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On the heels of the New York Times bestselling Dead Shot comes the most thrilling installment of the Kyle Swanson series yet, in which an attempt at a new peace in the Middle East is shattered by an unknown attacker, and only Swanson can find out who’s responsible At a 15th Century castle outside Edinburgh, Scotland, Sir Geoffrey Cornwell is brokering an unprecedented aOn the heels of the New York Times bestselling Dead Shot comes the most thrilling installment of the Kyle Swanson series yet, in which an attempt at a new peace in the Middle East is shattered by an unknown attacker, and only Swanson can find out who’s responsible At a 15th Century castle outside Edinburgh, Scotland, Sir Geoffrey Cornwell is brokering an unprecedented agreement. Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and the Israeli Foreign Minister are scheduled to sign an historic peace treaty—that is, until their meeting is violently interrupted by a missile strike that leaves the Foreign Minister of Israel dead and Cornwell and the Prince injured. Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Swanson is running covert missions in the mountains of Pakistan when he’s called away from duty. He leaves for the U.K., where he thwarts another attempt on the prince of Saudi Arabia’s life. The attackers are Middle Eastern, but they aren’t working for Al Qaeda—they’re employed by foreign operatives opposed to the peace agreement and determined to claim Saudi oil reserves for themselves by whatever means necessary. Meanwhile, out of hiding and back from the dead comes Juba, one of the deadliest terrorists in the world and Kyle Swanson’s nemesis, who is determined to exact revenge on the man who nearly took his life. With scenes of tremendous suspense that span the globe, Clean Kill puts Swanson in the sights of a group whose greed and vengeance know no limits. But their deadly ambitions also bring them into his sights, which is the wrong place to be. ...

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Clean Kill Reviews

  • Jack
    2019-03-10 11:06

    Personal ResponseI really enjoyed reading the book Clean Killby Jack Coughlin. The plot of the book was very interesting, and well thought out. The book gives the reader an idea of what it is like being in the military. I also liked how the diplomatic relationships were portrayed in the book, because I feel like that is how it is in real life. The only complaint I have about the book, is the military terms they use can get confusing if you don't know a lot about the military.Plot SummaryThe book starts with Sir Jeff and his wife holding a party at their castle, to have a peace treaty signed by Saudi Arabia and Israel. After the party starts, terrorists blow up the castle with missiles and this triggers a bunch of terror attacks in Saudi Arabia. Once the king is killed, a rebellion in Saudi Arabia starts, led by Ebara. Kyle and his team of Navy Seals are sent in to help the Saudi government, and secure five nuclear missiles they have in their country. Kyle secures the first four, but then a terrorist, Juba, steals the fifth one. He brings it to a random place in Saudi Arabia. There is a battle between the Saudi's and Juba's team, which ends in the Americans getting the missle back and Juba getting killed.CharacterizationPrince Abdullah changed a lot throughout the book. He started off as a ambassador to the U.S. from Saudi Arabia. However, when the terrorist attacks happened and the king was killed he was nominated as king. He changed a lot when this happened because all of a sudden he had a lot of things to deal with. He seemed to mature very quickly and handle all of the countries crisis' very easily.RecommendationI would recommend this book to a lot of people. I think it would be good for anyone who wants to join the military, because all though this isn't a true story, it still shows somewhat what being in the military is like. I also think it would be good for people who have never been in the military because it shows them some of what veterans and military members go through when they are deployed.

