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Drake Amberly, Duke of Hawk Haven, came to the colonies for revenge-to unmask the spy who killed his brother. Yet he find himself distracted from his mission by the beautiful and spirited Elise Cooper. But as Drake's pursuit of "The Fox" brings him dangerously close to Elise's secrets, she must prove to him that love and forgiveness are all they need....

Title : The Duke's Redemption
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The Duke's Redemption Reviews

  • Margaret Chind
    2018-11-20 08:53

    I dare say that I could quite feel my heart beating out of my chest at times through out this adventure. The revolutionary war era is my favorite historical time period and I hardly find a novel entwined in that time that I enjoy, but that was not the case with this novel. I very much so enjoyed the experience of reading into the lives of Duke Drake Amberly and his true love, the espionage Fox for the Patriots Elise Cooper. The things that one would do to save the life of her sister meet with the things that one would do to receive vengeance for the life of his brother and they are stalled with the question of is their love strong enough to endure the past? Knowing from the beginning that they would fall in love, it was difficult not being able to turn the pages fast enough. Such a complicated situation, it is hard to even suggest what the outcome could be. Author Carla Capshaw kept my attention wrapped around each page and continuing chapter and I am so glad to have entered her into my favorite author list. I enjoyed this novel and I will definitely be on the look out for more. *Thanks to Carla Capshaw for sending me a copy!* Originally posted:

  • Jennifer
    2018-10-24 13:04

    Yea! Loved Carla Capshaw's second book. Totally fell in love with the Duke myself! Amberly is a dark, brooding man who has been hurt in the past by women and his brother's murder. His quest for revenge of his brother's murder seems to overtake him. Little does he know that when he meets the woman of his dreams, she would have a secret that might affect him. Elise is a spy for the Patriots, but only because she must protect her sister. Her spunk and intelligence is what draws her to the Duke, but she tries to hide behind a facade of a ditz. It's only through forgiveness that they both find their way.

  • Margaret Metz
    2018-11-05 06:53

    Great cover with very attractive hero - check.Action, and adventure - check.Great characters - I really loved this book from beginning to end. It was a lot like eating a dish of chocolate. A yummy escape from reality. I looked forward to getting it and I'm really glad I did. It was a fun book with some edge of your seat moments and a touching love story.

  • Sandie Mixa
    2018-10-22 09:55

    Way to go, Carla! Action, intrigue, romance, history! Couldn't put it down. Sure hope you're writing your next one.

  • Judy
    2018-10-30 12:01

    The Duke's Redemption by Carla Capshaw ISBN-978-0-373-82828-9Carla Capshaw will capture you and bring you into a different era. Whether it be Rome or Regency it will be an experience in history. This book takes place around 1780. You will experience the tenseness of being caught a traitor to the crown or to be a slave with no rights. Living a clandestine lifestyle for the hope of freedom.Drake Amberly is the the Duke of Hawk Haven. When he finds his brother Anthony has been murdered his anger turns to vengeance and he travels to South Carolina to find The Fox and he won't return until he sees the villain hung for his brothers death.Elise Cooper is full of secrets. Her half sister, Princess, has been sold as a slave and Elise must do what Zechariah Sayer bids her to do if she wants her sisters freedom. Elise clings to her faith and trust in God that he will make a way for them to have their freedom again. Drake has lost his faith along the way but when he comes in search of The Fox he finds Elise and through her he finds his faith once again.It is a tense time between the rebels and the red coats. Everything must be clandestine and there is always the chance of being sold out. There is also the reminders of slavery and the lack of rights. To think if you had a child it could be taken from you, that it was only considered property.Carla Capshaw also has a Roman series: The Gladiator, The Protector & The Champion that take place early AD.

