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Eine gespenstische Gesellschaft "grauer Herren" ist am Werk und veranlasst immer mehr Menschen, Zeit zu sparen. Aber in Wirklichkeit betrügen sie die Menschen um diese ersparte Zeit. Als die Not am größten ist und die Welt ihnen schon endgültig zu gehören scheint, entschließt sich Meister Hora, der geheimnisvolle "Verwalter der Zeit", zum Eingreifen. Doch dazu braucht er dEine gespenstische Gesellschaft "grauer Herren" ist am Werk und veranlasst immer mehr Menschen, Zeit zu sparen. Aber in Wirklichkeit betrügen sie die Menschen um diese ersparte Zeit. Als die Not am größten ist und die Welt ihnen schon endgültig zu gehören scheint, entschließt sich Meister Hora, der geheimnisvolle "Verwalter der Zeit", zum Eingreifen. Doch dazu braucht er die Hilfe eines Menschenkindes. Die Welt steht still und Momo, die struppige kleine Heldin der Geschichte, kämpft ganz allein, mit nichts als einer Blume in der Hand und einer Schildkröte unter dem Arm, gegen das riesige Heer der "grauen Herren"....

Title : Momo
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ISBN : 9783522168571
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 304 Pages
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Momo Reviews

  • Manny
    2018-11-13 14:18

    Manny was working late one evening when he received an unexpected visitor. He was an old man with white hair and gold-rimmed glasses, curiously dressed in a lace-embroidered doublet and a periwig, and he was carrying a book."Greetings," said the visitor. "I think you should read this.""What is it?" asked Manny irritably. People were always asking him to read things. "I don't really have time right now. I need to get this software problem fixed for tomorrow. And then I have an article to write and a dozen emails to answer and some insurance paperwork I've been putting off for too long. I'm very busy. How did you get in, anyway?""It definitely sounds like you should read Momo," said the old man, ignoring Manny's question. "I am quite concerned about you. Here, take a look."Manny flicked through it briefly and sighed. "It's some kind of YA fantasy novel, right?" he said. "If that is what you want to call it," replied the visitor."But I don't read YA," said Manny. "All my friends know that.""Why not?" asked the visitor."Well, I'm too old for it," said Manny, as he studied the error message his laptop was showing him. "I find it painfully unsophisticated and badly written. It never gives me anything.""Perhaps you should become younger," said the visitor. "It's quite easy, you know.""Really?" said Manny in a dismissive tone. But something made him glance up from his screen, and he saw to his surprise that the visitor was no longer an old man. In fact, he almost looked like a child."You see?" said the visitor. "Now, here's what you need to do. Just learn German. At first, you'll be a helpless infant and you won't be able to read at all. Soon, though, you'll find you're four or five and enjoying stories. When you're about ten, you'll be ready for this. I'll come back when you've finished.""You must be joking," said Manny, who was looking at his screen again. "Didn't I just tell you I was very busy?" He turned around, but found his visitor had disappeared. All that was left was a large pile of German children's books.Over the next few months, Manny somehow found himself reading one German book after another. He read Grimms Märchen, and Krabat, and Das doppelte Lottchen, and Madita, and Karlsson vom Dach. Finally, a couple of weeks before Christmas, he opened Momo. He found he couldn't put it down. He had just finished the last chapter when he heard someone clear their throat behind him. "Well?" said the visitor. "I hope you're not too busy to talk to me?""Uh, no," said Manny. "It's funny, but when I think about it I find I have more time than I'd imagined. And you're right. Momo is very good.""I'm glad to hear it," said the visitor gravely."There was just something I wanted to ask you," said Manny. "Here, wait a moment." He leafed through the book to find the page. But when he looked up, the visitor had gone again.

  • Sarah
    2018-11-08 14:06

    Oh my... you haven't read this book? You poor dear. I suspect that the reason why this book is not read in the United States is because the grey men are working very hard to keep it off the shelves. It is moments, not time, that is precious.

  • Kara Maia Spencer
    2018-11-20 11:22

    Momo is a classic story that is known as a children's book, yet I believe that adults may even glean more from its reading than younger folk. Momo is written by Michael Ende, the author who is most known in the US for having written The Neverending Story. When I was younger, and my mother ran an independent children's bookstore, she ordered a case of this book, and gave a copy to all of her friends and colleagues.This is a modern day fairytale, about a little girl named Momo, who moves into a ruined amphitheater on the edge of a Italian-style town. She is a remarkable individual, who lives in poverty, yet her life is rich with friendship and love. Momo has a unique skill of deep listening. Soon all the villagers learn that when they are not getting along they should "go and see Momo". Through Momo's friendship, her friends find peace, community, and creativity. Her gift of listening to them until the truth unveils itself brings her to be surrounded by many friends who bring her food, tell her stories, and help care for her in her adopted home.Life changes quickly in the village, when the Men in Gray infiltrate their life, hypnotizing people to save time. In their Time Saving Banks, they steal people's time, and smoke it in gray cigars that they are never seen without. Yet, no one remembers ever seeing the Men in Gray, except Momo, who cannot be hypnotized by the lures of timesaving because she is content with being who she is and loves to spend time with her friends. Eventually, everyone is entrapped by the Men in Gray, and only Momo can save them.Even Momo's two best friends, Guido the Guide and Bebbo Roadsweeper, have been seduced by the Men in Gray. Luckily, she has help from two new friends Cassiopeia, a tortoise who can see precisely half-an-hour into the future and can spell words across her shell to communicate, and Professor Secundus Minutus Hora, who is the steward of the universal source of time.This is an incredibly magical story which I dare not tell you more of lest I ruin the story for you. You must read Momo for yourself.

