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Summer's finally here, and Derek Fallon is looking forward to pelting the UPS truck with water balloons, climbing onto the garage roof, and conducting silly investigations. But when his parents decide to send him to Learning Camp, Derek's dreams of fun come to an end. Ever since he's been labeled a "reluctant reader," his mom has pushed him to read "real" books-something oSummer's finally here, and Derek Fallon is looking forward to pelting the UPS truck with water balloons, climbing onto the garage roof, and conducting silly investigations. But when his parents decide to send him to Learning Camp, Derek's dreams of fun come to an end. Ever since he's been labeled a "reluctant reader," his mom has pushed him to read "real" books-something other than his beloved Calvin & Hobbes. As Derek forges unexpected friendships and uncovers a family secret involving himself (in diapers! no less), he realizes that adventures and surprises are around the corner, complete with curve balls. My Life as a Book is a 2011 Bank Street - Best Children's Book of the Year....

Title : My Life as a Book
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Format Type : Hardcover
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My Life as a Book Reviews

  • Cassandra
    2018-11-07 00:52

    Okay, so my son who is in 6th grade was assigned to read this book for English class. He struggles with reading, and he was sort of freaking out about reading the book and being able to discuss it with his group in Socratic circles because the kids tend to be unforgiving with each other for mistakes. I told him we would read it together, so we would take turns reading it each day, and when he made a mistake with a word I helped him. I really loved this book because the boy in the book hated reading because he struggled, and he loved drawing, skateboarding, and his dog. Of course, he was also in middle school, so my son really related to him as a character in the book. The humor was fantastic, and there was also a mystery. My son couldn't wait to read together each day. Now he wants to get the other book in the series as well. The book made me laugh, cry, and really kept my attention too, but the best gift was my son's excitement to get to reading each day. Janet is now one of my favorite authors for my son :)

  • Cheryl
    2018-10-23 00:43

    3.5 stars rounded up because I absolutely love that the message that, just because a kid is tagged with the 'reluctant reader' label, doesn't mean he doesn't read, or learn, or isn't intelligent, or doesn't have mad skills in other areas. I especially appreciate that Jake, I mean Derek, was allowed to *listen* to books sometimes. Yes, I know, there's a lot of learning about language, stories, etc. that goes along with the printed text. But the kinds of questions that went with the summer reading books were certainly answerable by listening to the story.I opine that graphic novels, audiobooks, and non-fiction should all count, along with novels. Don't do what this kids' parents did, and turn everything into a "Learning Experience" and bribe the kid with chocolate chips, etc.Now, about the impulse control issues and the high energy... is there a way to channel that?And I love Jake's vocabulary illustrations!I recommend this book to all MG students, not just the ones Janet seems to think need a book a step up from Wimpy Kid.However, I am not a reluctant reader, and I don't feel the need to continue the series.

  • Книжни Криле
    2018-10-17 21:23

    Нали и ние сме си дечковци, не пропускаме възможността да проверим по какви четива си падат днешните деца. А те са луди-полудели по илюстрованите ученически дневници, в които знайни и незнайни хлапета споделят комичните неволи от ежедневието си с пиперливо чувство за хумор и непринудени, сякаш излезли от полетата на тетрадка илюстрации. „Историите на Дерек - книга 1: Животът ми като таен агент” (изд."СофтПрес") е началото на една такава хитова серия, дело на Дженет Тажиян. Прочетете ревюто на "Книжни Криле":

  • The Styling Librarian
    2018-10-30 00:26

    My Life as a Book by Janet Tashjian, cartoons by Jake Tashjian – Realistic Fiction, 4th grade and up – I was simply thrilled to discover this book series. Thanks to The Nerdy Book Club, Janet Tashjian posted about her book creations and I learned quickly what I was missing. I had initially overlooked this series because I saw it displayed with Middle School book titles so I thought that it would be too mature for my students, I was quite wrong. I’m pleasantly surprised sometimes when I am wrong! This is one time. I loved the illustrations created by Janet’s son through the book in addition to the fascinating plot that kept you reading at a brisk pace. My only regret was that I was dying to know what book Derek was struggling to read over the summer, there were hints but… I didn’t guess it. I loved how open, even though he acted the opposite, Derek was to learning, experimenting, and meeting new people. Additionally, the mystery revealed through the book is quite a special one. Looking forward to reading the other two titles so far in the series!