  • Garrett Pope
    2019-03-08 08:53

    Personal Response: I thought this book was really good because it was full of action and suspense. This book would probably be in my top ten list of books. I will definitely read the first two book now. I wish I would have known this was the third book before I was halfway done with it. I did not know because there was no indication on the book when I looked. Maybe I did not look hard enough.Plot: Clean Killby Jack Coughlin is the third and final book in the Sniper series. Kyle Swanson, the main character, is asked to join Trident, a branch in the CIA that stops terrorist acts. He stops extremists during a treaty between Israel and Saudi Arabia. Prince Abdullah, the US ambassador and prince of Saudi Arabia, is injured from the extremists´ bombings. The hospital Prince Abdullah is sent to gets attacked, but the attacks get stop by Kyle again. Kyle goes to Saudi Arabia to try to stop Juba, the British soldier who turned into a terrorist. The king of Saudi Arabia gets killed, so Prince Abdullah becomes king. Kyle is told not to do anything in Saudi Arabia, but he attempts to remove five nuclear bombs from Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, China is getting ready to attack the Saudi Arabia oil fields, but are really getting ready to invade Taiwan. Juba teamed up with a well known terrorists. In Russia, Vladimir Putin was made into the Russian ambassador and there is a new president of Russia. Vladimir Putin gets the new president killed. Back in Saudi Arabia, Kyle got four of the five bombs and also killed one of the top terrorists. Juba designs a plan to get Kyle come to a city, in which he will then blow up the last bombs. The plan does not work and Kyle recovers the last bomb. He beats up Juba and throws him into the back of an old car. He orders a tank to blow up the car, so Juba dies. Kyle goes back to the US to get some rest and the book endsCharacteristic: Juba, the main antagonist in the book, went from a British soldier to a terrorist. Prince Abdullah, the US ambassador to Saudi Arabia, went from Prince of Saudi Arabia to King.Recommendation: I recommend this book to anyone who is in for a good action book. The person should read this after they read the first two books. I also recommend this book to people who want to learn some information about war because this book was written by a former soldier.

  • Giovanni Gelati
    2019-03-02 10:48

    Clean Kill is the 3rd installment in the Kyle Swanson series, Kill Zone & Dead Shot being the first two. In the novel Swanson is a Gunnery Sergeant in the United States Marine Corp. The author, Jack Coughlin is a retired Marine of the same rank having held the same job of sniper. The brand they are building is “A Sniper Novel”. I love it. Swanson is an incredible patriot and loves the Marines. I love one of his favorite sayings “Slow is fast, fast is smooth”. There is nothing about this book that is slow. The action from the onset is quick paced and amps up from there. The scenario presented is as we know fiction, but one can see how most of it stems from or could be current news almost anywhere in the Middle East.Swanson and his group of Black Bag Trident Marines are results oriented characters and they deliver time and time again. Coughlin creates all things that are Marine Corp Hoorah in this series. He conveys the passion he has for the profession he had a as sniper and takes us inside the head of the best in the world. The commentary he creates through Kyle Swanson is amazing and engaging. We care about his work, his unit, and his loved ones. Clean Kill is a great novel for this week. Pick it up if you can or at the very least try one in the series.What are you reading today? Check us out and become our friend on Facebook. Go to Goodreads and become our friend there and suggest books for us to read and post on. You can also follow us on Twitter. Thanks for stopping by today; we will see you tomorrow. Have a great day.

  • Wendy
    2019-03-18 10:49

    “Clean Kill” the high-impact and intense third novel in the “Kyle Swanson Sniper” series heats up with the escalation of an uprising in Saudi Arabia, the assassination of the Saudi king and an assault on a Scottish castle where Prince Abdullah the country’s ambassador is about to sign a peace agreement with the Israeli foreign minister. Returning from a covert mission in Pakistan Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Swanson not only discovers Sir Geoffrey Cornwall injured and about to go into surgery but is told by him that the Saudis have nuclear weapons. With the oil fields in Saudi Arabia jeopardized by the mounting rebellion Task Force Trident is given a green light to send Kyle on a reconnaissance mission to the country only to have him swept up in a plan to defuse global fear of the Saudis nuclear weapons falling into rebel hands by having them transported out of the country as well as finding himself the target of Juba the world’s most dangerous terrorist who is orchestrating the revolt.Fast-paced and action-packed, intensity and suspense continually build with political intrigue as the Russian and Chinese get involved and with Kyle’s missions which have him stealing a nuclear weapon and confronting a deadly terrorist. Well-written and exciting as the bloodshed and insanity of the Religious Police and the fanatical priest Mohammed Abu Ebara increases, there are surprising twists that keep you glued to every page.Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Swanson is iron-willed, effective and reliable but unemotional when faced with killing the enemy. Only in his dream visitations with Death does he recognize that with every kill he loses a little more of his humanity. Yet it’s the heartless cruelty and violence of Juba, as well as the cold, arrogance and extremism of Mohammed Abu Ebara that lends a terrifying chill to the story. It is these characters and a host of others that breathe life into a complex situation that gets worse until a fiery confrontation near the end. I thoroughly enjoyed “Clean Kill” and look forward to reading the rest of this captivating sniper series.

