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Best Lesbian Erotica 2010 travels around the world of lesbian sex with deliriously delicious stories that push lesbian lust and desire to new heights. Edited by Kathleen Warnock and selected and introduced by the the world's hottest lesbian band, BETTY, this latest edition of the bestselling lesbian erotica series is thoughtful, surprising, and breathtaking. Featuring handBest Lesbian Erotica 2010 travels around the world of lesbian sex with deliriously delicious stories that push lesbian lust and desire to new heights. Edited by Kathleen Warnock and selected and introduced by the the world's hottest lesbian band, BETTY, this latest edition of the bestselling lesbian erotica series is thoughtful, surprising, and breathtaking. Featuring handome butches and flirtatious femmes and everything in between, these stories expertly blend sex and seduction with affection and desire. From inventive threesomes to seductive first-times, the women in these stories reveal all their pleasures in this collection of arousing and sensually lyrical fiction. Best Lesbian Erotica 2010 is the most provocative, authentic, smart, edgy, and hot lesbian erotica published anywhere....

Title : Best Lesbian Erotica 2010
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Best Lesbian Erotica 2010 Reviews

  • Jaidee
    2019-03-28 13:32

    3 "mixed box of chocolate" stars I find erotica fascinating. Glimpses of desire that are not your own. Lesbian erotica with all its variations and different subcultures are deliciously foreign to me. As a man I can never know the secrets and mysteries of Sapphic love. I borrowed this from the library on my tablet so I could read it anywhere discreetly or so I thought.Riding the subway with my partner while he is reading a biography on Elizabeth I....I feel his warm breath whisper "Jaidee you are a bad boy all flushed and red and reading that lesbian stuff. Just wait till I get you home." Fun just so this thing called life, love and erotica.... Let's just say we had a delicious and sweet afternoon thanks to a lesbian story in this anthology. The stories were a real mixed box of chocolates. Some so delicious that I wanted thirds and fourths. Others that were a waste of calories. Others that I could barely take a bite of. To each her own, I suppose.Here is a brief overview and ratings:Girona, 1960 by Stella Sandberg (4 stars)Two masculine girls on bikes have an encounter on a lonely Spanish Road while travelling.In the Sauna by Stella Watts Kelley (3 stars)Two suburban housewives explore their bicuriousity in the sauna on a shared spa day paid by their husbands Jubilee by Betty Blue (3 stars)A female preacher dresses as a man and seduces female parishioners until she is conned herself.Sweet Tooth by Sophia Valente (3 stars)A cupcake princess needs some girl honey.Blood Ties by Alex Tucci (3.5 stars)Two female cousins consummate their lust at a family funeral. I have to do some research on lesbians that I am not knowledgeable on that subculture.He-she on the train by Maggie Veness (3.5 stars)A lovely little encounter on the train.Lives of the Saints by Holly Farris ( 0 stars )Atrocious writing...only read a few pages...dnfSexting: One side of a two-way by Kelsy Chauvin (1.5 stars)ummmm.....not feeling this oneThe Rendezvous series by Coleen C. Dunphy (4.5 stars)My favorite in collection. Three very sensual encounters of an established Lezzie couple...beautiful and oh so hot...confession: I was imagining Nicole Kidman and Vanessa Williams in this series of vignettes.Amy's first lesson by Dani M. (3 stars)Wow do teachers really do this???Shameless by Kymberlyn Reed and Anais Morten (4.5 stars)Second favorite. A sexy lesbian couple show two hunky men who is boss....bisexual deliciousness.Flick Chicks by Alison Wonderland (3 stars)Two lipstick lesbians engage in a little bit of spanking.The Purple Gloves by Gala Fur (3.5 stars)A fun and Ridiculous little ghost story.The Kitchen Light by Nicole Wolfe (3 stars)A pretty femme has a very hot encounter with a tomboyish handy woman who is very "handy" lolUppercasing by Charlie Anders (4 stars)Not erotica but a really good story about how abuse can manifest within a lesbian relationship....sad and twisted.Pinup by Vanessa Vaughn (3.5 stars)A playful story about a woman in a wheelchair and a sexy librarian....different, fun and affirming.Self-Reflection by Tobi Hill-Meyer (1 star)A pre-op TS lesbian has sex with her post-op TS self. Not my thing.Brush Strokes by Elizabeth Cage (3 stars)Funny, hot and playful. Two young women have a casual encounter that involves hairbrushes and shampoo.From the Halls of Montezuma by R. G. Emanuelle (2.5 stars)A woman has a casual encounter with a female stripper.Tasting Chantal by D. L. King (3.5 stars)A hetero dominatrix plays with a woman for the first time.Ridden by Natt Nightly (1.5 stars)Not very good writing and not very hot. Let's leave it at that.Thanksgiving by Molly Bloom (4 stars)A fun and poetic lesbian orgy.I will end with a quote by Sappho:"You came and I was longing for you. You cooled a heart that burned with desire."Love each other sweetly dear women.