  • Milena
    2018-10-24 00:22

    Свежа, щура и пакостлива; по-непретенциозна от повечето книги за деца, но това ми хареса - няма го онзи стремеж непременно да е смешно или пък да крие великия смисъл на живота... Просто детска книга, която е разбираема и за нормални деца, не само за свръхначетени гении :)

  • Katie Kerns
    2018-11-15 00:50

    My Life as a BookBy: Janet TashjianDerek is the main character of this realistic fiction novel. He is around 11 years old and he hates to read. His mom, teacher, and reading tutor are always making him read. Derek would rather read and draw comic books. He is a wild only child. Derek's mom is a vet and her office is next door to their house. He is always playing with the animals that are staying there; this includes a very friendly monkey. Derek's dad is a cartoonist and animator of movies. This is where Derek gets his artistic talent. He uses drawings (like Mr. Stick) to help him learn and remember difficult vocabulary words. The story takes place in present day Los Angles, California where Derek lives. He takes many adventures during his summer break and so the setting will move to Boston Massachusetts and Martha’s Vineyard on the east coast. The school year is almost over and Derek can’t wait for summer, until he finds out his annoying reading teacher is moving to the next grade with him and she assigns three summer reading books with projects. To make matters worse, Derek gets in trouble at home and his mom signs him up for a summer camp. He is not happy about it. Finally, Derek finds a mysterious article about a teenage girl, Susan James, who drowned ten years ago on Martha’s Vineyard. When he asks his mom about it, she acts very weird. Derek knows there is something she isn’t telling him. Read the book to find out how he is connected!I really liked that this book showed students and teachers an interesting vocabulary strategy. I plan on teaching some of my students how to use illustrations to help them learn difficult vocabulary. I thought the author, Janet Tashjian, was very creative to have her son illustrate her novel. I give this book four stars because Derek’s crazy adventures made me giggle out loud and it’s a story all fifth graders can connect with and laugh at. Happy Reading!!

  • Sarah
    2018-10-29 04:37

    I don't give up on many books. In fact, I think this might be the 3rd one ever. Yes, it's seriously that bad. Vetaran author Janet Tashjian is known for her, by all accounts, clever Gospel According to Larry series, but this effort for younger readers falls flat. Tashjian so obviously wants to mimic Jeff Kinney's Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, but not only does she completely miss the mark with the humor, the drawings are atrociously bad and the marriage between the text and illustrations a shaky nod at best. Whereas Kinney's text and drawing combinations add a depth of meaning that neither would achieve alone, Tashjian had her son scribble literal interpretations of the awful text in the margins. Ms. Tahjian, I know he's your son, and you think it's cute, but it adds nothing. Kinney's Greg is just as self centered as Tashjian's Derek, but Greg's adventures come across as funny misadventures due to his epic fails, where as Derek's come off as the ramblings of a psychopathic brat. Pass.

  • Neala Arnold
    2018-11-11 23:44

    Derek isn't a reluctant reader--he's a militant non-reader with ineffective parents who use Learning Camp as a punishment. I hated that the mother tries to bribe him to read and that both his parents and teacher refuse to validate the sort of reading he does enjoy--Calvin and Hobbes books. At least Calvin has an expansive vocabulary, fertile imagination, and a great deal of reflectiveness. Derek tries to be Calvin, but he's just destructive and impulsive and there don't seem to be many consequences for his actions. Admittedly, this is not my kind of book and I did not find Derek to be a sympathetic character. I can see kid and even teacher appeal, but the book mostly annoyed me. Why not just re-read Calvin and Hobbes? And what sort of teacher assigns a book report over summer vacation?

  • Roy
    2018-10-27 23:45

    Excellent book! I read another review that said the series is a kinder version of the Wimpy Kid series, all the fun, but this series has a plot. I wholeheartedly agree with that statement! The boy in this series certainly knows how to have fun and does get into a fair amount of trouble, but instead of whining about it, he learns from his mistakes and does what he can to fix the problems. This is a series of infinitely more worth!

