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Here at last is the sensational sequel to PAPILLON - the great story of escape and adventure that took the world by storm.Banco continues the adventures of Henri Charrière - nicknamed 'Papillon' - in Venezuela, where he has finally won his freedom after thirteen years of escape and imprisonment. Despite his resolve to become an honest man, Charrière is soon involved in haiHere at last is the sensational sequel to PAPILLON - the great story of escape and adventure that took the world by storm.Banco continues the adventures of Henri Charrière - nicknamed 'Papillon' - in Venezuela, where he has finally won his freedom after thirteen years of escape and imprisonment. Despite his resolve to become an honest man, Charrière is soon involved in hair-raising exploits with goldminers, gamblers, bank-robbers, revolutionaries - robbing and being robbed, his lust for life as strong as ever. He also runs night-clubs in Caracas until an earthquake ruins him in 1967 - when he decides to write the book that brings him international fame.Henri Charrière died in 1973 at the age of 66.BANCO is ferocious, funny, tender, crowded with incident and excitementBANCO is as vibrantly alive as PAPILLONBANCO is the work of a born story-teller....

Title : Banco: The Further Adventures of Papillon
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Banco: The Further Adventures of Papillon Reviews

  • Esmanur
    2018-10-26 09:27

    İlk kitaptan sonra "daha yazılabilecek ne kaldı ki?" diye sordum kendime. Kitaba beklentimi çok düşük tutarak başladım ama çok yanılmışım. En az ilk kitabı kadar harika, serüven dolu ve doyurucuydu. Henri Charriére nin zekasına hayran olmamak imkansız. Bu kitap bir adamın tekrar hayata tutunmasını belkide yeniden doğuşunu ve aslında onun ne kadar derin bir kişilik olduğunu daha iyi anlatıyor. ilk kitap - KELEBEK- bana göre daha yüzeyseldi. Henri benim için zor yıllar geçiren, dahi kaçış planları yapan intikam hırsıyla dolu ve birazda bencil bir kişilikti. Tabi kitap yinede MÜKEMMELDİ. Ama BANKO da sevgisinin sınırı olmayan, dürüst, yaptığı gençlik hatalarının ve verdiği zararın farkında olan, kararlı, ne istediğini bilen ve bunun için mücadele eden çok daha içsel biriydi. Sonlara doğru gençliğine dair anlattığı bölümler çok hoştu. KELEBEK ve BANKO benim kitaplığımda her zaman gözde kitaplarım olacaklar. Kitap hiç bir eleştiriyi hak etmiyor. Ancak saatlerce övebilirim yinede bütün kelimeler yetersiz kalır. İlk kitabın yorumunda yaptığım gibi Kitaptan çok sevdiğim bir paragrafı paylaşarak yorumumu bitireceğim.-" Ne sen, insanlıkla ilgisi bulunmayan savcı, ne namusundan şüphe ettiğim siz polisler, ne yalancı tanıklıkla özgürlüğümü değiş-tokuş eden sefil Polein, ne iddie makamının görünüşü ve olayları yorumlayış şeklini benimseyecek kadar alçalan jüri üyeleri, 'insan yiyen'e layık ortaklar olan mubassırlar,kimse,hiçbiriniz ne kalın duvarlar ne de Atlantik üzerindeki bu yitik adanın uzaklığı,maddi ve manevi hiçbir şey, yıldızlara doğru yükseldiğimde yolculuğumun pembeyle renklenen mutluluğunu bozabilir."-" On üç yıldan beri öç almayı kurduğumu biliyorsunuz. Bu on üç yılı yüz altmış beş günle sonra yirmi dört saatle ve her saati altmış dakikayla çarpın, yine de çektiğim acıları ödetmek için kaç kere kendi kendime ant içtiğimi bulamazsınız."-BANKO