  • Rinda Elwakil
    2018-11-19 08:55

    مومو .. القصة الغريبة حول لصوص الوقت , و حول الطفلة التي تعيد للبشر وقتهم المسروق . يوميا - عن غير إرادة مني- أكبر أنا في السن ,و لكني و - و لم أجد لهذا سببا- مع الوقت ازداد حبا لكل ما يتعلق بعالم الطفولة لا الكبار ..أفلامي المفضلة ل ديزني , و كتبي المفضلة هي قصص الأطفال .أبتهجت عندما علمت أن مومو قصة مصنفة تحت بند كتب الأطفال .ال "Fairy tales " .و بالرغم من ذلك فقد حوت صفحاته رسائل و رسائل أضافت لي ما لم يضفه لي الكثير من أدب الراشدين و الكبار إلا ما رحم ربي . في الزمان البعيد ..البعيد جدا .. في الزمان الذي كان فيه الناس يتحدثون بلغات تختلف عن لغاتنا كان هناك ذلك المسرح ..كان مصدر تسلية لجميع الطبقات في ذلك الوقت , كان للعوام مسرح تغطي أرضه بالحصير و للسادة أخر تغطي أرضه سجاجيد من الذهب .. و كعادة الوقت المقيته في أن يمضي بلا توقف , مضي .حتي وصلنا إلي عصرنا هذا ..أصبح المعبد مهجورا يتخذه الأطفال مكانا للهو .. كان هذا عندما ظهرت مومو ..فتاة صغيرة منكوشه الشعر , ترتدي سترة بالية أكبر من حجمها ..(فلا تعلم إن خافت ألا يجود الزمان عليها بغيرها إن كبرت فخافت أن تقوم بقصها لحجم مناسب لها)يحاول هل القرية معرفة من تكون و من أين أتت , و لكن الطفلة لا تعرف شيئا .. تهاب العودة إلي الملجأ بنافذته ذات القضبان الحديدية .. ترجوهم أأن يتركوها تبقي ها هنا , في المسرح .أحبها أهل القرية و أحبتهم .كانوا كرماء معها و كان كل بيت يجود لها بما لديه حتي أصبح لمومو منزل صغير في المسرح القديم .كانت للطفلة قدرة غير مسبوقة (إنها تجيد الإستماع ) . و كان أهل القرية يذهبون إليها و يتحدثون بلا توقف .. و لا تفعل هي شئ سوي أن تستمع إليهم . فيعرفون هم ما العلة و ما الحل . حتي إنهم مع الوقت كانوا يلجأو إليها في حل النزاعات بين المتنازعين .. و لكم كانت جيدة .كان للعب عند مومو مذاق مختلف , فبمجرد أن يلعب الصبية بجوارها حتي تتوارد إليهم الأفكار المبهرة للعب و يسبحون بخيالهم إلي أبعد الأماكن .. و يبدعونفتارة هم فوق سفينة يحاربون وحشا مجهولا و يهزمونه و تارة هم فوق أعال الجبال يستكشفون.كان لها صديقين مقربين إلي قلبها بالرغم من إختلافهم أشد الإختلاف . جيرولاماشككت إن كانت له جذور مصرية :)مرشد سياحي شاب ..بائع للكلام , قاص موهوب جدا جدا .. يصحب السياح في كل مكان و يختلق القصص التاريخية المشوقة اللتي تحبس الأنفاس ..و ببو كناس الشوارع العجوز عجوز حكيم متفاني في عمله .. تعلم أن العمل يكون ممتعا و سريعا عندما لا تتعجله أن ينتهي أو تشعر بأنه لن ينتهي يوما .. فقد كان يكنس الشوارع "جرة مكنسة , و نفس .. و أخري و نفس" . :)لم تنتهي القصة هنا و إلا كانت الحياة رائعة ..فجأة صار الأطفال أكثر تجهما .. الأباء ليس لديهم الوقت لهم و ووقتهم يضيق باستمرار ..بدأت مومو في فقد أصدقاء لها من الكبار , و عندما ذهبت لزيارتهم وجدتهم تعساء متجهمين .. يعملون أعمالهم بلا متعة و متعجلين دوما ..ماذا حدث ؟ هل جٌنّ الجميع ؟و في هذا الوقت تعرضت للأسياد الرماديين .. سارقي الوقت من البشر الذين رأوا أن الطفلة تشكل تهديدا عظيما عليهم قرروا محاربتها بكل الطرق ..و هنا و عندما قرروا قتلها تابعوها في الشوارع كالجيش الجرار , وجدوها قد اختفت . تبخرت !في حين كان الأسياد الرماديين علي وشك الجنون غيظا .نتابع نحن مومو مع صديقتها الجديدة في رحلتها إلي (زقاق و لا أي زمان ) و منه إلي (بيت و لا أي مكان ) حيث تتعلم مومو عن ماهية الخطر المحيط بالبشر و في بطولة تامة تقبل أن تعرض نفسها للخطر في سبيل أن يعود أصدقائها كما كانوا .. يستمتعون بوقتهم المسروق ..لعمري ما زلت لا أعلم سر احتواء القصص الخيالية للأطفال علي هذا القدر من العبر.. ستجد أننا و أني و أنك لا نحتلف الكثير ن أصدقاء مومو .. لربما تلقي كل منا زيارة من الأسياد الرماديين يوما ما و نسينا ذلك كلياجعلتني أفكر إن ما كنت أُنصت ؟؟أم أني اتأفف فقط ممن حولي لعدم إنصاتهم لي؟سأقتصد في التفاصيل لعدم حرق مزيد من الأحداث .. و لكن إن كنت من محبي القراءات ذات المعني و الفائدة.فهذا عمل يجب أن يُقرأ :):)

