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When Sophia Santos Ferrari goes flying off a cliff and spinning crazily onto other granite rocks below. The Seaside Knitters quickly begin to stitch together the clues on this murder. In a small town like this everyone has dark secrets It is up to the kni...

Title : Moon Spinners
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Moon Spinners Reviews

  • Heather
    2018-11-10 00:40

    I enjoyed the story line of the book. However, I found it hard to follow the large number of characters that have major roles in the book. I gave the book a higher rating because I hadn't read the first two books in the series; and maybe the characters would be more familiar to me if I had. When I purchased the book I did not realize that it was part of a series. This was a good story but hard to follow.

  • Debbie
    2018-11-04 21:41

    This is a fun series and I had to hurry and read it because the next up in the series is a Christmas book and I just picked it up from the library, they had to borrow it from the bookmoblie...How many of you still have bookmobiles in your area?

  • Astrid Terese
    2018-11-01 21:21

    Jeg er så glad i Agatha Christie og Maria Langs krimbøker, og Sally Goldenbaum føyer seg inn i den rekken. (På fremsiden av en av bøkene står det; Agatha Cristie i strikket versjon). Stille og rolige krimbøker hvor det overhodet ikke er beskrevet noe som kan kalles grusomt. Men som har fokus på samtalen, vennene og deres tankearbeid frem til løsningen. Denne serien anbefales, enten du vil lese den på norsk eller engelsk. Hele min omtale finner du på bloggen min Betraktninger

  • Tammy
    2018-10-21 22:19

    I enjoyed this book. Nice easy read. I didn't know it was part of a series. I want to read the others now.

  • Mary
    2018-10-24 23:23

    I have visited Sea Harbor, Massachusetts again!Of course, there was another murder, and of course the Seaside Knitters had to get together to try and solve it.Only this time it took them much more time and a lot more Thursday night dinners at Izzy's knitting shop to figure out who killed a very wealthy lady in town!As usual the story kept me riveted to the book. And I will be looking for more in this series. I enjoy visiting with the knitters every so often, but now I have read all the books that Sally has out and need to wait for her next one do out very soon!

  • Micky Cox
    2018-11-09 01:22

    Another great visit with the seaside knitters gang! This is a great cozy mystery as the plot was well thought out and presented, the character development was fabulous as always and this author does a great job of keeping you guessing who committed the crime. I can't wait to see what happens in the next book in the series. The only complaint I have with this book is that there are a couple of places where mid chapter the author ends one scene at the end of the paragraph and picks up a completely different scene in the next paragraph with no notice so you have to go back re-read a few paragraphs to figure out how you got to where you are. Once I figured out that was what had happened, it wasn't a problem. That should not be entirely held against the author as I view that as editor error. It didn't harm the story line and the book was one of the best in the series so far. I would still highly recommend the book in spite of that glitch.

  • Audrey
    2018-11-09 21:24

    This is the third installment of the Seaside Knitter's mystery series and I find I am loving this series more and more and I especially love all the members of the Thursday night knitting group.Sally Goldenbaum is such a good storyteller, the plot for this book has is very well written and has a few little twists and I really like that the author invites the reader along for the ride by dropping clues for us in the story.In this book we get to meet some new characters and Cass even finds a possible boyfriend!All in all a great read and I will definitely be reading the rest of the books in this cozy mystery series.

  • Ashley
    2018-11-07 05:23

    See my previous reviews of these books (#1, #2) for how I feel about the series. Again we have an apparent lack of editing, mainly for grammar this time, since there was approximately zero knitting content. Cute stories, but nothing to rush out and buy immediately.It is kind of funny how shocked and dismayed the characters are by the fact that there could be a murder in their small town. Um hello?! This is the third murder in three years.

  • Mascanlon
    2018-10-17 22:27

    Another strong entry in this series. One of the things I like most is the care and concern of long married characters for each other. We aren't all 20 and model thin or 30 and recently divorced from our rat of a first husband. And several of the secondary characters are older folks with happy lives and wick sense of humor. We all should be so luck to have a group of friends like the knitting circle in these books.

  • quinnster
    2018-11-12 04:25

    This was a fun little twisty-turny mystery. I always love reading these cozy mysteries that have something to do with knitting or crocheting, but I swear every time I do I itch to start a new project and end up with a few more patterns than I did before I started!It most definitely a book I could curl up and read. While it's a murder mystery there's certainly something comforting about it.

  • Bridget
    2018-11-08 05:40

    I will say first of all, that I really enjoy this series. I love the location, I enjoy the characters, and it's fun to read about fictional characters knitting - at least I think it is!In this installment, a prominent woman in the community is killed when her car goes off a cliff; upon investigation, everyone finds out that the brakes on her car were tampered with, which means that someone murdered her. Rumors and suspicions fly, and a suspect is arrested. However, the Seaside Knitters are not convinced that the person in jail is the guilty party.This mystery was well-done, in that the person murdered was not very popular, so red herrings abound. It was a fun read.