  • Luke Marsden
    2018-11-04 13:05

    This book is for anybody who craves more Papillon - if it left you dying to know what happened to Charrière afterwards, then here it is! This lesser-known sequel follows his subsequent life as a free man in Venezuela, a country he describes with great affection. Having got to know him in the first book, it is fascinating to follow the life choices he makes with his long-desired and hard-fought freedom.As would be expected, his thirst for adventure and his desire to make up for the youth he has largely lost to the penal system will not let him keep his feet in one place for long. He gravitates naturally to that murky limbo between a legitimate existence and the underworld, lives by his wits and takes wins and losses, successes and failures in his stride with equal measure. He seems as much at home in diamond mines in the remote jungle, sprawling concrete cities, and the fishing villages of the Caribbean coast. He matures with each new venture, as though his youth was merely delayed, not altogether lost. As in Papillon, everything is recounted in Charrière’s clear, honest written voice.If you have not read Papillon, read it before reading this book.Luke F. D. Marsden (Author of Wondering, the Way is Made)

    2018-11-03 09:07

    "BANCO" takes up from where "PAPILLON" left off. The author has escaped into Venezuela. He is deeply embittered and finds it difficult at first to readjust to life on the outside. He is set on revenge for he feels that he was framed for a crime he did not commit. As a way of working out his anger, the author becomes involved in an elaborate plan to stage a big robbery so that he can not only enrich himself, but also return to Europe and exact his revenge. While set on his plans for revenge, however, the author finds love and peace of mind. "BANCO" stands out as a fine example of what a person is capable of achieving in terms of self-improvement and spiritual renewal. When I finished reading this book, I felt very happy for the author, who had learned to cast aside the anger and rage he had bottled up inside himself during his imprisonment on Devil's Island, and find an inner peace for himself.

  • Gary
    2018-11-09 07:11

    Henri Charriere (aka Papillon): convicted of a murder he didn't commit in 1931 and sentanced to life in penal servitude, including Devil's Island, narrated his horrendous experiences and subsequent escape in Papillon, his first book.Banco is part 2 of his autobiography and it is hard to believe that one man can have such a rich, dangerous, exciting, thrilling and ultimately fulfilling life, especially after his earlier adventures.This book is just as readable, exciting, engrossing and unputdownable as Papillon. Charriere writes in a simple, from-the-heart style that is highly expressive of all his thoughts and feelings of anger, frustration, hopes, dreams and passionate hatred of those that manufactured his conviction. The latter includes his intention to return one day to France and kill those who 'sent him down' - and he describes how he might do it.I won't say too much about his life, other than one example: he gets involved in trying to relieve a community of very tough miners of their diamonds and gold through a gambling scam, in a tiny town in the Venezuelan rainforest where there is no law to speak of - just like the Wild West but in South America. You'll have to read it to find out the result!I loved this book, which I first read as a teenager and should read every now and then to remind me that no matter what the obstacles, you must keep struggling and fighting to make a life, at which Monsieur Charriere succeeded admirably.Highly recommended.

  • Jerome Peterson
    2018-11-20 07:18

    Papillion was an excellent movie, but the book was even better! I found the sequel, "The Further Adventures of Papillion" at a local thrift store. It cost a quarter. I can get into Henri Charriere's writing style. It flows easily from one scene to another as though he was sitting with you at a sidewalk French cafe, with an open tab. "Banco", the actually title of the book, picks up where "Papillion"left off. The story starts off in a Venezuelan penal settlement, El Dorado. Here Papillion's adventures continue as he struggles to clear his name and become a French citizen as he once was. The stories are close to being unbelievable; yet, true stories of escape from a Venezuelan prison, his con-game schemes, his brush with revolution, his near-miss bank robbery, his womanizing, his successful attempts at owning and running a business. If you enjoyed "Papillion" you will definitely enjoy "Banco".It is a must read for adventure readers. It is an ashamed that Charriere didn't write more works for his narrative is powerful and his storytelling is compelling!