  • Paul
    2018-11-12 22:31

    A very intresting book, the whole way through. The book is very realistic and it intrigues people by just reading the first chapter. It'll want to make you read longer than you thought you can. Honestly, 5/5

  • Sheila
    2018-10-27 21:39

    As Derek tries to get out of reading both in school and during the summer, it is reading that gets him into his greatest trouble. Discovering an old newspaper in the attic Derek questions his mother about it but she will not answer him. Deciding that she is hiding something Derek makes it his mission to find out who Susan James is. When he finds out his best friend Matt is going to Martha’s Vineyard Derek tries to go along since that is where Susan James died. Derek figures that’s a good place to start investigating the death. His plans are thwarted. He manages to drive his parents crazy so he gets sent to Learning Camp for the summer. Turns out the teacher’s pet, Carly, is also there. How much worse can his summer get! Well, he’s about to find out.I loved My Life as a Book by Janet Tashjian. It is funny, sad, and not what I expected. As Derek struggles to do his reading, he draws pictures of the words he doesn’t know. In the margins of the book Janet Tashjian’s son, Jake, does the same. The pictures enhance the book. Fantastic! As Derek persists in following the mystery of the newspaper article his mother finally breaks down and tells him that Susan James was his babysitter when they were at Martha’s Vineyard and died saving him from drowning. This still does not settle Derek. He wants to know more about her. Using the internet he discovers a website for her. People leave messages on it and he does too. Susan’s mother responds to it. Derek knows not to let his parents know about the contact.Eventually though he needs to learn more about Susan. He convinces (nags) his parents into visiting his grandmother in Boston. They go and revisit the beach at Martha’s Vineyard. They also meet a friend of Susan’s who was with Susan and Derek at the beach. She tells them what happened. When Derek’s mom finds out the truth she is incensed. She wants to confront Susan’s mother. When the opportunity arrives, she is unable to do it. Derek is a scream. The more outrageous an idea, the more Derek pursues it but he learns so much that summer. He learns that Carly is a better James Bond then he and Matt. He learns to make movies in his head when reading. That’s what I’ve done for years. He learns that sometimes, even if you have the truth, it is better to sacrifice and allow a person her memories so she can get through her life.My Life as a Book is a wonderful read for both children and their parents. Derek and his lessons will be with me for a long time. This is a book I will not forget.

  • Sandy
    2018-11-14 01:37

    This books is about once upon a time a little boy did not like to study, but his mother was very hopeful that he could study and learned in the book. After that, his mother thought that if he could study, he would give him some reward. Later, the little boy fell in love with reading and thought it was interesting to study. After that, the little boy imagined his life as a book and imagined himself reading in the book as his own life, hoping to realize in real life it. I really like this book, it is very interesting.

  • Aziza
    2018-10-27 02:30

    Do you like to read? Do you like school? Well in this book Derek which is the main character of this book really dosent like to read or go to school all he likes to do is draw. The genre of this book is realistic fiction. My opinion of this book is I really enjoyed reading this book. I kind of felt sad in some parts of this story.Where this story takes place is in summer. Derek wanted to find out who Susan James was from a newspaper he found in the attic but his mom wont tell him anything about Susan James so Derek keeps begging her but she dosent tell him anything so Derek climbs up his garage roof and dosent come back down then his mom told him she will tell him all about what happened to Susan James. His mother tells him that 10 years ago Susan took him to the beach and Susan drounded from tring to save him when Derek was 2 years old. The conflict of this story is person vs. nature because of when Susan had drounded. The main character of this book is Derek. He is 12 years old and he really likes to draw alot.Why I really liked this book is because I thought it was really sad when Susan James drounded. Another reason why I liked this book is because in some parts of the story I thought were funny like when Derek said that he liked to throw water ballons at UPS trucks. This reminds me of when me and my brother used to throw water ballons at cars that drove by. This book is similar to Big Nate books because Nate also didnt like te read and he also hated school and loved to draw just like Derek.When the book talked about Susan James that drownded I felt really sad. If Susan listened to her parents and didnt leave the house she would have not drownded. This is like a movie I saw about a boy that didnt listen to his parents and left the house to go and hang out with his friends and he was missing because his friend had shot him by accedent. Which was really sad.A brief review overall thoughts of this book is I really enjoyed reading this book. I would rate this book a 10 because I thought that it was a really good book. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read Big Nate books. Have you ever thought what it would be like to have a life as a book.