  • Weerdski
    2019-03-15 08:07

    Leuk boek. Hangt voor mij ergens tussen 3 en 4 sterren in. De situatie waarin Kyle terecht komt is m.i. nog aardig reëel.

  • Kyle Pennekamp
    2019-03-10 10:45

    The 3rd book in the series, the second I've read. Great stuff. The problem with so many of the paperback thrillers I've been reading lately is the 2nd Act. Most of them have a great opening, then one good idea that they save for the end. The middle is a vast wasteland. In books like Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp series, it's kind of the point: after doing something awesome to glean a clue that something bad is going to go down, Mitch Rapp is prevented by bureaucratic red tape from being awesome again until the end. But it still makes for a slow middle.That is not a problem in the Kyle Swanson Sniper series. Swanson goes from action scene to action scene, using his skills to "rain down pain and terror on the enemies of the United States" (as he puts it.) It's fast, it's violent, it's bloody, and it's a lot of fun. What the authors sacrifice is character (usually Kyle's personal relationships appear only in the first 50 and last 50 pages of the book), but really, if you're picking up an action thriller written by a former sniper, how much love and vulnerability are you expecting?One major flaw is the way Coughlin sets up the Arabs (in the two I've read): they're all either noble men who appreciate military efficiency, or noble women caught up in the evil actions of their rogue nation, or they're just straw men that he sets up so that Swanson can knock them down.Even Juba, the rival sniper that's been the villain in both books I've read, started out in DEAD SHOT as an interesting character, but here in CLEAN KILL he's been reduced to a cold, revenge-is-the-only-thing-on-my-mind assassin.But, what the hell: the action is superb, and like all dudes, I love me some snipers. I'm gonna go back and read the first in the series: KILL ZONE.

  • Bryce Zimmermann
    2019-03-16 12:48

    Im reading Clean kill I'm on page 16 and it is good so far it about a secrete mission and there going for some in alkada group. I think about the guy that was in special forces. I think there arguing to be death in bot al-kada group and special forces. This book reminds me of the time special forces killed Osama bin laden. I thought I was serious but latter in the book it's just going to get scary. I think the author wrote this book to describe what happened when they killed Osama bin laden. I feel anxious I really want to know what happens at the end. But I have to read the whole book to get the whole picture. I'm not finished with the book but I think there are going to be some sad parts. The book is not going to be funny at all so if you read this be prepared. This a good book I plan to finish it by the end of this year 2012. I chose this book because it seems that it would be a good book. Overall I think this is going to be a good book.

  • Jeffrey
    2019-03-04 09:48

    Gunny Sergeant Swanson, one of the best snipers in the world, and the members of Trident command are dispatched to Saudi Arabia to stop an violent uprising and recover 5 nuclear bombs in that country before a Russian backed and Chinese threatened attack can topple the government. Juba, Swanson old enemy is also on hand to try to kill Swanson. The action is fast and furious, and the sniper shows that his wits and military prowess count for as much as his long gun.

  • Greg Dill
    2019-03-11 09:52

    Lost interest. Started to read like a Tom Clancy novel with too much detail that began to bore me. There was a lot of action, but sporadic at best. I give it a 3-star because the writing and character development was good, and I'm sure the story would have turned out good. But, it was just too detailed for me.

