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"I'll always do what's best for you."All that Mrs. Webster dreamed of for her daughter was acceptance by San Jacinto's tightly knit country club set. She went out of her way to steer Lauren toward the right sort, insisting, "'It's just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is a poor one."In fact, it was easier, Lauren discovered. Something magical enveloped her and"I'll always do what's best for you."All that Mrs. Webster dreamed of for her daughter was acceptance by San Jacinto's tightly knit country club set. She went out of her way to steer Lauren toward the right sort, insisting, "'It's just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is a poor one."In fact, it was easier, Lauren discovered. Something magical enveloped her and Matthew Chandler the night they met. And the feeling wouldn't go away--no matter what the Chandlers had done to her mother.For Lauren there would be no one else. Somehow they'd just have to forget the past if she and Matt were to have a future together.......

Title : Out of the Shadows
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ISBN : 9780373110278
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
Number of Pages : 187 Pages
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Out of the Shadows Reviews

  • Vintage
    2019-01-21 08:01

    If this mother doesn't die soon, I don't know if I can take it. Ugh.Worst mother ever and disturbingly familiar. Turns out the apple didn’t fall far from the judgmental tree. The h’s narcissistic social climbing mother aka the Narcissist has pushed her daughter towards the “right” kind of man i.e. one with money and social status as Narcissist has sucked up to high society all the h’s life.The h meets the awesome H at theCountry Club and it’s immediate attraction. Narcissist throws a hissy fit because while he’s rich and has silver spoon sticking out of his mouth, he’s just not the right one. Then the heroine jumps on the bandwagon and is annoyingly prickly with the Nice Guy hero who deserves so much better. This is one of the rare but not unheard of instances where the hero in need of a much better heroine!!!The hero pursues the h, and she becomes somewhat more human. Somewhat. She has to sneak around and lie to the Narcissist who eventually finds out. Meanwhile back at the ranch-style, the h thinks she has a 24 hour virus. Dum dum dummmmm. Yeah, honey, a 24 hour virus that’s going to last forty weeks. The semi-reveal happens at a dance where the H’s dad pops in for his own kind of malevolence and threatens the heroine with old history. The hero runs to check on the heroine and BIG FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE ensues demonstrating that not only is the heroine a hot-tempered over-reactor she is dumber than dirt.YIPPEE and FINALLY, Narcissist, the old bat, dies and the H and h meet over her grave. Sadly, not throwing confetti as they should especially when they find out (view spoiler)[ that Narcissist lied to both of them saying that each were married when in reality they were pining for each other. Sniffle (hide spoiler)] Abrupt ending where it’s all lollipops and roses and the heroine just drops it that the H has a mini-me on the East Coast.The hero should run for the hills as she is not worthy. I can’t decide which image suits the heroine better, Lauren, pretty, stupid, prickly Lauren…This one where she is dumb as a or here where she wears a chip on her shoulder like a medal of honor…["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • boogenhagen
    2019-02-10 12:56