  • thewanderingjew
    2018-11-15 22:39

    My Life As A Book, Janet TashjianThis is a delightful, humorous tale of a boy’s coming of age. A mischievous 12 year old, who takes enormous pleasure in disobeying rules and having fun, has exhausted his parent's patience and is being sent to learning camp for the summer instead of being allowed to stay home and simply have fun. His efforts at these hilarious escapades sometimes backfire because some of his pranks are fun to him but could be dangerous to others. He tries to use a sun lamp to set the grass on fire, draws grids on avocados meant for dinner then uses them as hand grenades, smashing them over the driveway, torments his babysitter by locking himself and his dog in the car, lighting up the trees around his house with Xmas, lights in the summer.In the attic, while exploring before leaving for camp, he finds an old newspaper article about a girl who drowns on Nantucket. He questions his mom as to why she saved it but she is evasive. His friend goes there on his vacation and between his friend and his own research over the summer, he discovers the truth about the incident, a truth that has been hidden from everyone.By the end of the story, Derek has matured and becoming more responsible. He grows up and into himself and becomes more level headed and compassionate. He matures. He still likes to break rules but he is more thoughtful about the ones he breaks. He learns patience from a service monkey he spends time with, who helps the son of an acquaintance of his mom. The monkey never gives up until he masters the task. He never throws up his arms in frustration and abandons the task as Derek often does. He learns how to take direction and not give up. At camp, he learns to appreciate reading. He discovers that there is always someone better than he may be but he is proud of his own accomplishments.The cartoons drawn by the author's son to illustrate vocabulary words, are delightful. The book is just over 200 pages with 30+ short chapters that will delight both boys and girls. It is easy to read and is both funny and touching.

  • Петър Панчев
    2018-11-09 21:27

    При Дерек е вълнуващо и пълно с приключенияЦялото ревю тук: Странно и почти невероятно ли е, когато възрастен човек посегне към детска книжка, не само за да я прелисти, а и да има намерение да я прочете? Понякога е необходимо и дори задължително. Ако забравиш годините на детството, едва ли ще разбереш дори собственото си дете. В началото нямах намерение да пиша за такива книжки, но си спомних за моите лични приключения от детството. Вгледайте се внимателно в някое хлапе - своето или някое друго - и си представете свободата, която изпитва, липсата на напрежение и безкрайните възможности, които вижда около себе си. От време на време може да ви изглежда като диво зверче и да прави пакост след пакост, но в главата му витаят куп мисли за приключения и всякакви забавления. Отнемането на тази свобода, на въображението и приключенския дух, отнема и самото детство. Може да имате много изисквания към едно хлапе, но не бива да пречупвате чувството му за свобода. Дерек се бори с изискванията на родителите и учителите си, а и тези на всякакви други възрастни, и е изцяло в плен на детството. Ето такова хлапе би могло да е много специално. „Животът ми като таен агент“ („Софтпрес“, 2014) е първата книжка от чудната и забавна поредица „Историите на Дерек“ на Джанет Тажиян. В нея се изявява като илюстратор синът ѝ - Джейк Тажиян. Когато книгата излиза за първи път, Джейк е хлапе на възрастта на Дерек. Шантавите му илюстрации се вписват отлично в текста и украсяват допълнително свежата история. Нека сега надникнем в самата книжка. Дерек е симпатично дванайсетгодишно момче със свободен дух и стабилни принципи. Не обича да чете и прави всичко възможно да се отърве от това заробващо задължение в училище. Учебната година е към края си и той вече планира куп приключения за лятото. Не на такова мнение е учителката му. (Продължава в блога:

  • Waller
    2018-10-18 01:26

    (Due out July 2010)The enormous popularity of the *Wimpy Kid* series seems likely to produce a slew of imitations in the next couple of years, just as the Harry Potter books had every publisher looking for the next fantasy hit series. *My Life as a Book* looks at first glance a lot like *Wimpy Kid* - a similar kid-friendly font, stick-figure illustrations, and a narrator with a cocky and self-absorbed attitude. (The illustrations here are by the author's 14-year-old son, for various "vocabulary words" the boy is learning; one possible flaw in the narration is, in fact, the vocabulary used, as it seems slightly advanced at times for a self-confessed reluctant reader.)But where *Wimpy Kid* has at best a fairly loose plot, reading sometimes as if it were just a series of comic skits (appropriately so, given its origin as an online "diary"), *My Life as a Book* does provide a story arc, along with more serious, meaty material. In between various lame-brained stunts, Derek plans to spend the summer unlocking the mystery around an old newspaper clipping he finds in the attic. Why are his parents so reluctant to answer his questions? And where *WK*'s Greg never really seems to learn any of the obvious lessons included in his adventures, Derek discovers an empathetic side as he befriends an arch-rival and tracks down the real story behind that news clipping.