  • Lisa
    2018-10-27 09:57

    Dear friends!Do you have time to sit down for a moment, and listen to a story? It is a true one, of great importance, with a vital message for humankind. It starts in a classroom, where a teacher is about to wrap up for the day. She has put a lot of time into the Timesaving Bank, and wants to save some more of it by rushing off to the underground to catch the next one. That makes at least four minutes which she will not have to spend waiting, Heaven forbid!Just when she is about to rush out, already wearing her coat, some of her mentor students come in. There has been a conflict. They want to tell her their different versions. The teacher sighs, sacrifices her valuable time out of duty, and lets go of the next underground, quite unwillingly. What follows is a 40-minute conversation between five teenage boys, all describing the development of the fight through their lens. Having been assigned to do unspecified online research in a class, they find themselves bored, and start to tease each other. After a while, it is not funny anymore, someone gets hurt, tries to pay back with a spiteful comment, and the whole thing gets out of control. This of course, is not what the teacher hears first. The last comment in class is the first that is reported: "He said...", "But you did..."After 40 minutes of intensive listening, peeling the onion, a solution is found, apologies accepted, and all leave to go home. One student gets into new trouble with his timesaving mother who has had to wait for him.Change of scenes. The teacher enters her own home, late. Her children hang out in the living room, reading. In order to vent the stress caused by the lost time, the teacher, now transformed into a mother, retells the whole story again, with all the strange tosses and turns before the truth is revealed.Her eldest son looks up, smiles, and says:"Why don't you ask Momo, mom?"That question has a familiar ring to it. It is a quote from a long-ago favourite. The mother, confused, looks at the title of the book he is reading, and sees the cover of Michael Ende's perfect fairytale. The 14-year-old is rereading the story the that he had loved to listen to as a small child, a story of such power that it gains strength with every time you enter it. A story of a child who teaches grown-ups a lesson."Why don't you ask Momo, mom?" My son is teaching me a lesson.In an amphitheatre outside a big city, the girl Momo lives and assembles her friends. She has a rare gift: she can listen! This gift helps people talk and solve problems, come to terms with misunderstandings and find back to a friendly way with each others. The city, however, is in danger. Grey men have taken over, encouraging people to "save time". They put new structures in place to make things faster, and more efficient. But at the same time, something is lost: the appreciation of life lived for the moment. Education is turned into mindless infotainment with standardised rules:"All the games were selected for them by supervisors and had to have some useful, educational purpose. The children learned these new games but unlearned something else in the process: they forgot to be happy, how to take pleasure in little things and last, but not least, how to dream."In the grown-up world, hate and mistrust enter the stage:"All the world's misfortunes stemmed from the countless untruths, both deliberate and unintentional, which people told because of haste or carelessness."What is to be done? The little girl Momo sets out to save the world by reconquering time!If you think this sounds like a boring, philosophical read for children, think again. It is one of the most compellingly exciting stories imaginable, capturing a teenage boy (who already knew the plot) so completely that he forgot time and place to finish it in one session yesterday. It is so touching that he came down to breakfast today and said that he had actually cried, adding:"And that has not happened in many years, mom, not since I read Good Night, Mr. Tom. Maybe you should read it with your class?""I don't have time for that!""Mom!""We don't have a copy in English!""Yes, we do. In the school library. You bought it yourself!""Did I?"So my students will not do standardised peer collaboration games for mentor time from now on. They will sit in a circle, pretending it is an amphitheatre, and they will listen to their teacher read "Momo":"Time is life itself, and life resides in the human heart."And since we have plenty of time, we will continue with The Neverending Story, another masterpiece by the same author. It will take a while, but I can't think of time better invested. What a waste of life to save time!

  • Miriam
    2018-10-25 12:18

    Our time is stolen; or perhaps more accurately we mortgage it away, thinking we're getting a bargain when in fact we're screwing ourselves over.Mystery and Melancholy on a Street, Giorgio de Chirico

