejejej como dije, es mi placer culpable!!! lo mas sano para estos casos sería usar una cubierta para libros, así no me arruinaría el cuello y leería tranquila xDOtra cosa que me pasa con estos libros es... que me niego completamente a imaginar ciertas vestimentas jejeje, odio, ODIO, cuando el libro está emplazado en la época de 'calzas/calzones' de hombres, eso es entre 1400-1800, prefiero imaginarlos (solo en el caso masculino) casi con vestimenta actual (un poco raro) pero me da repelus imaginarlos con calzas.. sobre todo cuando hablan de los varoniles que son xDVolviendo al libro, es una trilogía, se llama: Las Hermanas Banning y obviamente cada libro trata de una, la primera historia va de Gabby, quien trata desesperadamente de cuidar de sus hermanas una vez que se entera de que casi casi esta a punto de quedar en la calle, así que sin saberlo hace un pacto con el diablo :P disfruté mucho de la relación entre el supuesto Marcus y Gabby, que frente a todo el mundo son hermanos pero nada mas lejos de la verdad, me gusta la actitud de Gabriela de no dejarse amedrentar por nadie independiente de si se considera una solterona porque (tiene 25 y no se ha casado) y porque es 'coja' debido a un accidente de niña...*Algo que siempre da risa de leer.. es cuando hablan de las solteronas porque pasaron de los 20 sin casarse... aunque por otro lado tampoco deberíamos reírnos considerando la taza de mortalidad de la época.Volviendo al libro, las otras protagonistas son Claire y Beth, las hermanas menores de Gabby, de ambas la que sin dudas tengo muchas ganas de leer es a Beth=Elisabeth, Claire se me hace insulsa y por lo que anduve averiguando por medio de reseñas... no creo alejarme mucho de la verdad. Los libros son independientes así que se podrían leer sin problemas de forma saltada, obviamente no es la idea pero se puede y ahí tiene un punto a su favor.La historia no la encuentro 'Novedosa' ni nada por el estilo, de hecho me recordó mucho a otra saga de hermanos que también pertenece a Ediciones B pero de la autora Lisa Kleypas: Los Hathaway, donde también la historia de la hermana mayor me pareció sin dudas la mejor.Como dije no suelo reseñar muchos libros de Romantica de este estilo, casi siempre porque son libros que compro por las mías y leo casi de forma escondida jejeje pero no por ello los dejaría de recomendar :P de hecho podría hacer un especial de los mejores libros de época que he leído (y tengo) :P trataré de hacerlo en unas semanas.Espero que puedan leerlos :D

  • Amanda Ryan
    2018-11-08 04:34

    This was my first read by Karen Robards. Scandalous is the first in a trilogy about The Banning Sisters, three girls who all share the same father but different mothers. The first installation is about Gabriella, the eldest. She’s a take-charge kind of woman, filling the shoes of their parental figures (dad is dead, may the heathen rest in peace; mom(s) are deceased as well) and taking care of her younger siblings. She commits herself to securing a coming-out for her next oldest sister, Claire, and writes to her half-brother, Marcus, the Earl of Wickham, for his permission to take the family to London. Marcus receives the letter and agrees, but he’s suddenly shot dead on his tea plantation in Ceylon. Gabriella’s servant returns to her with news of their brother’s untimely demise as well as his letter of agreement, and Gabriella is faced with a dilemma – if she announces the news of her brother’s death the earldom will pass to their stuffy, cruel cousin; but if she hides the news she can take her sisters to London and secure a future for Claire. Gabriella decides to take a gamble, and they pack up their things and set off to London. Gabby keeps the secret of Marcus’s death between herself and her servant. You can only imagine her shock and mortification upon arriving in London to find the Earl of Wickham in residence. You know, because HE’S DEAD. “Marcus” is, in fact, an imposter and he senses upon first meeting his “sisters” that Gabby knows that something is amiss. What Gabby doesn’t know, though, is that pseudo-Marcus is on the hunt for Real-Marcus’s killer, and he assumed the Earl’s identity in hopes of luring the murderer out into the open.The great thing about Gabby is she has a hell of a temper. And Pseudo-Marcus, hereon referred to as “PM” is a bit of a pompous ass. The banter between the two is funny. Objects fly, including bullets. Of course PM and Gabby fall for each other, but they have to tread carefully because everyone around them sees them as brother and sister. And we all know how “Flowers in the Attic” THAT is.Scandalous was a fun read. It wasn’t one that will stick with me, but I did have a good time reading it. Robards has a conversation-like writing style with her descriptions. I liked that the three Banning sisters were each their own woman, all three encompassing completely different personalities. The most recent release of Robards’ was Shameless, the story of the youngest Banning sister, Elizabeth. I’ll probably pick it up some time in the future, but I’m in no rush to do so. Mandi over at Smexy Books recently reviewed it.What I loved about this book: Gabby is feisty. She throws things. She shoots people. It’s fantastic.What I didn’t like: The virgin premise gets a bit old for me, and this case was no exception. It was well played, however.Rating: C+