  • Niko C
    2018-11-12 01:33

    My Life as a Book is about a boy named Derek who gets out of school for the summer and starts to goof around so they send him to learning camp. While at home, he finds a family secret and it makes his summer fun and interesting. The setting of the book takes place at learning camp and his house. The book is written from Derek's point of view. The protagonist is Derek. Other main characters are Matt, his Mom, Dad and Susan James. This story is about how Derek's mom forces him to read but he retreats to the attic where he finds a article about a girl named Susan James who died at the vineyard. He spends the rest of the summer trying to find out more about the death of Susan James. I think this book is very funny and I recommend it to anybody who likes comedy books. For example I thought it was funny when Derek and his friend were throwing fruit grenades at each other. I feel it could have been a little better if they had a little more action in this book. For example when Derek went to learning camp the book really slowed down. I would recommend this book to people that enjoy comedy and mystery. I love this book and I will continue to read the whole series.

  • Jackie
    2018-10-30 00:33

    Quite a clever and engaging read, My Life as a Book is humorous and thoughtful. Derek Fallon is labeled a reluctant reader and pulls just about every trick under the sun to avoid the three assigned books for summer reading. Every kid (and good librarians) knows that all you have to do is give a kid something he likes and WANTS to read and he'll do it. Derek procrastinates until the end of summer, all the while investigating the death of a young teenage girl some ten years ago on a beach in Martha's Vineyard. Derek methodically learns that he is somehow involved in her accidental death and he is determined to get to the bottom of it. Filled with ingenious, stick-figure illustrations this book does actually come alive in the reader's mind. Imagination along the lines of Diary of a Wimpy Kid the antics and practical jokes will have the young reader laughing-out-loud. Yet, this is a book that you cannot put is so engaging. A real treat for kids and kids-at-heart.

  • Sandra Stiles
    2018-10-31 02:32

    As a Language ARts and Reading teacher, my number one goal has always been to get students who think they don't like to read, to discover they do like to read. Often it is because they have no say in what they read. Other times it is because it is too difficult for them.Derek is like this, he likes to read but not what others think he should read. He has been given a summer reading assignment. He is doing everything he can to avoid it. He stumbles across an old trunk in the attic with a newspaper article about a girl drowning at Martha's Vineyard. When he asks his mom about it she brushes the topic aside. Derek won't let it go until he finds out the absolute truth. Along the way to the truth he learns some tricks that will help him along the path to reading. I loved the way the book was set up and the little tips and tricks in there. I know a lot of reluctant readers who will really enjoy this book.

  • Chris T.
    2018-11-01 22:41

    I thought this book was good. It was about a boy named Derek who got out of school and onto summer break. His teacher Mrs.Williams wants his whole class to read three books over the summer. But Derek hates reading and his mom last year had to give him a chocolate chip each page he read. One day he finds a newspaper about a drowning in Boston. Derek was being babysat by that person when she died. All Derek wanted to do was find out more about her. During the summer he had to go to a learning camp. Derek got an email from his grandma one day when he got home from learning camp. It said she would love for him to come visit her. He convinced his mom to go and luckily for him she lived in Boston. Derek ended up learning so much more about the girl who died on the beach in Boston. I enjoyed the book very much and I would recommend it for you to read yourself. I recommend this book for people who like very curios story who really want to know everything that is going on.

  • Gail
    2018-10-18 04:30

    I gave this book to my 9 year old grandson for Christmas. He loved it. After he had all of his gifts open he sat down and started reading it. He has aspergers and he loves to read. I didn't realize that this book was similar to The Wimpy Kids series. He showed me at the top of the book it mentions the Wimpy Kid books. The cover and title was what drew me to the book and I was pretty sure he would like it. He read it once and than started reading it again. He showed me there is another book like it The Stuntboy. So I found a copy of that and gave it to him yesterday. He put it in his bed to read after school or before bedtime. Thanks for writing such an awesome book. Are you planning on writing any more like these two books? He thought it was awesome that your 17 year old son drew the pictures for the book.