  • Stitchywoman
    2018-11-12 03:22

    The third book in the series and the writing and storyline is consistent. The cast of regulars is growing so if you haven't read the first two books in the series, it will be hard to figure out who these characters are that pop in and out of the story. I also found this one easy to figure out the who done it and why part. However, since I was only using this for a light mindless read, it definitely fit the bill and I will continue to read the series when I'm in a mood for that type of book again.

  • Kathleen
    2018-11-02 02:34

    Really enjoy this series - didn't really see this one coming and as I described it to my husband, it's rather Murder She Wrote, except the yarn shop is the central location within the seaside community for a group of knitters who inspire my knitting as well as keep me turning pages to figure out "who dunnit". Nice, easy reading that offers an escape to a lovely location and interesting characters.

  • Rizello
    2018-10-22 00:12

    I enjoy this series. It combines mysteries with knitting, two of my favorites.In this book, the knitting group investigates the murder of the wife of a wealthy man in the community. As usual, the police are outsiders and the knitting group solves the mystery!My only complaint, as it were, is the amount of characters in this book. It was hard to keep track of who is who.

  • Ellen
    2018-10-22 05:19

    Need recipes for this series! There are the familiar characters and relationships--pretty predictable. I thought the solution was pretty abrupt. There could have been some foreshadowing that I didn't recognize at the time. Sometimes I care enough to go back and find it. This

  • Carol Lander
    2018-10-24 05:34

    An endless review of a whole bunch of people in a community where a murder takes place by the sea.

  • Linda Smatzny
    2018-10-21 23:31

    This time Nell and her fellow knitters become involved with a murder investigation because of knowing the victim. The book was a quick easy read.

  • Karen
    2018-10-31 01:19

    Another page turner with sub stories below the murder mystery. I really liked this one!

  • Gina
    2018-11-14 03:39

    In the third installment of the Seaside Knitters Mystery, “Moon Spinners,” the women find themselves working to help Cass’s childhood friend, Gracie Santos, open the Lazy Lobster and Soup Café on Pelican Pier. Nothing is ever that simple in the charming coastal community of Sea Harbor, Mass. and soon the women are mired in the murder investigation of Gracie’s aunt, Sophia. Sophia dies when her red Ferrari goes off a cliff at a high-rate of speed. Here’s a clue: she is a very cautious and slow driver. Gracie isn’t a suspect but her mother, or absentee mother to be precise, ends up in a holding cell where spends her time knitting with Esther – the police dispatcher. In addition to Gracie’s mother, her uncle (her mother’s brother), and his mistress as well as Gracie’s ex brother-in-law all make the suspect list. But that’s not what or who complicates the investigation for Izzy, Nell, Cass and Birdie. It’s Birdie’s longtime housekeeper, Ella and her husband, Harold. Ella and Sophia are close friends. When Sophia dies, Ella goes a little nutty and sets out to prove her friend’s death was no accident. In her attempt to avenge Sophia’s death, she puts all her eggs in one basket – Sophia’s husband. Her secretive nature raise suspicions in her own husband, who does some shady things of his own. The mystery is complicatedly simple and the characters are true to who they are. Willow Adams makes an appearance and so does, Peter. Of course, Nell’s husband, Ben, is back and Izzy’s friend, Sam, too. Overall, it was a good book and great to visit this coastal town. My one complaint: I wish the seasons changed in Sea Harbor. All the murders take place during the summer.

  • Ruth
    2018-10-28 03:14

    I have enjoyed all of the Seaside Knitters' mysteries. Although, in one review that I read, a person said that there were too many characters to keep track of. Once you have read the initial book, however, and know who these reoccuring characters are it is much simpler to read all the books that follow.Gracie Santos, was raised by her aunt and uncle because her flighty mother roamed in and out of her life, was frequently drunk and couldn't provide the stability that a child needed. Gracie has decided to open the Lazy Lobster and Soup Cafe on Pelican Pier and the Seaside knitters have been helping her.At the same time, Gracie's uncle, who owns Santos Construction and a rival construction company run by the Delaney family are working together to build a youth center in a local park. Both companies are honored at a dinner at the yacht club. Later, while many are still enjoying the dinner, Gracie's aunt Sophia leaves early and on her own. Her car goes careening out of control and plunges off a cliff. What was thought to be a tragic accident at first, turns out to be murder. Sophia was a black and white type of personality and deeply religious. She was stern and had few friends and unfortunately there are way to many people in this small community with a possible motive for killing her. Once again, the Seaside Knitters begin to stitch together the clues uncovering dark secrets and putting themselves in jeopardy as they do so. A light, fun, mystery

  • Kaitlin
    2018-10-25 04:22

    I really appreciate these novels, because they’re just super cozy, despite the fact that they’re murder mysteries. I can just relax, thinking about the knitting, and know that eventually they’ll find the killer and their sleepy little town will be safe again. So I enjoy them.