  • Bogdan
    2018-11-15 14:27

    The second volume keeps up the trend of the first one: from artistic point of view, it is quite bad, but taking into account the message the book wants to transmit, it is at least acceptable.After reading opinions on the authenticity of the book as a memoir, I am almost certain that only a little part of the adventures told in it were experienced directly by Charriere. He was probably influenced by many stories the other inmates told and maybe some of them were happening during his time in Guyana, but it is hard to believe a single man went through all of this. Nevertheless, since he did not plagiarized any of the existing novels, I believe he did no harm in borrowing them and presenting as his own adventures.If I would have been in his place, I would probably write the book differently. I would be still collecting these separate events and present them as the adventures of a single character, but a character that I have met in the prison.

  • Rosa Chacón García
    2018-11-01 10:16

    Buenísimo se queda corto. De esos libros que empiezas y no puedes parar hasta acabas.Qué capacidad tiene este hombre de adaptarse a todo lo que le viene y no desfallecer jamás.

  • Raquel
    2018-11-02 09:16

    2015 Reading Challenge21# A book set in a different country - Banco, Henri CharrièreBanco é a continuação da história autobiográfica de Charrière após quatorze anos de luta pela liberdade. O relato começa imediatamente onde ficámos em Papillon, ou seja, após Henri ter conquistado a sua liberdade na Venezuela. No entanto, cumprir a sua promessa de levar uma vida honesta e, ao mesmo tempo, juntar dinheiro suficiente para se vingar daqueles que, em Paris, o injustamente condenaram à prisão para o resto da vida, são dois objetivos que dificilmente se conjugam. Em Banco, temos um relato das várias aventuras de Papillon, desde perigosos embustes no jogo de dados a assaltos falhados. A sorte parece não estar do seu lado e conseguir dinheiro suficiente para voltar a França resulta ser uma tarefa impossível depois de todas a partidas que o destino lhe prega. Henri não estava fadado a conseguir a sua vingança, mas a sua vida foi rica e cheia de aventuras que deram gosto ler. Apesar de Banco não me ter apelado tanto como Papillon, não pude não ler esta continuação. Depois de Papillon, o leitor fica com aquela curiosidade de saber o que aconteceu a seguir, aquele desejo de alcançar um conclusão definitiva, e Banco dá-nos isso quando, quase quarenta anos depois, Henri regressa a Paris e percebe finalmente que a sua melhor vingança foi ter contrariado os desejos daqueles que o prenderam, foi ter escapado e vivido uma vida mais completa e feliz do que qualquer um deles.

  • Cisz Strasters
    2018-11-13 06:15

    Van de eerste helft heb ik net zoveel genoten als van het eerste deel: Papillon. Maar daarna was het voor mij klaar. Nadat hij samen met Rita is, zijn de avonturen en kwajongens verhalen klaar, en dat is juist de kracht voor mij van zijn verhaal. Uiteraard heb ik genoten van het weerzien met zijn familie, maar betrapte mezelf erop dat ik stukken begon over te slaan. Jammer. Desalniettemin een geweldig levensverhaal van een bijzondere man!

  • Margaret
    2018-10-25 06:06

    I was so excited when I found he continued his memoirs. This volume is more farcical and adventurous, but after suffering through his time in the French prison, the author and I both needed some lighthearted fun!

  • Bernard Cenney
    2018-10-24 07:28

    Very moving true account.

  • Alex Akesson
    2018-11-03 12:27

    "Only one thing really matters in life and that is never to admit you're beaten and to start up again after every flop." Henri Charrière (Banco - The further adventures of Papillon)

  • Ajay Venkitaraman
    2018-11-06 13:02

    Banco. the continuation of Papillon's journey talks about his time in Venezuela and the way he lived a free life. I would be lying if I said that the book is as engrossing as its predecessor. Especially after the time he met Rita, the book flagged to become another story of love and life. Though we can't argue it, since it was his own life. Somehow, it gets replenished with new life when he talks about his return to France and ends commandingly, with the chapter about his trial. A 3.5 star would be apt, well I'll round it off to 4 for the man and his story. An absolutely wonderful set of books, a must read for any adventure lover.