  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    2018-11-04 06:14

    Momo, Michael Endeتاریخ نخستین خوانش: سوم ماه آگوست سال 1984 میلادیعنوان: مومو؛ نویسنده: میشائیل انده؛ مترجم: محمد زرین بال؛ تهران، ابتکار، 1363؛ در 317 ص؛ چاپ دیگر: ابتکار نو، در 1386؛ 325 ص؛ شابک: ایکس - 964657940؛ چاپ سوم در 300 ص؛ 1393؛ شابک: 9789646579408؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان آلمانی - قرن 20 مظاهرا کتاب کودک و نوجوان است، ولی انگار چنین نیست. موجودات خاکستری پوش، وقت مردمان را میدزدند و مردمان به تدریج برای همصحبتی با: دوستان، آب دادن به گلها، و قدم زدن در خیابان، دیگر وقت ندارند،... در حین خواندن کتاب شاید شما هم فکر کنید که مومو هستید، یا این که باید باشید! آنوقت برای شنیدن حرفهای دیگران، و برای خودتان هم همیشه وقت خواهید داشت. برای گلدانها و بچه ها، همیشه از اینکه دیگران این همه سرشان شلوغ است تعجب خواهید کرد، برای به رویا رفتن هم خیلی وقت خواهید داشت. خیلی... خاکستری پوشها هر چندتا که از دوستان شما را گرفته باشند، اما هنوز باز هم خیلیها هستند که برای شنیدن حرفهای آنها خواهند آمد پیش شما. «مومو»، رمانی آلمانی ست، که در سال 1972 میلادی توسط «میشائل انده» پا به جهان ادبیات گذاشت، و در جای جای دنیا به اسامی گوناگون همچون «مردان خاکستری» و یا «مردان خاکستری پوش» ترجمه شد. عنوان اصلی کتاب به زبان آلمانی «مو مو» و یا «داستان عجیب زمان ربایان و کودکی که زمان ربوده شده را به مردم بازگرداند» است، کتاب در سال 1973 میلادی برنده ی یکی از جوایز ادبی آلمان شد. داستان درباره ی زمان، و طرز استفاده از آن در جوامع مدرن بشری ست. «میشائل انده» برای خلق رمان، همچون رمان معروف دیگرش: «داستان بی پایان»، از فانتزی و نمادگرایی، برای رویارویی با طبیعت و نشان دادن اهمیت زمان، توانمندی قصه ها، دوستی، همدردی و چیزهای کوچکی که چاشنی زندگی هستند، همیشه بهره برده است. «مومو» مشهورترین اثر «میشائل انده» بعد از «داستان بی پایان» است. خط اصلی داستان درباره ی به چالش کشیدن مصرف گرایی، و کاستن از فشار روانی ناشی از زندگی مدرن است. توضیحی است بر این، که چگونه سود و منفعت دسته ای خاص از جامعه، باعث تحمیل کردن شیوه خاصی از زندگی، بر دیگر مردمان میشود. در بسیاری از آثار «انده»، کودکانگی نقش بسزایی بازی میکند. در «مومو»، کودک در مقابل جامعه بزرگسال قرار میگیرد، و به این دلیل که کودکان، تمام زمان دنیا را در اختیار دارند، هدف مردان خاکستری قرار میگیرند. اما کودکان قبول نمیکنند، که بازیهای کودکانه شان چیزی نیست جز هدردادن وقت و زمان. نویسنده با به سخره گرفتن «عروسک باربی»، و سایر اسباب بازیهای گران قیمت، برای بیان این که: چگونه هرکس حتی بصورت غیرمستقیم میتواند قانع شود، که مصرف گرایی را برگزیند، سود میبرد. انده میگوید که «مومو در ستایش از ایتالیا و همچنین بیانیه ای عاشقانه است.» کتاب بعد از چاپ در آمریکا مورد توجه منتقدان قرار نگرفت، و بهمین دلیل بیش از یکبار چاپ نشد. ا. شربیانی

  • Nely Mokay
    2018-11-01 12:59

    Creo que todos deberíamos de leer este bello libro y meditar sobre lo que hacemos con nuestro tiempo. Es una historia infantil con un mensaje relevante para personas de todas las edades, sobre todo por los tiempos que corren. Imprescindible.

  • Julia
    2018-11-13 06:59

    Wundervoll =) ich liebe es, wie ME mit der Zeit gespielt hat

  • Dane
    2018-11-19 14:08

    You cannot, repeat: cannot, go into this book with the expectations of "hard," realist fiction. Then again, if you know anything about Michael Ende (the author of the Never Ending Story), you won't.Momo is one of those rare books that would do well in a fourth-grade classes, but is also strangely releveant to adults. The story centers around a girl named Momo who took residence in an ancient, abandoned amphitheater in an unnamed town, which is populated by a series of people who do small-town jobs (Bepo Streetsweeper, Nino who owns an inn, Guido Guide who works as a fake - albeit enterataining - tourist guide). The story starts by painting Momo's life and place in the town, and details the downfall of the place to mysterious, grey men. The book deals heavily in the subject of time, and the squandering of it - and this is the genius of the plot. There is enough fantasy to hold a 10-year-old's attention, but plenty of substance to whet the apetite of an adult.I can't help but think that this story rings of pre-globalized Europe, and considering that Ende is German, that would make sense. Momo is translated from German, and the diction often shows this, but that doesn't stop the book from being an incredibly enjoyable read.

  • Berfin Kanat
    2018-11-09 13:24

    Okuduğum en tatlı kitaplardan biri. Momo da kitap karakteri olarak tanıdığım en tatlı kız çocuğu. Okurken bazen aklıma Zeze geldi, Zeze ve kurbağası, Momo ve kaplumbağası...Momo zamana, zamanı nasıl kullandığımıza dair masal tadında bir kitap. İşlenen dostluk o kadar samimiydi ki kitabın içindeki çocuklardan biri olup Momo'yla oyunlar oynayasım geldi. En çok da karakterlerin yoksulluk içindeki mutluluk dolu hayatlarının tasvirlerini sevdim, Michael Ende tüm bunları çok samimi bir dille kurgulamış. Artık yazarın sıkı takipçisiyim. İçinizi ısıtan, üstüne bir de hayata dair güzel mesajlar veren bir hikaye arıyorsanız bu kitabı okuyun, sırf Momo gibi bir karakteri tanımak için bile okunabilir. "Herkes çok iyi bilir ki, bazen bir saatlik süre insana ömür kadar uzun gelirken, bazen bir saatlik süre göz açıp kapayıncaya kadar geçip gider. Zamanın bu garip kısalığı uzunluğu,o saat içinde yaşanan olaylara bağlıdır. Çünkü zaman, yaşamın kendisidir. Ve yaşamın yeri yürektir."

