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Deeply romantic and extraordinarily suspenseful,Twilight,New Moon, andEclipsecapture the struggle between defying our instincts and satisfying our desires. This stunning set includes three hardcover books, two full-color posters and exclusive tattoos, and makes the perfect gift for fans of this bestselling vampire love story....

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The Twilight Collection Reviews

  • ehnonymus
    2018-10-30 04:59

    stephenie meyer, i spit in your general direction. i started the series because they are the obsession of every twelve year-old girl i work with, i finished them because i wanted to be able to condemn them with a clear conscience. i take no issue with explicit vampire lovin', but i cannot stomach such young impressionable minds spooning up the idiocy of this accident prone mortal girl who can't make it through a day without being rescued by her obsession/saviour/boyfriend... who is so beautiful beyond reason that the author had to spend pages upon pages outlining the details of his perfection. barf. the entire second book is about how she's so heartbroken she can't even remember to feed herself. vomit. her life is so messed up because she's in love with a vampire and her best friend the werewolf is in love with her, oh it's all so complicated. retch. her life will just be perfect if only she's made immortal and of course oh so devastatingly beautiful. hurl. she's really a forward thinking girl but somehow ends up married and pregnant at eighteen and couldn't be more delighted. okay, i'm running out of synonyms for throwing up. needless to say, i'm not keen on feeding such garbage to anyone, let alone those who don't have the maturity to see it for what it is- the literary equivalent of a pop-tart laced with cyanide.

  • Andrea
    2018-10-24 08:40

    Here we go.Twilight. New Moon. Eclipse. Small nod to Mrs. Meyers for spawning a series that continues to captivate a young audience. Aside from that brief allowance, I’ve got more than a few frowns for this trio of teen angst.The message: If an author employs a thesaurus to the narrative of a high school girl ( I dare not say heroine, because Ms. Swan is surely not one of these), the reader should instinctively accept that said female is responsible and intelligent, which somehow must quantify the desperate tortured obsession she confuses for love. With a pretty vampire boy. Personally, I have been concerned about Bella for awhile, and annoyed, and horrified. We know Bella must be in love with Edward because …. Because….. Right. Oh, because he’s sexy - and because he loves her, naturally. At least the vamps’ psychology is slightly better - chalk it up to blood lust and the fact that Bella’s brain is dysfunctional (obviously - but attractive? Hmmm) See, there is nothing about Bella that exhibits true intelligence or female empowerment, or maturity, and when you’re catering to a young audience, that’s tragic. Maybe that’s the point though…..let’s drop the standards for today’s youth even more! Maybe we can all be as shallow and horny and self involved as Bella is….or maybe these novels are just trash fiction. Still.The writing: I have hope for her future stuff, but I found the style of writing (particularly vocabulary) to be so widely inconsistent that I must physically stretch my imagination to accept that one individual is responsible for the series. I could digress, but won’t. The story: Soap opera in print. Sure, it’s captivating….you’re curious, I’m curious, we’re all curious….but is it worth it? Really? I’m frustrated more than sated so far. So, that being said, decide for yourself. I’m not much of a romantic - - especially when you’re talking about teen love - - - - I think the fact that Meyers cites Shakespeare and Bronte does her story more harm than good. If you’re reading this series for pure trashy entertainment, that’s one thing. But I’m concerned about the tweens reading novels like this, I feel like it’s setting the bar for behavior really really low. Sure, it’s fiction, it’s fantasy, but it still bothers me, because they could be infinitely better. And maybe I’m being a bit rough and tough on this newbie writer, but, I’ve set my standards for literature a little higher than Mrs. Meyers has aimed. Which is too bad, because I think these novels could’ve been really gratifying.

