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The last place fifteen-year-old Willow wants to spend her summer is on a run-down former coffee barge, which her aunt is converting into a floating concert hall. In Saved by the Music, Willow thinks she’s alone until she meets Axel, an older teen who lives isolated from the world on the sailboat docked nearby. An unlikely romance sparks as the two grapple with their darkesThe last place fifteen-year-old Willow wants to spend her summer is on a run-down former coffee barge, which her aunt is converting into a floating concert hall. In Saved by the Music, Willow thinks she’s alone until she meets Axel, an older teen who lives isolated from the world on the sailboat docked nearby. An unlikely romance sparks as the two grapple with their darkest secrets and bond through shared pain and laughter. It is a summer where music must do more than just soothe the soul....

Title : Saved By the Music
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Saved By the Music Reviews

  • Brandi Kosiner (Brandi Breathes Books)
    2019-03-14 23:23

    Saved by the Music is a heart breaking tale of love, pain, fears, loss and redemption. The main character Willow had a rough childhood and also is put through a tragic event in this book. She is strong though, and she learns to trust.Though Axel is broken as well, they find a way to fall in love and to heal one another. They are there for the other and are capable of great love, and understand. I love seeing him strong for her, and being her champion.Aunt Aggie is an amazing character. She is a gem in the young adult world where quality adults are far and few between. She is a solid foundation for Willow, and I really appreciated how she was able to really listen and be there for her, once she learned how to relate to her.Castrovilla beautifully wrought this tale, dealing with extremely sensitive subjects well (though not graphic I would only recommend for mature teens who can process tough issues). Her novel is paced well, and it kept me captivated the whole way through.

  • Carrie
    2019-03-01 23:33

    Selene Castrovilla’s main character, Willow, is a damaged 15-year-old who confronts her past in Saved By the Music. I liked Willow a lot, and my heart broke for the pain she has gone through in her life...I also really liked Axel...He was deep and caring, and so tender and patient with Willow. Axel is also damaged, and I love the way the two characters help each other and relate to each other. The harbor, Willow’s aunt’s barge, and Axel’s boat are also characters in the novel; Castrovilla has written such a strong sense of place with these locations. While I read much of this novel on a chilly November night, I easily found myself in the summary harbor at Far Rockaway....The book moves along at a quick pace. I noticed I was on page 66, and all of a sudden found myself at page 190 without knowing where the time had gone or how I’d read that far. Once the action gets going, I was anxious to know how things would proceed, how the work on the barge was going, and to learn more about what happened to both Willow and Axel in the past.There are two things I didn’t like about this novel. The first is the cover – it looks like it was published in the 1980s. I worry that teens won’t look twice at it, with the font that resembles a neon sign, the coloring and the basic shapes representing the skyline and boat. It is a dated cover......I enjoyed the book. It is a realistic novel, and I think a lot of teen readers will be drawn to the idea of spending summer on a barge in New York (although they would wish for a shower on their barge!), and find Willow relatable and Axel tragically romantic with his musical abilities, love of Shakespeare, and damage.My full review is available at http://dogearedandwellread.wordpress....

  • Michael Ryan
    2019-03-07 02:53

    This was sooooo goood you MUST read it!! It is a book that teens and adults will all appreciate for different reasons. Teens will identify with the situation Willow finds herself in and how she copes. Adults will love the interesting setting and the great use of language. You will be affected by this book.

  • Cathy
    2019-03-20 03:44

    A story of love, confusion, working through pain, triumph, exploration, emotion. Fall in love with the characters....a must read for teens!