  • Ms. Smartarse
    2018-11-13 13:56

    Translated into English, under the same title: Momo.At the edge of a small town, among the ruins of an old amphitheater, lives a most unusual little girl. She is very small, very poor and not particularly educated for her age. She does, however, have an extraordinary talent: she can truly listen to people.Don't mistake her listening skills for the generic I will listen for now, but please hurry up so I can talk about my own problems type. Hers is the genuine kind, the one that shows real interest in people's problems. This amazing ability of hers has proven to be so successful, that eventually "just go and talk to Momo about it" had rightfully become the solution to anyone's problems.The town's happy life is suddenly cut short when the grey men start showing up. Before long, people are putting their "extra" time into their bank, getting busier and unhappier every day. Only Momo seems to have escaped the grey men's influence...I really wish I had read this story when I was a child, instead of The Neverending Story. It's so much more engaging, realistic and - to a certain extent - rather sad. Alas, at the time, there was this big hype about a movie, so I ended up readingMichael Ende's other book. ... and that theme song still gets occasionally stuck in my head.Strictly as a children's story, it's one of the better ones I've read. However when it comes to those children's stories which I've read as an adult, it is somewhat lacking. Most characters can be reduced to a single attribute, the only exception being of the Time Guardian. Even he was basically just slightly more real (in behavior) compared to the rest of the cast.Score : 3.3/5 starsThe world -building of the story, however is awesome. The little allegories here and there paint an amazing picture, especially now, that I am looking at them with the eyes of an adult (*cough* wishfulthinking *cough*).A definite must-read, when it comes to children's literature.

  • Bunny
    2018-11-10 06:05

    Recommended to me by Meltha, one of the smartest people I know, who has a great love for most of the things I love. How could I resist?10/9 - Why? Why isn't this required reading in schools all over the damn place? Why haven't I heard of this? Why hasn't it been made into a movie like NES? WHY?????::ahem::This book is WONDERFUL! And for the first time since I started keeping my nose in a book 14 hours a day (a girl's gotta sleep), people asked what I was reading, and I had so much fun telling them about the book and how they needed to read it.It's so sweet, and just smart. Extremely clever, with lovely visuals that did NOT leave me skimming as some OTHER books of late have done. Just wonderful. Everyone needs to read this.

  • Deniz Balcı
    2018-11-07 07:06

    İlk bölümle birlikte bir hayal kırıklığı yaşamıştım ama sonradan toparladı. Okuduğum en dolu, en anlamlı minik kitaplardan biriydi. Bir sürü ders veriyor, bir sürü de kulak çekiyor. Ciddiyetini fark etmediğimiz ve tam olarak da içinde yaşayıp yavaşça duman olduğumuz bir dünyada, çok daha manalı oldu kitap.Kesinlikle okumanızı tavsiye ederim.8/10

  • Matt
    2018-11-05 13:22

    Jede Minute, Mensch, sei dir ein volles Leben! – Verachte die Angst und den Wunsch, die Zukunft und die Vergangenheit! – Wenn der Sekundenweiser dir kein Wegweiser in ein Eden deiner Seele wird, so wirds der Monatsweiser noch minder, denn du lebst nicht von Monat zu Monat, sondern von Sekunde zu Sekunde! – Genieße dein Sein mehr als deine Art zu sein, und der liebste Gegenstand deines Bewußtseins sei dieses Bewußtsein selber! – Mache deine Gegenwart zu keinem Mittel der Zukunft, denn diese ist ja nichts als eine kommende Gegenwart, und jede verachtete Gegenwart war ja eine begehrte Zukunft!Beim Lesen von Momo ging mir immer wieder dieses Zitat von Jean Paul durch den Kopf. Er hatte wohl auch schon eine Vorahnung von den „grauen Herren“, jenen widerwärtigen Chronophagen aus diesem Buch.Damals, als Momo erschien, war ich eigentlich in genau dem richtigen Lesealter. Aber ich wollte, ehrlich gesagt, meine Zeit nicht mit einem „Mädchenbuch“ verplempern. Dafür war mir meine Zeit einfach zu schade. Heute weiß ich das natürlich besser. Gestern nun fand ich endlich die Muße, meine Zeit voll und ganz dem Buch zu widmen und habe es in einem Rutsch gelesen. Besser spät, als nie. Und es war keine Zeitverschwendung. Ganz im Gegenteil. Ich würde sogar sagen, dass mir die Zeit, die ich mit dem Lesen von Momo verbracht habe, am Ende sogar zusätzliche Zeit gebracht hat. Ich habe, wenn man so will, für die Zukunft Zeit gewonnen. Das klingt paradox, ich weiß, aber solche Dinge passieren eben manchmal, wenn man sich mit bestimmten Büchern beschäftigt.Ob Kinder die philosophischen Aspekte, die in diesem Buch erörtert werden, schon in ihrer ganzen Breite begreifen können, wage ich zu bezweifeln. Aber ich denke, das sollen sie auch gar nicht. Es bleibt für sie immer noch eine herrlich spannende, teilweise lustige, aber auch traurige, Märchengeschichte übrig, die sie so leicht wohl nicht wieder vergessen werden.In Zukunft werde ich wohl noch mehr meiner Zeit für das Lesen von Michael Ende Büchern opfern müssen. Dieses hier zum Beispiel, das allein ob seines Titels lesenswert erscheint: Der satanarchäolügenialkohöllische Wunschpunsch.____________PS: Was wir glauben, mit Zeit machen zu können (*=im Buch Momo verwendet)…Zeit abstellen *Zeit anzeigen *Zeit aufhalten *Zeit aufholenZeit aufnehmen *Zeit aufwendenZeit beanspruchenZeit befreien *Zeit benötigen *Zeit besitzen *Zeit brauchenZeit einbringen *Zeit einsparen *Zeit einteilenZeit entreißen *Zeit entziehen *Zeit ersparen *Zeit erübrigenZeit finden *Zeit geben *Zeit gebrauchen *Zeit gewinnen *Zeit gutmachenZeit haben *Zeit herausschindenZeit herausschlagenZeit hinauswerfen *Zeit kosten *Zeit lassen *Zeit messen *Zeit nehmen *Zeit opfern *Zeit rauben *Zeit schenken *Zeit schindenZeit sparen *Zeit stehlen *Zeit stoppenZeit teilen *Zeit totschlagen *Zeit verbratenZeit verbringenZeit vergeuden *Zeit vergiften *Zeit verlieren *Zeit verplempern *Zeit verschaffenZeit verschwendenZeit versprechen *Zeit vertreibenZeit vertrödelnZeit vertun *Zeit wahrnehmen *Zeit wegnehmen *Zeit zusenden *Zeit zuteilen *This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

