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Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase are back in another epic contemporary adventure thriller. As the story opens Michelangelo's David is stolen from its plinth in Florence, Italy, in the latest of a series of audacious raids of the world's greatest treasures. When another treasure, the Talonor Codex - an account of the travels of a great Atlantean explorer, which suggests a link beNina Wilde and Eddie Chase are back in another epic contemporary adventure thriller. As the story opens Michelangelo's David is stolen from its plinth in Florence, Italy, in the latest of a series of audacious raids of the world's greatest treasures. When another treasure, the Talonor Codex - an account of the travels of a great Atlantean explorer, which suggests a link between the ancient Hindu civilisation of India and the Atlanteans - is stolen from an exhibition in San Francisco, Nina and Eddie join the adventure. They must now race across the world from India to Nicaragua, the Himalayas to Greenland, to find the vault of Shiva before the man who has stolen the Codex. For the Codex says that inside the vault lies the Shiva Purana, the written words and chronicles of Shiva, the ancient Hindu god of destruction and transformation. A treasure that is beyond the world's wildest imaginings, but which may also be the catalyst for its annihilation....

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The Sacred Vault Reviews

  • Mike
    2018-10-31 08:59

    I still am 100% for this series. I say that because I sense that some fans are probably dropping off a bit, both from reviews I've seen here and the fact that it's the 6th book in a series which usually leads to a decrease in popularity or quality. Well, I disagree. I think this is just as good as the first and is still extremely fast paced and fun.My only complaint was that the villain was SO obvious that I could tell who the main villain was the moment they walked into the story. But then I realized that it's supposed to be super obvious and that it didn't matter. Once I accepted that all that was important was that the story kept moving along at a break neck speed I was very happy with the rest of the book.I look forward to the next book and wonder if the foreshadowing that he's been giving for the past three books will finally wrap up in that one or if we have one more left before finding out what the heck is with those purple statues. Either way I'm in it for the long haul. Next stop: Lost City of Gold.

  • Tyson Adams
    2018-11-14 06:12

    Australia has Matthew Reilly. The US has Clive Cussler and James Rollins. The UK has Andy McDermott.The Sacred Vault is Andy's sixth Nina and Eddie adventure and they just keep the adrenalin pumping as much as ever. I've met archaeologists, they make soil scientists seem exciting by comparison. Yet the world has more archaeologist adventurers than any other science: Indiana Jones, Jack West Jnr, Dirk Pitt, Nina and Eddie, the list goes on. But who can blame writers for picking archaeologists over the other sciences, ancient stuff doesn't go in the sci-fi section.Andy has served up another thriller that doesn't let up. Much like Reilly, he knows how to keep you glued to the page and blow things up. What I also like is the humour he manages to weave into the dialogue, making for a fun and exciting read. Something I noticed with this book in the series was that as the action peaked, so did the amount of witty banter.This is definitely a book (and series) for thriller and adventure fans.

  • Jeff Lyons
    2018-11-10 12:53

    I actually read this one before reading any of Andy McDermott's earlier books - mainly because I found it on sale somewhere and thought...what the hey? But I immediately fell in love with Eddie Chase and Nina Wilde. It started out a tad slow with a social event but then Eddie was chasing after a bunch of bad guys within a dozen or so pages. The words that best describe McDermott's books are action-packed, improbable, thrilling, and a good laugh. The characters of Eddie and Nina are the kind of folks I'd love to hang out with for a few beers. As I mentioned, I read this one first but it impressed me so much I had to go find the other books. McDermott is incredibly prolific. In about three years he's pounded out six excellent, exhausting books. And at this writing, there are at least two more on the way. Can't wait.

  • Paula Howard
    2018-11-13 10:05

    Priceless and precious art is being stolen from around the world. No one claims responsibility. No one seems to know where they are. They just disappear. Nina and Eddie are present at an exhibit when the Talonor Codex is stolen even though there is heightened security. The Talonor Codex was one of the items our pair found in Atlantis. The Talonor Codex gives clues to the hidden location of the Vault of Shiva. The Indian couple, the Khoils, plan to find the Vault and usher in the end of the current world and bring into being the last one in the Hindi belief.Packed with adventure and action.