  • Laurie Treacy
    2019-03-09 03:40

    Willow is spending her summer vacation with her aunt. On their barge. Yes, you read that correctly. A barge is the setting for Saved By The Music by Selene Castrovilla and what an incredibly cool place to have a story take place on. The barge is docked in the Rockaways and Willow is from Long Island, where I lived when I was a little kid. Willow's Aunt Aggie is having the barge renovated so she can make it a traveling musical barge. Another cool aspect and very unique. Her aunt performs in the orchestral pit of a Broadway show and practices frequently on the barge.Willow is a sullen, snarky fifteen year old. With an unhappy childhood living with a mentally ill mother and abandoned by her father, Willow has to deal with her issues by herself. Her aunt tries to help by taking her away. At first, Willow can't stand the idea of living on or helping fix up a decrepit barge. She can't shower and she doesn't have a pillow. At nights she can't roam around on expeditions because the neighborhood outside of the boat yard is rough. Willow is infatuated with Jim Morrison from The Doors. He's become her hero of sorts so when she spots a guy who looks like him on a nearby sailboat, she can't believe it. Enter Axel, a guy three years older, classical cello player, and totally messed up rich boy.Axel and Willow become friends. When her aunt has to return to her job, Willow spends her time with Axel, talking about Shakespeare, music, and life. In a way they become lifelines for each other and music their connection. Saved By The Music surprised me with the ease in which I fell into reading Willow's story. Her sarcasm was a turn off at first until I began to understand her. When she meets Axel, he brings another dynamic to the story with his good looks, solitary existence and intellect. His switch in personality, especially when he's drinking, were part of his mystique. Willow has experience dealing with people who can switch their moods easily. The story itself is a powerful one and heavy issues like trust, loneliness, abuse/assault, fitting in and other wonderful things teens have to face growing up.I have to mention the importance of setting here. The barge, the boat yard, even the water became such an important character in this story. I could imagine the briny smell and hear the ding of buoys while reading. Thinking of the movement of water while Aggie played violin or Axel played cello or even Willow with her iPod on, all worked together to enhance my reading experience. I won't be forgetting the ambiance of this story for a long time.I really liked the characters with the exception of Craig. He was creepy and predatory. The relationship Willow and Axel develop is touching and we learn so much through their bantering and companionship. The theme of the importance of music in our lives is so important to me personally and I applaud the author for making this theme so relevant in her novel. As a teen I too felt a connection to Jim Morison's music through his lyrics and read whatever I could on the enigmatic rock god so I completely got where Willow was coming from. I also enjoyed Aunt Aggie and her eccentric sayings and behavior. She brought a touch of class and old fashioned intelligence along with a totally messed up car. Her love for Willow added to the intense relationships in this story and her idea to create a mobile concert hall traveling the New York waterways was ingenious. The author based this aspect of her story on her aunt's own concert hall barge in Brooklyn. Check out Barge Music here.Now I have to mention Axel. He has rushed his way to the top of my favorite swoon-worthy male characters. Could I have one just like him, flaws and all? The way he befriends Willow, promising to make her smile and then becoming this incredible rock for her to continually lean on was simply fantastic. He's an enigma. A talented musician, close-mouthed about hsi own problems but his huge heart makes him befriend Willow and her aunt. These two ladies bring out the part of this young man worth loving and Axel needs true, selfless love and affection. I can't reveal what happens but he is great when Willow needs him to be. His emotional scenes made me tear up. I know I frequently mention insta-loves in YA, but in this case I had an insta-love for Axel. Instant fan girl here!Music can be a powerful thread weaving people together and saving others. Saved By The Music is a poignant and moving contemporary YA featuring a different setting and a truly awesome friendship and budding romance. I LOVED it! I recommend it for mature readers.

  • AlbaBookPics
    2019-02-24 01:29

    -We held hands in the night sky, watching the twinkling lights just beyond our reach, just past the looming silver barrier along the ledge. We watched all the cars carrying people trying to find their way and skyscrapers filled with people trying to get by.-I won this book on a facebook contest and I regret every minute that went by without me reading it.This book got so close to home that it was painfull to read at some parts, got me on tears for a really good part of it too.Identifying myself with the main character wasn't a happy thought.Going through so many issues and problems teenagers suffer and struggle through a daily basis you really cannot loose the chance to get this book! Plus is a really fast read.Willow's always been feeling left out and not cared for and well mostly alone.Alex isn't that good either.Both are completely NOT good around people and at first you really doubt they'll get along.You get to see how 2 disturbed, hurt, and lonely teens get together and start and try to fix each other up.Both have dark past and incredibly sad presents! Fighting both their nightmares and dreams.When nothing else seems worth living for, when even love doesn't seem enough to keep on going, when you're willing to talk but there's no one there to listen, when you're ready to let go but there's nothing next to hold on to, when you're so cold that not even been set on fire could bring you warmth, when you're there on a sailboat in plain daylight but all you see ahead of you is darkness, when you believe that the only way out of the pain is more pain so you'll just go numb, when you feel ALL is your fault even when no one is blaming you...There's music in hope...They were drawn together by music...Every turned page brought a new emotion out of me, wether I was laughing, getting angry, going mad, screaming, crying(I did that a lot), and laughing again evert character made up a really EXCELLENT book!Every and each character was enjoyable; from aunt Agathat to driver Hank and even some lobsters in between.This book will prove to you that even when you're at your lowest there's always hope, that you're worth everything in the world, and that giving up is never the choice! That dreams do come true and that only you can save you from yourself!There's music in every part of your life maybe you're not listening hard enough to notice!Make your life soundtrack a masterful piece!This book instantly made the list of my favorite books and will stay close to my heart forever! PLUS! is was my very first signed book EVER!5/5