  • Chester Dean
    2018-10-27 14:12

    Momo es una niña pequeña que vive en las ruinas de un anfiteatro donde pasa el tiempo junto a sus amigos del área. A todos les gusta visitar a Momo ya que su imaginación se incrementa con su presencia, y eso los lleva a disfrutar con juegos y pasar el rato. Además que Momo es una excelente compañera, ya que escucha a sus amigos sin importunar. Pero poco a poco las personas dejan de aparecer y de visitar a Momo, cada vez son menos los que pasan a platicar con ella. Todos parecen estar cada vez más ocupados. Y es Momo quien descubre que el tiempo está siendo robado por los extraños hombres de gris. Y ahora depende de ella recuperar el tiempo que se han robado.Momo es un libro muy imaginativo. El concepto de tiempo que se presenta en el libro está muy bien pensado y te hace considerar en qué desperdicia o utiliza uno su tiempo. Hace poco leí un libro con una temática bastante similar, pero definitivamente Momo fue mucho mejor.Me gusta mucho la forma en la que el libro refleja el estilo de vida rápido y ocupado que tenemos ahora y en cierta forma lo critica y te hace reflexionar. O sea, ya no perdemos el tiempo jugando, ni los niños pierden el tiempo jugando (cosa que es un poco triste) porque estamos ocupados en mil cosas. Es bueno reflexionar de vez en cuando en qué invertimos nuestro tiempo, porque aunque el trabajo es importante, también es muy importante "pasar el rato" con la gente importante para nosotros, ese tiempo nunca será un tiempo perdido, y al menos para mí es muy muy importante.Éste es el segundo libro que leo de Michael Ende y estoy enamorada de su forma de escribir, segunda vez que me topo con una historia llena de fantasía y escenarios fantásticos, que el autor logra describir sin mucho esfuerzo, sin ser rebuscado, y que te pinta una imagen clara en la cabeza. Me encanta, de verdad, me encanta cómo se expresa Michael Ende.Y pues se considera un libro infantil, pero creo que no lo es tanto, siento muchos niños lo encontrarían un poco pesado. Pero lo recomiendo muchísimo. Es un libro que se disfruta por su historia, pero que también te deja mucho, y que te hace reflexionar. Me encantó, y si lo han leído me encantaría saber su opinión.

  • Sevgi K.
    2018-10-27 14:08

    Momo'yla bu kadar geç tanıştığıma çok uzuluyorum. Micheal Ende benim icin ikinci bir Miyazaki oldu. Herkese tavsiye olunur.