  • Vanessa
    2018-11-15 05:21

    I won this on a Goodreads first read. I am a fan of historic romance and this was so cute! At first I thought that it wouldn't be exactly to my taste but was pleasantly surprised. The story itself was interesting. Elise is a spy for colonial America in the middle of the war for independence. She claims a slave for a sister, which doesn't sit well with others at the time, and doesn't have much other family that she wants to associate with.Drake is a Duke of Hawk manor in England and is a loyal patriot. He is very close to his sister and younger brother, who happens to have gone into spying for the English in the colonies, and has a bad past with women in general.The setting was excellently executed. And the plot was all predictable. I had fun wondering how they were going to overcome their personal problems and get out of the colonies at the end. I'm glad I could be introduced to a new author in a genre I don't read all that often, and otherwise may never have read any of her books.

  • Barbara
    2018-10-23 05:09

    This is an action-packed historical romance/adventure set during the American Revolution. Carla Capshaw has a way of grabbing your attention with the first page and keeping it until the very last one; there is never a dull moment. The main characters deal with discovering what true faith, trust, honesty, and loyalty are, and must often make life-altering decisions about where their loyalties lie. This book is a "must read", especially for anyone who likes historical fiction and/ or Christian fiction. The author has a talent for desribing things in such a masterful way that it transports you to that era. In the end you feel more knowledgeable about what it might have been like to live during that time period than you were previously. Many Christian romances seem somewhat like they have been created from the same basic formula, but not this one. You will enjoy this book!

  • Melody
    2018-11-06 09:13

    Oh my goodness, I LOVED this book! Had all the elements I just adore, believable characters, intrigue, romance, and my favorite time period in history! I could feel the varying range of emotions, and this book sucked me in from page one. Okay, from the cover. I have often admitted to judging a book by the cover, so the title alone was enough for me to want to read it. Let alone the tagline of which is stronger love or vengeance? Ahhh... I read the authors note of taking 8 years to complete her goal of writing this historical novel, and I have to say it was well worth the wait! I stayed up way too late wanting to find out what was going to happen next! :)

  • Patrizia
    2018-11-04 08:18

    4 stelle piene.Era da tanto che non leggevo uno storico, ma quando ho visto questo non ho potuto resistere. Un romance ambientato durante la rivoluzione americana, uno dei miei periodi preferiti, è una merce assai rara.Non sono rimasta delusa. Un duca inglese e una patriota americana: solo questo è sintomo di suspence e, infatti, non c'è quasi un momento di pace, c'è sempre un'aura di pericolo dietro l'angolo. Ora mi è presa una voglia di leggere altro, ma non trovo nulla di così appetitoso...

  • Ausjenny
    2018-11-22 11:11

    Oh I loved this book its full of drama and keeps you on your toes wondering what next. It is so different from Carla's first book but has the same style of writing. I love the secondary characters too they really make this story. Its set during the war of independence with Drake English and Elise a spy for the rebels. I was really interested to see how Carla would handle this situation and several in the story. I am happy to say she didn't go the easy answer but actually weaved a creditable story. Very good read and cant wait for more books by Carla.

  • Kristin
    2018-11-19 09:01

    The Duke's Redemption was an intriguing book about a duke falling in love with a colonial girl. They both have secrets that could ruin their relationship. I was interested to see if and how they would get past the major obstacles in their relationship. The end did throw me for a loop for a few minutes. I had to check to see how many pages were left and if she could really end the book that way. It was a fun read.

  • NovelReaction
    2018-11-13 07:00

    When Drake Amberly sets sail for the colonies to track down the spy who murdered his brother, he never imagined falling in love with that spy. The Duke’s Redemption by Carla Capshaw, set during the final days of the American Revolution is about Drake Amberly, Duke of Hawk Haven. A man determined to track down the spy who killed his brother whatever the cost. Following a lead to Brixton Hall, Drake meets Elise, a woman who is more than she appears. Intrigued by her pretending to be air headed, Drake finds himself falling in love with the courageous Elise but will that love be destroyed by the deception purpertrated by Elise?Elise never set out to spy for her country, but when circumstances called for her to don the guise of “Fox”, she did to save her family and to support her country. When the Fox’s life was at risk, Elise defended herself but at the cost of another spy’s life. Little does she know when she meets Drake, the spy who died was his brother. Can Elise trust Drake with her love and with her life?I love reading about this pivotal time period in America’s history, where brave individuals put everything on the line to shape what would become this great nation. Carla captures the urgency and fear felt by those who spied for the United States. In addition to the loyalty to country obvious in the book, Carla’s portrayal of the various relationships between family members was great. From unconditional love regardless of race to the problem of glorifying those who have passed on before us, the Duke’s Redemption reminds us all of the problems and joys that come from family members.

