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"I don't do patrols, I don't go hunting, I just stick close to you. You live your life. I'll keep you safe," Tamani said, sweeping a lock of hair from her face. "Or die trying."Laurel hasn't seen Tamani since she begged him to let her go last year. Though her heart still aches, Laurel is confident that David was the right choice.But just as life is returning to normal, Lau"I don't do patrols, I don't go hunting, I just stick close to you. You live your life. I'll keep you safe," Tamani said, sweeping a lock of hair from her face. "Or die trying."Laurel hasn't seen Tamani since she begged him to let her go last year. Though her heart still aches, Laurel is confident that David was the right choice.But just as life is returning to normal, Laurel discovers that a hidden enemy lies in wait. Once again, Laurel must turn to Tamani to protect and guide her, for the danger that now threatens Avalon is one that no faerie thought would ever be possible. And for the first time, Laurel cannot be sure that her side will prevail.This is the third installment of Aprilynne Pike's Wings Series....

Title : Illusions
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ISBN : 9780061668098
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 375 Pages
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Illusions Reviews

  • Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten)
    2018-11-13 21:02

    Okay everybody, say it with me..... T-A-M-A-N-I!!!!!!!!!May 3rd

  • Annabelle Marie Veronica
    2018-11-09 14:48

    UPDATE:*****WARNING: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERS*****I read it! And, honestly, while I'd normally rate it probably a three or a four, I'm giving it a five because of the lovely, wonderful, perfect romance between Laurel and Tamani. Finally! Pages 233-236 and 315-318 are my FAVORITES. :)Honestly, I didn't like Yuki at all. She annoyed almost to death. Could. Not. Stand. Her. Clearly, she had some serious issues, and throughout the book, I could not bring myself to like her. At all. I really tried. But I couldn't.I loved loved loved having some of the chapters told from Tam's view!!! It also makes me feel more optimistic that he'll be the one Laurel chooses, because how could she not? He loves her so much, and she's sooooo lucky to have that. Besides, why would Pike feature chapters from his P.O.V. if he's not an important character? Soooo hot. :)What a cliffhanger ending! Not cool at all! But I did like that it ended with Tam's P.O.V. I think I'm even more in love with him than before, if that's possible. ;)-------------------------------I cannot wait for this book to come out! I am so, so excited. After the second book though, both David and Chelsea make me nervous. Can they be trusted? Also, who can wait to see if Laurel will pick Tamani? That's actually the most exciting part…

  • Sarah
    2018-11-14 20:03

    After finishing the Hunger Games series, I didn't think there would be another series I could get excited about so quickly. I cannot wait for April 8, 2011 when the third book in the Wings series will come out! Laurel, please pick Tamani!!A few months later...So now the release date is May 3, 2011. A month later? Boo.UPDATE AFTER READING...Love reading the next book in the Wings series. I think Spells was more enchanting, but I still love the continuing story in Illusions.PS - Loved page 236! :)

