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The Angelical language channeled by alchemist Edward Kelley and recorded by royal astrologer John Dee has mystified magicians, linguists, historians, and cryptographers for generations. It's even rumored that the language may be an encryption method of some kind, unbroken to this day. This fascinating, in-depth analysis reveals the truth behind the saga of two RenaissanceThe Angelical language channeled by alchemist Edward Kelley and recorded by royal astrologer John Dee has mystified magicians, linguists, historians, and cryptographers for generations. It's even rumored that the language may be an encryption method of some kind, unbroken to this day. This fascinating, in-depth analysis reveals the truth behind the saga of two Renaissance wizards who spoke with angels and received instruction in the celestial tongue. This volume begins with an exploration of the mystical traditions that influenced Dee's work--the Fifty Gates of Binah, the legends of Enoch, and the Book of Soyga. It presents an in-depth study of the forty-nine Tables of Loagaeth (Speech From God), the forty-eight Angelical Keys (or Calls), and the drama surrounding them as chronicled in Dee's journals. Special features include an analysis of the translations of the 48 Keys, instructions for the magickal use of Angelical characters, and a complete Angelical Psalter. Aaron Leitch's long-awaited masterwork reveals in plain language--for the first time ever--how the Angelical language was received, for what it was intended, and how to use it properly, providing a fascinating historical context for its practical application in The Angelical Language, Volume II: An Encyclopedic Lexicon of the Tongue of Angels. "The Angelical Language is the single most comprehensive text ever written on the subject of the Enochian magical system and language of Elizabethan luminary, Dr. John Dee. This two-volume magnum opus demonstrates Aaron Leitch's familiarity with practical magic as well as his skill as a meticulous researcher. A must-have book."-- Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero, Chief Adepts of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn...

Title : The Angelical Language, Volume I: The Complete History and Mythos of the Tongue of Angels
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The Angelical Language, Volume I: The Complete History and Mythos of the Tongue of Angels Reviews