  • Mikaela
    2018-11-05 08:17

    If I were to review this book as a stand-alone novel, rather then part of a whole series- I'd have to say I would give it at least four stars.But as part of a seires... well. Everything just seemn a little repetitive. 1. Everything is happy2. Evil billionare tries to destroy/take over the world3. Nina/Eddie somehow get involved4. World is savedAfter 6 books, it's starting to seem a little far fetched. Once or twice, maybe. But SIX TIMES? Come on Eddie and Nina, find a new hobby. Perhaps take up lawn bowls?

  • Jennifer D
    2018-11-21 08:12

    Huge fan of the Wilde-Chase novels by Andy MCDermott. I realize that all of the books are pretty much the same- just a change of scenery. But I do not care - I love them.

  • Keith
    2018-10-31 10:55

    another fast paced adventure with nina and eddie

  • Brenda
    2018-10-26 10:00

    Another exciting entry in the Nina and Eddie saga. I don't think those two could stay out of trouble if they tried. I can't wait for the next one!!

  • Jordan Anderson
    2018-11-06 09:48

    As seems to be the case with damn near every McDermott book, The Sacred Vault follows pretty much the exact same formula: Nina and Eddie get wrapped up in some eccentric billionaire's evil plot to take over and/or destroy the world, and in doing so, they come across some ancient tomb, or in this case, vault, that holds the key to defeat the villain and save the day. For 6 books now, the team has pretty much done the exact same thing, somehow managing to find ancient secrets, destroy a hell of a lot of property and expensive toys, narrowly avoid getting killed multiple times per book, and still come out relatively unscathed. One would think this formulaic writing would quickly get boring and stale (and I would be the first to agree with you), but in his own way, McDermott still has this weird talent to make every new entry into these Wilde/Chase novels exciting and hard to put down.The Sacred Vault is no different. Yes, it took me nearly 10 days to read (I blame that on work and personal distractions), and yes, it's not exactly the most original kind of story, but I'll wager that so far, after 6 books in this series, McDermott has finally hit his stride and up to this point, Vault is easily the best. Gone are the stupid arguments between Eddie and Nina, and though it always seems to ruin things when favorite characters get married (here's looking at you The Office), deciding to finally make them husband and wife was one of the smartest things McDermott has done for these books. And speaking of smart, McDermott has gone from just a basic action/adventure author to someone who can now join the ranks of the greats like Reilly and Rollins. His scenes of action have grown from 10 page segments to 50 or 60 page epics of explosions and gunshots and races against time. And his descriptions have grown more lengthy and realistic as well. Of course, intelligence readers know this stuff is way outside the spectrum of the real and believable, but who the hell cares? All that matters is having fun and being entertained at the same time, both of which The Sacred Vault easily achieves.I guess, in all honesty, I would give this book 4.5 stars, being that it's still lacking in originality and is still the same basic fill-in-the-blanks plot structure of all the previous books, but I'm not quite willing to round up to a 5, and since we're still stuck with an archaic rating system here in Goodreads, a solid 4 star rating it will be.

  • Athira Gopinath
    2018-11-10 13:54

    If you have seen Mission impossible and Indiana Jones, there is nothing much else in this book for you. Of course there are action and racing sequences in a busy road in Frisco and the lonely scenic Himalayan mountains, but you'll soon realize that you're re watching just another flimsy action film. Everything stinks of cliche. but you will tolerate all that through the first 200 something pages just out of curiosity- what exactly is in this Vault of Shiva? And, again, you'll end up sorely disappointed. After all these pages of sheer boredom, it seems that the core contents of the vault of Shiva barely gets a mention!

  • Kit Harris
    2018-11-03 07:55

    This was my 6th Andy Mcdermott book and i found the formula getting a bit tired. How many egoistic Billionaire maniacs can there be in the story world? Andy is a very good writer and has created a wonderful series with Wilde/Chase no doubt, but this book could have benefited with more research. The concept is great, the link to Atlantis is clever and some of the characters are stereotypical-yet-good - however the plot is predictable. Such a shame.

  • Meredith
    2018-10-28 07:59

    More or less I enjoyed the adventure. There just happened to be bits that weren't even internally consistent, which always frustrates me. Like the amazing cat burglars who intentionally work out every detail of their heist, including how such things work best when the fewest people are around. Until their final heist, which is right in the middle of a high profile gathering. And every so shocking, it doesn't go smoothly. Does it make for wild action scenes? Sure, but oi.