  • Melannie :)
    2018-11-13 16:46

    There might be SPOILERS I don't know I'm just too upset to notice.For the first half things were happening so I was excited, but I don't know, I read WINGS the first book in the series, back when it came out, and I loooved it. I thought the idea was very cool. And it became one of my favorite series.But a lot of time has passed since I read that book, and now I know better than to fall for anything.This book was a quick read, quicker than book 2 at least. Laurel was happy with David, she was convinced her and Tamani were better off as friends. I liked that, not just because I'm team David but because I hate when girls are all'oh I don't know who I love, this one or that one, so I'd settle for leading both of them on and kissing them both and sit and listen to them as they talk about how much they love me'But that's exactly what happened at the second part of the book.Tamani starts going to school with Laurel and David. Laurel wants them to be friends (yea, right). She says she loves David but she stills gets all hot at the sight of Tamani and wants to kiss him passionately.I don't blame her for that, she can be with whoever she wants, but it's so NOT FAIR that she gets mad at David, her boyfriend for being jealous of Tamani. How is David supposed to trust her? She latter proves me right... I'll get to that eventually.Listen girls, it's not cool that your boyfriend turns into a jealous jerk when he sees you with other male friends, but when you have feelings for said "friends" and you're constantly proving it to everyone and their mother, then your boyfriend has all the right to be jealous and you have no right to get mad and yell at him... you're being unfair, you can't be in love with 2 people at once. So anyway, David and Tamani reach the boiling point and get into a fight. What does poor Laurel do? OF COURSE SHE BREAKS UP WITH DAVID IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE SCHOOL. Of course.Then she runs away. Tamani follows her.You can imagine what happens next, Tamani is there, Laurel wants him bad. They kiss. In the rain. Laurel is finally happy.Why do authors think they can solve anything with a kiss in the rain?Do they think we are too dumb to see the story behind those 'romantic moments'?I mean, I would have thought it was cute, romantic even. If I wouldn't have been all like 'What the hell, I thought you loved the other one, you repetely said you loved the other one, then why are you kissing this one two minutes after you broke up with him'Forgive me if I now fail to see why two perfectly awesome gentlemen (David and Tamani) would want to fight eachother to death/ loose their lives / spend all the eternity with someone like Laurel.I want relatable heroines, I want heroines who kick troll ass, I want a real girl that acts heroic. The whole book is about Laurel complaining about how hard is having two perfect boys fighting over you.Also, I don't understand how having a guy following you EVERYWHERE you go can be considered romantic. I mean I thought that could lead said guy to several years in prision, but ohh you just throw the word 'love' in the mix and suddenly that's the most romantic thing ever. What's with that, people? I thought we had evolved from the times when everyone fell for the hands-covered-in-glitter-stalker, I seriously don't understand why authors keep thinking this is what we girls like. So now I know how book 4 (final in the series) is gonna go: - Tamani and Laurel will end up together because they're both faeries, they're "soulmates", they have a tragic past/love story that forever bonds them. David the guy who looooved Laurel so much he even risked his life tons of times to protect her, suddenly realizes he loves Chelsea, a conveniently thrown character who serves as best friend of both Laurel and David (way to earn originality points, Ms Pike). They all live happily ever after, every one to its own species. The end.

  • Bethany
    2018-10-30 15:42

    I can't wait until this book comes out...I am having a hard time fully trusting David after Spells...and I am not certain....but could Tam be getting ready to become part of Laurel's "human" world?!? The possibilities are never ending!! Like I said...I so can't wait until this book comes out!!*** I just read the first chpt posted by Aprilynne and I am SO excited about this book....I'm not sure I could be any more excited!! Plus it's release date is May 3rd.....just in time for my birthday on May 4th!! I SO SO SO can't wait!!!***

  • Ashley
    2018-11-15 13:55

    TAMANI FOREVER!!!!!!!!! Laurel better choose TAMANI, NOT DAVID!!!!!!!don't get me wrong i like david but there's just sothing about tamani thats just mmmmm :) so please Aprilynne Pike have her choose Tamani <3 :)********************************************************

  • Zainab Asma
    2018-11-11 18:38

    david best get dumped. I am so sick of the humans always getting the good end of the stick.She has to pick Tamani.

  • Tess
    2018-10-30 20:04

    I have one word for this book.Filler.That’s all it was. Pure filler. Let me explain it to you:There are 36 chapters in this book. Chapter 1 to 34 are devoted to the love triangle between Laurel, her human boyfriend David and fairy guardian Tamani. In other words, that’s 34 chapters of “should I choose this boy or that boy”, with no resolution at the end of it, I kid you not. Chapter 34 to 36 finally gives us a plot and some action, before it abruptly finishes in a.. yes, you guessed it right, a cliff hanger!Now, the synopsis of the book promises something else entirely. I quote:“Once again, Laurel must turn to Tamani to protect and guide her, for the danger that now threatens Avalon is one that no faerie thought would ever be possible.”Okay, did I miss something here? Danger, where? Apart from one page of sudden troll action (and chapter 34- 36), there was no danger anywhere. I certainly never felt that Laurel was threatened, and besides, she had about 200 sentries protecting her, plus of course her two suitors watching her every step. Was Laurel in danger? Nope, did not feel it, at all.What I did feel was irritation. The main reason being the love triangle.Now, if you’ve read my blog, you know I have nothing against love triangles, if they’re done well. This one however is ridiculous, and even more so since it’s the center theme of the book. Laurel’s indecisiveness annoyed me to no end. She kept bouncing back and forth so much that it had me feeling dizzy. She behaved like a spoiled child that wants to have one’s cake and eat it too. She would chastise David for being jealous, then go on and kiss Tamani. Then she would tell Tamani off for pursuing her, and in the next second throw a tantrum when he flirted/danced/talked to another girl. Seriously? My 6-year old cousin behaves more mature than that.I was not impressed.What would have saved this book for me, was a lot less teen-age drama and more of Avalon. I loved Avalon in the previous book Spells but here we only got a very brief glimpse of that world when Laurel visits her mentor Jameson. Other than that, it all takes place in the human world, with highschool, teen-age drama, teen-age angst and the obligatory school dance to finish things off.There is one more book in the series to be published next year, but this is the end of the series for me. One more word of “David or Tamani” and I’ll be screaming out loud.More reviews at:

  • Nic
    2018-11-10 20:01

    She better pick Tamanai:)

  • Steph Sinclair
    2018-11-06 14:43

    Actual rating: 2.5 starsAfter reading Spells I have to admit I was not excited to read Illusions. I thought Wings was unique and offered a different spin of your typical Fey story, but Spells fell short for me. However, I'm happy to say, I did enjoy Illusions much better. We begin with Laura at the beginning of senior year of high school. She is attempting to lead a normal life despite the troll attacks from the last book. Right from the start this book kicked off with Tamani enrolling as a foreign exchange student at her school. Obviously, this complicates her and David's relationship. In addition to this, Klea has asked Laura to look after a mysterious Fey named Yuri. The plot in Illusions was very interesting this go round. However, I have three major pet peeves about this book. 1. The Love TriangleTo a certain extent, I can tolerate love triangles, especially when they noticeably help move the plot along. But in Illusions the love triangle turned into an all out pissing contest between Tamani and David. I could feel the testosterone rolling off the pages. And David! I was so tired of him whining about Laura. But I have never liked David very much because his character feels underdeveloped to me. This is book 3 and I still don't feel like we actually know much about him. Tamani is a much more interesting love interest and their connection/relationship makes sense. 2. The Mystery surrounding YuriOur characters are supposed to be trying to figure out which season Yuri aligns with, but for most of the book they are too busy fawning over Laura, while Laura thinks about college and acts as a referee to the two hormonal, teenage boys. I felt like most of the chapters were pretty useless to the book. And by the end of the book, Yuri's season is pretty much the only thing we've found out. The premise was so interesting and I kept turning pages hoping to find out more about Yuri, but all I got was David and Tamani glaring at each other. Or, Laura yelling at David and Tamani. Or, David and Tamani duking it out in the school's hallway. It got old really fast. I felt like Pike had a lot of potential with this book and she wasted it to prolong a series that has no business having a "book 4."3. The EndingDon't worry I won't spoil it for you. But I will tell you that after all that anticipation on finding out what Yuri is, you find out and the book just ENDS. I actually turned the page and thought, "No way was that the ending!" I felt ripped off. I suffered through all the relationship drama and this was how I was rewarded?! Talk about a letdown. Will I read book 4? Yea, I probably will in hopes that Pike pulls it together. More reviews and more at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog.

  • Brianna
    2018-11-12 17:05

    I made it about ten pages in and I gave up. Not even through the first chapter and Laurel starts being her usual obnoxious self. Ten pages in and she whines about how she wants to make out with Tamani and it's ALL HIS FAULT she finds it hard to stay true to David. It's ALL HIS FAULT he holds her and wants more. It's ALL HIS FAULT Laurel is a bad girlfriend. Everything is ALL SOMEONE ELSE'S FAULT because God forbid Laurel actually acts responsibly and selflessly.Now, I'm sure a lot of people would say I can't judge the book without reading the entire thing, or even half of it. I told myself if I got angry within the first hundred pages to stop reading: so I did. After the first chapter.And that was when I knew this series is no longer worth the agony of trudging through Laurel's horrible personality and selfishness. She will clearly never change. Maybe someday when I'm desperate and in need to angst, I will pick this up because this series always manages to make me angsty.I don't enjoy hating books. But honestly... I'm just sick of Laurel. And I was annoyed with David, too. And Chelsea. Really, the only decent character is Tamani, but he lets himself be abused by Laurel so he's kind of irritating as well. So even if there was a good story in Illusions, I will probably never know because I can't stomach the atrocity that is the cast.