  • andrew looker
    2019-02-24 13:40

    Personal ResponseI liked this book because it had a lot of action and moments where you were unsure of where the book was going. Also it had a lot of tense moments and a good amount of suspenseful moments. Another thing was that the author was able to surprise the reader in all of those tense and suspenseful moments.PlotFirst, Kyle and his team, which are called Team Trident, are tracking down a group of terrorists up in the mountains of Pakistan. Then finally, after hours of searching they find the base camp of the terrorists, and blow up most of the buildings ,which kills all the terrorists. After that Saudi Arabia falls into a civil war between the Muttaween, which is the Religious Police, and the monarchy. Then the Muttaween manage to kill the king, and the princes decide on the ambassador to the US as the new king. Then the Americans find out that the Saudi's have nukes that could be captured by the Muttaween, so the Saudi's try to get the Americans to take the nukes away from them, so they don't fall to the Muttaween. The Americans get 4 out of the 5 nukes out of the country but a terrorist named Juba gets one. He tries to lure Kyle to come get it which succeeds, but Juba is killed by Kyle. They recover the nuke that Juba stole from them in a valley a mile away.CharacterizationKyle starts off as a marine sniper ,and then he is called to take out some of the Muttaween. He becomes the worst nightmare of the Muttaween. Finally he takes out his biggest rival Juba with his customised Excalibur 50. Caliber sniper rifle. RecommendationI would recommend this to middle and high school boys because they usually like a lot of action and tense moments. I would not recommend this to girls because they usually do not like action and hearing about death. Also I would not recommend this to elementary school kids because they don't usually like death and action.

  • Nikki
    2019-03-04 11:42

    Dit is niet Coughlin's beste boek, eerlijk gezegd. Het begin van het verhaal leek weinig veelbelovend en er zat weinig actie in. Toch is dit gedeelte essentieel voor de rest van het verhaal. De motieven van de hoofdpersonages worden er levendiger door. Misschien had deze aanloop naar de jacht op de terrorist anders of korter gekund, want het was wel erg langdradig. Coughlin is er wel in geslaagd de omgeving van het land te schetsen. Zijn beschrijvingen komen goed tot leven. Toch voelde ik niet heel veel compassie met de personages die voorkwamen in het boek. Al met al vond ik dit een wat chaotisch opgezet verhaal, maar zeker geen slechte prestatie.

  • Pierre Tassé
    2019-02-28 07:57

    I am enjoying Sniper #3. Or should I say "enjoyed"....I keep remembering the good parts and it was a fun read. As with #2, you should try and start the series with the first one to get the flavor of what is going on and the interaction with key players.I was surprised by the writing and fluidity of the story. Knowing a bit about the military and the processes, yes, there were a few breakdowns in what and how it happens, but then again, there is enough realism in our world that let the author take little liberties to allow the book(s) to flow and the readers to enjoy.

  • Jafar
    2019-03-02 11:47

    Reads like an action blockbuster. I was hooked from the beginning. Badass Kyle Swanson is called into action again but this time he also has to tie up loose ends as a personal enemy has an opportunity to get the revenge he always wanted.

  • Andrew
    2019-03-05 15:47

    Another good Kyle Swanson thriller, as upheaval in Saudi Arabia threatens the world's oil supply and convinces some interesting players on the world stage to make some audacious moves. A nice mix of boots-on-the-ground action with some geopolitical entanglement.

  • Gertrud
    2019-03-26 09:49

    Allemaal leuke thrillers in deze snipper serie

  • John A Cunliffe
    2019-02-25 08:41

    Excellent!Jack Coughlin does it again.Tom Clancy would have enjoyed reading these books.Can't wait for the next one to be downloaded.

  • Vic
    2019-03-01 14:39

    Good action story.

