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R to L (Japanese Style). Change your perspective: get BIG Final Volume!Toward a New Era: Yukishiro Enishi's plan to cast Kenshin into a living hell of remorse and regret appears to have succeeded. Holding himself responsible for Kaoru's death, Kenshin has taken up residence in the "Fallen Village," a community of outcastes and untouchables. But if he doesn't snap out of hiR to L (Japanese Style). Change your perspective: get BIG Final Volume!Toward a New Era: Yukishiro Enishi's plan to cast Kenshin into a living hell of remorse and regret appears to have succeeded. Holding himself responsible for Kaoru's death, Kenshin has taken up residence in the "Fallen Village," a community of outcastes and untouchables. But if he doesn't snap out of his depression soon, there may no longer be a Tokyo to return to. Kujiranami, the behemoth of a warrior whose arm Kenshin severed during the Bakumatsu, escapes from prison and is bent on total annihilation. Yahiko takes it upon himself to stand up to Kujiranami's madness, but the odds are far from being in the young swordsman's favor.Meanwhile, Sanosuke also manages to get into his own unique brand of trouble when he steps into a dispute between an old man and a group of land-grabbing yakuza. Little does Sano expect, though, that he was bound for a family reunion he won't soon forget. And finally, to realize his dream for a new Japan that has cleansed itself of the blood of the Bakumatsu, Kenshin and friends make their way to Enishi's island compound for a definitive battle. How does one of the most memorable tales of Meiji era Japan come to a close? Plus, the bonus short story "Yahiko no Sakabato-" and an additional, all-color short story which is being published in English for the very first time!...

Title : Rurouni Kenshin, Vol. 9 #25-28
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ISBN : 9781421520810
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Rurouni Kenshin, Vol. 9 #25-28 Reviews

  • Krista Baetiong Tungol
    2019-03-04 14:11

    Kenshin is riddled with shame and guilt with the death of Kaoru, believing he is responsible for it. Unable to find answers for his atonement, and suddenly feeling tired of fighting, he goes to the "Fallen Village", a place for society's outcast, and ignores the pleas of his friends to come back to Kamiya Dojo. Sanosuke, disgusted with Kenshin's sunken demeanor, goes wandering elsewhere. Yahiko is then left to confront a sudden fugitive from the city, but his skills seem only secondary to his crazed opponent, and without outside help, the chances of winning against the enemy are slim.Meanwhile, Aoishi comes from Kyoto along with Misao, and rules out the possibility that Kaoru might still be alive and is just being held hostaged by Enishi after hearing the details of the battle. This theory has led them to a remote island, and soon another battle brews. By this time Kenshin has gone to his old self, having already found the answer to his atonement, and is now ready as ever to confront Enishi and rescue him from his destructive self.This is the last book volume in this superb manga series, and how I wished Watsuki (the author) has kept on with the story (though I read that he’s already written spin-offs). He's mentioned a lot of times that he has self-doubts as a writer and illustrator, believing he has mediocre talents, but I think he truly did a good job at it, especially in sustaining the interest level of the story without losing the historical relevance of it. And although Enishi (the last of Kenshin's antagonists) joins the list of villains who has successfully journeyed the path to redemption (which gets a little boring after a while), and Kaoru has been made to act again as a damsel in distress, the rest of the story was fluid and exciting. I liked that as Japan (during the Meiji Restoration) goes through a big transition, the Rurouni characters also experience changes within themselves.Overall, I give 5 stars to this wonderful manga series. It has been an interesting journey to Kenshin's time, and I enjoyed the Meiji era education. What I will miss: Kenshin’s funny expression (“Oro?”), the book's right-to-left way of reading, the beauty and sophistication of illustration. What I actually missed: that the Asian Red Carpet Premiere of the Rurouni Kenshin live action movies was actually held in Manila sometime in 2014! Not that I would have gone there had I known, but it would surely have brought me back to my teenage years and given me a little dose of Samurai X nostalgia.