  • Judith (Judith'sChoiceReads)
    2019-02-24 04:27

    Goodreads SummaryThe last place fifteen-year-old Willow wants to spend her summer is on a run-down former coffee barge, which her aunt is converting into a floating concert hall. In Saved by the Music, Willow thinks she’s alone until she meets Axel, an older teen who lives isolated from the world on the sailboat docked nearby. An unlikely romance sparks as the two grapple with their darkest secrets and bond through shared pain and laughter. It is a summer where music must do more than just soothe the soul.My ThoughtsThe most unique thing about this book is its setting. The barge, or where fifteen year old Willow ends up spending the summer is cool because her aunt plans to make it a concert hall of sorts, an intimate setting for people looking to enjoy music to come together and relax, truly appreciating the music. Willow ends up getting wrapped up in the repair and restoration of the weathered boat and as she works to reconstruct it she discovers more about herself. It is also a tale of self-discovery and heart, the importance of family and how the influence of these all-important people in our lives can either help grow or break us.Furthermore this book reminded me of just how beautiful the sea is. I thought the docks with the barge and fishermen was the right setting for Saved by the Music. It was realistic with its portrayal of wealth disparity, some parts of the docks being wealthier than others, and everyone seemed like real people with failings and insecurities of their own. The characters have multiple issues to work through and Willow escapes to the barge to avoid a particularly difficult home situation. She's the kind of character with an opinion and mouth of her own, pretty much saying what she felt and she and Axel were a good foil with him being more reserved and sombre. I liked that there is give and take in their relationship, that they both bring something to the table and neither assumes that they're perfect. As the title suggests, Willow is eventually "Saved by the Music" and music offers reprieve to many of the book's characters, its importance in their lives made more than evident. Music transforms the barge into something beautiful and saves Willow's life, I think reading about her struggles might very well resonate with readers, and if not save their life, at least make it easier.2.5/5 stars

  • Melissa Robles
    2019-03-05 00:39

    Saved by the Music is a masterpiece who deals with so many teenage problems all wrapped up in the story of a young and lonely girl, Willow, who has led a colorless life throughout her short years, in the shadows invisible to her mother’s eyes. These kinds of situations are the ones you are supposed to be advised upon by your parents; fitting in, having friends, going too far, coping with pain, etc. When you find yourself into one of them, it’s important to know that there are people out there who actually care for your well-being. It’s just a matter of learning to trust to those close to you, in this case Aunt Agatha, and most importantly, to accept you do have a problem. It’s something so hard to do, but not impossible, though it may seem that way.This book doesn’t really have a huge cast of characters, just a few others besides Willow, Aunt Agatha, Axel and Willow’s mother. I tried not to pick sides, but I failed miserably and I somehow ended up looking forward to Axel’s appearance in every page. He was an interesting character, stunning and also broken, just like Willow, but you had to dig deeper into the story in order to find out exactly what is going on inside his troubled head. Big surprise once you get there.It’s also obvious just by reading the title that Music has an important role here as well. At one point we can find a beautiful description about music and of how people let it into their lives. That just by listening, you can feel how the music, be it instrumental or lyrical, go deep inside your soul and leave a mark. It says that music is powerful, whether you’re sad, angry or happy, it will be able to ease you, hug you or simply be there for you; and this is what Axel, Aunt Agatha and even Willow can relate to, how they channel their emotions out of their system and face the dark world building up around them through their fears. Actually, I think this is something we all can relate to, and I liked making that connection with the story. I truly recommend it if your looking for an emotional ride.“And remember, things are only obstacles if you perceive them as such,” – Aunt Agatha *This book review first appeared at*

  • Kristina
    2019-03-08 01:29

    I was not expecting to enjoy this story as much as I did. When I read the synopsis, I was intrigued but as I started reading I realized it was going to be like every other book I read where the boy and the girl have secrets they must overcome. I was going to stop reading, but something told me to continue, and I am so glad that I did! Yes, the story has been done before, but Saved by the Music is so beautifully written with many plot twists that I did not see coming.After Willow's mom chooses her boyfriend over Willow, Willow moves in with her Aunt in Queens. It is there where she meets aloof Axel. It was very hard trying to figure this guy out! One minute he was sweet, the next he was acting weird. When you finally think you understand him, he completely surprises you. I really didn't think I was going to like Axel, but it was hard not too. He is living with a terrifying secret that has completely messed him up, and it is hard not to feel for him and what he holds inside. I am so glad that through their friendship, both of them were able to deal with the things that have happened to them in their pasts.I loved Aunt Aggie! It is hard to find quality adults in YA, but Aggie was supportive and there for Willow in a way that before Axel, no one ever had before.I could not turn the pages fast enough to find out what would happen with Willow and Axel. Even though the book was short, just under 200 pages, I cared deeply for these two. Selene Castrovilla can pack a lot of punch in only a few pages and definitely play with your emotions! Saved by the Music comes highly recommended!