  • Drew Kossy
    2019-03-25 12:04

    This is the third book in the Kyle Swanson "A SNIPER NOVEL" series. And of course co-author Jack Coughlin's (USMC retired) autobiography "SHOOTER" defined the authenticity of a sniper "think-tank" that provides the authentic nucleus for this fictionalized series. There's a reason the jargon and action rings truer than most other novels. As the story unfolds Swanson is with his super classified Task-Force-Trident in the "ragged" mountains of Western Pakistan. Trident is involved in "THEIR FOURTH BLACK RAID ON HIDDEN TRAINING CAMPS ACROSS THE BORDER IN THE PAST THREE MONTHS." As per normal operating procedures there is usually only one or two people in the entire United States Government that knows what Trident is up to. Kyle has a direct reporting line to General Bradley Middleton (who Swanson had rescued after the General had been kidnapped and held in Syria in an earlier "SNIPER NOVEL".) and the President of the United States. Both the General and the President can disavow any knowledge of Swanson at any time based on which way the world's political winds happen to be blowing at the moment.Overshadowing Trident's non-existent classified mission is a high level meeting of worldwide leaders at Sir Geoffrey Cornwell's Scottish castle. There are security personnel from five different nations that have been assigned the task of protecting the guests. The goal of this international rendezvous is the signing of an historic peace agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia that would signal the possibility of the long sought establishment of peace in the Mid-East. Among the luminaries attending this world-changing event are the United States Secretary of State, the foreign ministers of Israel and Great Britain. Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia among others. The host Sir Geoffrey also happens to be the closest thing to a Father figure that Kyle Swanson has ever had. Sir Geoffrey's wife Lady Patricia also has a special place in Kyle's heart. For a hardened career sniper that by circumstance and by trade has no place for warm and snugly feelings. Kyle's personal love interest also happens to be Sir Geoffrey's personal assistant, the lovely Delara who is in charge of all the intricate details of this extravaganza. Before Kyle left on his current mission *WHICH-DIDN'T-EXIST* he had warned Sir Geoffrey that his security precautions weren't good enough. Sir Geoffrey thought it was pure hubris on Kyle's part. On the night of the opening dinner two powerful TOW missiles "with 12.4 kilogram warhead's that were capable of blowing through the armor of a tank" hit the Scotland castle the night of the dinner party. Seventeen people were killed, including the United States Secretary of State and his wife, and the foreign ministers of Israel and Great Britain. Wounded were Prince Abdullah, Sir Geoffrey and Lady Patricia.This is followed by upheaval in Saudi Arabia where lifelong trusted aides kill their leaders and there is even an air attack on the King. At this point all hell breaks loose with the possible ramifications. It is discovered that Saudi Arabia has nuclear weapons. After a veiled threat... will the United States go to war with Saudi Arabia? "China was now the second largest oil importing country in the world and in a few years it probably would surpass the gluttonous United States." Half of their imported oil comes from the Middle-East. If Saudi Arabia fell it will upset "the delicate balance" of oil to China. Chinese leaders discuss their military options and somehow deviously Russia is involved.What should America do? Kyle returns from his "non-existent" mission only to find out about the missile attack and the condition of the few loved ones in his life.The President of the United States signs a secret order to authorize Trident "A GREEN LIGHT PACKAGE, PER-AUTHORIZED PERMISSION TO DO WHATEVER WAS NECESSARY." On one of Indonesia's more than 13,000 islands existed a man with one eye, a down turned mouth, a left ear that was a shriveled piece of skin and white scars throughout; this was a man who had been known as Juba.

  • Alex Murphy
    2019-03-17 09:07

    This is the third in a series (which I didn’t know at the time), following US Marine super sniper Kyle Swanson, who works in a secret terrorist hunting team. After a massive terrorist attack on a peace summit in Scotland between Israel and Saudi Arabia, being held at his mentor’s Highland estate, Swanson and his team get dragged into a conspiracy to start a coup in the Middle East. Filled with action, gun battles and undercover spy work, the book did seem to have a very fast pace, switching from Afghanistan, to Scotland, to Saudi Arabia, with explosions and gun battles along the way.While the action seemed well done, even if some of it was a bit overblown with Swanson’s superhero-esque sniper/soldier ability, it’s just nothing was there that stands out. While enjoyable and enough there to keep reading, it’s just another novel with a tough as nails sniper working for shadowy CIA groups, who breaks the rules when needed, taking on hundreds of terrorists at once. Maybe reading from the start of the series would have made me like it more, but I picked up enough not to be too lost. Just I don’t think that I will be in a rush to catch up or continue with the series, when there are better examples in this genre.