  • Gemma
    2018-10-30 12:56

    And here I thought this series was actually improving.Wings was a weak opener for the series, with too many resemblances to Twilight to be original or mind blowing and too many character holes to be entertaining or enjoyable. I felt that Laurel was a weak, complaining and arrogant heroine, and the components of the love triangle—David and Tamani—were too perfect to be considered real (I think I read somewhere that the author based them both off of her ideal vision of a guy, complete with the flawlessness). So overall, I wasn’t impressed.But with Spells… I really thought things were getting better. There was some world building going on, deepening the Avalon/faerie setting and elaborating on the different types of magic out there… And Laurel stopped constantly reminding us about how pretty she was. I was starting to actually enjoy things here.Yeah. But that all changed with the first page of Illusions. It begins with an eye-roll make out scene. Sort of gag inducing. David and Laurel’s relationship has hit that cutesy phase (which, you could argue, it’s been in since the beginning. I might have forgotten or overlooked it before, but it’s on full blast now). They’re all ‘she leaned in for a kiss’ or ‘he pulled her closer for a kiss’ or ‘They snuck off to kiss’, etc. An excessive usage of the word. And when they’re not making out, it’s like ‘you’re [insert character flaw]’ ‘but you love me’ ‘yeah, I do’. Their constant meaningless banter is so stupid, and I still don’t see this as true love, no matter what Laurel wants to tell us for the first half of the book.And then there’s Tamani. Laurel’s like ‘I really don’t want to lead you on and/or string you along, but… I really have no choice’. Really? Like that’s supposed to make the whole deal better. If anything, it makes it worse; she’s not oblivious; she’s fully aware of what’s happening, but she keeps doing it anyway. Either sever all non-work related form of relationship, or find a way to be with him that does not involve constantly stepping on his heart. “But… but it’s so hard!” Laurel would whine. Yeah, well. That’s life. Sometimes you need some self control. Because constantly getting this close to kissing and then pushing him away with ‘I have a boyfriend’ is not a healthy way to be for Laurel, Tamani or David. It’s just not right.Not that I have a huge amount of sympathy for Tamani. The boy doesn’t take no for an answer. Laurel keeps sort of trying (but not hard enough to count for anything in my book) to end anything romantic between them, and he’s just like “pleeeeeeeaaaase?” (puppy dog eyes) “pwetty, pwetty pwease?” And then Laurel, because she is weak and spineless is like “well… okay, maybe.”So then Tamani can go off and feel all excited and filled with false hope while David and Laurel go and engage in some inane and brief conversation followed by an extended make out session. Gah. This is what pretty much the entire 2/3rds of the book consist of (the other third consists of (view spoiler)[ David and Laurel breaking up, and then Tamani and Laurel making out while Laurel stares sadly across the room at her once-beloved David. Can you say headdesk? (hide spoiler)]). There is virtually no plot, just the—wait for it—Illusion of one (at least I can figure out the title). There is the introduction of one new character, Yuki, who is some sort of fae, although they can’t figure out what kind, exactly and maybe she’s bad, what if she’s posing a threat to our dearly beloved Laurel, oh no, whatever shall we do? But mostly, it’s just boring relationship stuff.If I want that, I can check half of my friends’ status updates on Facebook. Unless this is some freaking amazing romance worthy of filling every single page (I’m trying to think of an example, but nothing comes to mind), I don’t want to spend an entire book listening to people whine and make flirty eyes at each other. What’s it called: angst? Yeah, I’m not into that. I don’t mind romance as a subplot. See: Pirates of the Caribbean (the first one). It works, because it’s not all consuming, and while the plot is initially driven by the romance, Will and Elizabeth aren’t constantly on screen, and don’t spend every on-screen second together kissing. And I liked them as a couple, because I didn’t have to listen to incessant whining. Or better yet, Inception, where, if there’s any romance in there at all, you have to draw your own conclusions about it. That’s my type of relationship: the fill in your own blanks kind. Subtle.I bet Aprilynne Pike doesn’t even know what subtlety means. Nothing here has an ounce of subtlety; everything is immediately laid on the table. We know everything, and because of that, nothing is a surprise.I don’t know if that’s because she is painfully obvious, or just because there is nothing in here that could possibly, in any way, sneak up you. Because it’s probably really hard for nothing to jump out of the blue and surprise you. Literally, this book is nothing. It is 375 pages of filler. I cannot point out any climax at all. Like, in the end, they go to a dance, and then there’s like ‘this is an impending threat’ to set up the premise of a plot for the next one and then the book ends. Perhaps I could admire her, for not even making an effort at a plot here, except there is nothing remotely admirable about that, especially in a writer. I like my books plotted, thank you, however flimsily. At least junk like the Body Finder has this ‘serial killer attack!!’ scene at the end that served as an action sequence. There is nothing even remotely close to action here. So Illusions will go down as my seventh one star rating. I was actually going to give it two, but as I’m recapping it in my mind, there is nothing good about this mess at all. Not even anything two star worthy; Beauty Queens was better than this. And so, my reading of the Wings series will end right here. Unless, of course, the fourth one has an especially alluring cover, in which case—I may weaken. Geez, I’m as bad as Laurel here, aren’t I?Don’t answer that. UPDATE 11/6: Oooh, the Destined cover... It is beautiful. Gorgeous. Probably my favorite of all of the Wings covers. It makes me want to eat flowers...It's just one more book, right? Can't be more than 400 large-print easy-to-read pages. That's like two hours of reading. And this is (theoretically) the last book. So I'll be able to say I finished it...I think I'm gonna read it. Somebody stop me...Sooo pretty...