  • Nima Gholipour
    2018-11-21 10:00

    Today I finished the second #book from #HenriCharrière which is called #Banco the continuous of #Papillion book that there is a movie by this name.At first I should to say when I was a teenager I saw for the first time Papillon movie. This movie has really impacted in my life. Because I've always had a dream in my life which I seriously believe it. About less than a year ago I've read Papillon book which was more interesting than the movie.Banco was the continuing of Papillon story when he could scape from prison after 13 years because of no offense committed. In this book you can read how many times he failed and again tried. How many times he's searched for a job in a country that even he didn't know how to speak in their language.Two things was interesting about Papillon to me. One is he never stop trying even in the worst situation and the second one is he's always thought about revenge from those who took him to prison but at the end he gave up and when he's back to Paris after 37 years he said it doesn't matter what are they doing, important thing is I'm here healthy and strong.#goodreads #book #instabooks #instareader #author

  • J Jahir
    2018-10-22 14:22

    Vamos, vamos papillon! absolutamente recomendada esta historia al 100%. si leyeron el primer libro sabrán que cuenta las aventuras que tuvo que pasar mientras escapaba de la cárcel tras haber sido condenado a cadena perpetua por un crimen que él no había cometido, hasta que 13 años después se establece en Venezuela ya como un hombre libre, dejando atrás su pasado, saliendo, como dice él, "del camino de la podredumbre". "Banco" continúa inmediatamente la historia como nos quedamos al término de papillon, hasta llegar a la época donde cuenta cómo llegó a escribir el libro que tomaría una influencia importante en francia, su país de origen. Este libro nos complementa más cosas de su vida, ya que hay flashbacks donde nos permite conocer por medio de él cómo fue su infancia y se dio toda esa situación con la que Henry Charriere nos cautivó. El libro avanza con una fluidez bastante buena, a pesar de que Henry mismo dice que no creía escribir decentemente; me mantuvo igual o quizás más enganchado puesto que ya sabía cómo iba todo. Pero sentí que este libro fue más dinámico, interesante y exquisito en ese lenguaje. Me lo disfruté de principio a fin. Los recomiendo ampliamente.

  • Swarupa Donepudi
    2018-10-27 12:18

    though not like Papillon, its worth to know the reason behind his penal. Venezuela was portrayed as hero rather than Papillon. " We should be careful in our teens. a slight wrong path can land us in earthly hell" can be the moral of the story.

  • Naomi Toftness
    2018-10-23 13:19

    Maybe the translation was a bit clunky, but I found this book difficult to get through. also, the meaning I was hoping to find throughout the whole book happened about 2/3rds of the easy through, so I found the ending to drag on. I recommend reading this book if you feel like you are stuck dwelling on the past.

  • DropOfOcean
    2018-10-22 08:23

    I can't really decide which book I like more. This one or Papillon. They have quite different type of adventures but you're probably going to want to read both. As with Papillon what really happened may be quite different than what the book tells but let the story take you and to entertain you.

  • Eren
    2018-11-19 08:25

    Kelebek kadar güzel olmasada bir çırpıda okunası bir kitap.

  • Gustav Lindqvist
    2018-11-06 08:29

    Nowhere near as good as Papillon

  • Nick
    2018-11-11 14:01

    Nowhere near as good as the first, Papillon.

  • Diogo Jesus
    2018-11-11 10:27

    The second part. Freedom in Venezuela but the adventures continue. It ends explaining or better, defending the "truthness" of it. Out of curiosity ´cause I read the first and it is really worth it.

  • Banu Ayrak
    2018-10-24 13:28

    Kelebekten sonra daha ne yazılabilir ki ne anlatılabilir ki diye düşünmekten kendimi almadım. Ancak yanılmışım daha yaşanacak çok serüven varmış... Banko... oyunu kazandın Papi.