  • Ежко Таралежко
    2018-11-20 08:10

    Ами..много от същото, не знам какво друго да кажа :)

  • Panos Panagiotidis
    2018-10-23 13:12


  • Greg
    2018-11-17 05:57

    Enjoyable. Just found book 1 so will get a better understanding of the characters.

  • Cynthia
    2018-10-23 05:57

    Another fantastic tale. I love this authors books.

  • Suresh
    2018-11-05 07:52

    well, after (re)discovering atlantis, locating hercules's tomb, unearthing the pyramid of osiris, visiting the garden of eden, pulling out arthur's sword etc. what do our heroes (still have to) do? [btw if i were these ppl i would choose labours of hercules instead. won't u give these blokes a well deserved break andy?]. locate (sigh! word reuse... hmmm... let it be "open" then) shiva's valut (hey! is the tile not "the sacred vault"? someone had the bright idea that we indians may be sold on the word shiva, hence the tilte "the valut of shiva" in these climes. and the same bright idea generator would have thought shiva doesn't ring the same kind of bell as hercules, arthur or osiris does to the western audience, so the rest of the world has a dull title "the sacred vault".my only grudge is this: these lead couple discover at the rate of one ancient wonder per year giving a serious dosage of inferiority complex to normal people like me who struggle to find as much as a misplaced key bunch at coming to the story(?). this time the task is to locate and secure lord shiva's valut (now don't ask me what it contains: if you don't know the answer is along the lines, 'a finding that will alter the course of human future, rewrite human history, and place at the hands of men unimaginable power which at all costs must be protected by a group of dedicated men who somehow manage to maintain a family line of sons who get into the cult for several millennia -- irrespective of a ghengiz khan, timur or alexander steam rolling every living thing once every few centuries...', you are a noob to this genre and you may even like this book!). throw in a james bondish villain who conjures horrybly convoluted (read unworkable devices that give enough time for a iq 40 person to hop away from the intended calamity -- dear dumb-idiot-larger-than-life-villainistas: keep it simple stupid aka. stick to guns/knife/garotte) means to finish off the protagonists and in his free time start world war 3. [why? 'cos he wants to start a new cycle of life -- one that springs from destruction. pray why? lord shiva is the cosmic dancer who is also the destroyer of worlds (no. he's not a cruel god. this is just to get a new cycle started. a very good world premier to the shivite cult indeed!)]. well it's a do-it-yourself thing from now on -- complete the story starting with the one line plot mentioned above.just wikipedia would do for any technical help. at least dan brown studies city maps extensively so that knowing a narrow alley would mean life for the hero. but andy takes the story to (hitherto) unknown (and unknowable) places. lot of effort spared for him.another thing these writers fancy is a movie adaptation, and hence a very painful attempt at writing a screenplay instead of a novel. please please write a good story. leave screenplay to your future selves after the book is successful. (even then, you may not be the best person to do so).and the worst part of writing reviews is... you've to give at least one star. i wish to take a log of it really.

  • Vidya Tiru
    2018-10-27 07:05

    My Review: It has been almost forever since I read an adventure-action-thriller type of book. I picked it up at the airport on my way back from India earlier this year. This is the first book of the series that I have read and I have to say, I am looking for the other titles to read now.What surprised me was that they had different titles for the book in India and for the rest of the world – I am guessing the Indian title would have done well for everywhere else too (the title outside India is ‘The Sacred Vault’).That said, the book itself was a fun read. A series of audacious heists - crowned by the latest and most daring one with Michelangelo's David getting stolen – start off this book to a action-packed story. As events lead Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase on a ‘wild chase’ halfway across the world from San Francisco to the Himalayas, the book reveals multiple interesting characters whose stories meld in easily to make it more enjoyable. Weapons (both modern and ancient) zip and zoom around the daring and super-human heroes and heroine as well as the despicable villains of the book throughout making it a true action thriller!Granted, there are quite a few ‘over-the-top’ scenes in the book but when a book is such a great entertainer, all these flaws can be forgiven.Action-packed, fast flowing, with bits of comedy and humor thrown in along with some romance and marital conflict(!), this book is perfect for reading by the beach, on a hammock in the garden, or while traveling. This is a movie waiting to happen! Book Blurb: The world is in shock when Michelangelo's David is stolen from a museum in Florence, Italy. The latest in a series of audacious thefts of historical treasures, it's only a matter of time before another priceless artefact is targeted. When the Talonor Codex-a great Atlantean explorer's account of his travels-is stolen, it becomes clear that the thefts form only part of the raiders' ultimate plan. The codex holds clues to the location of the Vault of Shiva and its fabled contents-the legendary Shiva-Vedas, the chronicles of the ancient Hindu god of destruction. Witnesses to the latest daring robbery, archaeologist Nina Wilde and former SAS soldier Eddie Chase are forced into a treacherous hunt across the world to discover the vault before its secrets fall into dangerous hands. The vault's prize is a treasure beyond price, but it may also be the catalyst for global annihilation.