  • Wendy Koedoot
    2019-03-26 13:45

    In dit derde deel gaat het verhaal terug naar 1992 naar de Somalische stad Mogadishu, waar Kyle en zijn collega’s tijdens de vredesmissie een man, de “ Zwarte Cobra” gevangen nemen.Twintig jaar later werkt Kyle voor de CIA . De Cobra is vrij en nog steeds uit op wraak, hij haat Swanson en wil hem dood hebben. De Cobra gaat zo ver dat hij zelfs een terreurcampagne in de V.S. start en dood en verderf zaait in een groot winkelcentrum.Kyle krijgt samen met een FBI-collega Lucky Sharif de opdracht de terroristen buiten te houden. Hiervoor moeten ze zelfs terug naar het land waar alles begon…De Cobra wil een machtige krijgsheer worden Mogadishu. Kyle moet daar niet alleen de Cobra zien te verslaan maar hij moet ook persoonlijke trauma’s overwinnen.Vanaf het begin van het verhaal zit je meteen weer volop in de actie van Kyle en zijn maten. Het boek leest vlot. Als je de andere delen ook gelezen hebt, kan je het karakter van Kyle inmiddels dromen, je weet precies wat hij doet en denkt. Ook het karakter van Lucky komt goed naar voren, door wat hij meegemaakt heeft kan je je goed in hem verplaatsen.Er is genoeg spanning en actie. Soms zijn er wel momenten waar ik mijn twijfels bij had qua geloofwaardigheid. Het is net té toevallig.. Dat is jammer want het is te voorspelbaar allemaal.Het plot is goed maar helaas redelijk voorspelbaar. Toch heb ik dit “mannenboek” weer met veel bewondering voor het Amerikaanse leger gelezen. Of dit het laatste deel in de serie is, weet ik niet maar als er nog een deel komt, hou ik me aanbevolen om het te lezen.

  • Davis Foster
    2019-03-19 10:50

    In this book, there was a lot of allusion and references to outside sources. For example, he refers to himself at one part in the book, taking about the fictional character joking about beating the record the author set while in the Marine Corps. Jack also describes the setting in detail. Having served in Iraq, he knows the area very well and is able to give the reader a very realistic feel for what is going on and how the setting is changing. Characters play a major role in this novel, and Jack uses them perfectly. He manipulates the different people and is able to show their true feeling and emotions through the plot. Each character becomes very developed throughout the story, even if they only played a minor role in the beginning. The plot of Clean Kill does not follow the typical "Rise And Fall" "Mountain" plot that we have used to describe the plot of the story. Instead, it has hundreds of very small sharp peaks -- but if you step back and look at the book as a whole, it is more of steady rise of action that never ceases, and it leaves off with a cliffhanger in the end.

  • Wayne
    2019-03-21 13:46

    This was the third in a series with Gunny Sargent Kyle Swanson as the lead character. Unknown to Kyle Swanson his old nemesis Juba was still alive after taking a 50 caliber round in the jaw shot by Kyle Swanson and the house he was in bombed. Juba was severely disfigured and he remained mentally deranged. He had the backing of powerful moneyed interests in Germany to cause a revolt in Saudi Arabia. Further it was learned that Saudi Arabia had 5 nuclear missiles so the United States and China became very interested in the state of affairs in Saudi Arabia. Juba was on a mission to bomb Jerusalem with a nuclear warhead and to confront and kill his nemesis Kyle Swanson. Events get intense towards the end and you will have to read the book to see what happened. It is a very good read.