  • Heather Murphy
    2018-11-16 06:44

    I don't think this series is good for young adults because it introduces them to dark things like Vampires and suggests that it's okay (in this series they are friendly and civilized). But once the intrigue with this subject has been placed in the children's minds, they will probably want to read other vampire books which could be scary and dangerous to their spirits (taking away sensitivity to kindness and love). I also think the main character is a terrible role model as she gives into her weaknesses. She is always upset/sad, mad, or worried/scared. And she doesn't become better and better, she simply gives into her feelings and acts like she has no control over them. She is with a guy because she feels she has no other choice because of the way she feels away from him. She doesn't need him because she loves him. Quite the opposite, she loves him only because she needs him so desperately. This is a sick way to have relationships. So overall, perhaps not so good. However, it might be a great way to get someone who has no interest in books to be very interested. They will be surprised and feel accomplished by the amount of pages they can read quickly. And its wonderful how even though it is a passionate love story, there is no sex in it. Also, there isn’t too much violence.

  • Arlene
    2018-11-10 12:52

    Feeling a bit nostalgic...Twilight - Re-read July 14 - July 16, 2014"It's twilight... It's the safest time of the day for us.. The easiest time. But also the saddest, in a way... the end of another day, the return of the night. Darkness is so predictable, don't you think?"'"So ready for this to be the end, for this to be the twilight of your life, though your life has barely started. You're ready to give up everything."Seeing as this was the first vampire book I ever read and was able to enjoy the first three books before they became a phenomenon, it was fun going back to my YA paranormal roots and revisiting this cast for a few days. There's so much I seemed to have forgotten about the books that I read over seven years ago, but one thing remains vivid... The Meadow was a captivating scene.Some random thoughts:I would have like to have my original cast back in my imagination. With the exception of Charlie, I liked my own conjured up version of Edward and Bella.I just couldn't read this in eBook. I pulled out my tattered paperback that I must have read over 5 times and a Borders bookmark fell out. That really made me sad. :(I forgot how hungry these books made me... Lasagna and milk, cereal, steak and potatoes, mushroom ravioli and soda... All so yummy. ~nom.nom.nom~Only my original Edward was so attractive in all of his intense, passionate, protective ways.I don't remember Charlie disabling the battery cables!I forgot Alice's back story!Jessica didn't bother me nearly as much as the first time I met her.Overall, I enjoyed my long overdue re-read of this book. I'll be sure to continue on with New Moon. XD

  • Rachel
    2018-10-28 04:40

    So. I just read the first three "Twilight" books, and I'm not moving onto the fourth in the near future, because I need to clear my head of all this tsuris. :PSo let's clear everything up right away. The "Twilight" books are horrible. Horrible writing (seriously, did we have to go through *every step* of Bella's days?) Horrible characterization- (honestly, Bella's "intuition" had to do with how quickly Stephenie wanted to unveil a plot point that the readers could already guess at anyway.) Horrible plotting (case in point- in book one, it took 320 pages for anything of substance to happen. And in book two, Bella had a moment with Edward near the end where she basically told him flat out, "hold on, Edward, my internal monologue is informing me- and therefore the readership- of my personal growth arch! Isn't it *wonderful???*")To Stephenie Meyer: you might want to substitute a little more *action* for dialogue every once in awhile. Makes the character development a little more believable- and less boring. (And no, it doesn't count when the superhero can figure out everything in advance and the human is left hyperventilating... either because she's in mortal danger or because omg love triangle angst. Frankly, I'm surprised Bella's heart didn't give out on it's own!)However, I do have to give this series my props. Because like every insecure teenage girl, and older women longing for the days when they were insecure teenage girls, I was hooked for a bit. I mean this very seriously- it's a dark and intriguing fantasy for an ordinary girl to be swept up by moody superheroes who want to love us, protect us, and touch us all over our bodies, despite our droll ordinariness. It worked best in the second book when Edward was largely AFK, and Bella/Jacob hadn't reached its angst!climax yet.But at the end of the day, you know it's bad for you. Bella didn't have any personality save to pine over Edward (and a little over Jacob.) And speaking of Mr. Fire and Mr. Ice (yeah, Stephenie, I'll play into your pun,) despite their topical personality differences, the vampire and the werewolf were really quite similar- moody, manipulative, and just a *wee* bit emotionally- or physically- controlling. While oblivious Bella was just fine with it so long as they'd watch her in the night. Gee, thanks for that one, Stephenie. Female pride.Some other notes: Bella wasn't the only one with a flat personality. Yeah, she had lots of company there.Also- it was *so obvious* that Stephenie did minimal research in how to write a fantasy book. I respect that she had to have her own take on vampires. But to take away *all* of their flaws and to just make them *perfect*- just no. Rule number one in story telling. Rule number two- if your characters *sparkle* in the sunlight, then someone had better go effing blind to detract from the blatant wish-fulfillment agenda. All in all, if you need a soap operish romantic fix, you can turn to "Twilight." If you need an action, kick-your-ass-for-no-good-reason flick, turn to "Dark Knight." And if you're looking for something more grounded in reality and complex character situations, I'd suggest expanding your horizons.