  • Theresa
    2018-11-05 12:09

    Another billionaire guy goes crazy trying to take over the world by destroying most of it. This one wants to end the current Hindu Yuga cycle so we can move on to a better, more benevolent Yuga cycle, with him in charge of course. He needs the Talonor Codex (found in Atlantis which keeps popping up) to find the Vedas do it and it just happens to be locked in the IHA secure vault. Soooo. After Khoil (aka the billionaire) kidnaps Nina, Eddie has to ‘steal’ the Codex to get her back, then they have find the Vault of Shiva before Khoil does. Then they have to … well you know how it goes with them. These stories are so much more fun to read now that Eddie and Nina’s relationship is stable. You can concentrate on the action without worrying over them fighting each other. That’s one part of the storyline I WON”T miss. The Vault of Shiva is amazing. Definitely Kali’s influence. The lock mechanism and the inner traps are intriguing. There’s lots of bad guys to get killed and a few have a change of heart, and only a few good guys get killed. (I loved Girilal.) Quick Thoughts: 1)I figured out this ‘a day to get there, but an hour to get back’ thing almost right away. For intelligent people, they are not very smart.2)Vanita didn’t get half as much as she deserved.3)The storm in Eddie and Nina’s trip remind me of the nine travelers in the Lord of the Rings. Mechanical damage list: a gas tanker truck, 2 reg. cars, a Skycrane, 4 Honda off-road bikes, a Bowler Nemesis 4x4, 2 cop cars, a hovering camera drone, a Spectrum computer, a Range Rover, a Bugatti, a Chinook helicopter, a MD500 helicopter, a de Havilland twin otter airplane, 2 snowmobiles, an abandoned radar station and a stealth drone No boats this time!Fave scenes: How to choose from so many? Let’s see. Probably. Stealing David (one of my fave pieces of art), the tiger’s escape, Eddie in the IHA vault and the flight of the glider.

  • Jeninne
    2018-11-02 11:03

    I would probably argue that now being six books into the series, it’s very obvious that the books are getting harder to write, but easier to read. There isn’t any kind of change in formula plot wise, and there’s nothing ever completely original, but the author is clearly getting better at what he does, and it’s obvious that he has to keep upping the stakes. Each book is bigger than the last, and we’re probably going to reach a point where the events are hilariously unbelievable, but not just yet. This sixth book is the most action packed yet, despite probably having the least engaging plot.But plot aside, which I’ve always been a little indifferent about, what sold me on this book was the kind of aging the series is going through. The characters aren’t bright eyed and innocent anymore, though some of them never were. They’re used to being shot at. They’re used to running for their lives, and there are consequences. I like to see that the characters are getting older, and they’re not bouncing back as fast as the did before.And I tell you what, this author can write action. You’re always right there with him, caught up in what’s going on, and the writing is always clear and concise. I’m never left wondering exactly what’s happening with what character. If I have any complaints about the writing it’s that sometimes the author has a little bit too much going on, and the scene jumps can get very sudden and very annoying. However, they never last for long, and it’s easy to overlook them.When this book advertises to fans of action/adventure, it isn’t lying. While there’s nothing ground breaking, the writing is so very solid, the plot is meticulous, and the characters are organic. These books are a fun ride through and through, and book six was no exception. I’ll be moving on to book seven the first chance I get.