  • Susan
    2019-03-31 13:15

    Some of the stories seemed a bit amateurish while others were well written. In a nutshell: when the stories were hot...they were hot. When they were not..they were not.

  • Jean Roberta
    2019-03-31 21:07

    This annual anthology, originally edited by Tristan Taormino and a consulting editor, is now edited by Kathleen Warnock and a consulting editor. This year, the guest editors are the three members of an all-female band, BETTY. As Kathleen Warnock explains in her introduction:"How did I get here? I knew Tristan when we were both starting out as writers, and on the downtown New York City queer and women's rock/literary/whatever scenes. I bought copies of her 'zine Pucker Up, and thought I might try to write some of that lesbian erotica stuff. . .In that monumentally creative downtown scene, I sometimes ran into Tristan at a popular lesbian rock party called Fragglerock, where woman-fronted and all-girl bands were featured, and fabulous musicians played in all-star pickup bands, doing tributes to their godmothers and godfathers. One night, I watched Elizabeth Ziff of the band BETTY lead a Queen tribute that included about forty people doing a cover of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' with a full chorus."Ya had to be there, I'm sure. Series editor Kathleen goes on to explain why she invited BETTY to choose the stories for this edition of Best Lesbian Erotica:"Songwriters have the task of telling a life or a moment in a couple of dozen lines. It's a form that requires form, as well as style, craft, tempo, rhythm and talent to pull it off successfully. So I approached Elizabeth (who had moved on to work on a television show you may have heard of: The L Word), and she told me she was being treated for breast cancer, and recommended her sister, Amy. And, well, if you've got Elizabeth and Amy, you've got to have Alyson."Later in the introduction, the editor notes "a strong international wave of submissions this year: this volume contains the work of writers from Ireland, Australia, Sweden, France and Germany (as well as someone who lives in my neighborhood)."Introductions like this always leave me with mixed feelings. Incestuous relationships among creative types who are all in the same "scene," however defined, shouldn't shock anyone. And lesbians who have been "out" for more than one relationship are aware of belonging to an army of ex-lovers; sometimes it seems as if every one of us is less than six degrees (i.e. six dykes) away from every other one of us.But still, can a New York editor who inherited the position from another New York editor and who shared the honor with a local band honestly claim that the series has an international scope? When Kathleen Warnock first experienced BETTY in the 1980s, much of the soundtrack of this reviewer’s life was provided by a three-woman band from the Canadian prairies, where I live. They were/are known for their beautiful harmonies, and their song, "The Woman Warrior," was at one time an anthem for Canadian lesbian-feminists. But it seems unlikely that they will ever be asked to guest-edit an anthology such as Best Lesbian Erotica. I’m just saying.Now I've said all that, I'll admit that no one's taste is objective. By definition, taste involves discrimination. The stories in this year's BLE are all competently-written, as usual, but otherwise they are a mixed bag of cliches, poetic but porny descriptions of sex with a near-absence of plot, fabulous topical humor, witty fantasy, insightful realism, and spiritual allegory.My favorite stories in this collection are by previous contributors to the series. "Jubilee" by Betty Blue is an atmospheric piece about a backwoods preacher, a "passing" butch who attracts women as honey attracts bees. Ruby, a juicy blonde damsel in distress, asks the Reverend for salvation, and her prayer is answered. The plot twist at the end surprises both the reader and the Reverend, who is reminded (like us) that everyone has a secret.Probably the most memorable story (because it is the most unusual in this context) is "Uppercasing" by Charlie Anders, a San Francisco writer who chronicles (or satirizes, if that's possible) the local genderqueer/postmodern performance art scene. This story first appeared in Fucking Daphne: Mostly True Stories and Fictions (Seal Press, 2008). In this comic story, a farm girl from New Jersey named Daphne Gottlieb goes to San Francisco to find "herself," and finds a performance artist by the same name who takes her under her wing. The more famous Daphne explains "uppercasing" to her protegee:"'We're all born with normal capitalization, but our task in life