  • mary
    2018-10-21 14:05

    Αν με κούρασαν μια φορά οι Ψευδαισθήσεις όταν το διάβασα για πρώτη φορά στην δεύτερη αυτή ανάγνωση με κούρασαν δέκα φορές παραπάνω και επιβεβαίωσαν την άποψη μου πως πρόκειται μέχρι στιγμής για το πιο βαρετό και ανούσιο βιβλίο της σειράς.Έχουν περάσει οχτώ μήνες από τα γεγονότα του δεύτερου βιβλίου και η Λόρελ ετοιμάζεται για την τελευταία χρονιά του σχολείου έχοντας πάρει την απόφαση να παραμείνει με τον Ντέιβιντ.Μια έκπληξη όμως την περιμένει καθώς ο Ταμάνι εμφανίζεται στο σχολείο ως μαθητής προκειμένου να προστατεύει πλέον από κοντά την Λόρελ.Οι εκπλήξεις όμως δεν σταματούν εδώ καθώς στο σχολείο κάνει την εμφάνιση της και μια νέα νεράιδα η Γιούκι, προστατευόμενη της Κλέα, την κυνηγού ξωτικού που έσωσε το περασμένο χρόνο την Λόρελ, για την οποία όμως ο νεραιδόκοσμος δεν γνωρίζει απολύτως τίποτα.Η Λόρελ λοιπόν μαζί με τον Ταμάνι και τους υπόλοιπους φρούρους θα πρέπει σύντομα να ανακαλύψουν τι κρύβεται πίσω από αυτή την μυστηριώδη κοπέλα πριν να είναι πολύ αργά για όλους.Για ακόμη μια φορά η Aprilynne Pike ενώ έχει στα χέρια της ένα καλό υλικό επιλέγει να μην εμβαθύνει στον κόσμο των νεράιδων αλλά να γράψει 350 σελίδες όπου η Λόρελ αμφιταλαντεύεται ποιό από τα δύο υπέροχα αγόρια που την διεκδικούν πρέπει να επιλέξει. Δεν μου ήταν ποτέ ιδιαίτερα συμπαθής αλλά σε αυτό το βιβλίο πραγματικά έγινε τόσο ενοχλητική που ευχόμουν ειλικρινά να την παρατήσουν και οι δύο στα κρυα του λουτρού μπας και συνέλθει και ασχοληθεί με τα πραγματικά προβλήματα που υπάρχουν στη ζωή της όπως ας πούμε αν θα επιλέξει να πάει τελικά στο πανεπιστήμιο ή όχι.Για πρώτη φορά σε αυτό το βιβλίο ακολουθούμε και την οπτική του Ταμάνι κάτι τ οποίο πιστεύω πως οι πολυάριθμοι φαν του εκτίμησαν δεόντως, αλλά σε μένα προσωπικά δεν έκανε καμία πολύτως αίσθηση.Δεν είμαι υπέρ του Ντέιβιντ αλλά πραγματικά δεν μπορώ να καταλάβω τι βρίσκουν όλοι στον Ταμάνι.Στο μεγαλύτερο μέρος του βιβλίου επέδειξε μια εγωκεντρική και αλαζονική συμπεριφόρα δείχνοντας ότι δεν νοιάζεται πραγματικά για την ευτυχία της Λόρελ παρά για τη δική του θεωρώντας την απλά ένα στόχο που πρέπει πάση θυσία να κατακτήσει.Το γεγονός δε ότι θεωρεί εξ αρχής τον εαυτό του νικητή τον κάνει ακόμα πιο αχώνευτο.Αν μη τι άλλο ο Ντείβιντ παρόλο που μπορεί να μην έχει την ίδια δυνατή χημεία μαζί της δείχνει να θέλει περισσότερο να την βοηθήσει και να την στηρίξει στα προβλήματα της!Το μυστήριο με την ταυτότητα της Γιούκι έδωσε ια νέα πνοή και ένα νέο μυστηριώδη τόνο στο βιβλίο ανοίγωντας έαν νέο κύκλο εφόσον στο δευτερο ένας άλλος ολοκληρώθηκε, χωρίς ωστόσο να επικεντρωνόμαστε σε αυτό γιατί όπως προείπα τα ερωτικά διλήμματα της Λόρελ ήταν μάλλον σημαντικότερα.Τα κομμάτια του βιβλίου που ήταν αφιερωμένα σε συζητήσεις γύρω από τη Γιούκι και τον μυστηριώδη ρόλο της Κλέα ήταν και αυτά που με κράτησαν στην ιστόρια και εύχομαι να ήταν περισσότερα.Στην πραγματικότητα το μόνο ευχάριστο μέρος του βιβλίου ήταν το ανατρεπτικό φινάλε που θα μπορούσε να ήταν και πιο σοκαριστικό, αλλά δεν παραπονιέμαι, τουλάχιστον ήταν απρόβλεπτο και κατάφερε να δημιουργήσει αγωνία για το επόμενο βιβλίο.Συνολικά δεν έχω να πω κάτι άλλο για το τρίτο βιβλίο της σειράς γιατί αισθάνομαι ότι ήταν τόσο ανούσιο που ακόμη και να μην υπήρχε τελικά καθόλου και η σειρά μετατρεπόταν σε μια τριλογία δεν θα υπήρχε κανένα πρόβλημα.Εύχομαι τουλάχιστον το τελευταίο βιβλίο να με αποζημιώσει γιατί αισθάνομαι πως είναι μια σειρά με αρκετές προοπτικές που όμως αναλώθηκε δυστυχώς στο μέτριο γράψιμο και στα σαχλά ρομάτζα.