  • April
    2018-10-28 11:42

    These books are very well written and great for Young Adult readers. I fell in love with the first book, and couldn't wait to get my hands on the next ones. The first in the series is being made into a movie to come out this December, and the author is a Chandler native. Book four in Aug '08.

  • Annalisa
    2018-11-15 05:54

    My annoyance with this series is that it sucks you (no pun intended) with the promise of a good story that in the end doesn't deliver. If I could have be certain from the onset that this series were about more cheese than substance, I could have laughed with everyone else. Instead I read a story that should have ended afar book one with at a bite that never should have been taken back. Had I heard about the series after the completion of Breaking Dawn and could hear such mockings as "he cuts open her uterus with his teeth" or comments about pillow feathers and baby imprinting I would with horror wonder why anyone would read such a series. All the readers who avoided the hype are now justified because it turned out to be all they mocked it to be. I read the first book when I didn't know anything about it, back when the story was still worth telling. I would have preferred it if it had been one book that left my imagination and sites of fan fiction to create a happily ever after instead of being beaten with a stick until there is nothing left of the story to tell. Then I could ignore my personal issues with the message of the story for the fun of the fantasy.Those messages annoy more as much as the unjustified romance. This book is being thrust unsuspecting into the arms of a generation of girls and told it is a clean book because there is no premarital sex. I'm all for a clean book, but this is not one of them. This book flaunts a protagonist who is begging for sex from her boyfriend, a girl who used to be smart and independent, but has since meeting her infatuation not only forsakes her life but her personality and all that is Bella just to be a part of his life. And the guy this girl has thrown all her dreams away for is a guy who is overbearing and controlling. Edward isn't dangerous because he is a vampire. Edward is dangerous because he treats Bella like a child who needs to be lead and given guidelines and Bella becomes a spoiled child who whines inconsiderate of everyone else's needs or wants. The worrisome part is that girls want to emulate bland, empty Bella and have overbearing boyfriends who are the ones who say it's best to wait for marriage so they don't have to. I am appalled to read reviews that say guys should read Twilight to see how to treat women. If a guy ever treated me the way Edward controls Bella, I would run for my life. His personality has all the makings of an abusive stalker that work for a fantastical vampire, but not in real life. I actually like Edward, but part of that attraction is his dark vampire self, not an obsession to find a guy just like him. The guy who sneaks in your bedroom, encourages you to lie to your parental guardian, and has a problem with his anger, isn't the one who makes stellar marriage material.In Twilight the story is still innocent enough that the problems are easily overlooked until later books hound the characters worst qualities. Twilight is a decent story, but it degrades into one not appropriate from readers as young as preteen. I hope parents are having conversations with their daughters about the pitfalls of Twilight that are being haled as wonderful and that parents are holding back the story from younger readers now that they see the unfortunate direction the story took.That audience annoys me as much as the books. These girls who think that the Twilight saga is the best thing ever written when it is the only thing they've ever read. The excitement quality is high, but not the literary value. Not every story has to be a masterpiece that makes you evaluate your place in the world, but cheap literature should be sold for what it is. Girls are stuck on the high not the quality. Once they've experienced the high of cheap fiction, are they going to be open to the slow beauty of literary fiction?What utterly kills me is that the idea had such potential. In the hands of a better author this story could have been so much more. I had such high hopes for the series and they were dashed. Not only by an unnecessary detour with a werewolf that served nothing more than to devalue a love that was never explained beyond a physical attraction but by laughable, illogical plot twists that completely ruined the story and the characters. The story went from potential to ridiculous. If only the story could backtrack back to where it veered off to go horribly wrong after New Moon to a more appropriate series end. Sometimes I'm still appalled that the series ended the way it did.I liked Twilight. Even though I was aware of the relationship problems and the bad writing, I was drawn into the story and found myself curious about its conclusion. I'm not against the Twilight saga because I find the whole premise absurd. I'm not someone who always ridiculed this story and the people who read it. I was one of its fans. I'm against the saga because it crushed me. I was drawn into the story against my better judgment only to get to the end and find myself being a sucker for ever thinking this story could be something. I am annoyed that a story I cared about could be so mutilated. I am annoyed that all vampire stories are now compared to this and anyone who tries to write a better story will be called nothing but a copycat. In the end I'm not sure the series is worth it. It will break your heart, which is the opposite of what Meyer was trying to accomplish.