  • Kayla West
    2018-11-21 13:16

    So I just finished this book after having to restart it due to time constraints earlier this year forcing me to stop reading it., and like most of the Nina Wilde/Eddie Chase novels I have absolutely loved it. I mean, it has action, adventure, weapons, fast cars, and, most especially, hidden treasure, all the things I love about this series.I love that this book, and a couple of books before this one, have focused on the ramifications of people trying to bring about the end of society in order to create a more perfect world...for them, that is. Whether it be attempting to reincarnate an ancient Eygtian god or, as the Khoils tried to do here, killing the world's leaders in order to create massive chaos, there hasn't been a shortage lately on people using their own beliefs to justify their actions. I think it makes for a wonderful storyline, and it makes for some vicious antagonists.Now unlike a few of the other books previous, I felt like this one didn't have enough of the treasure hunting and archaeology to my liking. Mainly, to me, it just seemed as if Nina and Eddie were going through a loop. The Khoils capture them, Pramesh's wife screeches for them to die, they somehow get away, the Khoils capture them, Pramesh's wife get it. And when the hunt for the Shiva-Vedas took place, it was merely a race to see who could get there first. There wasn't the pureness of just searching for treasure that has occurred in previous installments, or the all-around wonder I usually feel reading these books at the possibility of finding a lost or even mythical artifact or place.Having said that, though, this book is still special to me. This whole series is special to me, and the characters especially are very close to my heart. I am a lifer when it comes to these books, and I definitely would not have it any other way.

  • Sandra
    2018-11-16 12:53

    I enjoyed this book tremendously and hoped that the author would come out with another book I really liked, but he hasn't. I found this book intriguing.

  • Miles
    2018-10-31 11:18

    The Sacred Vault, the sixth book from Andy McDermott, is a veritable barnstormer of a novel. The book is jam packed with adventure, murder and archaeological discovery and a pace Usain Bolt would envy, is a sure fire hit.My first introduction to Eddie Chase (ex SAS) and Nina Wilde, The Sacred Vault is your typical “boys own” novel. The action doesn’t let up from start to finish and together with cheesy humour I loved every minute! Very easy to read I found it hard to put it down, and only then to take a breather from its frenetic pace.A cross between Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones (there are numerous references to Indiana in the book) and James Bond, Andy McDermott serves up a slice of escapism.Full Review on my blog: book opens with one of the most ingenious and descriptive thefts I’ve read of late. Michelangelo’s David, the latest in a series of audacious thefts, is stolen from the Galleria dell’Accademiain in Florence, Italy. The operation is slick and controlled, the thieves, all working as one, are well trained leaving nothing to chance. Every minute detail is covered, every second accounted for.Weeks later, the same gang head to San Francisco to steal the Talonor Codex, a precious journal charting the expeditions of the great Atlantean explorer. It is believed that the Codex, once translated, will offer up the hidden and powerful secrets of Shiva. Rumoured to contain the legendary Shiva Vedas, the chronicles of the ancient Hindu god of destruction, the vault if discovered could bring about World destruction.

  • Tony
    2018-10-22 12:52

    Andy McDermott- The Secret Vault (Bantam Books 2011) 3.5 StarsWhen precious art begins to go missing from around the world, security is beefed up around the newly discovered Talonor Codex. Nina Wilde had discovered this journal when she found Atlantis. A gutsy robbery attempt begins Nina and Eddie’s race against the clock as they try to find the clues in the Codex that will lead to the mythical Vault of Shiva, before the villain does. As an ancient faith is twisted to suit someone’s needs, Nina must work with true followers to find the truth before it is too late. These books always start off great, with an introduction that grabs your attention. That being said, it is also always followed by a boring section that could have been trimmed down. The whole wedding scene could have been cut, as it was just fluff. This one picked up quicker than many of the other books by him though, which I was happy with. It was very fast-paced and action-packed, something McDermott is really good at. The overall plot was pretty good as well, with several good twists, although it was not unpredictable. The final twist is setting up for the next book, that one was a bit of a surprise. The ending was really good, a great way to wrap things up. The realism was definitely a weak point once again, but it was counteracted by getting to see all kinds of cool places. The characters were also a strong point, although they can be a little cheesy at times. Overall this was a better book by this author. For more of my reviews check out my website, PetersKids on a Case: The Case of the Ten Grand Kidnapping