is to create the block-caps versions of ourselves. And most people never even try. Most people stay mostly lowercase, their whole lives.'"The narrator (the more lowercase Daphne) asks "if she had succeeded in becoming DAPHNE GOTTLIEB. . . But she said no." In order to help her namesake achieve an uppercase identity, the narrator consents to be tattooed, exposed, bound and fucked in various public places as a kind of doppelganger or other-half of her mentor. Daphne the mentor, however, teaches the narrator to expect the unexpected."Self-Reflection" by Tobi Hill-Meyer is a powerful fantasy about a transwoman's encounter with her future self. The catalyst that brings the future self into the present narrator's life isn't explicitly described, but by the end of the story, it seems clear that the narrator is less likely to commit suicide. While relationships between aspects of the same person are often presented as dangerous expressions of narcissism, this one is literally life-saving.On a slightly more realistic level is "Blood Ties" by Alex Tucci, about a lifelong, near-incestuous attraction which is finally consummated after a wise mother-figure has written a prophetic letter to be read after her death."Lives of the Saints" by Holly Farris is a hilarious surrealistic look at a sexual fetish which is parallel to a traditional Catholic fetish for virginity as a sign of spiritual purity. On the feast day of an obscure female saint, the saint and her lover/tormentor show up in the kitchen of a troubled modern dyke to give her a message.These are the stories I will probably remember long after writing this review. Then there is a set of lush, lyrical sex fantasies on familiar themes: sex at different times of day ("The Rendezvous Series" by Colleen C. Dunphy), first-time lesbian encounters ("In the Sauna" by Stella Watts Kelley and "Tasting Chantal" by D.L. King), a fantasy in Home Depot about a handywoman ("The Kitchen Light" by Nicole Wolfe), multi-person trysts ("Shameless" by two authors, Kymberlyn Reed and Anais Morten, "Thanksgiving" by Molly Bloom), a travelogue about dykes-on-bikes before Stonewall ("Girona, 1960" by Stella Sandburg), a tale of seduction in a library by a wheelchair-bound narrator ("Pinup" by Vanessa Vaughn), a story about the eroticism of hair ("Brush Strokes" by Elizabeth Cage), one about a kind of role-reversal ("Ridden" by Natt Nightly), one about sex on camera/film ("Flick Chicks" by Allison Wonderland), and one about a mysterious woman who could be a stalker, a phantom or a hallucination ("The Purple Gloves" by Gala Fur, translated from the French)."From the Halls of Montezuma" centers on the narrator's intense, immediate reaction to a butch stripper who performs in the uniform of the U.S. Marines with a more traditionally femme counterpart in a club before turning her attention to the narrator. This fantasy is well-paced, well-written and satisfying for all the characters, including the narrator's supportive friends. Like other stories set in specific locations or cultures, however, this one seems to need a footnote. I wonder how many readers outside the U.S. would recognize the title as part of the anthem of the United States Marines ("From the halls of Montezu-uma/To the shores of Tripoli/We will fight our country's ba-attles/On the land and on the sea"). Erotic stories with very specific references have their own charm; they can appeal to readers who have been there as well as to those who haven’t, and who therefore find the setting, the culture or the kink exotic. People have specific kinds of sex in particular contexts, and the context can be crucial. However, the references need to be clear to the intended readership.The two stories I would have eliminated from this anthology are "Sexting: One Side of a Two-Way" by Kelsy Chauvin and "Amy's First Lesson" by Dani M. The latter is a traditional classroom fantasy in which a young university instructor shows her baby-dyke student the ropes. This story shows promise, but this ground has often been covered before, and with more style (if the fantasy is obvious wish-fulfillment) or more complexity (if the story is presented as realistic). "Sexting" is essentially one side of a generic telephone conversation. Future editions of BLE might well include evocative stories of encounters or relationships told in text-messages, but this one looks like a script that simply falls flat on the page.Best Lesbian Erotica continues to be one of the better annual "best of" anthologies. As a series, it is still deliciously ground-breaking (as in "the earth moved") and trendsetting, but not everything in it meets the same standard.--------------

