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A passionate story, spanning several countries, rich with international characters, across three decades as it tells the tale of a rich and powerful couple....

Title : Destiny
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ISBN : 9780751534641
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 900 Pages
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Destiny Reviews

  • Arah-Leah Hay
    2018-11-03 18:36

    3.5 StarsThe great thing about this book, is that you can easily get lost in the story, the characters. I find that almost mandatory when reading a novel this size. It is a sweeping love story spanning decades between the past and present lives of Edouard de Chavigny and Helene Craig. If I would liken it to anything I immediately think of Gone With The Wind. In scope and the passing of time and events lived through two characters who are meant to be together but obviously circumstance prevent. This is not a cheap thrills kind of romance either. It is richly layered and Beauman delivers beautifully flowing narrative. It was actually my love of "Dark Angel" that brought me back to her work. That being said, I did have a few issues. One, though I found the story intriguing, I did find she had me flipping through the pages of their past in high anticipation of when they would actually get together, and then once finally there I found she just skimmed over. Second, this book does have a twist nearing the end that could have been quite shocking if I hadn't seen it coming from very early on.

  • Connie Werner Reichert
    2018-11-18 20:35

    This is one of the most exquisite books I have ever had the pleasure to read!!!

  • Sue
    2018-11-06 12:35

    Written in 1987 and I still can't forget this book. I haven't read it since the 80's so my taste may have changed... I will have to re-read this to see if I still feel the same.I worked for a bookstore in Aloha and saw this book. I have very ecletic tastes in books and have read a lot of historical fiction and Danielle Steele but wanted to try my hand at something different.At first I was outraged by what was happening to the main character, Helene, to the point I almost quit reading as she gets molested.... later on the scenery and times change. From rural Alabama to glittering Paris Helene becomes a remarkable woman and meets a remarkable man, Edouard. When they see each other they experience "love at first site".this story is not a romance - it is a true love story, filled with the life of the jet set and the love that knows no bounds... this story is haunting.

  • Sarah Weldon
    2018-11-04 21:03

    This was the first book I read by Sally Beauman her characters seemed so real. The story starts in America and moves from there to Paris where she meets Edouard, has an illegitimate child who she assumes was the child of her childhood sweetheart. Begins a glittering new career and finally settles down to a life with Edouard. I cried as I read the last chapters, it had such a sad ending too... It was a truly wonderful book.

  • Nicoletta
    2018-10-26 17:43

    " Ci saranno sempre cose che non puoi controllare......."Niente, nulla è certo, tutto quello che ci circonda è volontà del fato, di un destino già scritto per ognuno di noi.Un destino ingiusto, impetuoso, che ha travolto i protagonisti di questa meravigliosa storia che non abbandonerà mai il mio cuore.Helene e Edouard mi hanno fatto provare tante emozioni trascinandomi dalla gioia al dolore e dall'amore all'odio in un nanosecondo. Sono stati protagonisti della loro storia in maniera accesa, entrambi testardi e decisi, hanno saputo condurre due vite così diverse tra di loro, ma così concatenate. Entrambi con uno scopo deciso, uno di riportare il nome De Chavigny ai grandi albori, l'altra di far rivivere nella sua vita il sogno della madre perduta. Questo non è il classico romanzo dove c'è una storia d'amore accesa, un impedimento, un trio o che ne sò qualche altro inghippo, e con un finale tutto rose e fiori.Alla base della loro storia, c'è il vero amore. Un amore che è durato anni, superato ostacoli impossibili, ma soprattutto la speranza. Edouard ha vissuto nella speranza per cinque anni, ha resistito con una tenacia di cui è stato succube per un tempo infinito e nel momento in cui tutto era perduto si riscopriva ancor di più innamorato, seppur l'altra parte non avesse fatto nulla, anzi senza mai scambiarsi una parola.Pochi squilli di un telefono, un nome pronunciato a fil di voce, una speranza.Il loro ritrovarsi nello studio è stato meraviglioso. Il ticchettio dei tacchi sullo sfondo di un lungo silenzio, una porta che si apre ed il mondo che ritorna a vivere dopo che lui si alza dalla poltrona che lo teneva nascosto.potrei star qui ore ed ore a scrivere dei tratti che più mi hanno segnata, della tristezza che mi ha avvolto e del pianto finale che mi sono fatta.sono riuscita a star calma anche dopo il tragico evento e il dolore che ne è venuto dopo, ma mi è stato impossibile dopo, quando Cat riceve lo scrigno che custodiscono i pensieri del padre. sono gioielli, ma per me hanno un significato diverso, l'amore incondizionato di un padre che non può esser presente in un giorno speciale della sua vita, ma che non ha mai dimenticato di ricordarsene, un pensiero." io non credo nei limiti. Non ci crederò mai. Papà non ci credeva. Ci riuscirò, mamma. Te lo giuro. Lo giuro....."parole forti, importanti dette da una ragazzina poco più che bambina, ma con un grande coraggio.E' una sfida a non deludere il padre mai. Bellissimo. Non ho parole.questo libro entra nella mia classifica Top Fivesolo un'altra storia era stata capace di sconvolgermi così tanto ed è quella di Tatiana ed Alexander, ora se loro sono al primo posto, li precedono senza esitazione Helenè ed Edouard.Grazie Manuela.