  • Heather
    2018-10-31 00:11

    Stitch and sleuth in the third delightful knitting mystery from the author of Patterns in the Sand.In the quaint fishing village of Sea Harbor, Massachusetts, the Seaside Knitters are always looking for a new project. Their latest is helping their friend Gracie Santos open the Lazy Lobster and Soup Café on Pelican Pier. But they get sidetracked when Gracie’s aunt Sophia goes flying off the cliff in her red Ferrari-and it was no accident. As gossip builds, and rumors circulate, the Seaside Knitters must stitch together the clues if they’re to understand a killer’s strange pattern.My thoughts: Another great offering in the wonderful Seaside Knitters cozy series. As I continue to read this series, I just love this setting and these characters more and more. I so want to be friends with these great characters. They are fun, witty, charming, warm, thoughtful, kind, caring, giving . . . shall I continue!This series would make an absolutely wonderful relaxing, vacation, beach read! Sit back, grab a glass of cool lemonade and simply enjoy the sights and sounds of the Seaside Knitters in Sea Harbor, MA!

  • Julie Barrett
    2018-11-13 04:37

    Moon spinners by Sally GoldenbaughThis Seaside knitters book is about a mystery surrounding the local knitting shop and all those that frequent it to help solve the murder.A special yacht club dinner and the knitters are invited. Sohpia has been seen driving off a cliff but all the knitters know she never would've done that.They must collect the clues and ask a lot of questions to find out who did it.Some things around town are not making sense: why the path is closed off to get to the public areas....why Sophias husband never drove the car once he brought it home...Loved hearing of the knitting lessons-turning heels on socks. Always amazes me that I can never figure out who it is that killed the woman. Excerpt from A Holiday Yarn, the next in the series is also included.I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

  • Robin
    2018-11-02 03:37

    I would have chosen zero stars if that was an option. I looked to this book to be a light read between some heavier subject books. Instead, I got a poorly written mess of a story. There were about 20 characters introduced in the first few pages. I read half of this book and I cannot continue. If its part of a series and we are supposed to know all of these characters already and not need explanation, it would nice if the book said that anywhere. Also, when you turn the page, you should have to check twice that you didn't skip some pages. Its so poorly written that some of the sentences and paragraphs don't even flow togetherI would not recommend this book. It makes me sad, because I love a good knitting story!

  • Debbie Maskus
    2018-11-05 23:33

    This is a fun, light mystery series set in a coastal Massachusetts town. The people are interesting and caring. The beginning of summer provides intrigue when a businessman's wife drives her car off the road. Only the police discover that the brake line was severed. So begins the search for the killer and the unraveling of many community secrets. Goldenbaum strongly believes that money is the root of all-evil, and this third installment proves that theory. Romance begins to heat up for both Cass and Izzy; will the next book feature a wedding? I thoroughly enjoy the mention of food and the knitting. I would love to see a shop like Izzy's shop, where friends can gather for food and friendship.

  • Sonya
    2018-10-26 00:18

    I have to agree with some of the other reviewers... there were too many characters introduced at the beginning. And, no one considers the police doing anything smart like figuring out that they'd better check computers, particularly when there were computer printouts left in a car. Also, being someone from Massachusetts, I don't think the author could relate what someone from that area would be like - especially in their speech - and who would name their MA characters names like Ella, Stella, Izzy, Annabelle, and Birdie? Also, Ella's involvement in a hit and run accident was never explained satisfactorily and a life-long alcoholic, messed-up mother suddenly becomes good after a time-out of a couple of days in jail.

  • Cathy Austin
    2018-10-21 23:38

    Enjoyable cosy mystery more appealing than some others on the shelf. More credible sleuthing. Tight knit (no pun intended) seaside community outside Boston, likeable characters, lovely scenery and a plot that was not too convoluted, just right. Enough red herrings the reader could dissect and interpret the ending, and in this case, deduce the killer of Sophia Santos, a woman not many warmed to, but are stunned she was murdered, who among them, would do that?! Knitting is not overdone nor the eating and camaraderie. Well balanced and a fun summer read. I have three others on my shelf in this series to read, gifts from a friend!

  • Jessi
    2018-11-04 02:29

    Another good story from Goldenbaum.There are a LOT of people in this book and itTook me some time to dredge up the memories if who everyone was, but when I did, it was fun to meet them all again. This story revolves around the death of Sylvia Santos. She was a forceful woman whose husband was known to be cheating on her but to whom she was still married. Well, at least until her car goes over a cliff. But her husband isn't the only person who might have wanted her dead. There were several local feuds that she was in the middle of and there are no shortage of suspects.

  • Teahibbity
    2018-11-09 21:32

    I really wasn't sure what to expect from this book. I borrowed it from my mom after reading the back cover and become intrigued. It took awhile to get into and understand who the characters are as I didn't read the first two books in the series. Once I got a hang of all the characters and how they were related, I fell into the book. I was pleasantly surprised by the twists in the novel and even when I thought I could predict what would happen next, I wasn't 100% right. Enjoyable read that isn't too heavy.

  • SandyKemp
    2018-11-14 03:11

    I want to love this series, but I just can't. I just cannot find anything special in the main characters, they are rather boring. They all seem the same. Don't care who did the murder. Giving up in the middle. I did read books 1 and 2, don't remember them as being quite as uninteresting as this one. On the surface there are lots of reasons I should love this book - knitting, the Cape Ann setting. But I'm just not connecting with it.