  • Ricardo
    2018-11-20 08:16

    Un tanto menos interesante que su antecesor "Papillón", Banco se queda un poco corto en historias, tal vez porque Henri ya está libre, porque ya no corre tanto peligro, porque es peor luchar más por escapar del tedio y de lo cotidiano que de la cárcel misma. Saltando de oficio en oficio, encuentra a la mujer de su vida que lo hace desisitir de su venganza, lo cual lo hace más pasivo...y más pobre. Eventos afortunados como su regreso a Francia, el reencuentro con su familia después de casi 30 años, y lo rescatable: narra cómo decidió escribir sus memorias carcelarias, su danza para que fueran editadas y cuando sus cuadernos vieron la luz para así, salir del agujero en el que se encontraba. Simon de Beauvoir y Pablo Neruda le conocen, le brindan ayuda y le estrechan la mano. Un largo epílogo a lo que debió quedarse en el punto en que logra su anhelada libertad.

  • Thomas Strömquist
    2018-10-25 12:02

    The world could probably have done without this bleak sequel to Papillon. Charrière tells further "true-life" stories about his life and times in Venezuela following the remarkable escape story that is book one. Contrary to settling down quietly, he involves himself in shady businesses, probably closely related to the ones that got him a harsh conviction in the first place and at the same time he thirst for revenge upon those who wronged him. Missing the suspense and thrillsof the original book, this feels to me like an attempt to milk the story a bit more.

  • Mercia McMahon
    2018-11-15 14:19

    This books picks up where Papillon ended with no concessions to anyone who has not read the earlier book. This gives the impression of being a second volume rather than a sequel. Like the first book it reads more like a novel than the autobiography that it claims to be. There is more of a human element to this novel than it's predecessor although the action element is still there. Best read by those who have read the first novel.

  • Kirk
    2018-11-16 07:25

    The plane was flying at a great height in a brilliant sky, way above a carpet of snow-white clouds. It was purity up here, and I thought of my childhood bathed in light. Beneath that white cumulus there were dirty clouds, a grayish, unclean rain—a fine image of the earthly world: that desire for power, that desire to prove to others that you are better than them, that dry, heartless desire you see in the kind of people who do not give a damn if they destroy a human being as long as by doing so they gain something or prove something.

  • Blackfriar
    2018-11-16 09:27

    Пройдя через немыслимые страдания и унижения в течении тринадцати лет незаслуженной каторги, автору, осужденному на пожизненное заключение за несовершенное преступление удается бежать. Одна лишь жажда мести придавала ему сил бороться за свободу, чтобы воздать по заслугам упрятавшим его за решетку. Казалось, ничто его не остановит и не заставит отказаться от своего плана отомстить. Однако, он встретил Её и его мир перевернулся с ног на голову (или наоборот)) Жаль, конечно, что не было зрелищной мести и Дамоклов меч не опустился на негодяев))) Но я рад, что благоразумие автора возобладало.

  • Dinakar
    2018-11-13 11:09

    One must definitely read this one after Papillon...I don't want to get into discussion whether its an auto-biography or a work of fiction, but it is a good read.A very very interesting line but looses its pace in the middle... comparing the two books, I would rate Papillon better though the writing style in this book is improved and intriguing.But you feel same refreshing, thrilling experience as you get with papillon.Over all I loved reading this one...

  • Matt
    2018-11-08 06:06

    Having loved reading Papillon, I couldn't wait to pick this book up. It's told by a great story teller and one full of charisma, I enjoyed reading about Papillon's further romps but found it fell flat compared to the superb Papillon. Upon reflection it was bound to be that way, how can you match Papillon?A worthwhile read and one I enjoyed, but whereas I'm sure I'll re-read Papillon in the future, (it's one of my keepers) Banco's in my yard sale box!