  • Joe Crawford
    2019-03-09 11:11

    Satisfying end to a great series. Everything gets wrapped up nicely. (Kind of wish the side story was in a different spot in the series, it kind of derailed the momentum.)

  • Zen
    2019-03-19 13:50

    This ones make me so very happyyyyy. T-T The perfect conclusion to the best series I've ever come across, nothing like the absolutely crappy ending the Seisouhen arc gave us loyal fans. All the fights, all the beautiful speeches, all the encounters, all the farewells and reunions... it was so god damn beautiful and I loved every bit of it. This will be something I keep coming back to, if only to look at my first ever anime crush, Sanosuke Sagara. Speaking of, I LOVE that we finally get to meet his family. Like father like son indeed. xD The colourful pages were such a treat, and I'm so glad they decided to do the final chapter in colour too!/happy sigh.

  • Marialena I.
    2019-03-01 15:03

    An EPIC conclusion to an EPIC manga series!!!!

  • Suhailah Iskandar
    2019-03-25 09:05

    16th year of the Meiji spring, in those very peaceful days.... I am glad to have sum up my adventure like a Rurouni...

  • Chelle (crazytrinket)
    2019-03-03 16:03

    Oh my Kenshin... 🙁😢😭

  • Jessie
    2019-03-10 11:13

    4.5 overall rating for the series. I can't believe I ended up reading this series till 2015 when it has been out for about 20+ yrs. But it is never too late to start reading it, let me tell you it is an incredible tale of sword-fighting, friendship, bravery, kindness, and a bit just a tiny bit very tiny love. I enjoyed every single chapter, it keeps you flipping the pages, wanting to know what will happen. It sorta makes Naruto seem a bit weak, and I can tell Kishimoto took some elements from this manga to incorporate into his. I loved every single character, even the villains, only reason I couldn't give it five stars is the lack of more kick-butt of Kaoru. Unfortunately she starts as a very big promising female secondary main character only to be pushed to the side on the last arc and become a damsel in distress. Although, I won't deny the author got me with ones of his plot twist. I almost didn't finish reading the series, but I kept going. Kyoto and Enishi arcs are the best ones, but I enjoy how the mangaka actually takes time to tell stories about his other characters and help them grow-up. It had brilliant character development regarding the male characters. Female characters not so much. One last thing, I know is shounen manga, but is against publishers or something to not have a kiss b/w the main couple? I know Inuyasha did have it, and is Shounen. Nevertheless I enjoy the epilogue and seeing what each character was up to, I enjoy happy endings.

  • Bradley Prior
    2019-03-07 14:52

    I loved the series, but if I am completely honest the only redeeming factor about this last one is closure. It took me a while to see it, maybe it was the nostalgia, or perhaps, I simply wanted it to get better. It never really happened. Each of the books has its highlights, but this dragged on for too long, particularly when the drives and character elements were no longer there. The worst of it all was Kaoru never came out and won her own battles. The ending was phenomenal. I'm talking about the act where Yahiko defended the dojo from one of Shishio's followers. I thoroughly enjoyed that, however, Enishi as a villain was poorly done. Every other page he screams, "sister!" and Kenshin cries, "Tomoe!" and they fight over who can see her smiling. I don't know we got here, but reading the author notes gives me a feel for how Watsuki was feeling. I think there's a degree of maturity when you can recognize your heart is no longer in it and you finally have to put it down. I'm glad I came for the ride. I only wish it had a better ending. This was a pretty awesome series. If I come back to this book it will only be to read the ending, the rest would be for me to skim. If I come back to the series as a whole I'll have to read up until Shishio's arc is over. Woohoo! I just finished my first manga!Edit* Wait I finished Death Note first :OWell this one seems longer so there's an accomplishment there!