  • Mindy
    2018-10-24 10:51

    This review gets five stars only because I have been drawn into the world Meyer has created. Despite all my inner workings I actually like the story. The writing isn't spectacular, but it's the story itself that folds you in and holds you.I'll admit it, I've read the series more than once. The second time was just pure pleasure. I was unwilling to leave the little world Meyer had created. The third (yes I know, I'm letting my nerd flag fly high here!) was to try and figure out WHY I enjoyed it so much. I dissected all the things I liked and dislike about it. This is what I've gleaned.My BIGGEST gripe with this series is Bella. I'm sorry, but as an woman, reading these books can be teeth grinding at times. She is SO wimpy! She relies not on her inner strength, but men. She whines, faints, sleeps entirely too much, and in general just waits around to be rescued. True, she gets herself into trouble because she thinks she needs to take action. Ultimately her actions are futile. She ALWAYS needs to be carried, saved, and take care of.Furthermore, she has NO life! I can accept that Meyer's characters aren't terribly deep. But can't Bella have a life outside of Edward? Where is her independence!?! I recently posted (again with the nerd flag here) on a goodreads discussion board expressing these concerns. And a girl (I'm assuming she's young) posted that Bella is in love, and that's how love should be, all about the other person. Or it was something along those lines. I about fell over when I read it. Wow! Bella is a horrible example for young girls. Where is the balance? Where is the interest in one's self here? Why can't she have a life AND Edward?Bella gets left in the second book. So of course she's a zombie. Who of us haven't been there, right? Many of us have suffered a broken heart. Okay, I can handle that. But the fact that she couldn't right her self, she couldn't get out of it WITHOUT the aid of another man (er, or boy in this case). She moved right on to Jacob, clinging to him for dear life. I'm sure I'll get all kinds of angry comments about that one. About how she was so broken, blah, blah, blah. Whatever. She needs to stand on her own a bit. Human or not, she needs a little spine and to dig deep into that female strength which she MUST possess. Also, she needs to stop being such a brat about presents and things. She's actually rude to those she supposedly loves. However, I'm sure that has more to do with the fact she's 17-19 through the books. Though, it would be good if she's around 19 in the next to show SOME emotional and personal progression.I'll admit it, issues aside, I will be in line to get the next damn book on August 2nd! I can't wait to see where it goes. I'm hoping Bella does get turned (because why bother with the whole story if she doesn't!?!) AND gets to go to school and find some interests outside of Edward.

  • Esme
    2018-11-08 11:59

    i loved the books and to all the bitches that dont like it are missing the best parts and are only reading it beacause you want to see why every one talks about it so much and are missing the whole point that you just want to be different and dis on the best series ever so fuck off and is you stop reading them in breaking dawn you miss the best thing there the wedding ,the death, the wars , the baby the sadness, anll the good things like bella getting pregnant and pushing out a rock vampire child that breaks her bone and has a speacil power giving bella a speacial power and killing her so bad stuff goes on and you just have to keep going and yea i spoiled it the movie sucked the first one okay the second one suck the third one is full of facts and the last one is amazing i hope i reach someones hear and i will look up all the people that dissed twilight and when i find ou be expecting a virus to come to your myspace. Esme C.