  • BookMaven
    2018-11-16 03:23

    How could such a great plot end up so lacking?Lady Gabriella Banning has just found out that her half-brother, Marcus, the Earl of Wickham, has died on his tea plantation in Ceylon. His will left no provisions for Gabriella, and her two sisters, Claire and Beth. Their only hope to avoid being put out on the streets would be for them to pretend that Marcus was still alive. This would give them a chance to give Claire a season in London. Claire making an advantageous marriage would save the three sisters from certain poverty. Just as that decision was made, a man claiming to be their brother, Marcus, showed up at his London townhouse. Claire had only seen her half-brother once, and her sisters had never seen him. Could this really be their brother, despite the news of his demise?The plot sounded fabulous! I have to agree with another reviewer, the best part of this book is the blurb on the cover trying to get you to read the book. The plot begins quite interestingly the first 5% of the book, and then we get 85% of the book taking place almost exclusively in their adjoining bedrooms. How many noble brothers and sisters had adjoining rooms? And the small amount of action in the bedrooms was not passionate until the last 10% of the book. The plot was not developed at all until the very end. This author spent chapters and chapters on the minutiae of daily life in a Regency household and the H and h's thoughts. Almost all character development and furthering of the plot was done at the very abrupt end. The HEA was summed up in a page or two.The H and h were so very promising and so was the plot. How could this book get published like this? Where were the editors? Where were the author's friends? When there was dialogue, the author delivered, but on every other point, this author gave nothing to her readers. She forced us to wallow in blandness and boredom.

  • Luli
    2018-10-24 00:31

    Este libro me está aburriendo un montón, me parece que por más que leo y leo no pasa nada, no llego a ningún sitio, y lo peor de todo, en cuanto empieza a pasar algo…no me gusta, no me lo creo, con lo cual, va a ser un dnf.Lo dejo al 56%, creo que con más de la mitad del libro leída, debería haber habido una historia y no es así, no ha pasado nada que no haya leído en la descripción del libro, salvo que el protagonista (Marcus por ahora) se sigue recuperando del disparo que recibió a manos de la protagonista (Gabby), ya no se sabe nada más…El romance tampoco es muy romántico ya que está basado en amenazas y mentiras. (view spoiler)[ Marcus acaba de “proponerle” a Gabby que o le da un beso, o se va a dedicar a “seducir” y “arruinar” a su hermana Claire, a la que quiere presentar en sociedad para asegurarle un futuro, y lo chocante es que a pesar de que la autora dice que Gabby se siente ( y cito textualmente) “a helpless and furious prisioner” al siguiente renglón se la come la lujuria….demasiado para ser una solterona virgen de 25 años a la que nadie ha besado…no? Que igual soy yo, pero no veo el romanticismo por ningún lado…y la única escena de “acercamiento” que tiene el libro hasta ahora es totalmente anticliática, se hunde en tanto diálogo interior, mientras están a ello lo único que le falta a Gabby es repasar la lista de la compra…llega un momento en que estaba perdida…por donde van? Ah! Sí! La mano en el pecho, vale, vale…seguimos…(hide spoiler)]Los personajes no se sostienen, ella dice una cosa pero hace otra y él es un borde de marca mayor pero no sé muy bien porqué, no necesita ser tan sádico…en fin…que hasta aquí he llegado…Para mí no ha funcionado.Sorry!