  • Seph
    2019-02-07 11:06

    Aaron Leitch is among the world's foremost experts on Enochian magic, and a scholar par excellence concerning the life and times of Dr. John Dee and Sir Edward Kelley. This review will cover all three volumes of Leitch's masterwork:• The Angelical Language, Vol. 1• The Angelical Language, Vol. 2• The Essential Enochian GrimoireFuture revisions and updates will be appended, should successive volumes or additional material become available.The Angelical Language, Vol. 1Leitch opens his study with a tripartite treatise on the origins of the Enochian system.First, Leitch provides a survey of the historical lives of Dr. John Dee and Sir Edward Kelley between the years 1582 and 1589, when the contents of the Enochian corpus were revealed. Included throughout are numerous quotes from the personal journals of Dee, which help to illuminate the experience of both men on their journey.Second, Leitch explores the practices that Dee and Kelley received, with a focus on the Book of Loagaeth, the 48 Angelical Calls, and the practice of Gebofal. As an addendum, Leitch includes an "Angelic Psalter" of the 48 Angelical Calls, provided to aspiring students of Enochian magic for ease of use and quick reference.Finally, masterfully, Leitch interweaves a scholarly analysis of concurrent magical philosophies throughout the book; exploring the influence of other magical systems on the Enochian corpus. Systems explored by Leitch include: the Hebrew Kaballah, the Aladaraia Sive Soyga Vocar or Book of Soyga, and the mystical experience of "Counting the Omer" as practiced by Jewish and Christian mystics.Approaching complex subjects in this manner makes Leitch's work both accessible to the laymen, yet compulsively readable.The Angelical Language, Vol. 2Having completed his historical survey, the second volume of Leitch's study is an analysis of the Enochian language itself.Part one of volume two is a linguistic analysis of the entire Enochian language, exploring pronunciation, grammar, and syntax. Subsections of this chapter include the identification of potential root-words, and how to properly use affixes, compound-words, and angelical conjugation. Part one concludes with a comparison between Enochian and Elizabethan English, the variation the English language which Dee and Kelley would have spoken when they received the Enochian corpus.Part two of Leitch's work is a dual translation-and-transliteration of all 48 Angelical Calls. Each Call is broken down word by word, cataloged with a reference number, provided with a literal translation, and given an "English sense," or poetic translation.Finally, volume two concludes with an Enochian-to-English lexicon, within which is contained a study of every Enochian word as recorded in any of Dee's writings. Every entry includes:• The word in English and Enochian• The word's pronunciation and part of speech• Its poetic definition• A cross-reference to the word's use in the Calls• Potential root-words and other words that share it• Additional notes about the word from Leitch himselfAs an addendum Leitch includes a modest list of common English words and their equivalents in Enochian. By no means an exhaustive list, this compact reference guide will quickly become indispensable to any magician hoping to advance their study from theory to practice.The Essential Enochian GrimoireOnce more returning to his scholarly position, Leitch opens part one with a dramatis personæ, providing an easy reference to the human and angelic beings so central to the mythology and practice of Enochian magic.Following this, Leitch gives an account of Enochian magic, as practiced by people other than Dee and Kelley. Notable faces here include: Meric Casaubon; "Dr. Rudd;" the mysterious "Book H;" and the magicians of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, including Aleister Crowley and Israel Regardie.Here, at long last then, is the payoff to all of Leitch's hard work, and to the patient student's dedicated study: a practical "how-to" manual of Enochian magic.Divided into two sections—"Dee Purist Enochian" and modern "Neo Enochiana"—Leitch provides a comprehensive guide to every single facet of Enochian magic from both Dee's journals and later magicians. Everything you need to know, from the origin of a practice to the translation of Enochian texts, is provided. Leitch also includes numerous diagrams and graphs, as well as ready-to-use incantations, meant to help the aspiring magician find his or her grounding.Five major practices are covered in Leitch's grimoire:• The Heptarchia• Gebofal and the Book of Loagaeth• "Traditionalist" Parts of the Earth• "Neo Enochian" Parts of the Earth• Neo Enochian Truncated PyramidsLeitch completes his grimoire by appending the "Angelic Psalter" from volume 1 of the series; once more providing ease-of-access to the aspiring magician.-Aaron Leitch's series on Enochian magic is, simply put, the single greatest repository of Enochian wisdom available today. This series belongs on the shelves of every student of the Enochian magic, whether they're new to the art, or have been practicing it for decades.

  • David Salisbury
    2019-02-06 12:03

    I'm really glad a read a couple primer books before this one, because Leitch certainly writes like a scholar! I mean, he's a good writer but I definitely would have been a little lost if I didn't do the initial research into the Enochian system first. This book is part of two volumes just published by Llewellyn’s, so it came at a perfect time to my research. Volume one concerns the mythos of the Enochian vision system, particularly of the "Angelic" language used in it. Volume 2 is a lexicon of the language system and also a symbol guide for the magickal works.In this book, the process of the deliverance of the magickal material give to John Dee and Edward Kelly by the angels is meticulously recorded. Leitch goes through every single conversation with every angel and "translates" into modern words what the conversations mean. I feel this was very valuable for me as I place a lot of concern on knowing exactly WHY I'm doing something before I do it.Though he is a Pagan, he is very unbiased in his research and does admit that John Dee was indeed a Christian and that his system of magicks does have a very "Old Testament" apocryphal feel. But in the same sense, he also explores the theories that the "Christian" feel could be exaggerated due to the time period and that some of the "end of the world, fire and brimstone" stuff is likely very metaphorical.He also does a great job at holding the system up to the Kabbalistic traditions of the Golden Dawn, examining who took what from who, and how both systems work together for the benefit of the modern practitioner.Also unique about this book is that he takes each of the angelic calls (keys) and not only has them translated, but explains exactly what every single phrase of the 48 calls is likely to mean, and why its included.I will probably give me brain a rest with this subject matter and return to my normal witchcraft-specific literature before moving forward with Volume 2 (which is 700 pages and $40 on amazon!).

  • Katerina Kostaki
    2019-01-28 11:02

    This book will probably be recommended on my next lens(article) on next article entitled "Voices of Love" will be presenting my channeling with Angels .So I think this book represents the truthful identification of the authentic Angelic Realm and the contacts within this Realm and Human Species.