  • Marlene
    2018-11-14 12:11

    I would actually give this book 3.5.THE DUKE'S REDEMPTION is an inspirational romance between a man, who has lost his faith, and a woman, who clings to faith to keep herself going. Elsie is a strong woman, who has overcome abuse and seeks to protect her sister. Unfortunately, Elsie doesn't act in a spy-like manner a couple of times, which seemed a little out of character. However, the person, who is pulling her strings knows all the right buttons to push, so her behavior is understandable. Drake is a man obsessed with revenge, but he grows to love Elsie and find his way back to God. When his renewed faith is tested, Drake puts his life in Gods hands and finds forgiveness in his heart.

  • Deanna
    2018-11-04 06:16

    I absolutely loved this book!! I won this book in a give-away and I'm so glad I did!! The characters were well written and I instantly cared about what happened to them. The heroine, Elise, is a strong, kind and caring heroine. Drake is dark, brooding and handsome to boot, with an aura of danger. My favorite kind of hero! I love a hero that oozes masculinity! The book is very well written and I was riveted to my spot on the sofa as I read...especially the last half of the book! Carla Capshaw is an excellent author! I have enjoyed every book I've ever read by her!

  • Highland-dreamer
    2018-11-21 07:10

    I really like how this story unfolded. It was also nice (for once!) to have the story continue on post-marriage. So many of the books end at the marriage, or proposal, but this one had much more to tell, with a lovely epilogue. (I LOVE epilogues!!) I have enjoyed the 2 books I've read by this author so far, and look forward to more.

  • Katie
    2018-11-21 09:19

    The Duke's Redemption is, without a doubt, my favorite Love Inspired book I've ever read!! :-D From beginning to end, it was wonderful--the writing, the characters, the plot. The romance moved a bit quick, but the author handled it all very well! Will be reading LOTS more by this author in the future. :-)

  • Melissa
    2018-11-04 08:17

    This was a nice easy read with historical background."He came to the colonies for one reason: revenge. Drake Amberly, Duke of Hawk Haven, won't leave South Carolina until he's unmasked the colonial spy who killed his brother. Yet the more he sees of spirited Elise Cooper, the more he's moved by the happiness she brings him...never suspecting the dangerous secret she hides."

  • MLOW
    2018-11-21 06:18

    An enjoyable, light, romantic read. I was interested to see how the author would unravel the secrets while still having our H and h end up together and happily in love - she managed it without stretching plausibility too much though perhaps a tad. But I enjoyed the book too much to mind :)

  • Tracie
    2018-11-14 05:07

    4.5 stars, very good just a wee bit slow for me in the middle. Story of love, loss and faith. TONS of depth! Loved the hero Drake =) and brave Elise. I love Carla Capshaw's books, seriously romantic with strong hero's and heroine's that turn to God for strength!

  • Pat
    2018-10-25 06:05

    Well written with intrigue, suspense, and romance but no overt sensuality.

  • Candace
    2018-11-04 07:11

    struggling to get in to this book. Her others are much easier to go for like the gladiator, the champion, and the protector.

  • Jessica
    2018-10-31 06:18

    a wonderful book

  • Terri
    2018-11-03 12:22

    Wonderful story to read. I enjoy it

  • Claudia Rosa
    2018-11-17 08:22

    Excellent Romance!

  • Ashley
    2018-10-26 08:56

    It was a fun read I had a hard time putting down.*Full review TBW*

  • Emily
    2018-11-01 07:10

    It was cute. I can't resist a book involving a masked vigilante!

  • Karen Cox
    2018-10-27 08:21

    I liked the time setting of the book and the use of a female as a spy in the Revolutionary War. I also enjoyed the love between the two half-sisters.

  • Ann
    2018-11-15 08:22

    Great story of love, forgiveness, a quick read and great message.