  • Rita
    2019-03-16 08:14

    Adorei, adorei, adorei! Não importa quantas vezes leia estes livros, eles vão ser sempre especiais e vão tocar-me sempre.A amizade entre os personagens do "núcleo duro" e o amor também, entre outros em particular, e neste volume final em especial, é algo que me deixa sempre emocionada e nostálgica. Aquele nó na garganta com certas despedidas, já o conheço tão bem...Acaba tudo em bem é certo, mas fica sempre aquela saudade e o desejo de ter visto certos momentos acontecer. Resta-me imaginá-los, já que o malvado do Watsuki resolveu dar um salto no tempo...As últimas batalhas foram muito fixes. A do Saitō então... Acho que nunca tinha gostado tanto dele nas outras leituras, episódios etc... Mas com esta nova leitura vi-o com outros olhos e... ganhou mais uma fã! hahaTodas aquelas ironias e ar de desprezo, o ar superior de "eu é que sou bom" haha O homem é genial! Também gostei imenso de ver Yahiko mais crescido e de ler a sua pequena história em "Yahiko no Sakabatō", que nunca tinha posto os olhos em cima ainda.Resta-me agora pegar nos dois recentes volumes de RK Restoration e ver o que Watsuki fez para ali ^_^x

  • Jesus Flores
    2019-03-05 15:04

    So Final book, and it’s a 4 in 1, big bookSo Kenshin finally comes out of his self-inflicted pain, Kaoru is being held hostage by Enishi on an island, Sanosuke side story, we meet his family where he helps defeat a Yakuza who is threatening the town. Back to Himura and they are ready to go rescue Kaoru. First Saito, Aoshi, Sanosuke and Yahiko get a one on one fight with the bodyguards of the mafia boss on the island some cool fights other not so. Next is Enishi and Kenshin final battle, and Enishi seems to be over Kenshin specially after his final power (enhanced nervous system) show, Kenshin manages to hold him, and when the Mafia boss shoots to kill Kenshin, Kaoru steps in front, like Enishi sister, so he protects Kaoru, so he realizes why his sister died and ends the battle. Move forward, Megumi goes to Izu to be a doctor there, Sanosuke has to escape from Japan because of the mobster fight, Yahiko becomes trainer at the Kamiya Dojo, Kaoru and Kenshin marry and have a kid, happy endings :DGreat book, great series.

  • Starbubbles
    2019-02-24 08:59

    I love how they included colored images and bonus stories at the end. I can't remember if the pervious, smaller volume versions had those "post-scripts," but I thoroughly enjoyed them. I even read the stuff Watsuki wrote about for what he had planned on the futures of the characters (which was something I know I had not done the last time I read it). I still find these bigger versions hard to hold, and even harder in trying to prevent creases in the spine. But, they save my pocketbook some heartache, so I guess I can't complain too much. I can't wait for more money so I can get the books inbetween 1 and 9 (haha!).

  • Allison Turbitt
    2019-03-27 14:13

    A solid ending to the Kenshin series. Kenshin finally learned to accept his past and move on with his future. Sanosuke found something fun to do for the rest of his life. And Yahiko finally grew up to be a strong swordsman. When Kensuin gave Yahiko his sword it made me feel happy. Would have loved to see a sequel with him as the main character but sadly that didn't happen. Oh well.

  • Keiran Thegreat
    2019-03-18 16:13

    The thrilling conclusion to the adventures of the former assassin. The reader is rewarded with some excellent action and great side plots featuring all the most popular characters from the run of these stories. Deserving of it's favourable reputation and acclaim the Runouri Kenshin manga concludes in dramatic and powerful style.

  • Florita
    2019-02-28 15:15

    Such an awesome series! Sigh. And now on to the anime but not for a little while. Still want to bask in that semi-depressed/exhilarated state of having finished a wonderful series - I can see myself returning to these volumes!

  • Hailee
    2019-03-20 13:52

    *reread May 2014*

  • Steph
    2019-03-18 07:50

    Collects volumes 25-28 of the original manga.

  • AsatorPrime
    2019-03-15 11:49

    A fun action packed comic.