  • Sandy
    2018-11-18 14:01

    4/5 of this book is love triangle drama. Laurel is one of the most annoying, whiny, selfish heroines in all of YA.Can I just say, I've read three mediocre books now waiting for a certain moment between two characters, and all I got was a couple of paragraphs. Talk about a letdown.This series should not have been dragged out to four books. I've been sticking around for Tamani, but after Illusions, I'm done. (Okay, almost done. I'll probably skim #4 for all things Tamani, but that's it.)

  • Serah
    2018-11-03 13:38

    I'm really curious in what Tamani's up to. Maybe he's going to live among the humans: going to her school maybe? i dunno,but that last chapter made me want to scream!!! LOL Oh Tamani what are u up to????

  • Joost
    2018-11-05 19:53

    Ik kreeg niet de ILLUSIE dat dit boek heel leuk was. Flauwe woordgrappen, dit is al de derde vandaag. Maar goed, dit boek vond ik niet zo geweldig. Lees mijn recensie waarom:

  • Meaghan
    2018-10-28 16:58

    *If you have not read Wings or Spells, this may contain spoilers*Here we are book three in this series and we have picked up pretty much where we left off. Laurel has settled into the world of high school teenage normalcy and her and David are still going strong. That is until Tamani shows up and her feelings become jumbled once more. I have to say I am completely bias here, I am not going to even pretend to think Laurel should end up with David, I think she should be with Tamani. In the past two books she has not even given the poor guy a shot and I think he deserves at least that. This issue does finally get addressed in this book though, which I was very grateful to Aprilynne for. In past books Laurel has just brushed Tamani off without a second thought, but in this book he has to remain by her side to protect her so it makes trying to forget him very difficult for Laurel. Plus, I personally think David is meant for Chelsea, but at this point, who knows what is going to happen.As for everything else in this world, trolls are always lurking about popping up at unexpected moments and causing complete havoc in Laurel’s world. Another problematic element is a new foreign exchange student that has moved into town. Her name is Yuki and she is a mystery to everyone. Laurel is not sure if she is friend or foe, or if she is human or fae for that matter. As a result, Tamani has to play nice with Yuki trying to discover her motives and watching Laurel get jealous over that was quite amusing for me. Yuki was someone that is easily forgotten, but should not be dismissed. Her guardian is Klea so that alone roused my suspicions about her. While she is in the book intermittently, I think she will play a larger role in future installments.The best part of this book was getting to see the world through Tamani’s eyes. My favorite books are always ones where we get to see the main male and female characters point of views. Plus, it was nice to see things from someone other than Laurel’s perspective. Tamani is my favorite so hearing his inner thoughts and seeing what he does when Laurel is not around was fascinating to me.Overall, I really enjoyed Illusions. After the second book, Spells, I was a little disappointed and frustrated, but I did not come away feeling like that after Illusions at all. Even though the ending did have a cliffhanger which would normally bother me, it didn’t this time. The story revealed enough information to keep me happy and several underlying issues were addressed so I did not feel let down. There are still a ton of things up in the air, but I have enough to hold me over until the next book comes out. Although, the book does not come until 2012, so that is going to be a long wait. I am sure the next book will be fantastic though, so it will be worth it.