  • Thenia
    2018-11-12 04:27

    The story of the eldest of the three Banning sisters, Gabriella, who comes up with a desperate scheme to save her sisters from a life of being penniless and with no prospects or hope for better lives.She will pretend that she doesn't know that their half-brother, who has given them permission to launch Claire, the second sister's season, has died and go to London in hopes of finding Claire a husband. To her surprise and disbelief, on their arrival to their family town house, they find it occupied by someone who claims to be their brother.Determined to uncover the truth, she confronts him and reveals her own scheme in the process.Nick, who is pretending to be their brother to draw out the villain who had him killed, finds her troublesome yet fascinating, and the two keep antagonizing each other while sparks fly around them.Their getting together seems unlikely, but (view spoiler)[after he is murdered in front of her, Nick comes back from his staged death to a grieving Gabriella not as her brother anymore but as himself and (hide spoiler)] their happily ever after is finally within reach.An enjoyable first book in the series that continues with Irresistible and Claire's story next.

  • Naima
    2018-11-08 03:31

    Butuh waktu lama bagiku untuk nyelesein novel ini gara2 kavernya yang menurutku gak memikat. Tapi setelah berhasil mengabaikan model wanitanya dan fokus pada cerita aku mulai tertarik dan penasaran dengan siapakah sebenarnya yang menyamar menjadi Wickham ini? Terutama karena laik-laki yang terus mendampinginya seringkali memanggilnya dengan sebutan "Kap". Tapi sayangnya hal itu tidak langsung terjawab sebagaimana sering terjadi di banyak novel hisrom. Aku baru mulai mendapat jawaban setelah membaca sampai pertengahan akhir novel. Sayangnya, tidak seperti di awal cerita dimana penulis begitu santai merangkai ceritanya pada bagian akhir seperti berjalan begitu cepat seperti tergesa ingin menyelesaikannya. Mungkin kepentok dealine kali ya???Untuk tokoh heronya aku suka, dia jelas digambarkan dengan baik sebagai si seksi yang macho, suka bercanda, interaksi dengan adik2 Gabby pun bak adik kakak beneran terutama degan si lima belas tahun Beth. Dan menghadapi perasaan rendah diri Gabriella yang berkaki sedikit cacat dengan memancing amarah2 gadis itu sehingga Gabby tidak jadi minder.Untuk Gabriella atau Gabby, dia gadis yang berani dan cepat mengambil keputusan. Sayangnya sifat yang tidak aku sukai adalah kebiasaan melempar barang2 pada Wickham saat laki-laki itu menggodainya secara nakal. Sungguh menurutku sifat yang kekanak-kanakkan.

  • Yunita Taman
    2018-10-16 23:29

    Di luar alur yang lambat dan konflik yang baru muncul setelah tiga perempat buku, menurutku novel karya Karen Robards ini sempurna membuat chemistry antara "Marcus" dan Gabriella mengalir indah dari awal sampe akhir. Karakter Gabby yang galak dan tegas seolah diceritakan dengan hidup dan sebaliknya karakter Marcus diceritakan misterius dan penuh teka-teki, namun rasanya semua misteri masih belum seluruhnya terjawab dan aku berharap akan menemukan lebih banyak kepingan misteri di buku ke-2 mengenai Claire.Inspirasi dari novel ini:Kadang cinta mengalahkan logika. Bahkan saat kau berhadapan dengan sosok asing penuh dengan sisi gelap, walaupun seluruh sel di tubuhmu meneriakkan untuk menjauh, tapi hatimu tahu benar siapa pasangan jiwamu. Karena kau mencintai dengan hati dan akal sehatmu akan menemukan semua jalan keluar atas segala kendala yang muncul kemudian.

  • Katie
    2018-10-20 22:37

    I was going to give this three stars, but throwing in silly jealous stuff near the end dropped it to two. Well, then something other two-ish stuff (or maybe even one-ish) stuff happened, but I was too bored to care much.I was intrigued by the premise of this one. Women decides to pretend her brother is still alive (so she has access to his money to go to London for her sister's come-out) only to discover someone pretending to be her brother! So, they know each other is lying, but revealing it would mean revealing they were lying.But the relationship wasn't developed well at all and the premise didn't lead to really any fun at all. And then lots of dramatics at the end. I probably shouldn't have finished it, but that premise kept me reading in hopes that it would get better.