  • Kate
    2018-10-27 09:43

    The characters in this series are very engaging, which is why reading the trilogy was a breeze. I thoroughly enjoyed the books and am glad I took the time to find out more about "that BYU author from Provo." I also read this book after finishing Bram Stoker's Dracula, which made for some interesting vampire comparisons. Alas, I was disappointed to find numerous errors in the books, something you shouldn't have to encounter even from a small publisher (that made millions just from the first book!). Maybe it's the anal editor in me, but that really took away some credibility from the story. It was obvious that Meyer and the publisher were more concerned about getting the books out for profit without taking time to consider the quality of the work -- even if the books are targeted at (dumb?) young adults. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who noticed the errors. If I become bored enough, I'll go back and post some of the flawed passages so this comment has more sway. But who am I kidding? I can't wait to read the final book :)

  • Alethea Galke
    2018-10-27 11:00

    A sweet and clean romantic series with a lot of conflict. When I tell my husband the story is of a girl who falls in love with a vampire and becomes friends with a werewolf it sounds rather corny, but the series is not as you feel the frustrations and agony of the main character, Bella. The series draws you in as you wonder how Bella will resolve the conflict between her friends, between this world and the supernatural and the love she feels for Edward, her friend Jacob and her family. The sweet young love is refreshing and something every woman dreams of, so although Bella is in High School it is a series that even adults can enjoy.

  • Sophia
    2018-11-09 04:54

    God, the entire series was a failure! It had absolutely no plot, no action, I wouldn't even consider it to have romance, just infatuation. Also, I think that the main character is so annoying to have three guys in love with her. Bella is, if anything, undeserving of so many admirers. Then book four (I know it's not here), that was terrible!! At the end, you expect some epic battle, but nooooooo the Volturi (or whatever they were called) just have to fall in love with Renesme. She's a BABY for crying outloud! And not even a vampire at that. And to be so smart at barely two months old, (scoffs) unbelievable! On the whole I was very disappointed with this series. Everyone was going on about how great it was, I don't see it. The only reason I actually finished was because I had A LOT of time to kill during the summer. I wish I never had.

  • Kiely
    2018-11-08 11:47

    I am mildly annoyed by Stephenie Meyer's writing style, and the main character, Bella, drives me insane. I don't like her enough to care what happens to her, so reading the books has kind of been a waste of my time. She doesn't deserve either of her potential love interests and I think she makes too many dumb decisions. I am mildy intrigued by Meyer's reinvention, if you will, of the vampire/werewolf mythology, but once again, I don't care enough about the characters to want to read more, except that I know I will read the rest of the books in the series, just to see what happens.

  • Kathy
    2018-11-11 11:58

    I've read or listened to this series at least 5 times in the last year. Stephenie Meyer is my favorite author and the best storyteller!

  • ¸. • * ° *❧Gwendolyn❧°**★•°**★
    2018-11-10 10:45

    3 StarsAwesome in the sense of getting me to read. I wanted to find a cool paranormal concept. And, hoped that getting the cutest boy in high school was not it. the end, the moral of the story did not work for me. I completed the series but, would not read again.