  • Louise
    2018-10-24 18:43

    Amazing! Couldn't put it down from the moment I started reading it =] The only thing stopping me from giving a 5/5 is the fact that Laurel STILL HASN'T chosen Tamani or David and the whole love triangle is just getting annoying and getting on my nerves(I wish she would just pick Tam). What a cliff-hanger! Wow, seriously can't wait to read the next book. Just wish it was out sooner!

  • Marilena ⚓
    2018-10-24 18:56

    *3,5*Εντάξει τι να πώ για τις Ψευδαισθήσεις?Σαφώς είναι καλύτερο απ τα δύο προηγούμενα λόγω του Ταμάνι,που επιτελους έχει πρωταγωνιστικό ρόλο,(έστω και στο 3ο βιβλίο)αλλα και πάλι δεν ήταν τίποτα συγκλονιστικό!!

  • Caitlin
    2018-11-12 18:50

    Well I can already say this will probably SUCK LARGE! Like come on!! Oh So in the first book the ending She is kissing Tamani, then in Spells she is making out with David all the time, and at the end she says to Tamani that she can not see him anymore. But oh wait you may think she will end up with David NO on Aprilynn Pike's website laurel heart still aces for Tamani (oh give me a brake). So my advise to you if you have to choose eating dirt or reading this book. Eat the dirt, it will be less stupid thing to do.Oh and another thing for one! All authors out there if one of you can please make a book were there are no:2 guys the girl has to choose fromThe girl is not some special magical personShe does not meet a mistress guy who she fall in love with right away and say over 20 time how this jaw bone flexes And that the other guy is her best friend and that guy was in love with her and she was so dumb she did not know!!Oh and if you are going to have all this stuff, make the girl choose the best friend!!Thanks

  • Erica (daydreamer)
    2018-11-13 19:59

    Well, for the most part I really liked it. After the disappointment of Spells, I was very wary of how well I'd like this book. I enjoyed the world of fearies and trolls that Pike created, (as I did in the previous books) and I like Laurel's roll of Mixer, and how Pike explained the biology makeup of the mixing and such. So I was intrigued with the story. But I DID NOT LIKE THE ROMANCE. I am so sick of it, this stupid love triangle that Laurel refuses to get out of. I was sick of it in Spells, and even more so in Illusions. After three books, and twoish years, you'd think Laurel would have made up her mind. She's David's girlfriend of two years, and yet she moons over Tamani. Though she loves David, and loves being with him, she can't help but thrill at the feelings she gets when she see's Tamani, or when he touches her. Personally I like Tamani better. I like David, for the most part, but I don't think he's for Laurel. Anyway, the plot was very interesting, I liked it better than Spells. There was too much focus on the tiring love triangle, but there was a pretty good blend of romance and the actual plot of trolls and finding out who Yuki is. And the ending was pretty surprising, I’m excited to read the last book. And seeing as there's only one book left in the series, Laurel will have to choose who she‘s going to be with, and this triangle will finally end. Hopefully David and Chelsea will finally hook up. But, you know what, I would not be at all surprised if Pike announced that there are to be three more books in the series, thus not having to end the triangle yet, letting it fester, make the characters go through more unnecessary pain instead of having Laurel and Tam finally together like they should be. Well, that’s what I would like at least.So, I gave this book a higher rating than I did for Spells, because there was more action and plot, but the romance tired and annoyed me too much to like the book as much as I could have.

  • Maddie (Heart Full Of Books)
    2018-11-08 17:55

    I love the fact this book had 100% more Tamani, but I think 'Wild' was the most repetitive of the series. Two school dances and two troll attacks, people. You'd think they'd have seen the correlation. Also, I felt like the readers knew what was going on way before the faeries did, so it was quite slow in that way. Still, bring on 'Destined'!

  • Colleen Houck
    2018-10-27 14:46

    What the cliffhanger ending! Love the development of Tamani's character. So curious about what is going on with the trolls. Starting next book immediately.