  • MountainKat
    2018-11-09 04:28

    *3.5 Stars, leaning towards 4*Nice story and I liked the characters too, although I wasn't sure how they were going to get to the HEA. And even if it was a teeny bit contrived, I was OK with it. It felt a little dated, more than it should for being published in 2001, but I think it was more style than anything. I am interested in what happens to the other sisters now too!I listened to the audio of this book and enjoyed it quite a bit. I thought the narrator, Justine Eyre, did a very good job and would definitely listen to her again.

  • KarenF
    2018-10-28 00:22

    3.5*. I did like a lot of it but would have liked to get more of the hero's POV and backstory. I have to say "the hero" because he don't even learn his real name until nearly the end of the book. Both he & Gabby were likeable, although Gabby is the more sympathetic if only because you know her so much better. They were fun together and even though there are some dark situation the book is thankfully short on angst. I liked the sisters as well and will read their stories in the future.

  • Juliana Philippa
    2018-11-09 01:40

    Read this again for the third time and really enjoyed it. My rating dropped by one star (vacillated this time between giving it 4 or 4.5), but it's still a wonderful read with two great leading characters. There are some very sweet and very funny moments between them and I loved the ending.(Written on August 27, 2010)

  • Juli
    2018-11-08 01:12

    Heroine got on my nerves. Too many plot points resolved at the very end that could have made the story more interesting if they had been part of the narration earlier. However, I did want to finish it, so I guess there was something to it.

  • LaFleurBleue
    2018-10-21 04:34

    Very good story, even though the identification of Wickham's murderer at the end seemed a bit too easy and purely based on chance. I liked however the solution provided for allowing fake-brother and sister to wed...Very likable characters

  • Diana
    2018-10-24 05:29

    Loved this series, I need to read Irresistable since I have read 1 and 3 of the books.

  • Amalia Kristanti
    2018-11-03 23:17

    Buat pecinta hisrom, buku ini HARUS dibaca :*

  • ♡AnnMatalines♡
    2018-10-29 01:35

  • Deasy
    2018-10-25 01:27

    Ga kebayang, kok bisa adik kakak tapi ga tau gimana tampangnya...;)

  • Helena
    2018-11-04 23:19

    I enjoyed the wit and banter shared by the main characters. Nick is a strong and charming character that brings out the passion and warmth from the female protagonist. I just struggled a bit with how Gabriella remained pretty much the same throughout. the whole ugly spinster theme stuck with her throughout. I didn't get to see her transform into a beautiful passionate woman.

  • Kem
    2018-11-13 01:40

    A great plot and I love the characters. The only thing I have against it is that there is too much mushy stuff and not enough of the plot moving along apace. A big question is: Why didn't Gabby ask the question "why are you masquerading as my brother"?

  • Lady Shadow (Francesca)
    2018-11-09 05:40

    This was such a fun and cutsy reading! perfect for reading in front of the chimney while sipping tea.The plot is not very original, but the story flows just right; the writing is fluid, simple and charming.The MCs are very likable, she's a sarcastic, strong-minded, disillusioned woman, well past her "prime" (she's in her middle twenties for christ sake, but i get it, in the past you had to marry at 17) and her mission is to give her sister Claire a proper season. The only problem is that her brother died and the man that is wearing his persona is an impostor, but she needs to play along otherwise her sisters and she will be left on the street.He is on a cocky womanizer with a mission that has to put up with the new trio and the eldest sister might be his downfall.

  • Christine
    2018-11-15 21:27

    Read "Scandalous" ages ago, and re-read recently.... It's a variation on the 'long-lost relative returns' trope.Lady Gabriella is devastated to learn of her brother's far-away murder in Ceylon. But when a stranger later arrives declaring himself to be 'Marcus,' a desperate Lady Gabriella can't disavow him -- that would mean exposing her family's situation to the ton...and she can't do that if she wants her sister to marry well. So..she reluctantly agrees to go along with the deception. Except she hadn't counted on how attracted she is to the darkly charming stranger. Nick's mission is a dangerous one: track down the spy at the heart of treasonous plot -- but he's surprised to find how much he cares about Gabby and her sisters. It's really a very sweet, if pretty conventional, historical romance -- and surprisingly steamy given that it was published in 2001. And...I liked it just as much the second time around.