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You can live life and learn of life, but life will never be truly comprehensible to you, no matter how much you live, unless you know the basics of life itself contained in Scientology 8-8008. These basics are nothing less than the foundation upon which rest all your hopes and dreams and any beauty you will ever see or feel....

Title : Scientology 8-8008: How to Increase Your Spirituality Ability from Zero to Infinity
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ISBN : 9780884049531
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 276 Pages
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Scientology 8-8008: How to Increase Your Spirituality Ability from Zero to Infinity Reviews

  • Christian Lipski
    2018-12-24 15:33

    More about the immortal thetan, who is the "you" in your body. You now not only have to "clear" your earthly body, you have to "clear" you as a thetan. What a coincidence, that costs money. BUT, once you are a cleared thetan, you can MOVE AND CREATE THINGS WITH YOUR MIND.It's a lot like The Matrix - this world is just an illusion that we all agree on, and that agreement gives it 'reality'. Once you realize that this is the case, you can change it, since thetans create their own universes.There's a lot about "mocking up" objects in the process of this 'therapy', which means imagining them. Imagined things, apparently, are just as real as real things. So that would make this religion/science just as real as, say, The Teletubbies.

  • Cory Howell
    2019-01-22 15:34

    For entertainment value, this is one of my favorites among the many bizarre works of Mr. L. Ron Hubbard. More confusing than Dianetics, more pseudo-scientific than Fundamentals of Knowledge, and almost as crazy as History of Man. Hubbard invents all kinds of words, such as "beingness" and "havingness," and develops them into a wild tapestry of sciento-religious wackiness. The kind of book only a Scientologist could pretend to understand...

  • Songbd
    2019-01-19 16:26

    This is the 10th in a series of books by L. Ron Hubbard called THE BASICS and I can honestly say that anyone who wants to read about the Laws of the material universe (that can be applied to everyday life) and also the Laws of the spiritual universe (that can also be applied to everyday life, including the current political and economic situations as well as personal situations)should get these BASICS and start reading. No joke, these materials will 'steady' you in these mercuric times. But read them in order.

  • Sheila Jones
    2019-01-23 19:38

    Make SURE you use a good DICTIONARY

  • James
    2018-12-24 12:42

    Though this book is not for those new to Scientology nor for those exposed to the subject for the first time, it nevertheless has philosophy and interesting practical developments useful to the man on the street, regardless of ones’ feelings toward the subject. I do grow tired of the internet Trolls and their poorly researched opinions regarding this and other Hubbard books and I won’t relay their tired arguments here: why give them publicity? But I will say that there are various aspects of the human condition that it would be wise to read about, whether a student of this subject or not. Hubbard’s exploration into the human condition was explored in a series of 52 lectures in 1952 and the response from his students was such that he wrote a book on the subject. Scientology 8-8008 gets its name from the theory that the infinity (8, turned on its side makes the symbol for infinity) of the universe could be reduced to zero and the zero of one’s own universe (sphere of influence, etc.) could be increased to infinity. This is an interesting concept. How often have we felt that we could do nothing, after all we are just one person, what could we do about the world? Let’s start with who and what we are. The Beingness of Man chapter lays it out quite well. What I got out of that was the division of a life into 8 areas (Dianetics covered four of these in the original 1950 edition) and what the anatomy of these areas are. One’s self, one’s family, one’s groups and the main group of the species of Man is gone over, as well as others. There are many theories regarding our relationship with the physical universe and how we can be causative in it, and why this is very important for our personal development. The Code of Honor for me was the most enticing: Be your own counsel and select your own decisions; Never worry about yesterday since life is in you today and you have tomorrow. How often do we get stuck in the past without any thought of future consequences? Bottom Line: Sorry for rambling, boys and girls, just that I’m trying to make succinct over 290 pages of some pretty heady material. Suggest reading the earlier books first for a better grasp of this one.

  • El-jorro
    2019-01-05 14:48

    Bookworm Speaks!Non-fiction Edition. Scientology 8-8008: How to Increase Your Spiritual Ability from Zero to Infinityby L. Ron Hubbard. *****Note: This Review marks a first for the Bookworm. A nonfiction review. Perhaps a separate category should be made for these but that is a task for another day. Read and enjoy and remember this is all objective. Summary: This is the book that lays out the capabilities of a spiritual being. Here is Scientology explained in the broader sphere of existence beyond aberration. This is where L. Ron Hubbard gets down to the fundamentals of a being with his native state capabilities operating in, and in contest with, the physical universe. Here is his discovery of the one factor which exceeds existence itself.These are the laws of life stripped from the very fabric of the physical universe and laid down for anyone who wants to regain his true beingness and the ability that is natively his. Scientology 8-8008 begins the road to higher states of existence.The Good: Um…uh….the silver and gold cover will look really nice on the shelf and when people see it, they will see how worldly and well-read Bookworm is. And thats it. Really nothing more can be said about this book. Bookworm does not have the faintest idea what L. Ron Hubbard was talking about when he wrote this book. While reading this book, some people were concerned about Bookworm reading a book about Scientology considering the controversy that surrounds it. They were assured that they have nothing to worry about it. The only reason Bookworm would conceivably wish to join the Church of Scientology is to dive into its secrets and figure it all out. That is similar to the reason why Bookworm would want to become President: To figure out what is really going on at Area 51. This book is whole lot of nothing. Its not even junk food, its like swallowing air. This book has no substance, a lot of vague metaphysical, thetan, garbage. It doesn’t even provide any concise instructions on how to approve the who-cares state of mind, for only ten easy payments of $89.99. There were cards in that vein everywhere!At least the Bible has some good stories if nothing else. None of that is to be found here. Every now and then there are few things that kind of have some relevance but its really nothing more than basic decency and what you could find in generic self help books. Its noise, no style no substance just noise!Final Verdict: How people get roped into this religion is anyone’s guess. Maybe they just have a fetish for Hollywood celebrities because their lives are hopelessly pointless with it. It is a very good thing that Bookworm bought this for three dollars at a clearance sale and not full price or Bookworm would have been saying “I can’t believe I paid money for this!” Come to think of it, he still can’t believe he paid anything for this!One Out of Five Stars

  • Ed Canales
    2019-01-16 13:38

    this if a berry good book ia was looking for long thime