  • Henri Moreaux
    2019-03-23 09:48

    It's been two years since I read the last episode of the Swanson Series, Kill Zone so I honestly can't offer much comparison between the two novels in terms of pace and feel.I can say however that there seemed to be less actual conflict in this novel and more political/behind the scenes maneuvering, from my vague memory the prior novel was more no holes barred action whereas this one is a little more 'big picture'.Overall, it's an interesting story line (revolution in Saudi Arabia by Islamic Fundamentalists backed by Russia) however I found the Chinese involvement a bit odd - it didn't really serve much purpose and the subplot wasn't really resolved in a logical manner in this readers opinion.

  • Chris
    2019-03-20 15:54

    This book is a very graphic book. It is very detailed and has a lot of good diction. I think that it is a great book and recommend it to anyone who likes guns and wants to be a sniper for the marines.My favorite part of the book is when he talks of his Excaliber custom-made sniper rifle like it's one of his family members. He says that the rifle is what makes a sniper successful. And by the loosest terms, Kyle Swanson is successful.The book is like a collage of mini stories from many different points of views of events occurring all in the same time block. In general, this book is perfect if you're interested is an action packed shooting book that will immerse you in its complexity.

  • Jacqueline
    2019-03-18 08:06

    A fast paced read. Pure escapism. The plot seems pretty feasible and the pieces come together nicely. I loved Juba as the villian in a previous book but he didn't seem as effectual in this one. Kyle Swanson is becoming just a bit too good. He is becoming a bit superheroish and losing a bit of his humanity. What exactly can't he do? Still I like to see him do his stuff. The tension level here wasn't as high somehow as in previous books. Maybe because there was so much from other points of view, it was easy to lose sight of Kyle so we weren't as attached to him. I'm giving it 4 stars not for great literature but for escapist fun. Looking forward to the next one.

  • Josh Logan
    2019-03-25 14:45

    The book that I read was called Clean Kill. It was about a sniper called Kyle Swanson who was trying to stop the terrorists from taking over the Saudi Arabian oil fields and the nuclear weapons protecting them. This book was one of my favorite books. The reason why I liked it so much was because it created a realistic situation with a character that was heroic. He did things that were possible but not very likely to happen. Everything in the story could have happened which is why I liked it so much and why it was so interesting to me.

  • Dru
    2019-03-15 14:03

    It is a fast paced novel about a sniper thrown smack in the middle of an uprising war between the Americans, Arabs and Chinese. In the beginning, I wasn't getting into it, since it seemed to jump around too much but after awhile, I couldn't put it down. I almost got the sense that I was Kyle, rather than just reading about him. I was there with him, making the shots, when he barked orders at those who normally would be his superiors. It ended up being a fun read. My father even tried to steal the book from me before I was finished with it!

  • Chris
    2019-03-05 10:40

    Gunny Kyle Swanson kicks some major league ass in this non-stop actionathon. Killer McCoy from the W.E.B. Griffin's The Corps series meets Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. Body count is high in this one. Both sides keep on attacking. Lots of geo-political intrigue bordering on the unbelievable. We have terrorist attacks on Arab Israeli peace talks in the UK, major attacks on the House of Saud, Chinese intrigue,and Russian meddling using an international terrorist. Considering the scope everything wraps up quickly with Kyle convalescing/cruising on a yacht off Jamaica.

  • TJ Creamer
    2019-02-25 07:55

    This book is part of a series. I've actually read Kill Zone, Dead Shot, and Clean Kill.Simply put, Jack Coughlin does an EXCELLENT job of laying out the scenarios, the mental chess game, the risk/trade-space/options. NICELY suspenseful, so much so I have continued reading the series.And I am looking forward to the 4th book in the series "An Act of Treason". Really nicely delivered, and the author does a super job of leading the reader through the adventures and tactics.

  • Glen
    2019-03-10 09:52

    This is the third book in The Sniper series, featuring Kyle Swanson.After destroying an training camp for terrorists in Pakistan, Swanson is back on task. A terrorist mastermind has blown up his friend's castle as part of a scheme to take over Saudi Arabia. Russia, and then China, get involved. After some twists and turns, Swanson gets to the bottom of things.Pretty exciting. Really reminded me of a mid 1980's Mack Bolan novel.