  • Nicole Jablonski
    2018-10-24 11:49

    I spend a lot of time browsing in the book section. I pick up books and then put them back down. I picked up Twilight and set it back down, a bunch of times. One day I didn’t. I had heard a lot about the Twilight series and every time I read the back of the book I just couldn’t see the point in reading it. It just sounded silly. It sounded like something totally aimed at a teenage girl (which there is nothing wrong with), but then I heard about all these women my age who read the books and were totally absorbed by them. I figured I was missing something, I put off reading Harry Potter for a long time because I thought it would be silly and I was wrong then, so maybe I was wrong this time. I wasn’t. If there was ever a book that I wished could be banished from the earth, this is one of them.I read the first, and forced my way through the rest because I felt like if didn’t read the entire series then I really couldn’t develop an informed opinion about the series. As I paged through the books, the feeling of disbelief grew and grew and grew. By the end, I wanted to throw the book across the room.Bella, a teenage girl, moves to Forks, Washington and then falls in love with a vampire. Throughout the book, Bella talks about how she doesn’t understand why Edward, the vampire, loves her, despite the fact that every. single. boy in school wants to go out with her. Her self-loathing is frequently evident in the book and although she appears to be perfectly normal and is supposedly very smart, she labels herself irredeemably flawed because she appears to be clumsy. Bella and Edward progress through the book trying to decide if they like each other and then decide that they are incredibly in love, but Edward must stay away from her to keep her safe. End of Book 1. The entire book is plagued with trite dialogue and horrible description. In fact, if I never read the world alabaster skin again, it would be too soon. The vampires are not scary. In fact they seem like pleasant people who simply like to eat freshly killed animals and happen to sparkle in the sunlight. They also skip school a lot when it’s sunny, because I guess sparkling too often would become passe and might let people onto the fact that they’re vampires.Some spoilers, if you really care….The rest of the books: Once again we are plagued with horrible dialogue, I don’t think any of the character “said” anything, I think that “breathe” or “murmur” or “whisper” everything. Edward left and only shows up when Bella seems like she might kill herself due to her clumsiness. She spends the entire book curled up in despair because Edward has left. She can’t imagine life going on without him. Her reason for living is gone, and I think this is what bothers me most about the entire series. I am tired of reading about girls who can’t go on when a man leaves them. Come on, Bella. An equally cute werewolf named Jacob wants to take you out and doesn’t talk down to you, but you are stuck on a guy who left you for your own good. It’s a supernatural take on “it’s not you, it’s me.” When Edward comes back, because Bella just can’t live without him, Bella decides to not go to college and get married as soon as she graduated from high school. She quickly gets pregnant (I don’t know how that happens, because Edward is know…no blood flow and all that) and has a baby (with a horrible, horrible name-Renesmee) who almost kills her (which allows Edward to finally make Bella a vampire) and then is totally perfect and matures super fast so we can hear all her thoughts on life. And it’s kind of gross that Jacob, the werewolf, falls in love with a baby.I get forbidden love, I really do. I read Romeo and Juliet. I get the bad boy thing, I read Wuthering Heights. I don’t get Twilight, and I don’t see how grown women are fawning over Edward who displays stalker like and control freak personality traits through the entire series. Don’t bother, unless who want to torture yourself.

  • Ronke
    2018-11-08 06:04

    This series irritated me. It irritated me that the main character was in such a hurry to become a vampire, without ever even discussing what it would mean to give up kids, public sunlight, and everyone she knows and loves. "I can't live without you" is not a discussion. It irritated me that the author tried to explain vampirism and werewolf-ism away with extra chromosomes. That tends to lead to abnormalities such as Down's syndrome rather than special powers. It irritated me that the heroine's first sexual experience with someone whose body was "hard like marble," was in no way painful, as it is for many women with flesh-and-blood men, but was described as the best physical experience imaginable. I found the heroine's insecurity with her hero's love annoying because it never let up, and the author's writing style repetitive and absent of talent -- repeated phrases throughout such as "the smile did not reach his eyes" made me want to purchase a thesaurus for her. It mostly irritated me that I could not put it down.Throughout the books, I kept getting the feeling like there was a message I was supposed to be getting. I saw her inserted quotes from Orson Scott Card, and kept reading about "forever love" and "eternal love" and Meyer's old-fashioned vampire against premarital sex finally drove me to read the author's info. Like Card, Meyer is Mormon. Unlike Card, she is not a good writer. The writing was juvenile and repetitive, the main character was an annoying, fainting damsel in distress, and the love story read more like an obsessive codependent insecure infatuation than actual love. Mormons marry not simply "until death," but they believe their souls marry for eternity, and this message could not have been driven in any harder had she sold hammers with the book. Bella and Edward were meant to have a Mormon love. An eternal one.Finally, the final book was the worst of all the books. Nevertheless, it was the only time I liked the main character. Well, perhaps "liked" is too strong. I did not hate her. She shed the "fainting female" role for a more confident proactive role. But the story built to what could have been interesting, then ended in the biggest anti-climax in the history of anti-climaxes. The series is as addicting as crack, and about as good for you too. I am finally free.