  • Joana Arteaga
    2019-03-18 03:25

    Saved By The Music is a really sweet story. I love knowing that even though the story is fiction some of it is based on the author's life. Aunt Agatha is a lot like the authors Aunt Olga. I think that is very interesting to know. The story starts off with Willow coming to stay with her Aunt Agatha after her mom gets a new boyfriend. While she is there she meets Axle and they become best friends. They trust each other right away and share all their family problems with each other. They also help each move on from their horrible past. Willow, Axle and Aunt Agatha love music and reading so there is a lot about songs and books in this story. Willow and Axle have a great relationship and even though it seemed to take for ever I was glad when they finally admitted they were in love. I especially liked Aunt Agatha but I'm not really sure why. I enjoyed reading this book and would definitely recommend it.

  • Jennifer
    2019-02-25 22:30

    Castrovilla packs a lot into this book - eating disorders, sexual assault, and depression. It all adds to some heavy psychological drama that is likely to appeal to teen girls. My one big problem with the book is that I found it almost unforgivably classist. The villain's only qualities seem to be that he comes from a rough neighborhood, has bad grammar, and knows how to turn a woman on. The hero, on the other hand, is super-rich, plays classical cello, and can quote Shakespeare extensively. While the classism rankled me, I would hand this book to girls who are always looking for an engrossing book with lots of drama.

  • Karen DelleCava
    2019-02-28 03:32

    Willow had me completely hooked before she'd even set foot on the barge. Selene Castrovilla hit every emotional chord in this story of two young people dealing with their demons. My heart pounded (not in good way) when Craig was around and ached for Willow and Axel. Getting to the first kiss between Willow and Axel was absolute torture and well worth the wait. Agatha was amazing, too. I laughed and cried and would recommend unplugging your IPod for an opportunity to savor and enjoy Saved by the Music.

  • Danica Page (One Page at a Time)
    2019-03-20 22:45

    Definitely not a book for everybody. It swears a lot so if you don't like that kind of thing then this isn't the book for you.Other than that, I like this book a lot. It deals with some pretty intense subjects, but that is what happens in life. A great book about discovering your own self-worth and living life to the fullest.

  • Katie (Kitkatscanread)
    2019-03-26 05:51

    Ahh man. The feels near the end of this book... WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT!!Selene you-you-you mean person, you. I was literally like, "NOOOOOOOOO!!" Then like, "Thank f*ck for that!!"Dear Lord.I really enjoyed this book. Fantastic book about friendships, families, bonds, rape, abuse, depression, romance and other life issues. Deffo recommendo.Full review to come...

  • Amanda
    2019-03-11 01:30

    THIS IS A MUST READ!! Once I got into the story I couldn't put it down! I honesty loved the whole story. Willow's journey is amazing. Castrovilla does such a great job! The last couple of chapters were my favorite. I love Willow and Axel's relationship! READ THIS!!!

  • Saba
    2019-03-20 04:42

    I felt as if I was reading a book written for people older than twelve, but the writing was equivalent to a ten year old. While this book dealt with major issues, the writing just drove me insane and was unbelievably predictable.

  • Ayden
    2019-03-03 21:51

    Such an amazing story. I loved every part of it. I laughed, cried, and cheered. Wishing I had my own person like Axel, that I could be close to and confide in as Willow does. Such a beautifully written story.

  • Kristin
    2019-03-04 22:48


  • Loralei Lihanna
    2019-02-28 02:51

    AMazing I have re-read this like 3 times and I only re-read really good books!!!

  • Delaney
    2019-03-14 02:27

    This book is sad at times and also VERY addicting! I loved it and I think you would too! I read it last summer and I want to read it again!

  • Perla
    2019-03-18 02:48

    really cute story. I would recommend to any one who just wants to snuggle up with a blanket and a book.

  • Melissa
    2019-03-26 01:36

    One messed up 15-year-old + one messed up 18-year-old = happiness (and one peevish reader).

  • Wendi
    2019-03-04 05:32

    Very predictable!