  • Aleshanee
    2018-11-07 08:21

    Ich liebe dieses Buch ♥Diese Geschichte kann immer wieder erzählt und gelesen werden, denn die kleine Momo kämpft gegen die Hektik des Alltags, die jeden Erwachsenen irgendwann im Laufe seines Lebens trifft.In einer fiktiven Welt, irgendwann, irgendwo, taucht Momo am Rande einer Stadt auf und bezieht eine verlassene Ruine eines Amphittheaters. Mit nichts als dem, was sie am Leib trägt hat sie genau das zu bieten, was die Menschen so sehr brauchen: sie hat Zeit, ihnen zuzuhören. Und zwar so aufmerksam und unaufdringlich, dass bald jeder gerne zu ihr kommt, um ihr sein Herz auszuschütten. Ohne ein Wort zu sagen bringt sie jeden dazu, sich selbst zu erkennen und das zu sehen, was anderen verborgen bleibt.Ihre wichtigsten Freunde werden der junge, redegewandte und leichtfertige Gigi und der ältere, eher ruhige Beppo Straßenkehrer. Aber natürlich kommen auch viele Kinder zu ihr, denn die Spiele mit Momo haben immer etwas besonderes und dafür brauchen sie nichts anderes als ihre Phantasie! (Etwas, das die meisten Kinder heutzutage leider verlernt zu haben scheinen)Doch schon bald tauchen die grauen Herren auf, die Bösewichte. Erschaffen von den Menschen selbst, die in ihrer Angst, etwas zu verpassen, nicht mehr wissen, welche Momente in ihrem Leben wirklich wichtig sind und es verdienen, dass man ihnen ihre Zeit schenkt. Alles muss schnell gehen und schnell zum Erfolg führen - dafür wird wertvolle Zeit geopfert, denn statt in jeden Augenblick mit dem Herzen dabei zu sein, wird alles nur noch notgedrungen und widerwillig absolviert.Den grauen Herren ist das nur Recht, denn sie stehlen den Menschen die Zeit, so dass sie immer weniger haben, je mehr sie versuchen und sich anstrengen, durch ihre Rastlosigkeit etwas zu gewinnen; und dabei verlieren sie so viele schöne Momente, die einfach so an ihnen vorbeiziehen.Michael Ende hat hier eine Hommage an das Leben geschaffen, an jeden Moment der zählt, wenn man ihn bewusst wahrnimmt. Dass es nicht um Geld geht im Leben, um Ruhm oder Dinge - sondern um Freunde, denen man gerne seine Zeit schenkt, weil sie einen erfüllt und das Herz öffnet ..."Aber Zeit ist Leben. Und das Leben wohnt im Herzen. Und je mehr die Menschen daran sparen, desto weniger hatten sie." S. 72Jeder sollte sich dieses Buch immer wieder mal zur Hand und zu Herzen nehmen, denn es verliert nie seine Bedeutung.Ich hab es jetzt zum dritten Mal gelesen und kann mich jedes Mal zwischen den Zeilen selbst wieder finden, dass auch ich meinen Alltag viel zu unbewusst erlebe und das eben alles, was man aus Liebe tut, jeden Augenblick wert ist. Als Kinderbuch ist es in vielen Details dem Alter angepasst und man kann als Erwachsener noch einmal in diese unbefangene, von reinem Staunen getragene Welt eintauchen. Wie lange ist es her, dass man die Umwelt um sich herum mit Kinderaugen gesehen hat? Das ist echt schade, weil man so viel dabei verpasst ...FazitFür mich ein immer wieder lesenswertes Buch, das uns zur Ruhe kommen lässt und zeigt, wie einfach man sich einige kostbare Augenblicke im Leben bewahren kann.© AleshaneeWeltenwanderer

  • Anna
    2018-10-24 13:04

    δεν έχω χρόνο για κριτική (σικ)αστειεύομαι, review to come!!!Παιδικό βιβλίο που γράφτηκε το 1973, είναι ένα αλληγορικό παραμύθι που αναφέρεται στις ανθρώπινες σχέσεις και στη διαχείριση του «χαμένου χρόνου». Μου φαίνεται εντυπωσιακό το ότι γράφτηκε πριν από 40 χρόνια και παραμένει σήμερα πιο επίκαιρο από ποτέ: σε μια εποχή που όλοι οι άνθρωποι αγχώνονται για το πόσο λίγο διαθέσιμο χρόνο έχουν, για το πόσο δεν προλαβαίνουν να κάνουν πράγματα που αγαπούν και πού στην ευχή πάει χαμένη όλη η μέρα τους. Επιπλέον, στα παιδιά γίνεται διαρκώς ένα κήρυγμα να μη χάνουν το χρόνο τους και να παίζουν διαρκώς δημιουργικά εκπαιδευτικά παιχνίδια. Ναι, η σύγχρονη ζωή μας έχει αλλοτριώσει, αλλά το να πούμε μια καλημέρα στο γείτονα όταν βγαίνουμε από το σπίτι δεν θα μας πάρει και τόση πολλή ώρα. Αν αφιερώσουμε μια ώρα (ή έστω μια μέρα κάπου κάπου) σε μια δραστηριότητα, τελικά θα βγούμε περισσότερο κερδισμένοι, όντας περισσότερο εμπνευσμένοι.

  • Dan
    2018-11-13 06:04

    I bought this book several months ago at a used book store, but I put off reading it because I was afraid it wouldn't live up to Michael Ende's other famous book, which also happens to be my favorite book, The Neverending Story. While Momo isn't as complex and more bluntly allegorical, it is charming and emotionally stunning. Perhaps I am more naive than most readers, but I felt myself swept up into this book's persuasive world in which children are forgetting how to play and adults only care about saving time instead of enjoying life--a world, of course, very much like our own.I was at times amused, delighted, and deeply moved by this little book. There aren't many books I've read in a day, but I was literally reading this as I walked around the city because I simply couldn't stop reading. There are some books which genuinely affected the way I see the world, and I have a strong belief this one has become one of those.Though more jaded and literary readers might balk at this book's childlike naivite, I believe anyone who gives this book a chance will fall under its spell.

  • Γιώργος Μπέλκος
    2018-11-09 13:03

    Τέλειο!!! Τέτοια βιβλία χρειάζονται τα παιδιά....και οι μεγάλοι!