  • Crystal Durnan
    2018-11-07 05:56

    I was basically forced to read this series by a coworker and friend. Her description of it was dead on: You will hate yourself for reading it, but won't be able to stop. So true. In the first half of the first book were passages so poorly written it actually pissed me off. How the F did this woman get published!? is what ran through my mind through most of the first book. Three days later, I had read all four of them. Thankfully the writing does improve as the books progress. First of all, Bella is annoying. She is a shallow, spineless, self-absorbed and perpetual damsel in distress who strings along all the men in her life, and whose "personality" consists of not listening to or being present for her high school "friends", and endless references to her inexplicable clumsiness and helplessness. Most of the time I had no idea why we were supposed to believe that every guy in her school was in love with her, or why she was supposed to be as fascinating as all the characters around her claimed she was, as I just wanted to smack her. Repeatedly. And HARD. And I liked the more thoughtful and interesting Edward much less for being "in love" with her, or whatever. But obviously, no matter how strongly I might have felt in the beginning, I couldn't help finishing the series very quickly. And I'm not someone who has a problem with abandoning books that I start. That's because the Twilight series really is like crack. It keeps you awake for a few days and you hate yourself the whole time, but you can't help from consuming it mindlessly until all of it is gone.

  • Maryjane
    2018-11-07 10:08

  • David
    2018-11-10 09:58

    I liked this book series for one reason, the way that Stephanie Meyer used her own version of vampires which just happened to be awesome. My first problem with this series is the rather retarded love story, this debauchery of literature is hard to slog past while reading this but i succeeded. For some reason (probably the same one that allows for people to like the Harry Potter series) people don't use logic while reading novels, they completely give into there emotions which doesn't make any sense to me. For instance this girl was reading New Moon in my class and she got to the part were Edward leaves and she started to cry?! 2nd: This story does not do vampires justice, it is like a readers challenge level of like 2nd grade, it does not contain nearly enough gore and/or sexual content for being about vampires. And don't give me the excuse that they are "good" vampires, VAMPIRES NEED BLOOD FOR SUSTENANCE! Belle would turn into a blood lusting fiend for the first couple of years as being a vampire, when she is feeding she wouldn't care who she killed to get blood. 3rd: Why in hell do the vampires "sparkle", i mean seriously, for a creature that is built to be the natural predator of humans that is a moronic ability.4th: In my personal opinion i don't think that vampires would give a conscious/unconscious thought about killing humans for food. That would be like me caring about whether i ate steak for dinner, i love steak, the only thing i would be thinking about is "where's the sauce?".5th: Bella is an irrational whory bitch. Why would she not like presents, why would she be able to smell blood in minuscule amounts, why does she have this extreme bad luck, why does it cause her physical pain when Edward leaves, why, when Edward leaves does she start hanging out with Jacob <---DOUCHE! There is no plausible reason why she falls in love with Jacob, he is like 8 feet tall and has an extreme temper, does she think that Jacob would never hurt her?! JUST LOOK AT EMILY! *slaps Bella* <--- RETARD Whew, i have a feeling that someone on here is going to be emailing me about how inconsiderate i am now, *chuckles* I gave this book series a 4 star because of it's originality, i like the series if i don't think about how many loose ends there are, which is hard to do since there are so many of them. I know that the last book has not come out yet, i also think that Stephanie Meyer needs to....ehhhh (can't say that here...suck it up and give us an entire book on how Bella acts when she is a vampire, AND HER POWER BETTER NOT BE THE ABILITY TO NO DRINK BLOOD!!!! I want to read about her ripping Charlie's throat out or something like that, that would be awesome :D

  • Brooke
    2018-10-24 09:08

    Pretty bad, but I probably would have loved this book when I was twelve. I probably would have thought it pretty awesome to hold the attention of a possessive, obsessive vampire, especially since I wouldn't be able to do more than flutter my hands helplessly in the midst of exchanging pout bouts. Seriously. Of course, we wouldn't have much to talk about anyway. Even with my awe-inspiring knowledge of Barbie, Ken and 90210, he would still have a century's worth of life experience over me, except for the sex part, as he is The 100 Year-Old Virgin Vampire, which... come ON! A lusty male vampire keeping it inside his pants for a century, in addition to abstaining from human blood?? Not bloody likely. Pun intended and hardly clever, but fitting for a vampire book with a generic vanilla pudding of a title. Anne Rice, in her early vampire books (not that later, sucky Queen of the Damned shit), does the genre much better and much sexier and is probably okay for the discerning Millennial who will insist that his/her parents read it aloud.