    Re Out of the Shadows - SM starts this book at the end. The story opens when the h is attending the graveside service of her mother and the H approaches her, it is obvious they haven't seen each other for a few years and as the h starts crying, we are all hurled back to three years earlier.The h is 22 at that point and just home from graduating business school in San Francisco. She moved back home because her mother demanded it. Since her mum is widow and very manipulative but lonely, the h agrees to give it a go. Her mum gets her a job in the typing pool of a local winery. Her mum worked there for years and yet she hates the owner and his family. The h never really understood the reasons why, but her mum is her mum so she just lets it rest. The h is NOT a dooormat, tho her mother is forever trying to get the h entangled with members of the Country Club set. It is like her mother is on a permanent mission to elevate her daughter's social status by marrying her off to a local scion. The mother also tries to elevate her own by imposing herself into society events. Since the mother is seen as a tragic war widow, and the h's grandfather owned some vineyards in the area but lost most of them in the Great Depression, the mother is slightly tolerated - more out of pity than social status. The h is respectful of her mother, but makes it clear that she isn't interested. Then her mother drags her to a local Country club dance and the ensuing scene with her mother's posturing is really embarrassing and sad for the h. She just doesn't understand why her mother acts like this and when one of the married men at the table decides to get handsy under the table, she tells him off and leaves. The h inadvertently locks herself in a supply closet cause she doesn't have her glasses and thinks it is the bathroom. She also gets locked in with a young man near her age that she had ran into in the hall in her rush to escape the table. They have some conversation and wind up spending a significant portion of the evening out on the terrace. The young man gains her confidence by telling her that he too is a guest of a member of the club and the attraction is running high between then. They wind up in an epic kiss, then the h's mother shows up and she is really irked and drags the h off.The h finds out that her moonlight Romeo is none other that the son of the winery owner where she works at and her mother forbids her to have anything to do with him. The h doesn't agree and once again courteously but firmly tells her mother to back off. The mother doesn't listen of course, she is like a charging elephant and uses intense amounts of guilt and self-pity to manipulate the h.Not that it does the mother any good, the goes to work the next morning and gets assigned to work with the H. The H is now the vice president of the winery and since the h knows about growing grapes and word processing, he likes having her around. The h is leery at first, but over the course of them working together, they fall in love. There is a lot of romantic dates in out of the way places. The h isn't keen to tell her mother about her new lover. The h eventually tells her mother at the H's urging about their relationship and the mother is predictably furious and bitter. Then the H invites the h to another dance, the H's father threatens the h by telling her that she is illegitimate and that he paid the h's mother a large settlement to leave the area. (The H's father knows this because supposedly her mother tried to trap his godson years ago, but the H's dad got him out of it and the dad doesn't mention that part to the h.) He tells the h that if she doesn't give up his son, he will tell the entire small town that the h's mum isn't a widow, the h is illegitimate and that he paid the mother off to ruin her social status (what little she has.) When the h says she will tell the H about the blackmail, the dad threatens that the H will lose control of the winery and wind up hating her. The H loves the winery, it is his heritage and his legacy and he and the h have spent a lot of time working out premier vintages for high end sales. The h believes that because she and the H love each other, they will work through all this and all their parents need is to be calm and get over things.It doesn't work out that way. The h gets the full story from her mother. The h's father was indeed the H's dad's godson, but he seduced her and led her to believe they were a couple until she turned up preggers. The godson went to Vietnam after the H's dad helped him by paying off the h's mum cause the godson refused to marry her. The mum went to San Francisco, had the h and then came back and claimed she was a widow. The h's dad died in Vietnam.The H shows up later and tells the h that she shouldn't hold it against his dad for not helping her mother. He says that a man shouldn't be forced to do something he doesn't want to do just cause he got himself into a sticky situation and needed some family help. The h cannot believe what she is hearing, she tells the H that there is right and wrong and clearly the H chooses to be wrong. The h kicks the H out after he accuses her of being owned by her mother and her liitle pawn. The h did not kick him out because of her mother, she kicked him out cause she just found out she herself is preggers and after the H's little speech, she assumes that he will want nothing to do with the situation. She and her mother get into a huge fight and the h decides that she is taking one of the San Francisco job offers that came her way when she graduated business school. The mother still wants her married to a socially prominent wealthy guy but also wants her to leave the town. However the h has had enough and leaves, eventually becoming an executive in the hotel industry in New York. We flip back to the present three years on, the h's car won't start at the cemetery and the H gives her a ride. It has been three years since they have seen each other and the h's mother told both of them that the other was married so that they wouldn't try to find each other. The H also begs for a second chance with the h, he said he was wrong to get mad that she chose her mother's side of the story when his father denied her a promotion. The h has no clue as to what he is talking about. She explains that his dad helped his godson run out on her pregnant mother, and that his father blackmailed her into leaving by threatening her mother's widow status and his position at the winery. The H is flabbergasted and tries to kiss the h. She still thinks he is married, but then he asks her where her wedding ring is. The h has never been married and her last relationship did not work out, she asks the H if he is married and he says he has been waiting for her. They figure out the h's mother lied to keep them apart and decide to marry right then and never give each other up. The h is fine with that but she has to get back to New York, and asks the H how he feels about kids. The H wants a ton of girls and the h says she hopes he likes sons because they have one and she has to go to New York to get him. The H is overjoyed and then the H and h are kissing in ecstatic bliss for the HEA. This is a pretty good story, the h wasn't a doormat. Her mother was one of the most manipulative shrews outside of Anne Mather tho and it was a bit of a relief when the h left at the end. The seekrit baby was a surprise but really a very minor sub-plot in this Romeo/Juliet drama which the H was just delighted about, (It was probably the only happy seekrit baby daddy ever in HPlandia.) Needless to say SM may have missed the boat on not having the seekrit baby subplot become a major trope, but that is still a few years in the future for HPlandia. I do think this is the first H/h seekrit baby outside of marriage tho. Earlier books have had pregger married h's running off from their rotten H's and MOC's because of babies have been gaining ground in the more recent predecessors of HP's, but here we have a bonafide seekrit baby with no marriage and no forced marriage because the h is preggers. Take note HP voyagers, this is a landmark event and the plethora of unwed seekrit babies will soon become rampant and a pillar of HPlandia. Otherwise the story was good and while not at the top of SM's backlist, it is worth a read just cause of the sweet love story and the overall non doormattyness of the h.

  • Shari Kay
    2019-01-28 14:07

  • أجمل زهرة
    2019-02-02 12:59

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