  • Rachel
    2018-11-02 15:50

    Laurel was worried she had sent him away forever, her protector and “impish guardian.” She thought she might never again see the love that burned for her in his emerald green eyes.But never in a million years did she imagine she’d see him standing in the hallway at her school, dressed like every other student in a T-shirt and jeans…and wearing shoes.With Tamani’s reappearance things are definitely bound to get more complicated. Just because she chose David does not mean that Tamani is willing to give up the fight. He’s got nothing to lose when it comes to Laurel and all the time in the world to win her back.***Illusions, the third book in the Wings series by Aprilynne Pike is even more enchanting and filled with magic than the first two books. All of our favorite characters have returned, including Tamani who is now attending school as a human with Laurel, David, Chelsea and Ryan.Laurel is still facing dangers from the trolls and her every move is watched by her protectors. But now the suspicious arrival of a new girl in town has left everyone to question what her purpose for being there is and what exactly does she know about the faeries and Avalon.Aprilynne Pike has written a bewitching story in this series that will completely captivate readers, if not from the first page, then definitely from the third. Her writing is effortless and reading her story is an utterly delectable treat and the perfect escape into a world of faeries, trolls, romance and magic.Illusions continues the love triangle between Laurel, David and Tamani, it continues the adventure and mystery and leaves readers hanging ten on the edge of a cliff.This book and series will be enjoyable for readers of just about any age who like a story that is sweet but not simple, one that has just a touch of unrequited love but nothing too dire, and one that takes you into the magical and mystical world of the faeries.On a personal note:I love this series and Illusions is no exception. I was so completely excited to get a copy of this book in advance that I think I traded with two different people for it. I breezed through the one copy I do already have in one sitting, even though I had to read it from a printed book. (I read much faster on my eReaders.)I will not give away any spoilers if I can help it, but Tamani’s back! My favorite character in the series is in this book in a major way and oh do I love that. We even get a few chapters from his perspective. He is everything a male lead should be. He’s got the looks. He’s got the loyalty and devotion. He’s got the confidence – without too much arrogance. He’s got the moves. And yes, he can even make Laurel tremble whenever he gets close. How perfect is that?So, there is a love triangle again. Some readers hate the triangle – I am not a hater. Although I did scream at Laurel a couple times in this story because of said triangle and cheered her mom on – her mom is so awesome!Some seriously bad stuff is brewing and we aren’t given too many answers in this book, which does end in a cliffhanger. That’s okay. It’s not one that will leave you completely screaming in agony, but it is one that will leave you begging for answers and pleading for more.If you haven’t read the first two books what are you waiting for? You can cruise through them in one day – it’s just so easy to fall in love with them – and you’ll be ready in time for the release of this book. (And hopefully you’ll love Tamani as much as I do!)Favorite line from the ARC – which I am hoping and praying they don’t change in the finished copy: “I just don’t want to cozy up to the guy whose girl I have every intention of stealing.”

  • Book Chatter-Cath
    2018-11-06 17:43

    From the very first page I was enthralled.And it all seems so perfect-Laurel is with David, her best friend Chelsea is happy with her boyfriend Ryan, and they're seniors in high school.I was tingling with anticipation. What could go wrong? When would the excitement begin? Where was Tamani?I needn't have worried because guess who showed up before the end of the third page? Tamani.Tamani. Tamani. Tamani.I am totally, completely, eternally, in complete and utter love with Tamani!!At every turn of the page I was transported into the body of a giggling teenage girl when Tamani was around. I became teenage marshmallow!!In fact I find all of Aprilynne Pike's characters to be real, like-able, and interesting. Both the 'real' world and the 'faerie' world that the author has created are vibrant, exciting and addictive.Full of interesting characters, both the ones we already love, and the ones who may now drive us insane, and twists and turns abound, Wild is an exceptional continuation of a fascinating story.I really want to say so much more but don't want to ruin it for you with spoilers, it is really, REALLY good.

  • Petra
    2018-10-24 16:41


  • Gigi Hudson
    2018-11-02 18:55

    Tamani all the way baby!*edit*Loved it. Waaaay better than the last one. So glad there was more Tamani in this one. And she stopped being so whiney halfway through as well. Still want David to be killed off though.

  • Julie
    2018-11-17 15:45

    Oh my gosh! I'm so excited to read this! Tamani for the win! The excerpt she posted on her blog is driving me bonkers.

  • Melissa Guthrie
    2018-11-20 15:58

    I just read your blog that you are 50 pages into book 4...why the wait for #3 then :o( There is nothing worse than waiting!! Alas, I will.

  • Luna
    2018-10-22 17:51

    oh my god! There's going to be a third! I haven't even started the second! I so need to hurry.