  • Isabel
    2018-10-26 04:40

    A girl named Bella moves to a small, rainy town called Forks to live with her father. She has resigned herself to a miserable time finishing her high school education in the town when she sees the strange but beautiful family of the Cullens. She is drawn to the bronze-haired one, Edward. He acts very oddly towards her, at first giving her a harsh glare. I'm not spoiling anything by saying (it's on the back cover) she learns he is a vampire, and she falls in love with him. The main theme of the book is that Bella and Edward have a true love, but it is difficult for them because Edward cannot resist her blood.Many people are pulled to the book because Edward is the "perfect guy." A lot of teenage girls (I was one of them) use the series as a "self-insert." The Twilight series is addicting but overrated. If you are looking for a fantasy romance to get lost in, this is your book.

  • Sue
    2018-10-30 08:48

    I have to say that I really enjoyed this series. I read it not knowing the outcome of the books and not having seen the movies. I believe this ADDED to my enjoyment of these books. I'm in my thirties and consider myself well-read, graduating from University with a Major in English. Useless degree but I love literature! I'd never considered YA or fantasy, so these books were the introduction for me. I had no preconceived notions about what vampires or werewolves should do. It was a new concept for me, and I fell in love with all of the teen angst and obsession. It was a great escape for me at the time that I read it a few years ago.Is it a literary prize winner? No. It did however segue me into these great genres, where I have discovered wonderful stories and other authors. Meyer creates a nicely woven story with consistent characters. Definitely worth the read if you don't know the ending.

  • Samantha
    2018-11-10 12:43

    I have to give this series a four star because I really liked the first two books a lot. Then the main character kind of started getting on my nerves. She just got really selfish and annoying actually. But I really like the whole story where she meets Edward in the first book and falls in love etc. The second book I really liked too because well, I just like Jacob. It gave the series a twist it needed I guess. The author was actually writing a fifth book that was the first book from Edward's point of view. I guess someone posted it online illegally so now she's not going to be publishing it but she actually put her draft on her website. I haven't read it yet but it sounds interesting.

  • Lindsey
    2018-10-27 09:44

    The Twilight series is a fun (but shameful) read when you don't feel like thinking too hard. I only gave them three stars because they are kind of silly, but I really did enjoy reading them. I couldn't put them down once I started. The story line sounds ridiculous if you try to explain it to someone. Aaron asked me what it was about and looked at me like I was nuts. Basically, it is about a normal girl who falls in love with a vampire (and he with her) and all the drama that ensues including other vampires and werewolves. I know it sounds dumb, but you should read the books anyway.

  • Suzie
    2018-11-09 09:45

    I had to read these books as my daughter wanted to read the series. As a GS leader and volunteering with girls from 12-18-I am glad that I read the series. Helps to connect. Not the best writing-easy, light entertaining even comical. Basically a teenage obsessive love story. I do not recommend the the third book for anyone under 17. I read the first two and gave my girl the ok and then read the third after she had. I really regret not reading the third before.

  • Siobhan
    2018-10-30 04:39

    Ah, Twilight. You were much more fun when I was a thirteen year old obsessed with vampires. Isn’t that the way with most of these vampire romance novels, though? Our young selves loved them but as we grow, we realise what a mistake we made for having such an obsession. Yes, not my most shining moment.

  • fatima
    2018-11-14 06:04

    these books are so romantic! i love stephanie meyer! she is such an inspiration to young readers such as me. i oh so hope that she will continue on with midnigh sun!(even though if she stopped writing it)

  • Jameelah L
    2018-11-09 06:39

    It is the most amazing series ever with a girl who made friends at a school and put her life in danger for a boy who has been a teenager for a while. As well as when her best friend turned into something magical.

  • Callie Kunz
    2018-11-21 05:59

    Everyone has to read this books at least once. My husband even read them with me. He loved them as much as I did. We are anxious for the movie to come out later this year. Stephanie Meyer really helps you picture what is happening. It is very relaxing to read.