  • Olivia
    2018-11-15 13:37

    my first thought about this book was that it would be big book that i could just read when i got bored.This was not so.i seriously couldn't put this book down it was amazing.I mean the whole history and timeline was done so well it captivated me from the beginning and i didn't want o stop reading till i read.If your looking for a good book to read one that would engage you and make you fall in love with all the characters.THIS IS THE BOOK.I cried ,its truly touching!!!

  • Amy
    2018-10-30 20:56

    "The power you have when you're different. When people can't place you, sum you up...""We ARE our past, after all. Everything we've done, everything that has happened to us - that's what we are."

  • Seonaid
    2018-10-31 20:36

    I first read Destiny when it came out in 1987 (I think) and everybody was talking about it - it caused quite a sensation, even in the 80s, THE era for sensational blockbuster novels. I wondered if I would still like it, nearly 30 years on; oddly enough, I think I like it even more now. It is not as 'sensational' as it was (oh, how jaded we are!), but this time round I picked up far more on how intelligently written and plotted it is, how well crafted and structured, and how rounded out the characters are.The novel tells the star-crossed love story of Edouard de Chavigny and Helene Craig, spanning 30 years and 4 countries, and with a cast list like a Russian tragedy. It is flawed, of course, in the way Romeo and Juliet is flawed; for the story to work some fairly major manipulations of plot are required, and characters don't always behave in a way more sensible people might behave, but that is of course in the nature of the great sweeping love story it is, and in fairness to Beauman, Edouard and Helene's thought processes are carefully detailed. I cried at the end - but I still cry at the end of Romeo and Juliet :)Thanks Tara, for reminding me of this book!

  • Cora
    2018-11-02 13:42

    I couldn't put this one down. It's an 80s style character intrigue style story similar to books by Danielle Steele. A rural misfit, Helen, goes to the city after her mother has an abortion. She ends up going through one hell after another, becomes an actress, and eventually reconnects with Edward, who is the love of her life. Never in a million years would I have guessed the end of this book. Very bittersweet, and I can't say I would have handled the ending the same way. Too much water under the bridge for the ending the hero to leave things in that way, but I won't divulge any secrets. This is a must read book. It's one of those dirty, guilty pleasures. A book you'll want to pass on to your friends just so they can experience the shocking bits for themselves.

  • Amanda
    2018-10-24 16:58

    Okay, this is an odd one. The first third was immersive and characterful and had lots of hints dropped in about what might happen and the direction the novel would take. I'm not gonna lie, there was a lot of sex and it feels rather jarring because this novel is packaged as a romance saga rather than as a bonkbuster style novel like one from Jackie Collins.My problem is that it felt like this novel had ended about 100 pages before it actually did, and one really crucial plot point was rushed over in very few pages. And then there was no true resolution to the novel, nothing that really let the reader know why they had bothered reading over 900 pages. It was long and way too self-indulgent and didn't seem to have any ultimate purpose. Sadly disappointing, given the more promising start.