  • Ganesh Rao
    2018-11-18 11:06

    I picked this one up wondering what new earthshaking ‘secret’ would Mr. Mc Dermott reveal about a religion and a culture that I have grown up with. The genre of historical fiction has never ceased to excite me since I read The Da Vinci Code. Delving into the past, unearthing artefacts and relics (even if imagined) and exploring possibilities different from commonly held historical accounts is quite exhilarating. The depth of research done by the author adds to the fun as it does to knowledge. In this respect The Vault of Shiva was disappointing. What held the promise of a revelatory adventure soon morphed itself into a high-octane action-packed series of misadventures. From New York to the urban hills of San Francisco to the mighty peaks of the Himalayas and finally the barren icy wastes of Greenland, Mc Dermott takes you on a roller coaster ride where every moment is fraught with unseen dangers-wild animals, saw-toothed humans, ruthless mercenaries, crazy megalomaniacs and crazier flunkies, ancient contraptions and a lot more. Of course our heroes are the only ones left standing (when most around them are getting popped off ) since they have the very enviable mission of stopping the loonies from initiating an apocalypse. Thin on plot and thick on action (have to give Mc Dermott credit for the blow by blow account and details of the action sequences), this film is a cross between Indiana Jones and your hero-to-the-rescue type Bollywood flick.

  • Graham
    2018-11-12 09:59

    Another superb all action adventure in the Wilde and Chase series. A very fast paced novel which will have you rattling through the pages. I look forward to the next one

  • Sagar
    2018-10-27 10:59

    3.5/ Considering that i have read only The Hunt of Atlantis and the Tomb of Hercules before this, one can say that this is Andy McDermott's best work among the three. The ever so lithe and sparkling chemistry of this Wilde Chase is interesting as they step into a married life, along with the portrayal of the Indian Villain, Mr Khoil and consort. The simplestic way in which a part of Indian Mythology is explained when needed is impressive. Its not too detailed.. and easy to understand for a person who isnt well versed in it. The creativity in heist plans is remarkable especially the initial theft of David. In all, it is all about non stop action and treasure hunting which makes it a commendable piece of writing along with the gripping cliffhangers in between and the hinted end. It took me a lil more than 2 days to complete this book. Only scope of improvement would have been to develop the antagonist beyond the tech and money powers, maybe dwell a little in their pasts and see why such deep rooted fanaticism existed in them.

  • Robin Carter
    2018-11-02 08:51

    Probably the best writer in his genre.....But not his best book, The pace is there the quality is there, but there is just a small amount of it being forced for me in this book, a myth too far maybe?Im sure there are loads of myths and problems left in the world for our Duo to resolve, but this didnt seem like their best effort.That said they are aging and they are suffering with problems..Ole Deffo (Eddie Chase) being the main addition in this one. But i also feel that given their exploits Andy needs to be bringing in some sidekicks and replacements to do some of the more insane stuff, there is a point where even the most accepting person is going to question the credability, you can only suspend fact for fantasy so far.all that aside, Andy bloows away Rollins, Berry and all the rest of the genre these days, both in quality and quantity.I await the next book eagerly.But for this one a limited 6/10 for me...great fun but not the quality you expect from this man.(Parm)

  • Mark Easter
    2018-10-26 05:52

    A DARING HEIST. A PRICELESS ARTIFACT. A SECRET LOCKED SAFELY AWAY--UNTIL NOW. When Michelangelo's David is stolen from its museum in Florence, it's only the latest in a series of audacious raids on the world's greatest treasures. But American archaeologist Nina Wilde and her husband, ex-mercenary Eddie Chase, discover the raiders' ultimate target when the Talonor Codex--a cryptic travel journal that Nina found in Atlantis--is snatched from a well-guarded exhibition right in front of their eyes. The codex holds clues to the location of the Vault of Shiva and its mythical contents: the chronicles of the ancient Hindu god of destruction himself. From a deadly shootout in San Francisco to a hidden valley in the snowbound Himalayas, Nina and Eddie must run a labyrinthine gauntlet of ruthless killers, corrupted faiths, and twisted ambitions to reach the sacred vault ahead of a cunning billionaire with a plot to remake the world--after he brings this...

  • Forgotten Realms Queen
    2018-10-22 05:53

    Hunting down the lost, sacred Vault of Shiva is no easy task, but one that Nina and Eddie are more than up for.Once again, ego maniacal multi billionaires (you think the world would be running out of these by now the way Nina and Eddie go through them...) are hunting down the vault for themselves to start their very own Armageddon, and do everything they can to stop our dynamic duo.Fortunately this time the pattern is broken and no one betrays them, but they do still lose someone in their travels.I'm interested to see when the shadow organization hinted at a few books back is going to show up. I hope it's in the next installment, but that might take a completely different turn since they found an interesting purple Egyptian statue which just happens to be a match to the one in Nina's office.....