  • Emily Moore
    2019-03-31 14:21

    4.5 stars Press has become an excellent source for readers that enjoy anthologies with a mixture of stories from accomplished writers that are seamlessly strung together. A few of the prime examples of how well their formula works are the Best Lesbian Erotica and Best Lesbian Romance series of books. Here editor Kathleen Warnock has gathered a wonderful collection of stories from a selection of authors that approach lesbian erotica from a variety of directions, all with stimulating and titillating results. Anyone who enjoys lesbian erotica will find stories here that stir up the emotions and leave you wanting more.The introduction by band BETTY is just as enjoyable as the included stories and makes the anthology even more enticing. It stresses the pairing of imagination and sex and presents a personal touch from each member of the band. One describes the anthology perfectly. “Together they cover the waterfront (and then some) of what lesbians are longing for and coming over, the things we are both afraid of and attracted to simultaneously.”One of my favorite stories of the collection is “The Kitchen Light” by Nicole Wolfe in which Kate buys a light from Home Depot and employee Hallie offers to come over and install it for her. This story is a dirty and raunchy jaunt that is erotic to an extreme level. It is a sexual trip from beginning to end, a fulfillment of fantasies and a very pleasurable read. This story is orgasm inducing and is a prime example of how an erotic story can rise above being just stroke material while not surrendering any heat.Other favorites include “Blood Ties” by Alex Tucci where two women reconnect at the funeral of an aunt and mother and act on a taboo and enduring love. This story has a beautiful voice and pace, and it is both gripping and touching. So much is said within the short length that the story won’t soon be forgotten. “From the Halls of Montezume” by R.G. Emanuelle features a woman who is taken to a party by her friend for her birthday to see butch stripper Spike. Just the mention of that name is a sign that the main character is in for a truly wild ride. Their encounter is the definition of erotica and is sinfully enticing and hot. “Amy’s First Lesson” by Dani M. features boyish Amy who gets a lesson from her new English Literature teacher on how to have sex with a woman. Amy’s fascination with her teacher and sexual discovery are intensely erotic and thoroughly stimulating.Other standout stories cover a wide range of setups from first encounters to unique displays of existing relationships. In “Sweet Tooth” by Sophia Valenti a woman’s quest for release ends at Cupcake Manor when she meets the deceptively sweet shop owner. Two women who work in a library hook up after watching each other from afar for weeks in Vanessa Vaughn’s “Pinup”. “The Redezvous Series” by Colleen C. Dunphy features three sexy encounters between two women at various times of day, while integrating the development of their relationship at the same time. In “Shameless” by Kymberlyn Reed and Anais Morten, Samantah and Viktoria have a rebellious night with two men watching them who find the tables are quickly turned. “In the Sauna” by Stella Watts Kelley finds two women enjoying a “girl’s day out” at the spa while their sons are at a birthday party and things get extra steamy in the sauna. All these tales are erotic and full of unbridled passion that leaves the reader wanting more.Although some of the stories involve established relationships and couples, a large majority feature encounters between strangers or the first sexual experience between two women. These stories most definitely feed on the additional eroticism and naughtiness of the unknown, and do so deftly through well-crafted stories. The anthology opens with “Girona, 1960″ by Stella Sandberg where two butch bikers meet on the open road of Spain and have a brief encounter that is a departure from their usual roles. Their pairing may be quick, but the heat created by their joining most definitely won’t extinguish as quickly. In “He-She on the Train” by Maggie Veness, a woman is fascinated by a strange passenger on the train and she can’t escape the allure of their silent encounter. “The Purple Gloves” by Gala Fur tells the tale of dominatrix Elvira who has a run in with a mysterious American who wants a certain type of treatment. In “Brush Storkes” by Elizabeth Cage, Kirby takes Tara home after they meet at pilates class and shares her special fetish. Neela goes to a fetish club looking for a boy to play with in “Tasting Chantal” by D.L. King and gets quite a surprise.Other stories feature erotic encounters but the real highlight of the stories is the unique structure or focus of the story. In “Jubilee” by Betty Blue, Reverand Cyril Goodblood ministers in a very personal way to women who attend the services and need some extra attention. The “Lives of the Saints” by Holly Farris features PJ who gets some help with her partner’s church kneeling bench fetish from a few saints. “Sexting: One Side of a Two-Way” by Kelsy Chauvin cleverly presents the story as text messages from only one side of a conversation, yet the progression of attraction and interactions is clear and intriguing. Allison Wonderland’s “Flick Chicks” features Mae and Dani who recreate stag films of the 1950’s with one another, resulting in a steamy end product.“Uppercasing” by Charlie Anders, where a woman meets and begins to emulate a performance artist who shares her name, is a twisted wild ride of defining oneself. In “Self-Reflection” by Tobi Hill-Meyer, a woman and her future self enjoy each other to the fullest. There is an undercurrent of loving oneself, literally and figuratively, threaded throughout the story. This story is especially unique because it features a trans character who is also a lesbian, a particularly open and wonderful addition to the anthology. “Ridden” by Natt Nightly is a sexy encounter between two women, where one demands on being ridden by her girl. The collection ends with “Thanksgiving” by Molly Bloom, where a sexual orgy occurs along with a rush of feelings and unexpected turns.As is always the case with anthologies, certain stories appealed to me more as a reader, and each person that picks up this book will have their own favorites. What is assured is that every reader will be quite satisfied at the end, with a selection of stories that will become fast favorites. For those new to the Best Lesbian Erotica series, this is a perfect place to start, and once you begin you will definitely want to pick up some of the other collections. Anyone who is interested in exploring the world of lesbian erotica though solid writing and characterizations should definitely start here.

  • Sidra
    2019-04-02 19:04

    As with most erotica, some good, some bleh. Worth the read.

  • Tobi
    2019-04-25 14:21

    I'm still working my way through it, however, I've already noticed that my story isn't the only one where someone fucks their doppleganger. That makes cover quite interesting.

  • Rachel
    2019-04-02 20:32

    TWO trans women in one book of queer women's erotica? My gosh, what is this world coming to? Well, whatever it is, I approve of it.

  • Amy
    2019-03-26 16:08

    This is one of my favs, too bad my bitch ex-girlfriend stole it from me!!!