  • Manuela
    2018-11-14 15:37

    E' per me difficilissimo scrivere una recensione, perché ho ancora le lacrime agli occhi, che non riesco a far smettere di scendere… Prima di tutto un grazie infinito a Jamy per avermelo consigliato: mi hai fatto un dono preziosissimo. Un romanzo che non vorresti mai terminare, nonostante le oltre 700 pagine, che non pesano in nessun modo. Lo stile è molto somigliante a quello di Judith Krantz, ma credo che la Beauman l’abbia superata per intensità e completezza. Un romanzo duro, esplicito, con scene forti, descritte senza mezzi termini e con uno sguardo altamente realistico. Commovente e coinvolgente l’infanzia dei due protagonisti, tratteggiata parallelamente e che già unisce inevitabilmente i destini di Helene ed Edouard. Le emozioni salgono oltre ogni limite quando la Beauman ci narra questo loro amore così profondo, completo, quasi inspiegabile con semplici parole, affrontato da Helene ed Edouard in maniera differente, ma complementare; non si può non provare rispetto ed emozione per la commovente attesa di Edouard, che eleva il suo amore oltre ogni limite. Penso che la scena del loro ricongiungimento dopo anni mi rimarrà nella memoria per molto tempo: una delle scene d’amore più potenti e commoventi che mi sia mai capitato di leggere. Il finale è ciò che lo rende unico: sono convinta che Edouard abbia fatto la cosa giusta. Per Helene sarebbe stato troppo doloroso sapere. Ma il mio cuore ha pianto per loro, perché al destino non si può sfuggire.

  • Linda Leigh
    2018-11-06 16:04

    I began reading this book thinking it would be the typical romance book I like to pick up in between reading series. I was very wrong. I finished this book in two days. Work and sleep got in the way of devouring it all in 24hrs. I got swept up in the characters and wanted them all to get the happy ending I thought they deserved. I realized early on that something would become a problem. (Helen is his niece) I also totally thought I knew how it would be resolved and everything end well. ( Figured we would learn jean Paul was only his half brother or something along those lines) Sadly I was wrong. It's the type of book that leaves you feeling as though your heart was slightly ripped out. At first I wished they could have just lived happily ever after but then perhaps this book wouldn't have had the impact on me that it did.

  • Katie
    2018-11-05 20:39

    I'm not ususally a fan of romance novels; however, I really like Sally Beauman's novels and this one in particular. This IS a love story, but the characters are interesting and do interesting things. It's not just a romance, and nary a pirate or virgin in distress in sight. This story is entertaining, and you will find yourself remembering the characters and scenarios long after reading. This book was written decades ago, but I think it is timeless and an engrossing, enjoyable read. I told my friend I was reading a trashy novel, and there is a good bit of raciness; however I think I sold it short by lumping it in with those sorts of formula books.Read again 10/2015. Still a good one.

  • Robbi LeahFreeman
    2018-11-15 14:54

    Wow what a long book! But the writing and story keeps you reading. Helene starts out as a little girl in Alabama, growing up in a trailer. Her mom ran away from home, has an adventure that introduces you to the other side of the story where the mom's past has stuck with her and even though she's in America she raises her daughter for a life she wants to go back to in England. It's a love story with many twists and turns. I will read more by this author. The writing and story are both excellent.

  • Sher
    2018-10-27 14:37

    I read this probably about 15 years ago and was so tore up by the ending I decided to re read it here last month. I only got about half way through and decided not to live through the heartbreak again, but it is a very good book and I do recommend it!

  • Linette Allen
    2018-11-19 18:02

    Nice line: "Cassie sighed, and began to pour the coffee. It was going to be all right, she thought. It was going to be all right."

  • Brenda Arellano
    2018-11-06 20:41

    I'm not usually into what seems to be fines as sappy, love driven romance sagas...especially by women authors. But this book is ahhhhmazing!!! I think it's about time to reread this one!

  • Claudia Ngunu
    2018-11-10 13:03

    A bit long-winded and frustrating in some parts. The two main characters take ridiculously long to get together. The female character has contradicting moments of strength and weakness but a nice read if you're not looking for something to serious.

  • Joanne Hastings
    2018-10-21 12:43

    Really loved this. So not what I usually read but it sucked me in

  • Barbara Leuthe
    2018-10-23 17:48

    This book took you through the lives of Helene and Eduard from beginning to end.So much happens in this story you just want to keep reading.

  • Dawn Boxall
    2018-11-07 16:46

    This was a decent story and romance, that I think was better for the first half and lost momentum in the second half. Explicit sex, which went with the story but wasn't expected!

  • Frances
    2018-10-21 14:49

    Read it a long time ago. Couldn't put it down and still remember it.