  • Steffi
    2018-10-23 11:09

    „Es ist alles so erzählt, als sei es bereits geschehen. Man hätte es auch so erzählen können, als geschehe es erst in der Zukunft. Es macht keinen so großen Unterschied.“Ich hab keine Zeit mehr Worte zu schreiben :D

  • fanny golvano
    2018-11-04 08:06

    Este libro te demuestra la complejidad de la vida a traves de las de la aparente simplicidad de un cuento de niños, es sin duda uno de mis libros favoritos, mi padre me lo leia todos los dias cuando era pequeña.Su importancia radica en la naturalidad del la historia y la metafora que imprime , es totalmente extrapolable a la realidad actual.Los hombres grises existen sin duda, nos absorben nuestro tiempo y nadie es consciente de esto solo los niños que todavia utilizan su imaginacion, son capaces de verlo.Cuanta gente hay metida hasta el cuello en la prision de la hipoteca, de repetir una jornada laboral que no le aporta, que no le hace feliz, que le conduce a un objetivo irreal, ¿cuanto tiempo y preocupacion dedicada a esta supuesta felicidad que o conduce a nada que hace que produzcamos como elemntos carentes de vida propia,alimentando al sistema dando todo nuestro tiempo nuestra vida de manera gratuita, sin detenernos ni siquiera un minuto.lo mejor de un libro es que te produzca la libertad suficiente para querer pensar.MOMO lo consigue

  • Ebru
    2018-11-03 07:13

    Kitaptan notlar:* Şerefli insanlar bir kere el sıkışırlar!* Bir insanın çok dostu olabilir, ama insan, onların içinden de birkaç kişiyi kendine daha yakın bulur ve onları daha çok sever.* Zamanın bu garip kısalığı uzunluğu, o saat içinde yaşanan olaylara bağlıdır. Çünkü zaman, yaşamın kendisidir. Ve yaşamın yeri yürektir.* An diye bir şey kalmıyor. Ya geçmiş oluyor ya gelecek. Örneğin şimdi, bu anda ben konuşurken an geçip gidiyor. Geçmiş oluyor.- Son bir haftamı gripli olarak geçirdiğim için düzenli okuyamadım. Buna rağmen Momo her bölümünde enerjisini yansıttı. Herkesin okuması gereken bir kitap. Verilen mesaj çok değerli.- Sağlıklı ve bol okumalı haftasonları dilerim :)

  • soɯɐsɟp
    2018-10-25 11:17

    Creo que lo he leído en el mejor momento.Enamorado de Momo y de la historia. He vuelto a mi infancia y a aquellos libros que tanto se disfrutan.Hay que leerlo, aunque sea tarde (como ha sido en mi caso).

  • Masalcı
    2018-11-16 09:58

    Uzunca anlatılabilir belki bu kitap, ama sadece benim içimde kalmasını da istemiyor değilim sanırım🙄 Yine de yazacağım evet.. Öncelikle bu bir çocuk kitabı değil, çünkü öyle olmayacak kadar çok metafor var satır aralarında.Hikayenin içinde tüm eylemsizliğiyle devrim yaratabilecek güce sahip Momo'yla tanışıyorsunuz. Kendi halinde bir kız çocuğu O.. Küçük Prens kadar afili cümleleri yok belki, lakin sadece "hiç" oluşu bile zaman kavramıyla savaşacak gücü içinde taşımasına yetiyor. Zamanı kendi kendine tüketen insanlığın kapitalizmin nasıl da kölesi olduğunu, onlar-bunlar-şunlar ve dahası bizlerin buna nasıl da hizmet ettiğimizi hatırlatıyor. Daha fazla çalış, daha çok kazan, daha az sev ve eğil(?)! Sevmenin nasıl da zaman ayırabilmekle ilintili, insanı yaşatan şeyin kalbindeki kısacık anlar olduğunu öğretiyor. Pekâlâ modernizm eleştirisi niteliğinde bir kitap olduğu söylenebilir. Sonsöz olarak; zamanınızı sizin yerinize biriktirmeye çalışanların (patronlar, liderler, başkanlar) yüreğinizde açan zaman çiçeklerini öldürmelerine izin vermeyin,direnin!

  • Burcu
    2018-11-08 06:56

    Kesinlike sadece çocuklar için yazılmış bir kitap değil. Zaman kavramını işleyişi, kurgusu ve anlatımının kolaylığı sayesinde yazarın ne demek istediğini hiç zorlanmadan anlıyorsunuz. Ama bu demek değil ki sizi hiç düşündürmüyor. Aksine, kitap bitmiş olmasına rağmen hala bir sürü soru var aklımda. Okuduğunuzda karakterinize yeni ve güzel özellikler katacak iyi kitaplardan biri. Kişisel gelişim saçmalıkları yerine böyle kitaplar daha çok okunsa keşke.

  • Arzu
    2018-11-06 13:19

    “zaman hayattır, hayat kalptedir” diyen, masalsı bi’ sistem eleştirisi..pek nefis..

  • Beyza
    2018-11-17 08:12

    Günümüzde insanların zamanlarını harcama şeklini, dünya düzenini çocuklar için fantastik öğelerle anlatmış yazar. İnceden inceye kapitalizmi de çocuklara öğretip eleştiriyor. Yirmi yaşında çocuk kitabı okuyunca çocukların gözünden bakıp değerlendirmeye çalışıyorum ama kısaca sanırım beğendim ben bunu ya.

  • Murat G.
    2018-10-22 06:55

    Özetle;Momo = Fantastik Çocuk Edebiyatı * [(" Ah, kimselerin vakti yok / Durup ince şeyleri anlamaya..") + ("eve dön. şarkıya dön. kalbine dön.")] / 2Not: Kitapta en hoşuma giden, Gigi'nin Momo'ya anlattığı masaldı (Sihirli Aynanın Masalı).