  • Isaiah Rafael Cornelio
    2018-11-05 22:47

    It was summer and Derek fallon found an artical in his attic and it said that a acurred in his town. He was questioning his mom but she dident tell him so he spent all of summer questioning all towns pepole if they knew. Towards the end he found a person who was at the shore of the beach that ran a little store and that person saw it all so he toled Derek that it was his babysitter that tried to save him and died while his dog pulled him ashore.My favorit part of the book was when he gets sent to lerning camp.I also loved the part when he finally reads a book.I liked this book and recomed it to anybody that likes murder mysterys

  • Carolyn Mcelravy
    2018-11-03 23:28

    This is a good story for reluctant readers, although I think the author is too quick to explain everything. Even reluctant readers can infer some of the lessons included in the story. The main character relates the story of his summer from discovering a newspaper article about a girl who drowned to actually finishing one of the books on his summer reading list. Every reader can relate to at least one character in this narrative.The writing is clean and authentic. It sounds like a 12-year-old boy telling the story. The author's son drew the illustrations which will appeal to kids and adults alike.

  • Sean
    2018-10-22 22:33

    This book is about a kid that has a summer homework that has something to do with reading and found board so he decided to make his own book with his own adventure.This book is very funny and it is interesting to read. This is highly recommended for all ages. This book is about a kid that has a summer homework that has something to do with reading and found board so he decided to make his own book with his own adventure.though it may be to hard for some grades that are in between kindergarten to lower school 3rd grade. This book has some hard and interesting vocabulary in them and they have a little sketch next to it for every vocab.

  • Hudson R
    2018-10-19 00:48

    This book is about a 12 year old boy named Derek Fallon and he is so excited that school is finally over. Then his parents drop a bomb and they tell him he has to go to learning camp over the summer. One day Derek was looking around the basement and found a newspaper about a girl that drowned in Martha’s Vineyard about 10 years ago so he does some research about it and found some pretty interesting things about the girl who drown.I give this book five stars because I thought it was really funny and it had a little bit of mystery. I recommend this book to anyone who likes comedy and mystery and to people that liked the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

  • Elizabeth
    2018-10-18 05:42

    Loved that the author's son was the illustrator. A poignant story about Derek who is not interested in summer reading. He has some pretty amazing experiences that help him to realize that stories are all around. When he returns to school in the fall, and does his class presentation, it is pretty cool. The author is a Calvin & Hobbes fan and I came across this cartoon that seems a lot like the voice of Derek! (Calvin is saying, "Instead of trying to learn, I’m just concentrating on liking myself the way I am.")

  • Haselton
    2018-10-29 02:34

    This was a cute book. It is not a book I would typically read but it is a book on the recommendation list for the Massachusetts Book Award and I thought I would give it a try.Derek is a quirky 12 year old boy who likes to play practical jokes and hates anything to do with school. While in his attic one day he finds a newspaper article about a girl named Susan James who died on Martha's Vineyard. Derek becomes obsessed with finding out who this girl is and why his mother has the article in the attic.I would recommend this book. It is funny, thoughtful and a very quick read.

  • Cheryl
    2018-11-08 01:28

    "Ever since my teacher said I was a 'reluctant reader,' I spend every waking minute avoiding my mother and her latest idea of how I should use my time." With cartoony, stick-figure illustrations in the margins of nearly every page, the book will probably appeal to those looking for the next read after "Wimpy Kid." The sarcastic humor, told in first person present tense, makes the emotionalism of the story go down smoothly. Great description of how using your imagination (by visualizing) helps you read.

  • Carie
    2018-11-16 05:40

    Picked this book up at the library after work yesterday and finished it this morning - very quick middle school read. For readers who like Diary of a Wimpy Kid.... For readers who behave like Joey Pigza..... For our reluctant boy readers.... For doodlers....The perfect choice! I'm not sure how to rate it because I'm not any of those kind of readers, but I'll give it a 5 I think because we need books for these kiddos badly!

  • Sam
    2018-11-12 01:26

    I really liked this book. Even though people say his vocabulary word drawings are really good, I think they are really bad. Its pretty much about this 12 year-old boy that doesn't like reading but likes drawing his vocabulary words instead. [See top paragraph.] He thinks he drowned his baby sitter when he was little, but he finds a loving secret about hid dog, Bodi. I recommend this book to readers who enjoy a good laugh and mystery.