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Mindfulness opens us up to the possibility of being fully human as we are, and of expressing the humane in our way of being. Mindlessness de facto closes us up and denies us the fullness of our being alive. This book may on the surface appear to be merely another offering in the genre of daily readings. But deep within these 108 selections lie messages of profound wisdom iMindfulness opens us up to the possibility of being fully human as we are, and of expressing the humane in our way of being. Mindlessness de facto closes us up and denies us the fullness of our being alive. This book may on the surface appear to be merely another offering in the genre of daily readings. But deep within these 108 selections lie messages of profound wisdom in a contemporary and practical form that can lead to both healing and transformation. We so urgently need to rotate in consciousness in order to safeguard what precious sanity is available to us on this planet. How we carry ourselves will determine the direction the world takes because, in a very real way, we are the world we inhabit. Our world is continuously being shaped by our participation in everything around us and within us through mindfulness. This is the great work of awareness. Welcome to the threshold . . . to the fullness of arriving at your own door!...

Title : Arriving at Your Own Door: 108 Lessons in Mindfulness
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ISBN : 9781401303617
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Arriving at Your Own Door: 108 Lessons in Mindfulness Reviews

    2018-10-30 05:55

    Short sentences to make you "stay in the moment", or trying to get there at last. It was ok but it is just another book on mindfulness in my opinion, even if it is written by the master.Brevi frasi per fare sí che si viva il momento, o quanto meno ci si provi. Non era male pur se é l'ennesimo libro sulla Mindfulness, questo peró lo ha scritto il maestro.

  • Herman Plasmans
    2018-11-08 07:22

    It is so important nowadays to stay in focus

  • Jhim Midgett
    2018-11-06 11:52

    Kabat-Zinn is credited with introducing the concept of mindfulness to mainstream medicine and society. This little gem represents a best-of collection of quotes from his later work. A coffee-table book compiled from Jon Kabat-Zinn's "Coming to Our Senses: Healing Ourselves and the World Through Mindfulness", "Arriving at Your Own Door" highlights Kabat-Zinn's ability to put into words concepts which are often difficult to absorb.Kabat-Zinn has a gift for describing the process of mindful awareness and making the concepts accessible. For anyone familiar with mindfulness or awareness meditation, this book is a great refresher of key concepts. It makes a great tool for daily meditation, reviewing one concept each day, or you can even turn to a random page for a message for the moment.For anyone new to the concepts of mindful awareness, this book will seem too sparse and disjointed to glean any useful information. Lacking further exposition and development of the concepts that are introduced, a novice will have problems finding any meat on these bones.I based my rating from the perspective of a reader unfamiliar or new to the concepts of mindfulness. Having said that, I feel this book would make a great companion to the larger work from which it was compiled.

  • Zach
    2018-11-05 07:17

    Upon yet another reading, this book offers even more delights and insights. It is an epigrammatic and extremely helpful book -- it allows readers many ways to recenter and remember: it is here, it is here, it is here. "Obstacles to practice are infinite. Yet all of them turn into allies when they are embraced in awareness. They can feed the practice, rather than impede it, if we recognize them for what they are and allow them to simply be part of the nowscape because, wonder of wonders, they already are." (Jon Kabat-Zinn) This is a wonderful little book with much insight in mindfulness/heartfulness as verbs, not just abstract nouns.

  • Ann
    2018-11-19 06:54

    "Arriving at your own Door" is wonderful because you can read it cover to cover or just open to any page and read the wisdom off the page. Each quote has a message that helps one reflect on the truisms we all share. The author of the book Jon Kabat-Zinn compiled a list of quotes from others to go with his mindfulness lessons.One such quote inserted is a quote from Marcel Proust, "The true journey of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having fresh eyes."

  • Lilia
    2018-11-14 08:17

    Une condensé de pensées flash, l'essence de la philosophie de la pleine conscience. Beaucoup de réflexions très profondes et pourtant vraies. Il m'a fallu relire plusieurs fois certains passages pour m'imprégner pleinement des idées sous-jacentes. Un livre à lire et relire, et surtout à pratiquer au quotidien.

  • MaryEllen
    2018-10-25 08:54

    Lots of good things to think about and saying that need some thinking over.

  • Karen Margrethe
    2018-11-22 06:01

    Lovely easy-read for the bedside-table.I am a psychologist and work with mindfulness daily, and this was a nice little reminder about the essential points about going through life in the best possible, "mindful" way.Some of the book's best points - which many of the "lessons" depict - call attention to two critical things: 1. how the present is a point of opportunity, of branching ramification, and 2. how our very own understanding about our pain affects the amount of pain and the mastering thereof.

  • Serena Long ﺕ
    2018-11-09 06:55

    My third book of Jon Kabat-Zinn, a professor of Medicine Emeritus and creator of the Stress Reduction Clinic and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Kabat-Zinn was a student of Buddhist teachers such as Thich Nhat Hanh and Zen Master Seung Sahn and a founding member of Cambridge Zen Center; well, mindfulness as slogans is a paradox and I utterly prefer the long version of mindfulness instead. I would recommend reading the full book versions of Kabat-Zinn's work.

  • Sigrun Hodne
    2018-11-09 06:12

    What I taught? Well: I absolutely prefer the LONG version of mindfulness, in my opinion mindfulness as slogans is a paradox. Mindfulness is all about depth - not skimming the surface. There is lots of interesting stuff in this book, but I would recommend reading or listening to full book versions of Kabat-Zinn's work.

  • Annie
    2018-11-02 06:57

    Ce livre contient 108 textes à méditer accompagnées du CD. Je pense qu'il convient mieux à quelqu'un déjà initié à la méditation que moi car il ne propose pas d'aide à la méditation. J'ai beaucoup aimé le CD et je compte relire ce livre lorsque j'aurai mieux appréhendé le concept même de la méditation.

  • Brisbride13
    2018-11-22 13:11

    The book's title is a little misleading in the sense that it sounds like if you read this book you may experience mindfulness, but it's more for someone who has already been practicing this "technique" and perhaps is looking for something a bit deeper.

  • Von
    2018-11-09 04:54

    As a daily reminder to attend to the present moment rather than being driven by the regrets of yesterday or the "awfulizing" of future events, this was a helpful resource. The simple one or two line reminders were concise and powerful.

  • Olivia Winter
    2018-10-27 05:59

    I was disappointed because I never would have thought that taken out of context the author's quotes would sound so banal and commonplace. In this abbreviated style, his teachings (and I am really a fan) just don't get across at all.

  • Morgan
    2018-11-13 09:56

    I love the opening poem and I enjoyed reading these "lessons" but my drive to finish probably hampered my ability to understand.

  • Chris
    2018-10-30 07:15

    These kinds of books are hard for me to read & remember. Lots of great thoughts, they just don't stay with me.

  • Joeydag
    2018-11-16 10:13

    There are many small observances about meditation here to help anyone deepen their appreciation of their practice.

  • Mckinley
    2018-10-30 07:20

    Affirmations and short paragraphs to read and mediate on.

  • Becky
    2018-11-07 05:11

    I think I might like to read the book this is culled from.

  • Shai Coggins
    2018-10-23 07:04

    Some good insights and ideas on the practice of mindfulness.

  • Health Inspiration
    2018-11-03 09:17

    Well to me this is a woounderful source of inspiration and I don't have the ambition to read through it but bring it out when I feel the need to re-fill some good energy.