  • Shelley Coughlin
    2018-10-28 17:57

    I did not like this book. Characters felt superficial and I did not care about them. I did not like the way the romance played out.

  • Tracey
    2018-11-19 19:49

    A long read in 900 pages , but a good one that has had me hooked by the life of Helene. I can’t give it 5* as it was a bit slow at times and it was not always easy to remember all the characters .

  • Jaylea
    2018-11-11 12:48

    Woooah baby.I wanted to give this five stars but...that place is reserved for books that make me want to move to wherever its happening, find the hero and steal him from the at all the local stores.Meet the rest of the book neighbors.This oh my...all I am going to say is-strap in and be ready for a trippin ride and ending.

  • Jean
    2018-11-05 12:48

    A fantastic Book! One of the best stories I've read in a long time! I enjoy historical fiction, especially stories about past wars, so this was "right up my alley"! This author was unknown to me, but, after this book, I want to read everything he has ever written! That is how much I enjoyed this book. The story was set during World War II and followed 3 main characters and their families, in both their native countries and their military countries. There were so many different relationships interwoven among the characters, which added to the story's intrigue. This was also the first time I read a story that followed the family life of a high level Nazi officer and portrayed the human side of his life. This story was so moving that I found myself with tears just rolling down my face! It was so well written and took you right into the area that was being relayed, that you forget you are reading a book, but feels as though you are right there at the location!I highly recommend this book. I received this book from the author through in exchange for my honest review.

  • Deborah Gemmell
    2018-11-10 19:00

    A great novel, one you can really get lost in! The love Story of Hélène and Edouard was a really sweet but tragic one. Firstly Hélènes innocence is taken away from her by an older man - Major Calvert. She then loses the first boy who really meant something to her - Billy - after giving herself to him. At the exact same time she loses her mother Violet after she leaves to have her pregnancy terminated. The father of this baby would have been Major Calvert. She then meets Edouard and they fall in love. Although no all is as it seems.. Hélène has lied to him about her life. She then fulfils her dream or becoming an actress, and marries Lewis who agrees to bring up her daughter. Thaddeus, the director of all of her movies is very strange and not all is as it seems with him. She eventually meets Edouard again and they are married. Although this does not last very long..

  • Joyce
    2018-11-13 20:00

    This was the closest thing to watching a Lifetime TV mini series. I thought this book would never end. I was intrigued by the idea of this great love story in the beginning but it wore thin quickly. Way too much extraneous detail and way too many extraneous scenes that went on and on. Movie production is interesting to a point. Jewelry design is interesting to a point. Home decor is interesting to a point. Even the characters were at times caricatures or stock persona. The poor little girl from Alabama who achieves fame and fortune, her deluded mother, the steadfast pal, the Southern racist, the tortured genius film producer etc etc.I have enjoyed other books by this author, although many of them also fizzle out midway through. But this was a disappointment. I am by nature a romantic but this love story just didn't ring true or remotely realistic.

  • Eli
    2018-10-25 19:46

    Интересен роман. Доста време ми отне, докато го прочета. Но като се има предвид обемът (900 стр.) и малкото време, което можех да отделям за четене през деня, е разбираемо. Все пак успях."Карма" представлява един реален поглед върху живота. Тайни и интриги. Любов, но не някаква провъзнесена. Егоизъм и лицемерие. Героите търсят своето щастие. Всеки се стреми да задоволи собствените си нужди. Истинският живот.Сюжетът се върти, около двама герои. Това са Елен и Едуард. Двамата се срещат и намират един и в друг, това което търсят. Те са свързани, обаче, много повече, отколкото предполагат. Това ще изиграе и много важна роля в живота им."Карма" не е възхвала на любовта, не е приказка с щастлив край. "Карма" е картина на живота, който ни заобикаля със своите сурови и неизкривени черти.

  • Valerie
    2018-11-19 14:37

    Ever read a book that you can't put down because the characters have such a hold on you? This was such a book for me. The story is a rather classic romance and poor girl makes rich, but the quality of the storytelling was so good! I couldn't wait to get home and read more of it, so much so I finished it far more quickly than I expected. Now I miss it and its rich characters... Really enjoying Sally Beauman's writing style and stories! I won't say anything my feelings about the end, as it would indeed spoil the book.